Lack of Accountability and Causes of Current Political Instability: A Case of South Sudan

BY: Bol Mathieng A, JUBA, FEB/26/2015, SSN;

Accountability can be defined in a layman’s language as giving an account on how a given action was taken or a sum of money has been spent, this has been lacking since formation of Government of South Sudan. The aim of this article is to show where the notion of accountability has been seen lacking, the article will give a way forward.

Accountability has been lacking in our governance system since 2005 as evidenced by the following arguments: In CPA, two percentage of total production of oil revenue was to be given to the producing area. That sounded developmental because the two percentage could cater for relocation of those affected villages in terms of developing the areas that they would be settled in.

The development was expected to bring into those particular affected communities or states at large, things like modern schools fully equipped laboratories, well stocked libraries and employing most qualified teachers that the oil money would fetch, hospitals, tarmac roads, electricity and employment of youth in various sectors.

In fact, given that the writer has never been to greater Upper Nile, the writer has been assuming that Unity state and Upper Nile state are the most developed states in South Sudan. However, Colleagues of the writer that have been there have vehemently refuted that fallacy.

Failure to make the governors (particularly for Unity state) to strictly account for the 2% of total oil revenues is widely believed to have boosted his ego for bigger positions in GOSS.

In other words, having looted the oil money, his accounts fattened and made him fund the coup and the current rebellion. If every dollar sent to those states was accounted for, they (governors) would have remained with their basic pay necessary for their families’ upkeep, but because they were not quarterly audited since they assumed offices as governors, their money accumulated and they thought that they could be bosses of themselves, if not top men in GOSS.

The next area where the accountability has failed to be seen and heard respectively, is at GOSS level. The publication of the 75 top corrupt people is evidence to that claim.

I also believe that if the stringent system was established since 2005, the so-called G10, SPLM-IO or whatever group, would have not been available. They would have remained loyal to the president or else, they would lose getting their basic pay necessary for their basic requirements.

The presidency should note that, in Africa here, weakening political opponents economically whether in the same party or in opposition, explains why some countries in Africa are not having serial rebellion.

Therefore, failing to make every government official accountable explains why, most of the former ministers looted some money and started their own companies, became critics of the government they were part of and eventually rebel when they were removed.

Corruption or lack of accountability is not a new phenomenon in South Sudan, just visit, read particularly in the archives article titled “top 13 corrupt.”

In conclusion, if we want to live a peaceful life, and develop this nation by spending every coin rightfully as budgeted, and if the political opponents of the government of the day are to be tamed economically so that they cannot harm this nation through useless wars, accountability must begin from today not tomorrow and it has to be implemented in a merciless format regardless of the title of the culprit.

The writer is south Sudanese living in juba …you can reach him by mail


  1. Francis says:

    Mr. Bol,

    The issue of corruption and people looting the government for their own use has been and is rampant in South Sudan. It is heart breaking to see how ten years back these people in government never owned anything of significant but today name it and they have it. FROM WHERE DID THEY GET THESE THINGS. I wish to say that that their monthly salary does not fetch one million pound a month with hundreds of young men and able people to feed in their home barracks. These people refused to declare where they got all the money to buy all these things in short period without looting the state while they have families outside South Sudan to cater for! Their supporters who have been sucking the government coffers are crying out this or that but in fact they have missed the teats. No one is an exception SPLM-G, SPLM-iO and SPLM-FD etc…not even the suitcases parties that only bring their cronies and are ready to take their chance too. The situation is really too bad for the people of South Sudan.

  2. J A C Ramba says:

    Dear compatriot

    It is quite refreshing to read another article in a long series of articles that not only condemn the rampant corruption that continues to engulf South Sudan.

    It is absolutely on spot to say that the current sad state of affairs in the country could have been avoided if only we had a competent leadership and administration from the word go in 2005 to deter the widespread corruption and glaring impunity displayed by the Salva Kiir’s administration throughout this period.

    However when we talk about the introduction of accountability which has completely been absent since the SPLM administration under Salva Kiir Mayardit dawned in office, it will be an impartial demand to see to it that all are held responsible – from top to bottom or still better to quote your words , ” regardless of the title of the culprit”.

    Being in total agreement with you in the national pursuit of an impunity free South Sudan as an entrance to a peaceful and stable country, I wonder how much thought you have given to the fact that for such line of thought to succeed, it is paramount to hold each and everyone accountable beginning with those who abused the public office the most.

    In such a top down approach the weeding of corruption must start right at the top from the office of the president – then the naming and shaming can successful be allowed to proceed down that gradient. The logic is that had the person at the top acted promptly on corruption from day one, given the fact that he wields more constitutional power in the country than anyone else, then we would be today living in a corruption and impunity free South Sudan.

    No one should attempt to sell us the “too cheap” narrative that the president was indeed a saint in the middle of a cabinet of sinners who in fact were his own buddies. Birds of the same feather flock together – and this explains while the president never told an action to either pin corruption in the bud or to weed it afterwards.

    The salvation of South Sudan lies outside the incumbent administration, given the fact the the administration all across its decade long history has repeatedly resorted to corrupt means of extracting loyalty from a few that it can blackmail over an institutionalized trends of a nationwide corruption and impunity.

    You may agree with me that, ‘ you cannot straighten an object’s shadow without first straightening the object itself’.

  3. alex says:

    J A C Ramba I can not agree with what you say. When the 7 millions was lost and alllaged to be spend on buying fire safety boxes. The president dismissed the finance minister. What was the response of Riek and Pagan Amon.
    Coming to issue of outsiders even it is too dangerous to entrust them. Riek holds brithish posport what did he bring to S Sudan? There are even many people from Diaspora holding big ministerial position what have they done? Instead they steal the money and go to buy houses in the countries they are living in.
    I admire dedicated people like the current health minister, he is busy doing his work. I know you are even fighting hard if you get chance you will steal and buy a house in London. So there is no difference even the diaspora are the worst because they knew they have two homes. I need even a section to be included in the consitution any of our brothers from diaspora who want to go and work there should surrunder one of his nationality if he or she is to be given top goverment position. We should be very scared of you because I have seen your motives are not for the well being of that country.


    • info@southsudannation says:

      From Editor: You have a completely distorted perception and ill-conceived belief about the Diasporans. Whereas a few have fallen neck-deep into the looting of the SPLM Kiirotocracy in South Sudan, there are some who have morally and physically resisted the temptation.
      Foremost, you have Prof. Wako who quit Kiir’s failed regime as minister. Another outstanding example is an Equatorian lady who as a widow was made a minister in one of her late Dinka husband’s state, she quit on her own after becoming disgusted by the massive and blatant corruption in that state at the expense of non-delivery of any services to the immiscerated people in the state.
      As to your apparent support and praise of the current health minister, I thought the man already sold and lost his soul long ago to the Ingaz Islamists downstream, at least Dr. Ramba still preserves his sanctified soul as clean as ever.
      Furthermore, it’s not only those diasporans who’re looting but from your president and many in the SPLM/A who have bought houses for their refugee families in the diaspora. Yes, many are corrupted but still the blame lies squarely on Kiir not to arrest himself first and the other corrupt members.

      • alex says:

        info@southsudannation I always keep on saying education is a curse to S. Sudan. You are the most currupt elits even those who have been outside is even more worst than the ones at home. You have to agree on that. If you have heart for your country you have not to wait for the president to tell you curruption is bad. You even who talk you are a currupt individual writing nosence to get funding for your biased news paper from the West. Your are being used as their agency to feed them with roumers and lies. Distrorted information to achieve your own objective means selling out your country and ie even worse than curruption. Within the one year we can at list see things are moving. This is the indication that, there was something wrong with those who where sacked. About your support for mr Rumbogo this man is a failed individual who is a target worker. Tell me wherer has he left any good record? Only alcohol is his businese wast of tax payers money for giving him free education. He is a lost son of Muru and for Riek to pick such individual then you can judge these are people of the same feathers. He will never command any support from equatorians and the same is to Ladu Gore, Pro Tombe and the list continues target workers and these characterticed splm in opp.

  4. Oyet says:

    Everyone in this government of SPLA party is a suspect of corruption, being it in the government or at party level, the corruption in this rotten nation cannot be blame on one person but all have to take equal blame, but above all the big blame is to be on the man himself, that is the President, first he is to be blame for his ignorant for not imposing a tough law to expose the names of the 75 corrupt officials, even when the corruption commission committee submitted its finding to the President to make his final verdict of guilty, he decided to sit on the report till this morning. WHY? because he was afraid when he exposed the names of the 75 and issue arrest warrant, he knew he himself will not be spared from exposure. Secondly some money got stolen from his personal drawer why was he keeping money in his personal drawer? I thought monies are kept at the department of the treasury which in Minister of Finance, if those monies are not state money only to be wasted by him on Prostitute why on earth is such huge bulky monies are kept in the office of Kiir? Thirdly, the corrupted officials are mainly from Dinka that is why they were protected by the President himself, when Dr Josephine Lagu, under secretary of high education was falsely alleged for corruption scandal for the money ear marked for students in Uganda, she was not spared and till to date she is called a theft? Kiir has ruin the wealth of our nation and under the leadership of Kiir, instead of letting our country to flourish he embarks on nepotism, tribalism, corruption, and the remittance of so called 2% for development , have taken place at targeted placed, in some regions , e.g. money collected at Nimule border crossing, the 2 % were never remitted for development mentioned in the article above. so targeting Taban Deng while living big fishes the like of Kiir the President and many other like the current serving minister of Foreign is very unfair and it shows that the writer himself is part of the corruption scandal, if not he maybe related to Kiir, since his article never took tough step in leaking Kiir into the vast known corruption scandal our nation has seen.
    Today uneducated Dinka have flourished so much while the capable and able person with business ability to uplift the country remained poor, this make me to stretch my head, and i wander if those are not stolen money where will the Dinka have such bulk money with narrow minded of business world? and as a matter of fact most of the real estate in Kampala, Uganda are bought with the Dinka, the same thing in Kenya, and Khartoum. with unforeseeable Future of Museveni in Uganda, if there is going to be shift of power in Uganda, we will witness huge lost of stolen money in Uganda. Dinka are supposed to keep their mouth shut because they are bad omens in our country, they brought misfortune and untold suffering on our nation. I am sick in my stomach simply Kiir endreazele.

    • Oyet,

      You said all man. Majority of Dinka do not know how much they hurt other people, but they quickly blame anyone from another tribe for the mistake the Dinka themselves made. When Kiir was making savage reshuffling against other tribes officials, no one come out from Dinka and condemn kiir simply because he is a dinka. In 2010, Kiir security guards attacked Dr. Lam Akol several times because Dr. Akol express his interest to be a presidential candidate. Consequently Dr. Lam Akol fled Juba for his own safety. In the end, the SPLA killed Shilluk civilians simply because Dr. Akol is from their tribe. However, none of Dinka who called themselves intellectual today did not condemn the killing of Collo people.

      In 2011, over 30 people from Balanda tribe in Wau were killed when they attempted to protest and another 25 people who arrested were sentenced to death in 2012. No one ever condemned this idiotic actions of Dinka’s tribal chief calls himself legitimated president. Now if you have to scan Dinka’ comments they all wanted Taban Deng be prosecuted in court for missing 2% while omitting major crimes the Kiir committed in South Sudan. Because the writer of this article is a Dinka he does not want to condemn the Dinka who misuse 98%. He does not want to condemn the Dinka who had stolen $4billions. The writer does not want to condemn the killing of Balanda people because the massacred was done by Dinka leaders.

      Lastly, the writer does not want to condemn the failed assassination attempt against Riek simply because he express his interest to be presidential candidate. The writer does not want to condemn the massacred of over 20,000 civilians in one week in the capital Juba. Yet, the writer is strongly condemning Taban Deng Gai for misusing 2%. What an idiotic condemnation?! You see, these brainless communities the president is from are not regretting the damages they created and shame they brought to South Sudan through their made up false “Coup”.

  5. galdino. sebit says:

    It’s simply the notion that public funds don’t belong to anyone. Ownership of national resources is strictly the property of the man at the top. So he can loot,spend,distribute, horde,………….. That is the culture of none accountability. All we need, Mr. President, is PEACE, for the CITIZENS to search for the fallen crumbs they can find. We voted for our independence, give us LIBERTY or DEATH.

  6. False Millionaire says:

    I was just in Juba n got well informed by best insiders.It’s best to pray to God for mercy becouse you have thieves running our country from top to the last man.They will never relinquish their positions voluntarily.Everything is business.The government institutions are lucrative enterprices.To get employed there is a question negotiated between comrades n you must commit yourself to tolerate,practice n cooperate in corruption.For example:if you see a bulldozer rehabilitating a road,it means that the owner of the company is a business collaborator to the officials administrating the place where the road passes.A builder renovating a school,the same story.A painter tapping a stroke of pain on a health care building,there you go again.There the prices to pay for such projects are 100 times over exaggerated.Ask me no question about the quality.Nothing of such nature to be expected.The objective is to get money from the state’s coffer.That’s without talking about ghaust names of employees whose salaries are the huge surplus that goes to the comrades in corruption.That money is divided up in proportion to one’s position in the ranks.The higher you are on the rank,the more you get.The lower your rank is,the lesser you get.If you don’t like it,you will have to go to hell becouse you will be fired tomorrow with a more than willing fellow taking your place.

    So if you wonder how our fellow brothers who were more than too poor not so long time ago have become smart people with wealthy burgeois’s out looks,their secret is in the dirty tricks that I am writing to you.In fact in my observations,95 percent of our fellow countrymen have their minds set towards that dream.It means working for the government inorder to steal to become rich.I suppose there could be blogger among us who either know something about that by practical experiences or are big benificiaries from it.But please show me mercy.I am not one of them.

    In the depth of such darkness,is there any hope for RSS?Me personally,unless God sends us a miracle that may permit the 5 percent of the people who are immuned to the temptation of the cancer named corruption,it will be a miracle if RSS exists as a state for another 5 years.

  7. Dr.J A C Ramba,

    Thanks for your wise response …i totally agree with your statement that “you cannot straighten an object’s shadow without first straightening the object itself’” for us to live in corruption free south Sudan, there must some top bottom cleaning or weeding out of corrupt elements in GOSS. weeding corrupt elements using down upwards approach is not achievable because they would begin to point fingers at top leadership , that is is why , using down ward approach for weeding out corrupt officials is the best policy option if corruption is to be eradicated in South Sudan. In the above article , i did not portrayed our president as a saint, i was just giving light and the way forward …as i said in the above article , when any president weakens his opponents economically by making them corruption free leaders , they would have no ability to rebel , because they would be overwhelmed with issues pertaining to their families than to wage useless . As citizen , i do not mine if president kiir rules me and any other South Sudanese for life as long as he is on the right track …allow me to explain that for a while ..if he has intended not leave power in near future , what he would done since he became president was to listening to his ordinary citizens , by listening , he meant he would have strive harder to ensure that states are connected, by road, public schools function well, hydroelectric power is operational in juba and other towns, , major roads like juba-wau , juba-Yambio, , Juba -Yei roads are tarmac , more modern hospitals are constructed to avert going overseas for medication, and modern universities are established here in south Sudan to avoid flocking to East African University …if all that was done, there would be been no reason for another face in presidency unless the constitution dictates that he should leave …this mighty website is visited by many including our target audience, so there is a hope that , one day one time , our views will be heard and necessary action would be taken …thanks to Juba Monitor for publishing this article on their newspaper and thanks to editor of this website for allowing me share my view with my fellow South Sudanese …Bol is South Sudanese Economist

  8. To oyet and Alex.

    Ever Since i began writing on this website , i have never been motivated by tribalism. i usually put national interest above the tribal interest. yes , i am a Dinka and i can never deny my tribe . my advice to you both is that , view things at different point . although in my article i gave taban Deng as an example , he is not the only corrupt in south Sudan. any way , what is wrong with speaking my mind as the citizen of this nation.?? many articles have that condemned corruption have been published here on this website but no reference was given to details i wrote above , what is wrong with refreshing my readers with this ongoing problem in south Sudan. i will not answer every thing both of you have written about , i will reserve myself , including the insults . May God gives us Wisdom to understand things vividly.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr. BOL Mathieng,
      Your correct reply to Alex and Oyet about your right to speak your mind as a South Sudanese is precisely the motivation that encouraged me to set up this SSN website in 2003, that’s the ‘right to speak up on our nation’s affairs.’
      Personally, I have become immensely immunized against these insults and I would personally encourage you and all that we must persevere and keep speaking on the looming catastrophe that is befalling our dearest motherland of South Sudan.
      Keep speaking up, brother.

  9. To Editor.

    Thanks for your encouraging words , i will keep on speaking my mind , the negative response that i get will not hinder me from speaking my mind because, this nation belongs to every citizen , and every citizen is free to speak his/her mind basing on freedom of speech contained in our transitional constitutions .

  10. John Maker says:

    I think the issue causing all these economics crisis is that most of the government officials have send their families outside South Sudan and the money they have paid to their families living in East Africa are always send in form of hard currency. secondly many students from South Sudan are studying in East Africa at difference levels of education. Third bilateral trade between South Sudan and East African countries is also taking a lot of South Sudan’s economics opportunities because has 90% importing goods rather than exporting goods outside. All these few things affect our economics status though our government tried all corners of adjusting economics status of South Sudan still, there is no solution unless government should reforms economics policies.

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