Juba’s Peace Celebration: A Commemoration of Betrayal by SPLM/A Leaders

BY: Duop Chak Wuol, South Sudan, OCT/31/2018, SSN;

The anticipated peace celebration slated to take place on the 31st of October 2018 in Juba will be one of many things to monitor if South Sudanese rival leaders, President Salva Kiir and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-In Opposition (SPLM-IO) leader Dr. Riek Machar are serious about peace. The people of South Sudan desperately need calm to return to their country and Khartoum’s peace agreement could well deliver it.

However, there are plausible reasons to believe that this deal appears to be an empowerment of the very oppressive system the armed opposition has been against. Kiir premeditated the celebration merely to widen his scheming strategy and to make sure he maintains an iron-fist on power with impunity.

This seemingly self-serving commemoration is not just wrong — it is a glorification of his atrocious regime and a pure betrayal of democratic changes the South Sudanese have been fighting for nearly five years.

There is no doubt in my mind that Juba’s peace celebration under the theme, “Celebrating the Dawn of Peace, Appreciating Friends, Cherishing Reconciliation and Unity,” amounts to a commemoration of betrayal.

There is nothing to celebrate here because real peace has not yet been implemented. This is pure deception at its best. The actual theme for this rather tyrannical glorification party should have been “Celebrating the Dawn of the Empowerment of Kiir’s Cruelty.”

Kiir is known for being a brutal and cunning dictator drunk with power. His claim to prove he is serious about this peace deal through a self-promotion event is logically absurd.

For instance, Kiir signed many peace deals with Machar and yet he violated them in a matter of hours, if not minutes. The man is known for thriving in deceit, always using flattery to get what he wants.

He is eager to find ways to ensure he uses this pro-tyrannical treaty to cripple the armed opposition and make it ineffective so that he can continue ruling without any formidable opposition.

Trusting Kiir on this pact would be an indisputable regret given his established record of using self-serving strategies to preserve his cruelty.

Kiir is arguably a master of trickery when it comes to issues of national importance. He always says he will release all the prisoners linked to the SPLM-IO but has so far failed to do so.

The current one-man constitution should have been amended before the proposed transitional government begins; again, Kiir intentionally demands that the constitution should only be amended four months after the transitional period begins.

Any reasonable person would have a hard time understanding why the armed opposition and other parties believe that Kiir will allow the constitution to be amended. This is one of many indications that Kiir is using his flattery strategy, which has in the past served him well through this conflict.

He has been using this very tactic in the East African region to make sure his atrocious regime maintains power so that he can continue raping, killing, and torturing South Sudanese.

Celebrating the Khartoum’s peace deal in Juba should not be a priority. The priority should have been for the government and the rebel leadership to order an utter ceasing of all hostilities.

Kiir can simply end this madness by ordering all his military leaders to stop attacking any opposing force. But he is not doing it. His forces constantly attack the opposition forces while claiming that he is committed to the agreement.

Machar should also do the same but the SPLM-IO military wing, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In Opposition (SPLA-IO), seems to be on the defensive as evidence indicates. Nobody wants this agreement to be another 2016 disaster.

If the SPLM-IO is truly working for reforms and serious about bringing about a lasting peace to the country, then it should not let itself be fooled by this theatrical celebration.

Kiir is not about reforming the political system he established in the country. His main objective is to make sure every South Sudanese politician in the country follows his wishes, has a constitution that retains his one-man leadership mentality, and keeps appointing and dismissing public officials even if they were elected by their constituents.

This is not a man people should waste their time imagining that one day he will change. The level of hate Kiir has against any reform agenda is immense.

Kiir does not wish for the country to be a democratic society. His fantasy regarding Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s ruthlessness is what destroys South Sudan. Kiir is not normal. The man has established a fantasy of wanting to be feared.

There is absolutely no rationale behind celebrating peace before implementation. There are many logical reasons to believe that Kiir is very happy about the agreement because the pact itself would technically allow him to rule using the same tyrannical leadership techniques he has been using.

One of the key plausible reasons Kiir embraces this deal is because it will be nearly impossible for any court of laws to prosecute him for his war crimes and the fact that the SPLM-IO and other opposition parties will not pose any threat to his leadership, especially legislatively, let alone amending the constitution to incorporate much-need democratic reforms.

Salva Kiir is also thrilled with the fact that those who once opposed his ruthlessness will again live under his control.

In a recent interview with Citizen TV Kenya, Kiir surprised the people by accusing Riek Machar of plotting a coup in December 2013 and in July 2016. These claims are outright lies.

The people of South Sudan know for a fact that Kiir planned the two violent events. Salva Kiir did not even save Machar’s life as he wants people to believe.

The only reason Machar survived in 2016 was the fact that it was impossible for Kiir himself to escape from the carnage because security guards protecting Machar inside the presidential compound were ready to use deadly force at any time of their choosing.

The only choice for Kiir at the time was to order some of his guards to escort Machar to his house while secretly instructing his troops to attack Machar’s house. This man is a cunning tyrant with a history of deceiving people.

His recent claim that he is ready to face the International Criminal Court (ICC) is simply a part of his calculating persona. He wants people to see him as a caring person when his record speaks for itself.

Kiir’s 2013 political madness has resulted in the death of at least 382,000 people, according to a report released by the UK-based London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine last month. This man cannot be trusted by any sensible person.

Kiir is a tyrant, war criminal, murderer, and money launderer who cannot be trusted. This is not the first time he tricked the SPLM-IO into believing that he was for peace.

The July 2016 assassination attempt on Machar’s life must be enough for any thinking being to understand how this man is a cold-hearted leader with so much South Sudanese blood on his hands.

The people of South Sudan want complete political reform in the country and the armed opposition needs to scrutinize the entire peace process to make sure its democratic vision stays alive.

As such, the SPLM-IO — which has a history of claiming to be a champion of democracy in South Sudan should not settle on exchanging people’s freedom with positions. The South Sudanese have no interest in allowing Kiir to trade their rights with positions.

If the SPLM-IO believes that exchanging freedom with political positions is just, then I wonder why it fought for nearly five years against Juba’s oppressive regime. If this assumption is the case, then it can be logically asserted that the SPLM-IO could be covertly working to rejoin its mainstream, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

Machar’s faction appears to be ready to rejoin Kiir’s group so that they can resume their destructive leadership style. If this happens, the losers will be the people of South Sudan who have been hoping for political reforms in the country.

It is increasingly becoming clear that the SPLM-IO reform agenda is slowly being put on a deathbed by the SPLM-IO itself. The armed opposition must know that in any mature political discourse, the political base influences decisions.

In recent months, the SPLM-IO appears more like a desperate entity trying to get whatever it wants to rejoin the very system it previously declared “dictatorial.”

Kiir’s nonsensical peace celebration is an attempt to prove to the world that he is serious about peace. However, it is simply a public relations campaign seeking to promote his tainted image.

The leadership of the armed opposition should not allow itself to be part of this disgraceful commemoration. Kiir’s atrocities should be labeled for what they are: reprehensible.

His victims want justice served. However, if the SPLM-IO cannot transform the nation into a democratic country where justice is truly independent, then it must first explain to the South Sudanese why it believes it can change the existing South Sudanese political system into a democracy after it joined forces with Kiir’s government.

The reality is that facts do not support the armed opposition’s democratic claim.

The people of South Sudan are not interested in seeing the SPLM-IO become another tyrannical political party in the country. For Kiir to call for a celebration of this questionable peace agreement without first implementing it does not amount to a demonstration of a real seriousness.

We cannot allow a documented dictator to deceive people by trying to present himself as a good person through a bogus peace celebration. Kiir’s real character is clear. The man is the destructor of South Sudan who has killed hundreds of thousands of people simply because he wanted to be feared.

This madness cannot be ignored. If Kiir is serious about peace, then he should prove it by changing the current anti-democratic constitution, releasing all prisoners, lifting the state of emergency, and ordering his troops to stop attacking opposition forces.

The commemoration of peace in Juba is clearly a party of betrayal. This elitist pact is only good for those who are desperate for positions. Those who believe that this agreement will bring much-needed political reforms in the country are making fools of themselves.

This agreement is purely accommodative, and the people of South Sudan should not allow job-seekers and peace-fakers to play with their rights. The sad reality is that this deal is a pro-Kiir pact and he is very happy about it. To hell with elitism in South Sudan.

The author can be reached at duop282@gmail.com.


  1. mading says:

    Duop Chak Wuol,
    Those in SPLA-IO who want to get back to the government got what they have been looking for, they got their jobs back which was the caused of the war itself. They were put out and fought to get their positions back. Also you are talking about assassination attempt of Riek Machar, that is a lie, if Kiir wants to kill him, he would have done it in J1 after Riek’s forces were wiped out, Kiir is a peace loving man.

  2. Mor-Amook says:

    I really don’t understand; what type of peace our people need? If there was no compromise between the parties, peace would not have come. This is not being job seekers. Mr. author, if you were a mediator, how would you have brought parties to sign peace? Also, of you were Dr. Riak or other opposition party leader, how would you like peace to look different and acceptable to all parties much better from the one you now criticize?

    Let’s give peace chance, other things such as reforms, accountability….etc will follow. Let us not judge book by its cover. I praise Dr. Riak for taking such courageous step to come to Juba to celebrate peace. And also Kiir for releasing the most controversial detainees Mr. James Gadet and Endley. All these are right steps in the right direction.

    Nevertheless, we need full commitment from all parties to really implement peace, try to avoid anything seem to trigger any violent before, during and after TGoNU and to respect permanent cease fire.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Watch the news closely, Kirler president has now postponed the promised and well publicized release of James Gadet.
      Do you know why? And also, what happened to Mr. Aggrey Idri, also of SPLM/A-IO, who was arrested together with James Gadet in Nairobi?
      This president Kirler is a liar, unreliable and dangerous man.

    • Taban Alimasi says:

      Mr Mor-Amook,
      I failed to understand your position, are you opposing for the sake to opposition or you truly believe the current agreement can deliver peace to the people of South Sudan. It appears you don’t understand why many South Sudanese including some regional leaders don’t considered Khartoum agreement can deliver peace. I am not sure if you have read the agreement or you only rely on media, brother Mor- Amook, I do understand you are supporter of the government, however if you understand governance and then you would agree Khartoum agreement is not practical and can’t be implemented.

  3. Taban Alimasi says:

    Accurate analysis, surely there’s nothing new, I wonder why the so-called Khartoum agreement is considered as peace agreement between Kiir and oppositions groups.
    Realistically Khartoum agreement was between Bashir and Museveni with an eye on the resources of South Sudan, Kiir and Riek are hostage to Uganda and Sudan. Citizens should not be deceived that, anything different would arise from this agreement, Riek and Kiir can’t work together, people should be prepared to escape Juba as soon as Riek arrived in Juba.
    This time would be worse, because Kiir would ensure he completely destroy oppositions, Kiir who inherited these position from Dr John, who tragically died in plane crash is not ready to leave in peace and people should not dream that he would share administration with Riek, if it has not worked in 1991, 2013 and 2016, nothing will ever work between these two.

  4. Ali Moses Deng says:

    This article is good. This peace for people who want positions, not reforms. This guy call Salva kiir Mayardit is a Killer.

  5. Hoiloom says:

    Taban Alimasi,

    I just like the way you narrate things;people indeed should escape Juba as soon as Machar arrive. Kiir cannot fool no one and the analysis by Duop Chak is correct. While the criminal is celebrate his non existent peace he’s busy training Dut ku Beny militia secretly in Warrap. This time around no escape route for any opposition if they blindly come to Juba without a solid security arrangement. Kiir remains the killer we know and we’ll be talking about another J2 sometimes in 2019.


    • GatCharwearbol says:


      A deal maintaining Kiir in power is a stepping stone into slavery. I am confident that there will be no J2 incident as many oppositions are cowered and helpless. Nuer will be the one fighting each others. Nuer-wews are so jubilant knowing that they will be dealing with us, the opposition with the help of Salva Kiir. Unless we come up with different strategy, the oppositions are done.

  6. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear guys, you have right to analyze, likewise allow others whom you describe to be fools for accepting that there will be peace to analyze as well. You now define anyone who says there will be peace to be supporter of the government. What about you? Whom are you supporting? the oppositions who signed this peace? Or those who have not?

    If someone says there is no peace, oppositions including Riak should not have come to Juba, you describe that person to be wise not being fooled by Kiir the killer. To me, there is no doubt that your are all outside South Sudan. There is no doubt that you are war traders and warlords. You are dark forces who will try by any means to spoil this peace to justify your calculations and analysis.

    The only peace you can believe is a peace which force Kiir to step down, take him to ICC within 24 hours, give power to oppositions to compete on who to take top job, dismiss the current SPLA to none and recognize rebel fighters as national army replacing SPLA which you called it tribal army, dissolve parliament and the current government…etc. But the question is, who will sign that peace with you? Peace is an agreement signed by the warring parties. Can such peace be signed?

    God says, “ask and I will give you” So the people of south Sudan have asked Him for peace and may he has given them. . I am only for peace and I congratulate Kiir, Dr. Machar, Dr. Lam and the rest for bold decision for signing peace and coming to Juba for celebration.Let us wait and see, J2 or J3 and you will be proved wrong.

  7. mading says:

    GatCharwearbo. You need to be inform that peace has come to our country, stop preaching your internet war and hatred. Those who are still talking war are lost, I don’t know what they have been doing for the last five years ? They should have march to J1, put out Salva Kiir, and take over power and that is ,end of story.

  8. J. Malooma says:

    Based on the Mr Kirr’s incompetence at the personal and leadership level, it’s would be hard to believe whether this peace will hold up, perhaps to the ends (elections)! Nevertheless, one is certain; Kirr-jce powers whether in terms of financing the war/violence activities, “Jeing unity to rule” which was one of the root causes of this conflict, have been diminished at speed of light………..; and most importantly, the sanctions with an “armed embargo”, deterioration of foreign policy within the region as well as in the broader International Community are doing so well in favor of peace and stability.
    These factors may have given us some hope that they would perhaps pacified Kirr-Taban/Jce because they were not there in 2013 and 2016.

    Mor-Amok & Mading,
    Riek Machar and those whom you considered as opponents/oppositions did not started this war the conflict that exposed our country and people into extreme danger of violence, poverty and death. But, Kirr-Jeing did and will do it again. But, never tried to underestimate the power of God(s). Watch this space carefully!

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