Kuol Manyang needs to apologize and resign


Contrary to Kiir’s supposed quest for peace in the war torn South Sudan, our nation is made to understand through a graduation speech delivered by the country’s failed defense minister Kuol Manyang Juuk, whose name in most circle is synonymous to blood bath. Indisputably, Kuol Mnyang killed single handedly more southerners than any single Jalaba has ever done in the war of liberation and he lives to tell it.

It must be recalled that the violence in Jonglei state started when Koul Manyang was the state Governor, he failed miserably at state level to broker peace and his state became the most violent even before the outbreak of the current war.

He did nothing to address the unrest; instead he exacerbated it by arming his Dinka tribesmen and disarming the Murle so that his kin can penetrate and strike freely, and to commit genocide against the minority Murle tribe.

Juuk’s speech is not only despicable and must be condemned by all peace loving citizens of this great nation, but it is also advocating for more bloodshed and violence against Women in particular and children who have suffered disproportionately in this genocidal tribal war initiated by Kiir.

His disgraceful speech has revealed that it is all lip service and to draw wool over people’s eyes when the Kiir’s government claims the 23% of ministerial and other posts in his government are allotted to women.

Something that is clearly to fool the world and to portray to the world that this oppressive regime abides by and protects issues of importance to women and their rights, but in actuality the speech by the blood-drenched defense minister reveals to the contrary and made it crystal clear that women in South Sudan amount to nothing.

According to Koul Manyang, simply because they, the Women, wear skirts and walk around with braided hairs, they are the lowest of the low. He said in no uncertain terms, that his tribal government has no ability to protect the vulnerable and that only those with guns matter and if you cannot kill in South Sudan, you amount to nothing! If you refused to kill in South Sudan, you should be arrested!

On Saturday 29 November at a graduation ceremony attended by both, the defense Minister Koul Manyang, and the belligerent south Sudan’s general chief of staff Paul Malong Awan, the failed Defense minister Juuk urged the 3000 graduates mainly from his Dinka tribe to defend the so called constitution of the country, but at the same time he instigated the youth to violence against the vulnerable, by equating them to women if they do not want to fight.

Thus he called for more of the genocidal war, absolutely unacceptable view coming from someone occupying a very responsible position that of the defense Minister.

In the speech published by Sudan tribune on 29 November, the defense minister made despicable utterances, he warned that youths who attempt to escape from the army would be punished while those who decline to join were “merely women”.

This is an insult to all women of South Sudan to include his mother, sisters, and daughters not only that but also including the acting secretary general of the SPLA Dr Ann Itto, and other prominent women like Gamma Nunu Komba,Nyandeng Malek Deliech, the governor of Warrap state just to mention a few great females of our nation.

In his mind these are all decorative objects!

However the defense minister continues with his abusive language against women by saying “If you refuse to join the army, let your hair be plated and we will buy you a skirt. It means you will no longer be a man, but a typical woman”.

This is utterly pathetic and backward remarks coming from such an important position of the Minister, while some women in our country including those in uniform of which Koul Manyang is their boss continue to take bullets on daily basis in the frontlines to protect the narrow minded individuals like the defense minister.

Moreover this is also violation of Article 2, of UN convention of December 1948, the universal declaration of human rights; article II clearly stated “No inflammatory discrimination.”

These rights belong to everybody, whatever the gender. In fact what this article is saying is that all men and women have equal fundamental rights regardless of their sex, race, age, career etc.

In traditional Scotland, men wear skirts and that do not make them women whatever being a woman is supposed to mean by the derogatory remarks of the defense minister.

What about when the defense minister was growing up in cattle camps wearing nothing, running around naked after cows, was he still superior to any women as naked and primitive as he was?

The women in South Sudan then better start wearing trousers and cut their hairs short instead of braiding them! Oh and start killing like the mindless, primitive tribal men of South Sudan who have become agents of death and killing machines, whose existance is converted to solely keeping these bigots in power, than of development else they will forever remain “Typical women” and amounts to nothing leave alone respect and right to life!

These forms of rhetoric is nothing more than an intentional design, to undermine the great contribution made by women in our nation, it is a common knowledge if Women where in charge of our nation we shall not see this kind of blood bath.

Instead of appreciating and encouraging women in peace finding and nation building, the defense Minister acted in violation of women’s right as if he was not born of a woman.

Are we hardly surprised by this attitude of one whose place should have not been the head of the ministry of defense but rather indicted in international criminal court /ICC in The Hague, for murdering hundreds of innocent Fellow Southerners during the war of liberation to include by some report the murder of his very own biological mother who had refused to give her cows to feed the SPLA.

If he can killed his own mother, is it any wonder he disregards women?

The defense minister’s view is not compatible with life in 2014, it indicates he still thinks women are properties of men; as such their duties are to do domestic works including milking cows as is in his cattle culture.

I urge all intellectuals, men and women, to protest again the devaluating remarks of the defense minister. We cannot allow such attitude to prevail in our nation, and we must strongly demands apology and the resignation of the defense minister for encouraging crimes against women.

As of recent when the head of civil society, Mr. Deng, declared “ those who are paying the cost of the war are the grassroots, the leadership do not feel the weight of the war because the president and Riek have no sons in the army” he was forced to apologized to the president.

If the civil society leader can be forced to apologized to the President for what is plain fact and truth, then why can’t the blood drenched and the failed defense minister quit his post for insulting our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives?

What he said constitutes discrimination and abuse and inflaming the culture of violence against our women including his own wife but also that of President Kiir’s wife or wives.\

“He who maintains silence in the face of massacre is murderer himself”

Dr. Peter Kopling, MD.
Juba, South Sudan.


  1. mapima says:

    This monster need to be impeach for insulting and equating women in our nation as worthless, he is suchworthless blood sacker parasite, he needs to apologize and step ddown, this is indeed an insult to all women in our nation including the wives of kiir, Ann it to, and many others.

  2. Elijah Samuel says:

    Mr.Editor and Dr Kopling!
    The truth but nothing but the truth without sugar coating as it has become known of Dr. Kopling! Mr. Editor what a fitting work for the Picture!!!!

    Kuol indeed is a criminal who killed cold blood hundreds of compatriots! There are orphans in our nation because of him! It was kuol who slapped spiritual leaders just as it is said he killed his own mother! He is irreverent and poisonous now regarding our women to whom also belongs this government! Kuol should step down!

  3. AGUMUT says:

    Remove him without delay and bring somebody from the so-called sons of Great Upper Nile (GUN).

  4. Taban Hakim says:

    Where are the South Sudanese women? They should demand the resignation of the defence minister. If not, let every woman who’s wears military attire, quit the military whether they belong to organized forces or SPLA. Kuol’s speech is extremely abusive and derogatory.

    • Holo Kor says:

      Dear gentlement,

      I understand out of your frustrations, all of you’re calling for this man to resign, but how? Is he not really cut from the same cloth and from the same, rotton system- let us think about it. How many evil things have been done and were called for the remedy but, anyway, were any ill pain got its dose, ever. The focus here should be, how can we as all the people and who suffer a lot from this system walk away.

  5. Charles says:

    Dear Peter

    You have said like no other has. The minister was way out of line. I am surprised that even the women branch of the SPLM is so silent over these irresponsible utterances. Women are among the bravest souls that ever lived. The pain they go through giving birth is so excrutiating that it would take a brave man to experience it over and over as when women do continue to give birth to many children in their lifetime.

    In any democratic state, a minsiter uttering such words, and insulting half the population of its citizens would have been shown the door. Not in South Sudan! No wonder South Sudan continues to score high marks and lead in every indicators of failed states.

  6. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Dr. foolish kopling.
    this is to let you know that Kuol manyang was talking to any one like who used to fear death and equated them to be like women who did nothing in the battle.
    yes these are Dinka who are ready in the training center, where are your equatorian people? if you are not cowards.
    what massacre are you talking about now? be specific please, are you supporting the rebel or not?
    Kuol manyang is not failed like you guys, because he has built the army with very strong machine which you did not experience before since the creation of the earth and if Kuol was not appointed to that position you people will not says bullshits now a day, …… who told you he had killed his mother? come to Bor you will get Keth dit alive in her compound son of bitch who believes in propaganda all the time.

  7. Itikwili says:

    how else can you think of this monster who never won a battle but killed those arrested/detained southerners to satisfy his blood thirst! you have nailed your case quite properly, ICC is waiting for him

  8. Jake says:

    Why are people so surprised that Kuol Manyang can utter those words, talkin down and undermining women. This guy is another Illiterate Buffoon. All he know is causing death around him. Like his boss, Idiots like him are the ones who are ruining our nation. Anybody that know spla history knew the moment Kuol was appointed Minister of Defense, south sudan was gonna shed blood. He is one of the people who planned this Chaos in order to retain their tribal Hegemony in SPLM/A. It’s a waste demanding he steps down. He won’t. He probably doesn’t know he did something wrong. Plus if the dumbest and the most ignorant person in the country is the leader, what do we expect his minions to be like?

  9. arabbmoi says:

    Not long ago, Cecilia Tito was murdered by Kuol Manyang Dinka people many others during war times. Women can come out in large numbers and call Kuol Manyang Juuk to be put in Jail. The guy is having a long histories of abusing soldiers in Kapoeta were killed by Kuol Manyang , The man of God parade Taban was beaten up by him and so on.

  10. Oyet says:

    Alier- kon,

    You must be bastard for insult the brilliant son of our nation Dr Kopling, you should learn to accept correction and abide living in ancient chronically backwardness cattle camp of jienge. if you stand in the same shoe of Koul you too become a monster, what good have Koul done in our nation? by education he is far to hold such ministerial post, by experience he was beaten by David Yau Yau, until kiir crumbs to beg sons of equatorian bring Yau Yau back home by peaceful conference talks. Stop the stupidity and uncivilized ways of Dinka.

    • Bol Ayuen says:

      What civilization and education you Equatorians try to tell Dinka? We have shared classrooms in primary and secondary schools in Kenya and Universities as well. I don’t think you ever had any competition with us because you were very far away from our sight even though we shared classrooms. If you showed up here and try to tell us that you know anything; I found it laughable! I believe you were nowhere where we were; that’s why you talk that way about Dinka.

      For you to say Dinka are stupid and uncivilized is like a homeless telling a home owner that he is stupid and irresponsible; it’s just laughable because it doesn’t make sense!

  11. AGUMUT says:

    Juukdit is now like a baby Pampers,that’s his real name.

  12. Majongdit says:

    But do women fight?

  13. mapima says:

    Which planet are you coming from? Are you like disgraced the so called the idiot defense minister, oh now I can see in your dinka primitive culture women are still considered as worthless, I now know you are cing from the same planet of dinka planet, when are u maturing into modern civilization? I thought after been living in equatoria for two decades you might have acquired some good knowledge to acquinated yourself into modern civilized society.

  14. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Oyet.& some of you who comments rubbish.
    tell me where did Yau-Yau defeat him in which battle? who are you Equatoria to talk to us? we are not nyam-nyam for nothing, we are for action as you can see now what is going on in south Sudan between Dinka and Nuer. where are you cowards nyam- nyam? if not us Dinka and Nuer who next in south Sudan? you have been talking for him to step down. come and remove him now.

    no one prevented you women to do so. we are not people of talking but for action.

    • Juma Samuel says:

      You are also barking like a mad dog after being screwed by Nuer and Murle. Dinka Bor are not men enough to confront any aggression.
      The fact that you are reckless does not men that you are brave and fierce fighters. Differentiate the two words ( reckless and brave ). Dinkas are reckless and corrupt, tactic less men.

  15. AGUMUT says:

    Why your people line up to buy meats from butchers if you don’t like cattle camp. There is no meats in the South Sudan if there is no Dinka, few Nuer and few in Torit Eastern Equatoria in the South,Dinka are proud of what they do. Those Dinkas who have left now know exactly how rich they are. A fertile soil gift from GOD.

  16. muni james says:

    my idiot,this country belong to all south Sudanese not for for mad people like you aleir.you idiot were you present on that day of 15 December 2014 here in juba.without equatorian where would you be at this time,where would your idiot minister be at this time.do you know that without equatorian your life will be miserable.First where would you get goods,for example basic goods. we equatorian are holding your lives like GOD in south sudan.there is no country in this world that all to be solider.secondly the war which was created to destroy this nation for self interest.one day you will all go behind bars

  17. Isaac Deng says:

    Kuol Manyang Juuk was born by a woman not a man. The one who gave birth to his children is not a man but a woman. This primmitive culrue of disrespecting our mothers and sisters in South Sudan must stop. Kuol Manyang Juuk must apologize to all women of South Sudan now amd not tomorrow. Real man don’t belittle women or disrespecting our women.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Isaac Deng,
      You should be talking like wise man not a fool! Yes, Kuol was born by a woman and we all know that, but don’t you think Kuol is there to protect those women you complaining about? So, for your information Kuol Manyang Juuk encouraging soldiers to protect their all mothers, that includes children and elderly. Just come out clearly that you are one of the rebels and there is no need to hide your feelings. Thanks!

  18. Oyet says:


    You have to revisit the history of south Sudan and Sudan, who betrayed us during the anyanya war? had it not be you traitors dinka and your uncle Abel Alier, we would have gained our independence long ago.
    By the way the nyam nyam you are referring to are yours cousins, nephews born by dinka girls who were given into slavery or exchanged with merely date/Balad simple because in your own dinka ancestral land Khartoum your forefathers grew lazy such that they were unable to produce any fruit to feed your families that is why you are still slave to Khartoum.
    For more than 8 years we the miniority tribes of the madi, acholi, Latoho, Kuku, Bari and Kakuwa just a few to mention were able to fight both you and your arab masters. Bastard go back to Khartoum before we kick you ass, now that the battle between you the unlearned Dinka and us is about to start we will kick your fk ass soon

  19. son of man says:

    So wat r u guys planning to do to hin other than making unnecessary noise on the Media. Wat i can tell madam kopling is that pliz keep yur big mouth close when men r speaking or else u will be kick in the ass in yur hide out mn

  20. job says:

    Just ignore these Equatorian coward b!tches. Don’t you all know that complaining is their culture aka korkor kulu yom? But that’s to be expected, as they are small men, who get intimidated on seeing total men aka muonyjang. Where is the surprise here?

    Jieng liberated South Sudan? Need a proof? Sure!

    The entire SPLA was jieng. All battalions were entire jieng-dit; muormuor, tiger, timsah….even jieng kids were on stand-by mode to fight the enemy. A proof? The famous Jesh Hamer, marek.

    There is a very reason why our founding fathers, such as Deng Nhial, Abel Alier, Dr. John Garang, Salva Kiir, were yet again, Jieng. Was it a conspiracy that Jieng guys have and continue to led South Sudanese mass? You are having a laugh. The answer is simple: jieng has spine, other tribes can only envy our revolutionary feat. Simple.

    As for Nuer, they were always busy being nyageet. Always. Riek is an opportunistic nyagat, who has been a nyagat, killing south Sudanese from 1991 to 2002 when he shamelessly begged Jieng of political power. Now he is at it again. Stupid nyagat.

    Like Riek, majority of Nuer are just tools for Jalab. From taban deng, gatdet, John Luke; all of them, including ones still in Juba.

    As for Equatorians, those little cowards are not men. They were telling Arabs that, rujal mafi in the disgusting Juba Arabic. Now they have cheek to question jieng? God forbid, and Dr. Coward Kipling must go back to the banana tree branch, where he has been dangling. Like Equatorians, his kinds! Thank you!

  21. Eli says:

    Great point Dr Kopling,
    Yes you laid it quite plainly, and this is the true voice of true inteligence that we need from our brave and patriotic nationals.
    But I would like to focus my appeal to people like Dr. Ann Itto, I am sorry to say that you wasting your time, your intelligence and efforts by supporting the regime full of illitrates starting right from top to bottom only bypassing you. Do not continue to be a shame to your parents, to the comminity where you originate from the proud Ma’di people, and last but not least dont be a shame to the nation of South Sudan.
    Here are the reasons why I think you are, Dr. ANN ITTO, a shame to us:
    1- With all your credentials of being a doctor you are rendered power less, you bear the title of interim secretary or whatever you are being called without any authority
    2- You are quiet to this day in condemning gender based hatred speech by your colleaque murderer Kuol Manyang, I wonder is it for the fear of losing your position? If so then that position of yours will never earn you respect among your people. As a woman you should be the first to lead the demonstration for women rights.You have the capacity to do so.
    3- You have been in that position all this time and you have never done anything to help your own people the Ma’di community have been terrorized in their ancestral homeland by the very government supposed to protect them in which you are a part and percel.
    4-You are not taking part in the so-called IGAD led peace process, if this transitional government formation secceeds. What will your position be since you are just acting at the moment? Will you accept to be shaft and pushed around as usual while you call yourself a doctor?

    So, to this end , I think I would like to suggest few options for you:

    1- As a woman of high calibre as you are, you need to take advantage of your position to influence the next generation of young girls so they look up to you, your silence would only mean you accept such labels give to women by the regime in which you helped to built and are still a staunch supporter of the SPLA/M, which is predominantly a dinka men regime in which women like you are just used as tools I just hope that you are not married to a dinka man, which is another shame.

    2- As woman you should know your rights and recognize that the civilized world is behind you, so by being a voice for women rights you will galvanize the whole civilized world behind so that you become a woman with dignity and earn some respect forall S.Sudanese women rather than being puppet and to be bossed around by people who are less educated and primitive in their nature in the first place. We all fought to bring this independence since 1955, you in SPLA/M must be ashame to claim the credits alone.

    3- I strongly suggest if you think your voice means nothing in SPLA/M Juba regime, you should form your own political revolution and unite with your people the Equatorians who are already being sidelined and have joined the oppositions in order to bring sanity and reasoning back to our nation.

    4- Finally, as brother to you and a proud Ma’di, we have never blinked when tough times come to our door steps, we face the challenge and defeat it, I want to assure you that this regime in which you belong has totally lost credibility and our respect. By staying in it you are shaming us and we hereby would like to see you dissociate yourself from Kirr’s regime asap.

    We will unite behind any leader (s) just to see the end of dinkocrazy in our ancestral soils and beloved nation.
    We shall not relent until we see true justice, equality, peace and development and most of all true liberty and pursuits of happiness to our WE THE PEOPLE of SOUTH SUDAN.
    Eli Wani

  22. Tyson says:

    The time for despots is over! These fools thought it was the time when they were butchuring people inocently in the bushes. The blood of the innocent is pleading before God every minute. The Jieng is a curse and will continue to bleed until they repent honestly.
    Today, they are begging presidnt Obama not to sanction them. These idiots should remember, it is not Obama alone who runs America! They will receive sanctions in red carpet.
    Thousands of them will continue to leave as slaves in exile beacuse of fear and atrocities they committed BUT all MUST face justice!!!

  23. BILL KUCH says:

    To you all, ladies and gentlemen,
    Kuol Manyang Juuk did not say anything bad for he was encouraging his soldiers to do their work well. Well, only rebels would not like his comments. Even Dinka ladies don’t like coward men. So, I don’t know what are you talking about? I don’t think he would resign on the website here and you should also know that even his soldiers would not agree with his resignation. The writer is a pure liar for what he said, that Jonglei problems started when Kuol was a governor. And that proved him of being one of the rebels for sure and he don’t even know the history of Jonglei. Those Jonglei’s problems started when Thon Leek was as a governor. The very ladies whose some of them got killed by the rebels would never ask Kuol Manyang Juuk to take back his statement because Kuol is there for their protection, period!

  24. Oyet says:

    hi son of man or woman,

    Go to Mathianganyoor Deng and take close look or ask him about what happened to is palm/fingers, he will tell you, in fact he will be the best teacher to tell you how best were madi militias, he fingers/palm was penetrated through maybe by my bullets, when he attacked pageri in 1988 he run like a woman, he nearly lost his life and hundreds of his men were wounded and killed, I was in that battle.
    Now have you learnt something new today, never called his name again on my face, because he knew how best equatorians are, by the way send my greetings to him, the other day i was told he is sick will AIDS and have quit the SPLA.

  25. AGUMUT says:

    I believe that John Garang and his few cronies did use Misseriya to kill my brother and others in 1988 in the cold-blooded through help from few enemies among sons of Gok to attack people in Twic because of Karubino Kuanyin Bol,but Garang didn’t say anything or condemned the killing nor the government in Khartoum said anything.Those who had planned that one had now left this world,nobody death wish anyone.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      You should be talking of today problems and not John Garang in his 1988. You should know very well that no leader or nobody who is exceptional when it comes to leadership. Well, I know you don’t like John Garang before, but why things are not better today without him? That’s simply because no one who is perfect in leadership without enemies. Thanks!!!

  26. arabbmoi says:

    Dear all Equatorian where ever your, People of Madi land are now need help from all Equatorian people. They are attack by Dinka soldiers and arrest them on daily base.According to the Madias chiefs Kiir has send his Dinka militias to target madi youth as he did to Nuer. Those stupid people who are still think this man call Kiir is a leader must be mad persons. The guy is now a killer believe me or not. Just call Nimule now and hear from people over there.

  27. choldaarok says:

    Dear respected brothers and sisters may you thinks about really peace in mine but not nothings to our nation building; plse feel one nation onebody and remember your days now and ahead of you, for what to do to this beautiful nation; please asks yourself what to? Do you want to damages it’s or to build it’s ? And in which way ? being tribalism chairman or not ?

  28. AGUMUT says:

    So you want me to put past behind,it seems like you are like a Lion King movie. What do you think about Hacking and that war which is going on right now? Garang had Past Hacking to his wife and his wife past those to Riek.

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