Kiir, Machar lack ‘leadership’ to end South Sudan crisis – John Kerry says

By AGGREY MUTAMBO, Daily Nation, MAY/05/2015, SSN.

In Summary
**South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation at four, fell into chaos in December 2013 after rebels loyal to former vice president Machar engineered a failed coup against President Salva Kiir.
**On Monday, Mr Kerry was briefed on the progress of negotiations by his host, President Kenyatta.
**President Kenyatta has privately tried to end the conflict by making parties sign a deal for power sharing. In January, both signed on a document, which was later rejected by their supporters

Nairobi: Visiting US Secretary of State on Monday criticised warring South Sudanese leaders, accusing them of lacking “leadership” to end the violence.

At a news conference in Nairobi, Mr Kerry, who held talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta, said both President Salva Kiir and his nemesis Riek Machar are to blame for refusing to make compromises.

“We all know of that country’s great promise. We saw at first hand the dedication and resilience of its people, but let me be clear: That promise is now at a great risk of being squandered,” he said.

“The country’s leaders failed to act on behalf of their people and their nation.

“This is not happening except for the absence of the leadership necessary to bring it to a close,” he added, describing the violence which has so far killed more than 50,000 people and displaced another two million.

South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation at four, fell into chaos in December 2013 after rebels loyal to former vice president Machar engineered a failed coup against President Salva Kiir.

Soon, the war spread around the country.

Since then, talks led by regional bloc, the Intergovernmental Authority on development (Igad) and supported by the US, UK, Norway and the European Union have failed to reach an agreement.


On Monday evening, Mr Kerry announced an additional $5 million funding for “justice and reconciliation” programmes in South Sudan, which he argued would be used to improve the justice system and reprimand war merchants in Juba.

But an emotional Kerry, who has previously warned South Sudanese leaders of sanctions, said they had both abandoned their responsibilities.

“For more than a year, regional leaders, the US and others have been urging South Sudan leaders to live up to their commitment that can set their country up on the path of peace and prosperity.

“Unfortunately, South Sudan’s leaders, both those officially in government and those contesting those who are in office, have not yet chosen to make compromises needed for peace.

“And it’s that absence of compromise and absence of leadership that is leading to the challenge to the region.”

The parties have previously signed seven ceasefire agreements, but all of them were broken just days after the ink was put to paper in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.


On Monday, Mr Kerry was briefed on the progress of negotiations by his host, President Kenyatta.

“President Kenyatta also informed the Secretary on efforts by Igad leaders to end the conflict in South Sudan,” a statement from State House said.

“Secretary Kerry felt that there was need to find a lasting peace in South Sudan and urged President Kenyatta and regional leaders to increase efforts to bring the conflict to an end,” it added.

President Kenyatta has privately tried to end the conflict by making parties sign a deal for power sharing. In January, both signed on a document, which was later rejected by their supporters.

And when Igad presented a similar proposal in Addis at the end of January, the parties failed to agree.

Despite pressure from the international community, the two sides have yet to agree on a long-term solution.

“The choices south Sudan leaders will make, ultimately will determine whether the country continues the path of conflict or restores the hope which its citizens richly deserve.” END


  1. Joana Adams says:

    That’s why we need an alternative compassionate leadership for South Sudan.
    With more deaths, daily destruction of properties, and collapsing economy, the IGAD plus must seriously look at placing this country under AU/UN Trusteeship as per the Leaked AU report. The independence of the country was rushed based on tribal vision,with poor governance mechanisms. Hilde Johnson is right, the whole bloody thing needs to be “rebooted”.
    The criminals must be locked up to create an enabling environment for restoration of peace and reconciliation. This should be done now, before Kiir and his Jieng council of Elders and other similar groups get their grips on the country for the worst. Any passing day, gives Kiir the chance to consolidate his evil reign, mortgage and remortgage the oil, land and livelihood of not just this generation but generations to come. How much worst should this catastrophic situation be allowed to get?
    Someone, a group of people or entities out there should have the moral courage to save our people and country from the abyss.

    Joana Adams

  2. Elhag Paul says:

    There was no coup and power sharing is not a solution. The author and the international community need to get their facts right. Otherwise they are complicating the problem. We do not need ignorant journalists masquerading as credible reporters.

    • Alier Gai says:

      Paul,What happened in juba will be replaced by juba elements without you. Whether there was a coup or not, what mattters right now is for peace to come. Give peace a chance while holding your negative intervention thinkings for a moment. You are making it harder than we all think, because you don’t want regional negotiators to evently divide the power to the warring sides and call it a peace. The banal culture of cheering for a war at the sideline is now null, and you do it yourself. You are negotiating your own power and peace and not our peace you have nothing to do with. And it is wrong to think that you have power over the truth on the negotiating table, and you should be contacted if anything is not holding up well then. Who are you and those media parasites to be contacted for a coup or not? You and they or them, have all stories about 17 months old event and nothing has changed so far to fit your prespectives description to one advantage. It is better to call it a quit than to continue with such a mental discourse you are wrongly exposing.

    • Bol says:

      What term do you use to describe actions of military personnel forcefully taking over the control of public Institutions contrary to orders? ….How can truth liberate others if it can’t liberate you?

  3. AGUMUT says:

    I don’t support sanctions because sanction will have no effect to those in the government,only people are going to suffer the most. Crimes and violence are going to increase,Mafias and robbers.

  4. AGUMUT says:

    Sanctions doesn’t work,those of Saddam and Qaghafi should have still alive if they didn’t kick them out by force. I am against economical sanctions because SPLM in general have no moral.

  5. Kong P. Tongluot SS says:

    Aggrey Mutambo

    Note that secretary of USA Mr. John Kerry has expressed wih not judgement for current war between Dinkas and Nuers. Basically, there were not coup. this war, just owing tribalism and dictatorship tendencies which drove by president Salva Kiir and his cohorts. If you are south Sudanese national, don’t measure to follow illusivesness and lies those using in order to justify and hide the atrocities they had committed in Juba on dec15 – 19. 12. 2013. If you are recruited by criminal Salva, like some militia elements, just come clear with Dinkas.

  6. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Did I read you well that you wants the country that had claimed million lives of heroes and heroines Dinka to be placed under AU/UN?
    It is true that women do not think beyond their noses.
    FYI, we ‘ve lost over two million lives to liberate and free slave-minded women & coward folks like you and we are ready to pay more than that to defend it.
    We are just waiting for the go ahead from President Kiir to step aside and let it be a war between Mighty Dinka vs Traitors and their Western allies.
    Dinka deserves respect and appreciations instead of hatreds and jealousy from their emerging and common enemies in South Sudan.
    Let rest assured that Dinka are not ready to bear any more humiliation and disobedience from those whom they ‘ve saved with their precious blood, look if we can silence the terrorist regime of Khartoum then who the hell is another barrier on our way to life-in-leadership.

    • Jake says:

      All I can say is wow,
      This is clear proof that elements in the Dinka community are cow brained useless people.
      Dear God why did you create so many stupid people in one country?

  7. Eguatorians says:

    Dear Joan Adams,thank you for you brief,eloquent comment. For sure, you may not be a south Sudanese but your concern for our poor civil population,who voted to secede from Sudan during the referendum, received a death sentence by the very leadership they entrusted, to lead them in the young nation. In addition, I want to thank Mr Aggrey Mutambo for articulating his observation, of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s briefing to John Kerry meant. Brothers and Sisters we south Sudanese appreciate your dedication for our traumatic loss of life now reaching over 50,000. Where is international Justice? South Sudan peace negotiation should be treated as an EMERGENCY. Every second is a life lost. We need an immediate blood transfusion as the country bleeds to death in front of the WORLD’S WATCH.

  8. Eguatorians says:

    Please note, your comments as none south Sudanese, is comforting and indicates people’s concern in the affairs of others,facing trauma.

  9. Abiko! says:

    Dear Joanna Adams

    I read your comment to the author of article,and I understood well your opinions contained therefore.Needing African Union, and United Nations Trusteeship,they will not make any good at all! Believe me! They will LOOT the country to death in the ways no one can imagine! I totally do not go with you on your way totally! Better the people the fellow southerners themselves to take in charge for a country affairs internally! Leave aside African Union in the African continent,it has no political superior authority.It just there a tool! because it just there for the interest FOR THE BLOOD SUCKERS.THEY ARE EXPLOITERS CAMP!THEY EAT MEN SOCIETY! The so called UN,there are people in UN who are LICKING THE HANDS IN THE CLEAN HONEY! While AU AND IGAD,LICKING THE HANDS IN THE DRY HONEY AT THE TOP!

    Thank you. I am done! Back to you to the audience the members in the forum South Sudan Nation on Dicussion Board.

    Missouri,Kansas USA

  10. Alier Gai says:

    It is time for the warring two splms to give peace a chance through compromise. Kerry is soft in speaking but he carries american big stick on their heads should the two refuse to come to term with peace. And it is a matter of giving and taking what you don’t want this time. Peace will happen now in unknown hour with no more grounds to be defended of who is right or wrong. The suffering people have no involements in the crisis, and should have not suffered in the hands of the incompetent few, carelessly, for they are innoccent. This is a good news. We need those criminals in the court of law to pay what they have been practicing. The founding fathers in crimes will surely lead their crimes by serving justice, not the country they are destroying. A big stick is equal compromise to peace. Igad has failed their regional responsibility with no sign of progress at all. And that is why the extrenous powers would take charge to end the home-made war and the regional crisis.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Alier Gai
      You are now talking. I like your phrase: “The founding fathers in crime.” It sums up the chaotic and messy rule of the Dinkocrats guided by the crude and idiotic Jieng Council of Elders. Bravo!!!! Alier is seeing the light and getting liberated. Keep it up bro.

    • Eastern says:

      Dear Alier Gai,

      I like your tone! You have seen what some of us have alluding to all along. If Dinkas toned down their rhetoric of born to rule, we liberated you, we died in zillions, they would surely be held in high esteem.

      But Jieng Council of Elders to continue encouraging Kiir, that, with Malong in charge, the gelweng or other militia groups from Bahr el Ghazal could face off with a regional force just reminds me of what happened to the Iraqi Fadaheens swearing defend Saddam Hussein to the last man.

  11. John Kerry,

    You are lacking leadership either because you miserably fail to condemn Kiir who committed mass murdered of innocent civilians in the Capital Juba.

  12. Hoiloom says:

    Thanks Alhag Paul for clarification. I also thought the coup narrative has been dumped in the dustbin long ago.
    Poor journalism indeed, all the facts are missing in his report. I always have difficulties understanding when it comes to Western role in South Sudan conflict. The West, USA in particular is aware of which party initiated the current crises that has engulfed our nation since December 2013, however to my surprise both warring parties get equal condemnations. Where is justice for all or fairness in this regard?. Call a spade by its right name;Salva Kiir is the one who has failed South Sudan and the world must tell him that, otherwise we are in for a long and painful struggle. Riek Machar is on defensive therefore should not be blamed for crises that was brought by the president, period.

  13. alex says:

    The problem you South Sudanese know arguments you thought all people are fools like you. Is there a point of fighting. There are lnernal laws and international laws. If you Nuer thing your people were killed, there is international law and you could take the case there than continuing sensless fighting.
    It is stupid that this mad PhD holder just go and moblished lezy people who do not have Nationhood in their hearts. It time the peace should be sign. If your group is eating together with the same Arabs who have killed millions of S.Sudanese why is it not possible for us to sign peace and live together? This fighting is sensles however people try to put brave face to argue. To those who are still denying there was no coup, It is not outsiders to say there was no coup. Its the people who were in Juba because they heard the roar of the guns during that day not a forgeiner who is far in Uk or Norway to argue there was not coup. Riek is used to coups . He did it to John Garang and again he tried it in 2013. He will go to grave as a coup leader who has failed two times. You can even see it from his eyes he is a coup ploter and serial killer.

    • Martin L. says:

      Brother Alex, I hate to disagree with you! Here again, you are finger pointing and blaming Riek while silent and ignoring president Kiir’s shortcomings! Oh, by the way, the coup narrative is old! Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything otherwise from a Kiir supporter!

      • alex says:

        Dear brother Martin
        I have to say this because read the writings of Al Haag and Hoiloom above here. They always like to read things which fits well with their ears. Even they do not talk of the killings in Bor, Bentue, Malakal and many other places. These two brothers and some of their supporters do not want to hear something like peace.
        The writer of the above article is a Kenyan not S. Sudanese but they say he is not a journalist, Riek is being blamed for nothing. Is it real true brother that Riek did not share a blame in the current crisis. Secondly Riek and his supporters were the first people to welcome the involment of foreigners in the peace talks and now when the foreigners are telling the facts again they start to complain. Does this group of people really need peace? The goverment should be the one to complain because they always get blamed for no reason but for the seek of peace they accepted to take that bitter pill. I really get angry when people are trying to work for peace and other people are trying to make the war continue because of mere seek of fighting for positions. The world is learning us day by day and splm-in opp should learn to accept misteak. America was supporting them and what make them now to complain. Whether John Kerry said or not what the writer of the above article wrote, they must know and accept that Riek share the blame in prolonging the current fighting. He did not respect the cesefire agreement that he sign, He did not accept the Arush peace agreement that he sign so what does this man want?

        Splm in opp is even fighting hard for the AU report on the human right abuses in S. Sudan but they did not know that their hands are not clean. So do not think may be the goverment is resisting because they have done worse things but brothers we know if this report is out peace will not be sign. We have the experince of Joseph Konyi of Uganda after learning that he is a wanted criminal he refused peace up to today and is still killing people in S. Sudan, Central African Republic and Congo. He is not killing Americans or Europeans who are climing the discloser will bring an end to the war. Why are they not able to stop Konyi from killing innocent people in these three countries. I know there are people in the oppsition when their names are mentioned they will not sign peace. So we want peace first then after that let the report be opened because we know even if they run they will run as individuals. There is saying if you are pointing at someone, your two fingers are pointing back at you so let the splm in opp not think that they are clean . we do not want to give those who have carried out such crimes to remain in the bush fighting. They must be brought home first before they are found. We know there are powerful individuals within the splm in opp which even Riek himself will fear to apprehand them and they should not be allowed to remain in the bush commanding fighters. They must be isolated from this innocent fighters before they are cought.

  14. Eguatorians says:

    The 5 million dollars earmarked for Justice and Reconciliation programs I believe,includes the setting up of local tribunal courts and compilation of names of criminals. South Sudanese relatives of victims as well as witnesses should begin to research and come forward, when the programs start. Interpol should be alerted, before they begin to disappear in thin air.

  15. False Millionaire says:

    “…they begin to disappear in thin air”,do you mean the 5 million dollars in principle?Sorry if you still didn’t know.They have already disappeared before they have been delivered.That’s another surprising aspect in the modern americans’ lack of brains.They give carrot before stick!!!

  16. Hoiloom says:


    What do we expect from someone like you who is not rational in his judgement? Some of us including myself left Juba in early 2014 for fear of targeting killings because of our ethnicity. We do not just comment for the sake of argument but have witnessed the massacre that took place in our national capital therefore your claim of us being foreigners is void and null. Secondly your coup narrative was thrown out of court by setting free the former detainees, and has nothing to do with Western nations. Keep singing that boring song until you are caught off guard to answer charges of targeting one ethnic group.

  17. alex says:


    It is waste of time to argue with a visionless people like you. You are those who have been fed by the former Vice president with our money. Now the pipe line have stopped S. Sudan is bad to you. Greed for power and proudness can cause yourself problems . If the rest of people including Nuers are living in Juba why did you become targeted individual. The country is going ahead and we can be booked down by a group of hopeless lairs like you. You people have failed in the frontline so the only way left is to lair to the international community.

  18. Hoiloom says:


    Are you still living under illusion, like Makuei Lueth that things are normal in Juba? The Nuer that I know live in UNMISS POCs and had abandoned their homes in Juba, New Site, 107, Mango 2 just to name a few. Of course I don’t expect you to know these places since you’ve never lived in Juba. In which field were we beaten? For your information I am an economist who worked in one the most prestigious institutions in South Sudan and have nothing to do with SPLM or Riek Machar.
    However, a dummy like you would never understand the differences between Riek Machar and a technocrat like myself who had no political affiliation before the current crises of our nation. Do yourself a favor by reading UN Secretary general’s report of relocating the refugees in POCs to rebel held territories to understand that all is not well in Juba.
    Good luck in your ignorance.

  19. alex says:


    I think you do not know what you are talking. I live in Tomping and residential area in Juba. So do not think I am living outside S.Sudan or in the village. Hoiloom I laugh at you in describing yourself as a technocrat. It is your behaviours that are problem. You have seen the fighting in the UNIMS camp did any government troops or personnel entered the camp and if not why are you killing yourselves. You are fighting yourselves and this is the indication that you people do not know what to do in life. See the situation which is right now happening some of your group holding the children of their own S. Sudanese as hostages. Are these people civilized. You people create problems for yourselves because you allowed yourselves as kids. You have been brain washed by Riek Macher. You even do not have independent decision. There are many innocent Nuers who are living in Juba peacefully and no one threaten them. I technocrat can not lair like a kid and to tell you I am better than you because I eat from my own sweat not a looter technocrat. I have the qualifications also do not think I have not read. I am not a jobseeker.
    If where you are now if you have seen the SST news today you can learn that you a big lair if you are aware of what is going on in the UNIMS camps. There are people who are holding our brothers in the camps there for their own objective. Some people are persuaded to remain there without knowing they are destroying the future of our children by keeping them without schooling. I can not talk much to you just tell your group to come out and lets us contribute in building our nation.
    You should not be deceived to follow vision-less group. We are tired of war and we will not allow any visionless group to destroy our country. Come back and just stop useless media propaganda. Nuer are our brothers and you know SPLA consist of all the tribes unlike Riek’s tribal rebels. Come home and return to your prestigious so called work

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