LATEST BREAKING NEWS: Arab Sudan security coercing South Sudan Opposition Alliance member to sign peace deal!!


Intimidation of SSOA members by Sudan Security Personnel: South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) through its last two press statement in past two days had made it very clear they will not sign nor be part of this Khartoum Peace Agreement in its current form.

This agreement has failed to address the root cause and core issues fueling the crisis in South Sudan.

Following SSOA’s firm stand of not to sign this agreement, this evening Khartoum local time, Sudan Security personnel has resorted to extreme intimidation and armtwisting coercing SSOA members to sign on behalf of their constituent parties.

At this moment some members of SSPM, SSLM, and NAS have been coerced to sign the agreement tomorrow.

SSOA would like to alert the IGAD mediation, the AU, the Troika, UN, USC and the world at large that such mediation of “Peace at all Cost” by the Sudan will not usher a genuine sustainable peace in South Sudan.

Also, we would like to register our official complaint against Sudan mediation and its security personnel interference and intimidation.

To all our members and supporters, we would like to assure you SSOA will continue to stand firm advocating for the interest of people of South Sudan.

We will continue engaging to bring about Just and genuine sustainable peace in South Sudan.

Contact: Kwaje Lasu
+1-336-575-5965 (Direct/WhatsApp)



  1. False Millionnaire says:

    SOSA or $$$$$ Why not tell the truth?!!!

  2. Taban Alimasi says:

    Kwaje Lasu,
    South Sudanese community are waiting to hear from you, why without consideration of your request on governance, SSOA has signed the agreement including NAS. We don’t want to hear any excuse that, we were pressurise to signed, as a movement you are ready to suffer even to die for the cost you stand for. Nelson Mandela has stayed in prison for 27 years and stood firm at the end he emerged victorious.

    Please brief South Sudanese community.

  3. Lokosang says:

    I believe SSOA has made a big mistake when they accepted the invitation to come to Khartoum for the so call peace negotiation and I raised some concerns to some members of SSOA about what may happen in Khartoum. and below are some of my reservations,
    1- The regime in Khartoum is not different to regime in Juba in all human rights violation and atrocities hence it is not fit to be a mediator
    2- The co-agenda was to bridge the gap or the deep misunderstanding between Salfa Kiir and Riek Marchar which means SSOA was not given any consideration as important pillar of any peaceful solution to South Sudan Problem.
    3- The mutual understanding among Museveni, Bashir and Kirr indicates that there has been a hidden agenda among these three dictators particularly Bashir and Museveni. Their objective was to sell out both South Sudan Alliance and Northern Sudan oppositions to exchange for oil. The meeting that was convened in Kampala in which the oppositions were kept out for eight hours and later been briefed about the meeting should have rang a bell to the SSOA members.
    4- Mediators should not be the one making the proposals and force the parties to accept. They should be playing a mediators role o convince the parties to make some concession but not to use intimidation and threat
    5- IGAD is solving a wrong problem which is (a) positions and (b) Riek Machar and Salfa Kiir as the representatives of the two bigger tribes forgetting the real problem that is the system of governance, issues of created 32 states, constitutional reforms, security sector reforms and respect of fundamental international human rights charter.

    In regard to the Khartoum peace agreement, position of NAS is very clear as stated by its chairman and commander in chief general Thomas Cirillo. The question would be to other members of SSOA who claimed to be forced by the regime in Khartoum to ink the agreement therefore would they stick to their signatories or they will refute it when the get out of Khartoum political detention?
    People of South Sudan are waiting to hear their narrative to what made them to signed just in the last minutes.

  4. Gatluak Keah Tut says:

    My friend come to South Sudan. Stop talking in the USA. A real man should come to the ground here in South Sudan and feel the heat of war. You are talking under covered. If you want to continue with the war, come to the frontline so that you can feel the conditions of war. The people here need peace. You cannot fight a war from foreign country. Most of the Oppositions do not have army wing and are not on the ground. They should be lucky that they are given this opportunity to be part of the upcoming government. Where in the world is rebellion without an army wing is given so much share in the government? Dr. Riek is not a leader. He cannot express himself. He is not public speaker. Look, he was not able to talk to the people of South Sudan yesterday. Salva Kiir gave a better speech than him. He did not recall the continuing suffering of the people of South Sudan in the refugee camps and in the IDP camps. It is time for peace. I’m not a Dinka. I’m Nuer. But, that is my view.

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Mr. Gatluak Keah Tut,
      No one is for war, we all need peace but a sincere peace where issues of conflict are deliberated and compromise reach is for the betterment of the nation, not for corrupted individuals who have no national vision. I do understand none of those who have signed the current peace agreement are actually rebels, but some dismissed leaders of SPLM, who turn rebel because they lost their position in government. Therefore, when given opportunity to regain their position they would take it with both hand and this is what had happened and such agreement is recipe for war , as many power hungry may use the same channel to obtain position. Remember those outside the country are not against peace, but against undefined agreement awarding the individual political party with position and the excessive number of state that are not economically viable. Please tell me where in history a country of ten million people with five vice presidents and 550 members of parliament. Uganda the mentor of South Sudan, have a population of nearly 41 million doesn’t have a single vice president and only 429 members of parliament, this implies the so-call friends of South Sudan are treating South Sudan leaders as power hungry.

    • Bismark says:

      Mr Gatluak,

      Your position is clear and as a Nuer I believe your community should have been the last people to accept Kiir,s peace that is entirely based mostly on his terms. You lost people innocently in Juba and elsewhere in the country for nothing other than being what you are. This catastrophe was caused because Riek and others wanted reforms that would move the country forward and at the same time ensure security of the common man. Those were noble political ideas that any peace loving fellow an easily fall in love with. A peace agreement was then signed in 2015, what happened then? Fellow Nuer wrecked the peace boat for political positions through violence in an attempt to assassinate Riek. God forbid he saved Riek’s life because he is innocent together with those killed because of their identity. Now things have changed because Riek was subjected to humiliating, inhuman, disrespectful position by confining him in prison like conditions and denying him to go home freely. Definitely Riek had no options other than accepting Kiir’s peace designed by hawks that are hunging in the sky in wait for monetary carcass that Kiir is preparing for them on the job well done. His condition is understood. It would have been different if he was in any part of South Sudan. Machar’s acceptance of this past peace agreement is either a surrender or a sell out of his compatriots and the souls of departed matyrs to his foes and not for the interest of his fellow countrymen. We should note that not all peace is good. It could be worse than war. So peace based on the interests of people is the way to go. Peace built on foundation of defeat is uncalled for peace. That is bad peace because the reasons for was not answered. Weak peace will pave way for making bad government legitimate because it will have the power to form biased commissions for election and constitution respectively to make corrupt decisions in their duties plunging the country back to catastrophic wars.So fellow Nuer however much you praise your rival enemies you will always be in close watch simply because you are hated. So do not think things are over because of Kiir and Machar peace. Peace must come from within the hearts and not sham peace that serves the interests of neighbouring countries. Peace must be initiated and owned by all the people of South Sudan after those who wronged the population apologises to the people.

    • Deng Hanbol says:

      You are a rubbish traitor. Shame on you ya Nuer wew.

  5. Tututa says:

    With your concept of tribalism, participant here don’t identify themselves by ethnicity, but expressing their view as concern citizen of South Sudan.
    If you are still thinking tribal line and living in history, I am sorry, we are here to construct new vision for New South Sudan where our national identify would be South Sudan and our diversity is our strength.

  6. Lokosang says:

    Galuak I feel sorry for you and I pity you because you seem to be innocent. Is the position of the first vice president the price for the innocent Nuer who were butchered in and around Juba by Salfa Kiir in 2013?
    If you believe the Khartoum fiasco is a real peace deal, wait let Riek Machar and his innocent followers like you go to Juba and see if the peace you talked of will materialise. Any conscious person would know that peace does not belong to people of South Sudan but it is a sale out. Salfa Kiir has sold the oil fields territories, Abeyei area, mile 14 to Beshir and Riek and Taban have sold the blood of innocent Nuer because of the position of FV. Mark my words and see what is going to happen in the near future.

    To my brother Taban you missed a point. You should know that Changson does not represent NAS. SSOA represent different political groups who have agreed on a common position for peaceful negotiation and their decision should be taken by consensus. This means Changson signatory without approval of other parties is void. Also you should have known that General Thomas has already sacked 6 generals because they have tempered with position of NAS and have betrayed people’s cause so don’t doubt NAS.If you have been following social media you would have got a clear position of NAS from its chairman. What is happening is just a propaganda from the regime in Juba and those who have signed the agreement because of positions.

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Bro Lokosang, you may be right, but the formation of SSOA by various political parties to make decision by consensus was a very big mistake from set go. Politics don’t operate in consensus, majority rule in political organisation, the idea that SSOA would function in consensus was a joke and this should be expected outcome.

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