Lam Akol resigns from Kiir’s South Sudan govt, says Peace Deal is Over

AUG/01/2016, RadioTamazuj & other sources, SSN;

Dr Lam Akol Ajawin, Minister of Agriculture and Food Security in the South Sudanese cabinet, has resigned his position saying that “there is no more peace agreement to implement in Juba.”

Lam was one of two members of the non-armed opposition parties to be appointed to ministerial positions in the Transitional Government of National Unity under the terms of the peace deal signed last August.

The ‘unity’ government is showing more signs of fractures with the departure of SPLM-IO Chairman Riek Machar from Juba with several other officials and now Lam Akol’s resignation.

The National Alliance chairman in his resignation statement blamed President Salva Kiir for dealing a “final blow” to the peace deal by his actions since the first week of July “culminating in the military attack on the First Vice President, dislodging him from Juba and invoking his absence to fill his position with a person of his choice in the name of SPLM-IO.”

“One cannot with a clear conscience serve under such a regime,” the minister wrote.

Lam cited other violations of the peace deal including the creation of 28 states, delays in forming the transitional assembly, obstructions of ceasefire monitors, and “ethnic-oriented killings in Rajaa, Wau and other ares in Equatoria, [and] refusing to lift the state of emergency.”

The outgoing agriculture minister condemned and mocked the president’s decision to replace Machar with his top lieutenant Taban Deng as first vice president, calling Taban Deng a ‘poodle.’

Lam pointed to the violence last month in Juba as marking the end of the security arrangements of the peace deal. “History teaches us that whenever the security arrangements of any peace agreement collapse the whole agreement collapses,” he said.

The minister has also resigned his position within the non-armed opposition National Alliance and the Democratic Change party, saying that there is “no free political space in Juba.”

Lam Akol, who never endorsed the use of violence during the 2014-2015 period of the civil war, now hints at the possibility of joining the armed opposition, though in his statement he did not specifically say he would do so. He disclosed, “We are consulting with like-minded compatriots so as to build a broad national front to lead our relentless effort to save our country… The people of South Sudan will not sand more of a callous, totalitarian and ethnio-centric regime that seems to thrive on the suffering of its own people.”

Sources confirmed to Radio Tamazuj prior to Lam’s departure that opposition groups are organizing to form a new coalition to battle the Kiir government after the breakup of the SPLM/SPLM-IO government, though the details of these efforts are yet to be reported.

In Juba, meanwhile, Kornilo Kon, the head of the National Alliancein Juba, confirmed to Radio Tamazuj that his former boss Dr. Lam Akol submitted his resignation on Monday to the party members after consultation.

He said that the party members have accepted his resignation and appointed immediately a new leader. Meanwhile, they plan tomorrow to nominate someone from their ranks to replace Lam in the cabinet as agriculture minister.

In the latest developments, forces loyal to embattled South Sudan first vice-president Riek Machar on Sunday warned they would attack Juba if a third force is not deployed in South Sudan.

“We are waiting for orders from the commander-in-chief to give orders and we move on Juba,” said James Gadet, Machar’s spokesman.

He said fighting was going on in the northwest of Juba and also claimed that the opposition (SPLA-IO) had captured a military bases in Katigir.

Gadet also said government forces loyal to President Salva Kiir had carried out aerial bombardments of their bases in Lanya County but the ground attacks had been repulsed.

He also added that in the past one week, their forces had captured 21 military trucks from government soldiers.

Meanwhile, guarantors of the South Sudanese peace deal, which include East African nations, China and Western powers, met in Khartoum on Sunday to discuss the situation of the transitional government after the July violence and the removal of Machar.

Festus Mogae, Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission Chairman, urged the guarantors to “do everything… to prevent a relapse into full-scale war and salvage the Agreement.”

But Lam Akol called the guarantors “impotent” to ensure that Kiir respected the agreement, “a situation that emboldened him more to dishonour the agreement.”

“The agreement was the only hope to save our country from the abyss. Yet, Kiir has opted to leap into the dark. This is the worst nightmare for the people of South Sudan,” said the former minister.


  1. Eli says:

    Bravo Dr Lam Akol;
    My congratulatory message to your bolt stance against the brutalities and Bullying behaviours of the South Sudan’s tribal government aka SPLA -IG.

    SPLA IG is too deformed to be reformed.

    We in the opposition call upon all our beloved citizens to shunt and cut every ties with the Dinka dominated tribal government and we urge all of you to join with us to bring to an end this madness in our beloved Country South Sudan.

    To see great and wise leaders like Dr. Lam quitting this regime is a big gain for us in the United Opposition Groups of South Sudan and a big blow to SPLA IG.
    I agree with one commenter on

    “You have a clear conscience and you have political sanity. Now let the monkeys and devils go ahead. You should now work hard to have Kiir and his men indicted to the ICC, that there is travel ban, no donor money, no international support, they must be isolated and any of them MUST be arrested once they get out of Juba for committing serious human rights (rape, kiling, etc.”

    We hereby encourage and urge you the brave people of South Sudan to do the same like Dr. Lam and join us in any form and let our voices be heard loud and clear.

    Long Live Freedom Fighters
    Long Live South Sudanese People
    Long Live IO
    Long Live SS United Opposition Groups

    Eli Wani is the Chairman of SSLNF

  2. Toria says:

    Dear Country people
    Those who are still supporting Salva Kirr need to quit like Dr. Lam Akol. Don’t sink with the ship and stop wasting time supporting this dictator. Please a moment to listen to this advise below.

  3. Akic Adwok says:

    Congratulation to Dr Lam, and well done for a wise decision there is a time for everything and your decision has come in the right time, I really delighted In fact Salva Kiir and his Jieng council will never respect any agreement and can offer only killing and corruption, and anti-peace and development, and we cannot be surprised for their behaviours because it’s in their DNA, in other word it’s their culture to behaviours like that, since day one they took the office of president. Therefore it is a time now to confront this destructive and sinful regime in our country. May God bless you and struggle continues.
    Akic Adwok

    • johnjerry says:

      Dr.Lam Akol is the head of the opposition Allied Party of South Sudan. He made the right decision as the TGONU is dead and not functioning as agreed in the August Agreement of 2015.For those who understand the real meaning of politics should agree with him as he is there to check on the government as the main opposition party.People want and need peace leave alone those hardliners the like of JCE and Paul Malong who only want fame and destroy the country.There is a place for every,and everything in its place.It is only time that will tell.Leaders have come and gone.God knows what he has in store for South Sudan.

  4. False Millionaire says:

    Lam is as much a satan of doom as Kiir and Riek.No one should forget his betrayal of the SPLM/A under Garang when he teamed up with Riek and Dr Nyaba in 1991.
    In fact he has nothing better to offer to RSS than death and destruction.He’s only bound to be useful to Omer Albashir to distablize RSS and to the desperate Cia who are losing Dr Riek and he will be obliged to use shilluk masses as fire woods.Big shit!!!

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      What Dr Lam Akol sees while seated is what Kiir cannot see even if he climbs on top of Jebel Kujur!

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:


        “What Dr. Lam Akol sees while seated is what Kiir cannot see even if he climbs on top of Jebel Kujur!” This is an excellence sentence, Mr. Eastern. What Dr. Akol sees with his naked eyes, Kiir cannot see it and will never see it even if you double his eye glasses. Kiir is the smartest person among all living Dinka, but he is the most foolish,, criminal, power hungry and the extreme tribal president in the eye of all South Sudanese and the most goofy leader in the face of the world. As long as Kiir is alive, peace will never ever prevail in the South Sudan’s territories.

  5. mindra says:

    it’s right decision.the five points u presented in Ur resignation is very crucial.they’re core to the principles of democey.

  6. Abel Magok says:

    It was a mistake in first place for president Kiir to appoint Dr. Lam Akol as minister, there was no reason for it at all. Lam is a Satan as False Millionaire put it. Apart from his 1991 betrayal, he was used to maximum by government of Al Bashir and strangely Dr. Lam was against referendum of South Sudan. He resigned because of his wrong calculations, he thinks International community is working for regime change and he could be a Karazai of South Sudan.

  7. bismark says:

    A principled leader always act like that. People come first and their welfare is paramount thing a leader should guard. He is a leader who acknowledges that he is a servant of the people.

  8. To: Abel Magok

    President Kirr,he did his best.He appointed Dr.Lam Akol Ajawain,as a minister,for the benefit of peace in the country after all bear in your head! But he, Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin,found out the peace talk agreement,he president Salva Kirr, had signed with Dr.Riak Machar,in opposition,on August 18,and August 25, 2015,has become MEANINGLESS ALTOGETHER! He resigned due to the lack of FUNCTIONING GOVERNMENT IN THE TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT OF NATIONAL UNITY(GONU)

    Referendum isue:He Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin,he was not refused the referendum.You might have taken him in your wrong thought and your wrong opinions ebbed to you in your mind! The people,those who have brought the referendum in the South Sudan,they are now overjoying SELF DESTRUCTION in the South Sudanese themselves!They killed all the peaces agreements that were signed in Sudan such as Abuja One, Abuja Two, Eastern Sudan,Doha in Qatar. They shattered Sudan into many pieces!!! The South Sudan Republic in the government, will never and ever enjoy the REFERENDUM totally in front of God! The Southerners people,will enjoy themselves If South reunite in old SUDAN!

    I for one,by myself,I was not consent with idea of REFERENDUM TOTALLY UNTIL IN THIS DAY!!!

    Jackson County, MO.USA

  9. mading says:

    Abiko call Sudanese in Sudan and ask them how they are doing under your master Omer Bashire , they will tell you a lot of sad story, let us fix our own problems and we will be happy once and for all, instead of looking back to old Sudan.

  10. Abel Magok says:

    Chief Abiko Akuranyang,

    Does Dr. Lam and Dr. Machar know peace, they are power-hungry since the bush,1991 betrayal. They don’t care about people dying as long as they are surviving. I do not have personal things with Dr. Lam to frame wrong opinion on him, I hear him talking about referendum when he was a foreign minister in Sudan government, he was clearly against referendum. The destruction in South Sudan you are talking is cause by the same Militias who have been with Al Bashir during struggle and lead by Dr. Riek. South Sudan will have no peace with these Militias since they kill people and government appease them with big positions in the country.

    • Eastern says:

      It’s sad that this phrase “power hungry blah, blah,….” is now being used by those who ostensibly have an idea what it means and those who are real green horns. The events of 1991 shouldn’t be used to justify the current poor leadership skills in Kiir and cohorts. Dr Garang (RIP) may have taken the leadership of the movement from Kerubino Kwanyin Bol, but that doesn’t make him the author of sound ideas! For instance, his quest for one united New Sudan failed and the idea of self determination initially championed by the two Drs Lam and Machar has resulted into South Sudan, which SPLA “midwife” Kiir is now raping in broad day light. Abel Magok, why do you people want to rewrite very recent history all the time in Dinka favour? What’s wrong with you?

      Actually with the grand folly of “true SPLA/M” at display, both Drs Lam and Riek were and are still correct in the quest of realising a viable and stable South Sudan.

  11. To: Mading:

    It will never make any different at all between South and Sudan.Both sad stories,they are in Juba and Khartoum! Kirr,is butchering people at home in the South.The same with Omer El Beshir.he is butchering at his place in Khartoum!

    Very funny! You said let us fix our own problems and we will happy once and for all instead looking back to old Sudan.
    The Southerners are returning in the old Sudan in the north in Khartoum in central in north in Khartoum. Who have caused for their returning in Khartoum in the South Sudan is because PRESIDENT KIIR THE CAUSER! They are now enjoying a peace of mind altogether! Thank you! REUNITY IS A BEST SOLUTION FOR SUDAN GOVERNMENT IN JUBA! NO GOOD PEACE IN THE SOUTH SUDAN to the South Sudanese people! GOSSIP, JEALOUSY, TRIBAL BIGOTRY, INTOLERANCE,THEY WILL NEVER BUILD THE SOUTH SUDAN COUNTRY TOTALLY!!!!

    Jackson County, MO.USA

  12. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    Chief Abiko,

    Khartoum”s leadership is five times better than Juba’s leadership and President Omer Bashir is ten times smarter and fairer than Kiir.

  13. Abel Magok says:


    Your opinion of self determination initially championed by the two Drs Lam and Machar has resulted into South Sudan, is ridicules . Can you explain how these two Drs achieve self determination of South Sudan you are talking? Is it enough to say I want self determination then surrender to Al Bashir? Can you tell me the results of 1997 agreement between these two Drs Lam and Machar with Al Bahir? was it implemented? why they ran away in Khartoum coming back to the SPLA/m? I don’t know what recent history you are talking about, is stabbing from behind Dr. Lam and Machar did in 1991-1997 turned to be a good history?
    The idea of New Sudan that brought independence of South Sudan was a much more sophisticated slogan difficult for most to understand and could be more complicated for tribal minded people carrying hatred to Dinka. Leave alone people like Eastern, even two Drs Lam and Machar couldn’t take simple message from Garang, saying if you want South Sudan, let us all fight the enemy in Khartoum, and if we reached where you think is a border of South Sudan with the North, remain there and I will not ask you to go to Khartoum with me.
    Anyanya one fought for independence of South Sudan and they couldn’t get it, why, North Sudan was supported by the whole Arabs and Muslims world while South does not have such support from African countries. Garang manages to deal with such equation and was not easy for most to understand.
    To have peace in South Sudan or talk about who should lead us, the issue of Al Bashir’s former militias two Drs Lam and Machar has to come to an end first.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Abel Magok,
      As a politician, you should understand the prevailing factors of the different times of the two liberation wars, the Anya-Nya of Lagu and the SPLM/A of Garang.
      By all analysis, Gen. Joseph Lagu achieved the liberation as dictated at that time of history. Africa and the world at large, including the African Union, then known as the OAU, could not countenance the idea of separating the Sudan and creating a new country in South Sudan. At that time, most African leaders were first presidents of their respective countries which has just been freed from colonial countries.
      Also, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, the greatest supporter of the Anya Nya was against separation since Ethiopia was threatened by the liberation war in Eritrea.
      The SPLM war came and progressed to a time when the world was already accepting the idea of divisibility of countries, in Europe with the breakup of Yugoslavia and in Africa, the independence of Eritrea.
      So, please, just debunk the idea of John Garang’s miracle in the achievement of South Sudan independence, especially if you are fully aware of the fact that US president George Bush literally bribed Sudan El Bashir with billions of dollars to let South Sudan go…. not really free!
      Just be reminded also that when a true history of the liberation is written, Garang would possibly be classified as a mass murderer, a genocidaire, for allowing the killings of millions…. yes, millions of Sudanese.
      Incidentally, just look at the present times, president Kiir has already attained the worst record as a mass murderer. Just don’t blow your horn too loudly…

    • Eastern says:

      Abel Magok,

      There you go again! Why do you people really want to continue trying fooling people all time? There wasn’t any sophistication in Dr Garang’s ideology of the illusiory New Sudan. Garang wanted to achieve one United Sudan where all people will live in harmony. Dr Garang was never seeking the support of the Nuba and the Ingesna people just to curve out South Sudan from the Sudan. Try another lie!

      Forget about the dead Khartoum Peace Agreement; it died at infancy just like Kiir is now trying to do the same for the ARCISS.

      What pushed Al Bashir to the negotiation table was not the military pressure from the battle fronts as some naive fellows may want to believe but it was the pressure from the Bush’s administration in the US. Following the 9/11 terrorist attack since the US, the Washington administration turned the heat on Afghanistant to smoke out Osama Bin Ladan. Sudan been a previous host to fugitive Islamist was jittery lest the US also turns its anger on it; it had to yield to US pressure to negotiate with the SPLM. If it wa not for those circumstances, the SPLA would still be in the bushes of southern Sudan waging war of attrition or the movement would have been sent into obvilion altogether! Just for your information, look at what is happening to SPLM-North of Malik Agar.

  14. Gatdarwich says:

    Highly laudatory resignation Dr. Lam. Anyone serving the kleplocratic regime of killer nyankiir has absolutely no nationalistic standard full stop
    Peace, and may Almighty Ngundeng bless you abundantly.

  15. mading says:

    Abiko we will build South Sudan no matter what, weak hearts like you used to tell Arabs during our war with them that it was Dinkas is war, that is why people are dying in Sudan. Now it is the same who calling themselves Eastern. may be were not a round in Sudan at that time when your two Drs.Riek and Lam turned themselves to Omar Bashire of Sudan on pretended of peace from with in, got it? do not give them other people is credits. they came back to Splm when CPA was about to be sign.

  16. Dear Mr.Mading:

    I am laughing at you! You ignorant person!! You still eating Arab onions,oil, dates, semsem(Tahania) in the north.You still talking Arabic language everyday!

    My dear,the South Sudan Independence,it did not come from Dr.John Garang De Mabior himself!

    You said, we will build the South Sudan! Very funny! How many years? The South Sudan government,was beginning in GOSS. Before the South Sudan Independence on July9, 2011. Right now, the whole South Sudan,has not yet been build! Where are the highways in the South Sudan in the country???? Where are the hospitals,schools,universities, health communities centers,sanitation systems,electricity. And many more unsay!

    Juba, the national capital,is now looking filthy altogether! People are dying in both medicines,food,and housing! You build South Sudan in bloods which is based on POLITICAL SELF DESTRUCTIONS!!! Thank you. I am watching with your build in the South Sudan Republic! Good luck!

    Sincere KILLING LYING!!!!

    Jackson County, MO.USA

  17. Southdan says:

    False Millionaire, let’s forget the past and move on with future. Nineteen Ninety one 1991 incident which kept reciting wasn’t Doctor Reik Machar, or Dr Lam Akol making, it was Dr John Garang dictatorship and his quest for communism. Please note, he who adheres for past he is a slave. As It sayhe, who forgotten bad memories is a free man. Thus being forgotten bad evens and incidents itself a freedom. Therefore, don’t enslaved your self together with jeing people by reciting 1991.

  18. Southdan says:

    A country can not be established for coup like what Nyankiir E-mayardiid is doing. She mount three coup against innocent man doctor Riek Machar twice, first was on 2013, and second was also in july 2016. It proves Dr Riek manhood didn’t bring mercenaries to kill Dinkas. But Slava Kiirdiid had brought mercenaries inoder to kill Nuers.

  19. Abel Magok says:


    I think we had back and forth conversation last year about who has had role in South Sudan self determination and the slogan war was fought in South Sudan with implications of regional policy like African and other international actors on issue of new borders and you know very well how I addressed those points with you and don’t want to repeat myself.

    I will only talk on two points you have mentioned
    1- US president George Bush literally bribed Sudan El Bashir with Billions of dollars to let South Sudan go —– not really free
    2- When a true history of liberation is written, Garang would possibly be classified as a mass murder, a genocides for allowing the killing of millions —– yes millions of Sudanese.

    Brother you have big title, the Editor, you need to be careful about any information you put out for public consumption. I could remember in one of your commentary last year when you were talking about Anyanya one leaders and you had mentioned that Gordon Muortat, the leader of Anyanya one replaced by Joseph Lago was illiterate and I corrected you then that Gordon Muortat was a police officer before he joined politics and you can not find uneducated person become a police officer in that early of 1950s-1960s.
    Your two points are strange to me, may be to others who are well informed and this is the first time to hear such information. U.S president did not bribed El Bashir, you are talking about Billions of dollars not even millions. If you know how things work in U.S government, such amount of Billions dollars can not just be release by president in darkness, he must go first to Congress and Senate for approvable and if he does so, the media will not it and we would have know the information before you write it. U.S president George Bush did help South Sudan, but not through bribery, he was using termism ticket with El Bashir as government of Sudan has had hosted Osama Bin Laden in 1990s before September 11, 2001.
    The other point of Garang killed millions is also new to me and I don’t know whether you are confused and mixing 2.5 millions south Sudanese died during struggle killed by government of Khartoum. Can you explain more where did you get the information and how Garang killed millions Sudanese?

  20. Ha ha ha silly politician now the peace process is going on and what will Lam Akol do? He has officially resign from his party
    and from the ministerial position in TG o NU. We he go back again to claim his position since everyone want power.
    People like those of Lam Akol and Aman do not love their country.
    For splm in opposition they have homework to do. Taban Gai and the leaders in Juba made it clear from beginning they want to save the peace process, Riack Machar but you abuse them. Gai said as soon Riack Machar comes, he will step down a promise he has kept. You went as far to say his father is an Arab but when he was sacrificing his life for this country he so love dearly people like Gadget did not say he is an Arab. This are the rotten politics of splm in opposition. There are some individuals within the party who think they are the holly people yet they are the most evil people. With all the excellent abuse done by the splm opposition mullahs on its true foundling members lets see after the three years if these mullahs will win in the elections. May the mullahs a pity on our suffering people. May they know that it is wrong for them to put their own personal interest first than that of their citizens
    Those who have eyes have seen what Gai and the leaders have done. That small work Gai and the group has done will continue to sign like a star and one day it will disapprove the mullahs.

  21. oyhath says:

    Time to deal with tribal dictatorship once and for all. Dr Lam is doing the right thing. His hands are clean from the theft of billions of dollars which disappeared without a trace during the CPA-mandated transitional period and also the billions of dollars which disappeared in thin air after independence of the country.

    His hands are clean from blood of innocent Southern Sudanese, unlike Kiir who and his tribal militia massacred the very people who elected him, the people of South Sudan in Juba, Bor, Malakal, Wawe, Rajaa, Leer and other places. It’s time for the bloody tribal dictator to go if south Sudan is to be saved from chaos, bloodshed, suffering, death and backwardness.

    We want peace, but we want dignified peace not peace dictated by a tribe simply because they think their mechanical numbers justifies that. For one tribe to say they liberated Southern Sudanese shows its dark nature and betrayal of the flesh and soul those who from other tribes who died in the liberation struggle. Therefore, the tribal dictator must be forced to leave like Adolf Hitler and only a coalition of the victims of his tribal dictatorship can achieve that, just like the coalition of the Allied Forces against the Nazi Hitler forced him the quit.

    Hitler wanted to occupy Europre, and the world, simply because Germany was the most populous country in Europe and he believed the mechanical number of his tribe (Germany) could achieve that goal. Hitler brought curse to his tribe (Germany) as he was eventually defeated by the Allied Forces. He committed suicide, having realizing how much destruction and shame he brought to his tribe (Germany) as Germany was divided into two,West Germany and East Germany, between the two leading members of Alliance.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the political wheel to deal with tribal dictators has been invented since the Allied action against Nazi Germany in the 1940s and south Sudanese don’t need to reinvent the wheel because it’s already there. All that is needed is for the victims of tribal dictatorship to unite and confront the tribal dictator, just like the Allied Forces did against Hitler, the tribal dictator.

    Today, Germany is a peace loving nation and a major leader in the European Union respecting equality for everybody, including equality for even small countries like Luxembourg with a population of less than half a million, but this happened only after Germany learned it the hard way that it is not bout the number of your population but about democratic rights of everybody, big or small.

    Kiir and his tribe have no culture and therefore have no clue how to govern a nation. He comes from a jungle-like culture where it is OK to steal and grab what belongs to somebody else by force. That why he has supported land in land grabbing by his tribe and has earmarked in a ill-advised policy of favouritism and theft of public resources. Stop anarchy and terror of a tribe and a tribal dictator. Just because dictator Museveni is getting away with dictatorship in Uganda doesn’t mean South Sudanese will not resist a tribal dictator in the new nation. South Sudan is not Uganda.

  22. Carter Sagal says:

    Leading opposition minister Lam Akol has resigned, dealing a major blow to the country’s fragile peace deal. An influential South Sudanese minister and opposition figure has resigned, saying a fragile peace deal was dead and calling for President Salva Kiir’s unity government to leave power.

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