LATEST: More arrests in Wau linked to Capital transfer

BY: Nicola Bringi, CANADA, AUG/25/2014, SSN;

As the tweet of the morning on Friday, August 22nd began in Wau, the climate and environment came to be scary, the weather seemed to be gloomy, and the living situation became fearful due to national security spreading across the city looking for some individuals. People and vehicles that looked “suspicious” were stopped; offices, homes and villages were searched as the officials were seeking particular individuals.

At the end of the day, the security had spread around all the villages near Wau. People learned by then that the following people had been arrested:
1- Father Justin Wanawilla,
2- George Livio Bahara,
3- Sebit Baptis and
4- Ashab Khamis Fahal.
5- Another person, still unidentified.

Still, we do not know what the motives behind the arrests are; however, by the end of the day only Sebit Baptis was investigated and released in Wau. As we always say, when September comes to December the government of South Sudan as well as Western Bahr Al Gazal will suffer from a type of hysteria.

It has become common to see people of South Sudan spend their Christmas and the new year in mourning instead of happiness. This is the new episode of 2014 and we do not know how it will end. We will continue to update you as things continue to unfold.

Unconfirmed reports state that all the prevailing insecurity in Wau pertains to the proposed move by the government of governor Rizik Zacharia to have the Capital of the national government transferred from Juba to Wau, a move popularly and strongly opposed by citizens of Western Bahr el Ghazel state.
Why the Transfer of the Capital Juba to Wau: No to new slavery & domination

BY: Vanivongo, WAU, AUG/05/2014, SSN;

Poverty has obviously made a lot of our brothers and sisters to sell their will at a cheap price. They are not any freer in their thoughts and behaviors. They can not reveal their true will. With these constraints, inhibitions and phobia, they have become slaves, and have victimized themselves and their children, and this will continue to reflect negatively on their grand, grand children.

The dangerous part of it is talking on behalf of people without delegation and grabbing the properties of the poor under blatant power abuse they are exhibiting.

Therefore, the recent unilateral suggestion of the transfer of the capital of the Republic of South Sudan from Juba to Wau, in Western Bahr el Ghazel State (WBGS) by the Governor Rizik Zecheria does not represent the will of the people of Wau who own the original ownership of the land.

He, Gov. Rizik, unfortunately, is not from Wau himself, he hails from Raga. Moreover, the so-called Chair person of the civil society of WBGS, who presented the speech during the fabricated demonstration, is himself a stranger and therefore has no right to talk on the issue without the consent of the indigenous people.

Imposing innocent children of the Schools in Wau to go on demonstration allegedly in support of the transfer without their consent is an abuse of the rights and the children themselves, and it is seriously a crime against their rights.

Human Rights Agencies, please, you need to look into it.

Furthermore, threatening Government officials to participate in the demonstration against their will, and also additionally, threatening them with either facing cuts of salaries or suspension from the work, have nothing to do with the public service regulation.

This is an abuse of power and new practice of slavery.

Moreover, imposing things on people and grabbing the properties of the poor under various forms of force is another new form of domination the governor is unashamedly exploiting.

Buying the will of the weak and forcing children and unprotected citizen to express what is not in their heart is another new form of slavery and a crime against human dignity.

The issue is not the transfer of the capital to Wau, but the intention behind. People of Wau totally believe that there are bad intentions behind the evil motives of their neighbors. END


  1. cos says:

    Let the indigenous people talk.At the end Ramcial will be the new city of south sudan but not the incited city of the STUPID leaders.
    What is so important in the city where they are no peace,killings is the priority,corruption at the highest order.
    why is governor Rizik full of blood thirsty.Last Year back,he caursed more blood shed and still he is continueing to create more.
    Just imagine,un called city for all south sudanese cost lifes of people during their bogus demonstration and who will pay for those corps?

  2. False Millionaire says:

    The motivation is business n Business:the golden dollars that will rain down from the sky without ever working so much for it.Wau has land spaces but to make it a capital,everything will have to b built from zero.This ofcourse will help it to develop it’s self so quickly n becomes so wealthy.It’s a fantstic dream so worthy to b fought for.It’s not a stupid campaign becouse struggle to obtain the best economic advantages possible is done this way everywhere on earth.So respect the human fox named governor Rizik.He is a wise guy.An undertaker.A magician thief in a broad day light!!!

    The fox is capitalising very intelligently on the upheaval that is brought by the ill concieved debate on federalism that has taken the form of KOKORA.His immediate objective is to unseat JUBA.The second one would b to frustrate efforts that would eventually make Ramcuil the defenitive capital.But the republican’s arquement goes like this:geographically, ethnecitically n in the terms of abundance of water resources,is WAU really well positioned?the answer,to the fox extrime disappointment,is no.But this makes the fortunes of Ramcuil as it boarders Equatoria,Bahr el Ghazal n Upper Nile alike:being in the center,offering abundance of water n land spaces.So Ramcuil in my opinion will b the best choice as capital of our Federal REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN.

    Me personally,I do not believe that there will b a KOKORA federalism in our country but we will have a universal one that will oblige us to survive as interdependant.It means we will live togather,work togather,do business togather n enjoy the sweet fruits of our beloved country n the society togather.But that is why everyeone of us should debate in a way that should put one’s own home at the best economic position possible.In this context,to put JUBA in the place of a future KOKORA city is a fatal economic mistake.It should have been defended in the debate to remain capital of the future federal south sudan.But even if this could not b possible,naturally JUBA could still has it’s national stragic place as industrial,schoolistic,touristic n the gate way city.It’s up to our fellow equatorian brothers to formulate their economic strategies in the future federal SOUTH SUDAN.So never take me seriously!!!

  3. Defender says:

    Moving the capital to Wau is actually meant to protect the presidency of Chief Kiir. He has been traumatized by the fact that Equatorians are presenting a real threat to his presidency by supporting federalism. So, the best option for the president and his tribe is to find a better way to argue that the people of Equatoria are rearing the ugly head of Kokora again as a pretext to moving the capital. Thus, moving the capital to Wau would provide the president with the base (his Dinka tribe) to continue to rule. But the question that people need to ask is this: is Wau feasible to be the capital of South Sudan at this time or any time in the near future? The answer is a big NO. Why? Here is the reason. Wau is economically isolated and cannot support insatiable appetite of importing everything that we eat from outside. Unless the government is going to start or envision some kind of economic revolution that will increase our dependency on local markets. Because there are no roads that will sustain this idea of relocating the capital. Any talk of the Capital being moved is merely political gimmick that does not hold any economic or futuristic reason.

    However, if the president or those who are proposing the transfer got their wish, this will be the beginning of the end or the demise of the current regime. There is nothing that will sustain it for any long time. Economically, there is no benefit to moving the capital except for protecting the presidency for the Dinka. Because if president Kiir wants to stay in Juba, his chances of continuing to rule like a king will be highly diminished and that will make a lot of people who are currently feeding off the blood and the wealth of the poor will lose their stranglehold on the public purse. The president’s desire to maintain the presidency for the Dinka tribe has been clearly highlighted in some of his speeches to his community members that there seems to be those who want to take the presidency from him. And if the Dinka community let it go then it is their problem, because if they lose it, they will never get it. So in order to protect that presidency, the Dinka people must protect it by all mean necessary, which include this ridiculous decision to relocate the capital after feeling the heat from Clement Wani Konga.

    I think the president, as we have come to know, he is afraid of Konga that is why he wants to move the capital away from where he is. The proof is in the pudding when Clement Konga challenged the president on many occasion on his divisive suggestion, policies and categorizing people along ethnic lines, by saying equatorians are actually seeking Kokora instead of federalism. Now, so many of president followers are clamouring to argue that Juba is not conducive to maintaining the title of the capital city of South Sudan. So the call is a bogus one and the aim is to protect the presidency for the Dinka, That’s it!

  4. AW Joseph says:

    Go Jienge. Take the capital to WAU. We in Equatoria will not miss you and the capital. We did not miss you during the KOKORA in 1983 and will not miss you in the Federal System. We are better off with the ARABS than with you DINKA. Enough is Enough.

    • AW Joseph:

      Hahahaha….hahahaha…. Who told you that the Jieng is leaving Equatoria for good? Fool, we are taking our president to a safer place and we will come back and fix you. We will never leave Equatoria until our love ones wake up from the grave and return to the Dinkaland. Please don’t celebrate yet. You are not out of the woods yet. We destroyed the Kokora and we will put end to federalism. Get your gun and face me coward.

  5. Our people are a lready a wake. It’s the hypocrites, those with sense of guilt due to one reason or another, the previously sell- outs, and those whom the NCP in Khartoum called ” MUALIFUN GULUBAHUM” who are now taking the forum. Sad to say, the type of our honourable governor pretend to be helping the President of the Republic, but in reality, their a genda is destroy him. At the time the government is busy dealing with a very vital issue- PEACE Process, our other brothers and sisters are working hard to unnecessarily divert his to minor and very distant programmes.

    A word to the advisors of the President; It’s immoral and a crime to take advantage of a good-hearted person like our President to mislead and use him as a springboard to further your ambitions.

  6. info@southsudannation says:

    Jacob Bambara
    Eye witness, Wau
    21st July 2014
    On Saturday 19th July 2014, the Governor of WBGS Rizik Zacharia Hassan on arriving Juba said on SSTV that, the citizens of WBGS have accepted the proposal of transferring the Capital of south Sudan from Juba to Wau, and that his going to Juba was intended to go and meet with the intellectuals and citizen of Western Bahr Elghazal in Juba to agree with their brothers in WBGS to back up the transfer of the capital of South Sudan from Juba to Wau.
    Nevertheless, this is a big lie or false information or serious fabrication by Governor Rizik Zecharia Hassan.
    Who are the citizens or Intellectuals that he claimed to have met with them then agreed on the transfer of the capital of South Sudan from Juba to Wau?
    Can he honestly tell the Media on which date the meeting with the people of WBGS was convened as well as the venue of the meeting?
    Such a big lie can only be said by a stooge or a puppet of the wrong privileged few who are milking South Sudan at the expenses of the majority.
    The truth must be said now.
    1. The citizen of WBGS have not mandated Governor Rizik Zecharia to say such a big lie on their behalf, he should stop putting words not uttered by the citizens of WBGS into their mouths.
    2. Citizens of Western Bahr Elghazal State Support federalism. Federal system can solve the Chronic Social, Political, and economic problems in south sudan.
    3. Instate of finding solutions to these problems, Governor Rizik Zecharia Hassan is trying to bury his head in sand.
    4. South Sudan is not existing in a vacuum or an Island, let him know this fact from today on words.
    5. Governor Rizik Zecharia Hassan should stop misleading Africa and the rest of the world.

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