Kiir needs to leave behind a good legacy

BY: Wal Thok Duoth, JUBA, JUN/26/2013, SSN;

This article is in response to an article published in Juba Monitor Daily Newspaper on June/13/2013, Vol.3 Issue 107, by John Chol Wol, titled and I quote, “President Kiir will not go anywhere until 2020” unquote. This phrase itself was very provocative to the people of the Republic of South Sudan as it uncovers to them the inside of what had been already planned to dictate to them.

To the author, John Chol Wol, you honestly mentioned and I quote “the public are the supreme power of the nation’s leadership.” unquote, people of this nation have learned and they are well aware of the failure of the leadership we are under nowadays, therefore, you can’t deceives them today that what had happened and still happening has been a mistake, as truth and action demonstrate to us that the president is not willing to make a good reputation, after all as he has been preoccupied by wrong advisors.

Because what is very important is when he earns a good legacy, however, due to advises delivered to him by someone like John Chol Wol, as Wol’s response demonstrated his anger because his words tell me that he may be one of the special beneficiary to the president to say the least, which I think he deserves to, but he should also see the frustration of the millions of South Sudanese masses who had run out of their patience as a result of being deliberately made to suffer.

I don’t think he will obtain an honourable legacy because from day to day the image of our country under his leadership is tarnished and he as the Commander-in-Chief is not doing anything to rescue the situation of our people as the country is looking upon him.

To best of my knowledge he is a good guy but with wrong advisors whom he fully adhere to listens to.

Frankly speaking, SPLM as a ruling party has scored a historical failure under his leadership as he is not complying with the norms, principles and culture of democracy within the party and lack of vision and mission implementation.

The clear example is the ongoing wrangling in the party’s leadership concerning the National Convention which was supposed to take place at around May this year, for SPLM to adopt a new constitution based on a redefined vision and mission suiting South Sudan situation today, a manifesto, rules and regulations and possibly democratically elect a new chairperson or confirm him for another term and automatically becoming a flag bearer come 2015 South Sudan’s general elections.

However, due to his fear of losing the party chair to one of the aspiring leaders within the party, he is now dodging the convention based on the advises he absorbs from advisors and the former greater regions activists who successfully managed to reactivate the project back to square one in order to achieve their tribalistic goals.

I am not denying his achievements starting with implementation of comprehensive peace agreement up to the processes that led to the declaration of independence at all, he deserves to be applauded, but he shouldn’t be seen as a group leader than party leader.

The following are the areas of his failure:- security for the people of South Sudan, promoting national unity, development especially the infrastructures, alarming rising level of tribalism, high rate of corruption…etc.

John was saying that president should not be blamed for every shortcoming of the government as this is a sole responsibility of the head of the concerned institution, however, he (John) forgot that the constitution recognize the president most, therefore, he can’t escape from this failure that the citizens of South Sudan are witnessing on daily bases.

Some individuals within us are taking the behaviour of Arabs of Sudan by trying to point fingers at foreign plot against South Sudan. But to me nothing can resemble foreign agenda as they engineer it, it’s absolutely a negligence from his side as a president to be so decisive in issues pertinent to application of constitution of the country.

We as a country also failed in foreign policy through misrepresentation like when Francis Mading Deng Nation’s UN ambassador) voted against the Israel in favor of Palestine, this was obviously a wrong decision to appoint him to be South Sudan permanent representative to UN in New York, because he does not know the real cause of the people of South Sudan from day one.

Fortunately,history can prove me right that even his home town, Abyei, he doesn’t recognize it to be part of South Sudan, he just wants to buy time and resources in order to fulfil his own desire to be in UN and not the desire of the Republic of South Sudan as meant by his appointment.

There was no need to appoint someone who objected the independence of South Sudan in the first place to be our envoy in the league of nations UN, this was by no doubt a failure from Kiir, we couldn’t reject after he made it. Secondly, he shouldn’t vote without directives from Juba, as you all know that Israel had been a strong supporter of South Sudanese people since the beginning of our struggle against oppression from the ruling elites in the North (Sudan).

I want to advise Wol to help in the processes of letting Kiir go home with good and honourable legacy, and by doing so he will never be forgotten in the Republic of South Sudan. As a citizen of this country I appreciate his tireless efforts he made to make us become an independent nation.

The people of this country have never enjoyed peace since we started to be autonomous in 2005 up to now as an independent country. South Sudan has earned the same history that Sudan had under gone before, when declaring independence while there was a rebellion in the Southern Sudan at the time.

This is resulting in the fact of having no clear vision about the country’s direction and now this prompted some SPLM leaders to challenge Cde. Chairman Kiir in order to save the SPLM from drowning as it has become obvious that SPLM is not being consulted in many future determining issues, the advises from the party leaders aren’t considered.

John Wol was saying if Kiir is not the president forget about the future of the people of South Sudan, hence to me I questioned the patriotism of a personality like Wol if he can value one man’s future more than the future of millions of inhabitants of this vast country.

I want to tell Wol that all of us including Kiir will go but this country will still remain for generations to come, we should behave reasonably enough for the betterment of the future of our country, this must be very clear and crystal to all of us who are short-sighted now a day.

South Sudan is very lucky to gain independence in the time of growing sophisticated technology in the world, this should have been utilized by a leader with clear vision of where we are coming from and where we are going, and South Sudan should have been so different since 2005 as a matter of fact.

President is the overall decision maker in the country, democratic transformation can’t be successful because he is so hostile to the processes leading to democratization, for South Sudan to be democratic in some peoples’ mind like Wol’s, South Sudan shouldn’t follow the footsteps of the dictatorial governments in the region like Uganda to mention but few where democratic culture, norms and principles are not functioning or totally crippled.

Unfortunately, in a scenario like this, neither South Sudan nor Wol will benefit from an undemocratic administration in this country even if he is among the good boys of the inner circle, however, these are different environments and situations all together and it’s unexpected and very unfortunate to copy from undemocratic governments in the region because history told us that they lead to wrong paths.

One reason why South Sudan should practice democratic culture now is that we earned our independence with good numbers of educated classes compare to the rest of the countries in the region when they attained theirs and indeed in the whole world who achieved their independence before us.

For that reason we are not illiterate to act in an inhumane and dictatorial style of leadership which is currently turning to be a culture of the past in the African continent. Hence personality like Wol needs to be informed and courageous enough in order to remind Mr. President to preserve good legacy for himself, because his (Wol’s) language tells us that he is a trusted source to the inner circle of the president.

If his (Kiir’s) performance is not up to date in the period of ten years come 2015, what miracle will he deliver in five years time? Rampant corruption can be detected everywhere you go in the governments’ machines namely tax collection points where you find some people collect tax not for the government but just to enrich themselves, employment through nepotism not based on merit and qualification, deployment to the duty stations is also done through tribal relationship not through capability of a citizen, the same in non-governmental institutions.

Therefore, these obstacles need actual transformation by getting to serious business which can be spearheaded by the President. Tribalism can be avoided if we all mean to fight tribalistic ideology among our communities in this country, but the stand of the president here isn’t clear according to me.

As a result, it encourages tribally minded people in our midst to go on doing their segregative business, his position on this matter can swiftly make fundamental change on the tribal setting in this country.

As I put it clear earlier that the president is the one who has the last and final word, he should have taken a radical stand on the tribal behavior which is being practised by the members of his government, because after all he is the one who will be held accountable for any unacceptable image of this administration in history.

What concerns any patriotic South Sudanese is the reputation after he leaves because this day will automatically come as time goes by. How wonderful will it be if power transfer in this country is conducted peacefully. And in this case if he did so, President Kiir will be remembered as the father of the nation and a former rebel commander who meant to respect the democratic ideals in South Sudan.

Hence for South Sudan to reach the top in international arena we needs to value human dignity and elevate our citizens from the untold stories of hunger, insecurity, unemployment and diseases that had distorted the image of the country in every corner of this fertile land of hope.

As said by my Savior, Jesus Christ, in the Holy Bible that, “that there are so many rooms in my fathers’ house and no one will be left out,” there are so many resources in this Republic that no one can go to bed with a hungry stomach, however, due to misappropriation of public wealth, South Sudanese are enduring unexpected agony after their hard won independence.

In conclusion, my concern is the well being of the Republic of South Sudan which will earn us honour in a very short time if taken seriously.\

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  1. Dau-network says:

    Thanks Wal. Most of us like PRESIDENT Kiir to respect his reputation and good legacy if he will not contest in 2015 but if Dr Adolf Hitler is the option then is better for president to stay in thorny otherwise South Sudan will NO. 1 failed STATE under his leadership and marked me today onward.
    Equatorians oooyeeee.

  2. Toney Toney Matot says:

    Mr. Wal Thok Duoth,
    no Country that can be built in one day, things do go gradually till what was needed is achieved. A development comes when a Country has resources and all of us are aware that our petrol had been stopped for years. Where do you expect to get funds for development. Your article is just base on tribal line and your dream will never work.

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