Lakes State Ex-Governor’s Exit: What were his Leadership woes?

QUOTE: “…to sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” Abraham Lincoln

BY: Mabior W. Makuek, RUMBEK, Lakes State, FEB/07/2013, SSN;

On 21st January 2013, the President of the Republic Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit decreed the relief of Lakes State elected Governor Eng. Chol Tong Mayay on undeclared allegations in connection to recent upsurge of inter-sectional conflict between Kuei and Rup of Rumbek Central County. Public reaction in Lakes and in Juba was synonymous in cheering for this action, which they said was long overdue if accountability and political morality was anything to do with actions by leaders in South Sudan.

Just the next day, the President again appointed Maj. Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol as caretaker Governor till further directive, the decree urged. It is important to highlight and clarify to those who have no clue of Lakes state political dynamics and what warranted removal of elected Governor and if it is in line with provisions in South Sudan Transitional Constitution July 2011.

Article 101(r) gives South Sudan president to relieve any elected Governor of the ten states in event of Security augment threatening national security in full or otherwise. This was true with times of former Governor Eng. Chol Tong Mayay during whose tenure was marred by several on-slaughter security incidents.

From time he assumed office as elected Governor, insecurity magnified and reached unprecedented levels with children and women being killed directly and on revenge rampage between Cueibet and Rumbek Centre in 2011. It is a new phenomenon in Lakes State’s cultural dimension and traditions. The then Governor did too little to control this state.

In Rumbek East County in 2011, sectional feud which had lasted for eleven years, took a different bearing with assault being carried into villages, than it used to be in cattle camps. This was true by the date of 16 – 18th January 2013 between Kuei and Rup sections of Rumbek Central County when assailants almost hit Rumbek town centre when they reached 5 kilometers away from town center, which is the capital of Lakes state.

The ex-Governor was elected on the ticket of SPLM which won almost all seats across the country in 2010. The major victory wasn’t on personal prowess, but for a party SPLM on a send-mission by public to accomplish what liberation struggle has left as hangover. The ex-Governor was picked among other eight candidates then with hope that the man wasn’t as crude as his colleagues who has had left education at secondary level or below to join rebellion.

The ex-Governor is a Russian trained gent, who has proven beyond vile gossip that Russians do not care of what the public requires of their leadership or public interest first, but rather leader’s interest as paramount. This was true with ex-Governor Eng. Chol Tong Mayay for the last two and half years of his ghastly leadership.

He did nothing for us, the public, in Lakes state. For all hopes and trust we had vested in him that he would quench, but we were disappointed and paid with horrific death toll on daily basis. Bleak and gloomy future was insight for Lakes state present and next generations.

I would like my readers to not only look at the end result as of sacking of Eng. Chol Tong as being elected Governor as unconstitutional or that too much powers having been vested into President’s hands to strike as he would be pleased, but look at deeds of those we have entrusted with our affairs as Governors or MPs and ministers.

Are they doing anything for the interest of our public? You have the answers!

The ex-Governor was contemplated to make slightest changes for Lakes State in development, political turmoil, shattered education, imaginary health care, lip service delivery and most wanted Security, Peace and Reconciliation, economic growth needs. The List is long, but nothing!

But rather things went amok, and from bad to worse with his predecessor Lt. Gen. Awet Akot, who once told church audience in 2010 that, one day, the public of Lakes state will recall and say, “Chol nguen Awet!” Literally meaning, Chol has become the worst more than Awet.

Did absence of all these mentioned above not contribute to removal of the so-called elected ex-Governor of Lakes state? You are the judge.

However, on 14th November 2010, our ex-Governor signed in PalmTree Hotel 27 million US dollars, as contribution from European Union, Japanese Government, Italian Cooperation, UNMIS rule of Law department, meaning for building security structures. Where did this money go to? Allegations went wild that it was corrupted and its corrupt means were leaked out by Sudanese TV channel Al Shorouq. The ex-Governor talked too mouthy accusing the TV channel of defamation and for scandal that was not factual, promising to sue the TV channel.

But till 2011, and to the time of ex-Governor removal, nothing has been heard. It is up to you to analyses where this money is? Oh! Someone close to the then government told me that ex-Governor owns fleet of vehicles totaling to over thirty tracking Juba’s roads on business!

Just days after the so-called elected Governor removal, Anti-Corruption Commission organized a one day workshop under public accountability debate on 1st February 2013. An amount of (14, 171,000 million SSP) fourteen million one hundred seventy thousand South Sudanese meant for civil servants pension is said to have been loaned by the then government under this so-called elected Governor Eng. Chol Tong Mayay. The Russian-groomed and trained is standing accused by Lakes state public! Can someone tell us what this money loaned for?

The ex-Governor is answerable! Many and I have had thought that ex-Governor would use his Techno knowledge and skills for Lakes state betterment, but nothing and his legacy remain for us youths to determine what it was and will be in history of our state and South Sudan as whole.

Mabior W. Makuek lives in Rumbek. He is reachable at


  1. Maker Costa says:

    Nice article, Mabor, your efforts will not go in vain. thanks

  2. Morthon Akol says:

    Comrade Mabior Makuek,
    the Russian trainees nothing wrong with them. But brother, let me tell you this. people do think that if the things are not good now, it doesn’t mean they will be like that forever. i can tell you our people in Lakes are totally confused by people like you. and i think nothing can change even if Jesus become a governor in Lakes State.

  3. Mabior Makuek says:

    Dear Morthon Akol,
    I have several examples to cite of the Russian trained/groomed personnel from any part of the world including Russia itself. Change takes just a few months to be seen and impact be felt. Make me a Governor of this Lakes state, and you will be surprised of the change. I told a group of youth one day in Juba and in Rumbek that may be or not, a youth of 40 down 20 years of age could Govern Lakes State better than our elderly.

    I am one person who has been disappointed greatly by Eng. Chol Tong failures for his last two and half years tenure. He was seen during elections to be symbol of change in Lakes state, but stories were up and even President Kiir was asked during his elections tour of Lakes state of SPLM choice of Chol Tong. He told those who queried of Chol’s ability for this top job that SPLM candidates should be voted in even if they are disabled or known failures!

    This is exactly what is happening in South Sudan today. The failures did not sense any remorse, thus doing things as was gossiped of them!

    There is total lack of political will, non-patriotic attitude that many of our today’s politicians engross. For how long can this continue? Is this not oppression by our skin brethren?

  4. Konybai says:

    Thanks, Wen de Makuek,
    the Ex governor have sucked all resources meant for Development of the state.
    it would have been better for him to complete his studies than telling lies of master degree holder.
    which degree! shame, let those stooges advise him to go back study the real first degree then masters not the
    other way round. Chol Tong may have Sudan school Certificate which is also an achievement, if you believe in
    what you have than day dreaming for what you failed to achieved.

  5. Dukdal says:

    You called Chol the worst Governor when you are a contributor in Gony-Thiyic conflict, running between Rumbek and Malekagok gossiping? When your brother and those he was with ambushed Mabeny Mabor and Mading Marier, took Mading to the bush wanted to killed him but differed among themselves and they let him go. These guys were apprehended by the police and you came and bribed some men within the police force to release them.
    If it is because of sectional fights that resulted into Chol’s sacking, how many children, elderly, women have been killed in Jonglei but Kuol is not sacked? This removal was political, that is what I know. Chol has not taken any money, you just wanted to tarnish his image but this time you will face it rough.

  6. Deng says:

    Engineer Chol Tong is not the worst governor, perhaps he was the best but he has been a victim of his own insubordination, as he defied the president’s orders as far as I could recount the chain of events leading up to his demise. So, the message is, keep obeying the orders and you will be ok with your job or else….

  7. Mabior Makuek says:

    It is a shame that someone would write and hide. Dukdal, who is this coward!!?? I would love to know you than disguising under fake names called Dukdal. There are no such names in Agaar or Jieng communities in South Sudan
    I have all evidences for whatsoever I have put out in my opinion as above. If anyone thinks or the Governor himself opposite, let him go to court, I will be there with my lawyer! Anti-Corruption was very clear just on 1st Feb. 2013 that an amount of 14,171,000 SSP was loaned by the then Government. For what? This is the question begging answers! Is this Mabior? The news of 27 million dollars was first exposed by Al Shoroq TV in 2010/ early 2011 with witnesses known. Was this Mabior? Other cases of corruption are available, and if you guys want them out, I will expose them very soon! It is only that Anti-Corruption is toothless, many of you should have been behind bars since time immemoral.

    Coming to the case of Thuyic or Gony conflict for over ten years, are you aware that I have contributed positively with my own resources till peace was/is realized as of today!!?? I was deputy Chairperson of the Peace Committee from Maleng-Agok. If I were a culprit, I don’t think I would have been selected to lead Peace committee from my community. Go to Local Gov’t Minister, you will find all that I have done for the best interest of Athoi. If I were in anyway for war/conflict, I won’t have been part of that Peace! Lies aren’t for gentlemen who hide. This is all politics, and in politics, you go open! Why hide and call yourself Dukdal!

    On the issue of Mabeny Mabor and Mading Marier, there were no evidences against the accused, thus Court ruled out that the case was unsubstantiated and lacked all that warrant court ruling against the two. I am not, my brother, to defend him if he was found guilty, and all Judges of Lakes State are not fools to not rule any case. My brother is an adult to answer any case labelled against him. If there were evidences or witnesses, he (my brother) and late would have been arrested or asked to compensate Mabeny and Mading based on what damage or inflicted wounds they have caused on the two as could be determined by court!

    Write anything against what I have written, you are free to do that – Dukdal.
    You said, removal of Chol Tong was politically motivated, yes, he was a politician, he knew this from day one thus, he was elected to the office of Governor as politician, and if he had failed as he did and manifested by all evidences available, he was removed! Was he to stay in power forever?

    To inform all readers, I am related to ex-Governor Chol Tong by blood, not even by association. He is my paternal uncle. Ask him. But when it comes to Politics, I would disagree with him if his deeds go against public interest, whose office of Governor belongs to that he was enthroned to lead! Mind you Dukdal, I am a trained Journalist! If you need to know more, contact me and I will give you my certificate. Ask colleagues from Radio Miraya and Radio Rumbek 98, they will tell you. Some of whom I went for this course with!

  8. Makur Panyon says:

    Dear colleagues, i have just come across your views you exchanged at this site. i have never imagine that educated calibers like you can rely on fabricated lies like the way you’re preaching propaganda, defaming the former governor Eng. Chol Tong, i thought you would

    1. want to know how much is the budget of Lakes State meant for development, salaries and other overhead costs
    2. have read the constitution and checked whether the governor has absolute powers over the police, army in the area to shot people when there is sectional fight.

    all i know is that a governor in South Sudan is just a ceremonial figure without budget for major developmental projects and powers to shot at random as you think.
    stop critiques, you will not justify your words before the law if ask to clarify those accusations. make research before you react or criticize anything.
    Removal of Eng.Chol has nothing to do with the recent conflict between Rup and Kuei but it was an implication made by our politicians in order to have him go.
    But mind you, Eng. Chol doesn’t claim himself to have degrees but he had been accredited by the University to have them. Talk of what you have not and what others have. Degree or Masters or Ph.D is not a prerequisite for one to occupy the public office but what people think you will for them. Otherwise the so called generals could not have ruled us.

    Let us build the spirit of giving credit to the beholder before s/he dies. Chol Tong deserves a big thank for having set the system of work in Lakes State. Recall how other governors governed us and come to Chol who considered the development of Human Resource Capacity Building i.e (sponsorship of students at university levels) and renovated the office as well as the State House.

    I thought all the sycophants of the current governor would just give advice on the DON’TS and DOS that lead long or short life of the government.

    A) John Lat had established institutions during the inception of the Government of Southern Sudan
    B) Daniel Awet had suveryed Akwac and Muriric suburb
    C) Chol had improved on infrastructure, human resource capacity building and security before the war mongers confused our communities to fight as mentioned elsewhere above.

    the author can reach on

  9. Malou Manyiel says:

    Morthon Akol
    You hit the nail on the head. Other states in South Sudan will prosper but Lakes state will never change even if Jesus come from Heaven to be the governor as you said. They will accuse him of stealing money within one day. We the youth of this state are the worst of all and the agents of chaos. We will never be constructive and helpful to our communities apart from gossiping, tarnishing people’s names, false and harmful information and allegations without source like this article.

    Mabor Makuek, no one refused change for the better and that is eminent. If indeed that Chol Tong was the cause of insecurity in Lakes State, nobody would refused him being removed from governorship, but now his removal is politically motivated because Lakes State is not the only state that is affected by tribal conflicts or so. Brother Mabor, know this, throughout the life of human beings in any community, no one can provide everything to everybody all at once. Mabor, words are like bullets, if you release you cannot call them back. The truth is that we have been having all these problems in Rumbek in particular before Chol Tong as a governor, if we were to use our senses and concerns about our people to make them live in peace, we would have found the solution long time ago.

    Sometimes, words answer themselves in the long run. I have never found in any country where a leader sings and dances, where every governor is a thief! This is a challenge we all have to face in the future comes time. Changing the governor even if it is constitutional in South Sudan will never solved a single piece of problem in our State. The fact is that Chol is removed, let’s see what the future of our State, and Rumbek in particular will be. To be honest, such negative allegations, gossiping and tarnishing people’s names like what this article contained are the main causes of inter-clans’ conflicts.

  10. Dukdal says:

    Mr. Deputy Chairperson of peace,
    Your boss, the Chair is a father to the ring leader of your conflict well known Angui Alau who was helped to escape from the main prison by your uncle who is in-charge, just like what Lt. Col. Matien Anyuon did in Wau. By the way, most of your townists are part and parcel of Gony and Thuyic fight which is now resting for sometime and wait, it is going to resume.

    The 27 million, why wasn’t this big amount announced like the recent announcement of 2 million donated by EU to Election Commission? Listen, donors don’t sit and watch their intended funds for development be pocketed by individual, they would have been the first to raise it. These people are independent and nobody, whatever your position is, they will reveal it. So why is the UN keeping quiet?

    Chol’s removal is mainly based on political struggle within the SPLM/Government and as a party at National level where Chol is accused by his opponents to be backing Dr. Machar for President and as in the State where Awet, Telar, one of them wanted to be the next Governor come 2015 and none of them can’t make it when Chol still holds this position.
    Therefore, the only way is to fabricate these accusations, inject it into hearsay/gossip of President who took decision of which he is shouldering blame from those who know Chol as a service leader and a nationalist.

  11. Malou Manyiel says:

    Mabor Makuek,
    I’m convinced by the quote of this man called “Fyodor Dostoevsky” that, The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within himself, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”

    I wonder why education does not make any difference here by using your own logic rather than what you hear or have heard. The 27 millions dollars is not a small money of which the owners where the money originated from can just be keeping quiet without complaining to an individual accused of embezzlement.
    Whatever information you have about the 27 millions dollars you think was stolen by former governor Chol Tong, please expose them here on this website including any other websites that are accessible.

  12. Mabior Makuek says:

    My brothers Makur and Malou,
    many thanks for your comments. However, I will have to write other two articles at least to really hit on several things that I have been kept not to put out in the hope that ex-Governor Chol Tong will tend to if given time. But nothing at all.
    It is a challenge to you and me to make this state changed for better. It is our state, and we can not afford having it like this. It will be of use at all. At some point, I have said that youths of Lakes State are problems themselves whether in cattle camp or in urban centers. We have allowed our themselves to be driven by little today’s benefits rather than tomorrow. We are easily chatted and tipped with some few cash, and we go about saying things are fine.
    I won’t keep quite and allow things to go unchallenged. I was one of the hardest critics of ex-Governor Lt. Gen. Awet Akot, because of his then several blunders and inconsistencies. When Eng. Chol was elected into office of Governorship, many and I have had thought that things will be better with him than previous Governors, but — it turned out to be sheer deceive.
    Just wait I will have part 2 and 3 of my article out soon to bring to spotlight all other things that I have had reserved for reactions.
    Thanks all for your comments.

  13. Dukdal says:

    Mr. Deputy Chairperson of peace,
    Your boss, the Chair, is a father to the ring leader of your conflict well known Angui Alau, who was helped to escape from the main prison by your uncle who is in-charge just like what Lt. Col. Matien Anyuon did in Wau. By the way most of your town are part and parcel of Gony and Thuyic fight which is now resting for sometime and wait, it is going to resume.
    The 27 million, why wasn’t this big amount announced like the recent announcement of 2 million donated by EU to Election Commission? Listen, donors don’t sit and watch their intended funds for development be pocketed by individuals, they would have been the first to raise it. These people are independent and nobody, whatever your position is they will reveal it. So why is the UN keeping quite?
    Chol’s removal is mainly based on political struggle within the SPLM/Government and as a party at National level where Chol is accused by his opponent to be backing Dr. Machar for President and as in the State where Awet, Telar, one of them wanted to be the next Governor comes 2015 and none of them can’t make it when Chol still holds this position and therefore, the only way is to fabricate these accusations, injected it into hearsay/gossip President who took un-analystic decision of which he is shouldering blame from those who know Chol as a service leader and a nationalist.

  14. What is the purpose of voting anyway if elected governor by a people is being removed as President Kiir did? Can you guys answer that?

  15. Patriot says:

    violation to the constitution.

  16. John Gum says:

    Dear Malou,
    I honestly advice you to distance yourself in depending ex-Governor Chol, he has already gone and still vacant for you and sponsorship.

  17. Dear brothers,
    I beg to ask all of you not to point fingers of blame on each other, although i’m not happy about Mabior’s article on the former governor. you will come to realize one day that Removal of our elected governor (Eng.Chol Tong) have nothing to do with recent feuds between kuei and Rup sections but it was politically motivated. (those who accused Eng. Chol of Corruption are liars, Eng. Chol was having more developmental activities in his plans but he was denied this by the current Austerity measures).

    President Kiir doesnot have zeal for Lakes State Citizen, living example is when he was elected by 98% in 2010 elections he didn’t come to Lakes State to say thank you for voting for him like what he did to other States in South Sudan. secondly he is trying to eliminate Lakes State politicians from various levels of government the list is there for you to check for yourself those of William Ater,Alfred Ajoung Makuer, Gen.Dut Manyok, Gen.Makur Thou,Eng.Chol Tong,Isaac Makur Ater gen.Matur Chut, Eng.Marial Maker name them.

    Let’s teach Kiir and his groups lesson in 2015 general elections. we must vote as a block to a candidate who will promise Lakes State a seat of a running mate/Vice President. let’s bury all our differences among ourselves and watch out for 2015 this will be a turning point to restore the lost respect/dignity for Lakes State Citizen.

  18. Roto Nice says:

    Dear Brothers,
    I am not from lakes states but just wanted to advise you two brothers on your articles which you have been exchanging regarding the removal of Hon. Eng. Chol Tong, the issue is clear to all south Sudanese, you people of Lakes state sit and analyze the scenario.
    when it comes to insecurity in S. Sudan, how many people died in Jonglei state as a result of internal fight, Unity and warrap compared to people killed in Lakes? removal is politically motivated, so don’t harm yourselves for nothing. Kuol Manyang should be the first to be removed.

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