Justice thrown away: Who’s who in the SPLM?

BY: Lueth Bol Dengkeer, Sydney, Australia, MAY/14/2013, SSN;

In South Sudan, barrages of earlier and current offences by senior SPLM officials are still in the cave and in the outset are men who are repressing and exploiting our own people including our dear army (SPLA). The question is who has the guts to open the cave and expose these junks of oldies’ corrupt tendencies? Despite an assertion that no one is above the law, it is obvious today that as long as you are flying with the right group, your legal safety is guaranteed.

The first minister of finance, ‘honorable’ Akuyen Chol was mysteriously implicated in a corruption I may define here as fraud, some kind of money laundering and perhaps racketeering. When Jacob Zuma was charged with 700 counts of corruption including financial mismanagement, he went to look for an underdog –Shabir Sheikh, his financial adviser and a long term friend who later became the victim of legal miscarriage and was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for leading Zuma’s own mismanaged life.

Instead of being answerable to the law himself, the person who finally carried the yoke of his legal woes and political orchestration is his direct financial adviser.

Unlike Zuma, Mr.Chol might have also been a victim of a similar injunction plot masterminded by some SPLM bigwigs to terribly destroy his credibility and his dear life or as a shield to cover the guilt.

To my understanding and according to the reports, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that there is still a thin line of legal miscarriage of sort in the prima facie and this begs a million dollar question as to whether the probe was carried out thoroughly, the legality of the court’s finding and whether there were attempts to defeat the end of justice as in replacing lawyers or bribing lawyers or acts of intimidation.

If such illegal activity happens with repercussions only served on the weak, while political giants get away with it, then the law is made but thrown away. We must be mindful that every street has a round-about, some roads have U-turns. A reasonable driver ensures that he makes a safe turn or exits the round-about with safety of others in mind.

Subsequently,some rascals drive recklessly and sometimes gets away with it and at times are caught red handed and suffer the wrath of the law. What am saying is that, these corrupt officials may get away with it now but with caution less they will not get away with it forever.

President Kiir.
President Kiir, like many other SPLM leaders, comes from a humble origin. Many of us have doubted his qualities as a leader. One would suggest he should possess all the qualities but that happens unless you are God. We all have limitations and strengths in which in respect we cannot contradict the extent of others’ capabilities. But that is not the issue.

What we need to be familiar with is that he is a president by privilege not by law. Regardless of what you think about him, one or two may conclude that he is not the problem- may be he is part of the problem setting the country back.

Indeed many of the difficulties that this country has had to confront and has failed to confront in the last few years since the interim period are related to the stagnation that set in after the war when little thought was given to the development of the nation.

Indeed we were preoccupied with self-service. In fact one of things that we learn from other countries and we should post a question to ourselves is that: what will be the requirement of the modern technology based country in next 5-10 and 20 years’ time?

South Sudan is very much left behind and there is much pain associated with catching up. Many anchors of the governance are set up including justice system but there is little evidence that the legal system has ever been interested in keeping up with anything, adapting to change.

of the reasons for the extraordinary overheads associated with legal practice is the existence of out-dated work practices and unwillingness to take advantage of new technologies. South Sudan legal practices should concede that it’s barely done anything to reform the system with its vicious presidential legal adviser living in the pockets of the president while misleading the president in the issues pertaining justice.

There will be a high level of brain drain because many who are qualified such as those from eastern African universities as well as overseas’ will seek jobs elsewhere because they are denied jobs. I refer to the recent south Sudanese girl employed by Kenyan government. In the name of what? In the name of failure of own country to employ her.

If this policy continues, there will be a significant degree of incompetence in the country and in the legal system and the country will merely become a kingdom of pirates where everyone strive for own head with the head pirates in silence.

Dr. Machar
He is too from the humble origin. His academic background is unquestionable. But his habit of marring highly ambitious white girls has left him with a deep wound that has caused him dearly. He broke away from the SPLM in 1991 allegedly by the direction of his beloved wife who continued to support him.

Although he made several political maneuvering apology to the masses, the wounds of widows who lost their husbands in his notorious break-away and kids who watched mothers burn and buried alive will never be healed. To them, it is up to God to forgive him. To them, justice should take its course.

Now, it is the task of legal administrators to throw him away in favour of justice or throw justice away in favour of him. But machar is a leader though, accepted for his transgressions.

In my capacity and belief, I will forgive him and support him if he comes up with good policies. He has completely shown remorse in his actions and deserves to be forgiven on earth. But am just astonished whether once a revolutionary, a rebel leader and now the country’s vice president will ever wield a political ark that will accommodate his disciples he once prosecuted in the wake of an increasing criticism before he is put in a dust bin.

He is a “confused” leader difficult to follow, a shrewd politician who always smiled while going for your head.

The government must not restrict powers of judiciary or of an independent commission or intends to do so to score political points or even accept some little unwarranted advice to execute inappropriate decisions, to reshuffle every weekend and purge senior cadres in good standing and depriving the country of its progress.

Instead, it must do something in its means to eradicate the out-dated system of legal practice to enhance professional legal practice by employing qualified lawyers and other civil servants to fuel the momentum of the development.

Dodge national key points of development and run a risk of going down in history as a failure. Would you love this, Mr. president?

Unequivocally, everyone must come clean before they throw their huts into the ring come the SPLM convention to contest the embattled president and other seats.

Lueth Bol Dengker is a south Sudanese living in Australia.
He writes in his capacity as a concerned citizen.
He can be reached at blessedabraham@yahoo.com


  1. Dau-network says:

    1- Please, let Dr Machar carry his own cross instead of blaming accomplices of his late wife or Dr lam.
    2 – call the world to forgive Adolf Hitler first before Dr Riek, to be an example in democratic world !!
    3 – Dr Machar have to apologize to ngok de Lual Yak, anuak community, Jukeny nuer and Lou nuer too, for his last indiscriminate killing.

    Some people thought that 1991 massacre was for dinka Bor alone but was entire Jonglei, especially Lou nuer against SPLM/SPLA in general cost them a lot of lives and after Dr surrendered to Khartoum regime, Gawaar vs Lou nuer war was the same problem of Dr Riek.

    Do you need us to reward him for massacred?
    Do you want us to reward David Yau Yau in future?
    Could you tell us which country will be an example, for being a murderer makes you a president?
    If it happened then expect more rebels.

  2. Ben Mayor says:

    Mr. Dengker,
    It’s indeed true to say, “justice thrown away” if one can critically look at the current justice of S. Sudan which only favours those in power. The supremacy of our law shall only come when we all South Sudanese restrain from tribal sentiments and unite against government, and finally get to know what the current world says about justice……. Otherwise S. Sudanese at this juncture do not know who is right and who is wrong in their present government..

    • Dengker says:

      @Ben Mayor.
      thank you for your comment. we are at a stake of a ticking time-bomb. if you deactivate, you might end up as the casualty of that bomb and if you leave it, there is a certainty that it will explode and kill innocent people. What am saying is that: if you point out the way our government should rectify its imcompetency and acts of impunity, then be assured that they will go for your throat. But if you keep silent and watch your people suffer in the hands of mighty men of this world, knowing that you can do something, then you have failed yourself and your people and there is no any option but to surrender.
      Remember! change comes by death. We can ask ourselves; “how Change comes by death” and draw some conclusions that even our late Hero- Dr John (God bless him) and other heroes and heroins, did die for us, for a change. Yes, brother Ben. You are right

  3. Who is dreaming of Riak Machar of being a chairman of the SPLM while he left the people of south sudan and returned to kill them. How can he try to rule the dead people?
    let him go back to Khartoum to gain momentum and to complete the south Sudanese with Omer Al-Bashir.

    • Rumbek says:

      Do you think Salva Kiir has done any good to the people of South Sudan? For your information Kiir has caused damage that will take South Sudan years to repair and he continues to do so yet he is the current chairman of SPLM. If your interest is for the good of South Sudan and its people, then the historical injustices done in the past can not be a basis for judging who qualifies to run the party. Salva Kiir’s deeds are worse than what you argued against Riek.
      Always try to be objective in your argument don’t get blindfolded by temporal interests.


      • Rumbek,
        i thought you would reverse your opinoin on Riak of his being chairman of the party, may be you were absent during Riak rebellion against people of south sudan partically Dinkas. Riak has killed thousands of Dinkas, I Ayuiu Makuac Lam i voted out Riak Machar from his being supposed to become chairperson of Party SPLM/A

      • Rumbek:

        Where you born yesterday, Ramraan? I did not say that Kiir is a good leader but his records are better than Riek’s. I will choose Kiir over Riek if there is nobody else to compete against them.

  4. Both Nguot says:

    Dau-network of corruption:

    I will not blame you since you are part of this network of corruption who has been busy stealing our public funds right from 2005 up to date. you might be right to be against the change because the current government is your sources of income and survival.
    But make sure that there is time for stealing and time for jail, time will come for justice to be upheld against those elements who enrich themselves in absent of others.
    Dr Machar will be the next president whether you like it or not, he was the founder and true icon of Self-Determination which led to our independence and will be right person to implement Federal system in the country and end the corruption, nepotism, tribalism as well as insecurities in the country.

  5. I require the minds of everybody to the real meaning of argument. salva kiir is our incumbent president, Dr Riak is our vice president, their contribution for self determination in the warfare circumstance is memorable in the south sudan. Number one, there is no tribalism in the national government, there is representation from every tribe exception of political parties. let us not argue on tribal base, those supporting president kiir and vice president Dr Riak are not supporting in good sense. confirmation and transition of chairmanship is the right of all south sudanese and the SPLM as ruling party.

  6. Agondong says:

    Our country vice president is trying his means to become the likely President in the forth coming election, but forget we still remembering the 1991 years when we lost our youngest brothers, sisters, mothers and our fathers/

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