Land grabbing blamed for ethnic tensions in South Sudan– Latest


Rampant land grabbing is fuelling ethnic strife in South Sudan’s Equatoria State, an official has said.

The National Land Commission Coordinator, Mr Butrus Apollo, said in Juba Tuesday that the situation could turn tragic if not addressed.

Mr Apollo said some disgruntled politicians were using the land grabbing issue to foment turmoil as they pursued their personal interests.

He noted the the matter was difficult to address without a policy or clear laws on the roles of the various land institutions in place.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have a land policy in place….that is the major reason. In 2009, a Land Act was passed into law, but it is not enough,” he said.

The South Sudan transitional constitution provides that land belongs to the people, but the government remains the custodian.

Mr Apollo disclosed that the national land agency had received at least six cases this year alone, while many others ended up in the courts.

After the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (2005), Juba experienced unprecedented population growth, accompanied by expansion and proliferation of informal settlements, characterised by numerous land disputes.

The disputes at times erupted into violence, according to the Norwegian Peoples Aid 2011 report on land grabbing.

An independent analyst, Mr David De Dau, said the land grabbing claims in Equatoria had taken a more political than socio-economic dimension.

He accused the leaders from the region of being holders of two passports, a situation that put to question their loyalty to the war-torn South Sudan.

“The fact that majority of Equatorians are double passport holders, has divided their loyalty, and a divided loyalty may mean less of patriotism and nationalism in most cases,” he said.


  1. marie says:

    Let this Mr David De Dau ask his parents where he was born and they would tell him his ancestral land and the land of other tribes in then Southern Sudan. What does he mean by Equatoria as two passport holders. Yes there are people who are double passport holders following the war but they are South Sudanese. He can he point fingers to Equatorians only as double passport holders when you have all of the JCE as double passport holders. Ambrose Riing holding British passport, his two children still in London, Aldo Ajo, Bona Malual all British. Martin Majuet in the liberation council Canadian, Joseph Malok the deputy UN representative Canadian, Wek Mamer, Canadian, Awan Deng, Canadian, etc. This are the prominent and the small ones all over the ministries. Some migrated from Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda or Egypt. We all know them by name and they are running the country and now you are turning to Equatorians as double passport holders. Please let us not expose your dirty laundry.

  2. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear: Participant Member Debator Marie

    Thanks to you very much with your well done comment! Sincere killing Lying! Back to you to the audience in the forum South Sudan Nation(SSN)Discussion Board.There is nothing so called Land Grabbing at this point!All South Sudanese fellow natives,they knew all their homelands birthplaces that have been belonged to them ever since then in centuries in BC. The lands belongs to the owners the natives by themselves alone!

    For people,non-natives,they must show a well respect to the natives in both good behaviours and manners!But without going to use a force as right thing to do in the beginning!It will produce both good effects and bad effects altogether! There is nothing like that! People in the South Sudan,go anywhere in the South Sudan to build their dwelling without telling the owners the natives that are always belong in the fatherlands of the acncestors prehistoric!never and ever!
    Take care!




  3. False Millionaire says:

    Chere Marie,
    U shouldn’t have stopped your comments at the extence of an arm’s length.
    Equatorians or not,the double passport holding south sudanese working in whatever capacity in RSS’ government are those who have terribly failed to make their living by war of professional efforts in diaspora.But dreaming bigger,they jumped into RSS’ vanwagon becouse that’s where they can steal to be able to finance such projects as homes each in the corresponding country that gave him the foreign passport.Tell me if u know any one of them who has advanced an RSS’ good cause if I am wrong.
    Secondly,apart from Garang who was a university lecturer who could have made his living teaching abroad,the rest of the elites who joined the SPLM/A were running away from poverty in the context of calculations to assume high places in the movement that would permit them to gain access to loot and be able to live decent levels of living.
    Think how the RSS’ oil money got looted within a span of a very short period and u may never miss to conclude that,either Riek, Kiir, Pagan, Wani or any SPLA/M elite on earth, It’s a big mistake to count on them to uphold the cause of justice.That’s another side of the coin Mr De Dau has chosen to ignore.
    So double passport holder or simply an SPLM/A elite, Equatorian or not, every one of them represents a predator and illegal land selling commerce is part of the means to make money.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      False millionaire,
      For once, many of your antagonists and critics are going to give you plenty of kudos for being so frank and truthful in the above response to Marie.
      In short, you are boldly reasserting that the SPLM/A Movement was malevolently hijacked by crooks who exploited it for their own benefit. Truthfully, this is the saddest and sorrowful outcome that has subsequently been manifested in Juba by those you mentioned above.
      That is what the recent Sentry Report has also boldly exposed…… that the entire SPLM leadership is just a rotten lot.
      Every tribe is equally suffering from this SPLM/A monstrosity.
      So, brother, how about supporting the latest call of placing South Sudan under combined UN-US mandate for ten years?

  4. False Millionaire and All forum members,
    The bad laws are to blame for what is happening in the light of the so-called land grabbing. At this moment, the parliament was to blame for running out of agender in several schedules due to lack of agenda. There is land law, that in abstract states land and its ownerrship but there is no law of acquisition of land. The Land Acquisition Act, 1925, is being used partly to alloacate land to few individuals (political heavy weights) and foreigners and the rest of provisions were left dormnant. Juba and other towns are poorly plannned, with Juba for example having one road and extension impossible due to limit and and conflict of jursidictions, where state governments do not know where their powers end and the national government take on. We will organize Equatoria towns as soon as squaters are thrown out.

  5. False Millionaire says:

    It’s best to project the light on the conceptual structure of what RSS would become after it should have been administered,”under a combined UN-US mandate for ten years,”as u suggest.
    Admitting being disappointed with the course of events in RSS,it isn’t unwise to consider what has become of our fellow african states once administered under UN trusteeships like Sira leon,Liberia and Somalia.If such experiences haven’t lead those states to peace and prosperity,there aren’t good reasons to conclude that the case of RSS would be different.
    But that’s only on side of the argument.
    Immagining any future under the government of SPLM/A elites,be it in Juba as of today or in the opposition,is as irresponable as trusting a crocodile with one’s sacred goat.So both SPLM/A’s administration and a UN’s trusteeship are two faces of the same coin.One as the other or the other as the one would lead to collapse and fragmentaion.I am not a partisant to such a scenario and that’s why I am disposd to argue differently.

    The US and the Great Britain were well behind RSS’ independence.If they weren’t behind the events of 2013,they are actors to the compromised peace agreement that failed following the events of the J1.
    It’s the US and GB who are vocal today showing concern about an impending genocide and the need to put RSS under a UN’s trusteeship as a way to averting it.
    Personally I don’t disagree with them so much.But that being one part to the bad solution as in the precedent lines of the argument,they are missing the point.
    For me the best solution,the US and GB should put RSS under their pure administration for a period of 100 years.
    That length of time will be sufficiant to permit them to transform it socially and economically into an african Hong Kong before setting it free as an independent state which elites would be prepared to govern it better than now or after ten years of a UN-US mandate.

  6. Chief Abiko! says:

    To: False Millionaire

    Your suggestion for both US and GB to take South Sudan Republic under their administration for a period of 100 years,is not good totally! To me, NO AND NEVER!!!!!



    • Eastern says:

      You are lost in the American welfare Social Welfare card that grands you a meal every other day; otherwise you will face the fame in Torit 1997-1999. Stay away from this constructive arguments. Dinkas are killers!!!!!

  7. mading says:

    Editor.Shame on you with your mother UN, our RoSS will never be given to UN.

  8. Steve John says:

    David De Dau is doing a low-grade analysis and exposing his “academic nudity”. He is simply expounding that mad jaang drive to grab lands in Equatoria, as if these were some war booty devoid of indigenous owners. It also shows that jaang vagrancy and innate drive to wonder relentlessly without having a place to call home characterisitic of of old stone age fruit gatherers and hunters, that has now evolved into nomadism.
    Such “squatting” and “vagrancy” is known to influence one´s sense of nationalism. as has been often observed by jaangs. Nationalism is the love for your home, your identity, your ancestry. Equatorians are strongly tied to their ancestral lands, places where their forefatfers/foremothers were buried. Honestly, why would a jaang want to settle in e.g. Bariland, Azandeland, Otuholand, Fajululand, Madiland etc. where his ancestors were not buried at all? Two things are evident: search for food and security which jaangland is unable to provide. even with the billions stolen by jaangs, it has NOT brought any material gains to those back in jaangland, rather those benydits/bandits/misfits have loved to live lavishly in Equatoria or buying huge mansions in Kenya, Uganda, Australia etc.
    With the 28 states, Kiir is telling his fellow jaangs to go back home and develop their luaks. But this is completely useless, since he Kiir has not lived by example. He has grabbed lands in Luri (Bariland), in and around Logoberu (Yei) etc. The owners are still alive and will get these grabbed lands back without compensation.

  9. mading says:

    Steve John. Do you think that all Jaang have moved to Equaotria? Go to Jaang land you will find many people there, also what is wrong with Jaang settling in Equatoria ? and it is part of South Sudan, you people are making noises now about your land, but when war was being fought with arabs many Jaang died there, and you never say anything, but after peace it is your Equatoria now,Jaang will live there as long it is part of So Sudan and there is nothing you can do Steve. If it is because of food or security no Jaang will runs to Equatoria, we have a lot of food in Dinka land, and forget about security no Jaang will seek protection from you cowards who killed Dinka children and women on the roads.

  10. Mading,
    All Jienge land is deserted. You get confused when you move to Sherkat or Jebel Nyoka, Hai Referendum, etc and Juba Nabari. The blind, lame and name them are all here. Some could confortably live in their areas if there was peace. Briefly, the Bor Dinka are afraid of Nuer and Murle in Upper Nile and that is the main reason why they moved to Nimule, Yei, Torit, Yambio, Kapoeta etc for that fear. On the other hand, the Bahr el Ghazal are here to benefit at short range the State resources that they Government gives out. In other words, they came here for two reasons, for elderly and illiterate youth exchanging dollars; first reason is to beg from Salva Kiir’s top officials such as Bank Governnor, Finance Minister financial assistance etc as long as Kiir is in control of the Country’s resources and the youth are here to defend that corrupt system. Simple as that.

  11. Steve John says:

    I understand your bitterness that Equatorians just hate to have you around us. The bogus claims “jaangs died in Equatoria and so we jaangs have that right to live in Equatoria” is bullshit. You suggest that the 21yr liberation was fought by jaangs in Equatoria , while the Equatorians passively looked on. Implicitly, you also suggest that no battles were fought in jaangland, either as there was no strategic significance or there was just no resistance at all. After all, hordes of jaangs had run away as “lost boys” to Kakuma, others ended up as beggars and street thugs in Khartoum.
    The Jaang argument that “we liberated the South” is bogus and trying to reap where you did not sow. Tell us any single battles ever fought in jaanglang. None. Even then, jaangs would be more keen to now rehabilitate their shattered lives and countryside. On the contrary, jaangs are incapable and unable to administer their own states and are desperately hanging onto Equatoria for food and security. Equatoria has given the jaangs a sense of human value, without which they could be living like savages. That is the best description of the current 14 out of 28 jaang states in South Sudan.

  12. mading says:

    Steve John. I am not bitter, I am just telling the truth about our situation in South Sudan, the problem is that everybody just throws everything on the webs to proof he or she knows English or Arabic, but if we have to down and have face to face debate about things you Equatorians complains about, many of you will end up not saying anything. Because we will be talking about places and towns that our brothers Equatorians like you are denying their services nowadays have died. Those jaang lost boys or red army as they are known in our then movement, many of them fought and died in what you called your Equatoria now. like said we live there as long your land is part of our country.

  13. Bismark says:

    Mading, the fact is your boys were not invited to fight for Equatorians. War pressure pushed them to Equatorian lands where they were accommodated and treated as fellow Southerners but what did Equatorians get in return. Creation of Bor Jedid, Jebel Dinka, and chukudum massacre and many others .

  14. Mading,
    What makes our land attractive is peacefulness and beauty of mountains. Most of your running away from muddy towns in raininy seasons and dusty extremely coldd weather in winter. But you have destroyed your sanctuary-Equatoria by thinking that you will own this place and leave your land back home vacant and unutilized. What a shame!!!!!

  15. mading says:

    Thamur D. What part of Dinka land you went that you found to been deserted? all you are doing is liar liar.

  16. mading says:

    Bismark. If what you say is right that Dinka Bor name aplace new Bor in Equatoria, that is not acceptable for some body to get well come and turned a round do that, that is not right for Dinka Bor to do that, if that is true. I am in total disagreement with them and I am a Dinka.

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