Kiir’s security agents demolished Gen. Martin Kenyi’s house in Juba

JUBA: JUN/27/2015, SSN;
South Sudan security operatives under President Salva Kiir in direct order and authorization from the office of President Salva Kiir, have stormed the empty family house of defected and renegade Major general Martin Kenyi Taratizio in the capital city Juba, and looted it flatly.

Neighbors reported seeing heavy deployments of the army around Juba last 48 hours but didn’t expect this and were shocked and dismayed with the amount of destruction caused by the army in the Capital Juba.

The army’s hostilities to the civilians has reached to an unbearable level, reported one eye witness and this is particularly so against those who have opposing views to that of president Salva Kiir, their properties have been subjected to demolition to give harsh punishment to the owners.

He added, “These days the only ones who feel safe in the Capital of the people are Kiir and his kin, every one else is a target to the tribal security organs.”

It is still not clear what prompted the army, the security and the country’s ailing President to trespass Martin kenyi’s property more than eight months after his defection to join the country’s armed opposition under the leadership of former vice President Dr. Riek Machar.

It is also not clear what have been taken away from the family house of Martin Kenyi, but based on the information coming from the neighbors, it seems the army and security gangs from the government have flatly looted the house.

The question is, if the Juba-led SPLA/M under the direct leadership of President Kiir is serious in implementation of Arusha agreement for unification of SPLM, why then continue to carry out destruction on properties of the members of armed opposition?

Why has Kiir unfroze the accounts of one of the most corrupt Politicians who have taken millions from the country’s coffers, and have continued to architect a plan to remove Kiir from his seat, and now are welcomed and reinstated in the their thrones of corruptions but yet target those who necessarily demand for an equal government of the people?

The world should not be surprised to see pres. Kiir has carried ethnic cleaning in the Capital city and the country against non-Dinka more specifically the Nuer but also Equatorians who have switched sides due to their discontentment in Kiir’s leadership.

But now a war of destruction and looting has been brought on their properties to punish them indirectly, yet awards and rewards are the price given to the most corrupt officials formally known as the “ G10” after their return to the country.

Their leader was said to have been awarded a staggering 15 Million US dollars to get him rejoin Juba SPLM, this at the time our country is at the verge of economic collapse!

The destruction and deprivation of properties of individual, is defined as property war.

The right to own property is inscribed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of December 10-1948, therefore destruction of properties during and after the war constitute to abuse of fundamental rights of every human being as inscribed in article Article 17 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights section I &II.

(1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.
(2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

This section can be translated into nobody’s property should be destroyed by the parties in the war, during the civil war; properties should not be targeted because their owners have different political views than the ruling party.

So what has happened to Martin Kenyi’s family house, and many other destruction of the personal properties in the country by the warring parties more especially in safe places under the absolute control and command of the government including country’s capital city, seriously amounts to violation of Human Rights of the individuals.

Of course it should be recalled, destruction of not only human lives but of properties was triggered by Kiir in Black December 2013 when Kiir unleashed death on the Nuer and Dr. Machar government house in Juba was bulldozed flat with over 20 lives of fellow South Sudanese quenched that night.

Are we surprised by what monster our government has become?

Andrew olweny


  1. alex says:


    • lojuron says:

      This is inhuman to demolish house of some one who differed with you on principles. Kiir will pay price on his barbaric bull actions. Take deep breath whatever you plant you will reap in due cost. Kiir dinka will loose everything he owned in south sudan.

  2. Bol says:

    Mr Editor ( or who ever wrote this)
    When someone is at war with another, mutual destruction of properties is not a crime, but a mere denial of war tools. USA did it to bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Britain did it to Germany and Israele did it and is doing it to Plastinians. Please be a little bit smart and creative in your war propaganda.

    • lojuron says:

      Israel didn’t demolish its opponent house unless bullet came from that house. This is what Israel did to hamas militant Gaza. Did Martin Kenyi fire bullets from his house that subject it to demolition. Please stop compare Kiir Dinka actions with Israel deeds in Palestine. There’s no justification for such action. If this is a case why NCP arab did not demolish Dr. John Garang’s house in haj yousif residential area. Sincerely this shows that Dinka as a tribe has no human values.

  3. Joana Adams says:

    This has nothing to do with war tactics. If South Sudan wants to remain a part of the of the community of nations, it must abide by international law regarding war ethics. Ofcourse it is too much to expect savages, to understand the rule of international law. Like the destruction of Malakal and Bentui, the destruction of a property be.onging to a citizen as eloquently explained by the writer is a war crime.
    Kiir committed genocide against Nuers and Equatorians in Jubà believing in his sick head that he must deplete Riek’s support base. You can celebrate now, but there will be consequences for erroneously believing that those who are not from your ethinic groups are enemies and must be destroyed including their properties. This is the worst abuse of state powers ever. Salva Kiir and his militia will account for this atrocity.
    Gen Kenyi is not the only South Sudanese who has rebelled against Salva Kiir. The G-10 who have numerous properties in Jubà, including the family of Garang have not had their properties destroyed, of the same logic applies why? This is nothing but an attack on minorities. And it will be treated as such. If the jellaba destroyed properties as you savages have recklessly emabarked upon now, you wouldn’t have a J1 or ministries complex to operate from today.
    My only advice to Gen Kenyi is not to worry as long as there was no loss of life in this henious crime. No matter how long it will take, justice will be done.
    But what’s more, no one ever takes any of their looted properties with them 6 feet under!
    Not even the self confessed resurrected president. Recent events, including destruction of Gen Kenyi’s property only goes to confirm the level of desperation Kiir and his cronies are in. From fake death’s to collapsed ministers rushed to neighbouring ountries for treatment, more will follow.


    • info@southsudannation says:

      To Joana Adams and others,
      Regarding the uncivilized intent of destroying Gen. Martin Kenyi’s Juba house, I felt I should remind all that this jieng vengeance was first exacted on Gen. Alfred Lado Gore. His house in Atlabara was completely demolished after Kiir’s agents first looted everything.
      As some of you rightly commented, had the jellaba Arabs had the same mentality, Juba would have been completely razed to smithereens, and of course, the same havoc would have been done in Khartoum and suburbs where many SPLM/A collaborators (Dinka like Abel Alier and co.) used to reside during the war.
      Perhaps this diabolical exhibition only serves to plainly and publicly explain and expose to us the ‘predatory instincts’ inherent in these people, best exemplified by Kuol Manyang, the current defense minister, the man who coined the infamous SPLM/A slogan, “Even your mother or father, shoot him or her!–Hata Aboouk aw Uuomak, a diiyu talaga.”
      Not surprisingly! for Kuol Manyang is reputed to have killed his own mama..mother (Reference: ‘Emma’s War, by Deborah Scroggins).

  4. Job says: editor,

    Why is it right for Kenyi and his belligerents to kill and destroy life and property in Mundri and other areas of Central and Western Equatoria and then treat this Equatorian cowards with baby gloves?

    • Joana Adams says:

      REMNASA did not destroyed the properties of their kith and kins in Mundri and Maridi. Why would they? Any loss of lives and properties in Mundri and Marid were entirely perpetrated by your barbaric SPLA and their allied militia. Ofcourse some people don’t have the capacity for truth in their culture.


  5. False Millionaire says:

    Yes,”predator instincts”. You would never miss to see its cream if the white army ever marched on Equatoria!!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      False Millionaire,
      Just read the latest about the unimaginable war crimes committed by Kiir’s army…they rape the young girls and then kill them….
      Oh, God! Equatorians are now more scared of the Kiir-Manyang-Malong All-Jieng-controlled Army that is already in Equatoria.
      By the time the White Army arrives in Equatoria, as surely as daylight, there will be nobody still alive for the White Army to kill or rape.
      God Save South Sudan. Now, please!

      • alex says:


        Your media propoganda is not working. Recently you even refused to write about the defection of 12 generals from Riack forces. Walala what a humaliting defeat for the rebels. Your polices of encourging your supporters to lair is even making them to demean themselves. Raping a woman and burning her alive in a house is not our culture. The rebels are trying to encourage their supporters to tell lies to ternish the name of SPLA with the hope that the international community will then help to bring them to power. They are humaliting this poor ladies to achieve their own objectives. In Juba we have now witnessed IDP coming out at night to rob and kill innocent people and to make people to believe it is SPLA soldiers doing that. While you are silent about the burning of the villages in Melut and many other places, killings in Bor, Akobo, Bentue and Malakal. I do not think history will forgive you people with the lairs you people are making. You are humaliting our own women by encouraging them to speak lies. Should our women come to reliase they have been decieved to humilate themselves to achieve your objectives they will not forgive you. We are waiting for the proof to come out but I do not think our own sons and brothers will do this inhuman acts to their own people unless the devil has taken control of people’s mind. For the last 50 years what I heard of is rape but raping and burning somebody alive, opening a priginent women and removing the baby is no a S. Sudan culture. This are brutal un speakable acts. You are spoiling the image of S. Sudanese people in the world. I believe when the whole stories will later be traced it will be I heard from so and so and we will get not truth from it or who spread the news. If the media is used to humilate ouselves then we are moving into a dangerous phase of the war.

        • Toria says:


          • alex says:

            You are wasting your time with all the lairs. SPLA is popular why is Riack afraid of elections? He is afreid because he knew if elections are to take place he will not win. Riack know the only way to come to power is through violence that is why he did not want peace. He know if peace comes , he will only be a v presedent during the interim period and after that he becomes a history in S. Sudan politics. We are recruiting more people to join SPLM and more people are turning up to join our party. You are defeated coup ploters and rebels. In 1991 you rebelled and you ran to your father Omer el Bashir and you came back. Again 2013 mount a coup and defeated ran to his father Omer el Bashir and soon you are going to come back. treators what a shame you collobrate with enemy who has stolen our land. You want to give our remaining land to the same thieves what visionless people are you are.

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Surely you will go to rest among your most esteemed forefathers in Paradise at the age of 150 years.So you will have time to record and archeve the unfolding events to their last conclusions at the helm of SSN!!!

  7. Stinger Mesile says:

    Oh my God!! Kiir Mayardit has become older president with no degree obtained, very sad for him.
    He doesn’t understand the the terms and the philosophy of his country economy.
    He always asking more money to print.

  8. Stinger Mesile says:

    Oh my God!! Kiir Mayardit has become older president with no degree obtained, very sad for him.
    He doesn’t understand the terms and the philosophy of his country economy.
    He always asking more money to print.

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