Kiir & SPLA second massacre looming in Ma’di land

By: DAVID AJU KANYARA, South Sudan, JAN/01/2015, SSN;

The Sudan’s People Liberation Army, a guerrilla movement and a brainchild of the charismatic leader Dr. John Garang De Mabior, a man many Southerners consider with pride as a first world grade, highly educated and visionary leader, who possessed a solid leadership style to unify our divergent nation but yet surprisingly, laid a sandy foundation of the SPLA, on atrocities and human rights abuses. 

Under Dr Garang’s leadership, SPLA became a dominant powerhouse owned by the Dinka and for the Dinka. Many made no secret about this, that “we died for this land, we liberated you and now it is ours including your ancestral lands and if you do not like it go back to Zaire or Uganda.”

They made no efforts to be inclusive yet claiming and desiring a national government.

Not satisfied by this power possession in the armed forces but also extended the absolute dominance in the political wings, but worst yet, in the territorial integrity of the nation, as they seek to occupy every inch of South Sudan from Kapoeta to Wau and from Abeyi to Nimule, becoming the only tribe that infests every single soil of South Sudan at the expense of displacements and sufferings of the other 63 ethnic groups.

What is at stake here is South Sudan, as we know it! At the heart of the sanctity of these ancestral lands lays the survival of individual ethnic groups! Many of these ethnicities are soon to be history and this is what the Jiengs seek and want.

They meanwhile remain and function as a tribal unit yet they disrupt the lifestyles of other tribes in the name of a one nation, one people, and as a decoy of simply turning us into a Jieng nation! Amounting to ethnic cleansing!!

To highlight this point, the events in the Ma’di theater has clearly showcased Kiir’s political inabilities, compounded by his tribal allegiance rather than to the nation which not only caused Kiir to fail at national level but has at worse, made him grow restless, dangerously anxious and inpatient to the extent of not sparing anyone who would disapprove or disagree with his manner of leadership.

In November the entire people of South Sudan were confused by Kiir’s propaganda machines, first by the statement released through the Sudan Tribune, linking Gen. Martin Kenyi to the defection of Equatorian rebel group, then the ever drunk SPLA spokesperson, a man whose official duty is defined as a habitual liar like his boss, came out publicly to deny that Gen. Martin has jumped the Juba Ship but that he is still with the Government. Clearly once again a government that lies!

Philip Aguer maintains that Gen. Martin Kenyi has gone outside the country for treatment, this statement was contradicted by Governor Lobong, during his visit to Pageri on 14 December 2014, with the vice President Wani Igga.

Here yet we see a confused government that chronically and incurably lies to her people! This mission was nothing but purely to make Gen. Martin Kenyi look like a fugitive, as such they intended to conduct searches in every mountain in EES and every house in Ma’di land and it must be thorough to catch the fugitive but the actual casualties are Civilians, some whom they bribed or tortured to get information supposedly leading to the general.

As now being felt everywhere in the Ma’diland, this is not a civilian sparing search but this was a plan to cause and inflict terror on ordinary people of the Ma’diland. They terribly miscalculated this because when you torture an innocent person, you are also sharpening him to redefine his destiny and reevaluate his loyalty.

In my eyes, Kiir has not learned from the Juba Massacre, and opted yet again for the use of force on unarmed citizens, this will prompt more young people to join armed resistance out of desperation and resentment.

In fact if you can use force why not others? Granted, what gives you power over me is the gun, why can’t I also get one so that we see who looses his life first since we all have one to loose and we shall all die one day!

I must bring to your attentions, my fellow countrymen/women, since the government designated Gen Martin Kenyi as the most wanted Equatorian after Lado Gore, the number of SPLA deployment in the Madi territories has grown alarmingly like never seen before with catastrophic results on the innocent civilians to date.

This has made the Ma’di corridor the most militarized zone in Equatoria.

In the village of Opari located approximately 18 km from Pageri Payam Headquarters, on the fateful Christmas day, the SPLA soldiers deployed there to hunt down the most wanted man in Equatoria, rained havoc on the civilian populations.

Instead of being sober and alert as the rebel could strike anytime like lighting, the soldiers indulged themselves in consumption of local Waragi and at the end of the day, the already polarized soldiers were consumed with anger.

So, the section of the soldiers from Didinga and Lokoya tribes couldn’t anymore take the insult and abuse brought on them by their fellow comrades from the Dinka tribe, and a soldier from Didinga under the influence of alcohol then opened fire indiscriminately and fatally wounding his Dinka colleague.

Noticing his colleague was dead and filled with fear that he was going to be apprehended and tortured in horrific manner, knowing very well the kind of torture the SPLA is capable of, he decided to run into the Opari bushes.

The following day on 26 December 2014, a group of soldiers mainly from the Dinka, with elements of few Equatorians were dispatched to look for the fugitive soldier. After a few Km, the group ran into a female peasant, a 31-year-old farmer, tending after her family crops. These unnumbered SPLA soldiers attacked this woman, raped this mother of six children!

Fearing that this woman and a mother of young children could later identify them, they, the SPLA soldiers decided to end her life by placing the nozzle of their gun in her throat and shooting her to death!

This unimaginable atrocity and a crime against humanity is simply the continuation of atrocities the SPLA committed indiscriminately from its inception, against non-Dinka regardless of their ages or sexes.

Should we forget the declaration of the governor of Central Equatoria, Clement Konga, that in the Mundariland pregnant women were killed and their babies cut out of their wombs?

Meanwhile, in Nimule, the Terror in Madiland escalates daily. A man by name Alido Lado Yongo, Ma’di native from Opari, an army veteran who is also military trainer/instructor in military training academy in Owiny Kibul was arrested and his whereabouts remain unknown after he was taken by the SPLA from Nimule checkpoint accused of training Equatorians to fight against Kiir’s government.

According to the friends of the veteran army officer, he was in the past shot and wounded in the jaw and injured in Bentiu by the Jalabas during the war of liberation consequently he lost all his teeth and his jaw disfigured and has had health issues because of those injuries for the past 15 years.

His friends and colleagues decry the allegation against the disabled veteran officer that he has gone to join the rebels as unfounded and this is a conspiracy to torture him and intimidate others, the Madi but Equatorians in general.

The friends of Yongo maintain that he was in Kampala for medical checks up with permission from his superiors in Bilpham army headquarters in Juba.

The nightmare for this disable veteran continues, to add salt to his injuries, the Kiir’s army seized the son of this wounded veteran, named Alido Irra Joseph, although Alido junior has never been in the military nor has he been anywhere since the beginning of this war on 15 December 2013.

Irra’s colleagues are upset and maintain that he is always present at his workstation in Nimule; they have records of Irra’s work at Nimule customs. Three other young men were also kidnapped since then and their whereabouts unknown, but are believed being held in the army barracks in Nimule.

As a nation we must hold the Kiir government responsible for every single torture and life taken!

According to the army, Irra is involved with the Equatorian rebels, in purchasing food and other needed items by the rebels, but the people who know and work with Irra Joseph have disputed this allegation and they accused the SPLA of targeting Ma’di youth based on their ethnicity since the allegation of the Gen Kenyi’s defection surfaced in the media.

The youth across Ma’di are subjected to arbitrary arrest and tortures by the SPLA. The Movement of the ordinary citizens in Nimule is restricted based on ethnic identities, Dinka at Nimule can go wherever they choose, while Ma’di women and boys ages of 14 years and over are stopped and questioned by the security personnel.

They cannot go beyond Ame River Bridge, a bridge that divides South Sudan with Uganda. They cannot go beyond the foot of Mount Gordon. They cannot buy more than 5 kilos of any food materials else you are accused of feeding the Rebels and will be arrested and tortured! While Dinka can buy whatever amount of food they want without being questioned!

In Mugali, Loa, Pageri, Kerepi, Moli and Opari, people were prevented from going to work in their gardens, the soldiers are suspicious thinking people who are going to work in their farms are smuggling food for the rebels under Kenyi, they choose to terrorize the unarmed civilians instead of going after Kenyi.

Now the soldiers have resorted to intimidation, arresting, raping and killings of the unarmed civilians they are supposed to protect according to the very constitution that they claimed to be defending!

You don’t need to be reminded about the atrocities and abuse of human rights including forceful rapes and marriages of our girls and women by the primitive Jieng SPLA soldiers during the war of liberation that has been chronic even before there was anything called constitution in South Sudan.

These barbaric behaviors are acts of crimes committed against the peaceful communities based on their ethnicities, making the entire south Sudan unstable like the Dinkaland. The only women safe from rapes are the Dinka women and girls, all women from other tribes are free for all specially for the Jiengs…. why is this? The only safe families in Nimule are the Dinka Family ….why is this?

Definitely, this colossal and malignant Garang’s pro-Jieng policy in detriment to other ethnic groups, continues under the leadership of Mr Salva Kiir at yet a worse scale aggravated by a man who has no respectable education, charisma nor political agility.

Kiir was not born to be a national politician, but rather a cattleman and a cattle Camp Dinka warrior to protect his clan against the interests of outsiders; inherently Dinka but not a national figure, thus it,isn’t surprising Kiir has failed miserably to lead our diversified nation with multi-ethnic cluster groups into a united South Sudan.

He has no understanding of what the non-Dinka of South Sudan feel or want from this joint venture called the Republic of South Sudan.

Remember how the discussion on federalism went and about when Kiir asked the Equatorian leaders to quit talking of Federalism? He has no ability to see beyond his Dinka eyes, thus the rest of South Sudan has been excluded from the short honeymoon of this nation.

Like his predecessor, Kiir rules by decrees while silencing those with opposing views. As it is common trait of dictators, Kiir’s lack of political experience left him with no resources than the use of force versus the brain ….aka politics, thus easily invoking the only thing he got, his military experience to butcher his political opponents.

We have found ourselves in an unplanned war, a war that would have been avoided if Kiir has a genuine reasoning ability to put the interest of our nation first rather than that of his kin or his own, not to mention a leader with sound abilities will always compromise and listen to the voices of his/her constituents and if they refuse to listen to him, he will step down so as to save his nation from descending into abyss.

He like Saddam Hussein, will carry this country with him to hell. After all it is all about him, not about the people he serves!

The Jieng have turned South Sudan into a nation in war, a nation where there is no respect for human rights, a nation whose President is power hungry, and like the Arabs who did not care about the people of south Sudan but only about drilling our oil.

Kiir has hidden agenda to marginalized other communities and he wants Dinka to flourish while the remaining 63 tribes accounting for more than 3/4 remain slaves and servants of the primitive Dinka.

The situation in Ma’di has gotten out of hands, the world is kept uninformed as phone lines have been tampered with and monitored day and night, people fear to contact their families from within South Sudan or from neighboring countries, and the list of disappearances are on the rise each day.

Kiir has poured money into Nimule to bribe the impoverished locals, to turn them into informants! If he does not torture into submissions, he bribes into submissions!

People of South Sudan, you deserve to know about the crimes Kiir is committing in the Ma’diland, for the Scripture says, “You shall know the truth and it shall set you free!”

Free from bribes and lies of Kiir and his gangs. As for him, his hands are full of blood of our people.

You should be forewarned that, in Madiland, Kiir has set up the stage for a full blown massacre, but Kiir and the Warrap generals are miscalculating and underestimating the powers and bravery and the decisive boldness of South Sudanese people when provoked, they think such is only possessed by the Jieng, but they are in for rude awakenings.

My people, yesterday it was the Nuer, we sat and watched and today it is we the Madi. You sit and watch, when it is your time, we the survivors, too shall sit and watch as we are left fewer and apart.

At the end, history will remember us as a generations that sat and watched while Kiir and his council of Jiengs elders robbed us of our identities, our ancestral lands, our cultures, and our very nation itself now called the Republic of South Sudan, a brain child of Equatorians, born in Torit in 1955 and turned now into the bloody Republic of Jieng while we sat and watched.

For they are convinced as sure as death itself that “this power belongs to them and they are born to rule and we Equatorians, to be ruled.”

Under this fallacy they have massacred the Nuer and now soon the Madis and it will next continue to other ethnic groups, isolating us one by one, using the national treasures to bribe the gullible and the hungry, until the last believer in South Sudan falls dead at their genocidal guns as a result of our indifference and the brilliance of their shrewdness.

They’re turning us yet again into second class citizens of the Republic of Jieng.

Alas! Unless nationhood triumphs over Jiengism, ONLY when the birthplace of South Sudan once again rises up and says “enough is enough!”

David Aju Kanyara


  1. Oyet says:

    Bro Aju,

    Our nation is in mourning and chaos but the idiot seemed to have no heart of sympathy, that is why his security stormed the match for peace in Juba on 15 December and Kiir’s private security interrupted service in St Therese cathedral in Kator Juba. if I were Kiir I would work to deescalate the conflict instead of escalating it farther in peaceful places like Nimule and Ma’di land as whole.
    Thank you brother for been a light and a salt for our disorganized nation under the leadership of primitive president who has no qualification at all to be the president of our diversity nation.We are reduced to the nation of beggers and a nation whose citizens depends on relief aid

  2. Thomas Gieth says:

    Your lies and bad rallies against Jieng will never leave your head attach to your neck my dear rebel. Sound your alarm and don’t run to uganda and leave poor Madi boys to die for your selfish ambition. Dinkas are not primitive as you are, if were Dinka you would have counted the consequences and the results before calling all the tribes of south sudan to fight Jieng. This indicated that you are not a leader at all but a dog without tail. You will never succeed to kill all Jieng as you are planing. It was our wish all should enjoy eating what they didn’t toil for, but if it is the problem because we did not prevented anyone from eating, then it would be better for us turn the plate up side dwon then we will see who is stronger than who. Your poor plan make you run to America, Sudan and Ethiopia for support, but should we do as you are doing, we will not be having south sudan in the next few years to come because we can not left it in the hand of betrayers who do not have a agenda for the country. KEEP LYING REBEL!

    • Dear Mr Thomas. Thank you for displaying your absolute ignorance. Who ran to Uganda. Who are the UDF protecting. Is it the Equatorians or the Jenge. Answer me clearly

    • critic says:

      Look like nuer have now realised that their nuer rebellion is unwinnable against kiir. So they start to manufacture lies such that low IQ equatorians like them would jump in plate without investigating the claims. Remember your nuer rebels killed shilluks simply because they didn’t want to joint nuer baseless rebellion. Just keep lying to yourself. But all I know is equatorians are more smarter then you think. They will never joint your nuer rebellion period.

      • Jak Kor says:

        The Nuer can finish this war without others joining in. Nuer have been battling all the rest of South Sudanese, Ugandans, Sudanese rebels and some Nuer that are loyal to Kiir. Nuer were fighting the war for the whole of year with weapons such as clubs, sticks and spears while the Dinka and her allies were using lethal weapons. This year war will be different.

      • Stinger Mesile says:

        Critic!! In your comments, you have already said Equatorians are low IQ like the Nuer, and you ; again said that the equatorian are smarter than Nuer. What’s your station?
        Read before you post.

        During Kokora( federation) you Were flushed from Equatoria , I thought you Jiengee would learn lessions but you didn’t.
        You should have develop Dinka land this time, but you are having ambition to live in Equatoria.

    • Stinger Mesile says:

      Thomas Gieth? What do you gain from supporting the governance of your Jiengee?
      Why the Jiengee are in IDP camps? Do you feel happy for your people to continue to sustain live in IDP camps?

      What fruitful did you ever obtains in Jiengee land? since the given independent to South Sudan by Khartoum under the Americans political pressure!! ( Not you the Jiengee who brought the Independent )

  3. Enforcer says:

    You guys haven’t seen anything yet; just wait until you see something way more than December 15 in your own backyard and you’ll soon shut up about this nonsense!

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Thomas and Enforcer,
      Bring it on you coward hyaena full of empty noises! Why are you hiding in Juba and why are your kin hiding in Nimule from Bor instead of facing the white army? Why did you cry like hyaenas for your husband Museveni? Just bring it on, enough of talks.

      • Enforcer says:

        Tyson & Elijah Samuel;
        What kind brings it on you want to tell us? Aren’t we there in your own backyard? Who are the ones in Nimule, Kapoeta, Yei, Juba, Yambio, Maridi, or you tell us any state or town aren’t we in; in the entire Equatoria region? This is like me occupying your own home and at the same time you keep telling me I am a coward because I haven’t started a fight. Well; what kind of fight do you want me to start when I am already in your home?

    • Tyson says:

      Just start it now and you will see bloody nose!
      You are just barking from a refugee camp….. come out and you will know.
      The Jallaba pushed you from northern Sudan and we will squish you in the middle.
      Come out and carry the Dec 2013 ugly massacre in Equatoria now if you think you have the moral and legal authority to kill innocent people.

    • Stinger Mesile says:

      Enforcer, I believes you have no idears to support the people of s sudan in general.
      I wonder why you are happy for Dec 15?

      May be some Dinka’s like you.

    • Stinger Mesile says:

      Hey Enforce!! are you happy for 15 Dec?

  4. Tyson says:

    It is worrisome to read your message! It is sad the Ma’di people are being butchered in the eyes of the international community.
    First, I say courage because the blood of the innocent Ma’di men, women and child is pleading for justice before God Almighty.
    Secondly, don’t get discouraged. There are many ways to remove this ugly monster from South Sudan.
    Kind David was able to defeat Goliath and his army worms of arrogant criminals with a catapult. Pharoah and his henchmen were also ashamed by the Israelites.
    All means are possible to rid these criminals.


    Thanks Kanyara for bringing us this news. I hope visionless Equatorians who support Kiir government such as Charles, Daniel A. Ayong, and False Millionaires will learn something from this article about genocidal Kiir government. These Equatorians elements are so happy when Kiir government massacre Nuer in Juba and rapped Nuer women in Greater Upper Nile. They always give Kiir huge respect like if he is their company’s senior manager. They kept calling Salva Kiir “Baba”. Now their baba is taking the lives of their love one for good.

    Rapping is like breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Dinka communities specially in those from Aweil and Warap. In my many years of service in the SPLA, I learnt that all tribe in South Sudan do not rap. The only people who rap women in South Sudan are Dinka Bar El Gazal. For example, in Iteng, Panyido, Ethiopia all the rape against Nuer women were made by Dinka Bar El Gazal.

    And the rapes were made in Equatoria in 1980s were made by Dinka Bar El Gazal. However, not all Dinka Bar El Gazal raped women. The people of Lakes State do not rape. All Dinka in Upper Nile do not rape. The only people raped women are Malual Girnyang, Gong Arol particularly those of Gorial and Aweil. If we have to do investigation now, those Dika who rapped women in Equatoria must be either from Gorial or Aweil.

    • critic says:

      Bentiu, watch out they will rape you too. they will beat you militarily and keep you in check. They fought with well armed messeriah with spears and sticks and beat them. They were among the best fighters during south sudan liberation. Your little chicken heads nuer rebels are nothing to them specially dinka malual. Warning equatorians, I respect your analysis of war and it effects, but don’t let yourself be carried away. I don’t support kiir way of management, but against riek, i wish him the best. I’m happy with equatorians and smart nuer taking south sudan leadership. But I’m totally against riek ascend to power. He is the root cause of dinka and nuer hatre. I don’t hate nuer in general but I do hate those who back mass murderer riek. If nuer can’t accept riek mass murder of dinka in bor, how would dinka have gut to condemn kiir killing of 500 nuer male civilians in juba.

      • Jak Kor says:

        Wow! This is stupidity! How many times Nuer have been massacred by Dinka? It began in 1984 (Akobo East), in Gajaak by the same Koryom and elements from Jamus, in 1985 in Akobo West at Kaikuiny by Tuek-tuek and Shark battalions under leadership of Awet Akot. Juba massacred will remain a Dinka misery for years to come. There was no massacred in Bor. The white army were defending themselves against the eminent attacks by the SPLA then to be launched in 1991.

  6. Oyet says:


    who is coward and who has run to Uganda to bring the UPDF even before your evil the so called idiot president could implement the evil plan to massacred innocent women and children from neur tribe he had already imported the UPDF. had it not be Museveni who has no blood relationship nor share border with idiotic jienge, this time around kiir and jiengedom kraal villages have fallen to the hands of Nuer white army. it is easy to plan and start a war but hard to finish a war, this time around no turning back the heavy rain is about to start, jienge will soon witness the unseen and we will butcher you and your unborn children too. I know you don’t like to hear the reality and nobody advocate for violence than your tribalism president and his kens, not knowing south Sudan belong to us all, so let’s see, I am glad that the army deployed all over madi have refused to take order to butcher their own brothers, this is very good and soon Juba Nimule road will be block and let’s see when the big rain begin to drop which exit route will be use by kiir and his kens to escape. my understanding is also the UPDF are just there as cover and just like bilking of an eye they will turn their guns against Kiir will the rain will fall in Juba again.

    • critic says:

      Nuer forks be reminded that there aren’t ugandan soldiers in bahr el ghazal region. If you think that you warriors, try your luck. Remember dinkas in lake state extermination all forces that riek sent to the region back in 1991. And they are waiting to do the same just go there and learn a lession.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      There is nothing new of all that you mentioned. Have you fought any war other than website? Why don’t you leave it to the Dinka and Nuer tribes because you are not helping in any way. Are you with Nuers in what way? I know Nuers did their best of trying, but what have you done? Please, leave this to people who will be engaging in the field. Nuers are getting support from Sudan and Eritrea and Uganda is standing with the government of South sudan as always and that is because Sudanese want to take part of South Sudan, meanwhile Uganda is against terrorist like people such as Joseph Konyi. So, stop talking and be part of terrorist or government. Period!

  7. Loguca says:

    Where are the Equatorian leaders serving in Dinka government ? What do they think about what is happening in Nimule when innocent and unarmed civilians are being butched before their eyes ? These leaders have blood on their hands and should be held accountable because they were the people who wanted Dinkas to settle in Nimule and now the Madi’s are paying the price.

  8. Eli says:

    Amba Aju,
    Your article is heartbreakingly not a surprise to most of us, targetting innocent civilians is what Kirr’s dinka regime is all about. The worse is yet to come, I urge that people should all be vigilant, this is a tough time and my advice is that the women, the elderly and children must be taken out of the way. There is war in the country and no one is safe including people in Ma’diland. Instead those who can should defend themselves from the dinkas criminal, kill them before they kill you. No more mercy or turning the other cheek, the time for humility and respect or peaceful negotiations are over. We have to arm ourselves and defend our territorial integrity. There is no government in South Sudan anymore but thugs and criminals. Our prayers and hearts are with all those in harmsway. May God protect them.
    Eli Wani

  9. Hope Sodogo says:

    Thanks David
    God set Mandella free; God also set oppressed black South Africans free from Boer oppression so will the haunted like Martin Kenyi/Equatorians will be set free with God’s help. Just trust God.

    I will always give advice to the Jieng Oppressors…it is not too late for them to say no to evil in all its worse forms (crimes against humanity), otherwise the consequence for Dinka will not be nice at the time of reckoning. So rest assured that God will act in the favor of the oppressed and when that time comes, it will be hell on earth for the oppressor.

    So you either change now or just enjoy your short lived supremacy and bear shame for your stupidity sooner than you think. The Boers so it coming but they ignored all warnings against the path they took. Now do you see in S.Africa? Heroic Afrikaner? Heroic mandela? Heroic black S,Africans? What do you see?

    You can hide atrocities against the Ma’di and Equatorians at large, but you cannot hide it from God. God keeps every record of act against humanity day and night. 24/7, for eternity. Just as the White South Africans now live in shame for their evil past, so will you live in shame after all is said and done. Just as Khartoum cannot forgive itself for letting the South go, so will you not forgive your selves for being historical jerks in the 21st Century!!!.

    Soon there will be trouble all over S.Sudan, the money for bribery will dry up, the stooges, the SPLA will be over stretched to their maximum limit and not even the Dinka will enjoy anything thereafter without looking over their shoulders. You will even fear your own shadow.

    Be warned therefore, that hiding in Uganda is not going to save you people. Museveni will not rule for ever and you don’t know Ugandans. They will turn against you as soon as Museveni dies because Dinka arrogance is also abhorred by Ugandans.This includes Ugandan children as Dinka children behave arrogantly in Ugandan schools, terrorizing Ugandan kids. You are not using the best of your opportunities wisely. You are squandering everything without looking beyond your noses.

    What you are doing to non-Dinka in S.Sudan will never benefit the Dinka as you think for as you destroy innocent lives, so are you destroying your own future including innocent Dinka children who will have to pay for your mistakes. Hence, I mourn for you the Dinka not for the oppressed because for them victory is certain, but for you, what awaits you is unimaginable! So Be-ware Oppressors!!! The pendulum is swinging!

    God’s vengeance is in the works…oil boom is over and it is God at work because not only the Dinka use God given wealth in satanic ways but also others like Nigeria, Venezuela, Russia use it for ungodly purposes. This is warning number one. Stay tuned for more to come at God’s own timing!

  10. Bentiu Massive says:

    I wouldn’t rally behind a government betraying collective efforts of S. Sudanese & committing atrocities against its voters. In the same breath, it would be naive to rally behind tribal rebels whose vision is to kill fellow citizens in the name of “Dinka”, but not to bring the much needed political change in S. Sudan. But I am certain of one thing: S. Sudanese are very lucky these “Owners of Ancestral Lands” in S. Sudan were not at the border with Sudan; they would’ve betrayed us with their referendum votes!

  11. kajokaji says:

    Thank you very much Mr. David Aju Kanyara for your uplifting message to the people of Equatoria in particular and the rest of South Sudanese. Everything you have written is an absolute truth and it requires immediate attention by the Equatorians! Whatever affects the Ma’di affects the rest of the Equatorians because we are inseparable regardless of what the Jeing thinks. The Dinka first came for the Nuer in December, 2013, and everybody was quiet because they think they were not affected; then they came for the Ma’dis and again there is silence and this process will go on and on, but at last they will come for the collaborators and by then there will be no body left to tell about their story!
    My only advice to the Equatorians is that: wake up! The threat of DInka is real and it should not be ignored. Dinkaa are nothing but betrays of the common good and they had to be challenged militarily and intellectually. Who are the DInkas by the way! The consciousness of the South Sudan came from Equatorians and the Dinkas should be made to know that by any means necessary. Salva Kirr and his thugs have to be sent back to the village where they rightly belong. My advice to the Equatorians in SPLA uniforms is that do what TAFENG, BATALA, YOSIA YENGI, LORUE, LAGU, and so on were able to do to liberate the people of South Sudan. The DInkas are naturally born to destroy but not to rule and we have to eliminate their primitive rule! Stop the Dinka Mafias now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A billionaire American business once said South Sudan is a Mafia State, and he particularly wants the head of the Mafia. Therefore for every Equatorian, do you want the world to classify you as mafias while you know very well that the mafias are the DInkas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • alex says:

      We are proud to be south sudanese. People can say what they want but can not change us. We can not sell our nation so chieflly because of wanting positions. Those in opposition their problem is only stomach and they are not even ashamed how history will write they names. Let Americans be in America. We have witnessed racial shootings by police, drugs, gangs, poverty and discrimination. So let the billoniar tell us whther we have such big issues in our society. It is only those who are desprate for their greed who want to be used like Mabutu Seseko of Congo. He build Swissland with what is supposed to be theirs and some hopeless people who do not know what they want in life want to sell South Sudan like Congo. Whether they bring modern waponary we will not let such useless people to rule us, People power will be used to bring them down and they follow their masters

  12. Warrior says:

    if you are dreaming of peace to come to south sudan forget, all i know that more bloodshed is going to take place especially in dry season.

  13. Majongdit says:

    I want you to answer two questions:
    1. During the 1947 Juba Conference what did the Equatoria ahead chief say about the unity of Sudan? Go read “Too Many Agreements Dishonored” by Abel Alier.
    2. If South Sudan was born in Equatorians then please tell me how much they contributed towards the war against the Arabs that finally brought independence?

    You Aju, are a useless Ugandan, a rebel propagandist and a terrible liar.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      You should be ashamed of calling Aju useless Ugandan. Why cut the hand that feed you? Ugandans are the reason why you are still in Juba and you still call them useless. What kind of a person are you? You are indeed a Dinka with nothing upstair. Instead of calling Ugandans useless, you should be kissing their foreheads for rescuing you. As advice, please take your hat off for them (Ugandans).

  14. Dede says:

    I think David is from Nuer eho faked name ti be from Maadi tribe what he wrote about women are what nuer did to Dinka do do not be involve what you have no idea if you would like visit Maadi land before drawing your conclusion. Thanks

  15. Jak Kor says:

    Thomas Gieth,

    No other than Jieng themselves call for their demise. This country takes us all but baseless domination, ruthlessness and looting of public resources will hurt every Jieng down including the innocents.

  16. malcum says:

    if you are a teacher my bro I will prefer to be in your clase . you said it all congratulations.and ieed mobarak

  17. John Kijana says:

    David Aju,

    “You can not pick-pocket a naked man” this annecdote should illustrate the irrelevance of trying to reason with the jienges. What the Madi should do is take to arms and start a fight. Whichever way you opt, death will come to the Madis somehow. It is better to die while fighting than while squatting, Why cant the Madis go for the “silent weapon?”

  18. mikesteve says:

    dear country young men and women
    i salute you all in the name of our lovely nation south sudan
    as most of you are aware that we got this nation after long struggle we were as comrade or as
    south sudanese not as individuals or tribes if we were to be southerners divide them as today we
    would not reach where we are. because we were united and faithfully to our mission and vision,
    we obtained what we were longing for, why could we together build the nation so that our generation
    would be proud of our struggle?
    especially we young the generation if we don’t close up this chapter of tribalism of segregation
    this will lead to collapse or failure of the nation. why we fight ourselves when part our nation soil
    and resources being control by our enemies instead we should fight for that part of the nation like

    let seek an alternative that we feel we are one together we develop our nation and we will enjoy
    the friuts peacefully with one another.
    think about this. otherwise wise you the best.
    God bless south sudan.
    we can do this by turning back to God , i hope this year 2015 is the year of peace, love , forgiveness
    and reconciliation

  19. Kong Puok Tongluot - SS says:

    Mr. David Aju
    I’m very pleased, when I read your article analysis. My brother I want to remind you, Dinka never won any single war against Nuer nation. You have just proved of 15th December 2013 in Juba Nuer massacre, why Dinka primitive leader Salva Kiir sought or wanted and invited military help until today from Uganda, Darfur, Jem rebel. SPLM- North, and even M23 of CAR were involved against Nuers?

    Furthermore, Dinka, would had been defeated, if the mercenary above mentioned did’nt involve. Now the free fighters are nearly well equipped to face Slava Kiir militiamen forces and it’s mercenaries. Dinka was never spared Nuersland, but we considered it misused our state machinery, which meant it’s power abusive. Nuers have died in thousands Juba massacre alone, but, Slava Kiir and his allies they will pay an enormous price, God willing…Please continue and wake up ! ! ! ! .

  20. nyaalpam says:

    It is unfortunate that, that tragedic did happen in Ma,di land.
    What jiengs rae trying to impliment to 63 tribes of the South
    Sudan is just like a baby playing with fire.Kiir and his kinmen
    will never forget that they have hold the snake from its tail .Thomas Gieth
    himself will definitely be the dog without a tail.Sooner not later
    Kiir will not be the leader of South Sudan in coming February,2015.

  21. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Hello Mr. Poster,
    Time to drink from what you ‘ve been scratching for years.
    It is time to halts your useless writings and face Dinka like a man.
    It is time to returns from refuge camps, resettlements and free yourselves from slavery in a foreign lands.
    It is time to stop complaining to the World with your baseless lies.
    It is time to make some good analysis from your previous pathetic comments and threats to the Government and Dinka.
    It is time to regret and apologize for your recent boastings and congratulatory messages about your call Gen. Martin Kenyi whom you honoured for having overran and captured Camp 15 in Kepoeta.
    It is time to accept your cowardice attitudes and impossible demands.
    It is time to accept defeat and traitorous.
    It time to harvest what you ‘ve sown.
    Thank you for your understanding.

  22. Oyet says:


    Do you really know the history of Sudan before the independence of south Sudan? please ask you grandpa to educate in oral folk tale.
    David Aju maybe busy to answer but just to refresh you short memory, late Garang is residue of Anyanya whose leader Gen Joseph Lagu Yanga still a live, the first brain of liberation of south Sudanese is not an initiative started or borne by Garang or Upper Nile or Bahr El Ghanzal, but it was catholic Fr Santrolino a man from Latuho was the brain power in which Anyanya initiative was borne from. he later blessed Josep Lagu to be his military chief and leader of the movement, and many more brave men like Joseph Oduho etc led the movement until you jienge were misled by Arabs to signed faked agreement with Gen Lagu in Addis Abba, Ethiopia in 1972, because you were envied with him, that was why Garang later killed Joseph Oduho and his son Kizito Oduho fearing they will take the movement away from Jieng.

  23. Hi, mikesteve, you really talked nonsene about Abiey and the resources, development and forgiveness etc. One thing that I want to assure you is that the massacre of Nuer in Juba for no valid reason went inside the nerves of majority of Nuer people. The fighting that erupted last year was not planned. But this year will witness the unforgettable war that every family of any South Sudanese will mourn unless salva kiir apologizes to Nuer not vice versa. Abiey was not taken by force by the Northerners, it was Deng Majok who annexed to the North you dinkas, go and fight for it. Padiet Gahgah

    • critic says:

      War was started by riek just like 1991 and it will end the same way, but without riek. Equatorians stay out of dinka and nuer madness. No one approve of kiir performance, but his replacement can never come from riek. he is tinted. Equatorians, you are as disgruntled as majority of dinka themselves and the rest. Riek and kiir are birds of the same flocks. The riek backers should always know one thing, backing riek is like advocating for killing of more dinkas. So no matter how dinkas hate kiir, they will happily fight for kiir because they view riek as mass murderer of dinkas.

    • alex says:

      I hope you will understand the language of peace and be considarate to our brothers and sisters who are youning for peace in the country. SPLA are waiting for those who are beating drums of war. We will see their guns and we will respond. The SPLA fought the whole of the Arab world indirectly and they have survived so we are waiting your new arms which you are proud of. The SPLA will teach you that its not guns that slove problems but only those who talk peace will win the war. The mighty Nuer rebels will be destroyed by words of peace because by talking peace the world will be able to judge for themselves who are the people interested in fighting and cousing pain to our people. It will not be long for you to reliase that guns can not achieve peace but it is wisdom. The SPLA have proved to you that through brabery you can not win and the white army now reliased this. Again you have forgotten and you taught by having mordern guns you are going to win. Brothers that is a lie and you are deciving yourselves, the SPLA will again prevail and show you that dialog is the only way out. So we ready and waiting for you to match to Juba or Bentue and Malakal and test the SPLA will. Time will tell if you have made wise decisions or not but the SPLA is ready to depend the unity of our country.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        I like it when one is proud of someone else. If Museveni is protecting me, I would hang myself because shame would never leave me. I would rather die instead of living in shame. It is very unfortunate that Alex and the likes doe not have shame in their blood; otherwise, hiding behind UPDF, Egyptian, SPLM-N, Nuer Sellout cannot make one proud of himself. It is only those with low-selfesteem who get proud of this.

        • alex says:

          I was late to respond to your email.

          I think for your group to go back to Khartoum and become slaves is the most dehumanising think to see a poor fellows like you doing. In 1991 you tried and fail and again in 2013 you want to take Southerners to Khartoum. You are used to be Arab slaves but for me I chose freedom and I will not accept myself to be humilated by Khartoum again. It is those who used to leak the left over of the Arabs who will like to return and I warn you do not bring jolobia to south sudan

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            Slaves are well known in South Sudan or Sudan at large to be Dinka. Check out our history very well. As far as we know, not a single Nuer was slaved as we are the most radical human beings South Sudan or Sudan at large ever have. Even your master, the British take very good advantage of you. You sided with them in colonization process. Nuer resisted both of you. When we took up arms against Jallaba in bit for separation of South Sudan, you came running with your mouth wide opened that you want to be united Sudan — “Secular United Sudan vision”. An ideology you are now distancing yourself from and was unachievable. In 991, we reversed that leading up to endorsement of Self-Determination, which in turn led to South Sudan’s independence with much help from George W. Bush. Nowadays, your likes have been running around claiming that you liberate South Sudan, when appreciation should directly go to American People. This reinforced my claim that you do not have shame in your blood. Now, you cheaply sold our sovereignity to Uganda for petty gains. We will reverse this just like we did to Secular United Sudan. We will not let Uganda enslaves us just like British try to do. Stay in shame and close your eyes to pretend you do not know what I’m talking about.

  24. Batali says:

    It’s true, the news is confirmed. SPLA soldiers mainly from Dinka have threatened that they will erase Nimule to ground level. Get tuned!

    • kur William says:

      You anti-Dinka your malignant wish will leads you into inferno abyess in which you may be no chance to reverse!! This pathetic article from brainwash war-monger called David was a merely fabricated allegations to create tension between Equatorians and Dinka as a result of his dislike president Kiir because of his Dinkahood and you should not put your blindly supports to such a naive person.He the writer misjudged the consequence of forging lies amongst the communities however I want to inform him that we Dinka are peaceful people but we have no mercy to our enemies no matter how they are.Also note there is no any tribe that can defeats us in South Sudan eventhough Nuers and Equatorians will join their forces together against our Kingdom we will crush them,take an example during the war time when Nuers combined with Arabs to annihilated us and they did not successed what do you think will bring change now if you are campaiging to wage war on us.You should appreciated us for the good job we have done by liberated you from slavery!!! When the SPLA contingent was sent to pursued renegaded Gen.Martin kenyi they were instructed to executed their task accordingly knowing that Madi are their civillians they are going to protects unless someone will interfered with their mission or suspecious of being a traitor.

  25. alex says:

    The SPLA is the army of the people. Those of you who think it belong to another tribe let them test SPLA. They will be taught nationalism not triblism. So the few compusers in madi land should chose between nationshood and triblism. Those who take the law into their own hands will be taught the importance of peace and being nationalistic. We were tied of staying without a country so God has given it to us, all the scrificies should be paid to keep peace and unity of the country. So should anybody there to break the law in pretext that they are being harshed it is their own fault because the SPLA has not discriminated any of its citizens.The youths should be very careful of greedy visonless politicians who talk much but have not vision. Should any one of the youths be mislead, there will be no any regret for those of you who lacks independent thinking capacity. You will be be deal marcelesly and taught a lesson that you will not forget in your history. The SPLA is a people’s army and they are there to stay.

  26. Dear Enfocer

    The incident at Opari and Nimule should be treated as bad management of the commandant. Why should national soldiers, if we have any rampage the civilian villages? Don’t they have intelligents to pin point to them exactly where the rebels or bad guys are if there were some in Madiland? What we can understand from the scene is that any time SPLA solider are out, they are in force to insteal fear in the hearts of the civilians. As you said, Dinka in Equatoria is to fight them and you are now everywhere in Equatoria backyard. As much as that we know already but still you Dinka can’t intimidate us on our-land how, even if you cruises with tanks in Equtorian land, we will never be intimidated. Remember, raping a mother of six children and then gunning her down for fear of repercussion is a bad omen to jenge soldiers. Surely, innocent blood that you jenge spilled will definitely cry for revenge. The route to Uganda is still open because the Equatorian will say enough is enough, I am sure Khartoum will be your destination, and not Rikatura anymore.

  27. alex says:

    SPLA are your army and if anyone think he or she can distablise the nation by roumers and lies thet him or her try. We believe all south Sudanese citizens are our people and anyone who want to bring tribal division will face the law. The Madi citizens should not allow themselves to be mislead. Follow your great sons and Daughters in defending the unity of this country. Those few evil doers will pay dearly if they try to put their delusions into action.

  28. Dede says:

    Bro Gordan Martot was senior before lado and Willian Deng was SG in that movement. Plud Denial Deng was first priest to got kill as we Turkey before you.

  29. abai okwhau says:

    folks are scared of the spla. this is indeed sad for a liberation army to be an instrument of fear and oppression. this unruly army should have been demobilized right after independence and a well trained professional national one created thereafter. sorry folks, salva kir is here to stay and so are the present institutions he created plus the spla of course. please check my blog if you need any convincing at:

  30. Monday Jacob says:

    Hey brothers & sisters,we are one in south Sudan,please let us focus on peace and development of this country,the war which you people are talking about even non of you have gone to battle field/front-line to witness how bit it is,only sending innocent people to fight for your on benefits and die with no benefit in this Nation,oh GOD why?
    Note,we are one people one color one Nation {south Sudan}.

  31. Tombe Gboro says:

    Dear David,

    Thank you for the posting. But the idiot Dinka government will not break our spirit. Madi will survive.
    Today every Madi man is Martin Kenyi, and will fight until the last Madi man is dead.
    And the gods of our fore-fathers will see us through.

    Martin Kenyi Oyee !!
    Madi Oyee !!
    Eastern Equatoria Oyee!

    Tombe Gboro,
    Patibi, Madiland

    • alex says:

      If it was alcohol I think by this time you have started but fighting I daught a Madi will do. Try then you will know which one is better peace or war

    • Eli says:

      Brother Tombe Gboro
      I second your motion. Tooth for tooth, eye for eye. Time for everything, war is at our door steps and so we must fight to last man standing. We must use every weapon at our disposal to defeat the insects enemy, the day is coming Nimule will be hell on earth for those insects, soon all the spirits are waking up to torment our enemies.The Almighty, most powerful Overseer will see us through this. Ma’di Oyee!!!!!! Oyoro Oyee!!!!! Amolu Alu Oyee!!!! Illigo madii Oyee!!!!!

      • alex says:

        Eli the devil is calling you.
        We need peace not your war but if you start it you will be taught a nice lesson in history. Why not come home and lead the fighting rather than encouraging others. Come and test what fighting is like so that it can change your way of thinking. We do not want any other war now, ask the White army they will tell you what they have learned from this current fighting

        • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

          White Army learn nothing from this war. All they learned is that the hold the glorious spot in South Sudan. Everybody fears them. That’s what they learn. Even your husband, Uganda are talking about the White Army might. It is why they used cluster Boom to contained the Mighty White Army. So, go lie somewhere else. The worse it yet to come and it is ahead of us. We will all test the consequences of this war you imposed on us.

  32. BILL KUCH says:

    David Aju Akanyara,
    Why is Kenyi Martin still hiding? Why is he not doing what he rebels for? Well, we don’t need him back because he did not take anything with him. Good luck with your movement!!!

  33. Magoldoh says:

    To all non Dinkas, spreading lies with hatred won’t take far. All these ongoing calamities weren’t planned by Dinkas but by those who had been blinded by hatred along with tribal motivation against Dinka. With that mentality, you aren’t aiding for solutions but for problems. With your ill filled-warring propaganda against Dinka won’t take nowhere. Come to table like civilized man– is safer for common interests of all.

  34. Eli says:

    Brother Tombe Gboro
    I second your motion. Tooth for tooth, eye for eye. Time for everything, war is at our door steps and so we must fight to last man standing. We must use every weapon at our disposal to defeat the insects enemy, the day is coming Nimule will be hell on earth for those insects, soon all the spirits are waking up to torment our enemies.The Almighty, most powerful Overseer will see us through this. Ma’di Oyee!!!!!! Oyoro Oyee!!!!! Amolu Alu Oyee!!!! Illigo madii Oyee!!!!!

  35. alex says:

    Shame to shout in resetlement. Your delusions will drive you mad. Do you think Kenyi do not know the consquence of fighting. He had been a melisia leader during the war. He knows what is war and we have enligted nationalistic Madi people who are heros and can not allow their country to be destoryed by visionless people. Enjoy your chicken peacefully in the resetlement brother

    • Eli says:

      I am on my way to get you and your “baba” criminal murderer killer-Kirr, you better hurry up to tell him to surrender or leave before we get there or he and his cohorts are waiting for gallows. They will all be hanged in public squares for the whole world to see. They are already charged and condemned to death for all the crimes they have committed.

  36. alex says:


    You are welcome hurry and you will know that, you are working on an inpossibilities. You will prove your dreams to be a frustration driving you. You are the true democrates who still hang people. I do not know whether you belong to the civilased world or you still belong to the stone age. It due to that mentality that is why we denied you including your friend Riek to come to power because your vision for this country is to course more killings and destruction. Unless we are all death then you will come and rule the tress but solong we are still alive we will not allow you to power.

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