Kiir dispatches top Equatorian agents to assassinate SPLM-IO leaders in Uganda

Kampala, November 12, 2016;

The Nyamilepedia news website has intercepted information from reliable sources well placed in the office of the Vice President James Wani Igga, and from the office of national Minister of security at the President’s office.

According to the reliable sources who asked for their identities to be concealed due to fears of reprisals, the Kiir’s Juba government has dispatched some senior government officials to Kampala and other big cities and towns with mission to locate the whereabouts of some senior members of SPLA-IO suspected living in Uganda for deportation or assassinations in Uganda’s territory.

The sources revealed the names of the senior government officials dispatched to Uganda and some are yet to arrived in Kampala in the coming days, among the senior officials sent to Uganda to carry a primary mission of arrests and deportations against officials of SPLA-IO, these Kiirs agents are all Equatorians and their names are enlisted here:

1- Gen. Obutu Mamur, the Minister of national security in the office of the President,
2- Ambassador (so-called) John Andruga Duku, assigned in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
3- Gen Johnson Juma Okot, former SPLA commander of Western Equatoria, who’s pending trial for money scandal and currently without assignment in the army though he remains active member of SPLA army,
4- Gen Paul Omoya,
5- Gen Mikaya Modi, former Director for custom, and,
6- Ali Moroto.

Some of these men have previously been sent to Uganda to hunt for the most wanted South Sudan army general who is now deputy chief of staff for morale orientation in SPLA-IO, Lt general Martin Kenyi Tartisio, however their mission to capture or kill Lt General Martin Kenyi was unsuccessful.

The above bought-out sons of Equatorians are deadly as they were dispatched to Uganda to yet deport members of the SPLA-IO suspected living in Uganda as they did to James Gatdet Dak, Machar’s spokesperson.

This new method employed by the weak government in Juba is to bring peace through eliminations of opponents rather than through Justice, concessions and equality.

The men were dispatched to Kampala with unspecified amount of money, this according to security details, some of the money will be used to obtain information leading to the capture of their wanted persons, part of money is earmarked as incentives for Ugandan security to cooperate in arresting the wanted SPLA-IO members residing in Uganda.

This news site has learned that some of Kiir’s men are spotted sleeping in luxurious hotels using the nation’s resources with prostitutes in Kampala, whilst millions of South Sudanese are exposed to starvation, including millions from President Kiir’s own Dinka tribe.

It is a shame how the urgency of peace is not understood by the Juba regime, instead they are after hunting their opponents while wasting millions of Dollars. Such endeavors even if they managed to kidnap their victims, peace shall never come this way, instead it will fuel more fire.

Andrew Olweny


  1. Steve John says:

    What is happening is that these men met their brothers and relatives in the SPLA-IO in an exclusive and undisclosed neighborhood of Kampala on Sunday 13 Nov. 2016. In a cordial atmosphere, most of them expressed their readiness to defect and join the opposition, citing the hopelessness and ever increasing targeting of communities in Equatoria (read more in According to an inside informer, it wasn’t however clear, when and how this defections would be done and the wider political and military implications or whether these Kiir agents were simply playing a double game. For reasons of confidentiality, they would from time to time communicate. It’s speculative what exactly that meant. Both groups however acknowledged the significance of Equatoria and that South Sudan’s existence and survival lies entirely in the hands of Equatorians and not of Dinkas as exaggerated by those in Juba. Updates coming soon.

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