Kiir needs to beg for forgiveness, face justice and get out!

BY: Eli Wani, 01/SEPT/2015, SSN,

Response to Andrew K Michael’s article: “Signing a pact is a step forward: Now fight corruption mercilessly;”

Your article is good but unfortunately you missed to include the process of truth and reconciliation. As you suggested, we must just move on….. Really? For Heaven’s sake, in the last 20 months we have heard everything from the past since 1955 to 2015 and old wounds were scratched again to new bleeding wounds, and we have seen some gruesome images.

Do you remember this very President whose mandate has already expired, he was the very one who announced it on National TV that, “the prophet of doom has returned,” referring to Dr. Machar about 1991 SPLA split as the prophet of doom?

We were all following the events just before Dec 15, 2013 when Kirr refused to accept reforms and instead he dissolved the cabinet without the approval or consultations of his SPLA colleagues and disagreement ensued followed by presidential bodyguards firing live ammunitions at one another, a few disgruntled soldiers who refused to be disarmed by Kirr’s bodyguards.

First of all what was the aim of trying to disarm other groups like the non-Dinka soldiers while Salva Kirr’s own homeboys recruited just before the event were still well armed?

To me there was something shady, there was a plan already in progress to arrest Dr Machar and and then he’s tried very quickly and hanged or assassinated including some other members who stood up to the dictator due to his arrogance of firing elected people by issuing decrees every week.

Just ask the G10 (so-called former detainees) and some of those in the circles they did sense something was coming. Kirr only declared the coup news after his plan was foiled, if you want a witness ask President Museveni of Uganda who confessed in Addis that “there was no coup”.

You seem to credit Salva Kirr just for inking this IGAD Plus deal at which Kirr was dragged kickin’ n’ screamin’ by the threats of sanctions. What a full load of crab?

Kirr has never been the right leader from the onset, yes, the people were so stunningly overjoyed to the point of ecstasy and hypnotized by the word “Independence from the North”, that got us completely blinded and consumed and hallucinated such that everyone never thought twice of whom this guy really was, hence he was given a free ride before proper scrutiny.

From 2005 to 2011 Kirr assumed the CPA terms that was already completed by both Dr John Garang and Dr Riek Machar who were the chief architects of this very independence.

Specially Dr Riek who is the one supposed to earn this spotlight but because he was not a Dinka as such he was bad mouthed against and again about 1991.

But how about all those SPLA commanders who killed Southerners like flies, where are their records?

Like John Garang himself who massacred people in Eastern Equatoria from village to village, Salva Kirr killed Nuers by the thousands, Kuol Manyang mercilessly killed everybody in thousands……on and on the list goes.

Tell me which SPLA general is innocent of intentional and callous murder?

Let us not just rush into forgetting the many innocent and helpless lives lost, the very killers are still roaming the streets in South Sudan looking for more blood to ritualize their satanic sacrifices.

This is their habitual behavior to “kill and steal”, does that sound like a verse in the Scriptures?

John 10:10 reads, “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy”… ? That is SPLA, they are nothing but butchers, they take directives from their father in Hell, Lucifer is their father.

My People: No, no, no, we should never forget and say let bygones be bygones, we need justice to prevail, including on both the two leaders, Kirr and Machar, they should all come before their “employer” WE THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH SUDAN and publicly they need to beg for forgiveness.

Seriously, they need to confess ALL wrong doings and ask the general public to either forgive or condemn them. They are humans just like you and I and so why should we allow them to override the laws of the land?

Go and watch youtube video of Pres. Obama’s recent speech at AU headquarters, in which he admitted that even being the president of US still he cannot break the laws of the land. Talk about education, this is a Harvard graduate and a Professor of Law, lecturing African leaders.

Look at mighty Muamar Gadaffi of Libya…… who thought his end would be like that, Saddam Hussein, Laurent Gbagbo, Mobutu Sese Seko, Charles Taylor….etc, all have come down to shame and nothing, why because people all rose up against them and said no to bullying.

Enough is enough, Kirr and Machar must step out of the way and give chance to the new generations and fresh blood, and that includes SPLA/M must be history right after the transitional period ends.

Nevertheless, there must be true confession and truth and reconciliations and those found guilty must face the stench of justice behind bars just as the AU and the UN and TROIKA have separately already started the process, let it be done.


This will surely give lessons to future generations, that in South Sudan any wrong doings shall be punished, that the World is watching, “every action must have a reaction”.

We want absolute accountability and even if you commit crimes in the shadow of darkness there will come a dawn and justice will prevail.

Eli Wani is a concern South Sudanese citizen fighting to bring about true peace and tranquility, justice and fairness to everyone, in pursuit of liberty and freedom, seeking for happiness to ALL people of all walks.



  1. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Mr. Wani,

    Oh dude stop ranting and calm down, no need to be hysterical all’s going be alright .. whew !. Now president Kiir was elected by the people of south Sudan right .. right! .. hehehe. … just in case you had forgot. The butcher was a VP for 8 years and he was fired for being incompetent, no big lost here. That why I agree with you the butcher should go to jail. However, as much as I dislike the butcher of south Sudan Machar, he has contributed to freedom of the south Sudan, we should give him credit, but he still need to go jail. Machar is not qualify to be in a leadership position because he’s unstable mentally. President Kiir has fought civil war with Khartoum for more than 30 years, he’s a hero to many people in the south. President Kiir is the leader of all the people of south Sudan. Being a Dinka has nothing to do with he’s leadership, he’s smart and level minded. I pity those who ran away during the civil war … they got their education but now they think they can just come back and take over with bogus titles “PhD’s and Doctors, I got news for many of you cowards, it’s not going to happen.

  2. Toria says:

    This is quite an eye opening artcle, I agree with all you said here, please keep up the good work.

    • Eli,

      This is a very excellent article. Dinka like to lead but they do not know how to lead people. They like to kill people, so when people ran away or surrendered to then, then you are good people. When you fight back you are bad persons. Dinka vision has been to lead South Sudanese but not about South Sudanese can have freedom. If a Dinka cannot lead, then they would destroy the Unity of Southerners.

      For example, 1953, William Deng Nhial was against the Equatorian man who was the leader of Liberal Party. Hence, Deng wanted to be a party leader, but Both Dieu a Nuer man who was the member of Liberal party told Deng Nhial we are happy with the current party leader. Subsequently, Deng Nhial gave up his membership in the Liberal Party and allied himself with Arabs. So Deng Nhial worked so hard together with Arabs against Liberal Party. By 1957, Liberal Party was completely abandoned. As the Arabs learned that the Southerners Liberal Party is not longer functioning, Deng Nhial was killed in 1960.

      Second, because Joseph Lago who signed a 1972 peace agreement with Sudan government was not a Dinka, Abil Alier and other Dinka allied with Arabs leaders and worked very hard with Arabs against Joseph lago’s government, the former leader of Anyanya one movement. By 1975, the Dinka were completely destroyed Joseph Lago government and Abil Alier became the South Sudanese leader. Subsequently, Joseph Lago fled to exile for his safety.

      Third, Benson Kuany Lajor and Bol Kur, formed Anyanya two movement in 1975, in Akobo and erected Bil Pam in 1975. Because the Anyanya two movement was not led by a Dinka man, John Garang destroyed Anyanya two movement completely in July, 1983 and became the leader of Anyanya Two, although he renamed it SPLA.. Dinka’s vision in South Sudanese is just to lead but not to do any thing good for Southerners.

      In order to live in peace in South Sudan, Dinka must be the leader year after year and there would be no such a thing called Election.

      • Guet Athina Guet says:

        Mr. Ramaran,

        Thank you for this chronological events, many of us were not alive at the time. Blaming game does not help you or me .. Let me remind you, the Arabs didn’t want the Dinka tribe to engage them in civil war …. Khartoum know what the out come would be. Well, the Dinkas entered the war, and south Sudan was born. However, I will give Equatorians some credit for starting the movement against the Arabs, but they could not have achieve the freedom of south Sudan.alone. FYI, we lost 2 millions south Sudanese during the civil war, however, 80 percent of the 2 millions who died were Dinkas and the other 20 percent you can divide them amount 63 tribes.

      • Eastern says:

        Bentiu Ramaran,

        I couldn’t agree more with you! Your observations of dinka behaviour is very accurate. Dinkas want to Lord it over other South Sudanese as if leadership is their preserve only.

        Starting from Nhial, through Abel Alier, John Garang and now Salva Kiir, dinkas have shown their through nature: arrogance, deciet and greed.

      • Choromke Jas says:

        Bentiu Ramaran,

        This is a very crucial analysis you have given. The Jeing Council of Elders in its earlier reincarnation, formulated what you have eloquently put down. However, JCE diabolical plans have now been defeated twice. The first one was when the Equatorians asked for Kokora. This intervention stopped the “born to rule” dictum in its tract. But, the evil JCE was not down yet. They withdrew to the bush, destroyed Anya Nya II and formed the SPLA/M. After the independence, JCE again came up with the dominance plan. Again, the Nuer this time defeated the strategy by now proposing even more serious federalism. Dr Riek Machar and others should make sure that the Federal Constitution permanently bars JCE from having any say in the affairs of the states where they are not native. The Kokora division was nothing compared to this new one. Ask Makuei. The Jieng will have to go to their home and build or destroy it. We will also make sure no Jieng is elected President of the Second Republic, money or no money. The 63 tribes combined are more than Jeing combined. We are living in interesting time, politically.

        Thank you for your insightful contribution.

  3. Ayuiu Makuac says:

    President Kiir, should be respected through the process of peace he had gone through with arms oppositions against his government since 2005 to present times.
    I thinks no body is sympathetic in humanity rather than Kiir Mayardit administration.

  4. Abiko! says:

    Eli Wani:

    Kirr has not yet broken the law of the land as far as I know! For you what has he broken? You became imoressed with what the President of the United States Barack Oboma had delivered in his visit in Africa.I many twenty three-yeas in America,I have not seen yet honesty in America government in term of the law of the land. The land is controlled by elite small people. People in America do not have same treatment! There are people who earn salaries double.Meanwhile others do not! So is this not breaking the law of the land in USA?

    I knew that you becoming elating when Kirr is out in power! Even though he is out,South Sudan will never be good! GOSSIP IS NOW A DEADLY WEAPON FOR SOUTHERNERS! The South Sudanese people will not enjoy peace totally!


  5. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear Eil Wanti,

    Who is the right leader in this world? God is the only right leader and if you are looking for honest and true right human being leader you never find it until your death. The only right leader is a leader who beg people to forgive one another and begin to reconcile, but if you do not listen and seek for right leader unfortunately, you will never get it. President Obama has already failed to control guns in American hands. Is he a right leader or failure leader? Be honest American Police Officers and civilians are killing one another every day in United State, but their president is unable to control them. The only way forward in South Sudan is the peace, but do not always contribute the negatives ideas.

    Your response article is telling South Sudanese to continue with war when you said to the nation that Kiir is planning to kill Dr. Riek and this is what you said “To me there was something shady, there was a plan already in progress to arrest Dr. Machar and then he’s tried very quickly and hanged or assassinated including some other members who stood up to the dictator due to his arrogance of firing elected people by issuing decrees every week.”

    Mr. Eli, Europe is flooding and Black lives Matter Movement is formed in Untied State. Do you know what is going on in this world? Soon South Sudan will be your destination, but if you do not have peace in your country your home will be in ocean. You South Sudanese should have to learn, understand and ask where this world is going. You are talking about tribalism, but the smart world people are studying about the world. Think about the European flood and police in America.

    As South Sudanese, I am very sorry the education many South Sudanese have is unfortunately education. Education is not about destruction and tribalism it is about building the nation. When are we going to learn how to build ourselves? When are we going to act differently? Intellectuals act and think like uneducated people. What is the different between you people who have education and those who do not have education if you always preach war and tribalism? War will never build your country, but peace, love and unity will. Why do you always act and response like those who do not know the value of education? Be open-minded and begin to teach those who do not know the important of being human. I wish you all to have unity and love to one another. The world is not going to be same in coming years, however, South Sudan need the peace before the new world begins.

  6. Amum Machar says:

    Stop Negative Influence that Intermediate Peace and Promote Nuer Mighty and Ideologies
    By Amum Machar August 31, 2015

    As Padang Jieng people had have been the most marginalized suffering people in Jieng of the three States, Jonglei State, Upper Nile State and Bentui, one would never pretend to please any Politian. Hence, in this commend, I want to be briefed because I am not trying to intermediate anyone or be offensive particular to Nuer Community in general and Politians whom have been putting lots of efforts, working so hard in changing the Southerners Sudanese law and its policies under Dr. Riek Machar’s ideals and governance in their favor, or the cost of war. Even though, they have the right to change the constitution or policies or retaliated due to incident that happened in Juba or whoever murdered their people or waged war against their innocent people, they deserve right in the eye of law to responds to any aggressions. However, in this situation viewers and Nuer components or supporters should have analyzed the cost of waging war against your own people. To me, it indicates that there are patterns based on their visions and agendas which basically looks the same like what they did in the liberation of South Sudan when they got Dr. John ‘s idea wrong from the first place in Itang one! Even though, the son of Dr. John and others from Bor or elsewhere are committed to fight aside, I think they don’t realize that it took more than 21 years to get CPA signed in the eyes of Dr. Riek Macher and his followers. It is another shock and lost of millions of innocent civilians lives in twenty centuries as their followers don’t get it! It looks like they are blinded fooled by racism and political ambitions! Looking the fundamental issue from my own perspective, in this time the Nuer Politian’s philosophically, they got it wrong against because they should not horned rebellions more as a solution that will alternately bring Federal Democratic systems that they wanted for Sothern Sudanese people rather than having a honest dialogue! Therefore to correct the mistakes and make peace is going to require acceptation, ability to forget the past or lose millions of lives again which many Southerners see as unpredictable! However, at the end of the day both sides will ultimately get it straight as one people one nation with its own diversities, which should be focusing on the root costs and work together forward on healing and forgiveness and to power its development and in infrastructure. That means at the end of the day, all Nuer supporters would be just like gossips in ghost houses on the negatives sides of the bridge even though they got higher ranks in the local governments or than in national army! As viewers and son of Nuer, I urged those negative supporters to listen to sound minded Nuer Politian whom are standingwith the nation not because they are the follower of native government whom they don’t respects because it appeared as it didn’t protect its people or the common interest as they defined it. The Nuer community have very strong heritage as there are good people who have understanding and strong ideas of how that country’s problem should be fix by all of us and not only Nuer might’s ideologies with their supporters. Thus, the alternative solution is not only to take Riek back as first Vice President with his own army and separated administration after forming transitional government. What if Dr. Riek and others higher commanders in the rebel refused to go to Juba after implementation of the compromised peace agreement signed because some of them did not honored the agreement or fear of their lives or mistrust within the SPLA/ I-O or SPLA/SPLM and Kiir’s administration, do you think the war would stop? It is obvious that all Southerners and the world doing business with South need peace at this moment, nevertheless in my views, it is extremely dangerous to neglected Padang Jieng and reword rebel because they are the most killers. This is not vital system! Unfortunately, even the West and African nation are pressure with influences of many Nuer in U.S.A, this peace would yet be scrutinized and viewed as old Sudan politics and technical, humiliation, violation of human right and sovereignty nation. South Sudan should not be divided in such strange system because it doesn’t include the main people where oil is produced or Dr. Riek or Nuer have been complaining while killing their innocent civilians. in cool blood. Whoever proposed that compromised peace agreement didn’t want South Sudanese to own it. As matter of facts many people are against the peace coming in such strange ways because he/ she has blood in his hands. One key reason, there are terms missing to bring the real peace to one nation one people of South Sudan Oyee -Oyee! Another area is that fact that the leaders of the party both sides should admit that, they have caused pains to the nation and to themselves, and that they are ready to move forward with intension to forget and forgive each other and apologized to the nation with honest conversation. Above all and more importantly, let Padang people be involved in negotiation in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, and political process that will bring the lasting peace to the people of Oyee-Oyee!

    Views of the Community Elders and concerned: Amum Machar U.S.A

  7. GatNor says:

    If the death of thousands of South Sudanese citizens in Dec/2013 in Juba, the capital is not to be condemned as a gross crime committed against humanity and there for punishable by international and or South Sudan laws then it would be pointless to bring up the past crimes [truth & reconciliation or accountability ] committed by anyone leave alone the tribally motivated crimes spla against other tribe.

    • Edema says:

      I appreciate some of your comments where one can see facts. If you are South Sudanese you should have known unculture behavour often being presented by of the tribes. I do not what to finger piont at you; you know yourself because there is no another you.

      • GatNor says:

        Interesting, I dont want to be defensive but thanks for letting me know. Somehow I dont understand what you are getting at. You seem to trek around the bushes lol. I like it drammatic and thought provoking else I get bored. Stay blessed.

  8. Simba says:

    An insightful article by Eli Wani.
    We can sign peace, and even sing for peace and utter all the politically correct nonsense about national unity; but without real JUSTICE and bringing all warmongers to account, no peace shall be. This is just basics.

  9. Juba-Nabari says:

    Once your born Dinka your always going to be Dinka! what an animals! not worthy to urge,

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,Eastern & Jas,
    It’s your right to keep your heads buried deep in the mud of tribalism and lust for power but never be unmindful to be undoing the compromise agreement already before it’s implemented!!!

  11. GatCharwearbol says:

    False Millionaire,

    If telling the truth is undoing the compromise peace agreement, let it be so. It is violated already anyway so there is no need to try to suppress these men for pinpointing your shortcomings. Unadulderated truth is what they are discussing here. If you are allergic to the truth, that is not the problem of these men and go ahead with seeking treatment for your allergy.

  12. Kwacha says:

    South Sudan can not be ruled by the two blood thirsty killers. Let us finish the interim period and choose a new leader who is nationalistic. Whether he is Dinka or Nuer, he must be a man/woman of the people.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatcharwearbol,
    Please feel free to take,”these men”,with,”the compromise agreement”,rise to the helm of RSS power and use it to murder every dinka citizen.
    The rest of the likes of mine will give ourselves the liberty to sit and watch what u will have achieved!!!

  14. Eli Wani,
    When will you and your likes learn that President Kiir is a man of the people and that he is ready to do anything in his capacity or requested from him by the concern citizens so long that request is connected to the peace which will stop the bloodshed in South Sudan but one more thing you need to understand is that, president Kiir shouldn’t be advice by the people of your rate simply because you are not worthy to talk about South Sudan Affairs while you are known for being typical refugees without sense and spirit of patriotism.
    FYI, President Salva Kiir would probably begs for forgiveness if he is ask by the right people with some weigh of patriotism within South Sudanese societies, he (president) can be adviced by the likes of Gen. James Wani Igga, Gen. Isaac Mammaur, Gen. Thomas Cirilo, Governor. Brig Gen. Louis Lobong Lojore just to mention few of real patriotics who ‘ve tirelessly stands with him until the last day of its realization.
    So why don’t you stop intruding into South Sudanese Affairs and just watch since you don’t own any single contribution during its establishment to become a complete house that need management which is in your case is the better side you would like to be called for without you paid even single sweat at the time foundation.
    Stop making unneccesary noise and watch closely at the implementation of fake inked agreement.

    • Eli says:

      J. Chin Jacob
      Yes you are right, I am not known in South Sudan because I am not a murderer, a dictator, a thief or embuzzler, or do I inhabit the characters of barbarism nor anarchism. Unfortunately in South Sudan for someone to be known we must all be notoriuosly blood sucking Vampires and running around to seek couseling from witchdoctors and idiots like M7? The culture of cattle camps and bush mentality have confused and defaced the real patriotism from the rotten eggs and disgusting jungle leaderships.

      J. Chin; I am really surprise to hear you adore those so-called leaders above here as you stated:
      “FYI, President Salva Kiir would probably begs for forgiveness if he is ask by the right people with some weigh of patriotism within South Sudanese societies, he (president) can be adviced by the likes of Gen. James Wani Igga, Gen. Isaac Mammaur, Gen. Thomas Cirilo, Governor. Brig Gen. Louis Lobong Lojore just to mention few of real patriotics who ‘ve tirelessly stands with him until the last day of its realization.”
      To my understanding such are the characters of real enablers, unpatriotic belly centered sellouts and their days are numbered.
      FYI; South Sudan will never be the same again whether you like it or not. Time is up, real change is on the way. This is just the beginning of everything.
      You and the JCE and the rest of Kirr’s bottom lickers are due to be swept into bottomless pit.

      J. Chin true leadership is on the rise, we have your backs against the wall now from East to West, North to South you have lost all friends, just keep watching and see how it’s done. A piece of advice although a little too late but; ‘You shouldn’t have picked up a fight with the United Nations aka UNIMISS, go and tell your colleaques like Info. Min. Michael Makuei it wasn’t a wise idea. Because; YOU WILL LOSE; oh maybe you already did!!!!!!

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