LATEST: Kenya and other South Sudan neighbours further isolate rebel leader Riek Machar


South Sudan rebel leader Dr Riek Machar has suffered another blow after Juba appeared to have successfully persuaded neighbouring countries to isolate him further as well informed reports says Kiir’s Juba government paid a million dollars for the arrest and deportation to Juba of Machar’s spokesperson from Nairobi.

At first was Sudan prohibiting Dr Machar from issuing political statements while on its soil. Now Ethiopia and Kenya seem to have heeded President Salva Kiir.

Juba has been urging neighbours to expel rebels from their territories.

A week after Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, announced that he will not allow South Sudan’s rebel leader to operate from the Horn of Africa country and promised to expel his allies, Kenyan authorities arrested and deported the rebel leader’s spokesperson, James Gatdet Dak to Juba.

Mr Dak, who has been staying in Nairobi was picked up on Wednesday evening from his residents and taken to the Jomo Kenyatta International airport in an operation coordinated by both Kenya and South Sudan intelligence.

He is currently being held at the Internal Affairs headquarters in Juba. Former South Sudan Minister for Agriculture, Mabior de Mabior, told The East African that the rebel movement fears that Mr Gatdet will be executed. According to Kiir’s spokesperson, Ateny Wek, Mr. Dak will be allegedly tried by the Justice ministry.

Mr Dak, who has been countering government statements on behalf of the rebel movement from Nairobi—recently posted on his Facebook wall that the rebel movement welcomed the sacking of Kenya’s Lt. Gen. Johnson Mogoa Kimani Ondieki as the commander of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), citing peacekeepers’ failure to protect civilians during the crisis right in the capital, Juba, and in other parts of the country, more notably in Malakal.

“We hope a new Force Commander will be appointed soon who will be more responsive and take actions to protect the civilians at risk in exercising their mandate. We commend the action taken by the United Nations Secretary General, which we believe will contribute to confidence building among the vulnerable populations in South Sudan,” he wrote.

Dr Machar on Friday gave a statement detailing how on learning that Mr Gatdet had been arrested he fruitlessly called Kenya’s Deputy President Willian Ruto to plead with him not to allow Mr Gak to be deported to the fear of his life and that he was in Kenya as an urban refugee under the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

He said that the deportation is a violation of the Geneva Convention, especially coming from Kenya that is a guarantor of the August 2015 peace agreement.

“I was informed about the development and immediately contacted the Kenyan Authorities. On a telephone conversation with the Deputy President H.E William Ruto, I appealed that Mr Dak should not be deported to Juba due to profound fear for his life. I also spoke to the Attorney General and I attempted to speak with Minister for Foreign Affairs, I alerted them them of the fact that Mr Dak was an urban refugee under the protection of the UNHCR in Kenya. Unfortunately, my appeal was ignored,” said Dr Machar in a statement.

On October 3, Kenyan members of the parliamentary committee on security visited Juba and announced that Kenya will eject all rebel and opposition politicians from the country.

Committee chairman, Asman Kamama, said that Kenya would seek the support of other Eastern African countries to halt hosting South Sudanese politicians promoting “violent politics” and using regional countries as Launchpad for war.

Dr Machar had in September announced in Khartoum that he would mobilise his forces and launch a fresh rebellion against President Kiir if the region fails to resuscitate the August 15 peace agreement. President Kiir on the other hand had called upon the region to treat the rebels as “terrorists”.


  1. Lokosang says:

    I strongly believe that the surprise and hostile decision taken by Eastern African countries particularly Kenya is not their own making. It is the outcome of the American Secretary of States Hon. John Kerry visits to Nairobi and Addis in August this year that prompted Kenya’s decision to turn against opposition groups who resided in Kenya. Due to the fact that Israel and American have been supporting the regime in Juba and the opposition being supported by Khartoum, Israeli lobbies are not happy with the opposition that is why they give maximum pressure to the Obama administration to influence East African countries to turn their back against the opposition though they have brokered a peace deal between the two rivals which has been abrogated by the regime in Juba.

    The only way for the international community and African countries to come to their senses not to support the dictatorial regime in Juba, Dr Riak Machar has to come to his head quarto in Pagak to command his forces there for regime change. And if the international community sees that the opposition forces are gaining more control in Upper Nile like before and in greater Equatoria I believe things may not be same.
    There is time for diplomacy and there is time for military action. Both go together.
    I hope Dr Riak and all opposition leaders can take this advise seriously.

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:


      I agree with you the East African leaders are just implementing what the Obama administration asked them to do. If you have had been watching very closely, the peace that had been going since 2013 was just to protect rebels advancement into Juba and on the hand allowing government forces to clear rebels out from major towns. Nevertheless, the peace mediators did not mean to bring peace into South Sudan but they were just luring Dr. Machar to come to Juba to be killed by Kiir.

      This was the evidence when the day that Dr. Machar landed on Juba airport, all the peace mediators stopped talking about peace anymore because they knew that Riek would not escape this time around. Kiir military personnel began to kill SPLA-IO every single day in Juba but no ward of condemnation from peace originators.

      More surprisingly, when Dr. Machar and his body guards were dislodge from their base in Juba they were pursued by 7 war crafts, 1 drone, 2 spy air crafts and 4 helicopter gunships. The drone and spies were not belong to East Africans but from somewhere in the west. It was annoying because the people that helped Kiir eliminate Dr. Machar and bodyguards were Addis Ababa South Sudan peace brokers.

      • Nikalongo says:

        Wars in South have is way of claiming casualties in East Africa. During the Anyanya 1, Frs. Saturnini Lohure and Leopoldo Anywar were murdered in Uganda with complicity from the regime in Khartoum (there is no verified evidence to this). Between 1983-1985 Kenya and Uganda were not the cosy places it would later become for the SPLM/A supporters and activists. Later political realignments in Kenya, Uganda and popular public opinions to the “Southern Cause” meant that opponents to the politics and policies of Dr. Garang and the SPLM/A could earn you deportation to the liberated areas (read SPLM/A controlled territories). There are many SS resident in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe who were extracted by the UN from detention facilities in Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya for resettlement because of anti Garang sentiments.
        It is difficult to understand why IGAD, AU, the Troika and UN refrained from defending the Adis agreement when it was evident the parties had remained belligerent and showed little or no interest in implementing certain clauses of the deal. Difficult as it may be, it is foolish to think that other people should be protecting us from killing our people or destroying our country. It is time we took responsibilities for actions instead of shifting blames around. The latest UN report clearly spelled this responsibility by stating what we all along knew. Whether we will rise to that task or not, is up to us.
        I am impressed by the stoic reaction of Chairman Riek’s to the Gadet saga. There is no reason for a frontal attack on the action by the government of Kenya. The armed opposition should continue to positively engage Kenya, the region and beyond. This is obviously a tall order given the lack of resources and infighting by which the SPLM/A-IO has come to be associated with. Rather than embarking on an endless witch-hunt, blame games and character assassinations, the Armed Opposition should pursue reconciliation and constructive reorganisation of her rank and files. Public association with the regime in Khartoum, important as it may be, should be low key past time events. I know Riek is indebted to Khartoum who helped treat him, arranged and paid his first get together with SPLM/A-IO loyal cadres, but continuing the relationship at its current level is a liability the Armed Opposition can do without.

        • Bentiu Ramaran says:


          Thanks so much Nikalongo for giving this helpful constructive comments. It was really a great advise. I agree with you the problem of South Sudan is in our hand. Our lives, our death, our country, our future and our children future are in our hand we the current people. As you mentioned on your comments, those regional countries and western nations are there in South Sudan to run their own businesses but not bring peace. In fact they are severely increasing our internal problems because they take side. I agree with you that you should do something we South Sudanese to turn things around before it is too late. Thank you.

        • upiu says:

          So Nikolango has finally joined the Dinka/Nuer blood bath, which was supposed to be kept away from the “peaceful” Equatoria.
          Can we all agree now that South Sudanese are from the same mold? The civilized and mediaval have it all in abundance…doing what they know better.

          • Nikalongo says:

            That will never happen. I remain a firm advocate for a peaceful resolution to our conflict. If you read what I wrote line for line, you would discover my plea for reconciliation and not contra-backstabbing. I implore the SPLM/A fraternities to unclench their fists and sue for peace. At the same time i would like to emphasise that the protection and preservation of lives and properties of our people is the duty and responsibility of each and every citizen. Those violating the sanctity of our women, destroying the livelihood of our people, ambushing commuters on our roads and recruiting our children to their criminal syndicates will one day face justice. In poliitics, nothing lasts for ever. Where is Bashir and his gang of Jihadists?

          • upiu says:

            This second comment sounds more like the character you’ve built for yourself on this site. I’m sure it will disappoints those who celebrated your initial comment. I thought you have eventually lost your level-headness. Keep up and the loud spoilers will one day hopefully grow some senses, if not mother time hasn’t done justice to ’em.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Welcome to our world of politics. What have you been thinking? That’s what it is with politics. Now, where did you get your idea of people having interest in South Sudan conflicts? Well, don’t be surprised now, because the group using Machar as their tool to destabilize South Sudan could be using Kenya the same way. So, the point here, is that, if you guys were aware that we don’ have problems as South Sudanese people, then you would have not been in this position of supporting rebellions in the country at the moment. But yes, you should be worried, it will get worse since our Equatorians brothers are willing to join Uppernile region violent. Let just be reminded that, refugee camps are not heavens because camps are going to be overcrowded, there will be diseases, and food shortage as well will be there.

  2. Kokora II says:

    Finally East Africa has been dragged into joining the civil-war in South Sudan. This is the very thing that the region was afraid of is inter-regional conflicts causing instability. How could these leaders allow one stupid scared faced dictator bribing the whole region with the money stolen from our national treasury? Now, they have ignited old wounds and the war is going to be a very prolonged war. There has never been such alliances based on resources hungry and jobless East African or anywhere else in African neighbors to interfere in another independent nations affairs, I guess this is the beginning of new era that East Africans will have to grabble with for a long time. Leaders change but nations will always be there and there is no one leader or party to rule forever. And thus, we in opposition will need to adapt into new techniques and move quick. Kenyan government will be responsible for the next pain their citizens will have to endure in S. Sudan. South Sudan is all bush and rebels will never be defeated anytime soon, but East African citizens in S.S need to take extra precaution from now on. Your government started the game of kidnapping and so let it begin.

  3. Kokora II says:

    “I guess this is the beginning of new era that East Africans will have to grapple with for a long time.”


  4. Bismark says:

    It is sad that here morality in East Africa is going into dustbin. The lives of South Sudanese who oppose despotism, rape of their mothers, sisters and mass murder of citizens for being members of a tribe/s of a leader/s who says/say no to all these things that only devil/s can do. Opposition to dehumanisation and mass murder of South Sudan people will always go on whether with East Africa on board or not. It is our God given right to live on our ancestral land peacefully without being perturbed by a government that does not know the concerns our people. It is morally regrettable that important nations like Kenya and Uganda would choose the strong dollar in exchange for innocent people’s corpses from a South Sudan Kiir factory for corpses production in this part of East Africa. In this, Kenya stands tall in saying rape of our women folk is acceptable, maiming and murder of our loved ones is alright. Here Kenya also agrees with Kiir to tribalize high rungs of government institutional ladders and wanton destruction of farms of our people by encouraging pastoral Dinka cattle herders to herd their cattle on our farms. I think Kenya can do better than that. Kenya of independence founders Jomo Kenyatta, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Ronald Ngala, Robert Ouko and late Tom Mboya would not have let Kenya go low for dollar and let innocents go under the knives of brutal murderers who have used guns to steal people’s political power and pretend to be democratic statesmen in South Sudan. South Sudan needs more than that remember when people of South Sudan put their lives at risk to bear change, it is because all rhetoric avenues for transforming the country as civilised people failed in an atmosphere that law and order is completely lost. Is Kenya sending a signal that our people should die here in Juba killed by so called unknown gunmen under watchful eyes of Government eternally without response? Where is morality and humanity in Kenya? This probably is conspiracy between Kikuyu and Dinka to claim leadership of Kenya and South Sudan by stamping out opposition and instituting police states that lack freedom of speech, press and association. When taking a highest office of a nation morality, compassion and humanity should always come first wherever that nation might be. Kenya as a respectable country should fall in that bracket and so should Uganda because today’s problem of South Sudan may be theirs too tomorrow.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      It isn’t any wonder or miracle that both the Kikuyu of Kenyatta and jieng of Kiir dearly love the dollar and the privileges of being the so-called ‘majority’ tribal rulers of their respective failed states.
      For a few dollars, these two so-called leaders will sell their nations and their ‘soulless’ selves yet, remember, both love going to church every Sunday!

  5. abai okwahu says:

    Folks, there is only one solution to this madness, the remnants of the opposition forces around Bentiu and Paloich oilfields should destroy the facilities. When Juba is starved of funds to support the militias and the economy collapses, then it would think of talking peace again.

  6. Bol says:

    The game is getting serious. Did Kiir learnt a thing or two after J1 incident? Who is going to be the next in Kiir’s pick up list? We need more rooms in the BLUE HOUSE.

    • tit4tat says:

      I hope you will not cry when we start our own dirty games. The so-called BLUE HOUSE will turn to be full of SPLA-IG crooks in the near future.

  7. Gatdarwich says:

    Killer nyankiir and Hassan Taban will never bring meaningful peace in south sudan. Dr. Riek have enough forces to make south sudan hell for all the blood suckers. Armed resistant against killer nyankiir, museveni, and uhuru will, and shall continue until a people minded leader is installed in South Sudan full stop

  8. tit4tat says:

    I am not surprise at all, I was in Nairobi a few years ago and I witnessed corruptions by Kenyan police right on the streets of Nairobi at daytime, one of the examples is: A Western philanthropist lady (whom they refer to as Muzungu derogatory name for Whites), she was there helping poor people in the Shanty Towns just outside Nairobi, she was robbed by armed gangs and when the police was contacted they actually requested the poor lady to pay some money in order for them to start the investigation and even after she lost everything she went ahead and paid the police but the robbers where never found, there only one reason because the police are robbers themselves. Surprise, surprise? NO. For one million dollars Kikuyus will sell for you half of Kenya. So, brothers, we don’t need to be in Kenya, let us come right here in South Sudan to fight for our freedom and let the Kenyans in SS from now on understand diplomacy is over and they will have to leave or bear the consequences of their government.

  9. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    The East African dictators and Jieng Council of Elders must know that by deporting Gatdet Dak and banning Dr. Machar in East Africa they are not solving the problem but prolonging the problem of South Sudan and at the same time wasting the natural resources. Imagine, South Sudan paid 10 Kenyan ministers 10 millions US dollars to track, arrest, and deport Gatdet Dak. If it cost South Sudan 10 millions dollars to deport one person, how many millions will it cost them to deport 50 oppositions from Kenya to South Sudan? South Sudan paid 10 millions dollars to Kenya to arrest Gatdet Dak. Here is the link:

  10. False Millionaire says:

    There isn’t any need to be so shocked by the east african filthy business.It has been there since the begining of time.
    An east african selling a brother into slavery,it’s natural.
    An east african liquidating a sister,a wife or a mother into prostitution,it’s natural.
    An east african killing his whole family inorder to take over the familly’s fortune is also normal.
    But with the RSS’ political crisis with the meagre oil dollars in the hands of Kiir and with the rumors that money was made by the protagonists who arrested Gadet and sent him to Kiir in Juba,the market is already saturated with so many kidnappers ready to serve Kiir if he ever snaps a finger for a gesture.

    With the market saturated,the prices for the service have already dropped so low so that the value of the potential victims of kidnapping are such to the following levels:
    1 Dr Riek Machar 1000 dollars;
    2 Dr Lam Akol 100 dollars;
    3 Dr Nyaba 5 dollars;
    4 Kokora II 1 dollar.

    • Steve John says:

      False Millionaire,
      If such highly academic and intelligent persons can be auctioned or put such a head-price, how much would such illiterate idiots like Kiir or Malong fetch? I guess no sane buyer would want them cuz they have no value addition. They have no mental competencies at most best for manual field work like looking after cows. As domestic and house slave, they would mix water melons for pumpkins or mistake the water closet as some polished water pot and start scooping water for the guests thinking that is drinking water. No! As a False Millionaire, you very well fit into that profile of imposters and hoodwinkers.

  11. Hoiloom says:


    I couldn’t agree more on the assertion that Obama administration is behind the initiative of IO isolation in East Africa. If you can remember IGAD’s August Communique it clear called for reinstatement of Machar to his previous position but things changed immediately with the visit of John Kerry to Nairobi recognizing Taban. I told most readers on this net that Kiir’s regime had full US support from the very start of the conflict by ordering UPDF to rescue Juba. After the signing of the agreement in Ethiopia they pressurized Machar to go to Juba and implement peace with only 1370 troops and should only carry AK 47s despite the facts the agreement stipulates 2910 troops and police forces.

    Now as the peace implementation was abrogated by Kirr, chasing Machar out of the capital, Americans were not happy that the later survived the ordeal hence must make sure that he is locked out of South Sudan politics for good. Machar has two options; 1. Quit politics and seek asylum in a foreign land and let the IO choose a new leader or 2. He must come home and command his forces.


  12. False Millionaire says:

    … but u can sell Kiir,Malong,Taban or any big shot thug in Juba for kidnapping on your group’s account if u have money to make a fat counter proposition.It’s as easy as snapping a finger!!!

  13. Kokora II says:


    Probable cause of concern to the citizens of Equatoria that the South Sudan Government and its military wing is getting ready to use an Internationally banned chemical weapon in liberated areas of Equatoria. This is not the first time the Juba regime have used Chemical Arsenal that are prohibited to be used against any military or political opponents. We the concerned citizens of the New Nation are overly concerned about this new development and we take this leaked news very seriously.
    The Regime in Juba used cluster bombs on White Army during the 2013 war outbreak when they felt the threats of SPLA-IO forces was advancing towards Juba. They collaborated with foreign entities like the UPDF Air Forces against our internal disputes and used cluster bombs on the ill-equipped rebels with the intention to crush them.
    The Regime in Juba has also used the deadly Chlorine gas on civilians in Wonduruba Central Equatoria State claiming that those civilians are supporting the Opposition Forces in the region, which happened within the last two years.

    This is a cowardice acts of terrorism of Juba regime showing they are losing the war. They need to be careful because this will set an unprecedented outcome. We will retaliate with our own ways with severe consequences if this move proceeds.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Kokora 2,
      What town have you liberated? I thought your movement was in the hidding places still. You claimed that the government is getting ready to use chemical weapon in the liberated areas. So, what areas are you claiming?

  14. Dear All Of Us:

    I do not regret for SPLM/SPLA IN-Opposition Spokeperson Mr.James Gadat Dak deportation in our sisterly neighboring country in East Africa in Kenya.They East African countries,they are not good at all! Uganda country before,under Milton Obote administration,had betrayed my uncle the Founder Of South Sudan Freedom Fighter Fr.Saturlino Ohure Hilangi to the government of Sudan. His death was initiated in Khartoum government in central in North.

    James Gadet Dak mattered,was planned in the South Sudan government! But,not in Kenyan government in the country.What we need to know is that the people who went to him in Nairobi in the home to arrest him!because the Kenyan government cannot allow people from other countries to arrest the wanting criminals in the first place! Again, his deportees should be known in Kenya.If it was done by Kenyan immigration,they should tell the reasons what he had done against Kenyan government in the fist place! His deprotation,has nothing to do on Kenya UN Commnder dismissal in his UN in South Sudan Mission.

    But,I want to His Excellency President Salva Kirr,to save him well! He should not think that when Opposition spokeperson,has captured,there going be no war in the South Sudan government totally!!! The conflict in the country will stop when there is TRUE DEMOCRACY IN THE SOUTH SUDAN GOVERNMENT POLITICAL CONSTITIONAL SYSTEM POLITICALLY!!!

    Ongelet Village, South Sudan, Africa!

  15. Abel Magok says:

    It has not been confirmed whether he is deported or not but if it is true, I don’t think authority in South Sudan will kill Mr. Gadet Dak, though he involved to the environment that led to the events of J1 fighting. He might be in prison for sometimes or banned from leaving the country to stop him roaming with lies in the media in East Africa and eventually could be release.

  16. GatNor says:

    The prices per head will skyrocketed soon enough and Jaang government will no longer afford such bargain. The kingdom is crumbling.

  17. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    South Sudan has wasted another millions of dollars on unsuccessful attempt to capture Gen. Gatdet and Bapiny in Nairobi. Click the links below:

  18. Anai Son says:

    Thanks to Kenyan government

    i hopefully we will receive Machar soon

  19. False Millionaire says:

    Steve John,
    U are so amazing.
    How did u get that priced ideas of the domestic services?
    There isn’t any harm in the question of course.But u remind us of our wretched southern sudanese maidens who fled to Khartoum to escape hard times in the south.
    And what became of the?They worked as house servants in well off jallaba homes.There they persevered to learn arabic and ended up integrating other aspects of integration that totally pulled them away from the universal aspects of south sudanese cultures.Without any shame and out of freedom of free will,they bleached their skins with acid based skin bleaching products,spoke arabic in immitation of argon arab bourgeoise women,walked swaying their buttocks and fling flung their fingers wearing fake jewelry accessories in the false believe of wanting to appear sexy to attract such confused less cultured urban elites like Pagan Amum,Deng Alor and Yasir Araman who have ended up having their names on the front pages of political reviews becouse of Garang.
    If u are one of those wretched sisters,why don’t u stay low?
    Things are too serious in much the same way as the filthy east african kidnapping market is too filthy.So watch out,they will get u for 50 cents!!!

  20. Steve John says:

    False Millionaire,
    This was a reaction to your earlier article in which you put price-tags on Drs. Riak, Adwok, Akol etc. Funny though, none of them is a jaang (perhaps there aren´t any academics amongst the jaangs anyway) and would explain your disdain and expose your innate slave features (an inheritance from jellaba perhaps?) of putting price tags on human beings. Equatorians in modern history have not been enslaved, unlike the jaangs whose current descendants can trace their genealogy to the jellaba. Cos the jaangs want to be the next “oppresors” like their forefathers the jellaba, it leaves only one option open; fight the jaang in any place at any time till we flush them out of Equatoria.
    Hopefully, you will fly direct from your current hideout “over” Equatoria enroute to your golden “luak”

  21. False Millionnaire says:

    Steve John,
    U call an internet Blogger jaang without knowing if he is one?
    That’s pricisely the irresponsable behavior that puts u among the bunch of confused less cultured urbain elites.
    Now u use the terme,”cos”,since it doesn’t fit into correct english phonetic connotation,do u want to imply being american who is americanized?if that’s the case,Why are the current global political events appear to escape u?
    When will u become aware that Ban Ki Mon is no more the UN’S secretary general with the US democrats flushed out from the White house by Trump?
    Please go ahead with your mad man’s idea to fight,”jaang”.
    But be aware about the reality that,if u ended up provoking the sky to collapse on u,the UN and the US will be very slow coming to your rescue.

  22. Kwacha says:

    Dear All
    Youth of South Sudan!
    Please bear in mind that we are one nation and we shall remain one nation whatever the case may be. South Sudan can accommodate all of us if we live in harmony and respect one another and respect the rule of law. Let us pray that our leaders come to their senses and restore peace in this country. Let us avoid tribalism, nepotism and the likes. Our leaders should be leaders for all tribes. Tribalism will not take us anywhere. Do not insult yourselves in the websites because this only increases hatred. God will one day bless South Sudan and peace will prevail.

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