Kiir blames foreigners for South Sudan rebellion

By: JOHN NGIRACHU, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, APR/27/2014, Daily Nation, Kenya;

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has claimed that foreigners who helped the country attain its independence are now backing rebels in the bloody conflict that has killed thousands since December last year.

President Kiir said the foreigners, who he did not name, feel they helped the country secede from Sudan but were not “compensated” for their contribution.

In Summary:
Outsiders funding rebels
because they did not get
contracts, says President
Kenya and Rwanda pledge
to send troops to Juba

He told the Tana High-Level Forum on security in Africa in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, that the on-going fighting in South Sudan is all about the abundant natural resources in that country.

He said since the country got its independence from Sudan in 2011, several people, presumably foreigners, have sought to stake a claim there because of their contribution to the protracted struggle.

“People have come to fight us indirectly by saying they haven’t had a slice of the profits yet they “brought the independence” while the South Sudanese actually fought for and got their independence,” said President Kiir.

“They are backing the rebellion we are fighting now,” he added.

He said the rebellion led by his former Vice President Riek Machar is backed by people who stole from South Sudan and have resisted attempts to get back the money they acquired illicitly when the government of Africa’s youngest state was set up.

“They go make agreements and say, ‘The day we take over power, we’re going to kick out those people who have the concessions for oil and bring you in.’ That is what they want,” he said.

Fighting broke out in Juba in December 2013 between troops loyal to President Kiir and their colleagues allied to Mr Machar.

It eventually spread to other parts of the country and took on an ethnic dimension, with thousands killed and both sides implicated in war crimes and gross human rights abuses.

President Kiir accused Dr Machar of being behind the alleged coup in December but Dr Machar denies the charges and refers to the President as a genocidal leader.

The South Sudan government last week released four senior politicians accused of treason and inciting the initial break-out of fighting but charges against Dr Machar remains. He is in hiding.

Talks between the two sides have been going on in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital.

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo told President Kiir that because he is still the Head of State, the buck would at the end of the day stop him.

Speaking separately, Kenya and Rwanda’s foreign ministers said East Africa region will not sit back and watch bloodshed continue in South Sudan.

Both Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed and her Rwandan counterpart Louise Mushikiwabo pledged that their countries would send peacekeepers to Juba.

“The killing of innocent civilians is unacceptable and we are disappointed that the parties fighting did not live up to the peace deal. We are committed to see an end to the butchery in our region. We have already sent in a battalion in the country to assist quell the violence,” said Ms Mohammed in Nairobi. END


  1. Wau Naar says:

    To borrow words from the witty American novelist, Mark Twain, president Kiir is endowed with a stupidity which by the least little stretch would go around the globe four times and tie.

    Mr. President, we know that you still have men and women who can teach us to soar like eagles. “As we all know, the eagle does not catch flies. Let’s leave that zone forever.”

  2. Defender says:

    Kiir only knows how to blame others for his own failures. Let him take responsibility and acknowledge that he failed. Democratically elected leaders known world wide take responsibility and resign when they fail. It is their moral duty to do so. Since he is still feels and acts as if he is a legitimate leader of all the people of South Sudan, he then needs to show that by protecting citizens of all tribes, not only his own.

    IGAD has failed to deliver. They are just good in looking after their own interest and nothing else. Uganda, the bully of the region has taken sides and is involved in the killing of our people, while the rest of the IGAD are bystanders. Is this the commitment that they have assigned to themselves when Rwanda happened. No. But they are doing it now, at their too many Heads of States Meetings that is bearing now fruits but failures. Can they muster any sense of consciousness and tell Kiir that has overstepped his authority and conscience to remain in power? No. They are only interested in making sure that whatever outcome that results from the current crisis, they will have a stake and their interest in maintaining upper hand in the politics of South Sudan. This type of gutless politics has resulted in the continued calamity that is consuming thousands of our beloved people everyday while those who are behind the fighting are continuing to enjoy their high places at the expense of the blood of the innocents in South Sudan.

    It pains to see human life is sold at cheap because politics of convenience has ruled our moral consciousness. Till when will we see this taking place while human lives are being destroyed by insatiable appetite to stay in power at all cost. Barrack Obama, in his executive order, correctly identified the best way to deal with those blood hungry. He must act know to make sure that those who are stocking violence are barred from travelling anywhere in the world, their assets frozen and isolated from the rest of the world. If these strict measures is not working, the international community must invoke Chapter Seven powers and invade South Sudan so to bring an end to this human catastrophe. God will not forgive those who are able to stop this madness that is happening in South Sudan, but are standing by to seek our people die. Their death is the death of human soul where ever they may be.

    We are now connected by technology and what affects people in South Sudan affects the rest of humanity in one way of another in different part of the world. And it does, they must act to bring and end to what is taking place in South Sudan. Many of the people that are now standing by are the same people who have helped South Sudan be where it is today. They need to do more by bringing it out of the murky waters that the former liberators have plunged it in. Their place in the history of South Sudan is written off and they all belong to a caged cell in The Hague. This is where they belong. Our nation is much bigger than their interests and the world must stand with the people of South Sudan.

  3. AW Joseph says:

    Bring it on Kenya and Rwanda. If you want to join the Disco in South Sudan we will treat you to best music in our country. That’s the sound of the AK47.

  4. omoni says:

    The president is feeling something that’s why he dishonestyly attacked the foriegners who got nothing to do with is his “made-war” by killing his own citizens………He knows something is coming to him, ,,you can’t gey away with human blood you shamelessly taken.

  5. John C. says:

    you have also stolen a huge amount of money from those supporters of yours in the like of Uga-m7 and Kenyata not Kenya or bribed them because they are very poor, that is why they promised to send their troops as soon as possible. but I tell you, all the mercenaries will perish in this land.

  6. Ambago Ramba says:

    Mr Kiir Salvatore

    You have been a rebel throughout you entire more than you have been on a government side, yet you fail to see how weak government help rebellions start, flourish and become a power to reckon with.

    If you can borrow a leaf from your Anya Nya days and the twenty two years with late Garang, you should be talking better that what you are doing now.

    Sorry you don’t even have a principle to cling to and no wonder the going is getting tougher by the day.

    • Ranapath says:

      If Riak Machar looking for talk he would have done that during his first defaction. Please say what you to say or write bit l know it will not grand you your dream

  7. Kenya and Rowanda said they are sending peacekeepers to Juba and have already sent a batallion to quell violence. What peace are you going to keep in South Sudan? Had IGAD mediators reached a peaceful settlement to the crisis in South Sudan which they (IGAD) must keep?

    Kenyatta, Kagame including Museveni are fueling and regionalising war in South Sudan by sending batallions to support Kiirler Kiir to kill innocent civilians and unarmed army (Mapel and Wau massacre) in South Sudan.

    IGAD has failed to bring peace in South Sudan by supporting dictatorship in the country. They know very well that the government of Kiirler Kiir has no support from the people and the army and yet IGAD is supporting him (Kiirler Kiir).

    Kenya, Rowanda and Uganda ought to remember that the will of the people of South Sudan to bring down this dictator is stronger than ever before. We believe in the truth and our liberty. If I am free from the bondage of North Sudan, I am free indeed from anyother york of slavery in my free country South Sudan. Kenya, Uganda, Rowanda will never impose their bondage and torture on us, the people of South Sudan.

    South Sudanese people will win as we have the right to be free in our own home.

  8. Ekoi says:

    Why do we allow our people die everyday? Is it because of power or money? Let us focuse on peace process instead of war

  9. Ekoi says:

    Keep peace but not war

  10. Lopirdiya says:

    What is happaning in our beloved land is just self interest/ tribels ,clients & regional interest. I left south Sudan when I was 17 years old for Sudan then left Sudan for Egypt after. In Khartoum I was suprised the ways we support our selves there was one incident that I was been humulated by the bus conductor for showing student IDcard for a displayed student so I can get a discounted rate for student ,the conductor rejected the card with the words (“inta nazia”} which meant your are a displaced student and you are not entiled for that. There was two girls on that same bus and I can recall their faces but not their names or their tribal affirlation but from thier ascent I gust that they are from either Bahr el Ghazel or Upper Nile, they went striaght to the conductor and slump him in the face the other Southerners men were running to take the fight but they told them no let this Jalaaba knows that we women can fight too. Where is Southernization but I came to sense we Southerners we don’t want foreigners to interfere in our affairs but no matter what if a forigner is in our midst we are going to unite so I want to convey to folks in Juba and in the bush we don’t buy your games we had enought we need to listen to the innocent voices there were no coup in the begining we have te tell the truth and the truth will set everybody free. We should name our men and women who are not resting to protect this nation as South
    Sudan Armed Forces or what ever names but not SPLA because SPLA/M is affilatd to a ploilitiacal party.
    God bless South Sudan.

  11. Joseph Oreste Odhok says:

    Dear all,
    If we are not objective in our judjment of the sad events that befelled our Country. And if we are being subjective and take sides with others aginst others, then we are aggravating the situation. I think we should not use harsh language and call people names if we want to see the Country come back to peace. Insulting the leaders on either side will only make them more stubborn and resistant to finding peaceful solution to the problem. Unlike most of you who post comments here, I am one of this war victims. I have been in UNMISS protection camp in Malakal for a Month, walked for long distances fleeing for life wth family, exposed to all sorts of dangers and witnesssed attrocities being committed with love ones being killed. Yet Istill believe and hope that South Sudan will return to normal and peace will prevail once again. I beg you not to use the media for fuelling this awesome and unjustified conflict.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Not calling a spade spade is not keeping of the peace neither is calling sin by its right name be considered as fuelling unrests. This if so, it is because the tyrannts not tolorating being called on their crimes and undemocratic measures! Let the truth be told!

  12. Wutjikol says:

    Dear brother Oreste Odhok,

    This is your old time friend and a concerned citizen of the Republic of South Sudan. Thank God for sparing your life brother. This is a very painful and ugly war South Sudan has ever had before. Even our successive civil wars with the North Sudan our people had never gone through such terrible situation. But God is great. Peace will come no matter what. Honestly, speaking, President Salva Kiir has no love for this country and that is why he continued blaming everybody in this war while forgetting that bringing foreign mercenaries to come and kill his own people for the sake of power. This is a very serious crimes and he will pay the price of it in the future if he will survive this war. I hope you are now in Juba and saved!!!

  13. Moorgueec says:

    Most of the comments i read here do not have substances that can promote real peace and genuine reconciliation processes in our country, they are painted with tribal and regional hatred. What can one achieve from such hatred? Nothing………Nuer superiority means Non-Nuer inferiority, Dinka superiority means Non-Dinka Inferiority and Bari superiority means Non-Bari inferiority and so forth. All tribes in south sudan are all equal and will all have a chance to come to a top seat of our country no matter what time it takes. A wrong done by an individual can not be of the community he or she came from and should be directed to him or her.

  14. Wau Naar says:

    Mr. Odhok,
    God made idiots; this was for practice – And Then he made school Boards.
    There are damned fools, if you don’t tell them that they are damned fool, they’ll never know.
    Wau Naar

  15. monychol says:

    This is sheer stupidity

  16. john jerry says:

    If South Sudan is democratic enough as the government claims then they have a few mathematical problems to solve where no numbers is involved. Here is how. Create the Federal system as demanded by the rebels, introduce or write a new constitution acceptable by all , allow freedom of speech ,call for an early election or resign to give peace a chance.
    The SPLM in Opposition will have no reason to go with the rebellion and will die a natural death.
    Do this and you will go down in History like Nelson Mandela.

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