Kiir and Wani-Igga government will get stuck in a few months time

BY: Mak Banguot Gok, AKOBO/JONGLEI State, AUG/30/2013, SSN;

President Salva Kiir Mayardit appointed James Wani Igga the new Vice-president of the Republic following a month of bewilderness on who’s to fill the Vice-presidency after Riek Machar got sacked. Dr. Riek was removed last month in a row after he declared his candidacy for both the SPLM Party Chairmanship and the flag bearer of the upcoming 2015 presidential election.

Dr. Riek made it clear to the nation that his decision to challenge the current president is healthy and democratic which, he (Dr. Riek) was ready to face Kiir throughout the process toward the election in 2015.

Dr. Riek reiterated his readiness and cautioned the current president about any unilateral decision to interrupt the process to the election.

Although Salva Kiir has been given freedom in his government to remove and appoint but, SPLM party has its different constitution which do not allow Salva Kiir to dissolve the structure and the leadership without approval of SPLM party nation-wide Convention.

Now, it’s only one and half year to conduct the nation-wide general election when people of South Sudan cast their vote for the leader of their own choice.

Patience is very important and it is what determines the end. In fact, the new cabinet including Wani is just a kind of political joke and, no hope in it whatsoever.

Hon. Wani Iga served for eight years in parliament as Right Honorable Speaker and all the achievements he supposedly made are only amusing his Deputy, Danial Awet Akot who is at the same time, the chairman of the Dinka Community.

Without any doubt whatsoever, every decision made in South Sudan National parliament under Wani Igga was affiliated only to the Dinka, particularly, the president’s and the Deputy speaker’s sections of Dinka Bar-Elghazel.

The $4 bln scandal remained pending because Wani was used by by Dinka Bar- Elghazel under Awet Akot, the Deputy Speaker to block the parliamentary debates about who’s involved in the saga and for the law not to prevail.

He, Wani, was just a toy and the Transitional Constitution which is irrelevant now to the president, was passed by the parliament during independence.

The decision to support the dictatorial constitution by the Legislative was in exchange of payment of 130,000 SS Pounds per each MP who voted for it.

The most weakest parliament in the world in his (Wani’s) era has been ever in the Republic of South Sudan.

Now, given the fact that Wani is appointed a new Vice-president for the Republic of South Sudan, although that was the last choice for president to accept Wani’s appointment as Vice.

The reason, unfortunately, being because almost all able men in the country have deserted the president and are working on his down-fall.

Now, Wani and Kiir are encountering with internal and external security threats, that alone are causing the two to loose their popularity. All related insecurity is an inevitable crisis which the new nation will justify their failure shortly.

Security situation over the States, particularly, the Jonglei issue will test Kiir and Wani’s credibility to really lead this nation without Riek Machar. The government is now engaging in unproductive projects that consume million of dollars to threaten the country not to realize the failure.

Wani will not make any contribution to solve problems in Jonglei and others. President, knowing that, he’s subjugated the parliament when constitution is followed.

The only way for him (Kiir) is an attempt of forging diversion of the real situation by threatening MPs to support his only Article (104-5) of the Transitional Constitution which gave him absolute powers to remove and bring in the weak of his choice.

Importantly, the Abyei Referendum has been turned down by Khartoum and are threatening South to declare war if unilateral mistake is made by Kiir and Wani.

It remains questionable to almost all the South Sudanese whether the SPLA army is today in position to protect the country’s territorial integrity given the fact of tribal inspiration has deeply penetrated into the army in uniform.

Also, immoral orientation has created counter-tribal enmity. You won’t be surprised to hear that human rights abuses on Murle community of Pibor County alleged by only the Nuer High Ranking officials despite the fact that only the Nuer foot soldiers fought Yaw-Yaw in defence of the weak government of Salva Kiir.

Moreover, the Army is suffering in unreachable remote areas while their families are starving on every street in Juba and the Counties. No money on time and the ration for daily consumption not available or, being diverted to other uses by Generals in the HQ and others barracks.

Tribal attacks in Jonglei will continue even more extremely, deteriorating not only versus Murle and the Lou-Nuer as usual, but shall involve several other communities like we hear of the Twice-East county of Dinka-Bor section being and might face many attacks from any tribe in Jonglei, notably from Murle.

Finally, even though Kuol Manyang has become the minister of Defence, it will not change anything, rather it exacerbate the security in Jonglei by using national army in defence only of Dinka-Bor interests. END

Mak Banguot Gok is an Investigative Journalist and Civil Society Activist currently in Akobo County and you can reach via


  1. bolabokdit says:

    Mr. Mak
    you have come too late in a world too old. As a civil society activist where is the solution you suggested in your article?
    I mean the positive idea that can bring change to all these problems starting from way of governance to national security including its economic fragility.

  2. Raan Naath says:

    Mark Banguot,

    Nice article. Let Kiir and his cohorts try their luck.

  3. congratulation mr Mark Banguot, only those who see Kiir as the source of income will not agree with you and me!

  4. John Gatwich says:

    what a confused world. journalist becoming an instigators and divider. May God have mercy on them, they don’t really know what they are doing. I don’t blame them altogether but money which had made them drunk with foreign decorated drinks.
    God help south Sudan from this terrible journalism.

  5. Mak, you have really said everything, bunch of incompetent fools will never do anything, appointment of wani igga is like adding an insult to injury. Wani is too submissive to any decision taken by Kiir. corruption has got a very wide pipe to follow because those who can stop it were kicked off in the system.
    Dr. Riek machar six points he raised were genuine, and need correction before it proliferates into cancer. this current govt is a yes men govt. so let Dr. Riek Machar wait patiently before he takes the nation’s top seat in 2015, i know kiir will be unseated by all mean weather through bullet or ballots. mak, Keep it up, man.

  6. Ustazyak says:

    My friend, whom do u think will end those problems? we all s.sudanese despair on president.

  7. Lare Justice says:

    Nice article indeed and let’s welcome our new Vice- President James Wani Igga. Even though he can’t and won’t change anything that the Warrap State’s Salva Kiir aka blind man leading the blind People is doing to our beloved Nation of South Sudan.

  8. Dr JAC Ramba says:

    Dear compatriots
    It is apparent that many of us are beginning to show signs of struggling with how to fit into the current political developments in the country. We all knew that this SPLM-led government had been a gross embarrassment throughout the past eight years, and without the least doubt neither will things get any better following the 23th July 2013 shakeup.
    But although many people do sincerely want to see a radical change in the country, and have it rescued from the abyss it is currently heading to, unfortunately they are still making the same old mistake, hoping that it can all be achieved from within the “rotten to the core” SPLM.
    If you remain in the SPLM, then be prepared to talk and talk forever, while Kiir and Wani will from now on rule forever!

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