Kiir & Riek’s Leadership Quarrels: A Fight over Continuous Bread on the Plate

BY: Tong Kot Kuocnin, JUBA, APR/18/2014, SSN;

Very obvious, that this war is a needless war. This war is useless. This war is unjustifiable. This war is unreasonable. This war is uncalled for. Then, why for it? Why, because I needed to stay in power for long? Why, because I wanted to enriched my family and my next of kins?

Why, because I and my clan wanted to control and use the resources of the nation for our benefits because am a hero? Why, because I needed to take his power by the use of force? Why, because Am accustomed to grape power when Am no longer in the government. Why, because I wanted to do the same that the incumbent has done to his family, next of kin and his entire clan.

Why, because Am too greedy of power and I cannot imagine being a layman in the street. Why, because he is just a mere and a humble guy, uneducated very highly, meanwhile am such a well educated and well trained mechanical engineer from the UK?

Why, because without me in the government either as vice president or president of this country, you guys will never ever be in peace and harmony, be stable and progress to a modern age unless I finished you or else allow me to become your president at all costs.

These are what triggered the current ongoing crisis in our country. The ingrained lust for power by both heavyweight politicians with their cohorts is the one causing us this untold suffering and hardships in our country.

We thought we were blessed to have them at the forefront as people who have done such a great job by guiding us through all thorny journeys of our liberation from the yokes of oppression and of marginalization to a promised land of our ancestors where we will at least be in peace and stability, where we will get direly needed services from our own government of our own state.

But unfortunately the prospects of peace and harmony and of development remains a dream unmet and hence faded away like leaves of the tree. Why killing your own people? Why? Just for power to be president? Or just for power to be vice president. Who will you governed or rule if we all died?

It is our presence, we these bad peoples that can make you become our president through ballot boxes and not through the barrels of the guns which we used together to chase away an enemy who is common to us from our ancestor’s land and become masters of it.

Why? Why killing innocent children and elderly? Why raping your own sisters, your own wives and your own mothers? Are they the ones obstructing your path to the presidency that you want by all means and at all costs?

Why at our expense leaving those who took you out of the presidency untouched and enjoying all their privileges and emoluments both of you created to enjoy decently? This is unjust.

It is unjust because neither do we know what is wrong with you guys in the presidency nor do we have any hand that has blocked or obstructed your way to the presidency. This is unfair.

It is unfair in the sense that you were with them for eight (8) bloody years saying nothing and doing nothing tangible and positive so that we know what right you were doing and wrong they were doing.

You kept quiet for eight (8) years and only when you were relieved of your duties, privileges and emoluments that we hear you talking like a mad man, challenging your own friend you stayed with for eight years, eating together, dividing our resources together at our watch.

When you happened to be out of house which produces and distributes food, money and power, you began to talk like a drunkard man on the street. Why killing us when we are not part and parcel of your government for eight years?

Our precious lives and blood will surely ask one of you one day for what wrong have we done to you guys. We have tied our belts and allowed you to sit very indignantly in the presidency for eight bloody years without doing anything.

During your eight years as government, you did no tarmac roads and modern bridges across the country, no hospitals and other health facilities, no proper functioning schools, no food for our masses, and still causing us havocs and wars, this is completely unacceptable, guys.

This country doesn’t belong to you and your immediate families and clans alone, it’s belongs to us all, it’s belongs to all its inhabitants who have inhabited it since the days of Adam and Eve.

In fact, without our presence here, you cannot also be here, for it is our presence that solidifies you to exist also.

Enjoy all your privileges and emoluments in the presidency and leave us alone to feed on the leaves of trees that we used to feed on since day one.

We all know that your presence, both of you, outside the presidency is a serious threat to our well-being and welfare.

So we decided to leave it for you guys, but again you set your own house on fire and begin to kill innocent women, children, elderly and youth so that you gained what you need, rape vulnerable women and girl children, ransack and loot our little properties we hardly made and gained with our own sweat, burn to ashes our small tukuls and huts we made of mud-blocks and roof-thatched with grasses.

What do you want us to do? We leave south Sudan to you? No, that will not happen. Leave us alone to live our miserable lifes.

We left you untouched for very, very many years to do what you want to do, eat how much you wanted to eat and you guys are still a headache at our minds.

You must bear in mind that when the people of south Sudan run amok of your selfish moves and acts in issues which concern us all, there comes a time that you would feel how bad it is and it will be very irreparable and uncontrollable.

However, this entails to us that the war which is currently being fought in south Sudan is needless, it is useless, it is unjustifiable, it is unreasonable and it is uncalled for because it’s no time now to wage such kinds of conflicts which have no bases.

It is not a war of who should be the leader of the people of south Sudan. But it’s a fight to continue bread in the plate at the expense of the people who are not sharing those same breads with you. Leave us alone. Please!

Tong Kot is a Practicing Legal Counsel at Deng & Co. Advocates and can be reached at:


  1. Tong Kot Kuocnin, your comment is very excellent & powerful, we all Southern are disappointed from leadership of those two, who leads the nation to free independent country, especially on start point on date of July 9/ that day has come to me that these leaders are going to role the country without clear plan, and it really trues they don’t have a plan which look to me a same like independent of Sudan in 1955. I don’t go far a way, only point,
    Brother I have more than three day, thinking for civilians attacked in Bor, I really strongly condemned the recent attacks by armed groups on civilians sheltered at a United Nations base in Bor Jonglei state, these crisis is going now to take a dangers level of crimes, I am call all Southern Sudanese who love these country to condemned. as long as a civilians killed we should strongly condemned and not let those people who are behind these not to think to make more crime they are out of mined, and are ready to put the entire country on history and above level of crimes in the world.

  2. Elijah Samuel says:

    I am amazed actually if you are a lawyer. Reading your article leave me with hopelessness for our nation. If educated Dinka lacks analytic ability like you do then we are doomed forever because you are forever part of us, I wish you were not!
    Your article in large part blames Riek for wanting power. Is there such think as power hungry in democracy? In democracy, anyone can aspire and campaign to be president of his/her country. No one should call them power hungry. It was not just Riek, It was Madam Rebecca, Pagan Amun etc. They took the right path by campaigning against Kiir, to include to bad mouth Kiir. It was left up to us next year to choose them or keep Kiir. All Kiir had to do was show his achievements including leading us to have our own country without derailment. He had all the means to counteract those who were aspiring to dethrone him. He had SSTV act.
    The problem was not that RIek, Pagan, Rebecca wanted his seat eventually, the problem was Kiir can not tolerate being challenged, the problem was not wanting to grap the power by force, the problem was and is, Kiir wanting to rein in power by force! I hope you get this point. This lead to Kiir killing Nuer women and children in Juba. This is what brought the war!
    Of the about 14 SPLM founders who opposed Kiir, only 4 are Nuer, Majority are Dinkas, why did Kiir Killed Nuer women and Children in Juba instead? This is the root cause of the war, not theses politician wanting to take power by force.
    So as long as you Dinka keep not accepting the truth then blood will continue to flow, engineer by Kiir, because you will not be able to advise him correctly because you ahem the wrong propaganda from his wrong advisers.

    • malclumx says:

      those Dinkas LET them go to hell ,they are just like animals they are animals from the way they look, the way they behave ……….wau NAR

    • concerned Kenyan says:

      I agree with the writer of this article , If Kirr is untolerable or has committed crimes, elect him out and prosecute him when he is out of office.

      War only serves the politicians, If Machar was a true Patriot he would campaign day and night , for the next election where he will hava a chance to improve the lives of the S.Sudanese people. Taing up arms is a sign of greed and has no solution in sight,

      History will not be Kind to Machar for is looking for an uncontitutional solution. Why why why !!! after all the heartache we went through to forge the CPA

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        Concerned Kenya,
        Are you aware that Marchar was doing exactly what you sugested he should do? He was compaigning day and night not just that, not arm struggle, untill the illegal militia of the Kiir the so called presidential guards started a fight among themselves and kiir took advantage and declared it a coup, went to Rieks government house in Juba, they flattened it with tang and killed all they found in the house. Riek was lucky to have escaped! They the illegal presidential guards went house to house killing Marchars tribesmen, women and children. If you were in Marchars place will you not hit back on persons that want you dead, killed your housejold and tribesmen?
        The arms struggle was not by choice, it was forced on Riek by Kiir. I hope you get it now. As i said above, if Riek did not escape, I am 100% sure he could have been killed in Juba. And because kiir went qafter Nuer Women and children in Juba, You can be sure there was going to be a civil war because the Nuer has never and will never let such killing go without fighting back, no tribes to that matter must never face what kiir did to Nuer in juba.

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