Juba SPLM-dominated Parliament extends Kiir’s term to 2018

Different sources: MAR/24/2015, SSN;

South Sudan’s parliament, predominated by the Kiir’s own SPLM in Juba voted Tuesday to extend President Salva Kiir’s mandate by three years, from 9 July 2015 to 9 July 2018, an official said, formally ditching any plans for elections to be held this year in the country.

The parliament also extended its own term as well as that of all the states’ legislatures by three years.

270 members of parliament attended the sitting, with 264 voting in favor of the bill and 6 against, according to an unofficial tally.

The passing of the amended bill came after five hours of debate by the parliamentarians.

“The Transitional Constitution 2011 Amendment Bill of 2015 has been passed unanimously by more than two thirds majority,” said the parliamentary speaker Manasseh Magok Rundial after the vote.

Magok said the Parliament acted in accordance with the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan to amend Articles 66 and 164 to extend the president’s and legislature’s terms.

The move has been seen as going against peace efforts by regional mediators, who have been pushing President Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar to share power in a transitional government, although officials insist Kiir is seeking to avoid a power vacuum following the collapse of peace talks.

“The tenure of the office is extended by 36 months,” said parliament official Thomas Wani Kundu, adding that the government’s proposal to extend its mandate “was passed overwhelmingly”.

Elections in the bitterly divided nation had been due before July 9 — the end of the parliament and president’s mandate under a provisional constitution — but they were opposed by international donors and civil society groups who say any vote held in the midst of civil war would be a sham.

Talks between President Kiir and Dr Machar, which have been hosted by neighbouring Ethiopia, collapsed earlier this month after the two sides failed to agree on a proposal that would see them share power again.

Barbed wire

Both sides have since signaled their intention to fight on. Mr Kundu, however, said the extension of President Kiir’s mandate was designed to give the government time to reach a peace deal.

“All these amendments were initiated by the President in order to give peace a chance. These (extra) three years are in order to give us a chance to get prepared… so we can conduct free and fair elections,” he said.

Dengtiel Kuur, chairperson of the legal affairs committee, said the country is passing through a civil war which may make it impractical to conduct elections with a peaceful transfer of power in accordance with the schedules and timelines provided by the constitution.

Dengtiel said the president and the legislature are empowered by Article 100 Subarticle 2 of the constitution to introduce and enact amendments to the constitution.

Article 202 was also amended to extend the mandate and tenure of the constitutional review commission to 31 December 2018.

Fighting broke out in December 2013 when President Kiir accused Dr Machar of attempting a coup, setting off a cycle of retaliatory killings across the country.

Over half the country’s 12 million people need aid, according to the UN, which is also sheltering some 100,000 civilians trapped inside camps ringed with barbed wire, too terrified to venture out for fear of being killed.



  1. All South Sudanese law makers and ministers do not have another choice rather than extending Kiir terms in the office. All these ministers and law makers were appointed by Kiir so in turn they have to do kiir a favor by extending his terms. If these weak lawmakers and ministers could not extend Kiir’s terms in the office, then Kiir may dissolve the parliament anytime. Therefore, whether they extend Kiir term or not Kiir is not going anywhere anyway he is still the president. Over all these ministers are there to raise children, but not to build the country’s future.

    As long as the South Sudan parliament is comprising of Yoweri Museveni, Bol, Bol Akuol, Majongdit, and Nikalongo, we will never see any change at all unless these ministers and law makers step aside, but they will never do that.

    • Bol says:

      I am not a member of the Parliament…your rebellion has created unnecessary war which had prolonged the life of President Kiir government…yet you want to substitute him with his clone or replica… Stopped Nuersim by a) admitting that killing of Dinka and other ethic group was a crime just as the juba killing was….b) work for yourself…don’t be a parot for soneone else…..you can lead RSS yourself because your brain may be more productive than your God father, if you could depart Nuersim.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


        You’re paranod. There is nothing call Nuerism. Just accept that you are suffering from Nuerphobia. Get help, the sooner the better. Riek Machar has accepted to step aside, all we want is Kiir to do the same as well.

        • Bol says:

          Thank you, I will do that at my earliest chance. But seriously…is not wise to get help first? I think your case is most urgent…..Your name says it all and if you absent yourself from medical help it may get worse….Your next name may be “Bul another USA in Africa”, or even “The alien dominating the Earth” …total insanity in the making isn’t it! …..Nuersim does exist….It is about seeing the injustices done to Nuer, and not seeing what Nuer did to others. It is about believing in absurdities of being the mightiest tribe in the world “being the Israelis of East Africa” It is about not admitting your own guilt….

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            Thank you for owing your insanity. Get your certificate of insanity soon. Since you are placing me in a box which I do not belong, I hereby declare that I’m not from Bul subclan of Bentiu. This is the clan which is now supporting your murderous regime. I hope there is a member of Bul Nuer Subclan in this forum who has read your claim. Call them names and nobody will say anything to you. They deserve it. Had it not been for Bul and Sudan’s rebels, your Warrap would have already been in flame. You should give Bul Nuer thanks for protecting your state. Many of Bul Nuer are the ones who ran to warrap since you are ally with them.

  2. Thoman Lual Mading says:

    How blind our people really are!
    See the determination of the SPLM-DC party. When things are tough, they are the only ones to resist. They stood firmly against the security bill when everybody just kept quite, including the current members of SPLM-IO and G-10, yet we say Dr. Lam Akol is a failure. I wonder if at all this country will ever get a real leader.

  3. Lotim Koroma says:

    You continue extending your cowboy’s term in the office so that he kill more South Sudanese in future.But know that the parliament has no powers to extend the president’s term in the office,it is the people of South Sudan to decide not parliamentarioans.

  4. Chul Mi Bor says:

    They can extend Kiir’s tenure in the office, but they cannot extend Kiir’s life expectancy. The dictator’s health is deteriorating every day. Just wait! Soon Kiir will be a thing of the past.

  5. AGUMUT says:

    Kiir have to stay on because Riek have to leave our country for good.

  6. Aguer Manyok says:

    A blind leading blinds

  7. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


    You will die of Riekphobia sooner than you can imagine. The man is pain in your butt. But rejoice because Nuer’s blood is going to bring everlasting peace to South Sudan. Nuer’s blood = Jesus’ blood = sacrificial lamb. Pay respect.

    • Deng Monymor says:

      If you read Kemetic history, there is no such thing called Jesus, so Jesus is a concept stolen from spiritual history of Hasur, haset, and Haru.

      • Eastern says:

        It all depends on whether you believe in the Kemetic Sciences madness; otherwise all those professing Christianity believe in Jesus Christ.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        Jesus is a name. Whether it is a concept or not is not important. What’s important is that Jesus is a given name to son of God unless if you don’t read Bible or you are not a believer. So, you can take your lecture of Hasur, Haset, and Haru to your intended destination. For example, I can simply name my Son Deng even though I don’t what it means and what my son will do for the people has nothing to do with the given name.

  8. Lokoronyo says:

    Was Dr. Lam Akol right or wrong?
    About seven years ago one of the senior members of the SPLM party Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin who had also been serving as a minister for foreign affairs in the government of national unity in Sudan that was coined between the National Congress party and the SPLM after the signing of the CPA in 2005, broke away from his mother party the SPLM. After that departure Dr. Lam formed a new party (SPLM-DC) for himself that he felt would address the issues in the country in a different form. That party turned out to be the only one that had confidently came out and tried to challenge the incumbent president Salva Kiir Mayardit in the 2010 presidential elections. But because of the standard of the politics in the country it turned out that he was out at a wrong time when politics and democracy were still unripe in the nation. And that challenge to the president suffered a lot of hick coughs and set back as some people smartly saw that it was a slap on the face of the president and of the SPLM party. And the result was that he was not given any peace of rest in mind with some bad names being labeled against him. He was even called a traitor and a rebel leading an arm struggle against the government of Salva Kiir. For that matter some formulae were quickly devised for him. And that formula was none other than the use of the men in uniform which is the military wing of the SPLM. Under the curtains the SPLA were instructed or deliberately chose to restrict his political activities in the country as a way of bringing him to the ground, and it worked well anyway. He was subjected to a lot of intimidations and harassments which denied him all the rights of free political campaign in the south. That game did not give him any peace and consequently he was forced to run away from the south with only his names remaining on the ballot papers portraying his partial participation in those elections. The elections went ahead but unfortunately he was decorated as a symbolic challenger to the SPLM in an otherwise one party presidential election.
    When the man parted from the main party he cited the presence of some internal factors within the SPLM party as the reason for leaving it. But as he turned his back to the SPLM he did not want to leave everything instead took along with him a small ribbon to link him up with the perceived liberation name and called the new party Sudan People’s Liberation Movement for Democratic Change (SPLM-DC). This name alone was quite enough to give the impressions that there was no democracy in the mother party as such he should create one where democracy could easily be practiced. For him it was very difficult to formulate any sort of reform within the SPLM party because the leadership was very rigid and there was even no accountability and marked corruption at top levels. Again Dr. Lam went ahead saying that the way the country was running under the SPLM leadership was a clear preparation of the ground for Somalisation of the nation. But did people within and outside the party agree with him? I do not know the answer but I expect the likes of Pagan Amum and others that had been in the government custody as a result of their activities in the SPLM party to give the best response.
    People outside the SPLM party always react when overt incidences take place but they don’t really know what forced that incidence to happen and how exactly the members of the party treat one another within the party. There was a notion that Dr. Lam and other figures are always hungry for power that is why they keep on defecting. And there is also the notion that the same minds and deeds that made them defected some time back came once again into play and most probably with a worse scenario than the previous ones; leaving them with no other option but to quit for the second or third time. When the same action repeats itself from one body it usually encounters the same reaction from another same body. We have heard of some similar cases somewhere even in the bible. When King Herod that had wanted to kill Jesus died, Mary and Joseph that had escaped to Egypt intended to come back to Bethlehem but they were re-advised to keep away for the second time when it was noticed that the same scenario that made them escape was back. So sometimes an individual who had thought that people would change after some gentleman agreements find themselves forced to defect several times when the same bad things keep on repeating themselves. So it is not a question of power hunger but a matter of principle. Somebody clinking to power by blocking all democratic transformations yet blames other aspirants as power hunger. This is ridiculous. The ground for the 2015 elections which had become a common song on many lips that he who wants power should wait for is supposedly laid months or even a year before the elections itself. But how could that be possible if the elephant is stepping its paw on all the preparations that should lead to that elections?
    All the same, when SPLM-DC was born because of Lams dissatisfaction, people began throwing stones at him including those of Pagan Amum the then secretary general of the SPLM party. At a time when Lam was able to detect the lack of democracy in the party and decided to quit peacefully they were still busy swimming with the oil money not noticing that the train was already outside the rail. And because Lam was not needed by some people to rule in the country when he formed the SPLM-DC a lot of bad names were given to him to portray him as unfit for the country. But today some of the same people that gave him those names have been given the same names by the real owners of the SPLM party under the same circumstances.
    From December 2013 or even a little bit earlier than that, the whole world was made to know that there were elements of one man rule in the country and in the SPLM party in particular. And that man was made to be much bigger than the party itself and the rules governing the party. That was made obvious when people were made to swallow the declared cessation of the mandates of all the other members of the party except of that one man; prompting voices from the likes of Mama Rebecca and Dr. Riakh to cry foul. Unlike the foul cry of Dr. Lam to the party’s leadership some couple of years ago; the new cry came up with different modalities. These modalities have partitioned not only the party but the whole nation along ethnic and regional lines creating polarization among the south Sudanese societies. The civil populations are made to greet the foul cry of the members of the SPLM with bullets raining on them and destroying their lives, properties and land. What they did not know about the SPLM party was brought to the Day light when men were seen running after men to destroy lives because of ownership of the party. It is the party that Dr. Lam had quitted peacefully because he could not bear the way it was being run and the way it was running the affairs of the nation. Again for a couple of months or years different warlords were made to germinate in the country as reactionary measures to the actions of the party creating state of uncertainties among the local population as they all point their fingers to the ruling party. Can we still say that all the other people (Dr. Lam, late George Ator, David Yauyau, Peter Gadet etc.) were wrong and the party leadership always right? I don’t know the answer; however it is widely believed that when more than two people talk about your head try to check it. Can we now all ask the SPLM leadership to check her head following the overt incident within the party? I think the clock has ticked beyond that level. The party’s name itself and the SPLA are now protesting to the people of south Sudan. Liberation is over what a hell we still need from Sudan’s name. It is time to have south Sudanese names in our parties and army so that perhaps we may not see these kinds of protest again. South Sudanese have been betrayed by the current party members by making people turn their weapons against one another in a manner that had never happened since when God created the south. Do we still under estimate the magnitude of this chaos created in the country by the SPLM and close up our eyes to clap for the SPLM and its leadership and say SPLM Oyee? I do not think a reasonable south Sudanese that carry the nation in heart free from tribal inclination would do that. The first person to vomit out the bitterness of the SPLM after the CPA was Dr. Lam and other political analysts that have nothing to do with the south. Their voices and actions were strong alarm to the people of south Sudan. But people pretended that all were alright until when the men of the party begin to show them the true colors that were detected earlier on by the likes of the Engineer Mr. Lam.
    If Dr. Lam had to break away from the SPLM and create a descriptive suffix to the party he has abandoned to make it a party of his own, then there is no doubt that the recent events have proved him right. The mother of the nation Mama Rebecca articulated that clearly to everybody. They were not allowed to solve the party issues within the party and cited lack of democracy. It was the deficiency of that democracy which had thrown Lam away. The Group of Mama Rebecca was called disgruntled and some of them which did not even participate in the secondary rebellion have been charged with treason. It is just the same party members that had accused Dr. Lam of leading an arm group when he broke away from the party. This has painted out a clear picture that if you are not a man loyal to the SPLM party leader and adoring him then you are an enemy. Yes some people might be enemies but others just want to have a difference of views. SPLM members have not given time for the dust to settle for people to conclude of whether Dr. Lam Akol defection from the party was right or wrong. Again the current state of chaos and ethnics targets created by the party leadership on the new nation has just proved Lam predication that we are heading towards Somalia. How can we save this nation from people that are destroying it? How can we save ourselves from politicians that are lying to the world about us while keeping themselves busy by dividing us along ethnic and regional lines to kill one another? How can we save ourselves from men that have squandered our resources and flushing billions of our dollars away from the south instead of being used here to transform our country into a paradise on earth? The list of the bad things created in the last nine years by those who claimed to be our liberators is endless but the truth remains that Dr. Lam and others are not the problems but some figures in the party of the SPLA/M. The party that is forcing the whole world to believe that it was the only one that has liberated the citizens of South Sudan from the Arabs.; and therefore should be the only ones entitled for all the good things in the country. No, south Sudan was liberated by the blood and efforts of the people of south Sudan that did not carry guns in their hands. It was simply their sufferings in the hands of the SPLA and the Arab army that had gained the sympathy of the world powers like the USA, Norway and the UK to force Khartoum and the then rebel destroyers to stop the destructions and reach a deal. Unfortunately what was rebuilt in the last few years is now being destroyed by the SPLA and its branches. And the current events only indicate that the liberation was even incomplete calling those powers to come back again and finalize their job. The real liberators of the ordinary people of south Sudan from the hands of the men in uniform should turn up promptly because south Sudan is now in the hands of destroyers who keep on deceiving the outsiders that they care while they are real enemies of the people. Nobody can deny the fact that SPLA has destroyed the south and killed southerners more than any other group in living history. Even during the 21 years war, the 2.5 million that lost their lives were mainly killed by the SPLA and they are now back again to finish the job they had started. That was why more than 4 million southerners had to flee to the north instead of being where the SPLA were. Many southerners were gaining more protection from the Arabs than from the SPLA because the latter did not contain any caring fruit for the people it claimed it was fighting for. So the true color of the SPLA is what we are seeing now in the new country which was properly diagnosed by Dr Lam. A greedy mob that has coined itself to pursue some tribal ideology while making some decorations on its skin with some stooges to appear nattional.

    NB This is an article by itself

    • alex says:

      You are not in sound mind

      Go and think again and again. You are entitled to your thought and freedom to speech but to say SPLM killed its own people will make you to stay in peace the whole of your life. The mordern world have technology can you prove that brother. Which gorilla can servive if he is hated by the local people. I think you are not a war strategies that is why you did not know that for a rebel to succeed, they must have the civil support.

      See now when Riek is only depending on his tribe men what is happening. Is there any progress in the movement? Some people are coming back and people refused to join him because of what people saw in Bor , Malakal Bentue and other places. Civilians are the life breath of any gorilla movement. So reread your article. Why does Riek fear elections? it is because he knows very well he will lose. If somebody is claming he is right let him come and test the democratic process of voting. You will be humiliated untill you would not believe your eyes. S.Sudanese people does not buy such cheap thinking. We know where our problems come and we will sort it out. The spoilors must be dealt with first. Why is everbody afraid to form a different party and they just want to stick to the name SPLM if they are killers? You need to reason it out. Why did the ordinary people in the villages there still stick to SPLM if they are killers? because if those in town you will argue they have been bought with money.

  9. Oduho Otuho says:

    First of all the transitional constitution 2011 does not allow the parliament to extend the president or legislature term. 4 years have elapse and all should be subject to a referendum if they are to correctly follow the constitution. This means Salva kiir is not a choice of the people but a parliament president. That being said, there is no need to make it seem as if there is real parliament in South Sudan, there is no parliament but a house full of Salva Kiir children. It is better for him to just continue ruling until he is ousted rather than trying to disguise democratic principles as if the world is blind to see and know the truth. Salva is on a time bomb.

  10. Extension of Kiir’s mandate is an extension of bad governance, plundering of the already limited resources, continuation of war, etc. Dr. Riek is neither a better choice for South Sudan. All we need is to raise up against Kiir-Riek and we installed a technocrat government to laid ground work for the Country, otherwise, we re doom to continue with these messes……

    • Bol says:

      Peter Deng,
      You said it all….what you forgot is that Dr Reik will jump into J1 the very moment we start to raise up….Dr Machar weakened before changing this system.

  11. Oyet says:

    Deng Monymor,

    What scientific evidence do you have at hand to deny the existence of Jesus and claiming it is just a concept, that is the madness of unlearned cattle kraal ideological believe. I wander when are u the Dinka going to adopt into technological era? we are living in the world of info, so prove me wrong about what u were saying. send me your bogus evidence here

  12. False Millionaire says:

    Aguer Manyok,
    Yes,”a blind leading blinds”.But the hour has come n the human feeling sense of the blinds will oblige them to feel the pain of the harshness of hell.As RSS has been hell under Kiir’s SPLM/A since the independence,so will it be hell again under him for the next three years.There will be no economic,infra structural n human resources development.It would be a great stroke of good luck if RSS as a state doesn’t collapse to become tribal entities in any near future!!!

  13. Bona Malwal says:

    Kiir is just stupid like the person who born him.

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