LATEST: Kiir’s Tribal Army badly beaten after they destroyed Gen. Thomas Cirillo’ farm outside Yei

On Tuesday 14th February 2017 at around 09:17 AM, the gallant SPLA-IO forces in Division 2A and 2B of Sector Eight (8) under the overall command of Lt. Gen. John Kenyi Lo-Buron ambushed and repulsed an organized attack by Kiir’s tribal and ruthless regime militia at Alikate area located about 2 ½ Miles away from Kaya, a strategic town at the border of South Sudan with Uganda.

In the process, the SPLA-IO gallant forces killed ten genocidal regime militiamen, wounded dozens of them and totally destroyed one military land cruiser pick up mounted with 12.7 and captured a good deal of ammunition.

This incident occurred when the ruthless and genocidal regime militia attempted to penetrate SPLA-IO position at the area with a routine target of intruding the villages to terrorize civilians, loot property, gang-rape girls and women and devastate huts and livelihoods of the civil population.

Likewise, on the 13th February 2017 at around 3:00 PM, SPLA-IO forces of Division 2B, Sector 8 under the command of Lt. Gen. Kenyi Lo-Buron ambushed and killed dozens of Kiir’s brutal and murderous militia at Kagelu as they were on their way back to Yei town from a mission to Goja, a couple of miles away from Yei town where they utterly destroyed the farm of Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo and the whole of its vicinity in protest of his commendable resignation from the Dinka polluted SPLA.

SPLA-IO gallant forces in the area hereby seriously warn Kiir’s anti-civilian militia from mounting any further attack on its bases, or else it will be forced to fight back on defense and advance from all directions to capture all towns in the area and beyond.


Wayi Godwill Edward,
Military Spokesperson,
SPLA-I.O 2nd GHQs, Equatoria Region.

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