Kiir’s South Sudan spies infiltrate refugee camps in Adjumani

By MARTIN OKUDI, Daily Monitor of Kampala, UGANDA, NOV/22/2016, SSN;

ADJUMANI- Fear has engulfed Adjumani District leaders and security officials following unconfirmed reports that a group of spies from South Sudan infiltrated refugee camps in the district to carry out espionage refugees who have settled in Uganda.

On average, around 2,400 new refugees arrive in Uganda from South Sudan daily, fleeing political violence that followed the collapse of a peace deal between Kiir and Machar inked in August last year that had raised hopes of peace. Some 330,000 have arrived so far this year.

Mr James Leku, the chairman of the border district said his office received information about South Sudan spies who repeatedly cross into the district to spy on their fellow citizens with the intention of repatriating those who are suspected of being involved in subversive activities against the war-tone state.

“I have heard of strange people who have entered into our district with ill intentions of arresting and repatriating refugees to South Sudan to torture and jail them,” Mr Leku said.

Earlier, reliable sources from Juba revealed the names of the senior government officials dispatched to Uganda and some are yet to arrived in Kampala in the coming days, among the senior officials sent to Uganda to carry a primary mission of arrests and deportations against officials of SPLA-IO, these Kiirs agents are all Equatorians and their names are enlisted here:

1- Gen. Obutu Mamur, the Minister of national security in the office of the President,
2- Ambassador (so-called) John Andruga Duku, assigned in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
3- Gen Johnson Juma Okot, former SPLA commander of Western Equatoria, who’s pending trial for money scandal and currently without assignment in the army though he remains active member of SPLA army,
4- Gen Paul Omoya,
5- Gen Mikaya Modi, former Director for custom, and,
6- Ali Moroto, a Madi who was an ex-president of Uganda, Idi Amin’s security agent.

Further, Mr. Leku warned that spying on refugees in a country where they sought asylum is criminal and those involved, if arrested, would be dealt with under the laws of Uganda.

He was on Monday speaking during a public dialogue at Multi-Purpose Youth Centre in Adjumani.

Ms Josephine Angucia, the police spokesperson for North Western region, during recent community policing in refugee settlements in Adjumani District dismissed reports of South Sudan spies infiltrating refugee camps.

“Refugees are protected by the law. Anyone who tempers with their peaceful stay in Uganda will be arrested and taken to court,” Ms Angucia said.

Mr Wilson Manyok, the Adjumani Refugee Welfare Council chairperson said his office has not received complaints about intruders who are spying on the refugees.

“I have not moved to all the settlements but it may be true because some refugees shy away from sharing security related threats for fear of being victimised,” Mr Manyok said.

There are over 180,000 South Sudan Refugees living in 18 settlement centers in Adjumani district alone.


  1. wanilosake says:

    Dear Writer Are you talking about spies or Government Officials???
    It looks like those names most of them are government officials is it possible for a minister to be a spy???
    Equatoria to move forward it should be base on leaders who know what they are up to but not propagandist who just want to create havoc so that they promote themselves as some of them had done so to be become Brigadier Generals
    but we must count the cost

  2. Eastern says:

    Dear All,

    Wilson Manyok will not “receive any complaints about the intruders in his office”. Manyok’s role as a chairperson of the Adjumani Refugee Welfare Council is a double-edged knife. Those in Adjumani just need to be watchful!

    As for Josephine Angucia, the North Western region police publicist, the dwindling petrodollar being dished out by the Juba establishment as appeasement to gain support from neighboring countries has reached her coffers. Ms. Angucia will deny that the Mathiang Anyoor do not the route between Kajo Keji and Kaya passing via Yumbe in Uganda.

    Folks in the camps in Adjumani should take heed of what Mr. James Leku is saying; he’s a community leader and he’s closer to the communities in Adjumani than any other Manyok, Angucia, Wanilosakes of this world.

    The government in Juba is desperate and is ready to cling onto any straw, including hiring some desperate Ugandan security operatives to do their bidding.Forewarned is forearmed!

    • lodani rama says:

      Brother lets leave wasting time in this lies. Citizens are not enemies of state. We should embark on peace and reconciliation. Lies rumours and assumptions can not and will not help us. Our citizens need peace and the only way forward is for war mongers to stop creating fear among our people. Those who have taken up arms should denounce violence and start working on peaceful political talks with the government. People are tired of lies now.

      • Eastern says:

        lodani rama,

        Those who have taken up arms against Kiir are just reacting; Kiir provoked them. You can not ask those defending themselves to denounce violence when it was Kiir who first meted violence on them. As for the attempt of the dinka government to try to extend its sticky fingers across the borders, especially into Uganda, those fingers will be scaled! You cannot wish for peace, you must be seen to work for it. Kiir is not even giving chance to JMEC, ceasefire monitors, UNMISS, etc the chance to engage with the other partners to the peace agreement which is in comma.

        lodani rama, Kiir and cohorts will be resisted using all available means, including armed confrontation as is now happening. Kiir, in his desperate attempt to cling to power, will drain the economy by directing all national resources to buy arms. This strategy is bearing fruit as can be seen in depreciation of the national currency the SSP. Ask Kiir to cede power!

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Historically, leaders..especially African leaders… have the misfortune of not recognizing their unpopularity, they stick like geckos on the wall because they never learn from history.
          Kiir, having outlived his mandate and popularity in the country, should silently cede power in J-1 and move into exile or Warrap otherwise the longer he sticks to power in Juba, the worse the hatred he exacerbates between the jieng and the majority of South Sudanese will persist, get worse and the country will just end up in utter disintegration.
          That was what Obote, Mengistu and Gadafi, did to their own countries and we all vividly remember the terrible consequences that were done in these countries. As I intimated some time back in an editorial, the jieng must conscientiously and patriotically take the responsibility of getting rid of Kiir and the JCE before the entire combined onslaught of the majority South Sudanese booted Kiir and jce from power.
          As seen in those countries mentioned above, the Luos and the Amharics no longer sit on the majestic seats of powers in their respective countries as the Tigreans and Bantus firmly control every facet of power.
          Kiir must cede power, indeed and sooner!!!

          • You Equates are dreamers.You have no political agenda to take up arms . If you want an independent Equatoria Country then you are not prepared for it . The Equatorians have nothing in common except their joint extreme hatred for Jieng (Dinka). On their own they can’t rule themselves leave alone their inability to administer the South as a nation. See what happened to them after”. Kokoro”.
            You cannot be given independence on a silver plate. The Dinka have to sacrifice two million lives to set you free. It is not an easy game telling your people to take up arms and kill any Dinka you come across in Equatoria like what Rev. Clement Janda and General Thomas Cirillo are doing now.
            The Jieng are still busy looking for their woman and children who were enslaved by the Jallaba during the twenty years of the liberation war. It is not easy brothers you are misleading your people. Please contact Dr Riak Macar for further advice before you risk the lives of your people

  3. False Millionaire says:

    After pulling down the sky in total ignorance,the devastation of the blow is such that they have become like drunk drunk cards grappling for something to grap in darkness.
    While the hate preaching heavyweights like Alhag Paul,Dr Kwajok and Ramba have vanished to oblivion,there are those who aren’t scared of shame ranting in the media without any clue of being highly ridiculous and hopeless.
    Where on earth have frontline spies become visible public figures like general Mamur?
    But surprise,the editor published the accusing worthless dispatch and in doing so,he has become one among the confused masses now in the depth of darkness after pulling the sky down upon none confused ordinary masses.

  4. False Millionaire,
    You are new and young of what spying take to achieve its objectives. The Government officials are the worst spies since they will confuse the victims. They claim to represent the version of the government back home and using their known characteristics and influence, the invisible elements are there with them to execute the plan. Mamur and all with him do not do espionage but they clear the way for espionage. Do know how Dr. Madut, a Nuer, the best surgeon Doctor was kidnapped by SPLA Spies in 1991 from Adjumani Refugee came and thrown into River Nile before reaching Nimule town? He took refugee to Gambia but was convinced by Uganda spies (Museveni) to come and treat his fellow Sudanese refugees in Adjumani (Moyo). This was a plan between (silent killer) Dr. J.G de Mabior and Museveni. Dr. Madut did not ran away when Dr. Riek and William Nyuon started their rebellion and decided to continue helping the SPLA in Nimule, like other Nuer who did not go with Dr. Machar in any resistance he may stage against his political rights and wishes of majority. He was eventually advised to leave after attempt to assassinate him several times but despite being a refugee, he was abducted from Uganda and brought to SPLM/A and killed. The threat is real and a joint venture between Ugandan and South Sudan. Josephine Angucia, the Spokeswoman of the police in Western police denial of the truth is due to her ignorance, complicity or a common problem associated with women whether given special post. I am not against women, please ladies!!. The main region why refugees are settled in the border is for political manuevres there.Please stop being too simple- minded and know that you are dealing with people who wealth of documented information but shielded from you.

  5. False Millionaire,
    Always do not hide from the truth or hide the truth from whoever deserves to know. By being defensive and the culture of we know is bad.

  6. Toria says:

    False M.
    Those Heavy Weights as you alluded to have not vanished but are behind the scenes including myself. Time for writing is minimized to focus on active combats strategic planning now. All options on table, thanks to the emboldened Equatorian movement on the rise every day.
    I have declared it and rest are following the call for EquaTORIA TO LEAVE.

    Leave Movement Oyee

  7. False Millionnaire says:

    Thank u Mr Thomor for saying so much.
    We are still RSS’ fellow citizens until the republic of equatoria is declared and confirmed by the UN.
    So stay low if u are in sticky spots and good luck.
    Toria, pleased to hear from u but a bit disappointed Why don’t u tell how many MTN u have killed and if that has helped u remove the jieng from equatoria.

  8. wanilosake says:

    You are dreaming Jubek might break away and become Jubek Republic
    we are happy with Jubek State it is the best way for people to live in peace we have suffered from both Dinka and Nuer while the so call Equatorians dominate us and some even were involved in grabing the land and selling it to dinkas and Nuer what in the earth you want this phenomenon base on fear to be brought back to where yei or torit yambio?
    don’t wake up the Rino let him rest

  9. Tit4tat says:

    “Wherever there is a will there is a way”, MTN hunting is not the intended agenda, but at least now we know where it hurts the most when Kirr emotionally with tears vowed to relocate to Yei to command his militias, this is only a few blood of jenge to test how it feels when jenge militias killing innocent civilians in Equatoria. In the coming future we either get Equatoria back as a whole or severe consequences will result.
    Toria, I agree with you 100%, Equatoria Leave SS Movement Oyee.

  10. Eastern says:

    Monyjor Abiyok Nak,

    Do you think Equatorians should continue to have dinkas decide their destinies? What was the political agenda for Dr Garang to take up arms against the Khartoum regimes?

    The Dinka government in Juba is far worse than any Khartoum based regime you could think of. The folks in Khartoum are exposed not like Kiir and his associates. Because of the poor governance in South Sudan, Equatoria, which doesn’t bask in tribes, is already a nation within a country. Clement Janda and Thomas Cilirilo are two people from different tribes who have Equatoria in their hearts.

    Kiss your knees, Monyjor!!!!

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