Kiir to form interim government Friday despite Machar’s absence

By Joseph Oduha, TheEastAfrican, posted Tuesday/16/2016;

According to reports, President Kiir is expected to announce a government of 16 ministers, including two former detainees and two additional ones from other political parties other than Dr Machar’s faction if its leader declines to honor a seven-day ultimatum to return to the country.

Machar named First VP, but won’t return yet: South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir will go ahead and announce a transitional government of national unity on Friday despite his rival Riek Machar’s unwillingness to travel to Juba.

However, the South Sudan-based lobby Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation’s executive director, Mr Edmund Yakani, told a news conference in Juba Monday that an interim administration without Dr Machar poses doubts as to whether the parties to the peace agreement were ready to honour the peace or not.

The opposition leader has conditioned his return on the demilitarisation of Juba and integration of police units.

This, according to him, was as per the peace deal signed by the two principals.

Last week Dr Machar, who is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, also appealed to the international community to help transport his 3,000 security personnel to the capital in readiness for their integration into the joint police force.

The same week, the government had identified some locations for Dr Machar’s forces to be stationed in.

Mr Yakani urged the parties to speed up security arrangements and avoid any inconveniences that delayed the implementation of the peace.

“If the partners to the peace agreement can move faster in implementing the peace, this means a lot to the lives of the innocent citizens that are suffering in due to the absence of the peace,” he stressed.

Dr Machar has already been designated the First Vice-President ahead of the inauguration of the new transitional government. END


  1. How will we call a government formed of 20 ministers (i.e., 16 from GRSS, 2 from FDs and 2 from OPP) and 6 deputy ministers (i.e. 4 from GRSS and 1 each from FDs and OPP) without 10 Ministers and 2 deputy ministers from SPLM/A-IO? A normal reshuffle for a government of internal political front or a TGoNU? I think this could have been the dilemma of inviting three of the ARCSS parties for consultative meeting in President’s Office last week and why 7-day ultimatum was read over the SSTV by a mere Press Secretary instead of the GRSS official spokesman or the Acting SPLM Secretary-General.

    However, it was uplifting to see Defence Minister Kuol Manyang, SPLA Chief of General Staff Paul Malong and other high ranking SPLA and GRSS officials moving out to inspect the designated areas for welcoming the authorized SPLM/A-IO armed forces in Juba.

    Also the way things are moving now regarding Troika’s acceptance to transport SPLM/A-IO forces (total of 2910, including 1500 police) for realizing the special national capital security arrangement architecture, indicates that the TGoNU will be formed soon with arrival of Dr. Riek Machar in Juba, accompanied by some regional leaders and international envoys who would like to witness the inauguration of the peace government as soon as possible.

    Hopes are heightened again these days after Richard Croker, the UK deputy ambassador to South Sudan, said that communication between the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) and the SPLM/A-IO are ongoing to ascertain the number and locations of troops that would constitute Dr. Rieks’s protection unit so that UK and other partners could transport them to Juba to revoke further delay to ARCSS implementation.

    The UK is now taking the lead towards this positive direction of re-dignifying South Sudan with peace and prosperity. Let the GRSS and SPLM/A-IO appreciate this move and give it the necessary support for success.

  2. Gatdarwich says:

    A government of national unity can’t possibly be formed without the full participation of both SPLA-IG and SPLA-IO–the warring parties involvement. In all aspects and legalities, killer NyanKiir is simply in the process of reconstituting his cabinet ministers. He must do it(dissolved his Cabinets) prior to the formation of the transitional government-TGNU.
    In short, killer NyanKiir can legally dissolves his entire cabinet–ministers on Friday(19/1/2016), or wait until Dr. Riek arrives Juba.
    Either way, dissolving of killer NyanKiir’s own cabinet–ministers, has no legal impact on peace implementation period

    There’s absolutely nothing to worry about it happening on 1/19/2016 !

  3. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dr. James Okuk,

    Since you are well informed than many of us outside of Juba, would you enlighten us regarding the issue of 28 states. Is the implementation going on under 10 states or 28 states?

    • GatCharwearbol,

      The new road-map for ARCSS implementation as provided in the IGAD’s Council of Ministers Communique and adopted by the AU Peace and Security Council as well as parties to the ARCSS (GRSS, SPLM/A-IO, FDs and OPP) had three problems to address:

      1. Security Arrangements for the capital city (preparation is on the way for unauthorized GRSS forces to redeploy 25 km outside Juba and authorized SPLM/A-IO forces to arrive in Juba);

      2. Formation of TGoNU on the basis of ARCSS without waiting for NCAC (positive steps have already been taken with appointment of 50 MPs from IO as well as 1 from FDs and 17 from OPP, selection of miniseries in accordance with the quotas and appointment of Dr. Riek as FVP and Wani as VP).

      3. Suspension of the proposes 28 states (this is awaiting the full formation of the TGoNU and Boundaries Commission composed of all 4 parties to the agreement and supervised by JMEC). Indications are that once the TGoNU is formed and become operational, the full ARCSS implementation is going to revert to 10 states as agreed. The suspended 28 states will only be treated as a proposal like 21 SPLM/A-IO federal states or 5 states of Bishop Gabriel Roric or 3 Regional States of Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile, all to be handled by the reconstituted Constitution Making Commission later with possibility of going for a referendum for final decision of the people of South Sudan on the form of government they want and number of states. Hence, decisions that have been taken by the illegal governors of the current GRSS 28 states or SPLM/A-IO 21 states will be declared null and void because they have not been based on any legal basis. The 10 states and 10 governors who shall be appointed by virtue of the ARCSS and the new Transitional Constitution(2016) shall be the only legal entities recognized both nationally and internationally.

      4. Otherwise and if intransigence to ARCSS implementation continues with our population exposed to more humanitarian risks and famine or other bad news, the warring South Sudanese leaders will get sanctioned with travel bans, asset freezes and arm embargo. The GRSS will not get any financial help or other economic assistants from development partners and it may collapse in shorter time, inviting more aggressive external interventions like Trusteeship or direct Regime Change. These are the possible consequences that have been diplomatically stated at the conclusion of the IGAD’s 31st January 2016 Communique.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dr. James Okuk,

        Thank you for your enlightenment. I hope all will go as planned.

      • Dr. James Okuk,

        Thanks for your respond to Gatcharwearbol question and I have few more question for you. As usual, the government has never stop offensive against the SPLA-IO since the last peace agreement was signed in August 2015. And the IGAD and Troika countries have never condemned the government. However, when the opposition forces defeated the government forces, the IGAD and Troika countries would condemned the opposition forces for violating ceasefire but when the government defeated the opposition forces, they would continue carrying out their offensive and the IGAD and Troika countries would not talk about it.

        On Thursday, February 11, President Kiir appointed Dr. Riek Machar first vice president in accordance with last year’s peace accord. However, on Saturday, February 13 the government forces begin attacking opposition forces in Western Equatoria, Western Bar El Gazal, Eastern Equatoria and Upper Nile states. More villages are still being burned today in Western Equatoria and Western Bar el Gazal by the government and the government still on offensive.

        Why the government still attacking and pushing opposition forces to the borders while their leader is on the brink of coming to Juba? What is the reason behind these attacks while there is peace? When Dr. Machar comes to Juba, do you think the Kiir and Malong forces would stop attacking the opposition forces?

        In the event, the Juba government still attacking opposition forces while Dr. Machar is in Juba what do you think will happen? Will the bias condemnation such as both size make crimes, both sizes violate ceasefire continue or there would be punitive measures taken against those forces who initiated the attack? Are you aware about this? I asked those questions because I am worry that even if Dr. Machar come to Juba, the government will not stop attacking Machar’s forces.

  4. Eastern says:

    The U.K. Government one of the Trioka nations so much derided by the Kiir’s government has come to aide of the ARCISS partners. It’s now incumbent on SPLM-Kiir and SPLM-Riek to show political will to implement the accord to the letter and spirit.

    The other monster though is the issue of the 28 states decreed by Kiir after signing the ARCISS; resolving this is expected to be a protracted undertaking. Dr Machar is likely to come home soon bu the monster is in the aforementioned issue of the 28 states.

    The other thing which needs to be done concurrently with the implementation of the accord is accountability: those responsible for atrocities during the conflict need to be brought to the book!

  5. abai okwahu says:

    folks, prior to heading to south africa to seek support for the implementation of the peace agreement, machar told the press in addis ababa that he was willing to return to juba and take part in the transitional government. machar also reiterated that he will discuss the issue of the 28 states with kiir within a month of the interim period and if there is no agreement then he (splm-io) will revert to the 10 states as per compromise peace deal! what a shocker, machar has fundamentally dropped one of the splm-io’s demands for the cancelation of the 28 states, i think he is under tremendous stress. kiir and his buddies will keep playing games.

  6. j BoykHz says:

    Who care for hillbilly president form his mess in the counrty.

  7. Kizito Panther says:

    Dear Brothers and sisters,
    It is good that we look at South Sudan as a nation for all of us, not of Dinkas or Nuers only as some of us in the many media would like to show to us and the part of the world that South Sudan=Dinkas=SPLA/SPLM in government=Salva Kiir Mayardit or another formula is South Sudan when Machar takes over will be equal to: Nuers=SPLA/SPLM in Opposition=Riek Machar Teny. This ideological pathology should not be encouraged to prevail in South Sudan. These days for example, it has become like South Sudan=Dinkas=SPLA/M=Salva Kiir. Wani Igga is
    just there, playing the underdog role and Elias Lomuro, Bashir Bandi are like altar boys for Salva Kiir and Wani Igga is like a loyal deacon waiting to be ordained by Salva Kiir. Recently, Salva kiir demoted him and gave him a position of a second president because of Riek Machar coming. For Wani and others, this is good news because it is all about peace in this country and well being of South Sudanese as a whole, not positions. But for Riek and Salva this is all about positions for them and their tribes consolidation in the power to control this country. I hope it is not like this way I think for the two gentlemen, Salva and Machar. But on personal note, I still have some 60% trust on Riek Machar and for Kiir my trust is below 0%. Kizito Panther

    • Yien Mathew says:

      Dear Readers,
      To form a TGNU with out Dr.Machar is a suicide to the Gov,t.It should be better for president Kiir to wait Dr.Machar so that to gather the form a gov,t of national unity.The parties to be include are only political forces minus the opportunists FDs who cause the wild fire but fear to joint any side.In my opinion they must not be allow to be part of GONU,all those who died FDS must be held accountable.By

      • Gatdarwich says:

        Comrade Yien Mathew,

        You’re hundred percent correct, wutnuer!

        Nothing to add

      • kondokoro says:

        Y Mathews
        Riak had committed suicide already most of his followers are deserting him after they didn’t see their appointment maturing why should him not trust the army why insisting on them going to the bush and he in city?

        • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


          To my best knowledge, Kiir and Museveni never been to the bush. Dr. Riek Machar is now in the bush. He (Dr. Machar) was captured by mouth in 4 days by Museveni. The man is alive and kicking so I don’t know what suicide you are attacking about when Juba is begging him to return so the economy could stop rebelling or joining Dr. Machar in the bush.

  8. James Droma says:

    Dr. James Okuk is 100 percent right in his comments, Salva Kiir is truly useless person in south Sudan and all over the world.

    • kondokoro says:

      J Drama
      You Dr Okuk said Kiir is a useless President and you claim to be a journalist or writer waaa than god for kiir if it is Beshir some would had disappeared , you guys are taking advantage of a good President but wait a minute the old man is going to retire and we might have a dangerous dictator who will rule by a sword then a citizen can be sported out in their behaviour but now most are alients who don’t know which country they belong

  9. False Millionaire says:

    Kizito Panther,
    If u ,”have some 60% trust on Riak Machar”,then u are a pro Riak-nuers’ RSS that’s a Naath nation as prophised by ngundeng.
    But u will be disappointed if u refuse to see the end of the tunnel beyond Riak and Kiir!!!

    • False Millionaire,

      Dinka are natural liars. Dinka liars placed South Sudan where it is today. Dinka learn to lye first before they talk as soon they were born. Their liars kill people all over South Sudan. Dinka liars brought severe insecurity, and brought the economy of South down to it knees. When Dinka signed up on this website, they usually say they are Equatorians. For example, Agumut, Alex, and False Millionaire used to say they were equatorians. They used abusive language against Nuer in the name of Equatorians and Nuer would hit them back as equatorians. Howevere, nowadays the aforementioned element appear to be 100% Dinka liars, heartless, visionless, goopy and power hungry wolves.

      • Toria says:

        Bentiu R
        Very good point, yes I have repeatedly caught these Jenge liars everywhere they comment. You have correctly pointed out what I always said. They seem to forget that Jallabas used to lie to the whole world about South Sudanese just like what they are doing now, but what happened at the end they lost. Dinkas will lose too, it is a matter of time and as much as we need peace, there is no need to rush for a peace in a country where others are branded as second class citizens. We must stay the course and keep the pressure on and soon or later the truth shall prevail. I have lived with both Nuers and Dinkas long enough to understand the differences, for those of you who think these two are the same, you haven’t known them enough yet. But I can tell you Jenges are the most trouble causers and so we will not relent until the battlefields are leveled.

  10. garango says:

    The question of 28 states has been bless by our Great Prophet Ngudeng last year and it is a done case. I am wandering if the 3000 troops will be moving around with him in the palace or when visiting areas like Leer, Bantiu, Akobo, Malakal, Baliat, Bor, Nasir to witness the atrocities and destruction he committed in those areas when he rebelled becaused he was fired as vice president. Mr. Riak Machar needs to understand that as a Deputy President he has limited powers. Has ideas are not the best and he is not the best in his home town Leer nor in Nuer Community or South Sudan. The best way out is for him to resign and appoint Taban Deng Gai in his place as Deputy President to honor the agreement.

  11. Beek says:

    I think Dr.Riek Machar shouldn’t be allow to go back. He is no good at all.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      Dr. Riek Machar, the father of self-determination, the father of Independence South Sudan, the father of democracy is going back to Juba when time is ripe. If you don’t like it, hang yourself.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Nuer-Another Isreal…..,
        If there were ever any persons to be called ‘the fathers of self-determination or independence in South Sudan,’ the list starts with Aggrey Jaden, Father Saturlino Ohure, Akuot Atem, Gordon Murtat, Samuel Gai Tut, Ali Gbatala, etc…… These truly unwavering and patriotic martyrs solely deserve the honorable title of ‘fathers of independence of South Sudan.’
        Regrettably, you the latter-days generation of the SPLM/A era are unsurprisingly limited to the likes of Machar as your heroes, a perception that’s very misleading.

        • Editor,

          I agree with you that Aggrey Jaden, Father Saturlino Ohure, Akuot Atem, Gordon Murtat, Samuel Gai Tut, Ali Gbatala should be called “the fathers of self-determination or independence in South Sudan”. The fact that Dr. Machar was mentioned as “the father of self-determination, the father of Independence South Sudan, the father of democracy” does not mean that other people are not father of the nation, but Dr Machar is above them in performance. So if you denied these facts, then you are the one who misleads yourself, but no one is misleading you.

      • alex says:

        Mr Nuer another Israel its good to comfort your self. History will not allow
        such naked lie. When did Riack become a father of independent S. Sudan? When did Riack become a father of democracy? When he is a tribal politician. When will Riack wait for a ripe time when John Kerry has told him to come to Juba. What happened since that time when he was told to come to Juba. He is now talking of peace. What happened to his unnecessary demands ? A total setback. It has reached to the extent that even now he doesn’t trust his own commanders. He ended up installing his own wife a minister of defence in the opposition camp. What a shame. The journey is heading to nowhere brother. It is unfortunate for those whose children where lured to fight a war of self benefit. Riak is known as Khartoum agent who stabbed the movement on the back. He conspired to destroy our independence by working with his father Omer El Bashir. He will deceive people with no independent thinking capacity.

  12. john Yugu says:

    Mr garango!
    You seems to be too tribalist.. The mess in South Sudan is not coursed by Dr Machar,.,, all. South Sudanese people who are the trouble makers are! …why dont we be honest to ourself

  13. Gatdarwich says:

    Putting the South Sudan under the UN trusteeship is the only viable option that can bring everlasting peace. The soon to be formed–coalition government of Killer NyanKiir-Malong Awan-Kuol Manyany-Jenges Council of Evils, Wani Igga-(baba ja), Pagan Amun, Lam Akol, and Dr. Riek Machar–will, and shall imminently disintegrates catastrophically. It will eventually die a catastrophic death period

    • alex says:

      Mr Gatdarwich unless if you are working for Khartoum then you can have such wish.
      S. Sudan is our country and we can not just give to other people like that. If you have our country in heart you would not be talking such nonsenses. We hope the opposition has come with a reformed mind. DO not think if you made this country to be taken away, we will fight the sellers to the last drop of our blood. Such words could come from those people who are envying our resources but not from a fellow S. Sudanese. What you burn and destroyed is enough. We hope you understood well what you rushed to sign because I learned you are having difficulty in understanding any text. It happened with the IGAD communique you interpreted it in your village way of thinking. If you lack vision, leave the visionary people to handle our country. You people a fan of creating issues that require money and yet you are lazy people who does not know how to make money. For example, now you’re begging for money to transport your soldiers at the same time you’re demanding relocation of the army from Juba and you don’t have any idea a told how much it’s going to cost. You only know how to loot money like what happened during the eight years of your leader when he was a vice president.

      Open your eyes

  14. Kenyi Kenyi says:

    Stop baseless thinking!!!! Riek did not rebel because he was removed from his position. He was listed among the 20,000 Naath for slaughter. So he scape death. I actually agreed with you in the rest of your points. If Riek resigns because he is unpopular among the Dinkas; then Kiir must resign because he is unpopular among the Nuers and Equatorians!! So are you ready for; no Machar, no Kiir philosophy?

  15. Kenyi Kenyi,

    Dinka always make mess and blame it on other people. If you argued and fight with a Dinka person, a Dinka judge would punish you if you are wrong and not a Dinka, but if the Dinka was wrong for the fight, the Dinka judge will punish both of you. The judge will not punish the Dinka alone unless if it is against another Dinka. In 1991, the Dinka did not blame both Riek Machar and John Garang, but criticized Riek only for the split. In 2013, the whole world knows that Dr. Machar was insane for the mess killing of Nuer that placed the country in chaos.

    The Dinka know that Kiir initiated killing and messed up the country to the core and Riek Machar was insane but escaped Juba to safe his dear life. Because Kiir is a Dinka and was wrong for the war and Riek Machar is not a Dinka, but insane and was right for fighting back. The Dinka are blindly saying both Kiir and Riek destroyed the country while it was Kiir alone who is destroying the country. Moreover, the Dinka have never criticize John Garang for the 1991 simply because he was a Dinka.

    Once again, today majority of Dinka say South Sudan do not have good leaders because Dinka themselves do not have good leaders to lead our country peacefully. In addition, Dinka brought 2000 graduate to work in South Sudan from Zimbabwe, the Dinka say South Sudanese not have good qualify graduates to fill up those positions. While it was only Dinka communities who do not have qualify graduates to fill up those positions.

    • alex says:

      Hi brothers did you prove chemical weapon was used in Western Equatoria
      what a degrading childish lie after facing a humiliating setback in combat. What will the world know about our brothers?

      • Alex,

        Yes, chemical were used in Western Equatoria no doubt. The doctors who treated the wounded freedom fighters in Western Equatoria said bombs blinded some soldiers, other could not speak without being wounded and other dead in severe pain without being wounded. These evident lead many south Sudanese including foreign medical doctors to believed that the Dinka used chemical weapons in Western Equatoria against civilians.

  16. Toria says:

    To all SSN readers;
    Could somebody tell us more about the whereabouts of these Zims, where are they stationed? Juba, Wau, Malakal or where? Just a question.

  17. Dear friends,

    We must be weary of our country South Sudan. The list of the misterial post in the new goverment does not look impressive at all. Where are Equatorians in this goverment? Hon. Anna Itoo, Alfred Ladu Gore, Richard K. Mulla and Nathaniel Oyet Pyerino are the only four Equatorians names forwarded to the president. The four are the only Equatorian we are going to have in the new government, three from SPLA-IO and One from the goverment. If approved, Equatoria will be the most cheated region in the fledgling nation. Why should we continue to die, when out land is robbed by the Dinka, our states are limited, and now ministerial post are only four. Sorry guys, we need to wake up and rise against this corruption.

    • JB Lkilachong,

      The peace agreement gave the government 16 ministerial positions and gave the oppositions 10 ministerial positions. If you have to divide the oppositions 10 ministerial positions into our three regions, then each region should have 3 ministers and one left. If Equatoria is really got three ministerial post from SPLA-IO, I guess the Equatoria is represented well from the oppositions. However, I would not be surprised if Equatoria got only one ministerial position in the government because our born to rule brothers are not feeling shame to control every position. If you have to divide 16 ministerial post given to the government into our three regions, then each region should have 5 ministry positions.

  18. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,
    What did John Garang have to do with the events of,”the 1991″?
    It’s your right to delire of course.But u and your likes will dwell deeper in suffering for ever without ever seeing the end of the tunnel if u keep failing to forget coming back to feed on your vomit!!!

    • Yien Mathew says:

      Hi readers,
      With regards to TGONU we are making lobbing such that a type of p,ple like Lado Gore are not appointed in the cabinets till he prove himself as a strong simple language,strong men are men who have forces behind them not just lonely people who joint the movement for the sake of getting position while others sacrifice their blood.We don,t want people like Equatorians who are using internet as a means of fighting their war but follow p’ple individually to the bush for person gain.Comrade Yien Mathew

  19. ladu says:

    Ye kenyi i agree with ur thoughts, that is true. You southerners apart 4rm the leading open ur eyes and stand fame.what kenyi has just commended honestly I witness. One day I haven’t see Nuer boosting they are quiet but they don’t want to be faced.

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