Kiir, Machar, Malong and families accrue millions as war rages in South Sudan

From The Editor and other media reports, SEP/13/2016;

After nearly two years of following the money underwriting South Sudan’s war economy, The Sentry of George Clooney, John Prendergast and Don Cheadle has finally released the much anticipated report which unsurprisingly revealed how South Sudanese leaders-cum-thieves, from president Kiir, Machar, Malong, to their families have managed to illicitly accrue wealth as most citizens continue to die due to the persistent wars and hunger.

However, according to the Editor of this SSNation website, the report wasn’t comprehensive enough as it somehow deliberately omitted mentioning many other suspected thieves or even including the likes of vice-president Igga or first vice, Taban Deng, who was then governor of the oil-rich Unity state and the many other leaders in the Kiir government suspected of looting the nation.

Several of the most powerful politicians and generals in South Sudan appear to have accumulated significant wealth in the decade since the 2005 signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended the North-South war.

Immediate family members of South Sudan’s top officials have held commercial ventures throughout the country’s most lucrative business sectors. For example, documents obtained by The Sentry indicate that president Kiir’s 12-year old son held a 25 percent stake in a holding company formed in February 2016 and that at least seven of Kiir’s children as well as his wife, Mary Ayen Mayardit, have held a 25 percent stake in a holding company formed in February 2016.

The report by The Sentry, a watchdog group co-founded by Hollywood actor George Clooney, on Monday said that large sums of money have moved through accounts in Kenyan banks held by major figures in South Sudan.

Also, President Salva Kiir and former Vice President Riek Machar maintain family homes a short distance from one another in a wealthy Nairobi neighbourhood.

A compound occupied by members of President Kiir’s family sits inside a gated community in Lavington, “one of Nairobi’s most upscale neighbourhoods”, states the 65-page report titled War Crimes Shouldn’t Pay and released in Washington, DC.

The extensive property was found to include a two-storey, pale yellow villa that is more than 5,000 square feet in size.

Dr Machar, the leader of South Sudan’s armed opposition, also has family members living in a luxurious home in Lavington.

The property includes “a large backyard with a large stone patio and in-ground swimming pool”, The Sentry reveals.

It further indicates that the property “is located a short drive from the Kiir home”.

Machar’s family previously lived in an elegant villa with six bedrooms and five bathrooms in a gated community in Runda, located in Nairobi’s outskirts, the report adds.

Four of President Kiir’s grandchildren attend a private school in a Nairobi suburb that costs about Sh1 million ($10,000) a year, The Sentry adds citing a “knowledgeable” anonymous source.

“President Kiir officially earns about Sh6 million ($60,000) per year.”

Posts on social media show Kiir family members “riding jet skis, driving in luxury vehicles, partying on boats, clubbing and drinking in the Villa Rosa Kempinski — one of Nairobi’s fanciest and most expensive hotels — all during South Sudan’s current civil war”, it says.

The war has forced 1.6 million of South Sudan’s 12 million people to flee their homes for UN-protected compounds or refugee camps in neighbouring countries.


The UN estimates that 5.2 million South Sudanese are in urgent need of food and other forms of humanitarian assistance.

Gen Paul Malong Awan, chief of staff of South Sudan’s army, “has been the architect of immense human suffering” in the course of the conflict, The Sentry says.

It reports that his family owns a villa in an upscale community within Nyari Estate in Nairobi.

“The home includes marble floors throughout, a grand staircase, numerous balconies, a guest house, an expansive driveway and a large in-ground pool.”

When visited by investigators from The Sentry, the home’s driveway was occupied by five luxury cars including three new BMW sport utility vehicles.

“Three independent sources told The Sentry that Gen Malong owns the house, with one source saying that the Malong family paid $1.5 million in cash for the home several years ago,” the report adds.

It notes that Gen Malong is likely to have earned the rough equivalent of Sh4.5 million ($45,000) a year in official salary.

“Gen Malong also has two large and luxurious homes in Uganda,” the report continues.

“One of these homes sits inside a walled compound located just off Kawuku-Bwerenga Road, halfway between Kampala and Entebbe. Built in 2012, this two-story home is a massive, rose-coloured mansion with dozens of large, ornate windows and appears to be well over 7,000 square feet.

“The interior is spacious, elegant, and well-maintained, with several portraits of Gen Malong hanging throughout the home.”

Massive corruption lies at the core of South Sudan’s crisis, the report says.

It cites a leaked letter written by President Kiir stating that “an estimated $4 billion are unaccounted for or, simply put, stolen by former and current officials, as well as corrupt individuals with close ties to government officials”.

The Sentry observes that “none of these funds has been recovered — and the kleptocratic system that allowed the looting in the first place remains completely intact”.

Governments of Kenya and other countries should investigate whether “laws are being violated by banks that process suspicious transactions on behalf of South Sudanese political and military figures”, The Sentry urges.

It adds: “These banks should already be conducting enhanced due diligence” in regard to South Sudanese officials’ accounts in accordance with international financial monitoring recommendations.


In the course of a two-year investigation, The Sentry reviewed documents which it says show Sh300 million ($3 million) moving through a personal account at Kenya Commercial Bank held by Gen Malek Reuben Riak, the South Sudan army’s deputy chief of staff for logistics, between 2012 and 2016.

He is in charge of military procurement, and earns an annual salary of about Sh3.2 million ($32,000), according to the report.

“The transactions recorded include more than $700,000 in cash deposits and large payments from several international construction companies operating in South Sudan,” the report says.

“Additionally, over this four-year period, $1.16 million in cash was withdrawn from the account.”

Gen Gabriel Jok Riak, an army field commander subject to United Nations financial sanctions, received transfers of at least Sh37 million ($367,000) to his personal account at Kenya Commercial Bank in 2014, the report says.

It notes that Gen Jok Riak is paid a government salary of about $35,000 a year.

A large share of the transfers to Gen Jok Riak came from Dalbit International, a Kenyan multinational petroleum corporation operating in South Sudan, the report says.

Dalbit told Sentry investigators that its transfer of Sh31 million ($308,524) was reimbursement for a fuel supply deal with the South Sudan army that had fallen through.

“This was neither a business transaction nor relationship between Dalbit and the General,” the company is quoted in the report as saying.

Some transactions for Gen Jok Riak “were apparently processed even after he became subject to a United Nations-imposed asset freeze in March 2015”, the report states.

“When presented with the information obtained by The Sentry, KCB did not reply to requests for comment”, the report adds.

“The hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments from multinational oil and construction companies that apparently passed through the accounts of Gen Malek Reuben Riak and Gen Gabriel Jok Riak raise serious questions; whether they know it or not, companies that make payments to those responsible for looting and killing in South Sudan play an integral part in facilitating the violent kleptocracy,” The Sentry states.

“The banks that processed the transactions, meanwhile, also play a role. These banks, either wittingly or unwittingly, have facilitated the apparent ability of government officials to divert significant sums that could be used to benefit some of the poorest people in the world.”

The Sentry, sponsored by the Washington-based Enough Project and two other NGOs, suggests that South Sudan’s civil war is mainly a product of “competition for the grand prize — control over state assets and the country’s abundant natural resources — between rival kleptocratic networks led by President Kiir and Vice President Machar”.

The Sentry’s report adds: “The leaders of South Sudan’s warring parties manipulate and exploit ethnic divisions in order to drum up support for a conflict that serves the interests only of the top leaders of these two kleptocratic networks and, ultimately, the international facilitators whose services the networks utilize and on which they rely.”

During the press conference, those of Clooney, Prendergast and actor Don Cheadle and Brian Adeba revealed that they were going to meet US president Barack Obama immediately after and they also have appointments with other top US officials including the Treasury Secretary.

They are seeking “the US government to penalize any banks that have failed to fulfill their due diligence, reporting and compliance requirements in South Sudan.”

The Sentry proposes a new strategy to counter the violent kleptocracy in South Sudan through the following approaches:

1- Targeted Sanctions against the entire kleptocratic network responsible for the war’s continuation.

2- Anti-money Laundering measures.

3- Mitigating collateral damage and unintended consequences. END


  1. Force_1 says:

    Now; as far as the corruption goes in South Sudan; did you guys find your opposition angels to be the angels you have been glorifying to be the ones with credibility to handle the leadership in South Sudan? Seriously; if you guys don’t even have any clue that every one of the 63 or 64 in South Sudan has been involve in corruption either locally or nationally; then any knowledge you possess has to be in vain!

  2. Gatdarwich says:

    Dr. Riek is simply implicated in the corruption findings mistakenly. He wasn’t involved in it, but earned his wealth before south Sudan became independent. Killer Nyankiir, Kuol Manyany, wani Igga, and, murderer Malong are the ultimate beneficiaries of corruption. Murderer Malong, killer Nyankiir, kuol Manyany, and Wani Igga didn’t have any source of income before 2005.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      So……now Dr. Riek is the brother of Bill Gates?????
      What source of income did Machar have when he joined the SPLM/A in 1983?

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:

        I agree with you Gatdarwich. Dr. Machar got his money in a just pathway versus his rivals Kiir, Malong, and Jok who acquired their money by looting public resources. Editor and UN reports on Dr. Machar corruptions and stealing of public money cannot be found anywhere but series of written liars. These reports are pure false derogatory to Dr. Machar dignity.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          I didn’t compile the report, for your information. The Sentry group who made the report only investigated the properties these leaders allegedly owned which were bought from money they supposedly stole from the public money of South Sudan.
          Dr. Machar is also involved in the corruption as evidenced by the expensive property he has in the high-class area of Nairobi called Lavington. Where did he get that money from to buy more than a million dollar property within such a short time given that his official salary is less the Kiir’s 60,000 dollars a year.
          I challenge you, if Machar is cleaner and holier than Kiir, why doesn’t he tell us the names of the 75 alleged thieves?

        • Gatdarwich says:

          Bentiu Ramaran,

          You’re absolutely thousand percent correct bro! The Editor and the likes have zero substantiate evidence implicating Dr. Riek in the grand theft of billions of U.S.dollars provably committed by the traitorous Jenges–Killer Nyankiir, Jenges’ warlord–Malong, Murderer-Kuol Manyany, Ateny Wek, Makuei Liar, and their kinsmen period
          These Jenges(slaved-hearted)-Dinka are natural born gluttonous, greedy, and traitors. They’ve indisputably caused inerasable shame of a nation because of their proven treasonous actions-insatiable desire of stealing national funds-$$$ full stop

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Dr. Riek didn’t built vilas nor owned vilas or casinos in Nairobi or anywhere in world. The alleged Dr. Riek’s residential-vilas featured in Sentry Investigation findings is a rented property.
        Mr.. learned Editor, you don’t have to be brother to Bill Gates to rent a Vila in Nairobi.
        I, Gatdarwich can rent one with super clean Kenyan Shillings if I need to.
        As per your question to Dr. Riek’s source of income prior to joining SPLA/M in 1983, he made money in the United Kingdom while pursuing his PhD there. Plus, his wife, Angelina Teny, and Daughter, Meer, and Elder son, Teny were all working in the U.K–making clean mighty British Pounds.
        Mr. Editor, even if Dr. Riek were to be jobless, as he is now, don’t you think that his working immediate family would graciously rent for him a vila in Nairobi? Not to mentioned the fact that the patriots Nuer in diaspora were, and are occasionally assisting their son–Dr. Riek with few bucks wherever needed.
        Mr. Editor, you need to think critically and be extremely logical if want to be taken seriously on the Sentry’s massive corruption Investigation Findings on South Sudan. It’s an undeletable and inerasable SHAME OF NATION which only, and only the pure perpetrators must be held blamable full stop

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Personally, I have nothing against Dr. Machar. If I can recall, I once talked to him (the first and the last time) on phone when he came to the US while he was vice president and I remembered vividly how Dr. Machar seriously decried the raging corruption in ‘their government’ with Kiir.
          My serious concern is that if Dr. Machar was cleaner than Kiir, why did he not vigorously fight the corruption then whilst he was powerful?
          Secondly, the rumors of Dr. Machar’s houses in Nairobi have been in circulation for a long time and Dr. Machar was certainly an exceptionally generous disher of money specially to the Nuer whenever the occasions arose.
          Thirdly, The Sentry report clearly stated that the house was owned by Dr. Machar, and for your satisfaction, let’s say the Naath Nation contributed to the buying of the house. Good generosity to a hero!!!

          Anyway, The Sentry just reported that Machar’s family or relatives live there in the most ostentatious manner, driving the Range Rovers and BMW’s and a big swimming pool and a high-security fence with video cameras and guards on duty round the clock!!

          Finally, if Dr. Machar is cleaner than Kiir, why doesn’t he come openly and tell the world and especially us South Sudanese, where is the $4 billion and others that got stolen in Juba while he was the powerful vice-president? That’s how he can finally clear his name from any list or probable persecution in the nearest future.

          • Gatdarwich says:


            Now you are being truthful! Thank you for admitted that Naath Nation do help Dr. Riek financially, which evidently indicates that he–Dr. Riek didn’t personally benefit from the corruption during his time as Vice President to Killer Nyankiir. The answer to your question as to why Dr. Riek didn’t stop corruption in Killer Nyankiir’s Kleptocratic was, and is obviously known to most informed persons in South Sudan–Killer Nyankiir and his co-thieves were, and are still adamantly refusing to disclosed their income. Dr. Riek voluntarily disclosed his income when Killer Nyankiir asked the accused 75 officers implicated in the mysterious disappearance of over 4 billion U.S. dollars.
            You know better than most people the individuals behind grand corruption in South Sudan–they are none rather the well connected Jenges–Dinka–serving in Killer NyanKiir’s genocidal regime plus their affiliates-enablers.

            Peace and Ngundeng bless,

            Your truly Patriot Gatdarwich

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Mr. Editor,
            I’m seeing where you’re coming from. You’ve a valid case in regard to Sentry Report implicating Dr. Machar to corruption. Good news is Dr. Machar is alive and kicking. When time comes, each will have to defend himself in a competent court of law. Assuming the judge will not be Salva Kiir’s mother, Dr. Machar will come out clean. Hence it is pointless to argue over this issue when Dr. Machar is here to defend himself. Documentation of when this Villas was procured will be given to the judge during the judgment day. Even though we clearly know who is deeply involved in corruption, none is guilty until proven…. Let’s keep our finger crossed that the judge is not going to be John Kerry, the Dr. Machar’s hater.

          • Nikalongo says:

            The Nath and the Jieng Nations are all up in arms and rallying behind the thieves and looters that have swept the coffers of the nation clean of its contents. Our country will never realise her potentials when tribes and clansmen defend thieves and murderers instead of condemning them. We should not allow our people bleed when Kiir, Riek, their generals, families and clansmen bath in luxury. It is their oil money as it is also their oil wealth.
            I implore those others fighting and supporting the project to bring Riek to the Presidency and defending Kiir’s autocracy and reign of terror to put down their arms and go home. No citizen should allow themselves be used as a tool in supporting the avaricious appetite of others. The choice is yours.

  3. Toria says:

    “President Kiir officially earns about Sh6 million ($60,000) per year.” PLUS THE EMBAZZLEMENTS his annual income is far beyond this figure, most probably $1.5 or more millions a year.
    And yet he can not build a hospital or school, no running water, no paved roads nor electricity in his hometown? But he owns a villa in Kenya and rental properties in Uganda and thousands of his cattle roaming in Equatoria, his family own millions of shares in corrupt companies………..etc. What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Indeed, it’s a shame and it’s time the jieng have to seriously look at themselves once again.
      What’s the use of having ten jieng millionaires and millions of jieng going hungry, thirsty and naked……???
      Where is the morality and moral values of those jieng dubious bishops and priests preaching nonsense every Sunday around the nation, if they can’t talk about the rot in their midst????????????????????

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Nam Nam–Nikalongo,

      What substantiate evidence do you have against the indisputable patriot, Dr. Riek in the grand theft of South Sudanese’ money?
      The evidently proven thieves of South Sudanese’ $$$$$ are Killer NyanKiir, Jenges’ warlord, Malong, Murderer Kuol Manyany, and their kinsmen–close affiliates. They are all the well known natural born thieves, traitorous and gluttonous Jenges-Dinka.
      Stop abusing Nuer because We, the patriots–Naath Nation, don’t culturally steal like the Dinka do period

  4. Deng Gatloak says:

    The only person who can stop it is the highest office holder in the nation.
    And if he can’t stop it, it shows that he is not fit for office.
    And that is why the old thieves and criminals should be thrown out of office, their stolen property sold off and money returned to the state.
    Sell the fighter jets, attack helicopters and other useless stuff that they have wasted so much money on. Sell the presidents houses, and those of the generals too, engage banks to empty the bank accounts and return all the money to be used to build the New South Sudan

  5. Martin. L says:

    I’m not surprised! This report confirms what majority of South Sudanese have always suspected, that is Kiir and company are nothing but killers and thieves.

  6. mirabeau says:

    Dear Audies,
    the only way to stop this, dismiss Kiir’s salary until it mounted to the looted money. Or he must be dismissed from the office because he doesn’t deserve to be a leader. If the AU and international body don’t take action against kiir’s regime then they’re accounted for these offences. It means they are the ones motivating such acts. They have to make use of the international use so as to scare the coming generation. This absolutely is a serious matter this alone has paved way for the coming leaders to do the same if punishment rather changing leadership isn’t carried out. Imagine a first regime accounted in corruption? What will happen next?

  7. Bentiu Ramaran says:


    Thanks for bringing us this report although it is full of xenophobia and miasma. You have summarized what Kiir, Malong, and Jok make a year and the dollar amount they had transferred in their bank account from specified companies. However, you did not include what Dr. Machar makes a year or a month on your report and UN report did not say anything about his bank account either. This conclude that your report and UN report on Dr. Machar is not sufficient but just prejudice against him for being the only person who pointed out bad things in South Sudan in the face of powerful JCE organization and their UN supporters.

  8. mading says:

    Gatdarwich. Are telling South Sudanese that it took The Sentry two years investigating corruption in South Sudan only for them to include your devil uncle by mistake? Must be a real nuer to think that way.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Guacmor Mading,

      I, Gatdarwich, always tell absolutely nothing but the ultimate truth.

      The evidently proven thieves of South Sudanese’ billions and billions of $$ are none rather than your kinsmen–the traitorous and gluttonous Jenges-Dinka period

  9. Tyson says:

    Thanks for summarizing the authentic report.
    What a shame to Jenge! Children born yesterday in any part of the world know that there is “Harami” called Kiirler Mayardit. The Jenge have been turned as mere thieves in the like of foxes that steal chicken!
    What pride do you have when a lot of your kinsmen are naked in this age of technology, yet greed has made you No.1 HARAMI of SOUTH SUDAN!.
    For the properties in East Africa, those are already post mortem. Those countries will confiscate them.
    Hand yourselves over to the ICC but before doing so, produce the remaining list of the secondary “haramiat”. The whole world knows your evil plans and it is just a question of time when you will be dragged like late Samuel Doe of Liberia.

  10. Akic Adwok says:

    You might reason that government priority would be to help citizens and protect them but rather make them homeless and force hunger into entire country as we witness from the Sentry’s report, and question is that which country in the world where president’s children and his wives and girls are more corrupted and tribalism, like a tribalism President Salva Kiir, however what i do know is that president should or must be a guide and honest to all citizens, frankly Salva kiir and his wife had put a shame on entirely South Sudanese people, therefore Salva Kiir, shame on you and you must resign immediately and leave our country for honest leaders such Dr lam Akol, and others, and I can see now you and friends are true foreigners who came into our country just to loot and murder civilians with no shame this is unthinkable behaviours. Friends as long as long our country under these corrupt people nothing will help us and our next generations, and to save our people and the country, Salvador Kiir must go, he must be forced out by any methods. So it’s up to us whether we like South Sudan without Salva Kiir or with Salva Kiir and it’s Good and healthy for Salva Kiir to leave South Sudan immediately and peacefully.

  11. mirabeau says:

    Dear reporters for your interesting gathered information to world and people of south Sudan. The government of south Sudan shouldn’t ascare yor responsibility. He has not right to secue sentry as an international organization if there are clearly and documented. If south Sudanese is to secure, explain to citizens what you established in the country? There is not single social services established by government. The students of south Sudanese in cairo war strike due lack of full funds. If he don’t commite any crime where is the money? There is not established/improved schools, road’s, railways and Medical centres. Shameful depending him it self by threatening? Kiir’s government should not complicate things. Remember south Sudan is not for your personal benefits rather relatives.

  12. mading says:

    Tyson. what part of Dinka land you find people naked ? You liars need to stop making false stories about us. If you are Euatoria ,then go to Eastern Euatoria you find some of your people still wearing animals skins there. If you are Nuer, then you nothing to tell us at all.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    Really;”made money in the UK while pursuing his PHD there”,
    Why don’t u tell then what was he doing as a job to make that much?
    Or should one think that u want to tell us he was a jogolo with…….wealthy english ladies and got over paid?!!!

  14. Gatdarwich says:

    False Millionaire,

    Dr. Riek’s residence in Nairobi is a rented property. Naath Nation in diaspora play a huge role in maintaining it. Your kinsmen, the gluttonous and traitorous Jenges-Dinka serving in Killer NyanKiir’s kleptocratic regime have evidently and indisputably brought an undeletable and humiliating SHAME to all the patriots, South Sudanese.

    Mr. False, could you please enlighten the readers on this forum where did your tyrannous-Killer Nyankiir, treasonous-Kuol Manyany, and murderer-Malong got the millions and millions of Ugandan-Kenyan shillings-U.S. dollars to built villas, mansions, and casinos in Kenya and Uganda?
    No more lying–your kinsmen won’t and shall never getaway with proven grand theft of people’s money full stop

  15. Survivor says:

    the notion that my guy/uncle is holier than the other guys is the main driving factor behind the chaos! the second we become honest with ourselves and see corruption, crimes, vice, etc, as such! regardless of personal relationship the sooner we get out of the mess. As evident in this report, people have already taken sides and are making excuses instead of condemnations. this notion is one of the greatest tragedies of the whole mess.

  16. Toria says:

    Well said. Please let the audience watch these videos and judge for yourselves the stark contrasts.
    Is this the beginning of 200 years of Jenge rule?

  17. False Millionnaire says:

    Why are u being so restless about the thieve named Riek Machar?
    Is he a golden ox to u and u being his water boy so that if he shits money,u gather the dung and take the coins for your living?!!!

  18. Deng Deng says:

    The truth has been earthed by Sentry sadly instead of anti corruption unit of South Sudan if at all it exists. Instead of Ateny threatening law suit, he should rather ask his boss to step down. The saying goes when there is smoke there is fire! I am wondering what are our useless honorable MPs doing instead of launching a vote of no confidence to axe this corrupt leaders and his cronies. Act now before it is too late!

  19. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    Deng Deng,

    What is wrong with you today cousin, you made such great citizenship comments? You just gone to church and got baptized? You have been critical and xenophobic to Naath for trying to straight things up in South Sudan but today you sound patriot. Many thanks to you brother for your just and patriotic comments.

  20. GatCharwearbol says:


    It seems you’ve short memory. Naath citizens are in for self defense. They are not there fighting to install Dr. Riek into the presidency. In 2013, the innocent citizens of Naath were searched door to door and murdered in their thousands. This act is what promp them to armed themselves in self defense. Now you are urging them to put their guns down, don’t you think what occurred to them in 2013 will take place again? If I were you, I would start with telling Kiir to stop killing innocent citizens who have no side in their political struggle. While you are at it, inform Wani Igga as well since he is part of the killing machine.

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