Machar shouldn’t be rewarded with position of first vice-president: Kiir

By: Fred Oluoch, NATION REPORTER, FEB/28/2015, SSN;

As the South Sudan peace process continues in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, President SALVA KIIR spoke with The EastAfrican at State House in Juba.

QUESTION-1: You have often complained about Igad mediators unnecessarily postponing talks even when the two parties are making progress. Do you believe Igad can successfully mediate a lasting peace?

Pres. Kiir: If they don’t change the current tactics which they are using, then they will not bring peace. Whenever there is a recess and the parties go back to their principals for consultations, they always have the agenda which was on the table.

But when the parties resume discussions with full briefing from their principals, the mediators often shelve the agenda that was on the table and bring new issues which the two protagonist parties did not consult about. Such an approach cannot bring peace.

QUESTION-2: As the president of South Sudan, why do you think your country is facing an internal war only three years after Independence?

KIIR: The conflict came as a result of personal ambitions of individuals who wanted to take power by illegal means because they were afraid that they would not be elected if they went to the people. They opted for a military coup; when they failed; they transformed themselves into a guerrilla insurgency.

Q-3: Your close associates have categorically said that Dr Riek Machar can never be your number two. Are you ready to work with Dr Machar without reservation or retribution?

KIIR: Well, my personal position and that of my party is that Dr Machar should not be the First Vice President. He can come in as number three like what was agreed on in Addis Ababa last August. He wanted the position of prime minster and I accepted despite the fact that we don’t have it in the Constitution.

But when the proposed government structure was put forward by the mediators, they put president, vice president, prime minister, two deputies and then the council of ministers. Dr Machar rejected it because he wanted to be an executive prime minister who will exercise all the powers in the country and the president becomes ceremonial. He was told ‘no, because this was an elected executive president.’

If you want to be an executive prime minister or president, then you wait for elections and keep out of this government.’ He wanted to share executive powers with the president and yet these powers were given by the people.

Q-4: The Arusha Accord of January 21, talked about reforms within SPLM as a way forward. Do you think the fighting could have been avoided if SPLM had initiated internal reforms earlier as had been demanded by Dr Machar’s group?

KIIR: Talks of internal reforms are not new because we have been talking about reforms in the SPLM even when we were fighting Khartoum. But the problem is that many of the people who are now spearheading the rebellion were not part of the movement and were co-operating with Khartoum. So they know less about SPLM than those of us who stayed.

Q-5: Do you believe the Arusha Accord that seeks to reunite the three factions of SPLM can be used as a stepping stone for a final peace settlement?

Kiir: I believe that it laid the foundation people can work from, if all of us are sincere about the wellbeing of South Sudan. But that is not what Dr Machar wants. He wants by all means to be the president and if he cannot get it on the negotiating table, then he has the military option to defeat the government and take over government

Q-6: It has been said that you also strongly believe in a military option.

Kiir: Well, I don’t believe in a military option because I have been fighting for many years and I know the difficulties of war. When we were fighting the Sudan government, Dr Machar was in Khartoum after rebelling against Dr John Garang in 1991 — just like he did in 2013. Slaughtering innocent civilians and later on enjoying the support of Khartoum and he was fighting us as the militia of Sudan.

But all the same, he was hoping that Khartoum would defeat us, which did not happen. So he decided to surrender fully, signed an agreement with Khartoum and became number four in the hierarchy of the National Congress Party. So he does not understand the dynamics of the war.

Q-7: Do you believe that this final session of the Addis Ababa peace talks will bring a lasting peace?

KIIR: The Intergovernmental Authority on Development [Igad] can only bring the conflict to an end if it can differentiate between coup plotters and normal conflict. The problem is that Igad is treating the coup plotters as innocent people who simply protested against the government, yet there was nothing wrong with the government.

We did not differ on our objectives or any issue. We were discussing internal issues within the ruling Sudan’s People Liberation Movement (SPLM). So the group which was not contented with whatever was happening in government, because they found themselves out of the government, resorted to violence. But the mediators in Addis Ababa are not taking these issues into account.

Q-8:Are you saying the issues of the coup and rebellion should be highlighted and not mixed up with the need to stop the fighting and people’s suffering?

KIIR: The situation in South Sudan is different, for instance, from what happened in Kenya in 2007/2008 where violence was caused by the results of the elections. That is why the region came in to talk about power-sharing between Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga. This was definitely a conflict over the results of the elections but in our case, it was a coup.

Where in the world is somebody who planned a coup brought in to share power that he wanted to take wholly for himself?

Q-9: South Sudan has applied to be a member of the East African Community. But some in your government are wary that this could stifle the growth of the manufacturing sector. What is your position?

Kiir: I believe that joining the EAC has benefits. We are not producing anything besides the oil, but we believe that we can contribute to the EAC because we have abundant fertile land yet we have no capacity to engage in commercial agriculture for export.

People in other EAC countries have the technology and the capacity to do that. I believe agriculture will uplift the livelihood of our people, so the people who have fears will later on understand that joining EAC is in their best interest. END

LATEST: South Sudanese Pres. Salva Kiir says he will not accept Dr Riek Machar, who led a rebellion against him, as the first vice-president in the current peace negotiations.

In an exclusive interview with The EastAfrican from State House, Juba, Pres. Kiir said he would only agree to Dr Machar coming in at position three as the second vice-president or non-executive prime minister.


“My personal position and the position of my party is that Machar should not be the first-vice president. He can come in as number three as agreed in Addis Ababa in August last year. He wanted the position of prime minister and I accepted, despite the fact that we don’t have it in the Constitution.

“But when the pecking order was put forward by the mediators, they had the president, vice-president, prime minister, two deputies and council of ministers. Machar rejected it because he wanted to be an executive prime minister who will exercise all the powers and the president becomes ceremonial. He was told ‘no’, because this was an elected executive president. If you want to be an executive prime minister or president, then you wait for elections and keep out of this government. He wanted to share executive powers with the president and yet these powers were given by the people,” Mr Kiir said.

President Kiir added that the Igad talks in Addis Ababa after violence broke out in South Sudan in December 2013, could only end the conflict if the mediators acknowledged that Dr Machar’s men were “coup plotters”.

He also spoke about the pressure from regional leaders and his views on claims that Kenya supports the Machar group.

In Summary
President Kiir added that the Igad talks in Addis Ababa after violence broke out in South Sudan in December 2013, could only end the conflict if the mediators acknowledged that Dr Machar’s men were “coup plotters”.

In an exclusive interview with The EastAfrican from State House, Juba, President Kiir said he would only agree to Dr Machar coming in at position three as the second vice-president or non-executive prime minister.

(From The EastAfrican)


  1. Deng Hanbol says:

    Dr. Machar cannot and will not work with the Naath genocidal and HIV positive president period.

  2. John paul says:

    hey Mr. Killer! When we the civilians elected you in 2010, you deceived us that you were going to deliver us from extreme poverty by developing the country and follow the constitution. What have you some instead? You trained an illegal army to kill the Nuer whom you see as threat. You allowed corruption, you intimidate politicians and journalists, and in addition you bribed mercenaries from foreign countries to kill your own civilians. Sir, you are no longer legitimate. There is no end insight to the tour ugly war less we kill you or tople your trible government. Keep talking, but all in vain.

  3. Kikiji says:

    This Man called Kiir should stop living in the past, you should be current and up todate. The document you sign in Arusha was very clear. Stop drinking alcohol and read that document again and again. If South Sudan needs a genuine peace and reform in all sectors, Dr. Machar should be given the number two position. This will enable Machar championed the reforms that are required to make S. Sudan a functional nation like other African State.
    The legitimacy of the current government runs out by July 9, 2015. By July 10, 2015 a people’s government will be in place. This is the government that will make us walk with our heads up and be proud of having a nation.

    • Mabior says:

      whoever donot want Kiir to be a president of south sudan should go for exile. other wise we don,t need Dr fool riek to be president of south sudan he will die without rule south sudan as president believed me better we give it to another Nuer who capable in leadership.Dr fool Riek is the a killer of 1991-2013

  4. mindra says:

    Hey SS,

    senseless president of SS,why to admit when there is no coup,Ur m7 made clearly in addis that,there was not are not a good debater that is why you failed to show up in the venue,

    Mindraa from loa local pageri payam,Madi Corridorr EE

    • Mindra,

      I agree with you. Our president is not only want to be a permanent dictator, but he is totally idiot and visionless leader ever South Sudan had. He has no idea how to run the country. What he knows is that he is an elected president, but he does not realize being elected president does not give you a license to kill opponents and segregate citizens on basis of their tribal affiliation. Kiir does not know that presidency is a privilege it is not an individual right to be a president. Presidency can be taken away by the people who give it to you anytime if you fail to perform the require duties.

  5. AGUMUT says:

    Good Good and Good again.

  6. J A C Ramba says:

    Dear compatriots

    It seems to me President Salva Kiir Mayardit has said what is obvious and to be very fair to all – it really takes a lot of sacrifice from any learned person to accept being second to an individual like Kiir who shouldn’t be presiding over a sovereign country to start with, although it was only mere luck that brought him to the top office.

    Unless the reforms suggested by the pro-reform camp are adequately prioritised, there is every risk of not being able to carry out those reforms any time soon.

    At this stage whether you believe in the IGAD mediated talks or not, you must know that Salva Kiir and reforms don’t live side by side. In other words there is no daylight between the two.

    This leaves the removal and disposal of Kiir administration the first item on the list of reforms to be implemented.

    On the other hand Dr Riek Machar or any other reformist for that matter should know better allowing Salva Kiir to continue running the country is in itself a defeat to the realisation of any reform.

    As top as he is now on the list of the most powerful in Juba ( not South Sudan for obvious reasons) , the removal of Salva Kiir from power should also top the list of any constructive reform agenda direct to salvage what is left of our beautiful country.

    Once we get our priorities right , how tough the implementation might seem, yet we know down inside that every step is being informed with a total conviction that the basics of the peoples’ revolution are not compromised, and nobody in their right state of mind will see being second to Kiir as an end in itself.

    • survivor says:

      Being both a highly educated, and a well-informed elder in the matters that pertain to South Sudan. With the things being as they are in South Sudan, thanks to the poor leadership of President Kiir Mayardit. It is without a doubt that a change and reform are sorely needed. While change and reforms are the objective. We need to be critical of these so called agent of change. Ala DR. Riek Machar.
      A quick scan of his resume (Dr Riek Machar) and that of his associate, would give any rational being that he is not the agent of change he purports to be
      For starters, Riek was Kiir’s deputy for the last eight years; as such he too is responsible all the ills of this very government that in addition to his past indiscretions.
      In other word, Dr Riek Machar is a phony, he’s a war lord (not by my account but per the account of a British reporter, just check out “warlords wife on Youtube”), and a criminal who has not only proven to be inept but also not well suited to lead us out of this juncture.
      I understand that the situation at home Is dire and change and reform are sorely needed, but jumping at anyone on the band wagon of anyone who claim to be an agent of change is not only naïve but is equally as dangerous . A recipe for more death as is the case at hand right now.
      The agent of change we seek has to come amongst the ordinary citizens, a transcending leaders whose name is not tied to any death o ninnocent citizens.
      Mind you; my statement regarding Riek, is not an attempt in supporting Kiir and his failed policies, or the justification of the blood bath that went on in Juba.

      • Survivor,

        I understand your resistant to change and promotion of tribalism rule, but this will never happen in South Sudan in which Nuer and Dr. Machar are part of. Since you are a visionless like Kiir you can describe Dr. Machar the way you want. However, South Sudanese know very well that Dr. Machar plays big roles in South Sudan long struggle and for Self determination. Dr. Machar reversed the United Sudan vision to self determination that the South Sudanese overwhelmingly enjoying today.

        The same Dr. Riek Machar who reversed United Sudan is going to reverse one more time the dictatorship tendency of Salva Kiir to genuine democracy government. Over all Dr. Riek Machar is the daylight of South Sudanese future. Dr. Machar is the most visionary leader in South Sudan. Dr. Machar’s hard will shine in the heart of visionary South Sudanese forever.

        • survivor says:


          It is within your right to express your opinion; and the same applies to me. As a citizen of this nation. It is within my right to be critical of a public figure/politician. Everything you express in regard to your personal love for this particular leader, (Riek Machar) is merely your opinion.
          The difference between you and I, is I am basing my opinion. my disregard for Riek is based upon his resume.
          I believe, we need change, not recycling leaders. Change and recycling aren’t the same thing. The reason why south Sudan is in this mess is because of the reshuffling or the recycling of these so-called failed leaders. One person fails at one particular ministry and instead of being changed, they are given a different portfolio to manage.
          I am proponent of a true change. I believe in South Sudanese and their ability to move out of this particular juncture. I believe we have plenty of leaders amongst us. (even you too could prove to be better than these fat belled pigs sitting in Addis wrangling over what powers to be given to whom) I believe that neither Kiir nor Riek deserve a change to roam this planet as free men, let alone a chance to lead. They both belong in cages.
          Picking and choosing which devil is better is not a business I entertain. I believe in you, I believe in myself and I believe in every southern Sudanese. We are better than these two.
          No what says you???

          • survivor,

            In order to have good leaders, citizens must be allowed to campaign and the government must protect the right of all candidates by laws that way the citizens can vote in the good leaders and vote out the bad leaders. However, Kiir does not want this to happen. He prefer to appoint the leaders through presidential decrees. How would you expect South Sudan to have good leaders when candidates are not allowed to campaign free?

            A good leaders also must declare himself or herself to be candidate and he or she must convenience the public why he or she wants to be a leader. Kiir has been bullying South Sudanese for over ten years and he wants to continue bullying the citizen for 20 more years. We will not allow him to continue his bully presidency in South Sudan.

  7. alex says:

    You just live by rumours and lies. President Kiir made it clear he is coming to Ethiopia.
    Where you people get your roumors and lies from is only know to God. Instead of telling the rebels to stop fighting you are consatrating on unfounded roumers. The delegation is there in ethiopioa nogateting with the rebels so what next. Peace can not only be brought by this two men. Do mean the peace talks should stop because Riek issue of position is not being discused?
    If Riek is a peace lover he should domenstrate it by allowing peace to come to S.Sudan. We should not die because of his issue of wanting to become v-president

  8. Kong Puok Tongluot- SS says:

    Dear, Editor

    Consipicuously answer such a question, If South Sudanese in large give up to killer his own people to staying in power, Should genocidal President, or any killer President, be allowed to serves his survivals? Nuers will decide to stay with whose killer people , leave Int’l Community alone.

  9. Abiko! says:

    Dear President Kirr,

    Stop playing a political game!!!! It is not good at all! It very dangerous! Playing a political game,it will hurt you! Do the right thing for the benefit of your people! People are extremely suffering to hell in the country!

    Before,the Europeans missionaries brought the books the bibles to Africans people! Africans people were living in peace and totally harmonies in the lands of ancestors! But they brought to Africans people a lots of bulshit written in the books in the bibles! But the people once have read,and had left the books the bibles,And they have minding their personal businesses affairs alone by themselves between them and God The Creator The Almighty The Father! alone because they had fed up with a games of religious politics simply because on God Politics simply because for human beings in mankind simply because they are HYPOCRITES PEOPLE because they are not good people at all to be trusted! He should not fear for Richar Machar,He Riak Machar,he will come to do NOTHING LATER! Trust me!!! Even though he becoming a vice president and a prime minister in the government in the South Sudan!!!!!!

  10. martin. L says:

    “Breaking News” Really. This is not even considered news!!!

  11. Brace-Up Yourselves Good Citizens of beloved South Sudan:

    The count-down for Killer Kir’s Kingdom days is about to begin tick-toking in 6-days from today!

    Just listen to this briefing from Hon. John Garang Junior, and you will see what the SS-Good-Guys R talking about:


    splm-io Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    Sweeping Reforms Oyeeee!!!

    The War against the “Liberators-turned-Opressors” is already won in advanced.

    WAR & PEACE – choose One!

  12. galdino. sebit says:

    Oh God, safe south Sudan from doomsday.Why can’t we COEXIST.

  13. Teach-The-Fools says:

    Kiir has said it all. What else do you want president to say when in fact Dr. Machar and the so called disgruntled groups aka G-10 or whatever, made so much noise after being kicked out of the government? That noise did not only stayed in Juba, it also flung the country into unnecessary war and that is why you see Machar and his groups in Addis while G-10 in Nairobi, Kenya.
    Now i see some people campaigning without shame for Dr. Riek to resume is previous position as vice president, what will he do differently that he couldn’t do in the last 8 years he had been in the government? Campaigning for second position for Machar because you just realized that nothing is favouring Dr. Riek, something none of you could not realized before a number of innocent people lost their lives. All they could see was “we are the mighty Nuer, the great warriors in the world and that it would only take few weeks before the president of the Republic was ousted of out power!” Too bad most of you are now licking back up your vomits-false consciousness is a great of disease!

    Nobody deny that Kiir including all his team plus Dr. Riek himself are sheep in wolf cloths and the only remedy for them should not come from IGAD, UNMISS, UN, US, TROIKA etcetera. Their cure should be homegrown that will need all of us as citizens of this country with each one of us with a responsibility of nation in heart regardless of tribes and myopia of being great warriors. Peace will never be achieved in South Sudan if Nuer do not stop seeing Dr. Riek as a tribe and a Naath community.

    • Deng Hanbol says:

      Teach Dinka slaves,
      Why Kiir still in power? Is not because of Museveni, the made dog of Uganda? Your coward president would have been killed or exiled into south Africa if the war is between Mathaing Ayiour of yours and Jiech al bour of mind. Shame of you Arabs-Turkey slaves.

      • Teach-the-Fools says:

        You are talking of ‘what if’ scenario, what were you thinking when you waged the unnecessary war against the state? Yes, in war you could do anything to win. Salva brought Ugandans and Machar brought Arabs(Al-bashier our number one enemy), why are you not winning?

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          Interestingly enough, it is only you who is paranoid and think Dr. Machar brought Arabs. A claim that has no evidence and prove. Where are these Arabs station? What towns have they captured? There is no different between you and Michael Makuei Lueth, the notorious liar in existence. For your information, it is only Nuer tribe fighting the whole East Africa and North Africa and a quarter of Asia. This is what the wider world knows. To claim otherwise is to twist the truth.

  14. Mr. Editor, peace in south Sudan needs sacrifice from both side just like all other agreements does. President Salvar Kiir has to remain president of the country while Machar can assume the full leadership of SPLA party. The president talk of following constitution: that executive prime minister position is not in the constitution. Honestly, how many things in the constitution that the president did not follow or deliberation decided to ignored its implementation. If peace is to return in south Sudan, both sides must be ready to sacrifice, abdicate power, and the other side must be humble too. It is only for 30 months then after we will go for election. Why not capitalize on this opportune moment and sacrifice?

    Secondly, the issue of the “coup deta” must not be brought on the table again. It has been proven beyond any doubt that there was no coup. Machar went to the bush not as a rebel, but because he was protecting himself from Salva Kiir’s tigers claws. Anybody in Machar position could have done the same because of the eminent death that was approaching his gate. The president blame IGAD of changing agenda and opposition unnecessary demands. But when the opposition demands the righ thing such as: foreign troops leaves the country, the president says no, why? This is a reasonable demand, we don’t need M7 troops in south Sudan nor any other troops.

    Thirdly, the issue of VP is a case that should rest only with the president. The president chooses a VP and he can also fire a VP unceremoniously. Machar should understand that first VP position is a slot that the president will never surrender. VP always does the dirty business of the president or what the president tell him/her to do. Why does Machar wants to be a stooge of the president?. Similarly, prime minister position in African countries is a dormant portfolio that should not be fought for, because it is a consolation position that has no merit. Why should Machar wants to be console instead of leading the country?

    For peace sake, Machar should take any position in the government, and after 30 months south Sudanese will decide whom they can entrust with the leadership of the country. Power is not Salvakir nor Machar rights, it is ability of leadership that any qualified south Sudanese can be the leader of our great nation. It is a shame to see our leaders wrangle on the same issue in the party and even in the government. It is true that for one person to amass power in the government, and in even in the party is an evil that brings war, suffering, and death of epic proportion in the nation. Let our leaders compromise power sharing and re-write the constitution for peace sake.

    • johnjerry says:

      President Salva Kiir should have learned a lot from some of his counterparts in solving problems.Let us take south Africa as an example.When south Africa was going to go for a majority party election for the first time there was chaos in the streets of South Africa all the time because the Zulu Chief Butaledi wanted a statehood for his people and the white people from the Orange free state wanted a portion of the cake,but Nelson Mandela being a visionary leader was able to bring all the people together and the ANC won the election. Because Chief Butaledi was very aggressive and was using his people the Zulu as a majority tribe to cause chaos Nelson Mandela put him as the Minister of Interior so that if there is any problem in the country it was his ministry to look into that. As you mentioned Mr. Oyet J.Lokilchong that south sudan needs sacrifice from both sides just like all other agreement does.

      Dr.Riek Machar was his mate during the last election and there was a “Gentlemen”agreement that they agreed upon that the next time it will be my time to be president and you will stand with me.Things started to go bad when the SPLM convention was due to change a party leader who will then be the presidential candidate for the party.Mr. president saw this as a threat and postpond the convention indefinitely and eventually scraped the SPLM national and the politbereau that brought him to power that is when his mate started to call for reforms,but the reforms was not forth coming and some members of the reform club were put in jail in connection with a coup that was fabricated to scare the opponent of the reform club unfortunately a private Army in the name of Presidential Guards was recruited with no knowledge of the Chief of staff and other officials to stand on guard for any eventuality which took place on December 15,2013 that took a lot of innocent civilian life. Dr.Machar should be given the position of prime Minister with exercutive power so that he can carry on with the reforms that the country needs badly.Not a everyone is a problem solver. You can have the same Driving license ,but your driving is not going to be the same.This is true with any trade or profession same as children from the same womb,same mother and father they are not always the same this we must know.Can they still become a mate and not break the “Gentlemen” agreement and bring peace to the people of south sudan who have suffered for so long?
      When will the peace come after so many agreements reached in Addis Ababa ,Arusha and other venues. Sacrifice and compromise for the sake of peace Who does not need peace, we all do.

  15. Wutjikol says:


    You seemed to be totally ignorant in all your correspondences in social medial while living in the western civilization for many year. You also seemed to be not bothered at all about the gross human rights violations committed against several thousands unarmed civilians in South Sudan by the same leadership under Salva Kiir Mayardit since he assumed power from late Dr. John Garang in 2005. Brother Salva Kiir has failed our country completely and there is no point to disregard Dr. Riek Machar reforms agenda by saying that Riek will never do anything even if he is accommodated.

    Do you know that Dr. Riek Machar is rightly championing the cause of minority groups including your own tribe who have deliberately been sidelined by the current Dinka led dictatorial regime in Juba. The Nuer had never been marginalized in any government of Salva Kiir since then. They were the ones dominated the SPLA. They also had their shared in th executive and other government organs compared to any of the community in the South. But because there were political and social injustices that made Dr. Riek to voice concerns against Salva Kiir’s leadership. You should not take it as if Dr. Riek Machar is power mongers as being always portrayed by his political detractors. He simply wants reforms to be carried out throughout the country where minority rights be respected no matter what.

    You have always been depending that idiot president like yourself all along without seeing the danger he has already posed on the country at large. For your information, Kiir will go by all means and I guarantee you that. The foreign mercenaries of UPDF, JEM, M23, SPLA-N and others will not remain in South Sudan forever. The whole world knows how Salva Kiir is and it is just a matter of time before he departs from leadership. I know people like you are afraid to face the reality for fear of reprisal from Dinka but the Nuer and their allies have taken bold stance against that corrupt and tyranny leadership for good. There will be no reverse. Kiir will be defeated and those with him shall also pay dearly.

  16. Wutjikol

    I laugh at you indeed! I read your comment to my responded to the article posted in the forum for President Kirr interview! I know your Riak Machar supporter.I do not have any personal grudge against Riak Machar at all! I am just doing my freedom of expression!

    You talking about reform for Riak Machar.What kind of reform do you exactly believing your mind and heart????!!!

    Frankly speaking, I knew very global double standard politics to the best of my understanding!!!!!!Riak Machar,cannot outrun me totally in front of God!!!! I knew there are hurdles lying on the roads!!!!Thank you! Good luck with your fight against President Salva Kirr!

    I wish.If I were President Salva Kirr,I would have given a power to Riak Machar!


    • Deng Hanbol says:

      Hi uncle Abiko,
      I have just learned from my Latoka colleagues that you’re an old and stricken or disabled person. I indeed, understand your situation.Sorry for that any way. The main reason you are always praise the Naath killer and criticizing Dr. Riek Machar with the intention of getting money from Sultan Salva Kiir. Jesus said, “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God… so Jesus told them, “Give back to Caesar things that are Caesar’s and to… Something does not belong to Caesar simply because he demands it. I think you have the right to praise Kiir with the intention of supporting you financially even though you are aware that he’s a diabolical creature. However, it’s immoral to say bad words against Dr. Machar who works day and night to liberate Equatorian, Nuer Shulluk, Jur, Murle, Anyak. etc. from Jaang barbarics.

  17. alex says:

    Leave the fools’ to sing their war propaganda. There is time they will realise they were wrong. Now they are talking of their loan to be paid. We fought for 23 years without having any loan to be paid. This is the indication that this group are the most corrupt and South Sudanese should open their eyes. They will sell South Sudan but the liberators will not give them the chance. These are groups being used by foreigners but we will not allow our land to be exploited like Congo.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      From Editor: You should really have been aware that our land, South Sudan, has been already eaten half way by foreigners.
      Since the CPA, what do you think those of Kiir and other SPLM/A cohorts have been doing? Today, the government is practically broke and in fact, sooner rather than later, our nation will be internationally confirmed and characterized as a ‘BANKRUPT STATE.”

      • alex says:

        So what do you think is the way out? To preach war and lies is the stretagy of bringing the war to an end. If we need real peace in our country, first the media should avoid seprating false information. We must preach love among South Sudanese and we must be aware that tribalism will not make us succeed. I am sure that you people lack the majority of S. Sudanese support that is why you fear elections and you think through war you will succeed. The liberoters are ready to depend the country until you surrunder if you do not want to sign the peace. You are waiting for a major volocano to erupt within the SPLA opp camp. Soon you will realise you have better taken the olive leaf of peace. The wapons you are recieving from Khartoum will not sastain your movement for long time. We are determine not to let Khartoum to destablise us under what circumstance. So wait and you will hear the music soon

        • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

          We will not be ruled by genocidal leader. Keep licking Museven’s feet and all the same, we will deal with both of you. Khartoum is not helping us, we acquire our weapons on our own. We sold all our cows to buy weapons. We also know where we will get the weapon. White Army has all kind of weapons they captured from UPDF in Bor. Recently, the White Army in Bentiu has captured the same UPDF weapons when they laid ambush on them on their way to Nhialdieu. Guns are in abundance.

  18. Lam G. Deng says:

    President Kiir has lost his way and lost the respect of 99^% of South Sudanese. The very accusations he filed against Machar are all so true against him. He slaughter Nuer people in Juba and now and again and again he talks about 91 as if he wants a full war between Nuer and Dinka and he doesn’t care whether all people perished for his Igo. So sorry we a man who is a blood-thirst and claims to be “a president”.

  19. Lam G. Deng says:

    From what I gathered from this Interview, President Kiir is not after peace because he does not believe that he commanded that Nuer Tiger should be disarmed and then kill 20 thousand men, children, and women. Now he is speaking as if those who are fighting him just want to take power. The man does not understand the concept of one nation nor he respect people feeling. I advise that Dinka people remove him quickly and bring another Dinka who believe that they can not defend South Sudan alone.

  20. wunditkoapi says:

    People realy don’t ask themselves why is it the same person every time.

  21. Dear Mr.Deng Hanbol:

    I am very much laughing at you according to what you have heard from those colleagues of yours from tribe Otuho There is nothing wrong for being old!!!!!!!There is nothing wrong for being disabled!!!!!!!!!So you will be remaining a baby forever!! What you said for me,they will never and ever SHAKING ME DOWN TOTALLY TO LIFE AND FOREVER IN FRONT OF GOD!!!!!! I am doing very fine! I do not have any problem at all in front of God for being old and for being disabled!!!!!! I have no any situation!!! I am better off!!!!

    Support. I want tell to you my candid language that first and foremost,I do not know President Salva Kirr in my life!!! I not have seen him in a single day! I have not seen him in a single time never!! Only I met with Riak Machar in Omaha in the conference face to face when he traveled with Dr.John Garang De Mabior to the United States! I am not getting a money from President Salva Kirr!! I have money to myself!!!!!!Why should I want money again from him?????
    Thank you! Do have a wonderful day!! No anger!!!! Back to you to the audience in the forum!


  22. BILL KUCH says:

    President Kiir has a right to rule out on Dr. Riek position because Riek is a rebel leader and there is no rule on this. So it should be as it always been with Sudanese rebellions. Rebel leader got no choice for he did not capture the areas he needs to demand his position of choice. So, people, brothers, or ladies and gentlemen, I am not here to convince you for something against your wishes, but Dr. Riek has two things to do here, he can go ahead and defeat the government forces as he designs for his will before or take whatever is given to him. Also, the status of Dr. Riek in putting his faith in superstition is complelely outdated in Dinka communities.

    • Teach-the-Fools says:

      Hahaha brother Bill Kuch, that is so true!
      I’m surprised too nobody is talking about Ngundeng this and Ngundeng that anymore and I believe Dr. Riek will soon throw away that ‘magical stick’ from Ngundeng he thought would brought him power. What a tribe without rationality!

  23. GatCharwearbol says:

    William Kuch,

    The ever shrewd politician, Dr. Machar doesn’t want to be the second man any longer. His only vibe with your sultan, Salva Kiir Mayar is to restructure and reform the national government of South Sudan from top to bottom. Position can go to anybody– any able South Sudanese is eligible to be the head of state. The dictatorship tendency is what Dr. Machar is trying to erase from your shallow mind. Promisingly, he is succeeding and soon your dictatorship forward looking will be a thing of the past. Secular United Sudan has become a thing of the past if you know want what i’m talking about.

  24. Manyiel Atem says:

    Salva Kiir and Riak Machar are leaders the people of South Sudan should not trust, let alone to lead them. These are stupid leaders , the People of South Sudan never produced before. South Sudanese are not stupid people. They are smart people. This not a joke.

  25. Hoiloom says:


    Thanks for a great commend and clarification to South Sudan crises. Most of our Dinka cousins think that Riek Machar is fighting for a second position but they are wrong. Indeed anyone among RSS citizens who has capability to lead can be our leader. Some of these looters think that they’re born to rule. The whole issue is about system of governance, rule of law, accountability etc. Sooner or later they will realize that they’re fighting a war they can’t win. You can never win a war by foreign protection.

  26. False Millionaire says:

    Bentiu & Survivor:
    I dare to intevene in your debate.In particular,brother Bentiu,you are having a fit against Survivor becouse he has opinion of not favoring brother Dr Riak Machar to become president of RSS.He bases his argument on the events of 1991 n those of the 15 December 2013 in which brother Riak has played part.At the same time Survivor balances his argument by disqualifying Kiir for the presidency due to his role on the events of 15 December 2015 n the precarious situation our country n society have found themselves in today.

    Me for one thing:I do not dismiss any of your arguments becouse I admit every one of you have good reasons for taking position.It’s said that Kiir organized a malitia forces n they are the ones that are assumed to have murdered nuer citizens in Juba.This alone is a grave mistake that should never be tolerated under any circumstances.Therefore in my opinion,he is disqualified to be president.On the other hand,after the unfortunate events of 15 December had taken place,it was followed by revenge killings of dinka citizens by the armed nuer malitia forces.That’s as it happened in Bor,Akobo,Nasir,Bentiu n throughtout upper nile region.What did brother Dr Riak Machar do?he decided to take the side of the nuer.This means he approves violence between citizens.Even worst,taking part on the side of his tribesmen makes him tribalist.Do we need a tribalist to lead us?No.

    But speaking of the presidency,it’s the stool that is the highest seat representing the cause of justice to all of us irrespective of what tribe or ethnic group every one of us comes from.Brother Kiir,having masterminded the Killing of nuer innocent citizens,he could not be trusted to be impartial.So no one in his sane brain should consider him fit to be president.He should relinquish the presidency n go home with his head bowed down in humiliation.In much the same way,brother Dr Riak Machar,having chosen to preside over the nuer malitia in killing of the dinka innocent citizens,he is partial n should never be allowed to ascent as RSS president.His distenation is his home n very quickly.All this convince me of the validity of Survivor’s argument.

    The situation is too disperate n so grave n a way out to achieve peace among our communities must be managed.It’s a grave mistake to believe that we could have peace by choosing either Kiir or Riak Machar as president.None of them will reconcile our communities.Choose brother Riak Machar for example n suffer the pain of seeing dinka communities rejecting him.In much the same way,choose brother Kiir n you will never miss suffering the pain of seeing nuer communities rejecting him.But in politics,the context of reconciling communities in violent conflict requires consensus.None of our two leaders stand the chance of consensus.So there is no point of wasting time becouse peace will never come to our country under the leadership of any one of them.Let’s put red cross on both of them therefore for ever.

    But coming to you brother Bentiu,It’s interesting to see you arguing in the context of democracy.Yes every citizen has the right to campaign for a seat in a democratic elections.I do not disagree with you.Our bothers Riak Machar n Salva Kiir are also beneficiaries of the same rights.But it’s not during the elections that would follow after peace should have been brought that I am in favor of opinion disqualifying them.In my most sincere judgment,every one of them will deserve to participate.It would only be up to our masses to choose who would convince them.A democratic choice is one opposed to taking power by force.If it’s Kiir that will come by vote,we will be more than happy to advise our nuer fellow citizens to accept him in full confidence.That will make him a legitimate president of RSS for all our ciitizens among whom are nuer.But if it’s brother Riak Machar who wins,dinka citizens must accept him with all due respect n sincerity.This is what is justice n fairness.

    But before the elections in question,the only possibilty of achieving peace is in having some body by consensus to lead our country.That person can neither be Riak nor Kiir.I prefer to say that that person will be most acceptable if it can be either Bentiu,Survivor or any one else among our fellow citizens.That’s for what can be called an iterim period.That’s my position.

    Thank you for your time.

  27. survivor says:

    False Millionaire.
    I am glad to have someone that sees eye to eye with me. Being critical is easy, but bringing fourth the right solution to resolve that issue seems to be problem. It is a consensus that Kiir has failed us what seems to confuse most is, although Kiir was the overall leader; the failures of this regime weren’t his alone. There is enough blame to go around. Obviously, as the leader, Kiir failed; so did Riek as the vice, (btw; for the last eight years, the office of president and that of vice president were overspending by 300% apiece and they have nothing to show for that) and this failure goes down the rank and file of this regime. All of our federal minister failed, they all embezzled millions of our dollars each.
    To me, change means a complete system overhaul. After having failed us, none of the so called leaders deserve a chance to hold any public office anymore. They all need to retire. After all they have all embezzled enough money to live comfortable for the rest their lives.
    And this is where my disagreement with RAMARAN, J A C Ramba, and the rest who are singing the song of change begins. These people believe that if you simply plug Kiir out and replace him with Riek then all is going to be fine and dandy.
    My argument is; not only is Riek complicit in the failure of this regime, he is also responsible for the death of that ensued afterward. Nothing in Riek resume stands out in a positive way. Whether that is of his infamous 1991 breaking away, or the shame that was the Khartoum Peace Agreement, or the manner in which his SPLM-Nasir denigrated under his leadership, or the his surrendering the Garang in 2002, or his forgettable 8 years as Kiir;s vice.
    Don’t get me wrong, Kiir’s tenure as a president is awful, but Riek being his successor is the worst possible scenario that could happen to south Sudan.
    In my opinion; Pagan Amum, Marial Benjamin Bill and Joseph Bokosoro are the only leaders within the SPLM that might help, otherwise. Our way forward is with a new leadership. It with the young generation rising forward from under the clutches of these god-awful leaders and finding their way forward.

  28. alex says:

    Now after reliasing that Riek can not win militarlily or through elections, the greedy will even want to scrifice they own country to AU or UN.
    We know you are unstable people with no vision in your heads only what you know is being worriers. We will make this country to be a nice place to you as you are used to ready cooked food in plate. In 1991 you ran to Khartoum through our persistant struggle finally Khartoum accepted for us to decide and finally we together brought the food home.
    After your leader having been in power for 8 years and brought nothing but only curruption and tribulism, we will stard abolish all his nonsence and begin to establish a prosperus S. Sudan. You will only come when every thing is right because you are always spoilers but not nation builders.

  29. tab chuol says:

    you need to know that the CPA was just a continuation of Khartoum peace agreement( KPA) in which the self determination was addressed, I can advise you to read that agreement again, so Dr. Machar did a lot for the people of South Sudan to get their freedom, therefore we need to respect him as a visionary leader who liberated the country, the CPA would have not been possible if Dr. Machar was not involved and the Khartoum peace agreement was the reference for the CPA.
    you always talked about Nuer as militias, how many Dinka have defected from the SPLA movement, you need to go back to the records majority of Dinka have done that, Nuer were the founders of the SPLA/M just most of them defected after the disagreement on leadership.

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