Kaya Border Town, Yei River State, Central Equatoria, has fallen to SPLA-IO

Yei, October 1, 2016;

Latest confirmed rapid development news coming from field commanders of armed group associated with SPLA-IO confirmed to South Sudan Liberty news, that their elite Equatorian forces have captured the important border town of Kaya from Government forces under the leadership of tribal and ethnic cleansing President Kiir.

“As a matter of fact, we have liberated Kaya early Saturday morning and I can confirm to you that we are in full control, there are no government forces, we chased them and they are running in disarray towards Yei town,” said the unknown commander on phone. He said he was one of the commanders who liberated Kaya.

“I want to send out clear message to our brothers in uniform who are still serving this tribal regime, there is no time to waste, we will intensify this noble cause until Yei, Juba and other towns are all liberated,” he added.

He also said they have captured many weaponries from the running forces, “we have captured bulks of weaponries in good working conditions, and some of the forces have been captured or surrendered, while those who narrowly escaped have been hotly pursued, and they are running towards Yei on foot,” the unknown field commander further said, adding that many government soldiers were killed in Kaya.

Kaya is one of the border towns linking South Sudan with Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, it serves as one of the vital trading routes for South Sudan. It is significantly important for the rebel forces to sustain the pressure on Kiir’s government forces if they can maintain and avoid being recaptured by the government forces.

The fall of Kaya came just barely two days after the rebel forces have seized and captured Morobo Town from government forces after two days of intense fighting, but government army spokesperson Lul Rui Koang has denied the fall of Morobo, saying he has not yet received any briefing from field commanders about the claim by the rebel forces that they have captured Morobo, adding they have no forces in Morobo.

However different sources including South Sudan Liberty News have confirmed with clarity that Morobo was liberated on Thursday morning and in fact there were several SPLA-IG detach posts with soldiers numbering close to 300-350 or more.

The city is located in Kaya Payam, Morobo County, Yei River State, in extreme southwestern South Sudan, at the International border with the Republic of Uganda. Kaya is located approximately 78 kilometers (48 mi), by road, southeast of Yei the nearest large city. This location lies approximately 220 kilometers (140 miles), by road, south of Juba, capital of South Sudan and largest city in the country, Kaya sits directly across the border from Oroba, in Uganda and also situated close to Mbazi, DRC.

J. Robert Swaka

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  1. New Dawn Equatoria says:

    Good News,

    strive up brothers.

    our great great Ancestors will always protect you and take you through the struggle to liberate Equatoria Region from the fishy acts of the MTNs.

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