LATEST: Gen. Thomas Cirillo calls for new leadership without Kiir & Machar

Radio Tamazuj and Various News Agencies, OCT/24/2017, SSN;

Thomas Cirillo Swaka, leader of the National Salvation Front (NAS), has called for global support to a new leadership that excludes President Salva Kiir and his main political rival, Riek Machar, from power configuration, saying the two leaders have apparently failed to manage the national crisis after the outbreak of civil war in December 2013.

“We believe the old political configuration of Kiir and Machar is not capable of addressing the national crisis. A new leadership should be supported to introduce genuine political and socio-economic transformations in the country,” Thomas Cirillo Swaka, leader of the NAS rebel group, said in a statement dated October 17.

The former army official told the UN Security Council that South Sudan under Salva Kiir has been tribalized and the army has been turned into ethnic militias and that the art of good governance is unknown and non-existence.

He said the role of the regional and international actors, including the UN Security Council should not only focus their mandate on saving lives by halting the violence and assisting the supply of aid, but also creating an enabling environment for long-term stability to prevent future conflict and loss of lives safeguarded by holding those who have obstructed the implementation of the peace agreement and engineered the violence accountable.

The South Sudanese rebel leader urged the UN Security Council to empower UNMISS with clear mandates to protect civilians and enforce its own resolution on the deployment of the Regional Protection Force (RPF).

“We urge the UNSC to play a leading role in making sure that any new peace agreement is fully implemented. It is not enough to allow the regional actors to supervise the implementation of the agreement. They have already failed in implementing the signed 2015 peace agreement. It is important for the Security Council to speak with one voice on issues pertaining to peace and security in South Sudan. We noticed that different member states have different positions on how the conflict should be addressed,” Carillo said.

The rebel leader asked the United Nations Security Council to hold those obstructing the implementation of the peace agreement and committed crimes against humanity in the country accountable including the top leaders.

In March, Swaka resigned from his position as the deputy chief of staff for logistics and formed a new rebel group to fight against opposed President Kiir’s administration.


South Sudan’s government bears “primary responsibility” for incessant violence in the country, according to a new United Nations report that also criticises East African and US mediation efforts.

A UN Panel of Experts presented the starkly negative assessment in an update on the South Sudan conflict issued on Thursday.

The five-member panel established by the UN Security Council cited an absence of political will to implement a 2015 peace agreement and to address “the destructive governance practices and historical grievances that continue to drive the conflict in South Sudan”.

The experts attribute these failures to “the political and military elite of the country, with the primary responsibility for the ongoing violence resting with those in the government, led by the president, Salva Kiir, and the first vice-president, Taban Deng Gai”.

Neighbouring nations continue to experience adverse impacts of the nearly four-year-long civil war, yet are making no effective efforts to negotiate an end to the fighting, the report says.

Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and the four other member-states of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Igad) have not generated “a coherent political process backed by genuine pressure on the parties”, the experts found.

“Each Igad member is dealing with significant national challenges that, coupled with long-standing and complex regional rivalries, continue to undermine consensus on South Sudan,” the report adds.

An ensuing proliferation of uncoordinated diplomatic initiatives has enabled the warring forces to “forum-shop”, the panel warns.

The government and armed opposition groups “engage selectively in various processes while buying time for military operations, and avoid attempts to enforce a political settlement to the conflict”, the report says.

The Trump administration is implicitly criticised for failing to sustain US attempts to resolve the conflict.

“The leadership of the United States and other nations that previously exerted leverage in the region has also waned considerably in 2017,” the panel said.

The report makes note of complaints concerning US support for the continued exclusion of opposition leader Riek Machar from peace-making efforts.

Some opposition groups view this refusal to include Dr Machar in the search for a settlement as an impediment to a neutral mediation approach by outsiders, the panel states.

The political impasse, along with government military offensives in recent months, have substantially worsened an already dire humanitarian situation in South Sudan, the experts conclude.

“The population faces intersecting threats of violence and insecurity, large-scale population displacement, extreme food insecurity and an escalating national economic crisis,” the report notes.

“The actions of South Sudanese leaders have done nothing to address these threats, and there is unlikely to be an improvement in the foreseeable future absent a significant change in the national and international approach to the conflict.”


  1. Malouda says:

    Yes, I can agree with you that president Kirr and Dr.Machar have failed to rule the country properly, but killing innocent non equatorial citizens along equatorial roads by your equatorial sons is not a crime against humanity and not a tribal line or ethnic militias that you are talking about. your movement is 100% tribal and those whom you termed tribal army or ethnic militias were those who rescued your life around Juba in 1992 when you defected from SAF.
    Rubbish you do not have a clear agenda, you are not a nationalist leader we are looking for, go away, the almighty God will bring to us the really leader that will unite South Sudanese citizens like our late hero Dr. Garang.

    • Equatoria Koko says:


      Good that you acknowledged Kiir is a failed leader. Lies will not bury the truth. It was the SPLA Dinka officers who let the Equatorians down in 1992. Equatorians are not savages like your folks. They do not kill unarmed civilians and rape women like you do. The killings on the roads of the unarmed civilians is the work of Matiang Anyoor militias to implicate the Equatorians.
      As for Garang, he may be a hero in your eyes because he is a Jieng like you. But he is nowhere near our heroes like Fr. Saturnino Lohure, Aggrey Jaden and Joseph Lagu. Moreover, he has got blood in his hands.

  2. Mundari Warrior says:


    You are an idiot. You are cowards because you kill civilians, loot and rape women. We are behind General TCS who will lead us to victory.

  3. Raga Commander says:

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    I have watched the interview of General Thomas Cirillo Swaka on VOA and read his statements. Also, I am aware that all the communities including the Dinkas are represented in the National Salvation Front. General TCS has got the courage, the knowledge and the integrity to be the savior of South Sudan.

    Therefore, please brothers and sisters, let us line up behind him and the NSF to remove the criminal regime of Salva Kiir from power.

  4. Steven John says:

    Fact 1. The SPLA is a jienge outfit disguised as a national army. It has a clear tribal structure and mandate.
    Fact 2. The IO under Riak is a Nuer outfit that has similar structures, mandate functionality like the jaang SPLA
    Fact 3. Gen Cirillo must without hesitation and sense of guilt, restructure the NAS into an Equatorian outfit. The center star has been dominated by such tribalists that have literally killed the country. Gen Cirillo must come up clear, Equatorians can’t be the stepping stone for such bigots and must position itself as a military and political force. Equatoria has tolerated this jaang and Nuer nonsensicals and both can’t brag that they are the best bush fighters. No. War is not a jaang neither Nuer monopoly. It’s time to have a State of Equatoria. Equatoria had the people, resources and land. Jaangs and their Nuer relatives can take this shit to their areas. Equatorians must now as never before reorganize and mobilize themselves distancing themselves from this South Sudan scum. Why should Equatorians be expected to play the salient nationalist while jaangs and Nuers loot, disorganize and kill without remorse? Why should Equatoria play the submissive and diligent national when these bigots have turned their areas into killing fields with most comfortably squatting and settling in Equatoria? They must sort their own shit. Equatorians, yes we can. We don’t need the approval or consent of jaangs. The most actionable thing to do is: keep away from them as we mobilize our people. Only a free and stable Equatoria living side by side with jaang or Nuer states, can sustained peace be realized

  5. False Millionnaire says:

    Raga Commander,
    Stick firm to your position. U will go to Paradise by way of big door in two pieces.

  6. Malouda says:

    Mundari warrior, when did you be come Mundari warrior as yesterday your people (girls and women) have been rape by Arab soldiers when you were located at Northern Juba town known (Suk-militia) who is that militia, it is you and used you as a brave (a warrior) to go out and kill your own people (SPLA) who were fighting to liberate you as today, your master (Arab) said kill Abid (pagan) with Abid, is it a brave that you are talking about, you are the most stupid, the most coward who turned to kill his own people. Your Gen. TCS will not lead us, it is we (SPLA) who brought your general to be a general if he was still with Arab he would not be a general of today you are talking.

    • Mundari Warrior says:


      You are cowards – fleeing for your dear lives while leaving your women behind to be raped and enslaved by the Murahaleen. How can you liberate someone else if you are unable to liberate your land and folks? Go and liberate Abyei and your women and men who are enslaved in Al Mujled and Al Dein.

  7. mading says:

    E. Koko. What kind of dog are you ? Are you suggesting that Mathiang Anyor national army can killed Dinkas they are suppose to protect like everyone else on the roads to make look like it was Equatoria work ? Does that make sense to you ? If it does to you, you must be a heartless dog in Equatoria. Steve John, Thomas Cirillo has nothing good to add in our situation in South Sudan then giving interviews far away from South Sudan, and that is all.

    • Equatoria Koko says:


      Equatorians are being killed on the roads as well. Who would believe that Equatorians were responsible for killing their folks? What makes sense is that the Matiang Anyoor militia is the one responsible. The fundamental question is – Why was it formed in the first place if not to carry out such cowardly acts? Plus the culture of violence, looting and thievery is in their blood?

  8. Raga Commander says:

    False Millionaire,

    Stick to your tribalistic agenda and continue boarding the sinking ship of the JCE. Your future is sealed in disgrace.

  9. mading says:

    E. Koko, If you were in the bush during our liberation time, you would known the meaning of giving SPLA battalions names at that, and today. When Mathiang Anyor battalion was given that name it was in line with SPLA policy of giving army graduates name, try to find something better to do.

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Raga Commander,
    Do u understand what the yankees and the brits are doing to take over RSS?They have learned their lessons the hardest way already.That’s why they are trying hard to reconcile jieng and naath to be able to choose one of them for the helm that will gurantee the stability for the next ten centuries instead of opting for a ground-nut backround pretending baby cry like u.I thaught u were wise to understand my compliment.But well,start calling yourself Malual or Gatluak before the shit turned nasty for u.

  11. Holo Kor says:

    Everytime and everyday, nonsenses are coming from a false millionair {all the names are in a small letters}, because the names are the highway robber names.
    Co’m now, what else is better to be expected that is coming out of the robber’s mouth?

    However, every word coming out of this man is- always coming from two headed like a monster (person). The insane person that he is, is most often talking nothing but, pooh-pooh!
    And that is all, and which he is better at; and too confident also too to command in his own skin, when he writes them but, without a word of persuasion in the vacubulary for one to take him seriously and with the believe that he is the right man talking. Therefore, we should all keep quite and pay the man an attention that he deserves. But, ehh! He is only a loud mouth, and an obvious mouth of a Jieng.

    “…” One of these groups is mading, anyway, they are both the robbers and are the (birds) of the same feathers.

  12. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Lolo or Korkor,
    Who is more human:a highway killer of innocent people or a hungry highway robber who is just after food but not human’s lives?
    Stick to the mud u have created and stop lecturing absurd moral leasons.U and the rest of your likes aren’t angels but living demons.But u will be tamed in the course of the next century.

  13. Eli Wani says:

    False Millionaire
    Wishing you well, as Christmas is around the corner hope you have saved enough for the festivities. As for me, I am tirelessly raising awareness of our suffering people all over the nations.
    I couldn’t resist at this time to once again resume our longtime arguments, we had our days I had passed the balls into the fields of common sense. But I just want you to clarify when you said;

    “Do u understand what the yankees and the brits are doing to take over RSS?They have learned their lessons the hardest way already.That’s why they are trying hard to reconcile jieng and naath to be able to choose one of them for the helm that will gurantee the stability for the next ten centuries instead of opting for a ground-nut backround pretending baby cry like u”.
    Forgive me sir but I had to quote the whole paragraph for the sake of clarity.

  14. Eli Wani says:

    So; basically what you are saying is that; it’s either a Dinka or a Nuer that will be the leaders for the next ten centuries (10X100) or you meant only a Dinka or a Nuer be the leaders of South Sudan for the thousand years? Have you also bought into Abel Aliers concept of “born to rule” ideologies? Well, well, well then, “birds of the same feathers flock together”. Then maybe the idea behind Kokora is not evil after all, who in their right mind would like to remain under leadership of two ethnic groups for such a very long time? Maybe we should break the country apart afterall, I like that idea too if the Yankees and Brits would blindly fall for such a shallow blindfolded idiotic ideology. They have failed trying to colonize us we got rid of them, they need to keep their long noses out of our affairs. Their policy of “divide and conquer” is outdated now, it’s too late for them. Better for them to leave us alone.

  15. Eli Wani says:

    I really hope that is not your implication because if you think the ball is always in the presence of the majority then Museveni in Uganda would have never made it, or Joseph Kabila in Congo wouldn’t have become president, or even Bashir in Khartoum wouldn’t have made it, or Isaias Afworki of Eritrea wouldn’t have made it or Mandela wouldn’t have become president of SA or Haile Mariam Desalegn of Ethiopia……..etc All these leaders are from minority groups but yet because of their intellects and political maneuvers they won the hearts of their nationals. South Sudan just need a unifying leader with nationalistic agenda and broader vision. So far no one has shown up being it from Dinka or Nuer or from the minority groups. But when the time comes that leader will for sure be a leader for all, not just so-called majority tribes. Yes, the Troika already made that mistake by giving it to a majority group, but that was because Dr. Garang played his games well, had he been alive perhaps SS would be rivaling the Rwandans and Ethiopians or even Kenyans in development. So, let’s look for a leader regardless of ethnicity if we are to surpass these stagnancies. or prepare to circle Mount Sinai for the next forty years and have no roads, no schools, no hospitals, no clean water, no anything until the UN will take over, which I think is still the best idea we need to consider for the moment until that visionary leader is discovered.

  16. Eli Wani says:

    And when I said UN I don’t just mean the Americans or British alone, I mean the United Nations that includes all the nations of which China, Russia, India, South Africa, Nigeria etc… are part and parcel.

  17. False Millionnaire says:

    SSN has existed during the long fat years of troubles.Equatorian problem has evolved from being the need for fedéralisme to confideration and down to an out right independence.If there have ever been externel influence to RSS internel problems,then it wad limited to the power struggle between Riek and Kiir which was coined up to mean jieng VS nuers.
    The calculated dog fight for two hours didn’t end at the exact time frame as was planned.That’s Why it took the externel forces to brokered the peace that collapsed during the events of J1.The revitalisation theory is being toyed with today by non other than the yankees and the Brits.
    But many things have happened already.Equatorians entered into a fishy armed revolt that targets innocent citizens on roads but never government forces. If any,the yankees and the Brits interests in our country are economic and politically strategic for east and northern Africa that would compel them to keep RSS United at all cost.I would appreciate to see u not getting annoyed.look how the order of things is.It’s the MTN apologist like Toria now who are on the front line attempting to rally the masses behind général TCS. How is it that possible when the blood of innocent citizens is still fresh in their hands?
    It’s said that there is no pity in business.If equatorians couldn’t propose à rallying person,the powerful actors in thirst for our resources will not hesitate to groom à non equatorian one. How Bashir used Paul Matip’s malitia to extract oil is a case in point.This time around,if it’s the yankees and the Brits putting their feet in our country,it won’t be for a duration of a few decades.Like it or not,hat’s the bitter reality in the course of unfolding

  18. Holo Kor says:

    “In this country it’s good to kill an admiral from time to time in order to encourage the others.” Voltaire Candide

    So far, it’s only today that, with valuable opportunity and time, at my disposal and that I should rebuke a false millionaire. The man who has here turned into a paper bag; and in addition has as well starting to runner monk-on-steroid and whisky; about what he believed is, on-going killing of, MTN by- the Equatorian; and I say what a myth and the paradox; is the man constantly and always is crying and moaning about? But nothing. A hoaxes and a load of stories.

    The best thing the man should have have asked himself is, where were we coming from; and where are we ending being killed here (or) there, by, and in (a) mythical way, by…Equatorian? And what had made the Equatorian do what they are doing to the MTN? So far, or however, the question has to take us back to the quot above; which says:”In this country it’s good to kill an admiral from time to time in order to encourage the others.” And sincerely speaking though, that is exactly the game in South Sudan. And some of us has lived in it, the wrath of SPLA/M and since day one. And to us, we have and has lives it and, we have losed the lives and with the letter (s) at the end of the word. The example of this is, the killing of the paramount chief in Himan and- so on, and so many cases.

    So, false millionaire, stop moaning and get over it, because South Sudan have since and ever has been in a mess and what are you going to do about it, now? Or else go hang yourself (or) yet, hang your head in ashame because of…everything.

    Because some of us start caring nothing about that country, already, and from long time.

  19. Mojwok Deng says:

    The on going bloodbath, destruction of property, raping of women, killings on tribal ethnicities, stealing of Money under the so called South Sudan by two Tribes namely Nuer and Dinka are not new behaviours in the History of proclaimed primitive State of Societies. Let me remind you back about regional Government after Addis Ababa agreement events, SPLM/A defactions in early nineties, Dinka via Murale Wars, Nuer via Murel War, Equatorial Marginalization by SPLA/M in Juba after Animalism separation!. Let us again reflects back our thinkings during elections of South Sudan after Utopia State had achieved her independence. Dr. was actual supporter of Salva and they were dividing Oil revenues on Tribal basis among Nuer and Dinka proclaimed politician both in Khartoum and Juba while small portion or debris used to thrown amongst hungry other tribes. To prove the greenness of these uncivilized beyond reasonable doubt, they went into War,when Petroleum had been shut down by Khartoum and followed by reduction of Oil prices in the International Market. The second reason,if two have genuine grounds to wage Honest wars among themselve, why should former Nuer Supporters of Riack are now serving Dinka Government in Juba ? The groups were actually and not yet driven by desires of free food without thinking of their coming generations and that why primitives will never be eradicated within cattle looters in the near future. Believe or reject it, truth is painful always.What happen today Nuers but like before are looting themselves and abducting their women the same is true with Dinka after they Siphoned their Oil.

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