Kiir’s Campaign of Deception

BY: Dr. Deng Bol Kuol, AUSTRALIA, MAR/22/2014, SSN;

It is now an open secret that the intransigence of the government of Gen. Salva Kiir, has not only made the Republic of South Sudan a laughing stock in the world, but it is incredibly becoming disastrous for the people of the Republic of South Sudan.

As a matter of fact, many people in South Sudan and their friends in the world have discovered the truth that there was no coup attempt and they have become fully aware that the military incident of 15/12/2013, was nothing but a ploy orchestrated by Gen. Salva Kiir and his group to get rid of their political opponents.

The astonishing thing is that the discovery of the big lie has made Gen. Salva Kiir and his associates hilarious or mad.

As a result, they instantly decided to launch a two-fold campaign of deception in order to sell their lies about the alleged coup attempt and simultaneously assassinate the characters of their political opponents before the expected elections.

The campaign of deception was led by the threats of Gen. Salva Kiir, when he said: “the world will regret, if they support the rebels”.

In other words, Gen. Kiir and his group are ready to fight the whole world, if it doesn’t believe their lies!

No wonder, one of the main targets of the campaign was Ms. Hilde Johnson, Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), who ethically and courageously refused to cover up the lie of the alleged coup and the genocide of Juba, which was committed by the militia of the brutal dictator.

Subsequently, Gen. Kiir and his group did not hesitate to accuse UNMISS of running a parallel government in South Sudan!

This behavior shows that Gen. Salva Kiir and others in the government were furious with UNMISS, because it is protecting (Nuer) people, who are called rebels by the government.

Thus, UNMISS became an obstacle in their crusade of ethnic cleansing of Nuer people. One example is the incident of the horrible Minister Micheal Makuei in the UNMISS camp in Bor!

Also, people like Mr. Wani Igga with his disgusting jokes and lies, the Horrible Micheal Makuei and the polite liar, Dr. Barnaba Marial jumped on the bandwagon and tried shamelessly and hopelessly to defend their lies about the alleged coup attempt and to cover up their ethnic cleansing of Nuer people in Juba but to no avail.

However, the young politician Akol Paul was exceptionally crazy to become the star of the campaign of deception through character assassination of Dr. Riek Machar and his colleagues.

In this context, Mr. Akol Paul was intoxicated by his new power to the extent of assuming the role of the de facto Chairperson of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM)!

If you have any doubt in your mind about that assumption, let me remind you that it was Akol Paul in a rally of the SPLM youth league in Juba university, who called for the dismissal of Dr. Riek Machar and others from SPLM party, and immediately Gen. Salva Kiir issued the Party orders!

All in all, the fatal outcome of the campaign of deception was Gen. Salva Kiir himself, because in the process of denial he has been unconsciously admitting the facts, which his stooges were trying to conceal from the world.

For instance, at a function organized by the youth wing of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) on Saturday 15/02/2015 in Juba, Gen. Kiir admitted the formation of his private army by saying: “the intention was to have a ‘reserve force’ to help the nation in the event of military action was needed.”

He also continued to accuse some officials in his government by saying: “When these people were in the training, they were denied everything. They were denied salaries, weapons and all things they were supposed to get because some did not like the idea,…”

Of course, this confession from Gen. Kiir proves the government ploy of the alleged coup attempt and vindicated Mama Rebecca Nyandeng and others who stated that Gen. Kiir had formed fifteen thousand militia force; mainly from Warrap and Northern Bahr el Ghazal states.

Although, these facts were denied by Brig. Malaak Aywein and others on SSTV; many people know that these are the soldiers who committed the massacre of Nuer people in Juba.

Furthermore, the campaign of deception includes the manipulation of the law.

This legal game was announced by the poor Minister of Justice Mr. Paulino Wanawilla when “he ruffled his feathers like an angry cock ready for the dirty fight” (the words of the prolific writer El Hag Paul in his wonderful article titled: The SPLM corrosive culture of victimization).

Unfortunately, Mr. Wanawilla accepted the humiliating assignment and disgracefully committed perjury by manufacturing false evidences to satisfy the desire of Gen. Salva Kiir, Gen. Wani Igga, Mr. Telar Deng, Gen. Kuol Manyang, Gen. Aleu Ayieny Aleu, Mr. Micheal Makuei, Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro, Dr. Riek Gai and others.

The scandal of this legal plot was exposed by the categorization of the political detainees into three groups according to their perceived threat to the government in Juba.

Otherwise, how can the political detainees be divided, when they were all arrested from their houses and accused of being plotters of the alleged coup attempt?

Perhaps, the only answer is that Kiir and his group are afraid from the political weight of Mr. Pagan Amum, military influence of Gen. Oyay Deng Ajak and Gen. Majak D’Agoot as well as the diplomatic strength of Ezekiel Gatkuoth. Thus, the Minister of Injustice was ordered to charge them with treason.

Moreover, we should not forget that the campaign of targeting the political detainees is not over yet. According to Gen. Salva Kiir; the seven detainees were released on bail and can be charged anytime, if there is evidence.

In other words, Mr. Wanawilla must continue his investigation and process of manufacturing false evidences to charge the enemies of the government with treason!

Eventually, the campaign of deception has reached its climax, when Gen. Kiir and his group defied the whole world, which was calling for the release of the remaining four detainees by sending them to court on 11/3/2014 in Juba.

The trial of Mr. Pagan Amum, Gen. Oyay Deng Ajak, Dr. Majak D’Agoot and Amb. Ezekiel Gatkouth shows the magnitude of the conspiracy, which was designed by Gen. Kiir and his group.

In fact, the trial of those innocent heroes and patriots on false bases will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Gen. Salva Kiir and his group in their desperate attempt to maintain power by hook and crook.

Hence, this historic trial is going to be a litmus test for the independence of the Judiciary Institution in the Republic of South Sudan.

In other words, the judges who are undertaking this challenging task will have to prove whether their court is a kangaroo or a fair one.

Definitely, the ball now is in the court of justice and the world will wait to see the verdict.

In spite of the intensive campaign of deception, the two crucial questions that certainly pop up from the ongoing destructive war will be: Who started the current war? And who is prolonging it despite the despicable catastrophic loss of lives and properties in the country?

Without beating around the bush, this war was started by Gen. Salva Kiir, when he ordered the disarmament of the Nuer soldiers among the presidential guards in order to execute his devilish plot to eliminate the people who are labeled to be enemies.

Similarly, Gen. Kiir is the one, who is prolonging the destructive war, because he is refusing to release the remaining four political detainees and rejecting the withdrawal of the Ugandan People Armed Forces as it was stated in the Cessation of Hostilities and Status of the Detainees Agreements, which were signed by the two warring parties on 23/01/2014 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Nonetheless, the most painful irony is the fact that Gen. Kiir, who committed the ethnic cleansing of Nuer tribe in Juba, is able to perpetuate his ethnic war by buying cheap politicians from different ethnic groups.

For instance, power and money hungry Shilluk politicians decided to support Gen. Kiir in his ethnic war despite the fact that he has betrayed and arrested three SPLM leaders from Shilluk tribe among others.

Those misguided Shilluk politicians worked hard to create a conflict, which pitted the Nuer White Army against the Shilluk tribe. As a result, many innocent people from Shilluk tribe were killed. What a disaster?

In conclusion, it is high time to inform Gen. Salva Kiir and his group the fact that their campaign of deception about the alleged coup attempt, has miserably failed, because it could not convince anybody in the world.

Therefore, the continuation of the war and the trial of the innocent political detainees will sooner or later confirm that Gen. Kiir is a compulsive liar and a dictator, who is too deformed to be reformed.

Deng Bol Kuol is a concerned South Sudanese. He can be reached at


  1. You have called spade a spade. President Kiir is power behind all the mess the country is in today. I am afraid the man has completely lost in the wider and complex world of politic. And he may not come out alive to answer the charges.

  2. Andrew Jenge says:

    Thank you very much for the simple and to the point article. Chiefbandit Salva Kiir Mayar is responsible for all the mess in South Sudan since 2005 to date.

  3. Manguangu says:

    Our president has messed everything because the people around him are always misadvising him. He is not really working towards inclusivity, but exclusivity to favor his ethnic group, the Dinka. We are tired of war and I think the only way we can bring lasting peace to South Sudan is to deliberately handover leadership of the country to smaller tribes, NOT THE TWO BIG TRIBES, for they will always fight for power at the expenses of the others.

  4. Elijah Samuel says:

    I salute you! The truth nothing but the truth has come out of your mouth! For the sake of our country more people need to spell out the truth as you did!
    Kiir is on death bed, he is fighting off death, but no human has succeeded so far! He has taken the road like those ahead of him like ghadafi who end up taking a lot of live with him! The result is the same for him!

  5. Lilly says:

    These two colors mayaar plus machar remain obsolete. Take them to ICC.

  6. nyamnyam says:

    Kiir is an idiot.

  7. okuc says:

    Thank you for good analysis of events in South Sudan after power struggle within SPLA party which led to massacre of innocent Nuer people by Kirr’s militias in Juba on 15 December2014. No patriotic South Sudanese condone what in Juba except the supporters and beneficiaries of Kirr corrupt regime unfortunately, you seemed one of those paranoid of Chollo politicians whom you accused of supporting Kirr in his criminal crime.
    Your accusation is baseless and cover up for killing of innocent Chollo in cold by undisciplined white army in Malakal and you are worried that Riak Machar will have to account for crime committed in Malakal and elsewhere.
    Riak failed to learned from event of 1991 in Bor when he led the White army to kill civilians. Again his White army have committed the same crime on the pretext the Johnson Olony is fighting along side the SPLA soldiers. It is chief


  8. the society is in danger when those who have not learn how to obey are given the right to command ……..kiir must go+ his dinka, machar is the freedom fighter(freedom is not free)…

  9. Thank you Dr Deng Bol Kuol for the courage to say the truth. I believe you feel free now as you have aired the truth and this truth has set you free. Allow me to ask you this question with due respect: are you a dinka from bor? If you are, I really salute you respectfully for standing up to hold Kiirler (Kiir) accountable for all chaos in south Sudan.

    In addition to the points mentioned in the article, in fact Kiirler led a rebellion against south Sudan constitution. He recruited 15000 illegal militiamen from his own tribe in spite the fact that his chief of staff Gen James Hoth refuted.

    Kiirler has failed to keep peace in south Sudan thus he MUST go to hell.

  10. Edwardd Abyei Lino says:

    Dear Dr Deng Bol…,
    I hope you are fine as you should be. I have been following many writings through this and other websites. I am personally
    very glad that our South Sudanese youth and clean intellectuals have started to pick up their national issues correctly. I tell you those having power in Juba and other States have forgotten that people are goung ahead. They believe to be the only people who know what is good for the people of South Sudan even though be it bad and saddening their assumption. I have come accross many good articles and writings of late and I want to tell you very well done. You have known and understood what has affected our country and how can a nation be destroyed! This fact does not us to go demagougic, because it is the reality. Please, have courage and go ahead. I like your frankness and bravery, my people. I wish the rest could liberate themselves like you and those rwho wrote objectively like you. Of course, KIIR MAYAR HAS FINISHED and it a matter of time. What is needed now is that people should contribute more to put things right. The most important issue at hand to face, is the issue which is now keeping our communities divided and how to cure and palliate the wounds which were inflicted by KIIRISM and congrigation on our communities.The problems of peace and reconciliation. Then simultaneously, comes the issues of rebuilding what was destroyed in the conflict, then comes the issue of infrastructure, agriculture, education, institutions of security, business and combatting corruption. I mean to say, South Sudan need to
    be built anew! These are the areas we should now start to concentrate our efforts, because that is where we start from.
    Of course, our biggest point in our backwardness is the issue of human-power. This fundamental fact, like the issue of peace and reconciliation, must come first. Please, accept my heartfelt appreciation and congratulations to you and to all those who contributed positively to this engulfing wonderful forum. Thanks…,
    Edward A. Lino

  11. Arop Ater says:

    Mr. Deng
    You have mentioned that Salva Kiir ordered for the disarment of nuer tribes in the unit of presidential gaurds. Was Riek Machar among gaurds that were disarmed? What involved Riek since he was not one of the presidential gaurds. this was a total failed coup atempt which was planned, coordinated and funded by Nuers residing in abroad. the whole situation is absolutely blamed on Riek Machar and the people of south sudan are tired of this man he has been changing sides during our strungle for liberation he has never settled nore contribute to fight for freedom of southerners from Arabs instead he turned against southerners. Riek in any way will never lead this country. The fact is, if Kiir has failed then all have failed. Riek has been vice for eight good years if there was something Kiir did not do Riek should have done it. educated nuers should stop thinking like white army. South sudan belongs to all tribes that makes this country. its a very dangerious and wrongly calculated for a single tribe to fight against the nation. Why would young nuers who are the back bone of this nation just die in big numbers because of a man whose days are numbered. the families of these two leaders you are dying for, Riek and Taban are studying and enjoying good life in abroad while your flash is being fed on by vultures this is a senseless war and you should lay down your arms and come home to rescue your families from sufferings those guns will take your lives which is a big lost to our nation. Dinkas will never have a country without nuers likewise to nuers. Lets live one people

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