Kiir’s Dinka Army commits Ethnic Cleansing on the Fertit & Lou people of Wau

APR/11/2017, SSN;

Announcement by the Government of Wau Federal State in Opposition.

Government of Wau Federal State in Opposition would like to express its concern about the appalling situation in the state where there is increase of the Internal Displaced Persons in the UNMISS and Churches in the recent event of the ethnic cleansing and indiscriminate attacks by the government troops and its militias against the innocent civilians.

Since April 4th, 2017 the regime in Juba has launched a full scale offensive in Besselia, Baggari, Bazia, and Kuajena counties where the Kiir SPLM/A government troops have been defeated by the Western Bahar Al Ghazal Lion Forces WBGLF.

On Monday April 10, 2017 and specifically in the Wau city, the government troops and its militia, who are entirely from members of Dinka tribe, turned their guns on the civilians, searching house to house and killing unarmed population in areas inhabited mostly by Fertit and Lou tribes.

The Government of Wau Federal State in opposition would like to re-express its concern about the killing and the instigated Humanitarian crises in the state.

The government of Wau Federal State in Opposition strongly condemn the attack by the government troops and its Dinka militias, where the government troops killed in cold blood hundreds of innocent civilians.

The government of the state would like to ask the International Community, including United Nations and other Non-governmental Organizations NGOs to interfere and safe the lives of thousands of the innocent citizens in the state.

(N.B. The UN and the international community, in fact, today has declared what the Kiir government is doing is tantamount to ‘ethnic cleansing’ as particular tribes are severely targeted by the Army (SPLA) and Dinka tribal militia in the direct command of the government.

Already, since the start of this way, nearly 2 millions South Sudanese have crossed the borders as refugees fleeing from the ethnic war taking place in South Sudan).

The government of Wau Federal State in Opposition would like to ask the UN to call for urgent meeting, to discuss and to condemn the perpetration of ethnic cleansing against Fertit and Lou tribes, by Dinka militias.

Western Bahr Al Ghazal citizens around the world should be informed that their community back home, the Fertit and the Lou tribes, have been left alone by the International Community, to face the killing machine in Juba.

The International Community has been watching in silence the atrocities been committed against the Fertit and the Lou tribes by the regime of Salva Kiir Mayardit.

The government of Wau Federal State in Opposition would like to call upon all the people of Western Bahar Ghazal globally to come together, unite and help support their fellow citizens and beloved ones in the state back home.

The evil is still planning to eliminate your entire relatives from the motherland.

Major General Dominic Ukelo

Governor of Wau Federal State in opposition


  1. Okuc says:


    You are not alone in sinking board of South Sudan and the salvation of non- Dinka from existential threat from the fascist regime of Kirr is by closing ranks of all the opposition forces on the ground. Once you unite your ranks and fight the enemy with conviction that you are fighting a just cause the victory is on your side.
    Don’t rely on so called International community in your struggle for your just cause because experience has shown that international community will not stand with you when you are perceived as a weak and therefore you will be left at the mercy of your adversary.
    Your people are your strength in the fight against the fascist regime by mobilising and by making them aware about objectives of the struggle and why they should sacrifice their life and resources despite the difficult circumstances in which they are living in South Sudan.

  2. Roberto Kasongo says:

    Gen. Dominic Ukelo,
    In Congo, they say ” Zabolo asuki te. Osengeli suka ye. ” which means the devil does not stop. You have to stop him. Kiir’s militias naturally are killers and they love to kill unarmed civilians. They lost in the battle field and right away, they turned their guns on innocent civilians. To put an end to this horrific act by Dinka militias, we must deal with them according to their nature. They do not understand human language. The only thing they understand is the language of gun. It would be a great mistake to assume that they will come to their senses.

    Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  3. Dinka Enclave says:

    The problem with you people is that some of you who are remotely as far as Bo Bridge River and Raja still claim Wau as their state. Can’t you get it.Why your brain refused to understand the simple fact. Wau is the land of Lou but not of the whole Fertit. Wau belongs to the people residing in Busere, Bazia, Bagare, Buselia, Mapel…etc like Balanda Bagare, Balanda Bazia, Lou,Ndogo, Bongo, Dinka of marial Bai…etc, Remember you are the one who started the War on Dinka when the State capital was transferred from Wau to Ngo Bagare in 2012 during which your men went on rampage blocking the roads linking Tombura in Equaroria with Wau. You even went on and set trucks carrying goods on fire. Your madness goes back to the period of the liberation struggle when your militia collaborated with the Mundukuro against the innocent Dinka people. Why you want to follow the foot step of murderous like Riek Macher whose main objective is to eliminate Kiir and the whole Dinka people. Why did you took guns in the first place and to fight who, Kiir or the whole Dinka? You should have wait because Kiir is not going to stay in power forever. So you want to liberate Wau from Dinka or what? How are you going to launch a liberation struggle from the mouth of lion. Why should always resort to guns as means of solving our problems anyway>

  4. mading says:

    The devil is out in full shape, Roberto Kasongo. I knew all along that you were not in South Sudan during liberation war, now you said it all that South Sudanese Congolese.

    • Roberto Kasongo says:

      The words liberation and Dinka liberated South Sudan without the contribution of other ethnic groups, East Africa Region and International Community have been used loosely. Recently, President Museveni is pissed off and he told the former political detainees who were in Uganda to meet him, South Sudan achieved its independence as a result of a collective effort. It was never Dinka tribe alone who contributed in the independence of South Sudan. Your tribal president Kiir is worried because lately Museveni is criticizing the claim that Dinka liberated South Sudan and the genocidal regime in Juba. So, Kiir sent slave Taban Deng Gai to Uganda to talk bilateral relationship with Museveni but this useless talks will not change the new reality on the ground. The wind is changing direction because of the emerging of Gen. Thomas Cirillo and pressure being exerted on president Museveni by Bana Congo, Angola, … , and Central Africa Republic.

      Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

    • Eastern says:


      I love your naivety! Now another South Sudanese will write to you in Nuer, Acholi, Ma’di, Zande, Balanda, Uduk, Toposa/Turkana/Jie, Kakwa, Lugbara, etc then you start your pausity of knowledge that these are foreigners!

      There some dinka “chiefs” who are comfortably enjoying the status of being Sudanese and see no reason of being the “tail” South something…!

      mading, the tribes of South Sudan are not made out of the hills, valleys, mountains, etc, the physical feature found in the geographical region called the Republic of South Sudan.

      The sooner you get used to the fact that South Sudan has its indigenous owners, the better….! No single square inche of an area in South Sudan has been a vacant land; it has its MONKEYS who have ownership rights!!!

  5. False Millionnaire says:

    Infact the correct information is that the fertit rebels executed an excellent ambush on an army’s convoy killing generals and many soldiers That’s a victory and they deserve to be applauded and congratulated. Universal characteristics of a political rébellions are exactly like that.Fighting the power but never setting road blocks to screen of unarmed civilians and murder them like our coward fellow equatorians do.

    • waunar says:

      false millionnaire
      I think what you really meant is what coward dinkas do, nothing is nationalistic in killing women and children in wau that was truly an act of cowardice by dinkas militias, but they will pay. Those nuer generals were killed by dinka militias and that is why you applaud the death of fellow nuer,because they are your enemy’s already. false you are devil’s agent may God reward you with death too.

  6. Roberto Kasongo says:

    Your claim that you ( Dinka ) liberated South Sudan without the contribution of other ethnic groups, East Africa Region and International Community is false. Recently, President Museveni is pissed off about the claim that Dinka liberated South Sudan. He told the former political detainees who were in Uganda to meet him that South Sudan achieved its independence as a result of a collective effort. It was never Dinka tribe alone who contributed in the independence of South Sudan. Your tribal president Kiir is worried because lately Museveni is openly criticizing the tribal system in Juba that favours Kirr’s ethnic group. So, Kiir sent slave Taban Deng Gai to Uganda to talk bilateral relationship with Museveni but this useless talks will not change the new reality on the ground. The wind is changing direction because of the emerging of Gen. Thomas Cirilo and pressure being exerted on president Museveni by Bana Congo, Angola, …, and Central Africa Republic.

    Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

    • Avenger says:

      Roberto Kasongo

      Hiding in Uganda, Congo or in any other country in Africa is not called collective contribution but it’s the opposite of contribution to the liberation of South Sudan.
      You can’t be lazy to work, fight or die to liberate South Sudan but claimed ownership when see food to eat.

    • Dinka Enclave says:

      Roberto Kasongo

      What did President Museveni exactly meant when he said South Sudan achieved its independence as a result of a collective effort? By collective contributions, the President meant contributions such as shining shoes, sweeping compounds and begging Arabs for the leftover foods. On the other hands, the Arabs were also doing their part of their own collective contributions by whipping your black asses in Hai Rujal Mafi, Hai Libas Mafi, Atla Bara, Malakia, Hai Jalaba…etc. And who were there to stop the Arabs from whipping your black assess? The Dinka of course even General Cirilo Junior knows this very well otherwise he won’t run in diaper and to be rescued by none other then the Dinka.

      • Roberto Kasongo says:

        Dinka Enclave,
        I believed you intended to say Dinka are baggers and the begged in the streets of Uganda, Kenyan, Ethiopia, England, …, and Sudan. The governments of East Africa, U.S., EU and other governments in Africa offered Dinka Community foods because members of your community are lazy they can not grow their own foods. To add insult to injury, as I am writing these comments, the UK planes are dropping off foods in your areas and the government of Sudan sent trucks full of foods to starving Dinka.
        I think another thing you wanted to say is the governments in Africa and other governments around the world were horrified about the treatment that members of your community received at the hand of Sudan government. So, these governments kindly gave your community weapons, military hardware, …, and technical expertise so that you can defend yourself against aggression of Sudan government. Dinka enclave the scar your community got from both the government of Sudan and its people will last for life. Even Dinka kids who are born today they are already traumatized by the way mother nature has created them. The cycle continues. Good luck.

        Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

        • Avenger says:

          Roberto Kasongo;

          Pick one; which is it? You complain that Dinka are the oppressors, the superiors who oppressed you in South Sudan and at the same time thinking that Dinka are beggars? Which is it? It can’t be both!

          • Roberto Kasongo says:

            Avenger or Mwana Dinkaios,
            You just put your foot in your mouth. How are you exactly superior to Bantu families, Bantu descendants, Bantu related families and Lou people? One of the main role of any government in this planet is to protect all citizens regardless of their race, religion, ethnic background, political ideology, …, and political affiliation. Your sectarian government kills innocent civilians base on their ethnicities. Is that the superiority you are talking about? Give me a break. For your information, Dinka ethnic tribe constitute only 17% of South Sudan population. This means 83% of the population is non Dinka. It appears you do not understand the different between majority and biggest tribe. So, your tribe is the biggest tribe in South Sudan but it is not the majority.

            Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  7. tit4tat says:

    Major General Dominic Ukelo
    The best language of war is “do unto others as they did unto you”, What are you waiting for? Go and justify yourselves and do the same to MTN civilians as well. They are everywhere and you don’t need to feel sorry for doing so. When they started kill civilians in Equatoria we also killed their civilians, they cried and we didn’t give a damn. Now they are again back killing civilians, we are getting ready for the revenge, ALL MTN lives are in danger in Equatoria from now on be on your guards. What they did in Pajok recently and other places will haunt them back soon.

    • Avenger says:


      This time it wouldn’t be easy to find helpless innocent Dinka women and children travelling alone without escort by the army to their destinations.
      Here is the bottom-line; it’s not that easy to attack Mathiang Anyoor and then run and hide between civilians as human-shield and then claim that the government killed civilians.
      It’s not easy to liberate; and if it were; then you wouldn’t hiding foreign countries during the liberation in the 1980s and 90s.
      Yeah; the MTN kicked asses that’s why you’re now crying in Pajok; find your MTN to killed and will experience more Pajoks. Lets play this game and see who will give up.

  8. Lualdit says:

    All the oppositions need to coordinate offensive across the country. It’s time for action, not complaining and calling on international community. International community are just laughing at us. We have weak leadership among the opposition. To force the Jaang government and international community back to peace talk, the following need to be done by the oppositions:
    1. Intitiate a coordinated offensive simultaneously in Equatoria, upper Nile and bare gazal
    2. Force the shutdown of the oil flow in Paloich.
    3. Take the war to Warrap
    In days, Jaang government will be on their knees and the international community will be force to act. This message is to the opposition leaders who want to see this carnage to end soon. Without a sustained, coordinated offensive and shutting down of the oil flow, the suffering of our people will continue. International community will not intervene unless there’s a pressure. There are over 39 nine civil wars globally and the international community are only focussing on the serious ones that they see in the news. The skirmishes that been happening in South Sudan don’t make it to international news because the Jaang government denied them and they don’t report them in their news. As such, Jaang government need to be forced to report the news by being on defensive across the country. I know why this concept is so difficult to execute.

  9. tit4tat says:

    You are wrong, there is not enough dilapidated malnourished Kirr’s militias to escort every MTN around the country let alone in Equatoria whom if we want are very easy targets even those inside Uganda refugee camps. But our forces are disciplined, and what good will it do for patriotic nationalists true liberators like us to kill woman and children, we know who we want and we will strike where it hurts most. We got you where we want and we know you insects are on the run 24/7 you can’t sleep. That’s the real game.

  10. Samuel Atabi says:

    I got this revealing story about the Jieng soldiers’ cowardice from an eye-witness account by journalist Aris Roussaninos at the battle to retake Bor city from the gallant IO fighters in 2014. I quote at length:

    “These are not even real soldiers, shouted a Jieng soldiers across the roar of [car] engines, “just Nuer youths with guns and uniform looted from us”. At a place called Pariak, “…the rebels hit us from the front as well as the right flank. Machine-gun teams and marksmen strafed the convoy, scything through soft-skinned [V8] vehicles…The [leading] general was wounded in his hand…When his men dragged him into another vehicle, that too, was hit and the general was killed along with two more men…Phil [my cameraman] bumped into some [Jieng] soldiers raping a villager [Pariak]. They told him to leave and he did…Pariak was now the general headquarters for the entire front , the brain centre for the assault on Bor [by the Jieng SPLA]…When the attack came [again from the IO soldiers], a roar of rifle and machine-gun fire …the entire gaggle of troops (Jieng) froze for a moment in utter dread that was swiftly overtaken by panic…The Officers fled first, their SUVs roaring away down the road back to Juba, leaving their men direction-less and terrified…This time, hardly anyone fired back. The whole force disintegrated as soldiers flung their rifles into the dust and ran away or chased after speeding vehicles to hurl themselves aboard, away from the fighting…Swarms of terrified soldiers surrounded every vehicle, begging for escape…
    “We drove most of the night, the convoy snaking for miles along the lonely bush road home [Juba]…as each vehicle tried to overtake the one ahead, an army crawling home in defeat.

    “A few weeks later, fighting side by side with heavily armed Ugandan intervention force, the government infantry recaptured the burnt-out, abandoned ruins of the [Bor] city centre. We didn’t join them this time round.”

    From: Roussinos, A (2014). Rebels. Arrow Books, London, pp233-246

    • Roberto Kasongo says:

      Samuel Atabi,
      A reliable source in the office of president Museveni stated that after Nuer white army destroyed Bor city centre and heading toward Juba to captured coward Kiir and his militias, Kiir called Museveni and he was on the phone for extended period of time begging Museveni to help him. After Kiir cried on the phone, president Museveni agreed to intervene. Museveni knew if he does not intervene, there will be no Dinka in Equatorioa region, Jungeli state and Upper Nile. He also knew his intervention military in South Sudan internal conflict will hurt Equatorian and non Dinka in South Sudan. The good news is Museveni realized his mistake and slowly he is withdrawing his support for Kiir.

      Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

      • Samuel Atabi says:

        Got it. Pictures speak louder than words.

      • Roberto Kasongo says:

        Elhag Paul,
        Thank you. It is an incredible video. No doubt president Museveni saved the day.

        Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

        • Avenger says:

          Now did you guys see the cost of liberation? You guys just run your mouths on the internet; given that image you saw on youtube; you guys wouldn’t dare go through it!

  11. False Millionnaire says:

    U suggest to be some body from Wau,a fertit fellow with a blind courageous lion’s heart that mislead the lion into a Killing ranting until he got kilt and the same heart also died with him.
    Please consider the sense in that legend and see if u haven’t sealed your fate if u aren’t living in the sky instead of twisting facts.
    Tit4tat or tat4tit still sounds like the character in the story of a mad man who shits and then smears the filth in his head before runing naked in the sun proving to every one that he is very stupid but without knowing it at all.
    Listen to me mec:Killing civilians either by rebels,by govrnment forces or by any ill-intentioned forces for political motive is an evil that desrves severe punishment. But as u are into it deep to the neck,it’s good to know that u will only kill as many MTNs within your reach but u will end up getting Kilt without achieving anything.

  12. Gatdarwich says:

    Fertit and lou people have done a commendable job by nailing traitorous General Machut and Par. Minytuils and the Nuer-Nuer-Bul militias in Bentiu are next. Mark my words full stop

  13. Toria says:

    tit4tat and waunar
    Excellent job, I agree with you compatriots. The jenge kingdom has hit the dead end. Finally M7 is no longer their ally and he is coming realization that he was on the wrong sinking ship, just s we have been telling him all the time. Soon we will neutralize and infiltrate all neighboring countries to come to the brighter side. The genocidal regime in Juba and her cronies are feeling the heat in their fat rear ends. There is no more way out and no returning to status quo. Either they run or stay to face the drama. See the link bellow, how the stupid tribal chief is so desperately bagging for calm while committing genocides across the land? What a hypocrite he is? No one is listening to you murderer Kirr anymore. You will be hanged by the neck till death just like Saddam Hussein.

  14. Eli Wani says:

    Dear All South Sudanese Citizens
    I salute you in the name of nationhood and progress, our nation and people are going through one of the worst situations ever since the time of slavery. The suffering is comparable to nothing in the history of our ancestral existence.

    Comparisons between two equally bad regimes:
    I do not want to write long but I just want you to compare the link below. In short, this is for you to compare the regime of dictator Salva Kirr to that of dictator Idi Amin in Uganda. There is no difference between the two, they are both indiscriminate killers, constant suffering, poverty, no development, no schools, no hospitals, no road, the economy has collapsed, no peace, no one is safe, ………………….. etc.

    • Eli Wani says:

      As much as you reserve the rights to publish comments or not it is totally up to your sole discretion as the owner and CEO of SSN. However, as long as you decide to be in public domain and decided not to publish the whole comments then you are part and parcel of the silencers of opinions which actually amounts to abuse of power and you Sir are deemed a denier of freedom of speech. I mean at your level or even any level no one should ever imitate censorship practices, that is a job reserve for illiterate dictators. Please if you decide not to publish my whole comments then don’t bother publishing partial, or at least do it in sessions if comments are too long. How else can we inform the public if information are not complete? An old saying; “partial education is better than no education”. No hurt feelings, we are just here to contribute as the struggles continue.
      Cheers bro.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Eli Wani,
        It’s very important in my business of internet that the shorter the comment, the more likely it will be read by many viewers, especially on the internet. The web is now very competitive as you are aware there are many websites competing for the same readership.
        As a long and dedicated visitor to this website, it isn’t my intention to cut you off or censor you, it’s just a case of internet-sense.
        I remember reminding you in the past that you are most welcome to send articles for publication, especially since you seemingly have a lot to tell your antagonists and the other readers.
        The struggle continues…….

  15. tit4tat says:

    False Millionnaire
    You said; “Killing civilians either by rebels,by govrnment forces or by any ill-intentioned forces for political motive is an evil that desrves severe punishment.” Really?
    Have you ever condemned any killings of non-dinkas on this website on anywhere ever before? Waunar is correct in saying; “Those nuer generals were killed by dinka militias and that is why you (false millionaire) applaud the death of fellow nuer,because they are your enemy’s already”(sic). What a lunatic hypocrite you are!.

  16. waunar says:

    false millionaire
    I am proud to be fertit, and not scared of any dinkas. your village militias came to steal our lands but we will defeat them. as for you keep preaching hate speech and lies on this website, just like your father salfa kirr on sstv, you both will die soon if stay with him mark my word ajuil.

  17. False Millionaire says:

    I am never an enemy to fertits.U deserve to fight for your rights where u are denied.The ambush u carried out was an awesome one.U kicked the power in the butt.That’s all what u should do until u get what u want instead of drifting into trouble waters in preaching killing of civilians.Bahar Ghazal is never unearthly heaven for u.So better stop barking on well wishers and concetrate on playing safe before u provoke the sky to collapse on u.
    Titi or toto,I like your name.I would have wanted u for a right hand friend if u weren’t just a lunatic fellow from another planet fighting a war while sitting so comfortably behind a computer screen some where in a ghetto on earth.Why don’t u ask yourself why Dr Riek failed from 1991 to 2013 and onward?Just be free to follow his path killing civillians and write down my word,u will hit the ground like him and u will explode in thousand pieces like a fat chocolat elephant in a miscalculated Christmas celebration.Else,u need to get informed that,among the generals the fertit have kilt,there is only one single nuer.So be happy if that pleases u.

  18. mading says:

    tit4tat. Tell your coward Roberto Kasongo president Kiir is not a coward, he would have not participated in two wars. To talk about today is war, there are many of you internet warriors who keep winning here on the internet, but not outside there. So Toria, Steve John, Gatdarwich, Deng Handbal, Easterner, Samuel Atabi, and Waunar, keep winning on this web. But your victory will stay here.

  19. waunar says:

    false millionaire
    i am glad to hear u understood we have the rights to defend ourselves. and we also have the rights to do the same things to those who kill our innocent civilians, unfortunately that is the easiest way to get the attentions of killers like matiang anyoor or ajuil criminal militias. if u r happy about the death of the generals then wait maybe u ill even be happier when we capture and lynch or shoot paul malong on the head, we are aware of his presence and he is a target. fyi the sky is held up there by God before u and i were born and when he decides to make it fall it will fall on all of us including u

  20. Toria says:

    Salva Kirr is the biggest coward in SS, since Anya nya 1 we knew him as a coward who hides behind the front lines and behind his jenge tribalists. A true soldier will not hurt defenseless civilians especially women and children. He will never enter into the history of this nation, his legacy will die and be buried in the same grave with him. If you think we are not winning then your head is stuck deep in the sand, wake up and look everywhere in South Sudan and tell me that internet has no power. Let me teach you a brief history coward; (in 1980s SPLA had a local FM radio station supported by Mengisto of Ethiopia that helped the movement to surge to the top), I was in the bush then and now again I am in the bush and I know Juba regime is going down everyday as I write on the net and pushing on the ground. Jenges will always be cowards, that is your legacy aka cowardice.

  21. waunar says:

    you dinkas are a curse to ss, disgrace to humanity. if u don’t think the opp is not winning everywhere then look at below.

  22. mading says:

    Toria. ” The regime has been going down in Juba since 2013.” And it is only happening on this web. To tit4tat those Nuers Generals you said to have been killed by Dinkas, one is a Dinka, that shows how much you guys lied on this web everyday dumb coward jur. You just pick up what ever you hear from other people and run to this web with out checking it first whether it is true or not.

  23. False Millionnaire says:

    Don’t be ridiculous.Since when am I on the way regarding what u want to do?
    Your conduct is becoming like behavior of a school girl who didn’t lose her virginity by consensus.If u have kilt the generals,u shouldn’t be so naive to think to have easy times ahead.Go kill Malong and good luck.That point is far too irrelevant to the thème of my last comments.If u are a fertit and not an impersonater,u should know all too well that it isn’t in Bahar Ghazal that u would target innocent jieng and get away with it.

  24. Dinka Enclave says:

    waunar (above)

    You can not fight the Dinka because we have just taken the fight right into your backyard and you cowards can not do anything about it other then running in diapers in UN camps. (Foul language prohibited…….., Mr. Dinka enclave)

  25. Aroc roor says:

    I think it will be good if the government of South Sudan is given to our brothers the Equatorians and Nuer to rule the country without Dinka because to them the government in Juba isa Dinka government and i don’t know whether those of Makana, Iga, Lomoro, Ezekiel, Taban, Mar, Gartkuoth, , Michael, Nyakuoth, Nyadak, Gatwech, Kulang, Bendi, Nono to mention few are Dinkas

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