Kiir’s South Sudan army SPLA, raped, killed and recruited Children – UN

By: KEVIN J KELLEY, TheEastAfrican, OCT/16/2018, SSN;

South Sudanese soldiers are responsible for most of the killings and rapes of children carried out in the country, the United Nations said on Monday.

“I am especially alarmed by the rampant levels of grave violations committed by government security forces,” Ms Virginia Gamba, the UN Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, told the Security Council.

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) is said to have carried out nearly 80 percent of the 987 killings or maiming of children documented by the UN between October 2014 and June 2018.

The SPLA was also responsible for more than 90 percent of 658 verified incidents of sexual violence against children during that period, the report adds.

Most of these cases involved “gruesome gang rapes,” the UN envoy said.

“The full scale of sexual violence affecting children is believed to be under-reported, in particular against boys, owing to fear of stigmatisation and reprisals and to the lack of adequate support services and avenues for accountability,” Ms Gamba noted in the report.

In Summary:
**United Nations report says government soldiers committed 80pc of documented atrocities against children between October 2014 and June 2018.
**Factions of the armed opposition recruited and used a sizable number of child soldiers, the report says.
**Earlier this year, army leaders agreed to allow UN units to visit all military barracks to screen and release child soldiers. But only one such mission had taken place as of June, the report notes.

The UN cites a rampage by government soldiers and “armed youth” in Unity State six months ago in which “sexual violence was used extensively during indiscriminate attacks on villages.”

Two years earlier, SPLA troops raped or gang-raped 34 girls and 30 women from villages in Koch County in Unity State, the report says.

“Sexual violence was used as a form of collective punishment to instill fear and humiliation within communities,” the UN observes.

Child soldiers

In August 2016, 10 girls fleeing to a UN civilian-protection site in Bentiu in Unity State “were stopped on the way there by some 20 SPLA soldiers and taken into the bush and raped repeatedly,” the report adds.

Most of the attacks on schools and hospitals documented in the period covered by the report were also said to be the work of the SPLA.

Factions of the armed opposition recruited and used a sizable number of child soldiers, the report says.

The UN counted 1,447 children, including five girls, among forces loyal to rebel leader and former vice president Riek Machar.

Groups associated with Taban Deng Gai, formerly a prominent figure in the armed opposition and now one of the country’s vice presidents, recruited and fielded 801 children, including 46 girls, says the report.

The SPLA accounted for more than 40 percent of the total number of 5,723 child soldiers reported to be in the ranks of armed groups.

“Children were used to commit atrocities against civilians, including other children,” the report notes.

The UN said poverty was a key reason why children became members of the South Sudan government army.

“Several children stated in interviews that they had joined SPLA owing to poverty, since they were paid between 700 and 1,500 South Sudanese pounds per month (between $5 and $12) by SPLA,” the report recounts.

Earlier this year, army leaders agreed to allow UN units to visit all military barracks to screen and release child soldiers. But only one such mission had taken place as of June, the report notes. END


  1. Taban Alimasi says:

    Citizens of South Sudan are tired of UN reports without actions, I believe since 2013 to now, numerous reports have been released both by UN and Amnesty International, but no action has been taken.
    People like Taban Deng Gai, without principle, can do anything to gain and maintain his position, supposedly the so-called UN should not only present reports but take some tangible steps.
    They pretended to have sanctioned some individuals like Paul Malong, but he is moving happily and freely between Uganda, Kenya and Khartoum, such sanctions never solved a problem.
    South Sudanese must come to their senses that they won’t gain anything from fighting, but continue to live in fear for the rest of their lives.
    Making sincere peace will be ultimate report citizens of South Sudan are waiting for.

  2. My Dear Fellow South Sudanese,

    I am wholeheartedly begging all of us to stand together and jealously guard this recent peace deal. It is the only instrument available to us now for substantive and gradual progress in the basic spheres of our lives.
    We have suffered unimaginably, we are a humiliated lot, we are all condemned to a psychiatrist for rehabilitation.
    Let us stand on our ground and rubbish out this UN nonsense in the name of human rights abuses and let us come together to forge a sense of common purpose, nationalism and destiny.

    Please dear editor, don’t let my people fight a dog fight again on this UN whatever, it is all designed to sow more seeds of hatred at a time when we need unity more than ever. Please let’s unite now.

    Yours sincerely,


    • info@southsudannation says:

      Let’s not keep dodging, evading and running away from the reality. What you’re asking us to do is shamefully and cowardly walk over the dead bodies of our people just to allow the Kiir-generated massacre to go on unpunished or unpublished.
      Before getting to the point of achieving unity and peace in this God forsaken nation that cost a lot of lives since the Mahdiiya invasion of South Sudan, those who have killed fellow countrymen and country-women since the Kiir-Machar war broke out and up to the present time, must be brought to answer for their criminality, tried and sentenced accordingly.
      Just imagine, when you read my response, at least one person has been killed most probably by either Kiir’s or by Machar wild dogs. The unity you’re alluring to will only become achievable after redressing all our grievances and problems in the country.

      • Mor-Amook says:

        Dear Taban,

        You are right, south Sudanese are tied of UN report, reports alone cannot change anything. Today, when I visited Radio Tamazju website, I was dismay by fighting between rebels forces loyal to Cirillo and Dr. Riak. That resulted to displacement of many civilian in Yei river state. If that was true, then why are they fighting? For what? Don’t we really need peace?

        Our leaders are crazy, fighting is not a solution to problems in 21st century. It was a resort of stone-ages when people had no other means to solve misunderstanding or differences. Fighting has no end and its a business with no right winner without losses incurred.

        So, joint me to condemn these violations after peace was signed in strongest possible term, because peace has come and we should tell our leaders to give peace a chance.

        • Tyson says:

          Mor-Amook, Taban,

          What a mockery!
          Peace without justice and accountability can only exist in the kraal. It cannot exist anywhere. This is why your so-called peace agreement (the MoU between Museveni, Bashir, Kiir and Machar) is nothing but shallow piece of paper.
          It summaries all the naive thinking that Jieng are able to display.
          Stop fooling yourselves…… raping and killing is the trade mark of the Jieng and you cannot run out of it.
          Those who raped and killed innocent people should be tried. They should face justice
          When you hear of the word Jieng, then know that it means: killers, rapists, looters, thieves, land grabbers, cannibalists, idiots, evil, satanic, etc,. You can conclude the rest………

          • Taban Alimasi says:

            Brother Tyson,
            Either you are insane or you are emotional. Supposed you should understand the argument, no one disputed the crime committed by both SPLA in government or in opposition. I am sure Mr Kevin who quoted the UN report in his article didn’t mention that the rape and killing were committed by Dinka tribe.
            Please read this direct quote from Kevin’s article, (United Nations report says government soldiers committed 80 pc of documented atrocities against children between October 2014 and June 2018), the statement stated that 80% atrocities are committed by government soldiers.
            Please Tyson, you might have been annoyed with the behavior of some Dinka community members, but don’t victimize them all, not all Dinka are South Sudan army.
            Brother, settle down and debate like a civilized person, majority of SPLA soldiers may be from Dinka and Nuer, but they are national army. Unfortunately they are national army that preys on their on citizens, don’t respect humanity.

  3. Taban Alimasi says:

    Dear country man,
    we should not misunderstood those crying for peace as people advocating for the warlord murders to continue to kill innocent people and stay in power.
    The truth is, UN had issued many reports without action, most people believe war crimes have been committed in South Sudan, but the so called UN who have the evidence failed to act, only producing reports.
    Brothers, report can’t save people of South Sudan neither can it stop the warlords from killing, let us not take this personal or emotional, the fact is, only South Sudanese can stop the killing when they cease fighting.
    I totally agreed that whoever has committed crime in the name of state must be held accountable, however let us remember, Khartoum government which murdered our people was accused by the same UN, but up to now President Bashir is roaming free.
    Let us not build hope on UN to resolve our problem, we should devise our own ways to settle problems, we become laughingstock around the world, as we failed to governor ourselves and went back to Khartoum.
    Can you believe this, Kiir and his comrades are in Khartoum, president Bashir had once called them insect and wished to terminate them.
    Come on, South Sudanese, you can reconcile and denounce tribalism and build strongest country in Eastern Africa.

  4. mading says:

    You are talking as if war will bring you what you want, but you had five years to do it. And you did not, it is what Ishakho saying is the only way out of our situation, because this peace will give rebels and government a room to talk about things that are going wrong in our country. You can block it like my yesterday posted.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Nothing was blocked, looks like your comment went astray in the world wide web (www). Sorry for that.

  5. Mor-Amook says:

    Tyson, hahahaha, your problem is only jieng. You really wish miracle to extinct Jieng in the world not alone in South Sudan. But that will never happen, it’s a wishful thinking. Even today, you (Tyson) come to power as president, which I am pretty sure 1 million% you will never until you die, you will not govern this country without a single official from Jieng ethnic group in your government.

    You are stressing yourself for something that will never happen. No creature to eliminate another creature. We better accept ourselves and move forward. You are typical Equatorian of 1970s & 80s. For your information, I am not against justice. I am for peace first then follow by justice. But for you, which one comes first? Peace or justice? Do you want suspects to be tried first, and after trial they sign peace? If you are for justice, then advocate for peace. For example, in Rwanda peace came first and a court was formed to trial suspects. That should be the same thing here, every one accuse will face law after peace. But if you are still favoring war over peace, you will never see justice.

    My friend, Jieng are not the president, but only Salva Kiir with current two vice presidents (Taban Deng & Wani). I remind you because you don’t know who are in the presidency. Please learnt to differentiate between Kiir and Jieng. There are thousands if not millions of Jieng who have never seen Kiir in their life time my brother. And if you say,”Jieng are evils…..etc as you mentioned above” you are inviting almost everyone. This is an evidence that you don’t have agenda for the nation, but only incitement of tribalism to get support to continue as warlord.

    However, since you are an idiot who cannot differentiate between a tribe and an administrator, I leave you to call or associate Jieng with whatever evils words you know, if that would solve your problem, relief you and get pay for being hardline against jieng. Please go to dictionary to get more evils words and descriptions to put against Jieng, because the ones you mentioned are not enough. You are just like a barking dog, not Equatorians!

    I wish we had people who understand thing holistically with sense of nationalism in this website for audience to benefit from their comments not curse people. Brother, the Bible says, there is time for everything. There is time for war and there is time for peace…….etc. I understand, you are really regretting as to why peace was signed, but this is time for peace. If God has decided peace to His beloved people of South Sudan, you will never change it with your evil wishes such as calling the peace MoU.

    • Mondeto says:

      The problem of South Sudan is Dinka, and Nuer.
      These are the fighting tribes, all about numbers and power. We should separate them from the rest of the tribes to go back to their own regions. They brought misery to the greater Equatoria citizens. That’s why we need capital to be relocated as sooner than later. They must go to Ramaciel to build jieng nation over there but not in the Greater Equatoria land.

  6. Mor-Amook says:

    Taban, please don’t address Tyson. He has psychological problem a mental disorder that needs psychiatric. But since there is no expert psychiatric, I encourage him to insult Jieng the way he wants, may be he will get relief! This is beauty of becoming independent nation. Otherwise, when we were under the so called Arabs, such freedom of insulting others on websites and drinking excessively like him were exist.

    No Jieng will get hurt or died because of Tyson insults. So please Tyson, go ahead, maybe with God grace, you will get heal from psychological distress.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Apparently, it seems this news has raised your hormones and now you want to paint everyone with the same brush of criminality. Of course, it’s not only your jieng who mainly preponderate in the perpetuation of this criminality but others also do indulge in the same.
      As I have always emphasized on this website, this satanic crime was started by those of Garang and criminal Kuol Manyang Juuk as a weapon to humiliate the non-jieng because they brought the ‘kokora’ that completely dismantled the Abel Alier-Bona Malual scheme of jieng domination in 1983 after Gen. Joseph Lagu, Joseph Tambura and others successfully implemented the Re-division of South Sudan.
      Let’s hope your younger generation will do better for this accursed nation of South Sudan although it doesn’t look possible as it appears that now the younger born-to-rule youngsters are participating in the financial looting of the country.
      There already are many young jieng in Juba who’re acclaimed ‘millionaires’ and tycoons, like that ‘Kerubino’ now in jail and the younger ‘Awan Malong’ who furiously but deceptively denies that he isn’t Gen. Paul Malong’s son.
      Seriously, for a better future of this nation, let both Kiir and Machar step aside with their looted billions, if you want a better future for this nation.

  7. Taban Alimasi says:

    Brother Mor-Amook, you are not different to brother Tyson.

    What do you mean by “typical Equatorian” are you defining Equatorian in 1970 and 80s as tribal. Tyson may be Equatorian, but his views does not represent Equatorian, you should not reference him been typical Equatorian.
    Brother Mor-Amook, if you know the history of South Sudan liberation, you should know what a typical Equatorian is. Equatorian had fired the first bullet for Liberation and have played unifying role in two Sudan’s civil wars.
    After Addis Abba agreement, general Joseph Lagu the leader of the movement, gave the leadership of high executive council to Able Alira, who was a South Sudanese but was serving with Arab government, the aim was to unify South Sudanese.
    During the SPLA, in 1991, when Riek and Lam Akol rebelled against Dr Garang, despite of mistreatment, Equatorian encounter in the hand of SPLA Dinka commanders, for the sake of unity Equatorian stay with the main SPLA and today we have independent South Sudan.
    Again in 2013 when Riek rebelled against Kiir, Equatorian stay with Kiir’s government. I don’t advocate for tribalism, but the true has to be mentioned, it’s known in the history of South Sudan which tribes are disaster for the nation.
    Brother Mor -Amook, if you genuinely want us to build equitable and cohesive community in South Sudan, stop generalisation and talk to leaders from the Dinka and Nuer to stop violent.

  8. Deng Hanbol says:

    With regard to the Red- division of South Sudan by the Sudanese former president Nimeriy, you failed to appreciate the crucial role that played by Denial Kut Mathews, the former governor of Upper Nile region. Gen. Joseph Lagu, and Eng. James Tambura were not actually the ones who implemented the Re-division alone. According to my understanding, some influential politicians from Naath community specifically D.K.Mathews took Lago and Tambura side concerning the Agenda. In other words, D.K agreed with them (Lago& Tambura) to division the south into three regions. Which meant Upper Nile and Equatoria regions VS. Bahr el Ghazal region. Hence, the majority gave mandate to Jaffer Nimeriy to divide the South into three regions. Nimeriy could not implement the Re-division if Upper Nile did not take side. D.K’s decision was believed to be in retaliation for Jaang nasty politics.

  9. Francis Yowin says:

    Dears friends,
    I read your comments all you forget since peace agreement was signed in 2005 SPLA was not transformed into national army. The SPLM still believed that army is belong to the party and chairman of the party is a top leader of the Country and commander in-Chief army.
    May be I will agree with Taban in area of tribes taking aside with Government to recruit civilians into army tribes, yes it is true in Africa politics, it is easy tribes to be used in political gain and this area is most dangerous in Africa politics.
    South Sudan is an Africa nation, it follows footsteps of Africa environment. For example Kyena, Congo, Rwanda, Ethiopia. In South Sudan, most of army still links with their ethnic group in that area.
    Yes if most armies are related to one tribe, again yes they torturing and killing other tribes not supporting their ruler leader.
    As it happens in South Sudan, all top of the army are one tribe and are accountable to them.

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