Kiir’s constitution as cause of this armed violence

BY: DENG G. BUL, Australia, FEB/11/2014, SSN;

I am not only saddened by this deadly armed violence but also feel ashamed. Having signed the transitional constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, the president stood in front of huge masses of people from all tribes holding the sacred book on both hands, kissed it and declared “Let all the citizens of this new nation be equal before the law and have equal access to opportunities and equal responsibilities to serve the motherland.”

Also in the same speech, he added “we have been bombed, maimed, enslaved and treated worse than a refugee in our own country.” A little over two years later, we are being bombed, maimed enslaved and treated even worse than a refugee in our country.

Sadly though, the enemies we face today are our two big brothers-the ever impatient Dr. Riek Machar and the cold minded but intolerant Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Confusingly, the world has found itself yet again grappling with what it means seeing South Sudanese mercilessly killing themselves. Yet these same people had fought relentlessly against what they perceived as injustice committed against them by their other brothers in the far north.

I am not only saddened by this deadly armed violence but also feel ashamed and cannot walk with my head high even though my president once gladly said, now let’s walk without any fear. Shame has bent my neck, sir, and I walk in fear of shame.

So what went wrong in our young but impoverished nation? There are numerous reasons that plunged the country into chaos. However, grievances revolve mostly around the constitution.

The president has failed to honour the sacred book he once fell in love with. Our president is either making a mockery of the constitution or has disregarded it as the other paper- little piece of a dark-red book.

First, let me begin by reminding ourselves that our cry had always been lack of freedom. Lack of freedom from the Arabs’ islamization, arabisation, marginalisation, corruption (including nepotism), dictatorship, but haven’t we ended up practicising what we actually campaigned against?

We have in a real sense, become a monarch society, the worse governing system still exists in the 21ST CENTURY.

A country governs by autocratic decrees, not by a consensus. In other words we are the real enemy to ourselves. This is how.

Removal of elected state governors- Eng. Chol Tong and Gen. Taban Deng:

There is no doubt president Kiir is constitutionally allowed to remove elected state governor/s in circumstances of insecurity threatening national security and territorial integrity, article (101) (r).

The law prescribes it and should be accepted as such whether you agree with this provision or not, your acceptance of the law does not right the constitution; it instead confirms the existence of such law.

Article (101) (s) on the other hand authorizes the president to appoint a state care-taker governor who shall prepare for elections within sixty days of the occurrence.

However in an apparent setback to state citizens’ right, the president has intentionally refused to allow South Sudanese to exercise their constitutional right to vote for the next governor of their choice.

This is not only a clear violation of the constitution, but a message to those states citizens that the president views them not smart enough to choose a governor.

In more defining words, the president is regarding those state citizens as mere occupiers of the land, not forces to reckon with. Well, I do not think that I can be smarter than my boss, but if I appear to be, why not giving her my due respect?

People are his boss but President Kiir presents himself the genius, no matter what the constitution says he knows better. So why listening to the poor guys any way?

My question is, if the two governors were sacked just because of insecurity in their respective states, wouldn’t also be wise to remove former Jonglei state governor Mr. Kuol Manyang Juuk?

Was Jonglei a stable state during Kuol tenure? Whatever arguments the president or his supporters have in support of their boss’ decision only reinforce the rampage deficit of truth exist within the president’s quarter.

Appointing MPs instead of people electing them:
If I am right, then we may be the only country on earth where MPs are appointed by the president.

Article (56) (a) states that members of National Legislative Assembly (NLA) shall be elected through universal adult suffrage in free and fair elections and by secret ballot.

However to be fair to the president of the republic of South Sudan, his Excellency Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, I must first admit that appointing MPs was inevitable in some cases.

For example, those MPs who were made redundant and could no longer remain in the north after independence were constitutionally allowed to be politically accommodated.

However, feeling the devastating defeat at the aftermath of the parliament declining to confirm Mr. Telar Ring Takping Deng as justice minister, Gen. Kiir resorted to intimidating tactic telling the parliament that he would dissolve the house and let them roam the streets of Juba.

Seeing the threat and the little hope of making a living outside the government, the SPLM MPs mockingly clapped for the president and so the speaker and his two deputies were elected.

These appointment were illegal because article (69) (1) states that NLA shall elect a speaker and two deputies among members at the first sitting.

That to me was a desperate move by a politically squeezed president trying to claim authority through whatever means he could think of.

Having addicted to autocratic decrees and in a sense of victory over his opponents, the president made yet another illegal appointment replacing Joseph Nguen Monytuel with Nyuon Janguan as MPs for Mayom County.

Article (63) (2) requires the position be filled through a by-election organised by the National Election Commissions within sixty days following the occurrence of the vacancy.

In all these appointments, president Kiir, in a humiliating move, is telling his fellow South Sudanese that you either shut up or put up. Thus people’s right became the president’s right.

So does article (45) (3), every citizen shall enjoy all the rights guaranteed by this constitution” still holds? Was it a genuine declaration any way?

I will defer the answer to two gentlemen Mr Michael Makuei and Mr. Telar Ring to advise us on this matter.

Treason charges on the accused coup plotters Vs Defence of the constitution:
Article (4) (2) explicitly states, any person or group of persons who attempt (s) to over throw the constitutional government or suspends or abrogate this constitution commits treason.

Abrogate means to abolish by formal or official means; annul by authoritative act or to put aside. Now let’s think together then ask ourselves, did the president respect the constitution in all his actions or has he put it aside?

In my observation, he gradually became addicted to decrees, confusing the party for a country and seems to belief that he deserves the presidency as a natural result of his past contribution.

The president through his decrees has distorted the constitution, put it aside then acted as though he owns it? So he does commit treason, doesn’t he?

Precisely I blamed Kiir’s constitution as the cause of this armed violence.

Now that I have walked you through the above few paragraphs, I hope I have not only reminded you about what caused this armed struggle but have also informed those who had not been able to understand the nature of the conflict.

Everyone is aware that vast majority of our people rely heavily on third parties as means of acquainting themselves with what is going on in the country.

Some are being misinformed whereas others are being told not to listen to the news. That is wrong our people deserve no less; they must be correctly informed about what the South Sudanese Joshua is doing. This may be a crime in Juba; but I disagree, so read on.

Unsurprisingly, our Joshua has fallen short of the glory we accorded to him when he ascended to power back in 2005.

Essentially, it was an emotional comparison exaggeration of the man, for Joshua respected the laws of his Jews’ God.

In contrast our Joshua gets irritated by the mention of law near him, possibly because the anthropologist turned legal advisor is advising him not to bother himself with it.

It will be a great advantage for the president to pause and look back because this is no time to indulge in anger, while the country is going down the drain.

These are times for a uniting leadership, not times for reminding one’s political adversaries about what they had done in the past; for who would argue that we had been saints during the liberation war?

Didn’t commander Kiir and his comrades give orders to carry our horrendous crimes during the liberation war?

So the president’s self glorifying testimony of “have never betrayed my people” wasn’t only unhelpful but divisive by any standard.

The notion that somehow one evil is better than other should be discouraged. Gen. Kiir is no better than Dr. Riek; they are two devils that deserve hell.

What our young nation needs is apolitical type of leadership, one that condemns defamation while encourages trust building. END


  1. Thank you Deng G Bul for the article. However, in your conclusion you said that Kiir is no better than Riak; they are two devils that deserve hell. Deng, history will never ever lie to the people. Riak in his clear conscience appologiesed publicly about the incidences that happened in the past. To open a new page in history, this appology mark a starting point in Riak’s history and the history of South Sudan. What did you do in relation to his appology? I hope you extednded a peaceful hand to Riak just as Dr. John Garang did in 2002?

    In relation to Kiir, “didn’t commander Kiir and his comrades gove orders to carry out horrendous crimes during the liberation?” you asked. Now having said that it implies Kiir himself has committed crimes during liberation struggle; now the obvious question is: did he publicly appologise to south sudanese people about his atrocities? Definitely, he did not. The incident of Dec 15th 2013 was claimed to be a coup, when it is absolutely not a coup at all. Edward Lino in his recent article disqualified Kiir’s claims. Rebecca in an interview with the London news paper also condemned and rubbished such claims and accused Kiir of masterminding the ploy to silence his opponents. Kiir did not govern the country according to the constitution as you ellaborated. When you reflect on South Sudan since 2005 till 2012 you will conclude that this man, called Kiir, is sound.

    In conclusion, I think Riak is more noble. He understands the concept of appology and its positive implecations. He believes in forgiveness as a tool for peaceful coexistence. Riak is more human than Kiir.

    Though non is perfect, but South Sudan has lost the most intelligent, loving, caring, fairer and consistent leader south sudanese have ever had; and this leader is Dr John Garang.

    • bolabokdit says:

      It is important to get things right. Kiir had never ever been the enemy of Suothern Sudanese if he did commit atrocities we have right to let him apologized, but he didn’t. This is the only reason we as Suothern Sudanese nation have trusted him despite his lack of skill in governance. Riak himself was a vice president next to the president if the government failed its task then both Riak and Kiir are to be blame. Who Riak wanted to fool here? What Eduard Lino implied was that we forget Riak and Kiir and let us look for someone not boold thursty in the party to govern our country.
      Riak will not be in presidential election ticket whatsoever whether Kiir on power or not on power. I cannot shy aaway from telling the truth just because I will be cricized that is the price one pays for speaking the truth to power seekers

  2. Manoon Thonchol says:

    “The notion that somehow one evil is better than other should be discouraged. Gen. Kiir is no better than Dr. Riek; they are two devils that deserve hell.”

    Those Idiots like LGG do not believe in such wise statement Deng. They are ignorant jack asses.

  3. CryThebelovedCountry! says:

    Excellent statesmanship writing! Keep it up brother Deng G Bul. South Sudan needs people like you. And above all, keep up that rational line of thought and your sense of responsibility and nationalism. Thanks.

  4. Mading Bulian says:

    Deng G Bul, there is nothing harder in this world than telling the truth. I can’t throw out a single sentence in your article because all that you said are correct. Our president put everybody under his boot thinking that they will be blinded to see what he is doing with the constitution. If there is justice in this world, president Kiir should be the first person to appear in court to answer the killing of 10,000 innocent South Sudanese. If there are people held accountable for constitutional violation in South Sudan, then president Kiir should head that list.

    If you come from Lakes state as I do, then you should know that there is no constitution in the republic of South Sudan which has granted rights to all South Sudanese. I wonder sometimes when our president accused others of violating the constitution while he is number one.

  5. Raan Naath says:

    Mr. Deng,

    As you truly know and we all know, including the international community, Salva kiir is a foolish liar. He can kiss any thing, vowing and dishonouring the same vow without even him knowing it. Yes he kissed the constitution and broke it the next day. He kissed the hand of Bishop Paulino Lukudu who told him at Nyakuron, Juba, on 14 December 2013 to take the path of peace with his colleagues like Riek Machar and yet Kiir on the next day ordered for disarmament of Nuer soldiers and he started the violence. The people of South Sudan and the world in general are wasting time with this immature leader. He needs to exit in order for peace, security, justice, democracy and development to flourish in our new country. He is a dumb leader.

    • Raan Naath says:

      And I strongly believe that standing up against Kiir’s dictatorship and now instigated violence is the right thing to do no matter what. So I would say, Mr. Deng, that Dr. Riek Machar is not a devil by trying to liberate you from Kiir’s ever tyranny. This is the last resort now after 8 years of patience he exercised trying to transform Kiir’s heart to embrace justice, democracy, unity of the people, development, etc. We should salute Dr. Machar for his courage to face the untouchable Kiir unless some of you have the idea of forming a third party in the conflict against both Kiir and Machar. And this I believe, will be a waste of time for such third party dreamers. We are in the state of war and by the gun, if not peace between the two, the winner will take it all.

      • bolabokdit says:

        Raan Naath
        You are truely blinded by Mr. Riak Ambitions. Riak Machar promises paradise and delievered hell his behaviour are known nationally and internationally. I can agree that Kiir is a lesser devil than Riak if we talk of comparison. Kiir did not allied himself with Khartuom Government to fight SPLM/A and distrupt the freedom of Suoth Sudan. I was thinking if Riak came back to the people and party he betrayed he will behave reasonably. TO my susrprise Riak was invited to attend orphans party an opportunit he can apologize and beg for forgiveness Riak refuses to attend. He (Riak) went and gave fake apology to Nyandeng and some individuals not Bor Community with aim of winning Nyandeng support to his side which led to division of Bor masscare today.

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          If Raan Naath is blinded by Mr. Riek Ambitions, are you then blinded by Kiir’s dictatorial ambition? You haven’t yet answer me. Evading answering my question clearly shows you are nothing but a pathological liar who is trying really hard to cover up the truth. Again, if the issue is Dr. Machar, why kill innocent Nuer children and women in Juba? Did they attempt the purported coup with Dr. Machar who you want to blame? It is really a simple question, Bolabokdit. I would like you to answer me and stop running away from this question.

          • bolabokdit says:

            I am sorry to get your question very late Mr. CatCha. war is war when it break out you cannot blame anyone one side for what happened. You have seen in the World War 1 and 11. Majority of innocent civillian lost their lives in these two wars and they were not intentionaly targeted, but they caught on cross fire. There is no reason Kiir can order killing the people who he wanted to serve and the same for Riak.
            Lets urge two warring parties to cease hostilities and resort to the peaceful solution for the sake of our nation.

  6. Monydit says:

    I agree with u bro. 100%. Our goverment is not the government of the people by the people, but government of Kiir by Kiir.

  7. Anyar says:

    Thanks Mr. Anyar for make it clear. These gentlemen never learned from their mistakes and they should leave us alone. Why would they pushed the nation back to war just because of greed? They deserve the hell, I agree with you. Keep it up.

  8. john says:

    Nonsenses, Transitional Constitution only give one man a power and protection. It does not cover the entire country as it supposed to by law in most countries like US, Canada, and UK. The one man’s it doesn’t worth dying for. I am not surprise why most soliders had defected to opposition because they add on their personal issues with the reigm, that sometime they go up to 6 months without pay and they can not see their families. If you were them What would you do? It is a waste of people’s time to vote for governors and later on, the president remove them their elected offices. It is ashame indeed that our country do not have a polictical opponent existency in plcae because We do We would not be in this mess now. It is also a shame that our oil money are being us to pay foriegn troops to protect kiir and kill our people. Is that What you want to see and hear? IGAD fails the people of South Sudan for not pushing hard enough to have Uganda troops leave S Sudan and release of polictical detainees so that they can contribute to the peace process currenting taking place in Ethiopia.

  9. Jesus said, “you know the tree from its fruits, a bad tree can not gives good fruits and a good tree cannot give bad fruits.”
    therefore, it is senseless to accept good thing from someone who is bad, for example if a thief steals somebody’s money and you got shocked on that act! do you think you are right !

  10. Hurry Robert says:

    Well Done brother Deng,You have articulated and analysed the main source of our current crisis.Our people need to analyse the source of our political problems instead of relaying on mere propaganda by Kiir government and supporters.

    Nine year down we have nothing to show to the rest of the World what the Kiir government has done interns of development of infrustractures,institutional building and service delivery to this country.The same government has got plan for this country either.
    We South Sudanese like importing everything from others without weighing whether it can work with our situation or not.We have imported dictatorship,UPDF,corruption,nepotism,food, etc instead of looking for our homegrown solution.

  11. Lisangi says:

    Dear Deng,
    Your words vexed me to tears, “I am not only saddened by this deadly armed violence but also feel ashamed and cannot walk with my head high even though my president once gladly said, now let’s walk without any fear. Shame has bent my neck, sir, and I walk in fear of shame.” One more question to add, is it constitutional to train tribal Militias parallel to the existing national army? My sympathy and condolences goes to those nationalist Nuer men and women whose families members perished in the hands of the so called Presidential Guards while they are attending to the national call away from home to give them the needed protection. In my opinion,our President had never been reconciliatory in his speeches especially after Dr. Riak expressed his interest in Party chairmanship. I didn’t expect and believe that one day one time that the likes of Comrade, Pagan and Oyai Deng Ajak would one day be persecuted by their fellow freedom fighters (bush friends) with whom they have much in common to tell to generations. Mr. President, is this the best gift/offer you could give to the detainees? I don’t think they deserve this, but if you think so, will you accept it yourself? Our Good Lord uphold us united and save our country S. Sudan by identifying a leader who will rise beyound ethnic inclination. Amen!

    • Lisangi,

      I really like you comments. As you see from this article, our country’s constitutions put our president above the law while anyone else is under law. There is no article in South Sudan constitutions that restrict the role of president and there is no article in our constitution that give citizens of this young nation the constitutional right to vote for the leaders they like and vote out the leaders that do not do the job right. Every state citizens know who should made the good governor and mayor but the president does not want to give each state citizens the constitutional right to vote for the right people to lead them in their state and in their cities and towns.

      The frequent reshuffling of leaders will never bring any development in this young nation. In every democratic government, there is no reshuffling because random reshuffling does not bring peace and development. Leaders who get the job through reshuffling often do not do the job right but they do please the president only by doing things that are good for the president but do things that are bad for the state citizens or treat state citizens like wild dogs.

  12. Alier Gai says:

    Any short cut to power success is a dangerous road. Splm party has been playing manipulation game with who gets what first and last. The current constitution is dysfunctional during the interim and beyond. The interim period with no review had been a mistake made by party’s takeholders. Amum, Nyandeng and macher knew what went wrong there, because they are the ones who feed kiir with power monopoly while holding their hopeful inheritance string to the constitution for their future entrance and corrupt the system through. They allowed this to happen because they thought kiir will go soon and one of them will take over and blame his corruption virus on previous government. Uninterestingly, their usual habit has betrayed them before that time arrived. They fall apart with the feed to go soon Kiir, and they are the first to go, in other word. Kiir has been enjoying direct central powers through them. But no regret this what wouhave happened revealed itself. What I should tell you, though, development regradless of ho bad our written law

  13. Alier Gai says:

    Any short cut to power success is a dangerous road. Splm party has been playing manipulation game with who gets what first and last. The current constitution is dysfunctional during the interim and beyond. The interim period with no review had been a mistake made by party’s takeholders. Amum, Nyandeng and macher knew what went wrong there, because they are the ones who feed kiir with power monopoly while holding their hopeful inheritance string to the constitution for their future entrance and corrupt the system through. They allowed this to happen because they thought kiir will go soon and one of them will take over and blame his corruption virus on the previous government. Uninterestingly, their usual habit has betrayed them before that time arrived. They fall apart with the feed to go soon Kiir, and they are the first to go, in other word. Kiir has been enjoying direct central powers through them. But no regret this is what would have happened that revealed itself. What I should tell you, though, development regradless of how bad our ruling system is, tangible developments must have been achieved at their minsterial posts, kiir did not allow them to deflecate public dollars for their riches. I think kiir is not part of that monoply schemes. nour written law

  14. Dr JAC Ramba says:

    “I will never take South Sudanese back to war again” . The next thing you see him ordering his tribal militia to kill his very countrymen in cold blood. The victims in their hundreds committed no crime that anybody can tell. Maybe their only mistake is that they happen to be from a certain tribe for which the tribal Gulweng have been programmed to eliminate.

    The revenge killings that followed were no less brutal either. Anyone who killed an innocent soul will be accountable before the law both in this life and beyond.

    However the East African unprovoked conspiracy to come and hunt south Sudanese citizens using the UPDF gunships as if they are hunting wild game is an issue a hundred generations will not settle.

    Are we really in need of more killers from the neighboring countries when we are already doing the very killing to the best of our savagery?

    If South Sudanese still need to be ruled by the two rivals , why bring in foreign forces in? Don’t we know that the SPLM/A is about “Inshala abuuk adiw talaga” ?This is the motto of this monster, and we need not complain if we still want it in our lives. The other option is to of course get rid of it once and for all. A wise-man’s decision, but how many of us are wise men?

    Blinded by tribal hatred towards one another the SPLM/A, has just offered us the most optimum and conducive environment for our people to butcher each other senselessly. What a liberation movement that liberates you from one enemy only to turn around to do the very killing!

  15. Rumbek says:

    While I agree with every sentence of your article and as a Dinka from Rumbek who just like you presumably from Jonglei felt the 1991’s intensity, I would beg to disagree that Riek had been impatient this time.
    If we are to be fair as South Sudanese, Riek should be complimented this time for exercising patience.the following serve to justify my claim:-
    1-If you wil remember, Salva Kiir tried to have Riek replaced with Wani as first Deputy during the 2008 convention. Even though such decision was later reversed Riek was side lined through out the convention and never got a chance to address the delegates. Every body from Kiir himself, Pagan, Ann Itto, Wani Igga, Akol Paul etc. had a chance to talk but not Riek. Riek decided to stay calm to the end.
    2-Salva on several occasions insulted Riek directly or Indirectly as a betrayer,defector etc. this was also echoed by some junior members Like Makuei Lueth but he remained calm. It is worth mentioning that Riek apologized to Bor community in one of the meetings.
    3- very many junior officials in the government who were seen to be close to Dr. Riek were victimized for that. And for your information, the former governors of Lakes and Unity were removed not because of insecurity but because of their perceived association with Riek. This would offend any one as vice president! Riek knew all this but he stayed calm
    4- when Kiir issued a decree reducing Riek’s powers, he was provoking him to take action so that he is blamed by public. Remember a reconciliation workshop that was initiated by Riek was closed down. Riek still decided to utter nothing.
    5- Salva removed him as vice president and went to Garang Mausoleum to address a gathering in a very provocative way. He had this to say ‘this man called Riek has been insulting me and when I asked him to resign he did not, so now I have removed him by FORCE’ this was a clear provocation. Which Riek didn’t respond to.
    6. When the violence started late last year, it was a clear plot against Riek. When the plot resulted in a gun fighting within the presidential guards, Kiir saw it as the best way to get rid of Riek and the others opposed to him and quickly moved to call it a coup plotted by Riek. Clearly Kiir wanted to kill Riek had the later not escaped.
    7. During the crisis Kiir’s guards moved to Riek’s residence and killed everybody that was there? In addition Nuer were targeted and killed in their houses! As of now it is hard to find any Nuer on the streets of Juba their capital city!
    What more patience would we expect from Riek for sure? Patient to death? Only Jesus did it!
    At any rate Riek exercised patience to a point very close to death and he should be complimented for that instead of being blamed. That is very unfair.

  16. Teriffic article Mr.Bul,

    However,allow me to advice my President Salva Kirr Mayardit that,You make no difference with a bush rat since your un necessary degrees started.Mr president you must understand that,there is no Country which has ever suceeded on the earth with too much degrees in the modern world of dotcom .Mr president it will be a good decission/ choice if you can stepdown and appolozies to the new nation (the Republic of South Sudan)than for you to be forced to life excile in a foreign Country.First and fowermost you have no results atall to show to the ordinay citizens of this belove country after nine years of your incompetence in power,Too much curruptions and stealing of billions of dollars of the oil money including your own office last year, leave along your officials.Your support in the fouth coming elections Mr President you will only get votes in three states of greater Bhar-el ghazal namely Warrap your own home state,Lakes,and Northern Bhar -el ghazal state as options suggest which will not make you a president of South Sudan three out of ten States.
    Greater Equatoria :Here our people are real fed up of your system without any development apart from only the refrendum in 2011.Mr President we have big equatorians politicians for nothing in your government who are not capable of mobolizing support for you in the greater Equatoria as they more un popular like you in our three states. example was shown to you in 2010 on the Governortorial elections in equatoria in particular the central where your preffered Candidate almost got only 10% where your reappointed him rather than electing. In Western Equatorian its self explanatory to you the current big politicians from Equatoria region in your government are only for positions and food lovers for them selves.

    Upper nile,

    You decided to poision your self in the greater Uppernile region by your killings in Juba on 16 December 2013 in particular the relatives of those oposing your authocratic regime ,yet they supported you in 2010 elections with this when you think of geting votes in that region, talk only of Bor and Duk Counties simply because of your current corrupt Ministers of information and Defence.With the above mentioned reasions it will be a political sucide to think of campaigns in the fouth incoming elections in 2015 as you have nothing to show.Riek is as well bad like you, but please give it to the people of the Republic of South Sudan to decide through votes not you since he has his own right as a citizen of this Country to lead if he gets the mandates from the South Sudanese.Lastly i want conclude by saying God bless the People of South Sudan and not ever to give us your type of leadership in future .

    • Kidepo says:

      IN EES-

      The election was very worst. Kiir sent Brigadier Johnson Juma and Mamur to particularly intimidate any voter that will vote against SPLM and it was done because Kiir was informed the Toposa are the majority in EES. For Kiir he only ebelives in majority and nothing elese

      After Brigadier JJ and Mamur later realised what they did was it self the start of dictotorial regime, they heartly appologised in many occassions to all SPLM Candidates by confessing that they were told by the Political bureau to ensure all SPLM candidates pass although some did not make it at all given the intimidations and all what was done to them. Up to now Briagdier JJ in several occassions told Lobong “you did not worn the l’ection but I rigged for you through intimidations” and this is what made Lobong to change his first strategies of revenge on his none voters and turn some of them into his alliances by trying his level best by working with all the people something I doubt if he will make it again because no one is going to intimidate any oe anymore and Lobong got it very much

      Last year after Kiir realised the strongest relationship between Lobong and Dr Riek, he immediately tried to remove Lobong like the other two Governors he already removed. What Lobong did was to go to the air openly and critised dr Riek from top to bottom inclduing saying things that Dr Riek have never done before. On hearing this Kiir allowed Lobong to meet him and later Lobong confessed that he wa a supporter of Dr Riek but he is not willing to loose his position because of Dr Riek. Lobong promised the President that he will support him forever something questionable to some of us who know the inner circle of Lobong

  17. Alier Gai says:

    Not good to pretend yourself when you are not that person. Be a role model in honest, you hear me? Thanks!

  18. GatCharwearbol says:


    Wise people like you are badly and truly needed in South Sudan. If you are indeed from Dinka of Rumbek, there is no question that not all Dinka drink from the cup of stupidity and ignorance of Kiir. He has done it and failure for South Sudanese to condemn Kiir and remove him from power is the failure of our young Nation. Riek Machar is being blamed not because he committed any crime, but because he hails from Nuer tribe. That is what we, the sincere citizens of this nation know, nothing less and nothing more.

    The patience that Riek Machar should have that they are talking about is just a cover up and scheme for denying the blunder of Kiir. Dr. Machar had in many occasions remained calm and collected. There is no more patience left from his side. He had to defend himself. They can devise every trick all day and all night, but the almighty God of this innocent people will bring them down to their knees.

  19. Rumbek,

    Thank you for pointing out those issues. President Kirr has been disrespecting Dr. Machar for a long time since signing of CPA but Riek has been patience. I believe if all South Sudan citizens see and judge things like you, then we would have been living in peace.

  20. Ring LoKen says:


    From Editor: Mr. Ring Loken, There is a serious ‘moral deficit’ among these thieves-cum-leaders like Kiir pretending to be a serious Catholic.
    I want to quote for you from Dr. Lual Deng’s book, ‘The Power of Creative Reasoning,’ page 52: “If you attend one of the Sunday services in Juba (e.g. Kator), you’ll find some of them telling lies to our innocent congregation at the holy place in which they’re supposed to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness from the Good Lord.”
    So, is Archbishop Lukudu and the others being deceived by these egregious ‘sinners?’ Perhaps that’s why peace can’t come to South.
    Of course, Riek Machar used to attend the Presbyterian Church, others the Anglican Church. This truly is SPLM moral deficit and decay.

  21. Ring LoKen says:


    • Tyson says:

      The type of people like Kiir are not true believers. These are the hypocrites that Jesus described in the holy gospels.
      Kir has been killing, stealing, abusing state power and telling lies all the time.
      Jesus is has come to save sinners including me and Kiir, It is urgent that Kiir recognizes this humble plea and cries for his sins. He should walk out of power as he has failed to deliver.
      Archbishop Lukudu or Bishop Emeritus Paride Taban can try their luck but remember; kiir blatantly refused to honor their appeal for peace and calm during the opening of the NLC meeting. If kiir had listened to the message of these servants of God, nothing could have happened in our country.

  22. wololo Mayoyo says:

    Dear southerners, all your points are in place as far as the two leaders are concern. I mean both are not fit to contest for election. I personally would even prefer a woman with a motherly heart to govern this baby nation than a man who are corrupt, impatient, full of ego and swaggers yet for nothing.
    Please if we give a woman a chance, this country of ours will never be the same again.

  23. Kuanyin Malual says:

    Thank you Deng Bull for your words! Your article is very touchy and powerful. I hope Kiir and those wrong leaders would read it though they are not going to understand it.

  24. Alier Gai says:

    We need young men who is equipped with everything democracy is needed to lead the country. Age class is outdated with corrupt virus that is so bad to be conquered. They shift their plan now that interim government is the answering project of dividing the country into the village nations. Who will lead when we become tribes but not nation? Let organize 2015 election so that democracy is well executed than that ineffective plan withno cure. What a plan in a nation?

  25. Mr.Manyang says:

    Not Kiir but the pro-kiir had made this crises happen and i am sure they will get it. believe me Kiir will be humiliated like a dog. because he is a fool, why should he be drive by those who are not SPLM/A or None participants with some rid SPLM/A Like Kuol Manyang,Makuei Lueth, and other destroyes groups like Elia Martin,Wani Igga,Mangok Rundial,Malong Awan, Lobong,Rizik and Joseph to push war without aims in order theirs own interests.

  26. justin John says:

    This is a great article, full of truths and evidence that nobody could deny them except the Gogrial boys. As a matter of fact Riak is far better than Kiir, despite the mess up of 1991. Riak managed to offer self-determination to South Sudanese. But what Kiir does during the struggle? He was a failed commander who had never succeeded in any military operation leave alone liberation of a single area. In addition he was the one killing most intellectuals during the liberation struggle because of jealousy. Finally, he decided to revolt at Yai, if not wisdom of some soldiers and elders he from Bahr el Ghazal, he would have destroyed CPA.

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