Latest Breaking News: Why Army Chief of Staff, Ajongo, was killed by Pres. Kiir…

APR/21/2018, SSN;

It’s now emerging from various sources inside the Juba government that it was President Salva Kiir and others who decidedly conspired to assassinate by poisoning the SPLA Chief of General Staff, Lt.Gen. James Ajongo Mawut, who supposedly was announced to have died in Cairo, Egypt, last Friday, 20, 2018.

However, his death is shrouded in mysterious circumstances and even the exact cause of death.

Reportedly, during an important meeting at Bilpham, the SPLA Headquarters, that was attending by the President, Salva Kiir, the Defense minister, Kuol Mayang, the ruthless Chief of National Security, Akol Kur and some member(s) of the Jieng Council of Elders, the President ordered the Chief of Staff to travel to an unnamed country to purchase and bring CHEMICAL WEAPONS FOR USE IN UPPER NILE REGION against the opposition forces fighting against his Kiir regime.

Further, the Chief of Staff was informed that according to prevailing protocol, his presence and signature were necessary and important during the purchase and transportation of these chemical weapons, which are actually banned by the international community.

During the meeting, all the Army commanders in attendance and the Chief of Staff and his military commanders strenuously objected to the use of these banned weapons in the wars in South Sudan.

After this, it’s reported that the angered dictator, President Kiir ordered the Chief of Staff and his officer commanders to exit from the meeting, whence thereafter the president and his inner group brought forward the plan to dismiss the Chief of Staff but his co-conspirators seriously objected to the idea.

Their reason was that this will seriously create a situation similar to that of General Paul Malong, who, after his dismissal as Chief of Staff, created a serious crisis that eventually ended with Gen. Paul Malong creating his own rebel group against Pres. Kiir.

Hence, the President didn’t proceed with idea of dismissal of Gen. Ajongo, instead, the next plan of the president and his conspirators was to kill Gen. Ajongo by poisoning.

Then, it’s reportedly said that the body was sent on a plane to Egypt where he was later officially declared as died.

Mawut, who joined the SPLM/A, southern Sudanese rebel movement in 1983, became army chief of staff in May 2017 after Gen. Paul Malong was sacked.


  1. Beek says:

    I don’t think Dr.Riek Machar is going to CELEBRATES army of staff DEAD.

  2. Puok Nyang says:

    Blood is thicker than water. It’s in my belief that who ever involved in these brutal killings of innocents people at Will, would eventually followed them.

  3. Bismark says:

    Sheer lack of patriotism. A leader who presides over the dead bodies of his subjects killed by his orders!! What an enemy of South Sudanese people!! He has now nearly killed every member of a tribe of all 64 ethnic groups of the country. Now the question is what next?

  4. Ali Abdhalatif says:

    Which South Sudanese baby wrote this laughable piece? This must have been written by a young child and SSN shamelessly accepted to publish it. Where is the reputation of this website? Pity!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Ali Abdellatif,
      Just hold on, we stand by our story as the sources are credible. Your killer president can do anything as he no longer has any Christian morals or compunction. We stand by an anonymous sources in South Sudan.
      In the first place, if Gen. Ajongo was really important, why was he not flown to London for immediate treatment or because he was only non-jieng….so not important?????
      We challenge you and killer Kiir to do a genuine and independent autopsy before jumping to any conclusion. Just remember, many jieng are being helplessly slaughtered daily by Kiir and Akol kur, does any jieng ever raise a voice…that includes Kuol Manyang or liar Makuei?

  5. Dinka Enclave says:

    This is just another cheap propaganda because it is too early to jump into such conclusion. May His Soul R. I. P

  6. Betterhumankind says:

    Who is next to follow this cold War of Jieng Elimination of Non-dinka Generals in the Republic of South Sudan? Based on the narrative on the article, later James Ajongo was faithfully to the people of South Sudan by rejecting bringing Chemical Weapons to South Sudan and this resulted to his killing. The Jieng look at him as obstacles to them (Jieng) ruling since his was on armies and arms/weapons in the country. They then made this plan B in order to bring a loyal regime (Jieng) man to take over and you will see the degree later.

    The criminals and evil doers are now laughing and saying, he has gone and this plan should be the best to deal with others behind.

    You are the curse people and God can see even what done at night. And God will be turned to you, remember that no one can live for everlasting.

    Ajongo sins is now on you.

    Shame on you.

  7. Tyson says:

    Jieng Criminals
    The wrath of God is at your door steps…
    This is unacceptable dear idiots. ‘Why kill an innocent man?
    Your days are true,y numbered.
    Can all people of good will rebel against this useless government. sit-in in your house is enough to remove this useless government

  8. Dear All.

    Stop senseless and childish talking! A person who posted this article in this forum,he or she is happy for the untimely death of FREEDOM FIGHTER Lt.Gen.Mr.James Ajongo Mawut.President Salva Kirr,hand is freed from blood of A FREEDOM FIGHTER Mr.James Ajongo Mawut! The deceased was illed with the KIDNEY PROBLEM. Any person having a Kidney illness,his or her survival is MINIMAL! He is now with God well rested!

    I really do not understand what is wrong in South Sudanese minds????!!!!!! This is not good my fellow compatriots!

    Sincere Healing Pain!



  9. Hippo says:

    may his soul RIP

  10. Deng Hanbol says:

    According to a reliable source, Salva Kiir has already bought Chemical weapons. It is highly likely that Sultan Salva will use the internationally banned weapons against the Nuer people without hesitation.

  11. Robert Vincent says:

    No smoke without fire.

  12. Micheal West says:

    Dear info@SouthSudannation,
    I hope you re the one who wrote this cowardice letter that does not make any sense in front of South Sudanese people.
    if the your time come to leave this world there is no blaming games between Jieng and (nyam-nyam ) as jieng are not creator of human being to stop the some one death. the only thing Nyam-nyam can do better is liar and gossiping.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Michael West,
      our sources are highly reliable and knowledgeable.
      Such a middle age and THE CHIEF OF STAFF OF SPLA, Gen. Ajongo should not have been allowed to die like some lonely dog. He rightfully deserves all official protocols needed for immediate medical attention.

    • Bismark says:

      Michael West,

      ” as jieng are not creator of human being.” Hey bro tell us that thousands of Nuer people killed in 2013 in Juba were not killed under the orders of Jieng or killed by Jieng !! You are internationally recognised butchers of people in the country. Secondly read the article well before suggesting who the author of this article is.

  13. ibrahim Juma says:

    Dear Writer,

    Are there evidences? when President Bashir used to assassinate people , it was very clear and obvious . Tell me of the people whom Bashir killed , who of them had been treated , honored by country by declaring three days mourning with state burial ? do not confuse the general public. No body on this earth is meant to live forever , every has his or her own day. When Samson Kwaje died , they quickly called it poisoned . Now u r calling this one poison , do we as south Sudanese have the word natural death in our vocabularies or death through sickness . You are deviating people’s attention from mourning to your useless and baseless writings. if your source was right , share the audio message of the plan or minutes of that meeting .

  14. mading says:

    To all sound-minded South Sudanese,
    let’s continue to mourn the loss of great general Ajonga. Leave all those evil hearts heartless alone. Where in Upper Nile the government will want to use chemical weapons against who?

  15. Micheal West says:

    Dear Bismark,
    If you are the one who wrote it on this useless web then make sure many people don’t trusted your source any more.
    Secondly, for 2013 incident if you want to talk about it, are you a Nuer? or Dinka? tell me. so if you are from Equatorians why don’t you leave alone the Dinka and Nuer to deal with their own problem violently or peacefully. if I could asked you Why Nuers killed Dinkas in 1991? please provide me with good reason of that or are they God who created Dinka?
    I hope Equatorian, that Nuer you used to be ladder of climbing up for getting presidency will not work as long as we are here in South Sudan and with that behaviors of hatred and jealousy toward Dinka Community because of being majority in the country.

    • Bismark says:

      That is how politically myopic you are. You have to grow up politically in order for you to talk politics. If you do not know that South Sudanese have been fighting for nationhood that encompasses all the tribes that live in it then you are polically a dwarf that must keep quiet because as a government the lives of South Sudanese come first in anything South Sudanese no matter what tribe you come from irrespective of region, race or sex for that matter. That is the country our people aspired and aspire to build. We cannot afford to loose people for personal selfish political interests. The country is far greater than an individual Salva Kiir included. He has failed to rule the country for that reason if he was a patriot he would have resigned so that the country becomes prosperous. It is not late yet he can still do that for the benefit of future generation.

  16. False Millionaire says:

    The next time they will write to say God is the same Kiir for those who kick the bucket in their peaceful sleep.
    It’s a pathetic rampage!!!

  17. Beek says:

    Coup attempted and Machar Waits.

  18. Tuduok Geng says:

    These cowardice action against the former shief of staff and Upper Nile region by the president Salva Kiir is not a surprise to us at all, because where in the world that you’ll see an individual with Short illness and die within that period of time and the doctor doesn’t have an actual test nor autocrapcy of the above individual weather he/she die from the unknown disease. The president of South Sudan must known the doctor’s report and period, and believe he will keep that secret until his death from the office of the Republic.
    There’s 95%, of chances for the president to killed, poisoning, and dismantle the former chief of staff Mr. Ajongo. Kiir Mayardit’s helping the opposition groups by eliminating his generals in CRIME. Good job Mr. President.

  19. BILL KUCH says:

    There is nothing new in your reporting. No truth but lying as usual. You are disgracing journalism’s works. The fact that there is no an author name on this article shows that you are faking it, and that means there can be no prove whatsoever. That is a fake news of politicking. Nice try, but don’t forget that the month of April is over.

  20. Simon Bol Ring Mading says:

    to who ever has contributed in the remarked of our lost gen. Ajongo it is a great sorrow to all South Sudanese but I also want to remind you all that no life is permanent on earth. let us mind the way we think toward the gov’t. no one knows were people are created that you may talked of jieng and other tribes all of us are wanting for one’s own judgment and before our departure time let us all be cheerful with one another under one tribe known as Christianity may God bless you all thanks

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