Kenya MPs want ‘Third Force’ S. Sudan leaders out of Nairobi Hotel


A group of MPs have demanded the expulsion of South Sudanese leaders from the expensive Windsor Hotel in Nairobi.

The Parliamentary Caucus on Human Rights members said the 11 leaders who were detained and released by President Salva Kiir’s government were engaging in selfish political re-organisation and not helping in the peace efforts.

They want Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku, who is in charge of the national security docket, to expel the leaders and demand they seek asylum by following normal procedures.

“The said leaders were to help in the peace process and the negotiations taking place in Ethiopia, and not live in opulence at the expense of the Kenyan taxpayer. They are engaging in selfish political re-organising that does not help South Sudan,” the MPs said in a joint statement.

They included Kibra MP Ken Okoth, Wajir South MP Abdulahi Diriye, Ndhiwa MP Agostinho Neto, Matungulu MP Stephen Mule and Senator Daisy Kanaiza.

They also criticised the government for accommodating the leaders. “Kenya should not let its territory be used by rebels for political reorganisation in the name of the “Third Force” that is housed in Windsor and also by friends and relatives of Dr Riek Machar,” the group said.

“South Sudan still has a legitimate government headed by His Excellency Salva Kiir, his problems notwithstanding. Kenya should therefore be working with the elected leaders of South Sudan,” the MPs stated.

They said any talks held in Kenya should be attended by both President Kiir and Dr Machar to avoid creating suspicions. “It is bad that a rebel leader in the person of Dr Machar should be given red carpet reception in Nairobi as that might portray Kenya as a partial peace arbiter,” they stated.

The caucus also wants Igad to pass a resolution to transfer the peace negotiations to Nairobi, arguing that Kenya midwifed the initial process and the regional body is chaired by President Kenyatta. This is part of amendments the parliamentary caucus seeks to make on a motion already before Parliament.

The MPs also want Parliament to form an ad hoc committee on the South Sudan to team up with the South Sudan MPs.

“Should we do the above, Kenya will be fairly overseeing the implementation of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement,” the MPs said.

They said President Kenyatta had failed as chairman of Igad by failing to ensure implementation of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement.


  1. Joana Adams says:

    The furore of the Kenyan MP’s is to some extent understandable. We share with them the unhelpful stance of the 11 former detainees whose actions have confirm that they are nothing but a bunch of political opportunists waiting to see if in the midst of all this blood letting they may strike gold and seize leadership of South Sudan. We have seen the disastrous consequence of accidental leadership of Salva Kiir whose only qualification to become a president was the accidental death of John Garang. We cannot have repeat of similar scenario
    The history of the G11 is clear, most of them were in government holding key portfolios since 2005 and for 9 years, were part and parcel of the leadership that has plunged the country into chaos. Those who campaigned tirelessly for their release feel betrayed by their atrocious behaviour. It is therefore truly repugnant to treat these individuals like celebrities in Kenya.
    The Kenyan MP ‘s should know that these traitors had mercilessly looted our national resources while in government, and are millionaires who should be able to support themselves. It is also to be noted that most of them have bought expensive properties in Nairobi where their families actually live. It is therefore an affront to our suffering masses that these political elites are accommodated and maintained in expensive hotels at the expense of the people. The funds being contributed by the internal community for facilitating the peace process should not be blown up on maintaining these wolves parading in sheep’s clothes. The International community is unknowingly rewarding these SPLM elites for mismanagement of our country and plunging the country into civil war. I agree with the critical Kenyan MP’s that should these former detainees wish to apply for asylum, they should use the normal channel and certainly the Kenyan leadership should stop treating them like celebrities.
    I however disagree with the criticism that Dr Riek Machar should not have been accorded red carpet reception. Since the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyata is the current chairman of IGAD, it is essential for him to get Riek’s version of the story about the truth of what happened .on Dec 15th 2013. For the IGAD countries to be effective mediators, they should avoid taking side with a genocidal regime that has butchered thousands of its own citizens, and continues to terrorise and murder them daily. The decision of Uhuru Kenyata to invite the rebel leader Riek Machar was therefore a wise one..

    Lets hope more peace loving IGAD members and others will extend the same generosity to the opposition in the search for a comprehensive resolution of this unfortunate conflict that has engulfed our country.

    Joana Adams

  2. akolf says:

    What does Kenyatta want from groups by acccommendated Third Party ( Former Political Detanees and welcome Rebel Leader,is now open Office to the Rebels.the question is,what kind of political diplomatce President Kenyatta want to play here by using his Country as host for Rebells.which mean that Kenyatta will be part problem instead of neutral,let see consquence soon.

  3. Elijah Samuel says:

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with the Kenyan MP 90% of what they demanded! These selfish compatriots do not realize it was we the people, those who yearn for freedom,equality and justice are the people who made noises and prayed day and night for their lives so that they do not get butchered by Kiir thugs in Juba as was the Nuer Women and children! They are taking what they think in their mind is being neutral or not rebel but yet not part of the corrupt government of Juba who wanted them dead! they did not even thanked we the people for shouting for their release! they are useless for us unless they demand for kiir to step down.

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