Lakes State Community looses zeal for Kiir’s leadership.

BY: Lotueng Junub, Rumbek, Lakes State, MAR/20/2013, SSN;

The current Public opinion in Lakes State has it that if people of South Sudan were to go to the polls today, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit would have been defeated in the first round of the ballot, no matter who his main rival is in the SPLM, apart from traitor, Dr.Lam Akol, this being due to Kiir’s nagging hatred for the people of Lakes State in general and Agar Community in particular.

There had been a lingering rumour that President Kiir has taken a sad face towards Lakes State on the pretext that the people of Lakes State are having Secret dealings with the Vice President Dr. Riek Machar, an accusation which was widely denied by Lakes State Community terming it as a sledge hammer to crack a nut.

All we know in Lakes State of the last frequent visits of the Vice President was that he used to visit Lakes State in his capacity as Vice President as well as Deputy Chairman of SPLM in the Republic of South Sudan for that matter.

However, the whole episode started to surface in mid 2012 when the Vice President was delegated by the SPLM Secretariat to lead a team to Lakes State for SPLM thanksgiving Campaign to grassroot Constituencies, the second visit was on 29th July, 2012 when the vice President came to Lakes State again for the conclusion of Thanksgiving Campaign.

To put it blatantly, the issue of Vice President’s visit to Lakes State was being used as a scapegoat by President kiir ostensibly for collective punishment to the people of Lakes State, as the saying goes, “when two elephants are fighting it’s the grass that suffers.”

In this case it’s the innocent masses of Lakes State who are paying a price for the crime they haven’t committed meanwhile it was Kiir who appointed Dr. Riek Machar as his Vice President as well as SPLM Deputy Chairman and now resorted to telling people indirectly that no one should cooperate with his vice. Who is fooling who in this game?

Another visible scenario is that President Kiir has forgotten the electorates of Lakes State who overwhelmingly voted for him by 98% in the last 2010 general elections, however, since he was elected as president of the Republic of South Sudan he never set foot in Lakes to thank Lakes State Populace for having voted for him.

He denied Lakes State community government’s projects, a living example is the state road connecting Juba-Aweil has been left in a very appalling condition simply because it passes through Lakes State.

Also, Total Oil Company was ordered in February 2013 by president Kiir to leave Lakes State and relocate to Bor with immediate effect of 28/02/2013, as a result, a lot of projects funded by TOTAL were left uncompleted while a considerable number of people employed by TOTAL lost their jobs.

Our Elected governor was removed on 21/01/2013 and Maj. Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol was appointed as Caretaker governor under 101 (r) not because of tribal fighting that flared-up into Rumbek town on the 18/01/2013 between Kuei and Rup sections of Rumbek Central County.

South Sudan remains in a fragile situation under Kiir’s leadership and has been rocked with issues of lack of political will on the part of the government, insecurity in the states of Jonglei, Lakes, Warrap, Unity and Upper Nile, ranging from cattle raiding, tribal feuds and revenge killings yet governors of the other states haven’t been removed.

The characteristic manner leading to Chol Tong’s removal was not insecurity but it was crystal clear that president Kiir colluded with some politicians of Lakes State in Juba to remove an elected governor on the ground that Eng. Chol Tong was accused of having close ties with Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar.

Of course, as Vice president, he is supposed to be accorded due respect and cooperation by any State governor he visited.

Secondly, he was accused to have opposed Hon. Daniel Awet Akot for single-handedly appointing Hon. Mabor Ater Dhuol as Acting SPLM Secretary of Lakes state following the sudden death of SPLM Secretary, late Samuel Mathiang Ker. Ater’s appointment was widely objected to by SPLM Assistant Secretaries, County chairpersons and County secretaries in Lakes State, condemning it in the strongest terms possible as a decision taken without consultation from State Liberation Council and it was deemed unconstitutional.

Due to SPLM leadership inability to reload our party with vibrant leaders, it subsequently led into fragmentation of SPLM Party as analysts fear that if President Kiir insisted on holding to SPLM chairmanship in the forthcoming National Convention, it may probably lead to further split in SPLM which will indeed see the ruling party losing the grip of power to non-SPLM candidate.

SPLM in all ten States has been experiencing internal wrangling yet other elected governors in those States haven’t been removed, what is special about Lakes State?

In the aftermath of the removal of the Elected governor in Lakes State, the controversy now in so many people’s lips is that, why president used article 101 (r) in part to removed elected governor and refused to implement 101 (s) which allows for holding gubernatorial elections in Lakes State within 60 sixty days (two months) which lapses on 23rd March, 2013.

The government of the Caretaker governor in Lakes State will lose its legitimacy unless otherwise elections are conducted before 23rd March 2013.

There is a common knowledge that President Kiir wanted to eliminate all potential Lakes State politicians who’ve been working in his government and are now put on non-effective list as follows:

1.Gen.Dut Manyok
2.Gen.Matur Chut
3.Gen. Alfred Ajuong Makuer
4.Professor Machar Kachuol
5.Gen. Mager Achiek
6. Chief justice wol Makec
7. Gen.Makur Thou
8. Isaac Makur Ater (former Undersecretary of Finance)
9. Eng. Jacob Marial Maker (former undersecretary of Roads)
10. Eng. Chol Tong Mayay (former governor of Lakes State)
11. David Nok Marial
12. Khamis Chawul Lom
13. Said Chawul Lom
14. Ustaz William Ater Maciek
15. Dr. Peter Nyot Kok
16.Dr.Achol Marial
17. Awan Maper (former minister of Environment).
The list of Lakes State politicians who are awaiting reassignment from president Kiir is endless anyway.

With all these vivid analysis of all problems Lakes State community have encountered during president Kiir’s leadership, it’s imperative that our president is taking people of Lakes State for a ride and as a result Lakes State Community have completely lost any zeal for Kiir’s leadership and have demanded change of leadership in all spheres of political transformation.

Therefore, the Youth of Lakes State have taken it upon themselves to sensitize their people not to vote blindly comes 2015 general elections, like what happened in 2010 when leaders came to seek for their votes and who, when elected into public offices, they failed not only to implement what they promised but also have forgotten even to come and say thanks for having voted for them.

The days for regionalism are gone. When it comes to general elections in 2015 Lakes State will vote as a block to a leader on a give-and–take basis but not as a region as there has been enormous marginalization in regionalism where some States in Bhar El Ghazal are more developed while others are less developed.

Lotueng Junub is a South Sudanese citizen living in Lakes State and could be reach on


  1. Dan says:

    Lotueng Junub,
    Good article, but Lakes state vote alone is not enough to make Salva Kiir loose election in the first round. You will need to convince some more states to join you to be able to achieve that result. The other point I want to disagree with you is your comparison of insecurity in Lakes state with that one of other states like Jonglei state. The circumistances in those states are very different. While the lawlessness in your state is caused mainly by Agar community whom I believe are the major ethnic group in Lakes State, the insecurity in Jonglei state is mainly a work of Murle community and to a lessor extent by Lou Nuer.
    So what justifies the removal of Chol Tong Mayai and not Kuol Manyang of my Jonglei state is that Mayai tribesmen are the ones running amok and if he can not rein them in , how can he control those that are not his tribesmen?

    • Amokalangyeth says:

      This is a good article, Salva must go in 2015, Lotueng has right to express himself, the poor Valentino knows nothing about the author of this Aricle.
      By Amokalangyeth.

  2. Valentino says:

    Mr. Lotueng Junub, don’t hide under fictitious name, you better come out clearly, I don’t think you really represent the peoples of Lakes State, what about General and the deputy speaker Daniel Awet Akot, what about Hon. Mayom Akec? you have your democratic choice to vote to whoever you like in the forthcoming elections as a person but you have no right to speak in the name of Lakes State people. period.

  3. Dear Lotueng Junub,
    I’m not from the lakes State, however your article contains some elements of truth. I can attest to some of the complaints you have mentioned here in your article. last year, I visited the Lakes State and I spent 12 hours on the Road between Aluokluoak and Payiie (Yirol) due to flooding on the Road. This is the only road that connects five States namely Lakes State, Unity State, Warrap State, Western and Northern Bhar El Ghazal States. That Road was terrible and dangerous for the travelers and logistics/goods. The Road is not only affecting the Citizens of the Lakes State if it was intended that way. It is indeed affecting all the Citizens of Five States including foreigners and other South Sudanese visitors.

    Frankly speaking, Kiir Mayardit is being hijacked and misled by his presidential advisor Mr. Tor Deng Mawien and his Dinka Rek clan. They are attempting to marginalize Dinka Bor, Dinka Lakes State, Dinka Twic Mayardit, Dinka Upper Nile, Dinka Malual and the rest of South Sudanese. The people that Kiir Mayardit is trying to suppress and keep them under his feet and away from his Dinka Rek’s government are the ones who supported him during the movement. Mr. Tor Deng Mawien, Mr. Koryom Mayiik and Chief Justice Chan Reech had never dodged any bullets in the Bush. They were staying with President Omar Hassan Al Bashir in Khartoum during the Civil war. I wonder, Why would Kiir Mayardit replace Mr. Malok Aleeng with Koryom Mayiik from the Bank of ROSS and Chief Justice Wol Makec wih Chan Reech? Their replacement was not done fairly and that was the beginning of Nepotism in Kiir Mayardit’s government. Is it because Chief Justice Chan Reech and Mr. Koryom Mayiik are from Kiir Myardit’s Dinka Rek clan? Why did Chief Justice Chan Reech appointed his own daughter while the other Dinkas and South Sudanese lawyers are jobless and walking half necked in Juba?

    My Compatriot, Lotueng Junub, Our Junub (South Sudan) will never advance ahead or prosper as long as we have Beny Kiir Mayardit and Beny Tor Deng Mawien running our government in Juba. What kind of presidential advice will Mr. Tor Deng Mawien give to Kiir Mayardit? Will Mr. Tor Deng Mawien and Dinka Rek people keep Kiir Mayardit in Power in 2015 without the support of Jieng/Muonyjang and South Sudanese? Kiir Mayardit and Tor Deng Mawien will never be in power in 2015 whether by Bullet or Ballot. Please advise the people of Lakes State and the rest of the marginalized Jieng/Muonyjang and South Sudanese to hold tight on their Bullets and Ballots for 2015.

  4. James Lual Garang says:

    This guy has already lost legitimacy in the eyes of South Sudanese!!

  5. Ngorson says:

    As long as the night is, the day shall come. 2015 is our day and is the time we have to work hard to bring change to our people. 2015 is our destination and we will reach it since we took off our journey. South Sudan is needing change and it is our objective and duty, we the citizens to unite to bring in the change.

  6. Tyson says:

    Nice complaint! I hope our President will listen to the voices of change. People need good governance and leadership, they need opportunity to contribute in developing their motherland and above all, they need visionary leader!
    I suggest that we keep the momentum of peacefully removing the underperforming clots from power. Never resort to violence because we don’t want to allow our people to suffer.

  7. Konybai says:

    Lotueng Junub (Joseph Akot Mabor)
    You are not authorized to talk on behalf of Lakes States.
    I know one thing that vexed you, is the removal of Governor Chol Tong mayai from State highest office whom you regarded would be a governor for life, and as a result you will be the State director for Justice Employee Chamber for life also.
    In fact, this is the only and only obsession or else don’t talk on behalf of Lakes please. I can remember when you tried to mobilise some youth to go on street and demonstrate against the removal of your master and we advised you to abandon this idea. please be advised that you are not Lakes Spokesperson.

    • Dear all, Rebuttal to so called Konybai,
      Mr. Konybai, please be rest assured that i’m not the author of the article you myopically attributed to me. freedom of expression is enshrined in the transitional Constitution for any citizen of this nation to express his/her views freely without any fear whatsoever.

      Thus, I wanted to assure every participant on SSN and put it categorically that i’m not the author of the above article as purported by Konybai, he is just out on me for malicious propaganda. why should i hide my name like him who is hiding under the name ‘Konybai?’

      please, Konybai, you desist from tarnishing my innocent name, it won’t do you any good or else if you have any problem with me, you just come out clearly so that we battle it out man-to-man instead of hiding under that fake name.

  8. Dinka land says:

    Who will be e next president of South Sudan if Kiir failed in 2015? Will the president come from Nuer, Equatoria or Muonyjang again? Tell me.

    • Dear Dinkaland:
      South Sudan is not owned and inhibited by Jieng/Muonyjang, Nuer and Equatoria alone. It belongs to all South Sudanese tribes, small/big and/or weak/strong. Therefore it doesn’t matter whether the next president will come from small/big and/or weak/strong tribe provide that he/she is a good leader and humble person to serve and lead the people of South Sudan. President, General Kiir Mayardit had successfully liberated us from the Arabs’ slavery and injustice. However, we need another hero or leader to liberate us from the corruption, nepotism and underdevelopment in South Sudan. Please be advised that anybody from any tribe could be a great leader/hero for us in South Sudan.

      However, I strongly oppose the nomination of that traitor, Uncle Lam Akol Ajawin and Kokora warlords as they lack the nationalism and loyalty to South Sudan and its’ precious Citizens. Certainly, they will break up the Country and sell it either to Sudan or Uganda if elected president of ROSS in 2015. Uncle Kiir Mayardit and Uncle Riek Machar are great leaders, but they are too kind and naive to fight the corruption, nepotism, illiteracy, land grabbing and tribalism in South Sudan. Therefore they are not fit to lead our nation in 2015. They should now be advised to pack their Cowboy hats/Boots and move back to their home towns in Akon and Bentieu. What kind of political changes, developments or leadership will they bring in 2015 which they were not able to deliver or show to the people of South Sudan in the past 10 years in Juba?

  9. Morthon Akol says:

    My dear Ngorson, i do agree with you. let us wait for 2015, this government is the government of the people, by people, shall not perish from the earth

  10. Dear Konybai:
    Lotueng Junub,and Joseph Akol, they are entitled to their personal disagreements in their own opinions alone! They are talking the good things to people to know in the South Sudan in the country between good and bad! What Mr. Louteng Junub, had said in his written article is very true to the best of my understanding! President Kirr and his Vice President Raik Machar are not having any good relation on power in the government! President Salva Kirr himself has too much power alone on his hands! South Sudan will not be united at this point if there is no proper government to the people! I do not want ANARCHY in our people at all! What I need is democracy in the government and peace to our people the fellow citizens in the whole motherland!

  11. Raphael says:

    It’s becoming a habit for anyone of us in Lakes State to just wake up any day and write absolute s…., claiming to be the State Youths or Community speaking against the President of this great nation.
    Let me say it loud & clear; not all people of Lakes State are as naive as the writer of this article.

  12. Domac says:

    Mr Morthon Akol,
    it is good to use abraham lincon quotation in right time and right place, but at this moment, the government of the Republic of South Sudan, the government is run by wrong leaders or politicians shall be perish from the earth.

  13. Mayen says:

    Dear Konybai,
    I doubt very much that this is Akot Mabor. When he got discontented with Awet Akot’s regime, he wrote an article while in Egypt and he didn’t nickname himself, it was Joseph Akot Mabor Marial. I do not see any big deal if at all Akot saw some loopholes in our State/Nation affairs he would have stated clearly and mentioned his full names.

    However, from my own personal perspective the writer of the said article has really exposed the truth which is viewed by some materialistic and power-hungry men. What we must know whether being Salva Kiir’s or State Governor’s supporter is that South Sudan/State and or the SPLM is not limited to any of the above. Therefore, any ambitious Citizen is entitled to vie for the top job and the voters will elect a leader based on his/her national agenda and not tribal agenda.

  14. Complaining of you, will cost you or your votes to be trashed or thrown into garbage bin. all our leaders are selfish! Watch for who you are going to vote for in 2015, will have nothing to change or add. Being a beny or president is the only goal for s. Sudanese, you are expecting to rule in future, if beny Kiir can’t rule well then vote for your father or mother to rule South Sudan. I don’t meant beny Kiir is only person to rule South Sudan or good leader, but remove him by not shouting or putting some blame on him. How would you rule South Sudan with these mad leaders only?

    • Dear Chinthiangyom Ajolajak:
      Why don’t you start first by nominating your own father or mother to run for the presidency of ROSS in 2015 since your Uncle, Beny Kiir Mayardit is unable to rule South Sudan effectively? We will be glad to vote and put up with the leadership of your parents as long as they don’t handover the control of South Sudan’s government and national resources/wealth to their Rek Dinka Cousins and nephews/Nieces. We will indeed shut up and bow down for the leadership of your Mother and father as long as they don’t fire Chief Justice Wol Makec and replace him with his friend/Cousin Chief Justice Chan Reech who would appoint his own daughter to replace him when he retires from his Chief Justice position.

      I wonder, Which SPLA Battalion was commanded by Chief Justice Chan Reech in Khartoum that earned him the privilege to be appointed Chief Justice of South Sudan and to appoint his own daughter to the Justice department? Please be advised that we don’t blame Beny Kiir just for the sake of blaming. However we blame him for the lack of leadership, insecurity, nepotism and every bad thing that’s happening under his nose in Juba. It is true that most of our leaders are selfish and greedy, however we will keep trying until we find a great leader to lead the people of South Sudan. Cde. Kiir Mayardit was a decent man and great leader when he was surrounded, and given or nourished with some positive influences by non-Rek Dinka during the liberation movement. However when Cde. Kiir Mayardit became president of ROSS, all his Rek Dinka people returned all over from Khartoum and Diaspora and surrounded him (Kiir) with the mighty Iron fists, Silver spoons, greediness and politics of Nepotism in Juba.

      You and your Rek Dinka Cousins have spoiled the government of our former Comrade, Kiir Mayardit. Now it is time for you to stop whining and take your spoiled Uncle home and make him deputy of the Paramount Chief of Awen Chan Nyal/Rek Dinka. The government of Beny Kiir Mayardit and his Rek Dinka Cousins must be voted out in 2015. May the almighty God of Ngundeng bless the heartbroken people of South Sudan! May the Nhialic of Ngundeng bless us and give us a leader that would not take over our government and national resources/wealth with his/her Cousins, Nephews, Nieces or friends!

  15. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    Good article, and you made a very important point that you shall support a person if and only if you agree with him or her on the terms of give-and-take basis. That is great in politics irrespective where your friend is coming from that day.

  16. Wut Anei says:

    This is article was written by elements of Blind supporters of Riek Machar and uncivilized Dinka Agar who don’t understand politics. You deceived Riek and he will not make it.

  17. Konybai says:

    Dear mayen, Chief Abiko, Lotueng Junub(Joseph Akot)
    I don’t care whether you deny it or accept the name, it is also rubbish to go as far as refuting my name even in your greater So called Rumbek you have the same name Konybai. the point here is clear, you are not authorised to talk on our behalf as lakes, may be your three counties. i would like men to be strong when in public matters.

  18. Knockme down says:

    There is nothing like supporter of riak or supporter of that; this nation does not belong to any one or any tribe as long as we dont take this out off our mind. this nation wont go head as. i said this is predictable pattern which have just started, wait for the worse of it to come.

    • Dear Knockme Down:
      You put it right, Compatriot, however I warn you to watch out for those Supporters of Riek and Kiir. Don’t let them knock you down and put you in a bag like Mr. Deng Athuai Mawier, the Civil Society Activist who was beaten up and bagged for speaking up his mind last year. Don’t even accept any ride from anybody driving SUV V8 vehicle. I wonder, how long will they kill, beat and bag us up like Onions in Juba just for pointing out their weakness and wrongdoings in the national government?

      Please inform them that the president of the Republic of Central Africa has just fled the country and left his whipping sticks/pistols in his Palace for his victims to discard them. The year 2015 is fast approaching and we are preparing to dig our trenches around Juba if our Ballots will not work.

  19. Thon Giei says:

    Dear, Commentators
    1- Running a nation is not a joke. President Kiir contributed his youth, adulthood and old age for the service of this great nation of which he is one of the heroes. Let us stand up in respect for his achievements.
    2- Let us start and maintain a respectful dialogue for a better prosperous South Sudan.
    3- Please desist from being a source of bitterness and disagreement that could lead to a repeat of tribal melt down of 1991.

  20. Dear Lokudu Gatkouth Garang:

    Fighting in the bush alone,is not a solution for a war. War has many ways to contribute for a common objective! Do not rebuke Chief Justice Chan Reec Madut why he was given that top job in the government in South Sudan. You do not even know. During a civil war, there were very many people who have played a big role inside the country in Sudan, from people who were carrying guns in the front line in the battlefields. People in the bush,could not been able to receive information at all! SPLM/SPLA were receiving information from friends inside the enemies in the government in Sudan. There were people giving food, cattle to the freedom fighters in army in struggle. Meanwhile others were giving good advice to them in the movement. Again while others were talking to foreign countries to support the movement in the South in Sudan.

  21. Dinka land says:

    Lokudu gatkuoth garang.
    Your uncle will never get leadership in South Sudan unless he kneels down for our forgiveness. He failed us in the late 90s. Also you will regret later if you vote kiir out in 2015. The man you’re campaigning for will be the worst, believe me.

    • Dear Dinkaland:

      Who is my Uncle you are talking about? and what did he do to you in the ’90s?
      Please reply me and be specific or crystal clear about that Uncle of mine. Do you know that I’m not one of Kiir’s Rek Dinka Cousins and I have nothing to lose if he is voted out in 2015? Perhaps, I will regain my freedom and overcome my fear of being gunned down in cold blood or beaten up and bagged by the Body guards or security of your Uncle Kiir Mayardit in Juba.

      Are you aware that one of the Businessmen was ambushed and shot several times recently by the Body guards of your Uncle Kiir Mayadrit for refusing to sell them his V8 vehicle in Juba? This man is a Muonyjang/Dinka from Bhar El Ghazal Region and is currently suffering from the gun wounds and broken legs in the hospital in Juba. Are the Body guards/security of your Uncle Kiir Mayardit’ Arabs or his Rek Dinka Cousins? Why are they killing and terrorizing people in Juba and elsewhere in South Sudan? and What is your Uncle Kiir doing about it?

      In fact, I’m so disappointed with the leadership of President Kiir Mayardit as well as the behaviours of his Cousins/relatives in the government of South Sudan. You and your Rek Dinka have ruined the reputation of the people of Warrap State in particular and the Muonjang/Dinka of Bhar El Ghazal in general. Please advise your Uncle Kiir and his Cousins that what goes around must come around and no leader can reign or rule with an Iron fist forever. Tough luck with your leadership!

  22. Kikisik says:

    I think people are now begining to understand what the current leadership is doing to the country. The power of the people is very strong, so let us hold these politicians responsible for their actions by voting them our of office in the coming election 2015. Let us not just sit on the sidelines. Let us try to avoid the common excuses like politicians are corrupt, what is happening now doesn’t affect me, politicians break election promises, let someone else do it. If we disagree with the direction of the present government policy or issues that affect us directly or indirectly, this is the time for mobilizing ourselves especially the youth by making debate in this forum or talking to a friend about who can lead this beautiful young nation into prosperity. If we wanted this country’s bright future, let us avoid this tribalistic idea of only my tribe can do better because we were the only ones who fought for this country.

  23. jalpaj says:

    Just wait, don’t be anxious, time is coming soon, some of our tribes in South Sudan would be out of the country or as refugees somewhere else. let me tell you one thing, fighting is not by quantity but it is by quality, in addition to that we are in twenty-first century.

  24. Beny Gideon Mabor says:

    Brothers and sisters
    I thought you will comment in a balanced reaction to make a difference between intellectual argument and the illiterate one.
    First, let me categorically refute that this article is not written by Joseph Akot as alleged by so-called “Konybai”. However, we have name Konybai in Agaar land but we do not have intellectual person of such name as far as our equivalent statistic of literate persons in Lakes State is concerned.
    Again, let us not advocate that there is Salva group and Riak group. It is not true.
    South Sudan is governed in a multiparty democracy under Salva Kiir and Riak Machar as his right-hand man and appointed him both Vice President and 1st Deputy Chairperson of ruling SPLM.
    Finally, I want to refute Lotueng Junub that you are exposing us again to the disarray of political limelight. Lakes State people have very much occupied senior positions in the government including two independent pillars namely Parliament and the Judiciary of South Sudan, and other key executive and other constitutional positions. We should not complain.

  25. Jim Kal says:

    let them go.

  26. Dinka land says:

    Lokudu garang gatkuoth.
    No more talking again. Leave it and let us wait for 2015. Take your guns with your uncle and confront us in Bilpham if you are men. You tried it 90s but failed. What have you achieved with your tribesmen than militiarism and nyagatism? Prepare your galuak clearly.

  27. Dear Dinkaland:

    First of all, please allow me to pay my sincere and heartfelt condolences to you and your Uncle Kiir Mayardit for the recent monetary theft that occurred in the presidential Palace in Juba. I’m extremely sorry for the loss of our money in your Uncle Kiir Mayardit’s in presidential Palace. I’m also thrilled and grateful to those brilliant and courageous South Sudanese who went and stole our money back from your Uncle Kiir Mayardit. Was your Uncle drunk or sleeping with his Secretary?
    I hope you recall what I had told you in my previous writing that what goes around must come around. Your Uncle Kiir Mayardit and his Rek Dinka Cousins have been looting our resources and wealth in Juba for so many years. I’m so glad that our South Sudanese Citizens are waging the financial war or reclaiming our stolen money from your Uncle Kiir Mayardit.

    Why does your Uncle Kiir Mayardit keep the South Sudanese money in the presidential Palace instead of South Sudan Bank?

    Will your Rek Dinka alone resist the hungry and angry South Sudanese whose money is stolen and kept in the presidential Place for your Rek Dinka’s consumption? Please check your level of support and popularity among your Jieng/Muonyjang before you invite me to confront you in Bilpham. Are you aware that Dinka Malual, Dinka Twic Mayardit and Dinka Lakes State (Agaar) were the backbone of the SPLA movement and are no longer interested or willing to shed their blood for your greediness and corruption. How many Rek Dinka Soldiers and commanders are in Bilpham?
    Please know that Dinkas are not stupid people and that they will not die to protect Kiir’s money in the presidential Palace. Take it from me, brother, No more talking or beating around the Bush, Dinka will not die this time for one man’s Bread or leadership.

  28. Dinka land says:

    LOKUDO Garang gatkuoth.
    Pullout what you want to tell us when thousands of our foot soldiers are known in all spla. We shed our blood in all the country leave alone your place that our sons died. Your illiteracy will take you no war. You are bribed by greedy PhD holders by making sure you will regret. Ooooooooooh 90s is when i was born, experienced bad things from people who claim to be leaders of future. I am sure i will not cast my vote if there is no leader.

    • Dear Dinkaland:

      Please stop bragging and lying to the people online. All the foot soldiers you see in Bilpham are the sons and daughters of Twic Mayardit Dinka, Malual Giernyang Dinka, Lakes State Dinka and the Jieng of Upper Nile region. There is no Rek Dinka left in Bilpham and frontlines. All the Rek Dinka foot soldiers have moved to Juba and are the one killing people in cold blood in Juba, attempting to keep their son, Kiir Mayardit in Power so that they can loot more money and resources from South Sudan. I’m so glad that our brilliant and gallant thieves have brought the financial war to the Presidential Palace in Juba.

  29. Manello Gugu says:

    Dear Mr lotueng,
    This must be the centre of war from the formation of Rek government passing decree to appoint traitors, cowards who want only to loot the nation on behalf of the president, Kiir mayar. the appointment of Tor Deng mawien, Koryom mayiik and Chan Reech Madut as the shield to his government proves that Kiir is a man of no future. you can not put some people who only wait to suck the blood like ticks, bedbugs. i don”t know whether kiir’s mind was at the normal position to appoint the gang of thefts who were safe in the khartoum government for twenty one years of struggle. why did he appoint these three guys who were with khartoum government? does it mean these are the closer relatives from Rek community who are capable for doing public business?

    your excellency, you forgot the war at kurmuk in blue nile state. if I were you i would have not appointed any slaves who worked for Bashir. you will leave the government of South Sudanese without any legacy nor to deserve any future for your record so that people of south sudan might honour you when your retirement comes in 2015. my fashion of the year is Doctor Garang who die when completed his duty of bring peace to South Sudan.

    my dear president do not yourself be fooled to contest for the next coming general election accept the defeat before being embarrassed by hungry citizens who suffer due to poor governance, corruption, robbery, nepotism, tribalism and discrimination within the government.

  30. Loteung Junub. Your writing is none other than tribal writing because you only mentioned Agaar members excluding Gok, Yirol, Jurbel of Wulu. Agaar are not the only better people to lead Lakes State by example; instead you are too corrupt by history.

  31. What goes around must come around!!

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