Kiir: “I can’t bring peace alone & there are rebels inside UNMISS!”

FROM: Al Jazeera et al, NOV/02/2014, SSN;

In the latest interview with Al Jazeera’s reporter Nick Clark that was aired last Saturday, Pres. Kiir adamantly reiterated that ‘there will be no sharing of power’ with Dr. Riek Machar, his former vice and now leader of the opposition SPLM fighting Kiir’s government.

Very explicitly, Kiir made it abundantly clear that in an agreement with Riek Machar that is being negotiated, the post of prime minister will have ‘NO executive POWERS AS THERE IS NO SHARING OF POWER.’

Repeatedly, Pres. Kiir stated that the position of the proposed Prime Minister won’t have any EXECUTIVE POWER AT ALL.

For Machar to accept peace, Kiir firmly stated, ‘there will be no power sharing, and that after the agreement, WE GO FOR ELECTION.’

In his characteristic sarcasm, Pres. Kiir inferred that ‘Machar wants me to resign,’ adding, ‘he, Machar, is negotiating himself in and I am negotiating myself out!’

When Al Jazeera Nick Clark reminded Kiir that in the recent Arusha meeting Kiir shook hands with Machar and both accepted full responsibility and ceasefire, he asked Kiir what it will take to achieve if Kiir is clean, Kiir simply retorted, “you ask Riek.”

Nor surprising, as usual, Kiir repeated, ‘I don’t compromise alone.’

Weirdly, in response to question as to whether the current war was due to disputes and differences in the SPLM party, Kiir dismissively refuted that the war was a result of tribal rivalries or differences in the party.

Just over three years after the world’s newest country was founded, South Sudan is in deep trouble: At least 10,000 people were killed, 1.8 million displaced, and 100,000 are in UN protection camps across the country.

President Salva Kiir has struggled to contain a rebellion led by his former deputy Riek Machar which dates back to December 2013 when vice president Machar was sacked by Kiir.

Violence erupted amongst the presidential guard in the capital Juba and sparked a series of massacres on both sides.

Now sexual violence is said to be at the worst levels in the world, child soldiers are being forced to fight and aid agencies say millions could be on the brink of famine.

There has been a series of broken deals and ceasefires. Progress was made in Tanzania two weeks ago when all parties agreed to take collective responsibility for the conflict.

In this episode of Talk to Al Jazeera, we meet Salva Kiir in Juba as another round of negotiations is ongoing in Ethiopia in a bid to forge a long lasting peace. What will it take to end the bitter rivalries that have engulfed South Sudan?

South Sudanese President Salva Kiir said in an interview broadcast on Saturday that the United Nations bases in South Sudan are hosting “people who fought physically” against his government, saying these people have ‘guns’ and are ‘agitating.’

This is at minimum the third time that Kiir or his spokesman have made public remarks associating the people under UN protection with ‘rebels.’ The majority of the approximately 100,000 people under protection of peacekeepers are ethnic Nuers.

Kiir made these remarks in an interview with Al Jazeera television recorded last Tuesday but not aired until Saturday. Asked about the situation of the civilians in the UN ‘Protection of Civilians’ sites he said that the suffering of these people is “something they have subjected themselves to.”

“There was no reason for people to run into the camps,” he said.

The president was then challenged by the Al Jazeera interviewer that the people were “fleeing from conflict.” Kiir replied pointing out that some ethnic Nuers in some areas “are safe – they did not die.”

Al Jazeera journalist Nick Clark challenged the president again, saying, “They ran for their own safety – there’s 27,000 still in the camps around Juba and they’re still too scared to come out.”

Kiir replied, “This is one group from the categories that ran to the UN camp. This is a group – the people who fought physically, who were involved in the conflict, when they saw that they were defeated, they ran to the UN for protection.”

He was apparently referring to defecting Nuer members of the Presidential Guard and other SPLA units who fought with Salva Kiir’s forces on the night and morning of 15-16 December in Juba.

The United Nations has reported that these ‘defeated’ Nuer troops were pursued by Kiir’s forces in the early morning of 16 December.

In a human rights report, the UN said Kiir’s troops “ chased them through civilian neighbourhoods, shooting at them on the way… Many soldiers began conducting house-to-house searches, killing, looting, and conducting arbitrary arrests.”

“Corroborated witness accounts indicate that Nuer civilians were targeted and gross violations of human rights and humanitarian law were committed in the process,” the UN Human Rights Division reported.

Apparently some of the surviving Nuer soldiers laid down their guns and uniforms and sought protection of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), along with tens of thousands of Nuer civilians.

In the interview with Al Jazeera, Kiir went on to reiterate his demand for the guns of these former soldiers to be returned to his forces. “I have been asking for their guns, but the guns have not been given back to me, up to now.”

He added that the group of people under UN protection in Juba “will not accept to come out,” adding, “they are agitating the rest of the other categories, pumping into them fear that if they come out they will be slaughtered.”

‘Rebels inside UNMISS compounds’

Kiir made similar comments in January when he accused UN peacekeepers of plotting to take over the country and harboring his enemies on their bases.

“You will get guns with uniforms [on UN bases]… People come to them with guns. I asked them to give us back our guns… so there is a problem with the international community and it is something that people will have to thrash out with them.”

Similarly, Kiir’s information minister and the official government spokesman has designated unarmed Nuer civilians within UNMISS bases ‘rebels.’

Speaking on 18 April 2014, a day after the massacre of more than 50 ethnic Nuers inside a UNMISS camp, Minister of Information Michael Makuei said, “We cannot continue to accommodate rebels inside UNMISS compounds.”

Kiir’s government has made no arrests in connection with those killings, which took place at that UN base on the outskirts of Bor. The perpetrators are known to have gathered in the government-controlled town of Bor in preparation for the attack.

The attack on the UNMISS base came after the Mission released a human rights report saying that “members of the Presidential Guard, also known as the Tiger Battalion” were seen participating in “mass killings” in Juba in mid-December.

Watch the whole interview here: Al Jazeera video


  1. AGUMUT says:

    GOOD GOOD AND good.

    • monychol says:

      Agumut, is that is what you appreciates when the president called children and women rebels?
      I see here the president is succumbing to yours and Michael Makuei language that you used in Bortown as a prelude to attacking women and children there.What a disgrace! You should be a shamed of yourselves.
      Who is president Kiir kidding that he is in the business of bringing peace to the country? How can one person be the war initiator and the peace bearer? Nonsense: You fight.Kiir brought Uganda and Riek is going to bring Khartoum into the conflict.Both leaders are traitors.You bring your clan militias Mathiang Anyoor from Rek and Jesh Meboor from Bul.
      You fight kill as many from you clans as you can sons of bitches.

      • Madut Chier says:

        I don’t think you’re aware that Riek was with Khartoum since 1991 to 2002 fighting alongside NIF but the SPLM/A came out victorious and here we are in an independent South Sudan. Where there Uganda Troops fighting alongside SPLA from 1991 to 2005?
        If Uganda troops were; then you’re free to let everybody know. What different would it make today if Riek go back to Khartoum? Do you think you’re going to be welcome as prince? No because you’re still going to be welcome as (abeet) are back again and you know what that word means in Arabic.
        Remember Monychol; Riek and Nyandeeng are going to be enjoying their secret night’s visits in Nairobi, Addis Ababa and Khartoum hotels as many times as they can and that’s the legacy your clan is going to be known for; for the rest of your life? And that’s a true shame to John Garang’s family.

        • monychol says:

          Madut Chier, we knows all along that your war is all about destroying John Garang legacy if not, then what is the issue with Garang’s family? Garang has done his share and his legacy will not be destroyed.Instead, you have spoiled the opportunity that you have at hand to register your legacy and you will have no legacy we will see where will you get it and who will accord you that honor since what you loves most is not the nation but food, money, sex and murdering people.
          We long ago rejected slavery be it from Jellaba or Banyankole Bantus that you have sold the country to.
          We rejected both even if your Kiir is dying of alcohol withdrawal sickness in Khartoum.
          Kiir is a deadman walking by the way.Alcohol has already finished him and that is why he breakdown when he spent a day without drinking in Khartoum.
          Alcoholics are never responsible fathers, sons, daughters, wives, husbands let alone being presidents.
          That alcoholic called Kiir is done.Alcohol seizure crushed him in Khartoum and he was shaking like helll.What a shame!!!!! What country can be represented like that what an embarassment!

        • LONG says:


          SPLA never come out victorious, SPLA was at the point of total defeat before America pumped in lots of money through Ethiopia, with Uganda helping the shipment of arms for what was dubbed operation thunder volt(OTV) in 1997, they(Ethio 7 Ug) participated in assault of Kaya, Morobo, Yei and Lainya till we were defeated in Kuburi 40.

          In 2002, SAF and South Sudanese Melitais of Wani Konga, and EDF gave us a bloody nose we will never forget.

          Now the war is between Museveni and Bhasir, let us see whose war planes are superior.

          But I can tell you, Sudan’s armory is bigger than the whole East Africa Combine, its only the fear of international community that kept us bragging otherwise bro, SPLA is nothing to SAF.

          • Chol Mabur says:

            You are denying SPLA victory but never come close to saying SPLA was defeated. When you say “SPLA was at the point of total defeat” doesn’t actually mean SPLA was defeated! This is like saying “I was about to beat you” Well; does it actually mean you beat that person?! Of course not!

            Second; Sudan air force couldn’t do anything to SPLA during the war of liberation when most Equatorians were fighting alongside with them! I know yours fathers were the idiots being used by Sudan to come and fight in the South Sudan. Would that make any different when other idiots joint them? Absolutely not!

      • BILL KUCH says:

        That’s correct and there is no doubt on how President called them because they are. And for you, aren’t they women and children of rebels? They are there hiding because their fathers husbands are killing other children and women of others as well. What are they if you don’t want them to be termed as rebels?

        • monychol says:

          Agumut, are you educated, civilized and knows international conventions? I guess you may know them but ignores them for your ethnic hatred reasons.
          You, Kiir, Makuei and those who uses that language of desperation and hopelessness are exposing your wicked attitude to all the public of South Sudan, the region and the world community and judgement had already been rendered that you are not supposed to lead others in the first place that is why the region and the world community is forcing you to negotiate yourselves out of power.Nobody will entrust that country into your hands anymore.Read the lips of IGD memembers and all the world has lost confidence in your maturity.
          We are sorry for Salva Kiir as you have used him and his power for your diabolical and malicious plots for destructions.It is good that it collapsed on your and your August cabinet of death is to be disbanded and that garbish piece of paper you called the constitution is being burned in Addis Ababa by Mabior John Garang as John Garang burnt former NIF constitution in Naivasha.
          Mabior John Garang is a son of a man.
          Wait for him, he is your savior like his father.He will bring you a reformed South Sudan while you are burnt out by hate and anger and you are acting against your very survival.Sorry, you needs someone else to make reasonable decisions for you guys as you are too deforned to see then and Mabior John Garang is doing that for you.I know you will loves the fruits of it.
          E nhom anyiaar ku ke thar mith.Mabior like dad will fix it for you jealous and malicious slaves.You have false self pride that has consequences that wreck havoc in your lives and your love ones.

  2. jijury says:

    What an idiot president, he is calling innocent people who escaped for their dear lives defected Rebels! God help South Sudan!

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Fool and poor Jijury,
      You are the most stupid and imbecile creature on this earth not the President, some slave-minded like will keep on barking at the elected president but there is no way unless you kneels in front of him and the legitimate government of South Sudan and seek for forgiven.
      Otherwise you have nowhere to go or I won’t see you and your murderous regime ascending to power as along as SPLA our gallant forces exist.
      Believe it, take it or leave it but the truth is, those wanderers in the UNMISS Camp are pure rebels as indicated by their traitorous attitudes.
      Mark my words dog!

      • AW Joseph says:

        God forbid if we will ever have a nation that is recognised and respected worldwide like the Old United Sudan..!! OOH my God..!! How can we civilized Equatrorians be ruled by savages..??
        Jesus Christ..!! How dare someone like J.Chin Jacob who not long ago used to roam the streets of Juba naked before we cleaned Juba of the shame they used to cause in 1983 can now look down on us boasting that they liberated Equatoria and calling intelligent men slaves..?
        Where are you Major General C. W. Konga? Where are you Col. J Bangasoro..? Where are you Major General L Lojore..?? Where are you Lt General Thomas Cirilo..?? Where are You Major General Obutu Momur..?? Where are you Major General Augustine Jadalla…?? Where are you General Abraham Wani..??
        Surely we look to you for leadership, guidance, support, protection, representation. Above all you need to stand up and say to the JIENGE that you too fought in the battles. Therefore we deserve our rightful place in this country.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        J. Chin Jacob:

        Please go revisit my previous comment regarding slavery before you make a fool of yourself. A fox smells its own hole first. The well-known slaves in South Sudan are DINKA. Check out the link given to you by Elhag Paul and educate yourself of what the real slaves are. You look confuse and stupid in the eyes of those who know the history of slavery in South Sudan. Check your DNA, you might be a son of slave in Bhar El Ghazel. If so, do not speak of South Sudanese affairs any longer. Go to find your roots somewhere in Arab world.

  3. Warrior says:

    believe it or not those who have ran into UNMISS compound seeking for protection, these groups are associated with the rebels. you can’t assumed that everyone in the UNMISS compound are all civilians, they are rebels within UNMISS compound seeking for protection after they were badly defeated by Tiger Battalion, if you can’t afford to fight the war then don’t start and run away from the fire. guess what this war is being fought in Nuerland and those who are suffering mostly predominately are Nuer people, how do you feel now since war is being on Nuerland, but people like you who always like to incited the violence, this is the consequences of not knowing destruction of war to entirely community and country at large.

  4. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Jijury or janyjara.

    son of bitch you call president idiot who are you foreigner in this land to says some things in south sudan about our head of state.
    surely they were rebel in other hand supporting Riek machar.

  5. Kondokoro says:

    you are absolutly right these guys are tribalist and have no place in south sudan who are they? they are real rebels in unimis like the case in Juba when they were defeated they ran to unimis camp and when they heart there is salaries for soldiers some came out to get paid, you just killed your coliques and you want to go get paid with them what a nation these group thinking it is? even this one who called president idiot is a rebel himself , but the real nuer and the rest of south sudanese will teach them a leson they will never forget

  6. Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

    Once a slave is always a slave. Let Uganda slave you, but we will resist both just like we did to British. Good observation, Jijury, you are doing the right thing. Do not let these slaves reduce you to their level. We are way better than them. We can’t let a human slave us, we always stand on our two feet.

  7. Agutran says:

    Just Nuer;
    Slave are the ones who ran to Ethiopia, or the rebels hiding with civilians in the UN compounds with no free movement and i believe you’ll be there where you’re for the rest of your life complaining and that’s what cowards do. Look up the meaning of slave and schooled yourself.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      Your President is dying in shame for fear of Nuer. Malong Awan is dying too like a woman. No matter how long it takes, we will neutralize your numskull. Keep licking Ugandans, JEM, SPLM-N, and Nuer-weu feets. We are in South Sudan in Nuer-land and we will keep twisting our arms in a manly manner with your rental troops, coward.

      We will fight the whole East Africa until Justice is serve.

      • Agutran says:

        Another Nuer;
        Don’t wish someone else death since you personally don’t know when you’ll die and for that reason you maybe the one who will die first you never know. And even if your wishes are true that someone you wish to die dies; do you think your supporters will come any closer? Not a chance in a million years! You’ll always be hopeless rebels for the rest of your life!

        • Agutran,

          Do not give “Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa” wrong for telling you the truth. Slave is some who give in and do everything the master ask him or her to do. For example, Salva Kiir is a real slave to Museveni because he can do anything Museveni ask him to do. Nuer who ran away into UN compound and Ethiopia are not slave because they are not working for someone else. And the reason they went to UN compound and Ethiopia is because they do not want to be slaves of Salva and his boyfriend Museveni. If you like the Nuer who are slave now are Nuer Bul, James Hoth, Nguen Manytuiel, Dr. Riek Gai and those Nuer who are in the Government.

          The reason I said these Nuer are slaves is because the very government they work for is still killing Nuer in Juba and various frontlines and they do not say anything to the government they are saving. For example, Nuer who are in the government in Malakal are being killed everyday, but the slave Nuer leaders in the government do not say anything about them. Another example is that in August, a government Helicopter picked up wounded soldiers twice from Mayom, but those wounded solders never reach Juba Hospital or any other hospital in South Sudan. The government dropped them somewhere else and killed all of them. However, the Bul governor Nguen Manytuiel did not say a word to his government. This is a true example of slavery.

          • Agutran says:

            Bentiu Ramaran;
            It seems like you don’t know the meaning of the word slave! How is Museveni using president Kiir; when Kiir is the one using M7 to do what he wants? President Kiir is not working in Uganda for M7 which would mean Kiir is a slave to M7; but M7 is the one working for Kiir in South Sudan.

            If I hire you Mr. Bentiu Ramaran to come and clean my house; who between us would be known as a Slave or the one being used to do the work? Remember; writing or speaking English doesn’t put you into the well-informed club but what you write or say is!

            No wonder most of your tribesmen are highly irrational and therefore the only thing they know is how to pull the triggers and shoot aimlessly! If you want to be respected; then don’t follow idiots and if you don’t who the idiots are; then you have to be one of them.

  8. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Nuer -another Israel in East Africa.

    let me tell you this you been talking of Uganda and I can see there is no Ugandan in Upper Nail and Unity where you attacked the Government forces all the time.
    you are defeated three time in Unity state leave alone malakal and still singing the song we shall resist so when are you going to resist? in Bush or in pan thou. we are not slaves because we are in South Sudan, but you are in North looking for support in Arab Land. give your ass to be fuck up by Bashir son of nyantoc,( liel du ngom gaar)

  9. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


    Who told you there is no Uganda in Upper Nile and Unity States? Who recaptured Bentiu and Rubkona few days ago? Mind you, I was part of the battlion who captured it. Thousands of Ugandans were flown in as reinforcement. Another group came in from Sudan, JEM and SPLM-N. These are the very people who recaptured Bentiu.

    In Upper Nile, Uganda are in Malakal, Palouch, and Renk. Who are you trying to fool, idiot? (lor cham Agany ya Meth atornyot) son of a bitch.

    Once a slave is always a slave. Keep watching dishes for Uganda. We will twists our arms in manly manner with them, but you women need to keep quiet. And do what the master instruct you do to.

  10. AGUMUT says:

    A general pardon or Amnesty will come to those afraid Southerners in the UNMISS Camps when peace agreement is sign.It was their mistake when they supported a POT BELLY and DIABOLICAL.

  11. AGUMUT says:

    I think mr.Fake PHD and his entire Families plus mabior Garang and his MUM shouldn’t be allow back to the South because John Garang’s visions and SPLM are worthless.

  12. jijury says:

    Gokrial Village Chief is only use foreign mercenaries to protect himself we will soon cut off the damn oil and see if he will go to Warrap to sell those ugly cows. To those Dumb tribalists called Alier Kon and Kondokoro, we completely rejected your village Chief’s strategy to build Warrap Kingdom in South Sudan capital Juba. Kingdoms can not be build by thieves study the world history so you can learn. The little oil money your village chief got will soon finish I’m the bush to get rid of your village Chief by all means. Here in Bentiu your mercenaries are hiding behind UNMISS camp in Rubkoni. We tried many times to get them out but there is no way also we don’t want to hurt our innocent civilians. We are inside Bentiu town if your forces have capacity to fight back after we took the town let them come. . Kiir days are numbered this Gokrial idiots had destroyed our country so we in opposition will ensure they pay for it. Kiir keep calling himself a hero who fought for this country leaving Joseph Lago out of nowhere. Kiir does not even Respect our founding father General Joseph Lago. He forgot when he was in his village in Gokrial General Lago was already in the bush fighting. I heard he is in coma in Khartoum. If so we don’t want him to die. We want to capture both him and Paul Malong alive so they can tell us why they planed to destroy South Sudan when all the oil monies were left for them to eat? Monychol and Nuer Gat Ram Mi Ran in Israel thanks for seeing the big picture. VIVA South Sudan.

  13. Mapuor says:

    Nyagats must face defeat,

  14. Kei says:

    Five (5) things you need to know about drinking too much whisky are: Coma, going crazy, going nut, sleeping in the important meetings, and don’t know the direction of where the village is going.

  15. J A C Ramba says:

    Dear Junubien
    Reading all your comments, one is more than convinced that you are just a bunch of wild and savage tribes who do not deserve to have been together under one sovereign state in the first place. Go back and read all your comments and see how much hatred each tribe has for the others.
    But let me assure you that your fate will not be any different to that deadly fate experienced by the people of Somalia over the past period of nearly three decades.
    Once the world reaches to the conclusion that it is no longer feasible to bring peace to South Sudan and that won’t be too long, they will shift to the ‘Congo tactics’ of siphoning your country’s natural resources while you are busy butchering one another.
    Today anyone of you who continues to think that the ‘Jallaba’ were wrong to mistreat you for a whole century, that person must be out of their mind. You are just the ideal type to be colonised by proxy as Britain did to Sudan, including South Sudan using Egypt as the proxy. Today while Sudan remains entangled to Egypt, South Sudan has been officially handed over to Uganda for adoption, polishing and obviously era of yet another USA colonialism by proxy.
    South Sudan has been cursed with a pathological drunkard for a president, yet instead of finding a way out of what is clearly a national crises by surrendering this addict to the AAA group , you are here quarrelling one another. This alcoholic president has been sleeping in meetings, conferences… it and the list goes forever. He has already collapsed several times in the past. Exhaustion or fatigue due to over consumption of alcohol is not responsible leadership.
    Alcohol induced dementia known as Korsakoff Syndrome is slowly eating away this ‘accidental president’. The future ahead of him is totally bleak. Soon there, will be the irreversible liver failure, abdominal ascites, ruptured oesophageal varices and the financial and political cost on the nascent state will be unbearable.
    This country’s politics will never sober up until the country gets a sober leadership. Full time drunk as the president Salva Kiir is, everything in the country will remain indefinitely trapped up in a state of stupor. Political limbo is where South Sudan is now !

    • Gatkuoth Lok says:


    • AGUMUT says:

      Psychologically and physically,think twice before you write.You mightbe Europeans origin because your name contains many Alphabets or you maybe mr.PHD or the so called reporter for well educated.

    • Chol Mabur says:

      You’re not informed enough to know that the hatred you saw is fueled by the very same people like you. Your comment isn’t any different than the ones you read! Open your thick skull and read your own comment to see if it’s any different than others.

  16. Wutjikol says:

    Dear brother J A C Ramba,

    You have said all correctly. South Sudanese generally have lost touch with reality. The problem is not Nuer, Dinka or any other tribe in the country. The main issue of concern is lack of unified and dedicated leader who can unite all our diverse communities. President Salva Kiir as you have also described him correctly is not a leader who can unite our people leave alone his adictions to alcohols. Unfortunately, the man is a bunch of tribalist of highest degree comparably to former Uganda president Idi Amin Dada and Jeans Bedel Bukasa of Central Africa Republic. He is a curse to our country. As long as he remains in power it will be very hard to convince the rebels to return back under his disgraceful leadership. Please take my words seriously. IGAD, Troika and UN are all wasting their time to negotiate the ongong peace in Ethiopia with Kiir to remain as president.

  17. Abiel says:

    The truth is this we don’t care about those who are inside the unmiss even if they are formed armies or rebels supporters because they are ready surrounded to unmiss but if the government found someone given the sensitive information to rebels then the government have a right to give him or her sanction.but the important one of our mandates oder to
    bring theirs the intemperance leaders to face the trails.

  18. AGUMUT says:

    South Sudanese are not leaving their country because of few confused politicians,i beg them not to leave their land Off.

  19. monychol says:

    How can live in a country run by alcoholic? Alcohol has disoriented this leader called Kiir and the nation needs a sober president and sober leadership not drunkards like Kiir, Kuol, Makuei, Malong and Aleu these men are not sober.They are suffering from alcohol hollucinations.Even the coup that they talked about and started awar was only alcohol ringing in their ears.
    The country needs a sober leadership not shamasheen.

  20. AGUMUT says:

    Actually have you been Hacked? Bloody dangerous Coup was going on, you need to wake up.

  21. monychol says:

    Agumut, I was in Juba as I’m still in Juba now.That shooting among presidential guard at the SPLA military headquarter at Gaida near Jebel Kujjur cannot be classified as a coup unless you donot know the definition of a coup.What hsppened was just a military skirmish among soldiers.A coup by definition is a cordination attempt for military to takeover power by targeting strategic installations such as radio and TV stations, presidential palace, bridges, airports, major routes in and out of the city, barracks and armorries, hospitals and key institutions such as central bankand there must be a central co ordinating senior military office.Non of the above occurred in Juba at that night.Therefore: there was no coup one sign does not diagnose a disease.A headeache does not means malaria.

  22. Bol Akuol. says:


    Monychol was one of the coup plotters but he used pelpel Jieng to slipped away from Nuer otherwise he would have slaughtered like his late Uncle Akuot Atem.

    • monychol says:

      Bol Akuol, you are the kind of people who manufacture lies to throw the country into chaos and if chaos has missed you because you were not in you county or payam, it would find you wherever you are this time round and you will be thrown into the river Nile like your uncle Martin Majier Gai.

  23. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Coward AW Joseph,
    Thank God you don’t know me nor do you have a clue about Dinka coz Dinka have never roamed in Juba but instead Dinka came to Juba as men to free most Equatorians from slavery.
    You will keep crying like an orphan and you will keep on begging…begging…begging and begging others to sacriffice their precious life in favour of your evil demand against Dinka but unfortunately these Generals you are fooling yourself around with them aren’t your type at all and they won’t make it simply because they look at the kind of a person who is trying to collide them with the potent & eminent patriotics like Dinka and more importantly, majority of your Generals or Commanders are Dinka speakers due to the fact they were commanding Dinka in the battlefields as their infantries while most of you were busy in the Camp enjoying a refuge life and here today you are shamelessly calls on Generals whom you didn’t protect in the frontline.
    FYI, some chicken-hearted bogus like you deserves nothing than being described as slave, traitor, coward, backstabber, common enemy and a foreigner.
    By the way when did you and the likes become awared of the importance of Generals or Army Commanders?
    It is so ridiculous to talk about your few Commanders and Generals in the Army and you have stupidly failed to list all the Generals or Commanders in the South Sudan Army and tell me how many of them Dinka.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      J. Chin Jacob
      I want to remind you that you need to know your history very well before calling people who have never been enslaved slaves. Here is a link to help you learn about your history. Please watch the video carefully. There are a lot of clips in that video. When you watch the first clip just let it roll as it will continue to bring you many other different clips. Enjoy learning your history by clicking here:

      • Agutran says:

        Are you that short-sighted to believe those clips you displayed are genuine; other than lies for those particular individual to get what they want? Did you notice the quality of the video compared to the quality of the video from the 18th or 19th century when the slavery was going on? Of course not because you’re not that bright to know anything! How many lies have you “Paul” personally told to leave South Sudan during the war? There are young men called Lost Boys today in the United States of America; do you truly believe they are Lost-Boys? You haven’t said anything that proved J.Chin Jacob wrong because you’re utterly clueless!

        • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


          Truth hurts excruciatingly and it is hitting your skull really hard. Wake up and accept that the only known slaves in South Sudan are your people. As you have described us above, we pick gun up real quick no matter how powerful you are. You have to respect us to deserve the reciprocal; otherwise, expect a bullet or spear running through your butt. Accept that you are a descendant of Slaves and move on.

  24. AGUMUT says:

    Riek Machar is very lucky because he is from South Sudan where they ignore mentally ill people like him,his PHD and his Commander should have being BANNED long time ago.

  25. Jake says:

    Salva claims he can’t bring peace alone. Why single handedly responsible for bring this war and death. Salva God have mercy on your Cursed Soul. We in south Sudan entrusted you with the lives of this nation ‘ citizens. Your lust for power has caused un-imaginable death. If you truly loved your people like you claim while shedding those crocodile tears on Aljazeera, you would not have opted to murder your political opponents and send this country to the abyss. He is a question to all you idiots who send your kids to their Graves for a selfish mass murderers like kirr and Malong. Where are their own Kids? Malong has 100s. While Kiir ‘s son Manut is an officer in the presidential guards. He was however flown out of the country on the morning of Dec 16th after his father’s fabricated coup. Why is Kiir’s son life more important than your own or your site?

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