Kiir’s withdrawal from borders: Does he really know the implications?

BY: Mulana D’Duot, USA, JAN/01/2013, SSN;

No one ever in the world would make his family to be affected by the disease that he knows how to prevent it. How come we allow our people to be affected by a sickness while we have the best medication that can stop it in a minute? This is sickening to the people of South Sudan when President Kiir made yet another blunder by telling us (citizens of South Sudan) that he’s ordering the withdrawal of our army from the borders. What a great mistake? Did the man forget that the Sudan Armed Forces, SAF, just attacked us last week?

“There are now 3,000 troops fully equipped moving towards the disputed areas. They are moving with heavy weapons and they started their activities with ground attack on areas which are deeply inside our territory. They have started this with the attack on Northern Bahr el Ghazal State and a raid of farmers in Renk County in Upper Nile State,” South Sudan information minister, Barnaba Marial said.

How come would the president, the man who’s charged with protecting us from such attacks would just ignominiously back down with such a defeat, saying: “We are temporarily withdrawing our forces from the immediate border areas. This will allow the demilitarized border zone to be operational. We hope that these arrangements will make sure that peace and stability is maintained along our common border,” in his New Year’s message.

Am I dreaming or did Mr. President really mean when he just said this? Did he just forget that the SAF will take advantage of this action?

He also added that “South Sudan has not given any of its land to Sudan,” adding that its leaders stood firm throughout the year to protect the fundamental interests of its nationals.

Is this true? How come would he say that since he knows that we are aware that the deal was not in the best interest of South Sudan that is why they reject? I am wondering how Mr. President always comes up with these crazy ideas.

Doesn’t he know SAF aim is to annex parts of South Sudan and to drill our oil fields? There might be something behind this move. Is our president being paid by the our enemies to make such useless moves?

We should really think about this because this is the second time for him telling us to withdraw, when he knows very well that our enemies are about to attack us. The first instance was Panthou (Heglig) incident when the SPLA defeated SAF in a defeat that will be remembered for life.

How does Mr. President come up with these ideas? I wish he could be sincere and honest to explain to South Sudanese how he will regain back those lands and the people we have lost to our enemies?

How would you call an acceptably obvious defeat a temporary withdrawal? I don’t really know how he does come up with these decisions of withdrawing our troops back. If there are some people telling him to do so then it’s time South Sudanese have to question these people because these ideas will keep hurting us financially and politically.

This man is failing us. He is quick in pleasing our enemies and they know his weakness very well. How come he is considering the withdrawal our troop from the border when our enemies are amazing their troops on the border? Doesn’t he know that their plans are to capture those areas?

The Mile 14 that was wrongly included in the buffer zone. What is the man smoking… I am wondering if anyone in South Sudan is still proud of Kiir at this time because he is failing us.

I don’t really think that Dr. John Garang would ever come up with such weak ideas if he was still alive and I also don’t know what would Isaiah Abraham say if he was still alive to hear your words, Mr. President.

In addition, I don’t really know if the SPLA Secretary General, Pagan Amum, has any knowledge. I am quite sure that he does not have any idea of what is going on. Sir, people are missing you and they are waiting to hear from you.

Where is the country going and where are these ideas leading us to? Why are young leaders being killed by our security forces, and how can the future be a future without you, leaders?

Please sir, come out, Mr. Kiir is leading us to backwards not forward. Withdrawing our troop from the Border is not what we want nor is it in the best interest of South Sudanese, it is total failure.


  1. michael coma says:

    Mulana D’Duot, My brother, the government has mental problem that nobody has realized its madness. Only God knows where we are heading.

  2. michael coma says:

    Let us give Kiir his time and see what direction he has really prepared for our nation’s future. The only thing I’m worried about is the system he has set with his primitive security that guides by alcohol just to eliminate those who have vision and remain with visionless people.

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