Kiir’s Juba regime forces using starvation of civilians as method of combat in Yei River State

On Friday 13-10-2017, a convoy of humanitarian agencies operating in Yei attempted to deliver humanitarian consignment to SPLM/A (IO) controlled areas where most of the civilians have taken shelter, but it was blocked by Kiir’s tribal and merciless security elements at Lutaya.

We are outraged at this disgusting and unacceptable denial of access to humanitarian corridors.

It is a clear indication that in addition to its scorched earth policy and ethnic cleansing, the regime in Juba is using starvation of civilians as a weapon of war.

On similar note, Juba regime continues to terrorize civilians through indiscriminate use of weapons.

On Saturday 14-10-2017 the brutal and murderous regime forces sneaked out of their base in Ombasi and invaded Wundukori village and the market square with usual intent to cause additional atrocities against the civil population in the area.

They sprayed bullets randomly in the market and the entire village causing panic among the civilians who have settled in the area and were carrying out their economic activities.

However, the gallant SPLA-IO forces in the area intervened to rescue the innocent civilians from their brutality thereby repulsing them and killing three on the spot.

We once again want to categorically condemn the government’s cowardly action of denying access to humanitarian agencies and its widespread attacks, torture and ill-treatment against civilians.

We call upon the United Nations right bodies to take serious measures against Juba regime for its non-compliance behavior to respecting and upholding the relevant provisions of the International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law and the United Nations’ guiding principles of humanitarian emergency assistance.

The government must equally cease its continuous attacks against civilians and their objects, and should be reminded that humanitarian agencies have the right to cross conflict lines in a move to render humanitarian relief to the thousand victims of the situation regardless of their location of shelter.

PRESS RELEASE, 17/10/2017.
Lt. Col. Wayi Godwill Edward
Spokesperson, Office of the Governor
SPLM (IO) Yei River State.


  1. mading says:

    Liar, liar Wayi Godwill. You rebels are the big problem in our country. Why don’t you come home, and run for elections in 2018 to see if anybody is interested in you country destroyers ?.

  2. loberito says:

    Civilians who either are under the government controlled or SPLM(10) should not be subjected to starvation because of one group or either is controlling that particular area that is very wrong. Civilians are settling in their own communities they should not be subjected to any harm. Whoever is controlling the area must treat civilians with dignity. These are human being who live in their God’s given land and they should be treated with respect and dignity period!

  3. Kehinde says:

    with all these happening I think need peacekeepers now at least from some reputable countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc. The peacekeepers will at least be the hope of the civilians in and out of IDP camp. UN need to hurry up the peacekeepers deployment

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