Kiir Government Troops Violate Cease-fire Agreement in W.Bahr el Ghazal Region

PR, AUG/04/2018, SSN;

1. Although the signing of the 21 December 2017 Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities and the permanent ceasefire on June 2018, by all woring parties in the Republic of South Sudan, unfortunatly the Kiir Government troops intensified its ofensive in the Western Bahar El Ghazal WBG region and some parts of Equatorian region.

2. The agressions by the government troops in the WBG region raised a serious question about the benefit of the ceasefire agreement and the current peace negotiation in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum, for search of lasting peace in the country. One may ask what is the government’s real intention of waging daily attacks on the positions of Lion Forces during on going peace negotaiton?

3. Even before the signing of the perminant ceasefire, the government troops continued to attack the Lion Forces, an ally forces to the SPLA-IO, under the Comand of Dr. Riek Machar Deny. In which the Lion Forces managed several times to defend their positions, repulse the government troops and cause them heavy casualities. It has been documented that:

a. On 15 June 2018 the government troops attacked civilians in the liberated areas, under control of the Lion Forces in both Wadhelel and Baggari.

b. On 23 June 2018 the government troops attacked the Lion Forces positions in both Baggari and Mboro area.
c. On 26 June 2017 an attack by the government troops on civilians in Ongo Baggari and Ngisa, where governemtn troops killed, burned civilian houses, and looted their proparties.
d. On 27 June 2018 and July 6, 2018 the government troops initiated multiple attacks on Lion Forces position in the Ngo Khaki area, where they used heavy artilarlies to chase away Lion Forces, in order to rabe, kill, loot and destroy civilian properties.
e. On 9 June 2018 an attack by government troops in Mboro area, where they killed 3 civilians, including a pastor who has been serving in the local Church. In the same event the government troops arrested two (2) civilians, including Lewis Mabrouk. Currently, the two (2) arrested civilians have been transfared to new National Security building in Wau. And the list of violation by the government continued.

4. The answer to the above question of why the government intensifying its agresssion during the process of peace negotioation is that, by keeping violating the ceasefire agreement the government intent to gain more teritority from local tribes in WBG region.
The government wants to have larger control over the WBG region, in order to deny the local citizens any present, rights and therefore their demands for reform. These unsolicited firing incidents also allow them to push both the Lion Forces and the inhabitans into Central Africa border, in order to grab WBG lands.
We strongly condemn the constant violations of the 21 December 2017 Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities, Protection of Civilians and Humanitarian Access, and the recent perminant ceasefire agreement signed on 27 June 2018. the Lion forces reserve their rights of self defence.

God bless the people of WBG and the people of South Sudan.

Hon. Dominic Ukelo
Former Governor of Wau State in Opposition and
Member of NLC SPLMA-IO
4 August 2018.


  1. Peter Utenmando says:

    Two months now, the attack by the government troops continued as we speak. We will not allow them to sit their present in Kpaile, Baggari, Besselia, or Jur River. And make no mistake , we will run over Wau and flash the enemy out of the city, if the government troops continue to attack us. We are not going to sit idle and wait for them to attack us everyday.

  2. mading says:

    Peter Utenmando. It ‘s been five years now, since war stared and you never come close to Wau. For about your war mindset, and let’s support peace.

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