“Kiir: I want our jieng forces to kill all Equatorians:” Jieng Council of Elders’ Top Secret Exposed!

Breaking News: SEPT/28/2018, SSN;

It has been discovered and now exposed that, on the 22nd of August, 2018, the prominent member of the Dinka tribal so-called “Jieng Council of Elders (JCE)” and the master planner of the 15th December 2013 incident, Mr. Telar Ring, had met together with the President of the Republic, Salva Kiir and the entire Jieng Council of Elders leadership, including the Director-General of National Security, Gen. Akol Koor Kuac.

The meeting lasted for six hours. It started at 10.00 pm and ended at 4 am early morning in the house of the President in Juba.

According to the close source, the meeting agenda was all about the plan ahead of the Revitalization Agreement and the preparation for welcoming of those opposition leaders to Juba and the policy that will let them have trust and come to Juba all.

Secondly, the recruitment of unknown gunmen groups and their logistics including coordination devices that will give them access to coordinate with the National Security Service and other organized forces.

Here is President Salva Kiir’s Statement at the meeting:

“First of all, I would like to welcome our brother, Ambassador Telar Ring and all the members of the Jieng Council.

I’m very glad if we the Dinka community are living in unity despite our personal grievances we have put jieng community above all our interests and everything.

We hope our brother, Gen. Paul Malong, will join us soon, as there is a sign of good response from his side since I have established contact and negotiation with him through the minister of foreign affairs, Mr. Nhial Deng Nhial.

For your information, we need to open our eyes very well, the time has come for us to prepare ourselves to deal with the enemies who are blocking our progress as Jieng community.

The Equatorian people now have stood up and joined the Nuer and others to flush us out of power, and now they have become our biggest enemies, that if we don’t open our eyes they will overrun this government and will chase us out.

The Equatorian leaders and the other non-Nuer and non-Dinka tribes are working together nowadays to unite and fight us.

General Thomas Cirillo is not alone, there are some leadership of Equatoria inside Juba here who are with him.

Our first plan of controlling some land in Equatoria and other places in Western Bahr-el-Ghazel has succeeded.

80% of Juba is now under our control, including also Yei River, Wau, Yambio and Nimule.

I have talked to President H.E. Yoweri Museveni of Uganda to help us take control of Kajo-Keji, Morobo and Lainya in Yei River, and he said ‘no problem.’

Soon he will plan for chaos inside of Arua, Koboko and Moyo districts in the West Nile region of Uganda, and then together, we will flash out those Equatorians in Kajo-Keji, Morobo and Lainya, he said no problem.

We agreed that he, Museveni, will take some part and we, as Jieng (Dinka) with do the rest.

He has promised me that he will not support any group operating in Equatoria, secondly let us sign the revitalization peace agreement and all all those oppositions to come in.

This time we are going to coordinate together on how to deal with them all once and for all.

And in Juba, it is the time I want our forces to kill those Equatorians in big numbers and even rape their women both young and old ones, then we will chase them out of Juba once and take control of Juba.

Before implementation of the Revitalization peace, we need to recruit all the Mathiang Anyoor militia we have plus new ones, all of them must be armed and sent home around Juba to be like civilians until time for operation comes.

Only few SPLA forces we will leave in case they wont guarantee we will disarm them and withdraw them out of Juba to be like civilians until time for operation comes.

Secondly, President Museveni has already deployed for us around Juba 3,000 UPDF soldiers in the form of traders, they are now working around Juba, and in Yei he deployed around 2,000.

It’s time to deal with these Equatorians and non-Dinka leaders who are in the army and other organized forces including politicians.

What’s needed for revitalization of peace is for Gen. Akol Koor and the other senior military commanders to sit down and work out the plan of assassination and execution of all these opposition leaders, particularly the group of G10 and Dr. Riek Machar.

The political and diplomatic communities have to start to come up with their plans now so that we will see and start to work the implementation.

We are not going to waste time for nothing. Concerning our brother Gen. Paul Malong, me and Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial will do our best and bring him in before time.

Our big enemies among Equatorian leaders who will be a threat to us, jieng, are: Clement Wani Konga and Obuto Mamur, these two if we don’t deal with them, no one among us will exist in Equatoria land. The rest of them we will slaughter like chickens.

We need to plan well against them without wasting time. General Thomas Cirillo will be assassinated between Uganda, Sudan or Egypt.

We need to disarm all the non-Dinka soldiers who are in the organized forces (National Security, police, army etc….).

Secondly, restriction of giving them even departure orders to travel out of South Sudan.

Thirdly, we raise the price of tickets to Khartoum and other countries in the region.

Fourthly, we restrict the exchange of hard currency in the Central Bank and other commercial banks. They have to be without access to anything so that they will remain in Juba and other places where they are in.

Lastly, there must be immediate deployment of SPLA forces and National Security in all these strategic areas in Equatoria. I will end here and say thank you.

Conclusion by the president:

Thank you all my brothers and sisters who are here, once again I am happy to see our brother, Ambassador Telar Ring today with us here. Today is a blessed day to all of us as Jieng (Dinka) and it is going to be a historical day in our lives and those members who are not with us now.

We have heard from our speakers of today’s meeting and all the concerns raised by them. Without wasting time, we need to start putting all these plans in order and form two committees as we agreed upon, i.e. committee for diplomatic lobbying and committee for security and operation.

As our brothers here have said, the time is now, we can’t wait.

Our secretary for information will communicate to us about the next meeting in which the two committees will come and present their reports and work plans. Then from there we will continue.

Once again I would like to thank all of you and let us keep the spirit.


Hon. Bona Malual statement:

“I great you all in the name of Jieng. Am very blessed and congratulation to my brother, Ambassador Telar Ring, for the wise decision he has taken by returning back home and joining his people in the struggle.

My brother, there is no way we can protect ourselves as Dinka (jieng) community unless we must come together.

Secondly, I would like to thank the President, our son, for his effort to unite the jieng community. He and our brother Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial have played a very big role to bring us together despite our personal disagreement and misunderstanding.

This is the spirit that we want to exist generation to generation to come.

We as Dinka are the owners of this land, all these migrants from Equatoria and other non-Dinka (Jieng) who are claiming that they have right to this land of South Sudan are DOGS AND PIGS, and we will deal with them in all ways and by all means.

Based on history, all of them came from Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, and we will send them back to their places.

I was with President H.E. Omer Hassan Al-Bashir two days back, discussing about the revitalization peace process and our joint tactics towards getting an upper hand in the process.

President H.E. Omar Al-Bashir told me, “Sudan will never and ever stand wit NUER and SHILLUK,” and the only thing he wants from us as Jieng is to:–

1/— recognize the disputed places like Abeyei, Kafia Kingi, Mile Fifteen as Sudanese territories and,
2/— concerning the Nuer and Shilluk, we have to work together and divide the land in which they will give us, half of the OIL area and they will take half, and
3/— we will take MALAKAL then they will take Rubkona, Renk and those places in the border, in which case we agreed upon that.

So it’s time for us to work with our friends in the region particularly Uganda and Sudan, in order for us to accomplish our mission.

President Salva Kiir, Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial and Gen. Akol Kour Kuac will continue work on the strategic plan with Uganda concerning our land in Equatoria and we as the other group will continue to coordinate with Sudan.

Ambassador Telar Ring Statement:

“I would like to thank my brother President H.E. Salva Kiir and all of you here the members of Jieng Council, it has been awhile since I have decided to come to Juba and join our brother, Gen. Paul Malong, sincerely speaking.

I have been not happy with the way you, President, and other Jieng council members have treated Gen. Paul Malong, and I have been in contact with you, president, from Russia.

What let me very annoyed is the way you have treated our brother. But it’s okay, I would like to asked forgiveness from all of you here and I forgive you all.

Concerning the issue of Jieng community, it’s really the time now, for us to accomplish our mission that we have set before. And I’m very concerned of it now. Equatorians now have got few weapons and other non-Dinka and Nuer tribes whom to me I used to consider them all Equatorians because they are similar to each other even their cultures.

To me, as Telar Deng, there is no way for waiting the revitalization peace agreement to be signed then we will come and start the operation, it has to start now.

The unknown gunmen unit has to be given enough logistics and resources to start their operation now. From door to door of every non-Dinka tribes.


  1. false Millionaire says:

    This is no other than Mr Atabi selling out.Didn’t he hear that war is the mother of all tragedies?
    He will have to run to the sky if he is sure of the validity of his story to escape the burning earth.

  2. Tyson says:

    Pharaoh did the same act against the Jews and he failed….
    Goliath did it against David and he failed…….

    The weapons that the Jieng and their comrades in crime are pursuing against innocent children of God in Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile will haunt them…

    I prophesize today that “your evils plans will destroy you”. You the disciples of the DEVIL will not win by destroying the innocent lives of South Sudanese. God created hem equal and gave them life; the same way He did to you. Therefore, be careful about your crime……..

  3. Moses Makoi says:

    My fellow South Sudanese especially none Drinka South Sudanese this hatred will not help us or lead us any where we know mistakes had already happened.
    So, let us forgive ourselves and make recouncilation and open a new chapter for the benefit of out people.
    Or if we stick to this madness we will loose this Country Called South Sudan and we be responsible for this mistake .

  4. Wani Patrick Joseph says:

    We need to be wise and careful in internet written statements other wise South Sudan will not progress

    • oroto david says:

      People writing nonsense to make us equatorians have hatred against our fellow south Sudanese dinka will be cursed. False statements will make this Country unable to move ahead. Plz stop that

    • Force_1 says:

      Wani Patrick Joseph, at least we still have people with brain like you with the ability to see nonsenses! People who write things like that and accept them on the internet do more harm to None-Dinka living in South Sudan than to Dinka. Those writers are careless because they live overseas in Canada and other Western countries.
      They know they are hopeless of not thinking going to Sudan someday or less they couldn’t be that irresponsible.

  5. Little Rock says:

    Be careful if someone said to you there is fire on the mountain, believe it before it’s too late. Our Evil brothers are planning day and night, just open your eyes and be ready for the worst don’t be surprised if what happened in 2013 happened again to Equatorians.

  6. J. Malooma says:

    Whether it’s a hoax to draw attention or not, Kirr-jce bitterness to destroy any valuable members of their opponents or non-jieng communities is the most dominant topic of their behind doors’ discussions. But, what they haven’t realized yet, is how far and how many times they have tried and failed to achieve their ultimate goal!
    There was a saying that, if the (Khartoum Islamic regimes) were wise enough by sharing power, and let the government delivered services and development for the people of South Sudan to their respective villages and transformed those villages into urban cities, Sudan would had never been divided into two independent states as has happened.
    According to this findings, Kirr-jce vicious leadership is not exception. Unless otherwise, Kirr-JCE in particular and Jieng/Dinka in general changed course; South Sudan would be restructured and divided into regions and eventually independent states.

  7. taban lowani says:

    This is a serious issue. It has to be taken very seriously because the information that in this piece is corresponding to what happening now in equatorial and western Bhar al-gazaal not to mention how amount of restrictions in nuer land and people.

  8. Lokosang says:

    If this plan is true then it will be dangerous not only to the people who are targeted but even more dangerous to the planners, but for now let us treat it as fake news because we are not sure how credible it is. I hope it is fake news because South Sudan doesn’t need more blood.
    People have to think how to live together harmoniously sharing together the plenty of resources Almighty God given us.
    Instead of planning to eliminate each other, it is better to agree on good system of governance that give equal rights to very citizen.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Fake News, as recently propagated by US President Trump, has no correlation with our predicament in South Sudan doesn’t apply here. As we idly watch, the native people of Yei, KajoKaji, Nimule and Juba itself, are being forcefully displaced from their ancestral lands which is then occupied by non-natives….what do you think?
      We have patriotic people in the country, be they jieng or jur, and as such they do leak out such divisive news emanating from high ranking officials in the country.
      The southsudannation.com website has always depended on good sources. Just keep tuned to the developments coming.

      • Force_1 says:

        You need to go to South Sudan and organize your forces to take the land back from the so called Dinka; because you’re not going to get the land back on the internet in Canada!

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Thanks for your suggestion, and just keep this in your dream….The land will come back to the owners.

  9. John Stephen says:

    These are all evil mind people thinking . Why are we always focusing on evil sight . such falls information I received. but that was about false news regarding killing of Ladu Gore. brothers if you read that fake news It looks like it is really true.
    We need to stop this kind of fake news. This is time for us to do reconcile ourselves if there is grievance tension. We are just 13 million people. And the land is big enough for us., the resources we have is enough. and we believe and know that south Sudanese tribes are 64 tribes.
    we are rich people in the whole of Africa. let us provide ourselves security . Believe me there after the world will witness our development prosperity and security . Stop this stop this thinking now. please please please. …….

  10. Dr. Henry Jembi says:

    God knows all the plans in our hearts, without Him, no plan will exist. When the plan is good He supports it and if the plan is evil, He fails it. Our God is the God of humanity, not the God of Satan.

    Satan’s plan will never see light, will never last and will never prosper. Read the history in order for you to understand the meaning of life. Life is not as you are thinking, planning and opting.
    Life is good only if God is in the midst, but without him our life is nothing, gloom and lifeless. You can plan as you like and you can execute whatever comes to your mind, but remember that is not the end.
    Abraham our father mannered to experience the same hardship, but with faith he overcame everything, Moses likewise had undergone the same, but his trust in God secured him, the same with the rest of our prophets and the apostles.
    Since God is the source of life, no one has that ultimate power to take it from us except Him. Your human thoughts will come to pass one day, your evil and Satanic thinking will gain nothing positive to your offerings generation after generation instead tribulations and disasters.

  11. Kule lamos says:

    South sudan is for all people… not for dinka alone. I warn all of you south sudanese ..the only disease we have is …kabila..tribalism will still cost your lives…becare full those dinkas of jieng need to mislead our president so that he falls down.
    if jieng community is right to think they can kill all Equatorians and they also survive?
    President kiir is wise he can’t accept those nonsenses.

  12. THe almighty had ahuge purpose for the existance of the non-dinkas and all these plans can’t really succeed and there no miracle u guys can do to betroy all of us I CAST 7TIMES THESE PLANS TO FAIL IN JESUS’ NAME bbbbabaa where u look at these plans!!!

  13. Emmanuel says:

    People are confusing things here any leader in South Sudan, I only see misleaders and those who are in the business of looting public yet they are lairs, telling the world that the economy is booming, what a minister? We are confusing things here, be it equatorians or Dinkas, what is it that we want, are we trying to say everything is all good I don’t think so.
    The thing is our brains are too small, we are not thinking, if we do know who is misleading, and give them support because they are from our ethnic group, is like you caught a thief and when being judge you say, yes he is a thief but is our thief, what a shame. Dinkas.

  14. Kun Dieu says:

    Moses Makoi,
    Your words are very remarkable with compassion, I am suatained by your encouragement I am Nuer in character and I love Nuer people more than anything, therefore I have less love for Dinka, because the truth find you a Solution and fact end the problem, that is why I said it clear not keep it private.
    But just because I do not love Dinka, I don’t want to lose South Sudan as my land even though I do not love Dinka characters and misbehaving in the country. I guess I have to find the way in my heart to forgive and love Dinka because there is nowhere I will put the Dinka away out of South Sudan.
    We share same land with Dinka forever and ever, if I keeping hatred Dinka I will lose South Sudan as my country. I think is better for me to work together with Dinka as my brothers and sisters even though they are very hard to work with them.
    I know for sure there will be no South Sudan if I don’t want them in the country, I know for sure I can manage flashing out Dinka out from Juba and the keys capital cities places in South Sudan by war, but that is not the end of my problems.
    They will be still hanging around the bushes just like I do as Nuer. The Dinka will have no where to go besides South Sudan.
    I guess the ideas of hateful and evil planning get to stop, let us work together, us, just one South Sudanese and let us just ask our lost brothers and sisters who’re murdered during the war for their spirit to forgive us.

    • Deng Hanbol says:

      Kun Diew,
      I know who you are: you’re 100% Jang. You pretend to be a Nuer in order to deceive others, but in reality that is not true. Shame on you yea impersonator!

  15. mading says:

    I don’t think there is any Equatorian in his or her right mind will believe this trash, I am a Muonyjang, but I can not believe this piece of trash.
    Only those who are filled with Dinka hatred will believe this craziness, my question to the evil of this writing is what did Equatorians do to Jieng to make them want to get rid of them?
    If you are human being, try to preach peace not hatred there is no country in the world which doesn’t have problems.

  16. JAb Emmanuel says:

    what is really happening? are we striving for peace or hatred, if this is true then this country is gonna be controlled by outsider period!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      JAB Emmanuel,
      Indeed and irrefutably, the nation is under foreign control, by:
      1- Museveni of Uganda. of course, who is the godfather of the devil, Kiir Mayardit,
      2- It was again Museveni who colluded with other foreign powers to kill Dr. John Garang, who unknowingly, made the fatal mistake of taking that flight in Museveni’s own helicopter, and finally,
      3- Bona Malwal is the agent of Arab Sudan president Beshir, it was the Arabs that bred Bona from the humble office messenger boy in Juba in the nineteen-fifties to become a minister in jellaba Arab North Sudan, those are his masters. Bona never participated in the Anya Nya war or in the John Garang’s SPLM/A war.
      Truly, the country of South Sudan is under the tight-fist control of foreign countries, i.e. Uganda and Arab north Sudan.

  17. Taban Alimasi says:

    In this confusion and hatred anything is possible, but a sensible person should not consider these as solid truth. Not all jienges are thinking like Bona Malual or Telar Ring, who off course will do anything to impress the government after rebellion. Bona Malual who has nothing but waiting for his death, our Jienge brothers and sisters should not be deceived by Bona that Equatorian can easily be eliminated. This Bona Malual has failed southern Sudan high executive council regional government with his tribalism, which led to decentralisation of southern Sudan. If our Jienge brothers and sister are not rebuking these oldies, they are on mission to see Republic of South Sudan disintegrated into tribal or regionalism. If these is truth Bona Malual is playing with fire, when war breakout no one would know the outcome. During the second world war, the powerful Germany dream to occupy the whole of Europe, but at the end they were defeated.
    It is a disgrace, that we reach to this level, our brothers and sister who died during liberation scarify their life for the unity of South Sudan. People like Bona had never been fun of SPLA, I can’t understand how he become involve in SPLM government, he is nothing but working against the interest of South Sudanese. If there’s facts in these Bona and Telar are evil Oh God help South Sudan

  18. Scopas Ben Manas says:

    Please,south Sudanese try to be at peace with every one,and try to live a holy life,because no one will see the lord without it. Guard against turning back from the grace of God.let no one become like a bitter plant that grows up and causes many troubles with its poison.let no one become immoral after the Independence of this country south Sudan.

    Please be inform that God knows what you are planing in your hearts against innocent people of God in equatoria Region.the equatorians will NOT fight, but their GOD will fight for them.the only thing the EQUATORIANS can do is to take position.I HOPE GOD will change your mind that does not have wisdom,understanding and the fear of God.

    God bless you in your plans

  19. Dear:Mr John Almasi & Editor In Chief,

    Two of you,you do not know anything much about Ustaz Bona Malual Madut! Your criticism and attack on him is totally blunt like a kitchen knife! Him, he played a great role as much as possible for the South Sudan Home Cause!
    First,and forest, I knew the reason why you are criticizing him and attacking him. The reason is that he did not go in the war in the bush in the movement. This is on South Sudanese mentality because he should carry a gun.
    They are very wrong indeed! Carry a gun, without words of encouragement,support, information, reception, and food from civilians people, then you will never make any progress and improvement whatsoever the case maybe at this point!

    When SPLM/SPLA fought in the civil war, in the movement in the bush, who have sending information of Sudan government in the THEATRE to the movement? Was not non- combatants I mentioned about?
    War has a lot of contributions against the common enemies! If you fight a war without civil populations, well, bear in mind firm and hard that you will fail flat! Back to you!
    Sincere Keeping False Talk out of mind!

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Brother Abiko,
      You are absolutely correct, there are multiple way of fighting. Many southerners had contributed to the movement in many ways, as you had correctly mentioned. At the same time, there were many who were working against the movement and Bona Malual was one. Remember Bona Malual was living in London during the Liberation and he had established monthly or quarterly paper known as “Sudan Update”, where he was criticising SPLM and its leadership. Don’t tried to preach to converted, we are old enough to understand the history of South Sudan and former Sudan, know very well who are tribal and who are nationalist.

  20. Lokosang says:

    Brother Abiko there is no South Sudanese who doesn’t know that Bona is Jalaba boy number one except you. He worked hard to dismantle SPLM/A and he succeeded, and now he is working hard to divide the people of South Sudan on ethnic line. If there has been a greatest role he played, is to destroy not to build.
    Due know what Bona was doing during the liberation struggle? He was doing slave trade business in Baher El Ghazal Region. He use to gather children and women in hundreds in one location and made an agreement with some jalaba cattle keepers (Murahilin) and then he deceived the UNHCR to pay ransom.When that evil business was discovered, Dr John prevented him never to put his foot in South Sudan. Because his slave trade business was discovered, he became SPLM/A enemy number one. This is a fact that every SPLM/A member or supporters know very well.
    For that reason he played a big role to ensure Dr John is eliminated. When Dr John died in plane crash, immediately president Bashir appointed him presidential peace adviser. And this is what he said “if John Garang were to be alive, I wouldn’t be appointed as the presidential adviser” He also mentioned that during his movement in Baher El Ghazal and Eastern African countries, it was Salfa Kiir who had been protecting him.
    He came to Australia in 2005 to attend a wedding of his relative in Adelaide state. During his stay, he was invited by his Gogrial community in Sydney to talk to the South Sudanese and this is what he said ” There is nothing call new Sudan, what SPLM/A is calling for is an elution”
    This is what I replied to him in my capacity as the SPLM chairman ” New Sudan is a concept to transform the old Sudan where there was injustice, discrimination, insecurity, to a new Sudan where there is justice, equality, freedom of expression and rule of law regardless of ethnicity, religion and culture and this concept can be applied whether within the context of the whole Sudan or within the context of South Sudan if it become an independent state”
    You know what happened! he got angry and said ” Lokosang you can not lecture me I know what the new Sudan is”
    That is the Bona Malual that you are defending. May be you have certain common interest.

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Brother Logosang,
      Preach, preach to this Abiko, who must be teenager and doesn’t know the history of SPLM/A, Abiko should be carefully and attentive to those like you who have understood the value and ideology of SPLM. Those in Juba are not SPLM, but group of gangs under the direction of Bona Malual, and they have tarnished the reputation of SPLM. Abiko if you are grandson of Bona Malual, I am sorry your grandfather is the mastermind of destruction in South Sudan, very divisive individual, but his days are number, someone like him will disappear unnoticed like Hassan Turabi.

  21. Juma Addis says:

    South Sudan needs intergenerational revolution to achieve a lasting peace.
    Seven years of self- government in South Sudan have yield more suffering and tribalism than any time in the history of South Sudan. The mighty SPLM/A that had triggered political discourse in the living rooms of Sudanese for 21 years, has been reduced to militia, out spoken politician who clearly articulated the marginalisation and inequality in Sudan, reduce to tribal spoke person. I wonder if this is the fulfilment of Prophecy of Isaiah 18, but what is clear is our leaders have lost their ways and dwelling in history. In twenty first century, none of us can build tribal empire, no one should think that one or two tribe would control a nation, this was possible during decolonisation period when the world was primitive. For more than 21 years we had fought against similar domination from Khartoum government, it was bad to us, when government policies and laws in former Sudan were dominated by northerner’s values. When given opportunity for self-government, we precisely do the same, what a hypocrite our politicians are, this is nothing but “Animal Farm Story”, we the younger generation need to liberate ourselves from this tribalism and build national identity.

  22. J. Malooma says:

    Although it may not be the original minutes of Kirr-JCE/Telar meeting(s), nonetheless, it wouldn’t be hard for those who read between the lines to see the similarities between Kirr-jce’s thinking patterns and how this piece was written.
    We all need peace to begin with! But, it will require a miracle for Jieng Rek of Salva Kirr the (cannibalistic) section of jieng who for centuries fed on human flesh, to bring peace and stability and build this nation called SS!
    I’m sorry to say this, but I have to say it anyway!
    Only Nuer/naath commentators will grasp of what the “Jieng Rek” means. Considering the non-jieng people of South Sudan as “DOGS and PIGS” is not warranted. But, the reverse is correct!
    According to Nuer/naath narratives, cannibalism of Jieng particularly the Jieng of Bhar el Gazel, against Naath/Nuer people doesn’t begin in the Juba massacre 2013, but it goes back to centuries.
    Nuer believed that a good number of “JEING REK” (REK) are having two identities; both human and animal, because they usually changed into dogs, lions, hyenas etc. and can caused a great deal of insecurity to their neighbors. See the media reports on unusual “dogs’ attacks” in Tonj and beyond!
    You wouldn’t missed a story of a highly intelligent Rek man, who nicknamed himself “Gatluak Magnuol”. This cannibal man and others took resident at the Nuer’s mainland bushes and had caused a big threat on Nuer communities and beyond in terms of attacks and kills for food on both people and livestock.
    Therefore, Nuer managed to kill the rest, but failed to kill Gatluak Magnuol during his atrocities because he kept changing his identity into different kinds including human, goat, cow, etc. Until when the colonial authorities (British) captured him and died in custody.
    Let’s add up theses characters and see whether or not it’s possible for these groups of people to bring peace and harmony to the nation!
    Cannibalism + Tribalism + Thievery + Corruptions + Unknown gunmen= ?

  23. Hoiloom says:

    J. Malooma,

    Thank you this insightful narrative, the article as you have rightly summarized might not have been written by JCE gangs but it is in line with their thinking. For God sake what other evidence do we need to discover that Jaang have an agenda of exterminating the rest of South Sudanese? Just check the Chollo Kingdom, Greater Equatoria and make your own conclusion. I have not mentioned the Nuer land because we are their perceived arch enemy and if and when they get an opportunity they will use it to the maximum to annihilate us. In short the Khartoum peace is just a temporary ceasefire, which is not even holding considering the attacks against IO positions in Central Equatoria and Unity State. As long as these cannibals are the helm of South Sudan leadership forget about stability..it is either them or us, simple.


    • Mor-Amook says:

      Dear all,
      this is a story created by anti-peace elements. They are not happy as to why peace was signed with the same government, so they are still pursuing agenda of regime change by the means of guns.
      For this reason, they are desperate to create any situation that continues to divide people. They tried with region, but failed. They are being pushed by forces outside the region who have the same feathers with them.

      These writers are not sons/daughters of Equatoria or else they are not even living in South Sudan. Shame on you guys, fighting for just personal interest is not permitted by almighty God. I therefore appeal to all peace lovers South Sudanese to disregard such statements and let’s give peace a chance.

    • Mor-Amook says:

      Dear all,
      This is a real fabricated story with no references and full of lies. How can a South Sudanese let go an inch of South Sudan territory, such as Abyei, Renk, …etc as named in the article? These are evidences that the story is created by anti-peace element to fool people to doubt peace and prefer to continue war. Even Gen.Thomas cirillo who is now fighting to exterminate Jieng will not sell off those areas of South Sudan in exchange for getting power or clearing Jieng.

      This website is visited by intellectuals, you should be aware that your story will be analyse and concluded as nonsense. The writer is warlord who was benefiting, getting financial support from outside in the name of struggle, but now frustrated on how would he be getting such support if people of South Sudan gonna support peace!!

      • Tyson says:

        This is not a concocted story! It is the reality of the JCE evil acts. God knows how miserable the JCE and how they are enslaved with evil thoughts and desires.
        Let God continue to protect His children against the satan manifesting itself in the JCE hearts. God should forgive JCE because they do not know what they are doing. At the foot of the cross, you forgave them all. Glory be to your precious Name!
        Vengeance belong to God and He will protect the endangered minority tribes in this blood thirsty country driven by JCE

  24. False Millionnaire says:

    Do those who man road blocks to screen off unarmed citizens from transport cars and masacre them know what they are doing?
    If your conviction about the JCE is such,why do you beat around the bush instead of admitting that you and them are two faces of the same nasty coin?!!!

  25. This is a wild dream that existed in the minds of the Jieng since after Addis Ababa agreement. The reason is that the majority of them went to the bush because they thought they were forcibly removed from Juba, the town that transformed their lives from animal to humans.
    They were fighting with bitterness and hatred. The plan is not new. It has been instituted by their leaders right in the bush.
    They were promised that the land of Equatoria will be given to them.
    The claim that South Sudan belongs to the Dinka is playing with history. The Dinka claimed that Khartoum was their land. Who brought them to South Sudan?
    Did they leave their residence voluntarily or were they dislodged by force and they found refuge in the southern part of the Sudan?
    There are very reasonable Dinkas like other people, but their problem is the mob mentality. They always follow the boss of the mob be he (has to be a man) wrong or right is all the same.
    Anybody who contradicts the boss is severely dealt with and this creates fear among the fair-minded Dinkas.

    • Mg says:

      Super dumb to believe in this fake?ya just keep supporting nonsense, president of south Sudan said that he is ready to kill his people, after all these years fighting Arab people

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