Kiir’s Success in Pulling the wool over the eye of the White House

BY: Dr Peter Kopling, South Sudan, APR/25/2014, SSN;

The Juba government has been pulling wool over the eyes of its subjects the South Sudanese as well as the international communities but the US government in particular, which tend to fall for the deceptions coming from Juba each time. It is thus very thinkable that the US did not see this conflict coming and if they did then they have let down the suffering people of South Sudan.

Partly it seems this is stemming from the White House’s shock due to the horror news coming out of their brainchild new nation and wanting to believe the baby they hatched, finding it hard it could commit such abominable atrocities.

The US finds itself with the syndrome of a mother who will condemn vigorously a crime committed by someone else’s son but speaking only timidly when the very crime is committed by her very own son, the very one that comes from her bosom.

Thus it is no wonder so far the US has fallen for each of Juba’s lies and deceptions because of this Mother-Son Syndrome. When will she learn that this son has now turned criminal thus not all that he says and does must be taken at face value?

We have learned today that the remaining four political detainees are pardoned for their alleged coup. They have been dragged through dirt, their lives threatened; family members murdered and humiliated and they endured a kangaroo court and the revelations in court carried no water.

Rather than the court ruling there is no evidence to say the four attempted coup, by default this will also imply Riek did not attempt any coup, however in keeping with their signature politics of deception, they pulled the pardon card.

What it really means in their twisted minds is, that yes it remained shielded forever that there was a coup but the “generous peace-loving president pardoned these coup plotters”.

This is a huge lie, It has been leaked that the court was prepared to rule, there was no evidence of coup produced during the trial if it where left to act independently.

Kiir government have been informed of the Court’s findings and their intended ruling. Instead of facing embarrassment and apologizing to the nation for taking us in this path of bloodshed on false pretends, they instead pulled the Pardon card.

By doing so, they have in essence still insisted there was a coup but they have pardoned these particular plotters.

What are the implications of these political moves by Kiir?

Well in essence now these are pardoned criminals rather than falsely accused and exonerated patriots Vs. Kiir the benevolent peace lover.

Now these our great patriots are tainted as criminals simply for being Kiir’s political opponents, thus their political carriers are killed. What a shrewd dictator.

I hope here that the international bodies see that, this government triggered this war on false pretence and has caused the lives of our fellow citizens simply for trying to rid himself of political opponents.

The sad thing and the real tragedy for South Sudanese people is, this deceptions which should have received wide condemnations specially from our Mentor country the USA felt in tight lips among its politicians and the White House could have made a difference by telling Kiir as it is.

When the coup was announced the US came out hurriedly condemning what it called individuals trying to “take power by force,” instead blaming the victims of this con artist while failing to see they have been lied to.

Consequently, the US missed to see the problem was and still is one who is trying to remain in power indefinitely by force, and that tyranny is fully born in South Sudan.

It is and should be very evident that the Oppositions did not choose to fight but rather they were forced to fight for their lives and that of their tribesmen by extension the nation.

This war was not made into ethnic by the oppositions but rather by Kiir himself when he massacred Nuer women and children in Juba at the onset of this conflict but there was no outrage from the White House about this horror out of Juba, rather than a timid generic mention of “atrocities were committed from both sides”.

The US was dubbed into these hurried judgments by again another lie told to them about Riek that he is a murderer and would come to massacre people in Juba if left unchecked.

Thus it was the US, according Museveni’s version that asked Uganda to intervene in South Sudan to prevent revenge massacre but yet a massacre and a genocide of a People have been carried in the capital city at the doorsteps of the US embassy in Juba.

In their erroneous preconceived ideas about Riek, they, the US, protected a genocidal President Kiir and did not up to now come out with a strong language of condemnations against the Juba massacre as we see of the languages being used concerning the alleged Bentui killings by the oppositions.

Again the Mother-Son Syndrome, what the son says is believed easily without hard questions only to be embarrassed later as the truth comes out but still remaining mute.

The “others” alleged crimes are condemned loudly while mute about the sons very same known crime leave alone alleged. This is where the White House finds itself.

The Government of Kiir has to date made criminal moves and waged propaganda war of lies from the start of this war. They initiated political purging, took lives and caused loss of our fellow Citizens on the premises of lies.

The highlights below should bring to bear the modus operandi of this Kirr government. We got here; they took our country to the precipice because of:
1) The illegal Militia recruited majorly from Kiir’s tribal men in target of Dr. Machar and Nuer people.
2) The twisted report of the in fight among these militia triggered by government discriminated disarmament of Nuer members of the Militia as he planned to unleashed his criminal intent of silencing his political opponents and eliminating Riek.
3) The declarations of the now, known false and non-existent coup. He silenced the oppositions.
4) The massacre of Nuer women and children in Juba, with or without Riek, the Nuer would have fought back because of this massacre of their women and Children. This is the genesis of the war for the Nuer, for them it is a war of survival; Kiir gave them no other options. This point must not be missed. There were close to 15 other people with Riek in his opposition to Kiir from numerous tribes to include Kiir’s very own, how comes it was only Nuer targeted in Juba? He started the ethnic element of the conflict.
5) The bringing of Ugandan Mercenaries in the Conflict, he regionalized the conflict.
6) The initial denials that the Ugandans are involved. Habitual liar.
7) The use of Ugandan jet-fighters and cluster bombs. Practicing unconventional war.
8) The massacre of Nuer Civilians in recaptured towns of Bor, Malakal etc. Gross human rights abuses.
9) The false accusations labeled against The UN that it was smuggling arms for the Rebels. He globalized the conflict. This is not a peacemaker.
10) The mobilizations of government supporters, mostly its paramilitary in “sheep clothes” of civilian Youth, to protest against the UN.
11) The presence of SPLM north fighting alongside the Kiir’s men.
12) The UNMISS camp attack and killing of Nuer IDP in UN camp in Bor. He crossed every line.

The above are some of the few deceptive and criminal acts through which the Kiir government has been waging this war. They have lied in all of these cases, as the above points now are very evident.

The opposition first called them out on this and each an every single time the opposition turns out to be correct.

Now consider the Bentiu Saga, Bentiu has fallen to the Rebels at onset of the war, the government took it back, then the Rebels came and took it over a matter of few months.

Essentially Bor, Malakal and Bentiu have constantly been war zones, changing hands to and from since the onset of this war not like Juba.

Even Juba where the war started, in the beginning most foreigners left Juba and even now not fully returned. Why is Bentiu very different, and now we are told was flourishing with foreigners although being a war zone with constant change of hands, we are now led to believe that there were vibrant such large number of foreign civilians trading in Bentiu, trading to and with who if most locals are displaced and war ravaged?

Why is the world so ready to swallow the lies of Kiir yet again that these Darfurians killed in Bentiu are Civilians rather than the very same ones, the like of the Ugandan forces that have been fighting and killing the oppositions along side Kiir’s army all these times as the towns of Bor, Malakal Bentiu changes hands to and fro?

The war was looming for days and active fires went on more than two days, Civilians fled and to the UN camps. These Darfurians who claimed to have fled from war from Darfur would be the first to run for safety but the truth is they are there in combat and died in combat.

Today in the protest arranged by Darfurians in Juba, High government officials in the likes of Kuol Manyong, the Defence minister, came to give condolence.

Have we ever before heard a single condolence from Kiirs government to the communities massacred in Juba, Bor, Malakal as is to this purported Civilian Bentiu massacre? Something is fishy.

Consider the timing of the release of the four detainees perfectly to ride this wave of success of public opinion against the opposition, essentially the success of their lies, I can only see in closed doors they are grinning and tossing to it!

How on earth does this young country learn the evil art so well and so very quickly?

This should be clear by now that those dead were SPLA North who died in the battle field in support of Kiir, thus his henhmen men came out to condemn this loudly while remaining mute about the rest.

The UN and the world and the US in particular fell again for Kiir lies and rather than restraining Kiir, again they, the US government, is by this selected outrage helping a known genocidal president Kiir at the expense of his victims, the South Sudanese people.

When will they realize this horror is born by Kiir and will end with Kiir?

It is said you can fool some of the people some of the time however Kiir’s has succeeded to fool the international community all the times.

However, as our African saying goes “You can fart under the water, but it shall eventually come to the surface.”

The tragedy for our nation is that the world has refused to see the bubbles of Kiir’s repeated large and loud farts at the peril of his victims, we the people.

Dr Peter Kopling, MD.


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    Dr Kopling, Thank you for this well articulated article. Something did not seem right when Kiirs official started to claim that the UN turned away the Darfur people as they ran for safety but the UN Vehemently denied the allegations where as in Bor they went after those in the UN camp, what a contradictory message. Why on earth will the UN turn away Civilians unless for people who approach their facility with guns?
    None the less, This may confirm the claim by the opposition that those Darfur people were combatants and were killed by Kiir’s own men. Come to think about it Kiir has distinguished himself in Blackmailing, we have seen it in this so called coup. We have seen this Wau, Yei, Nimule and Labone in Acholi land.Shame on this savage president!

  2. Choromke Jas says:

    You are spot on. The very son of Africa is in the White House and yet he listens to bureaucrats who are bent on destroying certain group of people on this Continent. I think the main culprit is Museveni. Some years ago, the Americans made a mistake to tackle Kony of the LRA in DR Congo. In the process, the American special forces were massacred by Kony’s men. This was reported as the Guatemalans UN peace keepers who were killed. From that time on ward, the Americans want to get Kony. So their presence in northern Uganda with the drones is not because they love the Acholi people and thus want to punish Kony for his atrocities against his own people; it is because, like Bin Laden, Kony must be killed. Then enters Museveni. The Americans cannot operate in Uganda without the approval of Museveni. For his approval, the Americans have rewarded him generously. They support him against the El Shabab in Somalia where the fighting Ugandans contingent are mostly Acholi and other northern Ugandans, who Museveni despises. They seem to extend this support to his adventure in South Sudan.

    Museveni is very adept at deceiving the West or the West just willingly wants to believe him. During his guerrilla war against Obote and Tito Okello, Museveni used to dress his militia in the “Ugandan Army” (Obote’s Okello’s soldiers’) uniform who would then proceed to massacre the Baganda in the Luwero Triangle (the battle field). The militia would then disappear and reappear in different uniform to commiserate with the victims that the massacres were the work of Obote or Tito. The Baganda were duped into believing this ruse. The Baganda continued to support Museveni in the war (This was later exposed to the public by one of his Generals called Ota-Fire).

    Museveni also got Western journalists who helped him how to sequence news so that the bad ones can be nullified by the “apparently” good news. Sacking a Nuer Chief of Staff is followed swiftly by the “benevolence” of President Kiir in pardoning the coup plotters). To me, the happenings in Bentiu bear the hallmark of Museveni’s modus operandi. They killed the people in Bentiu, including Nuers, then turned around to say the dead Nuer did not go out to cheer the rebels. How much time did the rebels have to really ethnically sort the people out? The same can be said about the Bor so-called youths incident. Here, Museveni was closely matched by the SPLA/M copy cat behavior. The flag of the SPLA/M, the Court of Arms, etc all are copied from other countries directly (The flag is Kenyan, the Court of Arm is from of the American agencies). The Russians have just succeeded in getting away with murder in Crimea. The SPLA strategists studied the Putin’s method of cladding his agents in neutral uniforms. Then presto! this can be copied in Bor.

    The US bears great responsibility to the South Sudanese people. It will gain nothing if it sticks with the falling dictator, Kiir. We the South Sudanese will remember who were our true friends in this time of need. Will the American people look us in the eye and say: We were with you through thick and thin? Obama must break out from his suffocating bureaucrats and do the right thing as all good leaders do: Force Kiir to abdicate.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      You have indeed thrown more lights on what indeed happened! If we observe the style of operations and framing of opponents Kiir used in Wau, Nimule etc, we see they would kill locals and frame those they want to get. In Juba it was the very same thing. The Infight between the Militia had nothing to do with the arrested politicians, if any it had to do with Kiir, these were his Militia but guess what we saw how Riek narrowly escaped being murdered in Juba and the rest of his colleagues where thrown in Jail.
      Now it is reported those killed in Bentiu were Nuer and Darfurians. The Nuer went to bush because they are fighting to rescue their people, Does Kiir want to fool us that these Nuer were killed by their own tribes man? who has been killing Nuer since December 2013? This same is who kiled these Nuer and the Darfurian and piled their bodies for publicity period!
      Shame on Kiir

  3. Malou says:

    Dear Dr Kopling thanks you that is your thought, but what I want to say be neutral in explaining what happen in South Sudan There is masscre of Dinka in Bantiu even UNIMISS is witness but you don,t meaning it.for Regionalize we are sure now Bashir is fighting alongside your rebel forces in bantiu, so all this are isolated cases let think for the soultion as a south Sudanese

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