Kiir ‘stage-managed’ coup against himself to paint me in bad light, claims Machar

By FRED OLUOCH, Interview with Dr. Riek Machar of SPLM/A-IO in Addis Ababa (DAILY NATION), Saturday, March 14, SSN;

QUESTION: Why is it so difficult for you and President Salva Kiir to agree on a peaceful settlement after 14 months of talks?

MACHAR: It is not about the two of us but the issues that have been affecting the country since Independence. For instance, we have basically raised the issues of reforms and restructuring in government to meet our diversity.

To that end, we are advocating federalism. We have also suggested arrangements that would assure the people of South Sudan of their security. But the government is opposed to these proposals.

QUESTION: Igad has postponed the South Sudan talks indefinitely. What is your take?

MACHAR: I understand that they are recommending a new mechanism to include other regions of Africa. We welcome it because some of the Igad countries have direct interests in South Sudan. For example, Uganda interfered physically in South Sudan, deploying troops to fight us. So it is best to include other regional blocs because they may look at things differently, which could bring peace.

QUESTION: President Kiir has categorically stated that he is not ready to work with you as the First Vice-President.

MACHAR: I did not ask to be his vice president, nor do I wish to be one. Our position is that Salva Kiir’s government committed genocide in Juba. What happened in Juba after December 15, 2013, was ethnic cleansing and we don’t want this to be repeated. So Kiir should just resign and give way to another person.

QUESTION: You have also been accused by human-rights organisations of having massacred civilians, especially in Bentiu?

MACHAR: This was on April 15, 2014. The government was being supported by four groups of Sudanese rebels, one of them being JEM (Justice and Equality Movement). When we dislodged them from Bentiu, a lot of them died but also a lot of them ran to the mosque. There was a battle in the mosque and a good number of people died.

However, we also investigated through our own machinery and it is not true that all of those who died in the mosque were civilians. The majority of them were armed soldiers, even though some civilians died.

QUESTION: Then, are you in favour of the Obasanjo commission report that lists those who committed atrocities?

MACHAR: We have requested the AU to make this report public because it is important for the whole world to know what happened. If there are issues where anybody would be asked to account, then it should be a transparent process. I am disappointed that the AU Peace and Security Council did not discuss this report during the January Summit.

QUESTION: The leaked version of that report calls for the exclusion of both you and President Kiir from the transitional government. Why are they trying to balance the blame?

MACHAR: I am the victim here. Why would I not be allowed to participate in the transitional government while I was forced into the current situation? The person who planned the genocide should shoulder the responsibility.

QUESTION: The president says you had planned a coup but when it failed you turned it into an insurgency.

MACHAR: I planned no coup. He arrested and tried some of my colleagues who participated in the December 6, 2013 press conference calling for reforms within the SPLM. But they were acquitted by the court and the charges that they planned a coup, including me in absentia, were dropped. In fact, he stage-managed a coup against himself.

QUESTION: At that press conference, you called for internal party reforms because SPLM had lost its vision. Could you explain that?

MACHAR: It is true the party has lost its original vision and that is why we believe in the reform of SPLM to go back to its original vision and that is why we signed the Arusha Accord of January 21, which addressed the causes of the conflict within the SPLM.

In the vision, we wanted to create a united South Sudan as a democratic and prosperous country. But what Salva Kiir is running is a disunited country riddled with insecurity, corruption and exclusivity.

QUESTION: Do you have the moral standing to talk about corruption, when you were the vice-president when corruption took root?

Well, you can be a vice-president and yet things can be done without your knowledge. Look at the Dura Saga in which the government paid nearly $1 million for cereals that were never delivered.

At one time, the president issued a “List of Shame” naming 75 personalities involved in corruption but when parliament challenged him to take these people to court, he threatened to dissolve it.

QUESTION: You are portrayed by the government as a serial rebel, having done it in 1991 and now in 2013.

MACHAR: [Laughs loudly]. 1991 was a split in the movement over differences in ideas on what to fight for. I called for the right of self-determination, while others like Dr John Garang wanted a reformed, united Sudan.

In the end, my idea of self-determination became the overriding objective of the struggle. You can now see we are independent and it is I who have won the ideological debate.

In 2013, I was forced into the current situation and that is why we are demanding the restructuring of the state by applying the new system of governance, which is federalism, to address our diversity.

This is not rebellion.

QUESTION: Still, some people accuse you of betraying Dr John Garang in 1991.

MACHAR: Dr Garang and I were contemporaries. My objective was self-determination, which has now been realised. How then did I betray the struggle if Dr Garang later signed the CPA that contained the provisions of self-determination?

QUESTION: But you entered into a deal with President Omar al-Bashir, whom the Southerners were fighting. Was that not betrayal?

MACHAR: On the contrary, my move was to further the concept of self-determination. For the first time, Khartoum put self-determination in the Constitution in 1998 as a result of our Khartoum Peace Agreement.

I had the courage to negotiate with Khartoum and force them to accept self-determination.

But when they could not implement it in four years, I went back to the bush and re-joined Dr Garang. In the end, the CPA benefited from the Khartoum agreement which ensured that self-determination will be exercised by the people of South Sudan.

QUESTION: The same CPA had provided a six-year interim period for Khartoum to make unity attractive. Suppose they did, what would have happened to your vision?

MACHAR: Had the people of South Sudan chosen unity, my vision would have died. But my vision did not die because those who wanted unity with Khartoum were given six years to advocate for it. But it failed when we went to a referendum with two options of secession and unity, and the secessionists won. I am therefore exonerated!

QUESTION: Some of your critics describe you as a man with undying ambition and that you will stop at nothing to get the presidency.

Well, my main ambition is to build a state that can be a proud member of the community of nations. I led the drive for self-determination, creating a federal, democratic and yet united state at the national level. If this is what you call undying ambition, so let be it because according to me, I have a vision to create such a state.

QUESTION: Critics say that you should not complain because during the interim period when President Kiir was the first vice-president of the larger Sudan, you were actually the man in charge of the Southern sections and could have made changes.

MACHAR: That is the biggest lie I have been hearing. Initially, I thought it was just propaganda from his sycophants, but when I heard it from the president himself in the last Igad session, I confronted him and told him not to rewrite history.

He was in the South most of the time and in fact it was I who was shuttling between Khartoum and Juba as the one charged with the implementation of the CPA. I used to spend three or four days in Khartoum but I always made sure that I attended the Council of Ministers meetings on Friday. In short, he was never in Khartoum, after he left in 2006. He is now selling this view because he does not want to accept the responsibility of what has gone wrong in South Sudan.

QUESTION: President Kiir said that Khartoum is supplying you with weapons and offering moral support.

MACHAR: Where is his proof? I get my arms from him. On the contrary, he is the one who buys arms and ammunition from Khartoum and we capture them on the ground whenever we overrun their stations.

QUESTION: Are you saying you don’t have external weapons suppliers?

MACHAR: I wish I did. If I get, I will definitely go for it but it is very difficult to get arms from abroad and therefore we have to look internally. As you know, it is a war situation and everybody needs arms.

QUESTION: What, according to you, is ailing South Sudan?

MACHAR: It is simply an issue of bad governance. The institutions of governance and accountability are weak. We all tried to strengthen these institutions but it all boils down to leadership. If the ruling party SPLM is working at cross-purposes with government, then things will definitely go wrong.

QUESTION: Should you be given a chance to rule the country, what would you do differently?

MACHAR: First of all, South Sudan will be a federal, democratic state with multi-party democracy. We will fight corruption and strengthen institutions of governance, at national, state and county level.

We will introduce new blood into governance at every level; the party will be rejuvenated. So we will be a forward-looking state capable of competing with our neigbours and also taking advantage of the talents and experiences available among our neighbours to build the country in the shortest possible time. END


  1. Elhag Paul says:

    QUESTION: At that press conference, you called for internal party reforms because SPLM had lost its vision. Could you explain that?

    MACHAR: It is true the party has lost its original vision and that is why we believe in the reform of SPLM to go back to its original vision and that is why we signed the Arusha Accord of January 21, which addressed the causes of the conflict within the SPLM.

    In the vision, we wanted to create a united South Sudan as a democratic and prosperous country. But what Salva Kiir is running is a disunited country riddled with insecurity, corruption and exclusivity. Unquote
    Anybody with a copy of the SPLM document outlining the vision to create a united South Sudan? When was it launched and where?

    • Deng Hanbol says:

      Comments: augustine
      March 13, 2015 at 5:01 am
      why wasting your time in the bush,and yet you will never realize its fruits.Are you aware that you are empty vessel without reinforcement from other are fighting corruption but not in the right way.



      Balang Tutute
      March 13, 2015 at 7:17 am

      You are deluded if you think the Naath are alone in this. Actually the other tribes are using the Mandela-style of fighting the cannibal-regime and Naath are doing the rough physical part of this war, because they are the only tribe who has the experience & technical-know-how of this dangerous project.

      The Naath are immune to fear and without them this country would have been deep down beyond rescue to the level of Somalia.

      We are proud of genius Nyamnyam liberators like EL hAG pAUL who have done more than 10000 nyamnyam soldiers combined could do.

  2. GatNor says:

    Great responses Dr. Machar. As I can vividly recalled, Kiir was hiding in Juba during interim period and actually made headlines making many citizens wonder then what was wrong with the VP. Planes were dropping from skies a lot then so maybe coward Gogrial chief Kiir had flying butterflies. Museveni when tired of Kiir will use an air plane to disposed of Kiir.

  3. Dengchol Machar Atem says:

    Elhag Paul;
    You’re Dr.Risk support and you don’t really know what your boss is fighting for. Honestly, you can’t find it anywhere since SPLM-IO objectives are not even published anywhere. The only objective known is a reveng war!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Dengchol Machar Atem
      I do not support Riek Machar. But I must be fair. Riek did not start the war. It was President Kiir and his militia (Mathiang Anyoor, Duutku Beny and Gelweng) commanded by the Jieng generals that started the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer together with killing of Equatorians. This is a fact that you can not run away from at all. Riek fled to save his life and in the process he started to fight back. He is entitled to defend himself and his people. This is his right as a human being. So even if I do not support Riek and as a principled person I must acknowledge that Riek with all his difficulties has a God given right to resist the people who targetted him and his tribe. So Atem, it is clear like the sky the Jieng are the aggressors and they must be held to account becaus if it is not done South Sudan will be a jungle and nobody can have a secure and stable life. This game is going to take a long time but at the end the Jieng murders must account. “There is no hiding place for golden fish” the name of a fiction book by James Hadley Chase.

      • alex says:

        Elhag Paul
        I can not agree with you. Go to BBC news on the night when the fighting started. Infact it was reported that the oppsition forces took control of the barack in nyokuron and were heading to Bilfarm head quartors. Who were these solders taking over the army garrison in nyokuron and why? The first question to be asked who started to fire the first bullet and why? What was the intention of shooting because all the killing resulted after those evens. Why would Riek ran while his colleaques who remained behind were not killed. Some people argue that it was misunderstanding between the presidental guard and why would Riek, Lodu Gore and Taban Gai Deng ran if they are not part of that misunderstanding. Lets call a spade a spade. It was not only Riek who called to contest the leadership of the SPLM chairmanship. Why would Riek be the only targer while Nyandeng and former secertary general want to contest. The chain of reaction started from shooting the first bullet and it is not for nothing, there was intension. Is Riek the only person in Nuer who was capable of defending the Nuer. People like chief of staff was there. The current govenor of Jongle state. The next question why the same group of people of 1991 again rebeling? Riek, Lodugore and Taban Gai Deng. Why did other politicans refuse to run that night and only these people decided to Run? There are alot of un answered questions. Third question is who among the 2000 civilians in Bor Riek killed were goverment official? What was the reason of killing those innocent civilians. Was it the civilians in Bor who killed the Nuers in Juba? Did the civilians in Bor attacked the Nuers in Bor and Riek was trying to resist them? These group have their hidden agenda and it did not start in 2013. The agenda dated back Anyanya two and ngundeng prophacy. I will not agree with your version of killing of civilians in Jongle, Malakal, Akobo, Nasir and Bentue as away of resisting. The best example is during the war of the liberation struggle, the Arab killed innocent people in South Sudan, did the SPLA took rvange attacks on the Arab civilians in places like Abyei or Blue nile? Did Riek not learnt lession from his 1991 rvenge killing in Bor that it inhuman. No one in right sense should condone killing of innocent civillians. Riek should have attacked SPLA solders not civilians so your support for that killing indicate your negative attitude towards other people and your lack of valuing human life. It is wrong to kill innocent people as a way of resisting your enemy. Now see the majority of the people have rejected Riek because of his actions. I think today Riek could stand a high ground should he not chosen to take his revange on innocent people and to make matter worse it is the second time in history.

        • Elhag Paul says:

          Dear Alex
          Whether you agree or not is not going to change the facts of the case and the Jieng lust for blood of others just to construct themselves as the elites of South Sudan. This unreasoned project of the Jieng is dead in the water. There is already a deadly developing rift between Kiir and Awan and this is going to spell the death nail to the Jieng government. So my advice to you is to patiently wait and see how things develop. Certainly Kiir and the murderous Jieng generals will face the court soon. Adieu

          • Deng Hanbol says:

            Dear brother Alhag Paul,
            And to make it quick, Gen. Gatwach Dual and his men will have to shutdown very soon the springboard for the main threat against Nuer in particular and Equatorian in general:The oil fields in Polich and as we all know the oil fields in Lich state are already shut down. If the Equatorian for get their ultimate foe, we the Naath people will not allow the Dincoracy again to bleed us to death over the years; nor can we permit ourselves to become the victims of another massacre in which we will not be able to recover. We cannot allow ourselves to perish. Dear compatriot, in fact, South Sudan’s existence is at stake here today. Hence, our generals are fighting the war of attrition to vanquish this barbaric tribe.

          • alex says:

            Elhag Paul

            We are waiting but do not be suprised that your movement is on the verse of collaps. You people delibratley initiated a media campaigcain to achieve your hidden objective but it will fail. We are all S. Sudanese and if some people want power, they should use the acceptable way to the top sit which is voting. Encourging racial hatred or writing a lies with the hope that the international community should look S. Sudan as a ditotrial goverment can and will not work brother. Soon you will be leballed as a negative force in the region and we will see where you will get your support. It is because of that thin sort of reasoning which has made you people fail to recruit other tribes, get support in the region. You have been forced to go back to your opresor Khartoum. You are now eating together with the Arabs who killed more than two million S. Sudanese. We have seen rebels com ing to fight with Sudanese flag, having sudanese military ranks. This makes one to question if really SPLM in opp did not promise something in secret to Bashir in 1991. Our problems is something that does not require fighting we can slove everything in a peaceful manar without outside involvment but it has come clearly how determine people like you just want to sell this country so cheaply by even advocating for Un to take over. Compare S. Sudan goverment to Egypt, Ertrea, Negeria, Uganda, Angola , Ivory Coast, Kenya, Srilka and Nyammar, North Korea China, Central Africa Republic, Congo Bangladesh Paskistan, Russia even USA. See how the police were mistreating the blacks and the how the law was working againist the blacks. Yest blind people like you will even speak without shame about democracy. Go to Europe and Australia and see how your own brothers are suffering there and you just sing day and night about democracy. What democracy? We are three years old but if we compare ourselvels to the other nations we are better off brother. Not that I am not ashamed of the killings that have taken place in my country S. Sudan and the continued suffering of our people. The situation is taken as advantage by short sighted people like you to achieve your political gains by writing negative stories about the country. The day the people will release that you people used them for your own benefits you will see the fire from the people. Your children are in school while you are encourging other people’s children to remain in the IDP without school by preaching lies about the goverment. your rebels have even committed worse killings and destruction of properties but for the seek of peace we are quite and no one is writing nagetive things about you people. If you ntalk about the differences about Kirr and and his members of goverment and what will you talk about the continues coming back of the rebels and the difference between Lodu Gore and Taban Gai Deng, Kenyi and Lodu Gore, Riek and Gadet, splm in opp with G10. You are continuesly getting isolated day by day and many are deserting your visionless movement build on cheap media propoganda and lies.

  4. Eguatorians says:

    Kiir’s staged managed coup to drag Dr.Riak through it, has created the scenario as bad as himself. The punk head president has actually humiliated every citizen of South Sudan. Indeed, every south Sudanese is shamefully exposed to the conflict. To summarize,we are a laughing stock in the face of this planet. WHAT PRIDE IS LEFT,to call yourself a south Sudanese? I wish you could read people’s frustration every second of your Presidency.Why can’t you QUIT!

  5. Eguatorians says:

    We the people deserve Liberty,Life and the Pursuit of happiness. There are south Sudanese who can lead better than you think. Alright,let’s carry this debate and sign a letter of no confidence to be submitted to this leader,always DRUNK, CONFUSED and WOMANIZING.

  6. upiu says:

    according to Riek from this interview if he’s not president South Sudan will not be at peace – key message of this interview. those who have been claiming that Riek is not after presidency and nothing else need to read this interview over and over. i am glad the journalist asked pointed questions.

    • Upiu,

      What is wrong if Riek is presidency? Is it a crime in South Sudan for anyone from another tribe rather than a Dinka to be a candidate for presidency? South Sudan ambassador to the U.S. Mr. Garang said it clearly in the white house last week that there was no coup attempted in Juba.

      The ambassador said that what triggered the war was the president’s emotion to those who blame him for the insecurity and corruption in South Sudan. You see because Kiir is goofy, brainless, and visionless tribal chief, he declared war on his opponents to interrupt election and stay in power for life. However, this dictatorship tendency will not never be allowed to take root in South Sudan as long as Nuer are part of South Sudan.

      • upiu says:

        there is nothing wrong with anybody from any ethnic root aspiring to the presidency of a nation but it is terribly WRONG to kill your way to presidency. South sudanese don’t have to die because some guy want to be president. if you don’t see anything wrong with that then i challenge you to take a step back and think outside and around the box.
        dictatorship is a not only a Nuer menace but a global bottleneck and nobody should use to kill people while choosing beautiful phrases as springboards to fulfill their eternal ambitions. as of now, the people who are dying in war zones are Nuers. it is now a Nuer-on-Nuer war, if you don’t know. what pride can you derive from that?
        most south sudanese know that Kiir and Riek messed up our nation and nationhood and for anyone of them to claim innocent is ridiculous. South Sudanese with education like you are ones who are suppose to educate our illiterate brothers who know nothing about what they are fighting for.

  7. Alier Gai says:

    Where is federalism during that claimed reforms within the splm party? Why macher is now trying to annex upper nile region to northern sudan based on war plan; and if it is true that he is the champion for southern self-determination than john garang, then where is his current stand? What are the necessary changes still in store for macher after he was defrocked from his second post and compete against his boss for a better nation’s future? The answers are in negative colume of our finding survey. No need to mention that he is discrediting himself, as he was lying other day that those who where killed in the moseque were soldiers from jem. But we live in a world where technologies do eye witness than naked seeing. May be the space satillite was against civilians instead.
    I agree with pual to see copies of the united south sudan besides white army training camp in akobo, which took place from 2008 to 2013. Hope that macher did not mean all the answers to be truely his, but for the internet- word-mistakes.
    And for your reminding, this interview is full of junk answers for image lifting.

    • Alier Gai,

      Vice president does not make changes in any country around the world. If for any reason a vice president wants something to be changed, he or she must be a president to make changes. Dr. Riek Machar wanted to make changes and introduce federalism while he was a vice president that is why he fall apart with the president.

      Then he decided to run so he can eradicate corruption, nepotism, and tribalism as well as introducing federalism which is badly needed by all South Sudanese, but the Dinka tribal chief interrupt all Dr. Machar plans by attempting to assassinate him. If Kiir would have assassinated Dr. Machar, the parliament could have made Dinka language mandatory by now in every South Sudanese public schools as it was introduced last month in Greater Bar El Gazal region. However, this vision will never take root as long as Nuer and Dr. Machar are alive and still part of South Sudan.

  8. John Khot says:

    Supposed the SPLA under Dr John Garang was defeated by Riek Machar and Bashir NIF forces, what would this idiotic devil worshipper be claiming now? Self determination was NEVER Riek Machar’s idea. It was what John Garang fought for under Mzee Joseph Lagu’s SSLM/A. The smart way of achieving it was what John Garang called the New Sudan Vision. There is no way traitor can claim others successes to cover for his failures. I wish Mathiang Anyor had liquidated this fool once and for all to save us from his constant noise about self determination.

    • John Khot,

      John Garang had never thought about self-determination because what he fought for was power but not to liberate South Sudanese or change anything in Sudan in general. Therefore, both self-determination and federalism are all Dr. Riek Machar Teny vision there is no question. Dr. Machar reverse secular United Sudan vision and the same Dr. Machar is going to dump the dictatorship tendency of Kiir Mayardit. Whether you believe it or not dictatorship will not be allowed in South Sudan in which Dr. Riek Machar is a part of.

  9. alex says:

    which equatorians will be involved in tribal, visionless war. Anyone who have associated himself or herself in any other way with Riek rebels have to ask for apology from equatorians because we are a peaceful people. We do not encourage destruction of our country after we have just achieved it. If you need leadership, you have to start like what Obama did. working with communities first so that people can see your capabilities but not just campaigning for top positions when we have not done anything. Leadership is not like working maths in a classroom, it involves skills working with people, solving problem, being a role model, listening to people, being to serve your people and patience and loving individual. How can proud people who talk of their education as if they are the only educated people on the earth lead South Sudanese. We need humble people and people of action not web propagandist.

  10. Charles Placido Wani Lako says:

    First of all, South Sudan will be a federal, democratic state with multi-party democracy. We will fight corruption and strengthen institutions of governance, at national, state and county level.
    Yes, I personally agree with the above statement, if at all one day they will be achieved in South Sudan. One advice to both SPLM and SPLM-IO and the G-7 is that we should stop acting in emotions, remorse, monopoly and greediness, but act on meditated or well reflected issues especially those that affect national interest and worth justifying its cause. For instance, it appears that both the fighting armies are going their way and the Negotiating teams are going their own. Anyway, if there is going to be another Arusha talks, I will not favor it although am an SPLM, because it advocates for united and democratic South Sudan, of which both KIIR , MACHAR and the G-7 liked it so much. I know, Riek would only talk of reforms in the SPLM and the G7 when they were in Juba, but because the circumstances had change for Riek and others, this makes him now to advocate for FEDERAL, and DEMOCRATIC STATE, which will again make sense to the world just as like the ideological product of Self-determination you claimed to be your own making. But such concepts and Ideology are not that to be attained just in fourteen months time. Hence, both SPLM must be prepared to reflect and meditate over the cause of accepting CHALLENGES that might lead to real change RSS is looking for.

  11. False Millionaire says:

    “Always DRUNK,CONFUSED and WOMANIZING”,you appear to know so much n I believe you didn’t miss out any grain of truth.But as the terms are too crude,there is a need to inject fresh cool water inorder to refine them for a more tasty consumption.

    As we all know,the leadreship fell upon our elder brother from the sky.He didn’t fight for it.He goes to the church making every one to believe he is a catholic.But he contradicts this becouse an insider says that,one day a dor shaman sacrificed a red cock in a ritual for him.That that shaman gathered the cock’s blood,mixed it with banana rhum n gave it to him.That according to the insider,the shaman made it known that drinking that mixture would tranquilize his brain n relieve it of the thinking congestion that is produced by the too many national difficulties that he faces as a president.The insider goes on to say that his heavy drinking habit had originated from that point.
    But as the hard times continued for the elder brother,a dinka shaman popped up with an ox which he sacrificed in ritual on the yard inside the enclosure of the garden of Garang’s grave in Juba.The insider says the ox was a gift for the purpose from the great people of Awan Chan Nyal of Gogrial which in reality is our elder brother’s homeland.According to the insider,the ox carried spiritual powers that were to enter into our elder brother’s body after the ritual.That was inorder to render him as wise as Dr John Garang n to enable him to last in the presidency for a period twice the period Dr John Garang had lasted as chairman n commander in chief of the SPLM/A.But the insider says that such spiritual powers couldn’t peniterate our brother’s body without mixing his blood with the blood of a relative of the family who had offered the ox.To do this,the family had sent a virgin young girl with the ox.The idea was to have the two parenting a child.That after the sacrifice of the ox,the young girl was handed over in marriage to our elder brother.That sleeping with her,the insider says that it was understood that the experience of an old man making love with a young virgin lady was so good n so exciting to our elder brother that he decided to take money from the national coffer n bought with it 200 cows and two brand new land cruisers n then he had them sent to the girl’s family as a dowery.
    The insider says that the means for that dowery were too exaggerated in such a way other families considered that to be a lucrative easy business worthy of exploiting.So from there on,no one single week passes with out a family taking a virgin young girl in marriage to our elder brother with our elder brother finding no honor in refusing them.The insider says those are the circumstances that have put our elder brother in the position of a WOMANIZER.

    A leadership that falls from the sky,is a leadership that is had without motivating principles to be achieved.The insider says this is what set our elder brother way far apart from Dr John Garang de Mabior.That’s why he doesn’t care to apply measures to impose law n order.The insider says his comrades understood him from the first hour n they set themselves to exploit his lack of leadership so quickly n so badly.Among his comrades,the insider says there were those who embezzeled the oil money,others who practiced tribalism,others who conducted acts of nepotism,others who practiced illegal land grabbing,urban n highway robberies and also cheap acts of violence against the weak.
    In fact the insider says that the RSS presidency appeared to be in the cross roads so tempting that the struggle broke out among the SPLM/A elites.The question was who should take it.The end of that struggle concluded with the unfortunate events of 15 December 2013.
    But how did our elder brother survive?The insider says that there are those who are in heaven under his lack of leadership.He says they have become supper rich in stealing public money.He says those are the people who fought off brother Riak’s white army,who are fighting brother Riak now n who are keeping him n will keep him in power for better as for worst.
    The insider says that our elder brother knows that he owes his leadership to those comrades.In brief,he has become a hostage in their hands without any possibility of escaping.That’s at such difficult times,as of today,lack of development,insecurity n the generalized climate of a gloomy future has outraged every citizen.The thick cloud of a popular uprising is in the air.The insider says the elder brother has nothing in the store to reverse the situation.He says he is divided between accepting it for what it is n refusing it.He says,it’s at this point that he is in great FRUSTRATION.

    One hopes our elder brother’s dilemma is a lesson that will help the successor.Immediate positive results could be expected ofcourse if that fellow could be you!!!

  12. Alier Gai says:

    Mr. Ramaran,

    If Macher did not want to make some changes as vice president, then why he was constantly talking against kiir when he was his vice president? Why he wants to reform the party from within, mendaciously, if he has no means and capacities to do some changes?
    Let us be honest here. Macher is a man of himself who is killing people for his own interest you will never come close to understand. From 2008 to 2013, Macher trained white army in case someone refuses to hand over him power, and he did as he planned on 15, 2013. In 2010, his wife was running for governer’s post and what happened after the result was the departure of general Gatluak Gai to the bush fighting for Macher’s wife defeat in the state. In 2010 to 2012, macher had a plan with Goerge Athor of overthrowing the government, and he was the then meditator who never exercised his entrusted power as vice president to bring peace, but a kind of a setup to negotiate him from another himself. Between 2007 and 2009, Gatwech Chan (tinganya) had been attacking Malkal repeatedly and when he was almost captured and Killed by SPLA, he (macher) availed him out by air lifting him to Khartoum and handed this man to Bashir. From 2007 to 2008, Macher planned a failed coup in Juba, which later resulted to general Mabuto Mamur’s arrest and no one is still talking about it. The list is so long to learn more about Ngung Deng’s son.
    He is a criminal and a murder on the loose against the people of South sudan. There is no general in our community whose compound is filled up by batalion of trained army while doing nothing there. Where did the get food, close, and other needs? That is nepotism and tribalism at play from Macher’s camp. He is corrupt than anyone we all know, and that is why he is not going anywhere. In 2006, He paid one of his relatives 8 million dollars to build a modern football field in Malkal, but it takes that long to see it and we are anxiously waiting for the football field after peace. And is it not him who was accused of wiring 24 millions into Kenyan commercial Bank in 2009 and was taken to court? How do you call that? And what about the ministeries he was holding? Minister for housing, minister for planning and development, minister for internal and external investiments, and then his vice post. All of these are in one word: corruption. He executed corruption openly.
    Federalism is a misplaced word like self-determination for his knowledge adventure. Macher is robbing the minds of those who are mentally challenged like himself to follow him. Self-determination belongs to those who stood heat and test of time until they have that share of their bloods back. Federalism, in other hand, is an ideal of governing within the constutition of the country, and not to be discussed on the table of wolves. It is not through arms struggle or by the misinterpretation of democracy. And for any of the above reasons, no changes are being expected to take place from macher; he is himself and he will remain as a person of interest in any political claims. He is a double loser by all accounts.

  13. Dengchol Machar Atem says:

    Dear Elhag Paul & Bentiu Ramaran;
    I’m panhandling you not to re-write the history. In several occasions, you have been saying Dr. Riek (known as Dr.Risk) is a champion of self-determination and federalism as well. Mind less, Riek is not an architect of anything. Self-determination is for Dr.John Garang which he called New Sudan Vision and Federal system is for late Buth Diu. Re-visit your source of such information. Self-determination & Federalism can’t be born with poor astute. Only gifted and nondescript men can come up with such ideas NOT a traitor, backstabber, double-crosser, snitch and above-all a betrayer like Dr.Risk
    We must work hard to bring Dr.Riek into book to be try for injunction to know whether his repeated rebellion aims to achieve his political ambition or not and to be possibly condemn. Paul & Ramaran, How many Youngsters from Nuer died in 1991 and 2013 respectively? And why do you allowed innocent people to died in return for presidency, the most wanted position by Dr. Risk. Paul & Ramaran, supporting politician is a matter of choice without restriction however, Dr. Riek is not a sensible pillar of this time in our Country. He is like Odinga of Kenya. He aim high like him and will die like him!

  14. Hoiloom says:

    Alier Gai, do you even believe the garbage you are writing? Where did Riek Machar train the white army? You people are as sick in the head as the president himself. Lies of Makuei Lueth will not rescue South Sudan though you keep repeating them.

  15. Alier Gai says:

    Brother hoiloom,
    Yes, he had white army being trained between 2008 to 2013, and the climax scene of it was the sort of choas happened in juba, on the 15 dec. 2013, and around the country. The attacks on duk county and on twic county in 2008 and 2009 indicated arms ready from lou nuer to attack any tribe and kill at will, when they want to do so. No one was aware of this, but the world satillite makes it clear on before and after the event in juba, that there is a loose armed group hunting for their unidentified enemy around gadieng. Who was the enemy this white army looking for there, toward bor? It beecame evidently obvious when the trained white army of lou nuer attracked murle, as part of their arms’ dry run preparation to attack, macher intervenes and tells them that this is not your enemy, for you will one day face it. Their master macher welcome them on the way to bor, instructed them to kill and to terorrize people accordingly. They killed, raped women and they looted properties and burned the rest down. Is that healthy mind or dead mind from dead prophies of ngung deng?

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