Kiir’s Neutrality on Abyei a sign of disillusion & lack of vision

BY: Mulana Deng, USA, OCT/28/2013, SSN;

As the clock is ticking on the issue of Abyei people to decide their fate on whether to join their brothers in the south or to remain in the North whereby they will be called abit (slaves). The Abyei citizens like any other ordinary citizens on this planet have to precisely exercise their rights of voting as it’s stipulated under the United Nations charter’s norms on self-determination where every citizen living on the earth has the right to decide to remain or join other states.

Just like Kashmir, a well known disputed territory between Pakistan and Indian. Abyei issue is an interesting issue however, it cannot be compared to the Kashmir territory in any way.

It cannot be compared to Kashmir because there are no single legitimate reasons that show that Abyei belongs to the Northern Sudan but are many so reasons that shows it belongs to South Sudan geographically, economically, politically and ethnically.

Abyei, the disputed territory was transferred to the north as many researchers like Douglas Johnson, John Pandergast, and many others have pointed that Abyei belongs to the South as they are ethnically brothers of the South Sudan Dinkas- Nilotes, who lived along the River Nile.

There are no doubts that the Abyei people belongs to the South, and the home of Ngok Dinka Chiefdom were transferred from Bahr El Ghazal Province in the South Sudan to the Kordofan Province in the North during colonial rules in 1905.

There are also no doubt that Abyei belongs to south as The Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling concluded that the Abyei land belong to the Ngok Dinka of South Sudan: The Government of Sudan V. the People’s Liberation Movement/Army case. (Abyei Arbitration)

With that there isn’t any single proof that shows it belongs or should go to the north but our leaders are being affected by disillusion and lack of vision.

They are now choosing to remain neutral and interested to let the Abyei go to the north. How can we be neutral on this issue, isn’t our neutrality not choosing our oppressors side?

I don’t see any single reason of being neutral a solution to the of Abyei as Desmond Tutu the Archbishops of South Africa once said, “If you are neutral in situation of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you said that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

Choosing neutrality in this case shows that our leaders have lost their vision to why we went to war with north and why we became an independent state of South Sudan.

The northern Government isn’t interested in the people of Abyei as they claimed but they are only interested in what is in the ground. This is because Abyei-land is blessed with hydrocarbons and crude oil which are very vital to the economy of Sudan and even to the economy of any country in the world.

As our leaders have their vision, getting confused, being acquainted with blood money and many becoming delusional, they came out with a heartbreaking statement saying they will reject the unilateral decision of Abyei people.

Like the minister of information and broadcasting, Michael Makuei Lueth who straightforwardly said. “The Government of South Sudan is not a part of the activities going in the Abyei. What is happening there is the work of the pressure groups, it is the work of the civil society from Abyei. It is the people of Abyei who are doing that and not the government of South Sudan.”

The minister further continued: “This is what they have said and decided to go ahead with their activities which are not approved by the government of South Sudan. What we do not know is what will happen after this decision. Can they do that without you and me? Can they do that without South Sudan and Sudan? Where will they go if the result is not recognized by both Sudan and South Sudan?”

What is this man talking about and where in this world could a government reject the will of their people unless those leaders are suffering for disillusion or have lost the vision of what you were fighting for?

Frankly speaking, was Deng Alor, Pieng Deng Majok and many other citizens of Abyei not part of the South Sudan Government? Did kiir’s Administration just forgotten about what they were fighting for, are they confused or they are bribed?

How in this world would the government reject the will of their people? Aren’t Abyei people our blood brothers? If South Sudan respects people’s choice as we have shown a few months ago at United Nations, when our leaders with the power and authority invested in them voted for the recognition of Palestinian peoples’ rights to freedom and statehood.

How then can the government of South Sudan reject the Abyei unilateral decision and accepted their enemies’ decision?

Are these people are not remunerated to do so, if not why will the government reject the Abyei’s unilateral decision?

Kiir and his kitchen cabinet have lost their vision of protecting, developing or leading the people South Sudan to the promised land of freedom and liberty.

They have failed to deliver this and they are now ready to auction the rights of the people of South Sudan and that is why they are going to reject the Abyei’s outcome.

There are some reasons that shows that he (they) have failed to do as we have seen in recently incident in Jonglei State Twic East where 78 innocent civilians were massacred by David Yau–Yau men.

President and his ministers never thought that they have duties to protect civilians and the country under the authority and powers that are invested in him as the president of South Sudan and commander in chief of the armed forces.

Nevertheless, the president, cabinet ministers, and security organ were busy unremittingly celebrated the welcoming the President of Sudan Omar El Bushier our greatest enemy. President kiir chose not to say anything about the 78 innocent civilians who were massacred in Twic East nor did he attempt to read the news about what is going on in the country.

Where in this world can the president, the most powerful man in country remain silent while people are being butchered like chicken?

Does president and his minister really care about South Sudanese? If yes, why didn’t he come out clearly like Uhuru Kenyatta, the Kenya president who came out strongly to denounce the terrorist attack in Nairobi?

Mr. Kenyatta, the beloved leader and the son of the Kenyan first president Jomo Kenyatta came out strongly to denounced the terrorist act saying. “Kenyan has stared down and triumphed… We have ashamed and defeated our attackers and that our part of task is completed.” Was Kenyatta more powerful than kiir or does this shows how much Kenyatta care about his people?

Kiir doesn’t care about South Sudanese security and that is why he didn’t mind to say or sent his security team to the flood affected areas in Jonglei state, say anything about 78 innocent civilians that were massacred by murle men in Twic East, on the contrary, the president chose to celebrate El Bashier visit over the 78 innocent civilians.

Finally, and that is why him and his bribed ministers are going to reject the unilateral decision of the Abyei people.

South Sudanese should come to treat this disillusion and confusion before it becomes severe. They should come out in a huge number to denounce such moves of rejecting the Abyei decision and to stand together with their brothers in Abyei and save the vision of South Sudan where a man’s will always to be a free man in his own land.

They should also come out to reject this neutrality because this neutrality is not helping us at all but it putting us on the side of our enemies.

Ngok Dinka are our brothers and there is no way we can be neutral in these issues. We should die together or win together, our precious land and people Abyei cannot be put up for sale.

Mulana Deng
USA. He is an International Human rights Criminal Law Student.


  1. Tyson says:

    Mass protest will send strong message to Kiir and his sycophants.
    At the moment, there is no leadership in South (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary). Everything is a mess but the people will ever prevail.
    Kiir’s days are already numbered and it is a matter of time for him to either leave peacefully or forced out with disgrace.

  2. andrew poth says:

    my personal views on issue of abyei, i think its up to abyei people to declare themselves that they are apart of south sudan. Not us to claim them however we all know that they are our people. furthermore abyei has little bit of connection with north with culture and intermarriage. consequently, i don’t think they will fit in really well south sudan, that is why we need to gives them time to make decision from themselves.

  3. Machar says:

    History and South Sudanese citizen will account these reckless leaders for playing with issues of “national interests”. President Kiir has staffed his cabinet with opportunists and self-servers who do not care about this country leave alone about their political parties and constituencies.

    One example here is a recent statement issued by the Minister of Cabinet Affairs Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro who was quoted in the Citizen newspaper for Sunday 27 October threatening that if the Ngok Dinka go ahead with the unilateral referendum then they are not considered South Sudanese. I think these are the kinds of ministers Mr. Kiir wants to have in his cabinet.

    Another blunder by the same minister happened when he was hosted in a radio show trying to explain their tasks as cabinet, he went a notch higher by drawing parallels between their role as ministers executing the president’s program the same way prophets execute orders from God.

    I was shocked to hear such remarks come from such a learned minister with a PhD making of a fallible human being a diety. Indeed South Sudan is full of opportunists in all walks of life including in political sphere where there are some politicians who prefer “white collar” political jobs by relinquishing their mission as political parties and get attracted to the ruling party making flawed alliances to get a ministry instead of taking up responsibility to challenge power as a political party and appeal to their constituencies.

    I think Hon Martin Lomuro should revisit his statement otherwise president Kiir should force him to resign, such a statement may not come even from the Jallaba who pretty well know who are the Ngok Dinka and their relation to South Sudan.


  4. The debate on the case of Abyei citizens is more interesting. I don’t understand how come our Government is reluctant on this vital case after many South Sudanese lost their precious lives to laboriously get Abyei out of Sudan! Abyei sons and daughters are part and parcel of the existing government in Juba. They are reluctant and see the case of their ancestors homeland being sold out for the fake friendship between Bashir and Kiir. South Sudanese stand beside you Abyei people!!

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