Pres. Kiir and Jieng Council plan to hunt and kill General Thomas Cirillo: LATEST DEVELOPMENTS

Feb/14/2017, SSN;

In the latest hysterical reaction to the bold and spectacular resignation of Lt.General Thomas Cirillo from the SPLA ‘tribal’ army, President Salva Kiir, in a top secret meeting with some special members of his ethnic Dinka so-called Jieng council of elders, resolved on the following resolutions:

1- To dispatch secret Dinka security agents to the neighboring countries with the special mission to locate and assassinate General Thomas Cirillo;

2- President Kiir ashamedly has offered millions of dollars whoever can bring to him the head of General Thomas Cirillo, and finally;

3- President Kiir and his nefarious tribal advisers, in desperation, have conspired and decided on launching a nefarious and genocidal plan of killing members of General Thomas Cirillo’s tribe, the Bari community. Already, as widely reported by other media sources, Kiir’s tribal SPLA soldiers have been widely dispatched to all the areas around Juba up to the neighboring East African states, to hunt down and kill General Thomas Cirillo.

As reported by several media sources, the SPLA government soldiers, desperate on the wild hunt for General Thomas Cirillo, raided Kobi village on the Juba-Nimule road where they reportedly committed massive crimes of raping on the women and many of these victims were brought to Juba for treatment.

Gen. Thomas Cirillo precisely accused Kiir and his cabal of Dinka advisers of turning the country’s military into a Dinka “tribal” army that has taken part “in systematic killings of people, rape of women and the burning of villages in the name of pursuing rebels in peaceful villages.”
Stand by for more developments…

Lt.General Thomas Cirillo’s Heroically resigns from Kiir’s “Tribal government:” What’s next?

FEB. 11/2017, SSN;

The best and the most popular top SPLA general, war hero and freedom fighter, General Thomas Cirillo Swaka has finally decided to quit today the so-called tribal government of South Sudan led by Salva Kiir Mayardit. Below is his resignation letter:

To: President Salva Kiir Mayardit,
President of the Republic of South Sudan,
Commander-in-Chief, Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army,
Juba, South Sudan. Dated: 11/02/2017

I, Lt.Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka, the Deputy Chief of General Staff for Logistics, SPLA, hereby tender my resignation as Deputy Chief of General Staff for Logistics, and from the SPLA.

It has been my honor and privilege to have served the people of South Sudan during the liberation struggle and during the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which led to the conduct of referendum on self-determination and attainment of independence of South Sudan. I am proud to have been part of the Liberation struggle and generally in having served the people of South Sudan in numerous military and political assignments over the last three decades.

I am resigning from the position of Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics and from the SPLA because of the following reasons:

1. I am convinced the violence which erupted in Juba in December 2013 and swiftly spread to several parts of South Sudan, in due course becoming a devastating war, was planned and orchestrated by design. This TRIBALLY engineered war resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent lives and the displacement of at least two million people….mainly innocent civilians, women and children currently living in miserable conditions either as internally displaced (IDPs), virtually prisoners in the UN camps or as refugees.
In August 2015, after almost 2 years of civil war and suffering of the people, the warring parties signed a deal, the ARCSS, brokered by IGAD. Unfortunately, the Government of South Sudan deliberately orchestrated violations of the peace agreements which led to fighting in Juba in July 2016, total collapse of the Agreement and resumption of war in the country.

2. I am dissatisfied and have lost patience with the conduct of the President and Commander-in-Chief (C-in-C), the Chief of General Staff and other senior officers in the HQS of the SPLA as well as Unit Commanders. The President and these SPLA officers have systematically frustrated the implementations of the peace agreements and pursued the agenda of the JIENG COUNCIL OF ELDERS of ethnic cleansing, forceful displacement of people from their ancestral lands and ethnic domination.
I can no longer continue to be part of the ongoing destruction of our beloved country by the same army.

3. The SPLA is supposed to be transformed and professionalized into a national, non-partisan army as stipulated, however, President Kiir and his Dinka leadership clique have tactically and systematically transformed the SPLA into a partisan and tribal army. It’s a militia loyal only to its tribal leadership of Pres. Salva Kiir and Chief of General Staff, Paul Malong Awan. The SPLA has lost respect of the South Sudanese people and even the International community. Worst of all, it has shattered the dreams, hopes and aspirations of the people, and it has taken the lead or participated in the systemic killing of the people, rape of women and burning of villages.

4. Pres. Kiir and Jieng Council of Elders (JCE), which is the real Cabinet of the Government, failed to recognize the sacrifices and struggle of other nationalities and they even go to the extent of denying the contributions of other nationalities during the liberation struggle. The President and his tribal JCE have concentrated on entrenching Dinka ethnic domination, turning other organized forces and the SPLA into brutal tribal forces, terrorizing and intimidating their opponents.

5. To implement the above policies, the President and his clique systematically recruited Dinka in all security sectors and units, paying particular attention to promoting and appointing Dinkas from sections hailing specifically from Bahr el Ghazel region, the home area of the president and Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan. Most of these recruits are promoted to officer ranks and made commanders of most SPLA units. The same for the Police, Prisons, Fire Brigade, Military and National Intelligence, CID and Customs, all commanded by Dinkas. By design, other nationalist revolutionaries who fought the liberation war have been humiliated, demoralized and effectively demobilized from the service.

6. Mathiang Anyor and Dut ko-beng tribal militias who have taken over the SPLA have become an occupation force in some parts of the country, consciously in pursuit of a policy of ethnic targeting and a campaign of systematic rape, killing, mistreating, humiliating and torturing civilians. All these done in a culture of impunity. Mathiang Anyor have deliberately applied a policy of scorched earth by burning whole villages and grabbing land, especially in Equatoria, Chollo land in Upper Nile and the Western Bahr el Ghazel. For instance, during December 2013 and July 2016 violence, these tribal forces, including President Kiir’s own Tiger Division, brazenly went on the rampage killing, rape, torture and looting systematically in an unprecedented manner.

7. The continuous insecurity happening right now across the country is caused by the SPLA militia and other ethnically organized forces and security organs. They are the ones killing people in the capital, Juba, and other towns in the name of ‘Unknown Gunmen.’ In fact, these are ‘known gunmen.’ This is why many South Sudanese are fleeing to become internally displaced or refugees. The President and the Dinka political leadership only came out and condemned these kinds of atrocities when Juba-Yei road incident took place in October because the victims were from the Dinka ethnic group.

8. The SPLA militias and other security organs are looting government assets and hijacking government vehicles and taking those stolen properties to their states to use or sell, there is no remedy for the aggrieved.

9. Innocent civilians, especially Non-Dinkas, are being arbitrary arrested, detained and killed by the security organs all over the country. Those detained are subjected to torture and humiliation in what is called ‘Safe Houses.” In Jebel Luri, where the President’s special residence is built, and in Gorum military area controlled by Tiger Division of Kiir and the Mathiang Anyor militia, many innocent detainees are dying in these “prisons” falsely accused of either expressing opposing views or supporting rebels.

10. Until this time that I am submitting my resignation, many years have elapsed without holding official meeting of Command of the Army, especially after General Paul Malong took over command of the SPLA. There is total collapse of the chain of command; the Commander in Chief (C-in-C) and the Chief of Staff mostly meet in their own residencies with close and trusted officers who are their tribesmen (tribal commanders).
These officers are labelled as “Loyal Officers.”
*** Strangely, included in these meetings are some members of the Jieng Council of Elders, (perhaps as ‘non-uniformed officers’- essentially tribesmen directing or advising the army).
*** All the powers in the army are confined to the Chief of General Staff who uses them to build and consolidate the military strength of “SPLA militia” for implementing the “Dinka Agenda” of subjugating, humiliating or destroying any of the other tribes who dare to stand in their way.
*** The small number of SPLA soldiers are deliberately neglected, without deployment, unarmed, even during emergencies.

11. Since 2005, after CPA was signed, most SPLA from non-Dinka (mainly from Equatoria Region) are deliberately deployed out of Equatoria to Bahr el Ghazel and Upper Nile regions.
*** As a policy, they have been kept out of Equatoria since the signing of the CPA in 2005, and even denied leave or permission to visit their families.
*** Those who have been in the Eastern Sudan from during the liberation war and were subsequently deployed to Upper Nile, Abyei and Bahr el Ghazel areas after the war, are still in those places up to this moment.
*** They have lost contact with their families, children and parents. Many have lost their lives in those wars after the CPA, during the wars with Sudan, Gen. George Athor’s rebellion, the Cobra wars of David Yau yau and the 2013 by the split within SPLM and the fight over power.
*** Upto this moment, these dear sons of our nation who offered their lives for the liberation and freedom of our people are being treated in an inhuman way just for the sake of massaging the egos of a small clique of people pursuing a futile agenda of tribal hegemony.
*** On the other hand, SPLA soldiers from the Dinka ethnic group have been strategically deployed and posted in non-Dinka areas to support the policy of land occupation and enforcing the agenda of forceful DINKANIZATION and domination of the country.

12. This discrimination and crimes against humanity are committed not only on non-Dinkas alone but also visited on the Dinkas who are opposed to the policy of discrimination on ethnic bases and destruction of the country. Such Dinkas are regarded as enemies as well.
*** The policy of ethnic domination and subjugation being pursued openly by the President and his close associates has made Dinkas to be painted with the same brush by the other communities/nationalities, without making distinction between the good Dinkas and the bad ones.
*** As a result, the Dinka community has come to be hated by their own brothers and sisters from other communities. Pursuit of this wrong-headed policy has also destroyed the fabric of South Sudan society.

13. All this time we have been talking to and persuading the C-in-C and members of the Army Command hailing from the Dinka ethnic group, especially those who are known to be members of Dinka ruling clique, to refrain from this tribally oriented policy that cannot promote nationalism and unity, and which can only destroy the country to no avail.
*** All these efforts went in vain as they have fallen on deaf ears. Therefore, it has become important at this crucial moment of our history not to continue working under the leadership of President Salva Kiir that is intentionally subjecting the people of South Sudan to unprecedented and unacceptable cycles of violence and human suffering.
*** This type of inhuman treatment and the human agony it entails has never happened before, even during the time when Khartoum was ruling South Sudan.


Given the above reasons that are by no means exhaustive, I hereby resign from the position of Deputy Chief of General Staff for Logistics, and from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA).

Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka,
Deputy Chief of General Staff for Logistics, SPLA.

cc: Minister of Defense
cc: Minister of National Security
cc: SPLA Chief of General Staff
cc: Deputies of Chief of General Staff
cc: SPLA Inspector General
cc: Director of National Security
cc: Directors in the G/HQS
cc: Sectors/Division Commanders
cc: Specialized Units Commanders
cc: Gallant Women and Men of the Historical SPLA
cc: The Public



  1. False Millionnaire says:

    Is the declaration à product of his own personal conviction or mouthed out for him by a manipulateur?
    What had blinded him ever since the day Garang died that it’s now he has become aware of Kiir as a,”disgraced” failed leader?
    But he is still welcome to join the ranks of other,”disgraced”,failed leaders like Kiir in the opposition.
    And what do they do?
    Lavishing on MTN hunting to take speedy steps on the road to hell in the false hope of suing for heaven.

    • KK says:

      False M,

      I do not see the reason of condemning General lamenting about Garang’s death Blah Blah.
      If you encode the words well and I quote ….many years have elapsed without holding official meeting of Command of the Army, especially after General Paul Malong took over command of the SPLA. There is total collapse of the chain of command” end of quote.

      Its obvious that where there are not routinely structured meetings, gossips, fear and suspicion takes command. How can one find a platform to voice his grievance? let alone being labeled rebel if one does so. I can bet, if Thomas resigned here in Juba, he would be killed or detained at least.

      Talking about Garang: As human, he did have his weakness some of us know including favoritism as well. if Garang was alive, perhaps the worst would have happened between Dinka Bor and Dinka Bahr El Ghazal, besides mortals are not to live for ever

      Though its too early to speculate on the motives of the Gen. One can be sure that his defection adds credit to the opposition, the world “may” see the SPLA in another angle or even get convinced that the rebels have a point.

      Kir needs to do his homework and speedy work out a formula for real peace lest innocent women and children will continue to suffer under his watch and that is the shame.

    • Nikalongo says:

      Mr. False,
      The declaration I suppose is from the mouth of the General himself. As a crock hunter you surely must know taking time to make an informed decision in matters related to hunting crocks, is important. Harbour no fear and suspicion like the rest. The General is neither a politician with many lies under his belt nor a blood thirsty MTN hunter. MTNs roaming Equatoria are as much victims of Riek-Kiir’s thuggery and hooliganism as the rest of us. That a veterant soldier should come to that conclusion is an indication of how low the president and the SPLA have degenerated.
      What next soldier? This I should think is the beginning of the end for the regime and her political and military base in South Sudan. From this moment on, it can only go one way, downhill. South Sudan as we have known it to, will never be the same again. That Kiir and his henchmen will be vanguished is certain. As to what will happen next, is a subject of speculation. For one thing though is clear. Tribal tension and animosity is going to increase. Areas of Equatoria and to be precised Eastern (minus the Nimule-Juba highway), Western and outlying districts in Central Equatoria that are only nominally under the regime will be the first to go. After that, who knows…………………………………..
      Is the Dinka human and material resources inexhaustible? No. Of late, as supply of adults dwindles, Jieng children barely in their teens have started to appear on frontline duties in Yei, Kaya, Bazi and Kajokeji. That they will (Mathinag Anyoor/Dut kubeny) be able to fight rebellions stretching all the way from River Singata in Kapoeta to Source Yubu on the border with Central Africa Republic is a tall myth. The Warlords and warmongers in Dinka and Nuer heartlands who wanted South Sudan destroyed have at last won. But weep not, time is coming and actually coming faster. Savage Kiir and buddy Brute Riek will be consigned to the dustbin of history.
      Like other soldiers (JB, HM, LK,..etc) of justice and honesty before him, TC will be home with an open home. No Equatorian must soil his/her clean conscience with the barbarism of murderes and thieves. Soon our people will rise up in unison to sing one great song, sung once with joy on Mr. Jones’ Animal farm. Here is a small bit of the famous song…………..
      Rings shall vanish from noses,
      And the harness from our back,
      Bits and spur shall rust forever,
      Cruel whips no more shall crack.
      May God bless and protect our people in their hours of needs as they struggle to rid themselves of despotic tyrants, thieves and murderers in Juba and Pagak.

  2. Lokosang says:

    That is commander Thomas Cirillo that I personally know. He is truly a revolutionary and visionary warrior that South Sudan and Sudan has ever known. There is limitation for every thing. I profoundly believed that commander Thomas has reached a boiling point that he can no longer tolerate as he mentioned above. It is the same reason that some of us become critiques of SPLM/A because it has become a tribal organization. I believe that the resignation will turn into a nightmare to those of Salva Kiir.
    Time has come for all of us to unite to dismantle that tribal organisation in South Sudan.

  3. Hardball says:

    As long as the killing of innocent Dinka travelers continues on Juba_Nimule road and Yei_Juba roads; it will take more than just Thomas Cirillo Swaka resignation!

    • Defender says:


      It is this mentality that drives people with credible interest to save South Sudan leave this rotting system. If you only think that Dinka are the only tribe that is dying, which seems to be the only thing majority of you know. What you do think about the other tribes that are facing murder and cleansing daily? Some of you who are just following the tribal regime in Juba must understand that what Gen Cirillo done is something that must be applauded by all South Sudanese, including Dinka or supporters of this tribal leader called Kiir. He has not provided anything that, we, as the peoples of South Sudan could be proud of.

      Now we are seeing, after the fang of the cobra bit the behinds of many in the upper echelon of power in Juba, people are coming out with all sorts of nonsense to tarnish the image of Gen Thomas Cirillo. This old trick will not work this time around. You are only happy with those who sleep in bed with but are not happy when they come and expose your weakness.

      So, death that is inflicted on many other ethnicities in South Sudan is far and beyond what the Dinka are experiencing in the Juba Nimule Road. This is not to say that the dead of one is better then that of another. We just have to be forthright that those who are currently in power, dominated by Dinka is pushing the country into disintegration, the consequence of which some of you who are currently pushing the limits of reason do not understand. The fight in Equatoria if not managed carefully, will surely lead the sons and daughters of this region to seek a way out of the current political arrangement that has failed since its inception in 2005, after the death of Dr. Garang (RIP).

      The seeds of separation are actually sown by those who want to dominate others and not the other way around. If you are someone with thinking mind, recent history of our struggle should be an alarm for you. We fought the north to free ourselves not because we just wanted to separate. They made support our rights to be equal citizens was suppressed. This is the same tactics that the Dinka Dominated government is doing. This time, the struggle will not take that long for the rest of the country to seek a way out of this cycle of stupidity that the Dinka elite inherited from the North. Because in South Sudan, everyone one has the potential and the means to amass power, not only the government. This is something that the government of the Dinka, for the Dinka must acknowledge. Otherwise, when the shit hits the fan, the whole place will stink, the smell of which those who are currently living in their comfort might not like.

      So, my advice, let us recognize that what is happening in our country is failure of the highest order by the leadership of Kiir and his Dinka elite. We just need to rebuke them work together as citizens of one country and ask Kiir and his Dinka group to leave power. If that is through wide protest, such as the one that changed the middle east or through support from international community, let us work for that. Because continuing to protect Kiir and Dinka elite at all cost, what will happen when they are not there? do you want to also feel as a second class citizen like others feel know that the Dinka domination is taking it ugly shape in every corner of our country? These are questions that you and the rest who seek a spec in others’ eyes but refuse to remove the log in theirs.

      Just saying, in case you are not hearing, seeing or believing.

      • Hardball says:


        Here is the simplest commonsense you don’t understand; when your people go on the road and killed innocent unarmed men women and children that has nothing to do with the government and their only guilt is that they are Dinka!? That’s not the thinking of any people with sound minds. Are you even aware that those innocent Dinka you killed; majority of them are against the government? They are completely helpless in the same way you are helpless against that same government? Who is going to be on your side when everybody turns against you base on your actions?
        Do you really think that killing on the roads are going to solve the problem of killing that you said is happening to your people? Absolutely not! Why because the more you do that kind of killing the more your people are going to killed by revenge and that cycle will continue and who do you think is going to prevail? Probably the one with power! And who do you think is going to lose? You probably know the answer.
        Government killing armed rebels is not the same as killing innocent unarmed civilians but when civilians Dinka response to your game you are playing; make no mistake about it; it’s going to be nasty!
        Just imagine 100 armed Dinka who had their families were murdered on those roads turned up for ultimate retribution or vengeance and they said we don’t have to find any equatorian who is guilty because our families were murdered when they were innocent. We just have to take down anyone here in town to avenge our loves; whether in the camps where your people are hiding or in any major town in South Sudan; have you ever thought of that?
        If your people are completely unwise; then let that kind of killing continues until it blows up horribly in your faces and good luck!

        • Defender says:


          Mathiang Anyoor is not a national army, it is a tribal paramilitary that is associated and financed by Malong and Kiir to support the Dinka Agenda of Domination. So, do not confused the two. They get all the funding to implement the Dinka Agenda of depopulating areas that they want to take over.

          The Killings that you are talking about did not start on the highways, it started in Juba when your tribal government started killing innnocent Nuers and any other person who do not tow in line with the barbarism that was imported to Equatoria and other non-dinka areas. So, the killings that are taking place in South Sudan is not good either way. You cannot just highlight Dinka being killed but ignore the death of others.

          It is convenient for you to kill others and label them rebels just for the purpose of clinging to power. If you are arguing that the Dinka that are being killled in the highways of South Sudan are opposed to the government, why don’t you use the same argument when the government militia are butchering other tribes and call them all rebels? You see, when you make an argument, try to have a wider analytical skills so that you do not show your behind in the process.

          Let us agree that the government of Kiir and JCE has failed South Sudan and we must get rid of them so that we have a better country that does not discriminate against people because they are Dinka or any other tribe. If you kill others, expect to receive the same. This is just the mentality that is prevailing in South Sudan, which is a hallmark of Dinka and their policy to trying to dominate others. It won’t work whether now or in the future. People will resist it like what you have seen happening all over the country. It is just a matter of time that the whole house of cards built around this false premise that Dinka is this and Dinka is that.

          To prove your point wrong, look at the areas that you are running from (AKA your villages), see how you kill yourselves? These deaths has not been created or organized by others. It feels like Piranha (the fish in the Amazon that eat their own) in these communities. The Apuk and Agouk, the Agaar and Aliab, just to mention few tribes who are decimating each other. Do you have had any chance of taking to chastise you community on the barbarism that they inflict on themselves? You are just good at seeking to destroy places of others and yours. The self-destructiveness that has been exhibited by the Dinka has no parallel anywhere in the world, with the exception of ISIS.

          Read news that has been coming out of South Sudan that Mathiang Aynoor has been rapping women in the villages and destroying their properties. What you think about that? Does a national army of any nation, even the khartoum regime during the war did not go on widespread rampage rapping women and children.

          Just accept that the Dinka culture is a culture of violence and barbarism that will require them a long time to understand to live with themselves and others.

          • Hardball says:

            First of all it’s your own assumption that governments just go out there and killed innocent civilians who had nothing to do with over throwing the government is just the thing you’re pulling out of your behind and not the argument anyone with brain would believe to be true! Now the question is; is that your “so called analytical skill” you’re talking about that I don’t have?
            Get this in your head loud and clear; if you think Dinka is going to blinks because you’ll wait on the highway and bushed unarmed men women and children and killed them. Well soon we will see who will come to Juba and begged for peace not to kill one and other anymore and those people will never be Dinka. And let see who will win in the “Wild Wild West killing” in South Sudan!
            We already have army escort process now on the highways of Juba-Yei Road and Juba-Nimule highway and those who make mistake to get killed today are those carelessly drives on their own and ends up getting ambushed and killed so they can’t blame anybody.

            The war is now civilians vs civilians and good luck winning it in the near future.

          • Defender says:


            It is pathetic to see your analysis here. What is happening in South Sudan is not assumption. It is a reality that you are not willing to accept. The people who are suffering from what is happening in South Sudan are not just other tribes, but Dinka included. The question that is have not asked yourself is this: what are your people gaining from supporting a bigoted leader such as Kiir? The support that you are giving him now means in the long run, suffering for Dinka who are getting opposed from every groups in South Sudan. Some of Dinka are now paying attention to this self distractive agenda that is beyond the pale.

            It might be good for you to revisit history and see how might empires fall. Because the little weapons that you think you have might not be as beneficial if those who are using do not understand the harm it is causing you and future generations of Dinka that may not be party to your barbarism.

            How can a national army (aka Mathiang Anyoor) be brutalizing the people it pretends to protect but at the same time do not know them or their needs? This is what is happening in South Sudan. That is why I encourage to stop selling you hubris or empty pride that Dinka is mighty, when in reality they are the ones suffering supporting criminals from your tribes thinking that they are in it for your collective interest.

            The only think that i have learnt from Dinkas who are fighting is this: when they are beaten in the battle field, they resort to raping women and young girls as a prize for their defeat. If this is how you fight your war, then you need to go back and learn moral of fighting a just war….oh, i forgot…Dinka do not even understand what a just war is. If they do, they will not even be killing themselves in their villages over cows.

            Look at the death that is taking place all over your homelands…you will see the level of depravity and utter inhumanity that you are inflicting on your own selves? No living human, whether possessed or incapacitated by mental illness resorts to such level of barbarism against its own. It is this reality that many are trying hard to impregnate your primordial brains so that you are catapulted into the modern age. This is not a physical transformation but a psychological and spiritual transformation. This will taking a long time for the Dinka to comprehend and embed in every aspect of their daily living.

            So, fighting against Dinka to win back the promise of South Sudan is not going to be a difficult battle. You are now engaged in the battle of self distraction. And if you continue to cling to this deformed leadership of Kiir and JCE, you will soon see the end of what has already started when your leaders with wicked hearts and minds, have sown in the hearts of innocent Dinkas that their supremacy is premised by standing on backs of others. This reality will hit you soon and will be begging to live abject poverty that with power failed to transform your own villages but opt to steal and do it in others’ lands.

            I would love to continue to educate you, because “you can take a donkey to the water but you cannot make it drink.” This is the advise that many are giving you and your people for free but to the surprise of many, including your hubris that will finally spell doom for Dinka criminals currently running the country.

    • deng handbol says:

      We came to regard the killing of Equatorian and Naath civilians by the Dinka slaves is not just a crime against humanity but also a deadly terror that had to be extirpated from South Sudan. With regard to MTN policy carry out against Jaang by the Equatorian freedom fighters is just a retaliation. In other wards, Equatorian freedom fighters are just implementing eye for an eye blood for blood laws.
      Finally, my appreciation goes to Gen Thomas Cirillo, the true of Bari tribe for joining the fight against Jaang.

      • deng handbol says:

        I would like to make correction in my comment. I mean my appreciation goes to Gen. Thomas Cirillo, the true son of Bari ethnic group for joining the fight against our ultimate foe

  4. Mading says:

    Within government, high rank and top officials are doing big disorder by drive a nation in wrong direction, miss leading the public and later blame government? Who is government? President?

  5. Abel Magok says:

    Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka, was perceived as patriot spent the best part of his age in struggle until South Sudan achieved its independence the people have been longing for in about 50 years struggle. I have read twice his resignation letter before decided to write this piece.
    In principle, resignation is the best political protest a true leader could resort to but Gen. Thomas Cirillo’s letter does not really give me such an impression of a true leader or even score political points he means to, rather he appeared deceptive Gen. we still do not know the motives of his resignation until this time, what he will do next or the things he was doing in his position as Deputy Chief of general staff for Logistic SPLA.
    Yes our country is going in wrong direction and really need nationalist leader who do not embrace tribalism and Gen. Thomas Cirillo resignation would have been perceive genuinely if he wasn’t used such tribal rhetoric in his letter of resignation. The General does not distinguish Dinka in government and other millions of Dinka who do not know what is going on there in government he was serving in. All are suffering in South Sudan, and we have been reading news on the Internet people left their homes in Bahr El Ghazal region to Darfur searching for food.

    I think Southerners are still remembering very well an Equatoria Military Governor Peter Cirillo, in early 1980s, during Kokoro time.
    Governor Peter Cirillo, the elder brother of Thomas Cirillo. was the one orchestrated Kokoro then and spearheaded it. He was indeed courageous in admitted his mistakes publically in Khartoum, 1990s by saying he regrets for the people died in Kokoro, and wish if he awake them from death. In such words, Peter Cirillo washed away what he have done in Kokoro, and the news of his younger brother Thomas Cirillo then joined the SPLA added more and Peter Cirillo in Khartoum, that time was seen South Sudan nationalist leader.
    The resignation letter written by Gen. Thomas Cirillo, and cited tribal rhetoric as reasons for his exit from government look very much like his elder brother actions in 1980s. Is it a wrong connection and we can consider Thomas Cirillo different from his elder brother Governor Peter Cirillo? of course not, science considered some fatal genetic diseases run in the family. I am eager to know the next step from the General who is currently outside the country.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      The Cirillo Family of Heroes
      Reply to Abel Magok,
      With due respect, since you are a close follower of this website, I would like to correct you on some historical distortions, concoctions and misinformation in your comment.
      1- The champion of Kokora then was President James Tambura, among many others, including politicians from the Shilluks, Nuers, Bari, but not General Peter Cirilo.
      2- General Peter Cirilo became the first governor of Equatoria region after Arab Sudanese president Jaafar Niemery implemented the Kokora (division) of South Sudan in 1983, on his own merits of popularity and qualifications.
      3- General Peter Cirillo DID NOT ORCHESTRATE THE KOKORA. The champions of Kokora were those of late President James Tambura, late Mr. Eliaba Surur, late Dr. Samson Kwaje and many others still alive that I cannot mention their names for their own safety.
      4- As someone closely connected with that movement and time, I and many like me, have never heard of your alleged so-called confession or regret that you allegedly attributed to General Peter Cirillo that was made in Khartoum. This is a concoction generated for some people’s satisfaction.
      5. General Thomas Cirilo explicitly and candidly enumerated (read his letter again) all the problems that are now afflicting the political dynamics in the country under the regime of Kiir and the jieng council of elders (whatever it means?) True elders always strive hard to bring harmony in a family or clan so that peace and harmony prevail among brothers and sisters in a family. That’s not what these evil and satanic JCE are doing!
      6. Finally, just for your personal satisfaction, those two sons of Mr. Cirillo Swaka (a hard-working and prosperous Bari elder who was able to educate his children by his own labor), are heroes on their own merits. Elder Cirillo, their father, was a pioneer businessman who had one of the biggest kraal (muraa) of cows just across the Juba bridge supplying milk and meat to Juba Town in the 1950’s and 60’s. He also employed many destitute Dinka to take care of his cows then. (There was a big flood in the 50’s that drove many Dinka from Bor and Aliab to Juba as displaced refugees, they were generously accommodated by Bari Chief Andrea and the likes of Mr. Cirillo Swaka, the father of General Thomas).
      Incidentally, the two, General Peter and General Thomas are generations apart. The eldest General Peter Cirillo bravely and heroically fought the Anya Nya war from the beginning as a truly dedicated freedom fighter. He is a contemporary of those of ex-presidents Abel Alier and General Joseph Lagu. General Thomas Cirillo, however, is of a later and younger generation, was also imbued with the same nationalistic spirit and hence followed his elder brother, Peter, whereby he greatly and heroically contributed in the new liberation war under Dr. John Garang’s SPLM/A. I wonder if you can imagine a similar family in your own community. Fortunately, there is nothing like your so-called “fatal genetic disease” running in that highly respected Bari family. That’s an acclaimed family of heroes.
      Please, let’s all work together to see that the current developments are mitigated and resolved amicably as brothers and sisters in this accursed and condemned nation call the South Sudan.

      • Abel Magok says:

        Editor: There is no misinformation need correction from you in my commentary.

        There are two components to this word (Kokoro). You are talking about division of South Sudan into three regions, that in part was done by James Tambura with those you have mentioned and other names I know but you do not mention them, even late Eliaba Surur and Samson Kwaje, were little reserved not heavily into it but sympathise with it.
        The part of Kokoro I am talking and connected with Military Governor then Gen. Peter Cirillo, was the action of killing Dinka who were still living in Juba, after the division, an action similar to what has been going on in Equatoria roads where innocent civilians are kill targeted base on their ethnicity.

        It is good you yourself mentioned that Gen. Peter Cirillo was the first governor appointed by Sudanese president Jaafar Nemirey implemented Kokoro in 1983.
        In the implementation of Kokoro you have said, Gen. Peter Cirillo as governor permitted killings of Dinka who where still living in Juba, and there is no any other governor in Equatoria, his name connected with the killings occurred in Juba that time except Gen. Peter Cirillo, and you should feel ashamed in attempting to deny this realities that have not been long enough to be forgotten as relatives of the victims those who know the people died are still alive.
        Former Governor Peter Cirillo was courageously admitted what happened by saying he regrets for the people died in Kokoro, time and wish if he could awake them from death. During the Democratic government of El Mahdi from 1986-1989 many southerners from three regions were in Khartoum, idles just spent their time in Coordination offices that stay crowded with people from morning to evenings and Gen. Peter Cirillo made his statement in front of Equarotia Coordination office in Khartoum.
        He was an out spoken politician then wanted unity of Southerners.
        It was not a bad thing from him to admit mistake happened, what seems to make it bad now is the current resignation of his younger brother Thomas Cirillo, with such tribal tone letter. It looks like history is repeating itself here, the actions of Gen. Peter Cirillo in Kokoro, with the tribal rhetoric letter written by younger brother Gen Thomas Cirillo.
        We still don’t know the motives behind Gen. Thomas resignation as unconfirmed information are now out there in social media talking about his embezzlement of $9 millions.
        The letter written by Gen. Thomas showed low quality of leadership when attempted to address non-Dinka, in Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr El Ghazal, trying to stir them up against Dinka, that is not the type of leader South Sudan need now. Yes, I agree with such spirit of working together as brothers to sort things out in that Country named South Sudan.

    • Eastern says:

      Abel Magok,

      No single true Equatorian has ever regretted about Kokora which you continue to refer to as Kokoro! Kokora was a good thing in that it sent the lazy folks to work hard for themselves rather than lording it over others without any justifiable reasons.

      I was a child when Kokora was rolled out but I admire those who came up with that idea. It was the right antidote to laziness and subjugation.

      • Hardball says:

        The so-called Kokora was invented because of Equatorians mediocrity to compete against Dinka when Dinka had the dominant over business sectors and all the civil sectors all over Juba and elsewhere in Sudan in the early 1980s when Arabs were valuing Dinka more than your people in all work places. When your people find themselves outnumbered in their region; they called for separation and that’s what you can do if you’re the little guy with low self-esteem!

        Of course those who are proud of Kokora are still the inferior ones to compete against Dinka and if you were as equal as Dinka; you wouldn’t be afraid to compete with someone you think is equal as you are!

        • Eastern says:


          It’s great that you have summarised your naivety with one word: OUTNUMBERED. Prior to the redivision of southern Sudan, dinkas almost abandoned their inhabitable villages for the towns: Malakal, Wau and Juba. The attraction to Juba for the Dinka was so strong that they could take up any type of job – many dinkas during that time became the primary source fir very cheap labour. They were employed in the police force, emptying of bucket latrines, charcoal makers, water conveyors, guards (ghafir), prison wardens, herding cattle for the few Eqautorians who wished to keep cattle, etc. These were some of the benefits of the dinkas having OUTNUMBERD the Equatorians allowing the mainstream members of the region to continue with their other activities.

          The problem with the dinkas having OUTNUMBERED the Eqautorians started when the Dinka elites in Abel Alier’s regional government began putting illiterate cattle keepers in various government departments all over the entire three regions and especially in all the ministries in Juba.

          Hardball, the problem with you is your pride in the population size of the Dinka tribe but not its quality. Your politicians in Juba often boast of this at the national so as to draw national resources through the parliamentary seats allocated to them. However these resources don’t reach all these folks who have OUTNUMBERED the Eqautorians. Kiir needs to be stopped in his wake that splitting the country further to give the Dinka more seat at the national level so as to accentuate the supremacy of Dinka population in South Sudan is a futile yet costly venture.

          It’s a known fact the Dinka population in South Sudan is sizeable but not its quality. The population is vulnerable to various shocks some of which are man made (the incessant inter clan feuds, cattle raids, revenge killings, etc.). The Dinkaland is endowed with water resources which remain untilised – too much water unleashes floods during rainy season and absence of it leads to prolonged drought leading to livestock decimation. Talk of a large number of a primitive community.

          There was nothing inferior in calling for Kokora. It was a noble call for sanity to reign in the land: all the bubble created by churning all your tribespeople all over South Sudan regardless is what they are able to do is nothing to take pride in! Try something else, not gloating on this abnoxious scheme of population size.

          • Hardball says:

            Your comment would only be believable to people who were never born and grew up in Juba but someone who was born and grew up in Juba would be laughing at you! Here is the question any genius would know whether or not you’re untruthful.

            If Dinka were the ones doing those nasty jobs like emptying the latrines buckets; would you really be saying Dinka need to leave to their towns and villages because they took your jobs in Juba? If you were smart enough Mr. Eastern you would have known better that; that statement would be embarrassing to you and your people but since you aren’t that bright you just let it out!

            You Equatoria pretend to call yourselves civilize but you have no idea what civilization means! To say you don’t need other ethnic groups in the nation’s capital city is not thinking of people who have any shred of civilization.

            You can never hear any comment like that in Kenya, Uganda, Congo, England, USA, Canada or any other country in the world that you should tell other ethnic groups to leave their nation’s capitol city to their own villages because you’re inferior to that ethnic group to compete against them!

            When is the last time you hear the “Massaai tribe of Kenya in Nairobi telling the Kikuyu or the Luo to go to their respective villages Kenya because they happened to take all the important jobs in Nairobi? It never happened because the Massaai tribe never consider themselves inferior to those tribes but they consider themselves as equal as those tribes.

            Please just learn to equalize yourselves with other tribes that you think are better than you’re or else you’re going to have a very hard time living next to them!

        • Steve John says:

          Well, if Kokora (not the jaang Kokoro) were invented by Equatorians, then that was and is still justifiable as a means toward devolving power to the people. Kiir has not done anything different from splitting the country into now 32 states either.
          Hardball, if indeed as you alluded, the jaang dominated the business (private?) sector, there are sadly no current indicators whatsoever to suggest the business acumen and entrepreneurial skills the jaang have and manifested in their home areas/states. Rather, much of the start-up capital for their dubious companies was literally stolen or siphoned off from the regional govt. Nothing in this regard has changed as shown by the “Dura Saga” of 2008-10 where 95% of all companies that swindled close to $3.2b were jaang-owned .
          Sadly, you again by implications want to suggest that the jaang outnumbering the Equatorians directly translates into their being “valuable” with the tyranny of numbers or democracy=meritocracy.No this is wrong arithmetic and does not hold here. If that were case, we would be seeing all jaangland leading in all education, economic and social indicators. What we see are disturbing numbers/rates of illiteracy, poverty, starvation, underdevelopment, non-infrastructure etc..These records can be obtained from the South Sudan Bureau of Statistics.
          Even the “super rich jaangs” all never toiled or worked hard to get these riches, rather much was simply stashed into their hands by “govt benydits or bandits” if you wish.
          We hope one day, we shall be measured not by the marks on our foreheads, but by the contents of our heads. I remain here.

          • Eastern says:


            Continue with your futile arguement, the house (South Sudan) is on fire……!!!

          • Hardball says:


            But why is the person whose’s house not on fire; the ones that cares too much? You know why? Well; because the ones on fire are the ones that makes a lot of noise!

          • Hardball says:

            You can team-up and edited the comment all you wants but bear in mind; whatever on fire is always in the eyes of beholder!

      • Deng Monymor says:


        What success did your Kokora creators achieve which might require your naive imitation? What I remembered from said Kokora as Able Magok mentioned is a kind of “prodigal son”‘s regret of your leaders later when their empty dream stared them right in their faces. If you want to learn how to be proud of something, I don’t think the same kind of Equatoria song with this hateful force as it was in 1980s would make you proud again because it did not then.

        • Steve John says:

          Deng Monymor,
          You are the very jaang that have praised Kiir for establishing more 32 states with a screwed view of having more jaang states and hence more political leverage in the parliament. Funny though, it is the very jaang that are contradicting and refusing to acknowledge the benefits of Kokora because it was Equatoria led. By the way, KOKORA was and is the precursor to the current 32 states. The current political situation can only suggest one thing namely; the entrechnment and non-reversal of status quo. I must admit, I have absolutely no interest to work or even live in any jaang state, equally so, I see no need at all to have any jaang working in my state. You just get back to your state; develop it as you wish and I too, have the liberty as an Equatorian to freely live in my state and to develop myself as I wish. That is not difficult to understand or?
          Kiir has revived Kokora and that is good.

          • Deng Monymor says:

            Steve John,

            Your suggestion that “Kokora was and is precursor to the current 32 state” shows your political retarded stance beyond any correction. It should be clear to you that Kokora was not about states for the state sake, but it was about segregation of ethnic groups into their self-contained states. If it were about more states as you suggested, why killing Jieng (Dinkas) who were living in Juba at the time which Governor Peter Cirillo regretted afterward? Logically, it doesn’t make sense to any thinking person except people like you and Eastern.

            Now, when you say “I must admit, I have absolutely no interest to work or even live in any Jaang state, equally so, I see no need at all to have any Jaang working in my state, ” are you not contradicting yourself? You seem to refuse what you want! Pretty strange, isn’t it not? What I was cautioning Kokora glorifiers about was not to sing song that had failed them before because it will fail again, big time. I personally believe South Sudan is a nation for all who want to live and compete in whatever they do in any state they choose; nobody should decide for any South Sudanese where they like to live because of their ethnicity. If you want to contain yourself to your Naath nation that would be your choice. For me I live wherever I want. I feel comfortable living among Naath people, Equatorians as well as any other South Sudanese communities; in fact, I speak a commendable Thoknaath (Nuer language) as a result of this unlimited South Sudaneseness. So corner yourself to your own state and your brain will show your benefits as it does through your writings.

            For your information, Equatoria is not a tribe; it is a geographical area like other area within a nation.

        • Eastern says:

          Deng Monymor,

          Read my comments and internalise it; I am not appearing anybody but I am being brutally honest…..

          • Steve John says:

            Deng Monymor,
            Your analogy of Kokora visa-vis the current status quo of 32 states is completely misplaced. Kokora was about devolution and getting reponsibility and accountability to the people. This is not different from what Kiir has initiated except that the jaangs have suddenly realized it has become irreversible and has led to a serious ethnic drift. Even with the current 32 states, no jaangs have voluntarily gone to their states to develop as per Kiir´s vision. During Kokora, there were no jaang killings in Juba as you alluded and Governor Peter Cirillo came in at a later stage. Kokora was during the Governorship of Joseph James Tambura, just for your records.

            As the majority Equatorians and I insist on Kokora, we are equally thankkful to Kiir for the now 32 states (or more soon?), Kokora afforded an enabling environment that encouraged free competition of the individual or groups of people. For this reason,I would find that repugnant to work in a jaang state, when I could freely work among my own where there is better inter-personal understanding and communication. Perhaps you think by necessarily coming to Equatoria en masse, you could forge a social cohesion and establish a South Sudanese identity. This however, seems to a be a one-way move of jaang to other areas and not the opposite. It appears, the jaang have this uncontrollable and innate drive to move elsewhere to settle in other peoples areas. This has resulted into social chaos and inter-ethnic tensions especially where entire communities with livestock are on the move. Like in the words of one Juba resident, today there are so many jaangs in Equatoria than in jaangstates. It is an “EXODUS, movement of the people”. No one can explain why they just cant feel comfortable in their own areas or do not want to develop them.

            Monymor, you talk of your “South Sudaneseness” as if it this were measured by the degree jaangs relocated or went to other regions of South Sudan and interacted freely with the host communities. Have you ever asked whether other South Sudanese also feel likewise? Or whether they want to live in your areas? What is it that you jaangs have undertaken to welcome other nationalities into your states? With the current political chaos and ethnic tensions one thing however, is clear; the South Sudan is in for real KOKORA. and you burning desire to live freely in Equatoria may not be wanted any longer. I understand many jaangs want to live in Equatoria and feel like “Ana min Juba”, like what Kiir often says “Ana min Yei” . It may express a degree of belonging to, but in our context this only suggest a foreigner wanting to be part of a disliking community. These facts have been menioned in Gen. Thomas Cirillo´s resignation letter, where he talked of “hatred” against the jaang and especially in Equatoria, no one single community now wants to host the jaang and they cant be part of these communities either.To this regard, we say a lizard that soaks itself in water for ages can never turn into a crocodile. The best we should do now, is let us agree to keep away from each other for a while. I remain here.

  6. arabbmoi says:

    Please Isaac Mamur Mete be humble to follow our brother Lieutenant general Swaka sooner than later. please find your own venue to do so. I know your one of our hero. Jeing had put you in prison for no apparent reason at all. We need you to keep yourself in good safe place in prior of this revelation that Thomas stated above. You those angry Jeing tribal gangs are always vengeful. They do not consider you one of their own, you know more than we do. Thanks you Thomas.

  7. Peacemaker says:

    Gen. Thomas did the right thing. His resignation letter tells us more about the reasons why he quit and no one has the right to question him. After all is there any army left to serve?

  8. Roberto Kosongo says:

    Dear Thomas Cirillo,
    You have made the right decision. Kiir and his Evil Jieng Council of Elders are extremely tribal. They have low self-esteem. They never accepted who they are. They think with power and dominance of others they can become like other communities. They believe in power and they will never relinquish it voluntarily. So this is not a political issue any more. It is a matter of survival and we as Equatorian and other communities in South Sudan must do whatever it takes to survive. No one in this earth has the right to deny us life.

    Roberto Ksosongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  9. Thon says:

    Thomas Cirilo rebelled long time ago. The question is : who is next among Bilpham generals? The fifth column dominated the army top positions for long. Thomas is no different from Oyai, Hoth Mai, Mac Paul, Peter Gadet, James Koang, and Johnson Oliny. I expect more of the generals in Bilpham to join the rebels and then come back as ministers.

  10. Thon says:

    I mean Thomas is no different from the rest of generals who rebelled and killed the army soldiers they once led. What a shame????

    • Eastern says:


      Thomas Cirilo is a genuine three star general. He’s left Kiir to join his contemporaries outside Bilpham. Kiir can make do with the remaining militia generals to continue waging his futile war of attrition.

  11. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear:All of Us The Fellow Members(SSN)

    General Thomas Cirilo,acting wrongly!His resignation,does not make any good sense totally! He is being brainwashed by wrong South Sudanese politicians! Him,by himself,he knows that there are Dinka in President Salva Kirr tribe,in the South Sudan,they do not like his administration at all!

    Anyway,it is own decision he came up with! South Sudan government,will never and ever enjoy PEACE! POLITICS WILL DESTROY THE COUNTRY TOTALLY!!!!




  12. mading says:

    Arabbmoi. People like you have nothing to offer to South Sudanese, why don’t you just short up for a while ?

  13. LOJORE says:

    Waaaa Interesting
    For sure Thomas was a patriotic and a Hero who had broken the back of Jalaba in Juba in 1991 but even though you are a hero conditions in south Sudan can break your back
    Being deputy Chief of staffs for training and Logistics he was in a place where great amount of temptation can choke you according to news from jubaThomas was already out of the country for almost three months ,many people were sent to let him come and report to work he said he is still sick but according to news from bilpam there was a great amount of corruptions in his office going on as a result an investigation had been going on and nearly 51 officers were arrested but Thomas left the country while investigation being conducted, logistic from food supply to military equipments were diverted to personal use.
    So if he defects and joins SPLA IO it would had been defferent but it look like these allegations might be correct that’s why he just left the army and but is like suicide because he doesn’t have any future in south sudan.

  14. Mr Mading, I thing you might not have read the entire resignation of general Cirillo or you have language problem to understand the content of the general’s letter. Either of the way, let me quote to you point number12 of general Thomas letter and read it carefully may be you can come to your sense which has blind folded by tribal direction. It reads ” This discrimination and crimes against humanity are committed not only on non-Dinkas alone but also visited on the Dinkas who are opposed to the policy of discrimination on ethnic bases and destruction of the country. Such Dinkas are regarded as enemies as well”
    *** The policy of ethnic domination and subjugation being pursued openly by the President and his close associates has made Dinkas to be painted with the same brush by the other communities/nationalities, without making distinction between the good Dinkas and the bad ones.
    *** As a result, the Dinka community has come to be hated by their own brothers and sisters from other communities. Pursuit of this wrong-headed policy has also destroyed the fabric of South Sudan society

  15. arabbmoi says:

    I do not have to short up ( shut up) brother Mading. Kiir is messing up our country by promoting his DEinka Mathiang Anyor militia in our land Equatoria to kill our people in cold blood. General had made a good move. We just have a meeting today here in Kapeota to determine to ask governor Lobong why there are many Dinka polices Controling Nadapal border as if there are no other tribes to do the job. No Topasa police is either. Topasa are complaining Dinka are occupying their grazing places like Narus Natinga and Himan. Lobong was told not to trust his in laws otherwise he will just be fired like rest of governors that had Kiir fired citing the case of recent Imotong governor. Topasa Adviced Governor to be careful as things are unfolding in Juba not be a tribal gangs victim. WANI SHOULD HAVE TO BE MAN ENOUGH NOW. NO MORE BABA JAA BABA JAA ALL THE TIME. MAMUR MAKE YOUR MOVE NOW,

  16. Hoiloom says:


    Leave Nuer alone, please. We did not ask Thomas to resign from his position as a deputy chief of staff@Bilpam. The war that started by targeting Nuer civilians in Juba while some of our patriots stood by and cheered on, not knowing that their turn would one day come is now reaching every community in RSS. Some of my Jaang cousins who think that Bhar el Gazal is a safe haven would soon be in shocking mood.


  17. mading says:

    Lokosang. I read the whole thing for your information, the Dinkas General are talking about are the like of Mabior Garang and his mama Nyandeng who are jealous by the change of the leadership, that is all. The others are ones who have been fired who want to get back to the government by all means. Lokosang your hatred of Dinkas have blind you so that you see Dinkas are majority in the county, that is why they are more in the government. I just want to let you know even if you become president today, you have to deal with more Dinkas in your government or you will face discrimination problem in your leadership. To Arabbmoi, you remembered when Equatorians who were working in Dinkas land were chased a way by angry Dinkas youths in their home towns after 2016 Dinkas massacred by your people between Yei-Juba road ? That is what is going on in your state now, you may not know that there are more Topasa employees in Dinkas land, and that is what is going on with out your knowledge.

  18. Chief Abiko says:

    Dear: All Of Us

    You can see now.The government,has defend itself! It has said,General Thomas Cirilo, case was on scandal issue! He absconding justice to face! The reasons that he had outlined in his resignation letter,some are true to the best of my understanding.And some are not true to the best of my understanding.For example,he said,President Salva Kirr is enlisting his fellow Dinka alone in Army SPLA without inclusion of other people from another tribes in the South Sudan. Again,he said,him,President Salva Kirr,sending his fellow soldiers in non Dinka areas. But,during in the Sudan government in central in north in Khartoum,army soldiers,can be posted in part of the Sudan territory in the homeland!
    Except policemen men and women.They wer remain in their home towns in the country inside the Sudan. I do not know,if the South Sudan have a POLITICAL CONSTITUTION that can allow army SPLA in different places in the South Sudan




  19. The Republic says:


    I understand selective hear is a problem that many of us counter. As evidence and consequence you forget to understand the overall message that General. Thomas Cirila and many in this forum try to convey. Instead you pay more attention to the name and not the detail of the conversations. Allow me to lay this clearly to you, Dinka cannot rule south Sudan and be in peace, Nuer will not rule south sudan and leave, and finally Equatoria will not rule south sudan be in peace. This Republic will survive only if we stop feeding our egos and put the interest and well being of the Republic before individual group. The Republic and the rule of law must be above our individual interest for the republic to flourish…

    I am the Republic,

  20. Kwacha says:

    Bravo General. I don’t think there is a country like South Sudan in this modern world with Daily systematic looting of government money, Daily robberies by the army, Daily raping of women by the SPLA, Daily killings by unknown gun men, Theft of millions of money in government institutions including the office of the President, Parliament etc. .. while the President keeps quiet
    With all the wrong advisors of JCE, the economy is collapsing and services are diminishing.

  21. Chol Deng says:

    Lul has turned himself to a Primary school boy who speaks without analyzing what he says, and he is being fooled to fool majority fools that Thomas is corrupt so his resignation is not valid. Reading between lines you realize that actually the level of the alleged food stolen or not reaching stores and fuel / lubricants stolen from stores is actual not a responsibility of such a distinguished Gen. who heads a whole directorate of Logistics if Lul has a point then we will be compelled to think that our taxes and oil money is wasted by those we entrusted to protect us. Anyway the Gen. has left instead; let’s think on how to correct what the Gen. has said regardless of who we are because at the end of the day we need to rout out corruption in South Sudan. I am sure if the story of Lul is any thing to go by then, its should mean many things;
    • That the SPLA does not have a very basic record keeping such as receiving and storing of items
    • There is no accountability of junior staff to senior staff before reaching to deputy chief of staff
    • The story is a white lie to count accusation and hence what the Resigned Gen said is true
    • The command chain of SPLA in directorate of Logistic are illiterates officers

  22. Dear:Mading

    I have seen before the First Lady Rebecca Nyading De Mabior.She was a HUMBLE PERSON with a good heart given to hear by God! Who gave the power of his Late husband leadership Dr.John Garang De Mabior to incumbent president Salva Kirr?!!! because it was her! How can she be jealous for you at this point???!!

    Remember that Dr.John Garang De Mabior,removed Salva Kirr from SPLM/SPLA in the movement.Him,Salva Kirr,was left a civilian! She was the very person,who worked to unite the movement in struggle after the debacle of 1991.Again, she safed million lives of South Sudanese in north during tragic accident of her husband in helicopter plane crash of Ugandan presidential plane. She calmed the nation from being running into bloodshed! Otherwise,Southerners in north,would have paid a terrible price!

    Now,you said,she is a jealous person and with her son Mabior Garang! All in this crisis in the country,if she be allowed to contribute,she will make a peace possible in the country in the South Sudanese.Trust Me! But,President Salva Kirr, is marooning (isolating) her in the government affairs in the country! I am endorsing her if she going to run one time in office of presidency! Thank you! No grudge and no hard feeling attached! Freedom is freeddom of expression!




  23. mading says:

    Republic. I agree with you brother or sister, but others don’t understand that what you said is the only way out of our mess!

    • Eastern says:

      What the so-called Republic stated is easily understood but it’s utopian inthe South Sudanese context. When the Dinka (a single tribe) us in power, they want to Lord it over the rest because they “liberated” the country. They have to take the lion share of everything and anything in the country because Dinka participated the most in the liberation struggle, blah, blah….

  24. Bala says:

    In traditional hunting games, hunters think about animals they want to hunt down. They think of the habitats where such species are most tikely to be found. In the primitive age where the best choice of weapons could be spears and hunting dogs in some cultures, the hunters grab those spears, call their dogs along and set out for the wild. The hunting humans follow trails which the animals left on the tracks while their dogs do sniffing,tracing and searching. Where the grass or bush is thick in the middle of barrens and people are not sure if the animals are hiding in it, the humans and their dogs can approach such a place in stealth to avoid animals hearing them and runaway out of range. Once they have got there, the humans will either choice to disturb the grass with noises or set it ablaze and wait ready to take actions against some games that may start running off from it. Well, this analogy fits this article saying the government has sent out its military on a manhunt to catch or kill Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka and that a bounty price is placed on his head. General Swaka has been out of the Country since December last year. The government is aware that he was under investigation for alleged corruption with 51 other junior officers who work in the same logistical department with him. General Swaka is not the only senior official who has ever resigned or implicated in the corruption allegations but many others did but none was ever killed. It shows that the government has never ever have plans to liquidate those who choose to resign or accused of corruption. The government is rather happy for the accused to clear their names in the court and be admired for his or her innocence. The article is simply an agitprop to designed to disturb the bush to see the reaction of the government while at the same time meant to create a conflict where it doesn’t exist between the government against General Swaka and his Bari people. In other words, the writer of this article is a rebel’s propagandist who is so desperate to see Gen.Swaka become an ethnic rebel with his people so there is endless bloodshed in Juba where security has improved. There are many Bari people in the government who are as important as Gen. Swaka and remember he has resigned voluntarily and the choice he made is no reason for violence. Besides, there is nothing as the Jieng government and Jieng army. The government of national unity is what is running the country and it multiethnical.

  25. Holotype Kor says:

    Hi Mr Bala,

    Please, help me! I just laugh so hard reading all over the place pastage.

    Really, what are you writing? I failed to get your message, laterly, I am so
    confused by you! Or, it’s obvious, it is the South Sudan things and the thinking
    And that is what it is (and it’s particularly a “J” or a “D” thing.

    • Bala says:

      Holotype Kor

      Laughter is the best medicine for life. I am glad you cracked up, laughing at my writing and that’s some good dark chocolate for your cardiac’s health. I wish I was more of a clown or a comedian than being a serious dude. I just want to tell you that what you’ve read isn’t a passage but one of the literary devices, known as analogy and there is nothing sophisticated about it. You said you haven’t got the message and confused,as a result. Well, it is okay to be disoriented sometimes and that’s why I’M here to assist to you. My writing is a remark on the alleged attempt to hunt Gen.Cirillo Swaka. It seems true to you there was such a plan but to me, the writer hasn’t a clue. The alleged manhunt is a made-up story to fish for some credible information . Most people don’t know the whereabouts of Gen.Swaka and where the people think he is, – is probably a product of guessing but may be known if he confirms from his location that the story of his being hunted is true or false. Using one of the literary devices to communicate a remark isn’t only a thing of South Sudanese but for everyone regardless of his/her nationality. As for your “J” or ” D”, it depends what each letter stands for. For a brainy person like you, a ” D” or “J” thing either means a “Dor or Jur” thing and as for poor thinkers, a “D or J” thing is a Dinka or Jieng thing. Lol.

  26. mading says:

    Chief Abiko. I know what I am talking about, may be you should take some classes regarding SPLM-SPLA history. Salva Kiir was no 2 in the movement after many changes in the SPLM that you may not know, so when Garang died, he Kiir automatically became SPLM chairman. So Nyandeng never gave him anything for your information, also if you want to give credit of deed, give it to Kiir, who stood with Garang when people like Riek Machar wanted to remove him from power in the bush before, now Kiir became a red devil of Garang Mabior,s family now, and if it not been for him, the legacy that Garang is enjoying now even if he no longer with us today would have been destroy by power hungry spoilers like Riek, Adwok, and Lam Akol.

  27. arabbmoi says:

    We expect more defection from Juba. Our Lieutenants Generals and Majors are on move. Who is next let us not spill the beans after lieutenant Nam move In Kapoeta here, we prepare what lay.

  28. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear: Mading

    True,him,Salva Kirr,he was a deputy to the chairman Dr.John Granag De Mabior.But eventually,the chairman DISMISSED HIM FOR GOOD in both political wing and military wing.

    Well,did you see Kirr name was appeared in GOSS/ GONU positions during CPA?!!!!???????!!!! NEVER AND EVER!!!

    In GOSS,his advisers were,Nhial Deng,Samuel Abu John Kabashi,and others as well.The chairman died without deputy when he was a Vice President in Sudan during unity.Again,he was a full president for the South and commander in Chief of SPLA Forces

    Now,you telling me to take classes of SPLM/SPLA. I KNEW BETTER IN YOU SIR!

  29. Gatdarwich says:

    Mr. Swaka was enabler of the current genocidal war in South Sudan. Now, he is rebelling against the same tribal regime which he personally enabled to burned to ashes non-Dinka tribe villages, castrasted non-Dinka boys, raped, and miamed non-Dinka tribe people because General Lado, his competitor, magically become darling to the same tribal regime. Swaka history is like that of Minytuils brothers in Bentiu. Taban is with the traitorous Jenges, they rebelled! They are all selfish traitors full stop.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      I think you have shown absolute ignorance of the two people you inferred in your comment. General Swaka and General Lado are two individuals very diametrically on opposite sides of the political imbroglio that has devastated the country.
      Whereas the two Monytuils are two brothers who have plenty of Nuer blood in their hands (along with Taban), but I will leave that to you as a Nuer to cry over it.

  30. Gatdarwich says:


    Mr. swaka was an enabler who personally enabled the traitorous Jenges killed and displayed countless non-Dinka tribe people in Equatotia and all over the country. Mr. swaka, Lado, Minytuil brothers, Taban, Wani, Obuto Mamur, and Luis are enablers who are enabling the traitorous Jenges display and kill non-Dinka tribe people. Mr. Editor, truth must be told, you can not logically deny the selfish and traitors-blood suckers individuals I mentioned above are enablers of the current chaos in South Sudan.

  31. False Millionnaire says:

    Who will be still there to lord it and over whom if the sky came down on RSS like it did before on Rwanda?
    If u agree with the views of the fellow u call,”the so called republic”,and yet your madened heart still bears bitterness against jieng for the days after the doom’s day,would u follow the mother crocodile if she walks out of the lagoon in protest
    if the would be RSS’ Kegame to pick up the pieces turned out to be à jaang?!!!

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      Please pull down that sky you are alluding to! Dinkas are already on top of jebel Kujur chest thumping and announcing their invincibility. One Dinka zealot going by the Name Deng Kiir Akok, is claiming that dinkas are the majority in the diaspora and close to home, they are already outnumbering Ugandans in Kampala and Kenyans in Nairobi read in below link for the Dinka talking shop:

      I am not threatened by the “mighty Dinka” whose population runs in zillions! You know which side of the 1994 Rwanda armaggadon Paul Kagame was. Don’t mince your words; you wished me death by Christmas of 2014; gloves off, bare knuckle!

  32. BILL KUCH says:

    What different would they make? They were just political generals with no much contributions. They came by themselves and left alone without soldiers.

  33. False Millionnaire says:

    Sorry for disturbing sir.But no need to deny that standards have degraded too low from your part.
    If u didn’t die by the Christmas of 2014,it’s because u never went to the front lines.U talk too much and far more than the red army soldiers whose tragic history among the ranks of SPLM/A under Garang is too tragic to be told.Please get into contacts with equatorian active combatants and see if they would shorten to tell u war is hell.
    But even in the darkiest of circumstances,à Window of réconciliation can still be possible.Driving à debate along that boundary,u turn around,twist every possible logic and then assume the place of a victim as if u have already calculated your fate.I don’t mine wishing u à very long life if that’s only what’s interesting to u.

  34. Toria says:

    False M
    Front is not hell, front is freedom of future. I am in the front got to go

  35. p lemi says:

    Mr. Abel Magok,
    You are dead wrong. Gen.[rtd] Peter Cirilo became governor after the fall of president Nimeiry In 1986, during the time of Prime Minister Sadiq Elmahdi and for your imformation the killing of your tribesmen was carried out by some few Mundari in retaliaton to what SPLA did to them in Terekeka unless you were not in Juba at the time.

  36. False Millionnaire says:

    I don’t disagree if u mean sitting infront of a computer screen to war manger on internet.
    But watch out Mr internet commander, the writched boys doing the dirty work on the bush front lines may never stand that shit too long and u will be surprised to see them trotting in towns in brought day light begging for food.
    That’s the most ugly face of the war u are trying to deny.

  37. Malouda says:

    Nonsenses,SPLA tribal army these are the soldiers who received your defected general in 1992 around Juba if they were tribal soldiers they could killed your general by that time and there will be no most top general you are talking about today.your general corrupted all money and food of the army and the only way is to scape the investigation. Your general if he does not defected SAF in 1992 he would not reach this rank of today and he was given to him because is from Equatorian boys in order to encourage those who were saying that South Sudan will not gain it independence.

  38. Toria says:

    False M
    I am in the frontlines and I like the way things are going. Let me tell you that even in the bushes we have receptions to networks with satellite mobile phones, thanks to technology. Although I have no time arguing but I saw your same old nonsense on this website. Ironically, you are the one glued to the screen and perhaps a jobless welfare parasite and a thief surviving on stolen money from SS or else how do you explain yourself when you answer every comment since you started writing on this site. I haven’t written a comment on this website since five months or so ago because a working man like me have no time but busy planning to unseat your rotten crooked regime from Juba once and for all and at same time trying to providing food for the needy. I promise you one thing; I will march into Juba victorious when Kirr, JCE and cohorts will have no place to hide.

  39. False Millionaire says:

    Toria or toto,
    There were such difficult times in my life and I worked for seven days a week for a period of 11years without one single day’s rest.That’s how I managed to establish a family.
    I still work hard now to raise the childern and to keep living a decent life.
    Access to telephone and internet is part of the good quality of life.Following news and events as happening in RSS is part of intellectual life that can never be a cause of critisim in any way.
    It’s normal I don’t know u and never interested to know u.But I have the impression that my style of life is far too different from yours.U speak of freedom for an independent Equatoria,good for u and good luck.But that will take a very long time and heavy sacrifices before realizing it.It’s bigger,heavier and great in value than u and your life if that’s what the equatorian masses are suing for.So watch out,u may never go too far if your intention is using it to stop cars in highways,rob passingers,take away their belongings and make off as the means for your living instead of faring with honest professional efforts the way the majority of workers like us do.
    By the way,u don’t need a permission from any one to,”march on Juba”.It’s so absurd from your part to make impression to the readers that,”Kiir,JCE and cohorts”,are hiding if u don’t mean to say in the sky when in reality they are there in RSS within your reach.

  40. tit4tat says:

    “jobless welfare parasite and a thief surviving on stolen money from SS”. Just eat your welfare and stolen blood money and shut up.

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