Kiir: Burning National Flag in Wau isn’t a crime, it’s freedom of speech!

BY: Mulana D’Duot, USA, DEC/28/2012, SSN;

Lately, Mr. President has missed a penalty kick that he could have scored easily. Kiir bitterly ordered his security personnel to hunt down the suspects behind the burning of the national flag in Wau and to bring them to justice for burning a piece of cloth painted with colors that we supposedly like (our national flag).

But, Mr. President, which is more important, the arrest of Isaiah Abraham’s killers and of those who stole billions of dollars, that should be brought instantly to justice?

We must, however, remind him that he’s totally failed to bring people who have stolen billions of dollars to justice, people who’re killing people in Juba (including the assassination of Isaiah Abraham), and killings all over South Sudan; and he has miserably failed to defeat a man who suffering from cancer in Khartoum (President El Bashir), and inexcusably failed to deliver the needed political or economic development to the people of South Sudan, only to name a few.

Unfortunately, this man is clearly sick in mind. He is also out of touch!

Can someone seriously tell him that burning of the National Flags falls under the freedom of speech? How can you can go so hard like crying that, “these people must be hunted down and be brought to book because what they have done cannot be compromised. They are not against Rizik [Zachariah Hassan] as governor; they are not against me as the president. They are against this country. Burning national flag, which is our symbol, is unacceptable.”

But, for your information, Mr. President, if I may remind you, what about the lives of innocent people who are being killed or those 75 people whom you have sent them letters for stealing billions of dollars?

All we know till now is that none of these individuals, neither those killing people nor those who have stolen billions of dollars have ever been brought to justice, yesterday, today or tomorrow.

Mr. President, if you really care, you should primarily focus on a meaningful and good governance much more better than what you are doing today.

Whenever you made such a blunder, you compelled Isaiah Abraham to say something that he sincerely thought that South Sudanese should all know.

Even if he is no longer alive among us today, there are, for your information, many more ‘Isaiah’s’ today than they were before he was killed.

They are ready to write and to criticize you whenever you make unthinkable moves.

Finally, our people need smart leaders and hard working individuals, not a gang of thieves and killers.


  1. Anyangaliec says:

    Right, Mr. D’Duot! He was absolutely wrong and naive to called for the arrest of those who burned the flag in Wau. Those who burned the flag then, did it simply because they were protesting for their rights, and not because they were unpatriotic. Criminalizing them is not worthy at all. Because, they weren’t Criminals but genuine protesters!
    Otherwise, if he was to get tough on Criminals within the Country, then he would’ve started with those who’ve already committed heinous crimes in Juba, like the recent killing of ‘Isaiah Abraham’ and others. Otherwise, I doubt that was his motive, Else, history will be the judge!

    • The people burned the flag because they are saying that they have lost the Country they had died for. This is an indication that the ruling elites appear to be occupiers and not liberators; the road to true liberation is just beginning. The flag is to be hoisted again by the people when they are free. It should be simple for the Government to understand that. Hunting for those who burned the flag is up to the Government, but the people will hunt for those who killed Isaiah Abraham and the Wau citizens.

  2. Anyangaliec says:

    Manut M. Lual, What do you mean by ‘nonsense?’

  3. sengar says:

    This country is in need for other liberation. The clique of Juba were/are the main enemy of this land/people, they exploited us for their interest. Please, tell me one single positive thing they did. No one defends this regime except those who represent the core of corruption.
    Those who burned the national flag….it would have better for them if they burned Kiir’s gang.

  4. Shame on we says:

    @Anyangaliec your teacher didn’t tell you the meaning of it?

  5. ike says:

    I would remind you, Mr. De. Duot, that in South Sudan, you are not even allowed to display your patriotism by carrying or using the National Flag. The big MEN called it national flag abuse! In USA, and other civilized countries, you can carry, display it in your property, put it on the top of your car, or any other place you wish; that is called patriotism.

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