Kiir’s Amnesty, Appeasement & Leniency will cause him his life or position


Amnesty is an official statement that sets free those who have been put behind bars for committing crimes against the State. It is usually granted by president. Amnesty may also mean a period when those who took arms against government are persuaded to give up arms in exchange for non-punishment.

An appeasement is an act of making an angry person quiet or calm and giving him what he wants. Or to avoid escalation of war by giving that country what it wants.

When SPLA forces evaded Panythou in 2012 international community, United Nations and African union condemned South Sudan and demanded for immediate withdrawal of SPLA forces from the area.

And instead compromise with evil that the regime in Khartoum doing; extension and encroachment of northerners into Southern territories and their aerial bombardments of civil population.

Although this is not part of my analysis, it expounds how dangerous the appeasement policy can be.

Leniency is the act of not being strict in imposing law and order and punishing the wrongdoers or culprits according to the law requirements.

When CPA was signed in 2005, there were number of militias fighting against SPLM/A. As a matter of necessity, it was a brilliant decision from the president to declare general amnesty to all Southern militias who were fighting alongside Khartoum regime.

The call brought people of South Sudan together and mitigated the endless effort of brothers in the North to polarize our people.

The president registered successes more than his predecessor and optimistic citizens appreciated president for the job well done.

Although I agree to the amnesty being granted by the president to various militias and rebel groups who were fighting the government.

Nevertheless, amnesty has proved beyond reasonable doubt that it is not healthy option for long term unity, peace and coexistence amongst tribes, and I would like to urge Mr. President to review his amnesty policy, appeasement and leniency.

I call for revisit simply because such policies are internally and externally being utilized by enemies of state stability and those whose interest is not met to the president’s disadvantage and downfall.

There are circumstances where such policies work well and there are situations where if granted it would be a complete disaster. For instance, let’s take the case of blood thirsty Peter Gatdet and analyze it critically.

Peter Gatdet has been switching sides since, such people are addicted to killing and use to chaotic life. They will never change however much you become lenient, appeasing and grant them amnesty hundred times never expect anything in return.

As I have mentioned it early on that amnesty can bring unity, stability and peace to the people of South Sudan, government should not absolutely rely on amnesty to foster long term stability but rather devise ways and mechanisms of granting amnesty and strategically plan for long term and lasting unity and stability of our country because amnesty serves short term purposes and it has been used wrongly by those who receive it.

The amnesty, appeasement and leniency have been wrongly utilized by senior SPLM/A members to discredit and contemplate the president as failure.

Apart from those who took up arms against state with an intention of being given amnesty after committing heinous crimes, there are many SPLM/A members who are tirelessly working day and night against government by simply taking advantage of the situation.

To make sure that what they are up to works successfully, many SPLM/A members in the army, police, prison, ministries and other departments in the government intentionally perform below standard in executing their duties to the expectation of people of South Sudan, and instead make president scapegoat of their failure.

The widespread corruption in the army, police, prison, wildlife, fire brigade departments and ministries by the SPLM/A members which amount to over 4 billion dollars has great repercussion on the government and ruling party.

Failure to take serious and disciplinary measures against the persons responsible of such crimes has worsened the situation further.

Non prosecution of single individual has created unimaginable immunity that gives green light to SPLM/A members to commit crimes with extreme and unbelievable impunity.

As a matter of dancing to the tone of truth most government officials need to be lectured about the difference between public property and personal property. No doubt that all begin with letter p, please let me caution you there is huge distinction between the two terms.

Sincerely speaking, president should have realized that this malicious game is playing out against him. I would advise that this cancer is not malignant you can apply chemotherapy and rid yourself of evils and bloodsuckers.

Most SPLM/A members are just liabilities to you and people of South Sudan where all these things are done on their expense. You are still popular though that popularity diminishes day by day due to your procrastination in tightening the nuts.

I was surprised to hear the government officials calling for West to condemn the attempted coup by former vice president and his friends.

It would have been wise to critically analyze the government relationship West instead of rushing and demanding their condemnation of coup.

It is undisputed that West especially USA, UK and Norway worked tirelessly to make sure that South Sudan secedes. As the say goes “nothing for nothing,’ West expect to get share of South Sudan vast resources apart from their cover “democracy,” which is used as an invisible hand in directing affairs of other countries and platform for neocolonialism.

As per now West is not happy with government of South Sudan simply because most contracts go East.

To make matters worse failure to take action against corrupt officials, lack of basic services to citizens and failure to establish strong institutions which are pillars of nation building amounts to ineffective use of resources for masses’ sake.

This has created bitterness of West with the government of south Sudan.

Although, issues of contracts and turning of deaf ears to Western advice are confidential and cannot be uttered openly, corruption and lack of basic services to the ordinary citizens which can be summarized into non performance by government has intensively being utilized against it in current crisis the country is facing.

To throw a bit of light on West media about their role, you should first of all know that they are controlled and funded by their respective countries.

And their purpose is to aid the foreign policies of their countries. So it was unwise to demand and expect medium like BBC to tell the true story or admit that there was a coup in South Sudan regardless of her government position on the crisis.

As many people describe them, West media are there to repackage, rebrand and tailor stories around the globe to suit and completely alter the public opinion in their respective countries and indeed global opinion at large.

Let me expound the dissatisfaction of some individuals with the government of South Sudan and the background game.

The rebels’ demand of releasing detainees without trial leave alone other charges like corruption, president to step aside and withdrawal of Uganda people defend forces.

All these are sophisticated moves masterminded by a player behind the scene and the ultimate aim is to eliminate somebody the player thinks he is not the right man.

To elucidate more on the withdrawal of Uganda people defend forces to pave way for peaceful and political settlement of current unrest in the country is just the creation of military balance.

Balance will lead to stalemate, power sharing and interim government in exclusion of president which I predict the rebels are definitely yearning for it seriously.

So what is the end game? The end game is what the top man and readers will analyze.

The writer is former Red Army of Tharpam who went to Ethiopia 1989, came to Sudan and lived in Nasir from 1991 to 1994, went back to Ethiopia in 1995 and came to Sudan in 1997.
Am now in Nkumba university 2nd year, (bachelors of procurement and logistics management)


  1. Malith Alier says:

    You have touched the right button Mr. Acuoth. I personally wanted to write about this issue but because of time i couldn’t. Many lives are unnecessarily lost because of triple evils of appeasement, amnesty and leniency. The President should deal with these thugs in a different way. Failure to do so means that he should call it quits. The president’s actions are always campaigns of half measures for how can one explain a situation where he writes 75 letters to officials but fell short of relieving or prosecuting them.

  2. Arop Ater says:

    I don’t know when Nuer will sit down and ask themselves a common question to why they are the only tribe rebeling since our long strungle for separation. Our brothers should know that South Sudan is not a country where you can use force to installed your self in power and stays for a month in presidency its a total lie unless through democratic means of tranfering powers through ballots. but accepting being pushed by western world to cleared the people whom you assumed to lead on tribal line is already a mistake. they say ”charity begins at home”. You should have trust and support from your orgin which is south sudan as a country then trusting the western countries (kawajas) to installed you in power. There is a quote which says ”A fool at fourties is a fool for ever”. this quote fits Riek Machar. On they the other side, I blame Kiir for executing the demands made by mr. Machar without looking at implications of such moves. On Kiir also, the Bible is a cause of all these mess in our country. Kiir call himself a man God a work suppose done by men in the Ministery of God. He initiated forgiveness by giving amnesty to maltias which cause us this messed today and later miss understood by those greedy politicians and turned it into weaknesses of Kiir’s adminstration. They took upon themselves the collective responsibility of all South Sudanese for liberation strungle excluding Lou Nuer of Riek Machar. they call themselves liberators what of those who perished durimg the strungle if you owned it. Kiir this time must open his eyes and leave the Bible to its Bishops or pastors or else forgiving wrong doers will burry this country’s soveirgnity.

  3. Maker Acouth Akot it is unclear why you are beating around the bush? Apparently, being a red army, you will never tell the truth because Kiir is your master. It is a phobia in your community when it comes to telling the truth. And this is a desease which is destroying our country. Kiir is a father of all corruption in south sudan, a killer of innocent civilians; a rebel who rebelled against the SPLA army by recruiting 15000 melitiamen from his own dinka tribe of warap and aweil. south sudanese should dismissed him from the top office and be taken to the court for justice. The Western world has no interest in South Sudan other than drinking the oil. And they can do it whether it is Kiir in the top office or Riak.
    South Sudanese are unable to act against predatory regimes as a nation because of tribalism. Dinka had the opportunity to show leadership in the country but they lost it. And I don’t think a dinka will ever come back again after Kiir to hold the top job.

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