LATEST- Ombachi captured & SPLM-IO advances to Yei Town: Spokesman

Press Statement

Today on Wednesday, 7th December 2016 at 4PM, our revolutionary forces captured Ombachi from the government forces, at an operation that killed dozens of the Government forces.

We have captured 4 RPGs, 6 PKM and 15 AK47 with rounds of ammunitions including 1 armed vehicle.

Our luminous forces of SPLA IO are advancing toward Yei from all directions, and we would like to call on all civilian populations including humanitarian aid workers in Yei to vacate within days.


Brigadier General John Sunday Martin

Lasu, Yei River, captured & under full control of SPLM/O-IO

SPLA/IO would like to inform the general public that it’s in full control of Lasu or Lonbongo in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State and might fighters are still maintaining their position in town; SPLA/IO forces have been resisting the government forces for the whole day since morning, fighting back the government after several attempts to retake the town. The aerial bombardment by helicopter gunships and infantry reinforcement have been coming in from different directions but our forces resist it and remain in full control of area despite several attempts by government.

The SPLA/IO forces will be on their expedition to the next target when they are done with organization and search in the town. The fierce battle lasted for 45 minutes which cost great loses on Government forces where as the revolutionary forces captured great number of arms and ammunition including armed vehicle mounted on with heavy artillery, two 14.5, and one Zu-23.2.The mighty SPLA/IO forces killed 16 government soldiers. The defeated Government forces were spotted, crossing into DRC at Aba territory.

Thank you
Col.William Gatjiath Deng
spokesperson, SPLA/IO, Office of spokesperson, SPLA in Opposition, PAGAK GHQS
Tel: +251 929484417 / E-mail: /


    The brilliant force of SPLA- IO this morning, 4th December is in full control of Lasu \ Lonbongo in Yei River State.

The 45 minutes battle cost great loses on Government forces where as the revolutionary forces captured great number of arms and ammunitions including armed vehicle and killed at least 16 government soldiers.

The defeated Government force crossed into DRC who are now under protection of Congolese Army in Aba territory.

In another separate battle field on 2rd, December; our forces defeated government forces near Korogulu in Yei River State when the convoy of the government forces left Yei on 7 vehicles taking reinforcements to their surrounded comrades in Lasu/Lonbongo, and the revolutionary force are in full control of Korogulu, 7kms away from Yei

The revolutionary forces captured 2 vehicles with arms and ammunitions, including 3 government forces as Prisoner of War whereas 2 are Congolese national, fighting alongside the government forces since 2013


Brigadier General John Sunday Martin


  1. kondokoro says:

    Sunday the General
    Which military college or how long did it took you to become a general?
    To be a General requires you accumulate alot of displine so that you can command the batalion but promotted just in the bush for tribal purposes will not creat displine look at Banga soro he was promoted to filled the gap of equatorians who were less in SPLA during garang time He is still not a displine man today infact he destroyed western equatoria by imflamable language which let him into exile
    So talking of capturing cities in the boder which didnt exist is a false claim which will not meet any good but distruction
    Lies like capturing Lasu capturing Commissioner of Kejikeji killing of soldiers is a false propaganda even in liberation time SPLA didnt lie they always tell the truth
    So you sunday and the 200 false self promotted Generals by riak join Taban and you might have some of those stars

  2. mading says:

    Kondokoro. These rebels like to write something sound good to make them feel good that is all.

    • Roberto says:


      I was talking to some cousins in Congolese Military Intelligence they have detained some of your tribal militiamen who cowardly abandoned their positions and crossed into Aba in Congo. Your kinsmen will be taught lessons while at the hands of Congolese Military.

      Roberto Kosongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  3. Roberto says:

    Mbote John Sunday

    You and the rest of the freedom fighters are doing great job. You keep up the good work. Your sacrifices will not go in vain. The enemy is underestimating the will of the people. It is matter of time before we deal them their own medicines.

    Roberto Kosongo

  4. Bismark says:

    Sango nini Bana Equatoria,

    Oyo azi mossala monene !!. Liberation from Dinka colonialism is a must for every able equatorian. Too much has been done to humiliate, hurt and even murder the same people. Now is the time to spell to them their word.

    • Roberto says:

      Mbote Bismark

      Sango Malamu. Kiir ayoki lokota ya moto te. Ayoki lokota ya bondoki. Topesa ye bondoki. We ( equatorian ) must fight for our God given rights. No one is going to give us anything. We must claim what is ours.

      Roberto Kosongo ( Bana Equatoria )

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