Kiir’s vitriolic campaign against UNMISS

BY: Dr. Peter Kopling, South Sudan, MAR/14/2014, SSN;

President Kiir has launched a dirty campaign against United Nations Mission in South Sudan, the same UN that supports him through thick and thin. The UNMISS, because of their presence, prevented Rwanda style genocide and Now Kiir wants them out, one then is forced to ask what is Kiir after?

In what way is UNMISS mission to serve, saving and protecting lives not helping Kiirs course?

In Bahr El Ghazal, youth and students affiliated with SPLA ruling party have issued ultimatum of 72 hour for the worlds respected body to vacate the State or else will be evicted by force. Though it remains unclear how the youth will evict such powerful world authority.

It must be pointed out here that such threats must not be taken lightly given the UN has already regrettably lost lives on our soil!

How can we turn against our very lifeline? It must be pointed out that the kiir government is using the sole channel of communication in the country, the South Sudan TV, to propagate their vitriolic agenda against the UNIMISS.

This is the classic functioning of a dictator, the likes of Omar El Bashir, Sadam Hussein.. etc, mobilizing their poor to demonstrate in the streets against the West, how well has Kiir learned his dictatorship lesson just in eight years!

In Juba Vice president James Wani Igga led the SPLA youth league rally on Monday in late John Garang Mausoleum. Our youth were blindly mobilized by the President and vice president, to chant slogans like “go away Hilda Johnson”.

Though many people in South Sudan in the past viewed Hilda Johnson as a very close friend to Kiir, how this is now turned on its head.

Since the December 15 2013 Juba Massacre, the relationship between the UMMISS and the government of south Sudan is strained.

It is reported that the information minister Michael Makuei went as far as wiretapping the phone calls of Hilda Johnson and other UNMISS top officials in the country.

The most embarrassing thing for Kiirs government happened when the interior Minister Makuei was denied access into the UN compound in Benitue with his entourage of armed soldiers and video cameras; shamelessly he came back to Juba and reported maliciously, and twisted the report to Kiir that UN is running a paralleled administration on top of that of Kiir in Juba.

The issue here is not that Kiir doesn’t like UNMISS and is not that UNMISS is running a paralleled administration or government on top of a government as suggested by Kiir’s parrots, the likes of the Vice president, but rather, Kiir seems to be addicted to tendency of intimidating anyone who disagreed with him.

Kiir and his cabinet have accused the UNMISS for not condemning what the President called a failed coup attempt masterminded by his former vice president Dr Riek Machar, and his colleagues who oppose Kiir and want to see more reforms within the SPLA ruling party.

Since UNMISS did not buy these lies and seemed to have different view from Kiir, thus the only way for Kiir to deal with the world body is to tarnish them by labeling them as siding with the rebels.

Does this surprise anyone who truly understands the modus operandi of this government?

Is this not the very same tactic he used against Team Riek who had different views than him and he turned around and used the incident of his very own illegal militias infighting to blackmail, but also eliminate those opposed to him by either assassinations or imprisonments?

His reactions to dissent, opposing view seems to eliminate, kill and imprison, rather than listen, negotiate and compromise!

This being the case, is it any surprise then that he is putting more efforts in executing the war rather than the peace in Addis Ababa?

Is it any wonder then that he is now mobilizing simple and poor citizens of South Sudan Who benefited tremendously from the World body to kick out UNMISS?

It should surprise no keen observer that this is how Kiir operates against those who disagree with him.

It should worry every citizen of South Sudan that, If those who fought with him for 21 years, those who watched his back like Pagan Amun, or the very Matriarch of our land, Rebecca Nyandeng, could be smeared and accused of a coup, and now the latest victim is none other than the World’s very respected body, then who are you and who is me that will be spared by Kiir?

Is there therefor anyone safe in South Sudan with this Kiir government?

So the UNIMISS must stick to its gun and not leave our country at the mercies of this irrational government.

It is clear here that the UNMISS was playing its role responsibly though being a victim. It is reported that those UN deaths occurred in the hands of the Rebels and yet now the UN is being accused of supporting the Rebels?

And this is unfortunate because it puts the lives of the UNMISS personals at risk, given the nature of Kiir’s Militia and the massacre they carried in Juba.

Why is Kiir fomenting animosity against UNMISS that can cause lives?

The constant negative campaign brought by Kiir against UNMISS has got nothing to do with what UN is doing in South Sudan. Kiir and his top cabinets members feel since UN is hosting in the UNMISS Camps some highly wanted Nuer whom Kiir’s government accused of being pro rebels.

By forcing UN out of the country, those wanted Nuer military men who have sought refuge in the UNMISS will be left without any protection and surely will be executed and definitely more massacre of the Nuer Women and Children.

This is at the center of the government mischievous maneuvers to bring all sorts of accusation against UNMISS.

This was the plan behind kiir’s security forces destroying the toilet/latrine pits and bathing places located outside the UN compound in Juba, which housed more than 25,000 Neur Civilians since 15 December 2013.

If UNMISS had all these years not seen this dark side of Kiir, blackmailing his opponents to rid them, I say to the UNMISS, welcome to Kiir’s South Sudan, You are now all true South Sudan, Free range for Kiir and his Cronies.

Just as many analysts pointed out, indeed on 12 March it came to light that the alleged convoy marked for carrying UN humanitarian relief materials and later on found to be carrying guns was government plan to bring more accusation on UN.

The guns and other military materials were said to have been inserted in the trucks by South Sudan security personals to fabricate and implicate the world body in the Civil war so as to Kick them out of South Sudan.

This is so as to have a free range for massacre. If Kiir can demand UNMISS, who have not been involved in Direct fire power with him, to leave the country, why then will he expect less from Riek and teams, when they demand Uganda who is actively on the frontline but also in the air dropping cluster bombs and killing fellow countrymen in our sovereign territories to leave?

What Hypocrisy in Kiir’s part!

It seems additionally the main issue here also is, the UNMISS likely is getting too close to finding out that Kiir indeed committed genocide in Juba, Kiir therefor wishes UNMISS out of South Sudan, to eventually be replaced by his IGAD buddies who will bury his sins to avoid ICC.

This is one of the core reasons of him turning against the UNMISS, who likely are finally telling him things as they are.

If the UNMISS is forced out of the country will the government be able to fill the vacuum left by the UN in South Sudan?

This is a crippled government desperate, searching for solution to hang to power; my mere advice is that Kiir should instead turn to UN for the most needed basic support.

South Sudan cannot even run its own budget until UN chief Ban Mon, appointed a special economist to do the budgeting for the country beside that all the running schools and hospitals in the country are directly funded by UN agencies and other humanitarian organization.

Therefore South Sudan launching this useless campaign war against the UN is like a small child of 10 years telling his parents, I want you to give me my freedom and independence to move away from home.

This is a suicidal mission for this child and if the UN indeed were to pull out of the country this will pave way for Kiir to massacre more Nuer people and anyone who will oppose him.

All responsible People of South Sudan instead should urge the world bodies to exert more pressure on Kiir to leave the World body alone to carry on with their mandate to serve and save lives in South Sudan as they are now doing.

Kiir is naïve and lacks wisdom to rule a country and behave responsibly in the world communities, and he doesn’t have any peaceful ways to resolve indifference between him and the people whose views are different from his.

All this is a sign that Kiir is very badly handicapped and disadvantaged by feelings of insecurity due to his limited educational achievements.

We have seen leaders like him before throughout Africa and other countries in Asia. For such a leader to survive, they resort to repression, oppression, imprisonment of opponents and antagonizing the World bodies.

Unfortunately those surrounding him do not tell him the truth for the fear of loosing their livelihood and lives making this disease incurable, they pump up his ego rather than telling him the truth. So Kiir is doomed.

In conclusion, the blame and unrelenting campaign launched by Kiir against the UN is baseless, and it just reckless and utter nonsense.

This will not help the country from moving forward, instead it will place us in awkward position in the world stage and risk more lives.

Kiir yet again is acting irrational, irresponsible and we need someone to tell him the truth. He now is the exact carbon copy of the system in the former Sudan he spent his entire adult life fighting.

The UNMISS needs to know, we the Ordinary people of South Sudan, who are the majority, need you to stay and do not leave us in the Mouth of the Lion, no matter how loud he roars!

Why leave South Sudan, only to see us again in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Congo, CAR and Sudan?

Dr Peter Kopling.

He who maintains Silence in the face of evil, condones it.


  1. Dear Dr.Peter Kopling:

    You have gone too far! President Kirr is a president.He knew the reason why he would like UNMISS to go out from the country! Maybe he is has no money to keep them in the country.Leaving them to stay in the country,who is going to pay them for their stay??? You??? They are there in the country to get paid them money from the government of the South Sudan!

    If you have a power to keep them in the country,you better tell the government of South Sudan Republic for your responsibility! I am not refuse them not to stay.But I want know who is going to take care of them for their living?? Thank you! Leave the President Kirr well with his work?

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      My Brave Otuho Chief, I think you should think through carefully what Dr.Kopling is saying, I do not know how the UNIMISS get paid but even if our government pays them, I will rather have our oil money go to pay those who are keeping us from killing more of our people or feeding our dying people rather than like the 4.5 Billions dollars going into the pockets of Kiirs and his tribesman and puppets from other tribes. So give the money to the UN not to politicians.

    • democrat says:

      UNMISS being paid by the Government or did you mean Museveni? let us talk sense here please. Dr peter is right and this is the scenario now in south Sudan. Can you please recall the CPA modalities as the basic reference ? kiir is not working chief Abaker. he is trash of human waste in south Sudan.

  2. Pan says:

    UNMISS has helped fuel chaos and prostitution and all kinds of other rot in RSS. They are not the Great White Saviors. They are mere mortals with business interests. Follow the history of the UN in Sudan/South Sudan starting with Operation Lifeline Sudan, look at their inefficacy in Darfur, Abyei, Rumbek. Continue on to their collusion and silence during the Rwandan genocide and their activities in the DRC. Get your head out of the clouds and look beyond your own neighborhood to understand the role and character of your Great White Hope.

    Dr. Peter Kopling, UNMISS is hanging on for dear life after failing miserably. The UN is moving toward a ”one world” nation of glass eyed bullies at the top and sovereignty and socalled democracy is the last thing on its agenda. Maybe you will accept crumbs and to be silenced in exchange for being allowed to drive Hilde and cohorts around town in their big cars, but not all of us will.

  3. Elijah Samuel says:

    DR. Kopling, Thanks you for this well thought out article.Mr. President by Decree now wants the UNIMISS by decree? How ungrateful is this president? So now you kick out UIMISS, then what are you going to do with those in the UNIMISS camps, What about those being fed by the UNIMISS? I suspect no one is advising this president. I for one I do not want UN to leave South Sudan, because I agree more death will occur.
    Even before December 15th2013, we saw each time there was an outbreak of violence, UN was always there to contain them, what would have happened if UN was not there? The UN must stay.

  4. monychol says:

    Dr.Kepling,you are right.This military junta is no different from_ the other military junta dictatorships you have described and the UN dealt with them according to international law.This m,ilitary junta is going to face it tough.Saddam Hussein faced it and Charles Taylor faced too .Kiir Mayardit is a matter of time and he will be at the dock at the ICC.This military junta has made the nation a global pariah. This venomous guy called Makuei Lueth is such a brute savage beast who deserves to be locked away.Makuei Lueth is the fabricator of this entire saga and he uses the same smear. tactics that he uses on the citizens on world body and he will get it sticky.South Sudan will be expelled and oil money shall be used for food of the displaced citizens of South Sudan .

  5. Dr Andy Murusal says:

    I remember you and our School days in Torit and Imatong in Khartoum. You have not change from the word you wrote. May you allow me to correct you here. UNMISS is 100% funded by the UN member states and not the Government of South Sudan.

  6. lomika says:

    hmmm! Yah Chief Abiko so Kiir pays for UNMISS! and South Sudan largely relies on donors to undertake development activities!

  7. Dear Dr.Andy Murusal:
    Long silent! Mong! Dr.Andy,I read your comment.Can you give an example to the countries that are funding the UNMISS???

    My dear.I knew some of you still having COMPLEX INFERIORITY on west! I live with you in Torit at home.The Norwegian Church Aird Relief(NCAR) They have been in Torit since the signing of Addis Ababa Accord of 1972.Have you seen the development been done in Torit until now?? Torit is now very FILTHY! Nothing has changed! Let President Kirr go along with his action! Do not leave a tse tse flies in the villages to bite you!Get a medicine to take them away! Instead to give to you Elephantize disease! Thank you!

  8. g Pet says:

    The doctor is right.what bad has Hilde done? your president is not judging things ,the way they are.He will settle the bill of rough dealing with the UNMISS.

  9. Chief Abiko! says:


    The donors,do not give to you money for free bear in mind because of your conditions in the regions.They ask them back from the government accounts in the countries with their interests at will the same time! Take a hoes.Till a food by yourself to avoid much exploitations! Thank you!

    If President Kirr,do not pay to the UNMISS in the government,they will blame Kirr administration with wrong false allegations all kinds to tarnish his government records!

    Be informed that the donors,themselves,they have not given the money yet to Kirr in the government in the South Sudan.They are talking on mouths without any good actions from them! They are bunch of liars!!

  10. Diplo Guest says:

    Honestly brothers and sisters of south sudan,the government of salva kiir must be rubbished out. I am from EES. the massacre of nuer civilians in Juba still paining me or may be some south sudanese. That is why he mobilises poor people to protest against UNMISS the official body in the country. My appeal to all citizens of south sudan, let us rally behind UNMISS and support it, because it has saved alot of lifes which the government of salva kiir wants to kill. Lastly do not listen to SSTV, it is full of lies and propogandas.

  11. Kidepo says:

    Sultan Abiko-

    You are a dishonest Chief (Igesem iye bebe hobu) Abiko!

    You write like those unpopular cheap Otuho from Tirangore like some kinds of unpopular Otuho State Ministers who are selling out their arses to unpopular Governor Lobong and kiir for positions. How on earth that you don’t know where the UN gets their development and mission fund from?.

    Otuho community has the highest number of intellectuals in the whole of EES including PHDs holders among other communities in EES like the Madi community. Good number of Otuho intellects know very much the sources of UN fund and I am wondering how comes you could not ask any of the Otuho intellectuals who are currently working in UN as local and International staffs abroad to brief you where UN gets fund from?

    Tell me how UN was functioning before the CPA and outside South Sudan.

    What a disgrace Chief?

  12. Dear Kidepo:

    Who is perfect in life among people in creation??? If I become dishonest for me,it is not a big deal at all for me! All people are born honest and dishonest bear in mind including you yourself!

    Sorry,I do not know the cheap people in Tirangore village from Otuho.Tirangore people,they are pure Otuho and well manned people and women.They have not yet been cheaped before in life!

    For you,be informed that Otuho people by nature,they are born not cheap at all! Can you explain honestly for me the reasons why you knew that they are cheap for you??

    Kidepo:You need a big help! About the United Nations, you know nothing about!!!! The founders of the United Nations, they were five countries only in the world,China,Russia,Great Britain,France,and the United States.They collect money from non United Nations countries to fulfill their interests! See the UNMISS,you do not see them there.They put soldiers from the poor countries from the third world.Other nations members in the United Nations,they do not have a power in front of God! They are there a pure pictures!

    Now,you said,Otuho intellectuals and Madi intellectuals,knew the sources of UN funds.Tell me who are those people from Otuho and Madi????!!! VERY FUNNY Thank you Kidepo!

    About politics:Governor Louis Lobong Lojore,and President Kirr,If Otuho sold to them the areas for a positions,you need to talk to those people. I am far from that problem! I am a listener.That is all I can do!

  13. Waniki says:


    Just baseless argument explain how UNMISS instigate the war and created prostitution? are you sure about what you are saying or you simply heard that from other people, in south Sudan every institution will collapse without the funding of UN, and without UN and its agencies million more than 3 million people will be expose to abject starvation, without UN and its humanitarian agencies primary health acre will be to zero granted.
    For years your lazy Dinka people survived with humanitarian aid supplied by UN and till today your people are surviving because of UN donation and the shortsighted likes of Michael Makuei who have enriched himself with stolen oil money will not think about the innocent Dinka whose livelihood depends on UN, come on get serious don’t be misled by the idiot. michael Makuei, Ateny Wek Ateny and many other dinka elites have not concept to think about the consequence of UN leaving the country.

    • Pan says:

      Waniki, thanks for your comment. I got my information about UNMISS from having my eyes and feet on the ground in South Sudan. What about you? UNMISS is a bandaid that has been trying to camouflage a hemorrhage in RSS for years in order to do its contract and military magic for the bigger powers. Try to study some. It’s surprising that you accuse ”lazy Dinkas” of benefiting the most from aid and yet it is largely non-Dinka who don’t want to see them go. Given that Equatorians have dominated the local aid sector (the role of drivers, security guards, secretaries, cleaning staff and now and then procurement officers given to them by the masters), your reaction toward the UN protest is understood.

  14. Malith Alier says:

    Dear informed Dr. Kopling,
    “The most embarrassing thing for Kiirs government happened when the interior Minister Makuei was denied access into the UN compound in Benitue with his entourage of armed soldiers and video cameras; shamelessly he came back to Juba and reported maliciously, and twisted the report to Kiir that UN is running a paralleled administration on top of that of Kiir in Jub”
    Your article is full of errors as per the above paragraph. Makwei is not the Minister of Interior and he was not denied access to UN compound in Bentiu but Bor.
    Your are protective of UNMISS perhaps outside South Sudan. You have gone as far as saying that the arms on the trucks were inserted by security to black mail the world body contrary to what UNMISS says. UNMISS says that the arms were for its Ghanaian contingent. Check this out and align your views with those of UNMISS first before going public.
    Your article therefore, is motivated by your hatred for Kiir and interests of South Sudanese citizens at large.
    Therefore, you should follow many other Doctors of South Sudanese origin who are lost in the in art of life.

  15. Kidepo says:

    Sultan Abiko,

    You are still a lying and confusing chief thus far because in your statement to Dr Peter Kopling you said “President Kirr is a president. He knew the reason why he would like UNMISS to go out from the country! Maybe he has no money to keep them in the country. Leaving them to stay in the country, who is going to pay them for their stay??? You???. They are there in the country to get paid them money from the government of the South Sudan!” end quote.

    From the above quoted statement you are insinuating that Kiir’s Govt is the one paying UNMISS excluding the UN Top donors; USA, UK, France, China, Russia, to mentioned some that is why you would like Kiir to accent his decision of whetehr UNMISS should be kept or chased out.

    Talking of Original Otuho, you, I and all Otuho know very much which Nilotic Otuho segment is speaking original Otuho dialect up to now of which Tirangore is not Mr Chief Abiko.

    Why embarrassing yourself?

    You are the one who is in need of help not Kidepo!

  16. Chief Abiko! says:


    I hear you well in your respond to mine to you! I suspect you right now,your identity is not clear from me at all! No a single village in Otuho people,in the homeland,has not said,Tirangore are not Otuho!!! It is very funny! Stop mocking Tirangore village! You may find yourself in the depth water! Otuho people are far from sadistic talk! They talk always decent talk!

    If you belong to Otuho,control your tongue from mocking!

    Now,I come to you,on United Nations issue: I knew some people like you,they are preassumed that the money came from UN top donors USA,FRANCE,GREAT BRITAIN,CHINA,RUSSIA.It is very funny! These countries,they have not donated money for the sake of helping people no sir! bear in mind very hard! I am living in the United States,there are no ways to collect money in the streets like people looking on for the diamonds on the golds! Even a $1,is not easy to get! Go to China,Chinese people,they are sleeping under the trees!

    The United Nations,the permanent five countries,China,France,Russia,the United States,Great Britain, they do not bother themselves for the regional matters in which they thought,they are a minor matters!They look for their big matters on who is who in the west!

    The money,they give to people in the name of United Nations,for business purpose!They will demand from the country,that has been assisted on money with interests attach! If the country, do not pay back,they will take the country account and they will stop money to that country treasury in the government until the country in the government comply to repay whether the government do not like it or not!

    Now,they have attacked President Salva in the South Sudan Republic in the new nation.They said,President,is behaving not good to the world body!You may see the country of South Sudan,is going to suffer economically at this point in front of God! Believe me sir! Bye for now!!!

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