‘Juba Hypocrites’ and the Empty Call for National Dialogue!

By: Justin Ambago Ramba, UK, DEC/19/2016, SSN;

While the world community is commemorating the 3rd Anniversary of the December 2013 Juba Massacre, the same genocidaire regime chose to distract everyone’s attention by releasing a speech by the same president announcing the commencement of a so-called National Dialogue. A Dialogue with a tyrant, my foot!

Notwithstanding the fact that I didn’t listen to the speech while it was being read out by Salva Kiir Mayardit himself, nonetheless, I have read through the entire document of the speech dated 14th December 2016. My personal conclusion is that this is just another well-ruminated speech prepared for him by his speech writers who often engage more on the what should be said but not necessarily what can be done.

The Call by dictator Salva Kiir Mayardit for a National Dialogue under his auspices and yet oblivious to his personal role in the current crisis if anything to go by is itself utterly absurd.

With the demise of the Agreement for the Resolution of the Conflicts in South Sudan (ARCISS) in July 2016 following the failed attempt on the life of SPLM-IO’s Chairperson and Commander in Chief, Dr. Riek Machar Teny in Juba, the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) legally ceased to exist.

Whatever is there now, is simply what the International community and the outgoing President Barrack Obama’s administration would like to maintain as a face-saving exercise, no more, no less.

Let me be very sincere with those who continue to think that anything good can still be achieved under the pathetic leadership of General Salva Kiir Mayardit, General Taban Deng Gai, General Kuol Manyang Juuk, and General Paul Malong Awan, that they are indeed hostages of a ‘Big Lie.’ For it is these generals who chose the path of violence as a way of addressing South Sudan’s political issues.

The generals would like to remain relevant to the politics of the country, and they can only achieve that by further dragging the entire country into more devastating, yet senseless civil war. I wish to believe they have reached their goals so far. To come out of it is not what they can be entrusted to accomplish.

Characteristic of Salva Kiir Mayardit and coterie, they have often portrayed themselves as peace loving people, but wherever they go, a trail of blood follows them. Maybe this little extract from the president’s Independence Day Speech can serve to shade light on what often trademarks his speeches and essentially, they are all about empty promises that the least sophisticated South Sudanese doesn’t even buy into anymore:

“It is my ardent belief that you are aware that our detractors have already written us off, even before the proclamation of our independence. They say we will slip into civil war as soon as our flag is hoisted. They justify that by arguing that we are incapable of resolving our problems through dialogue. They charge that we are quick to revert to violence. They claim that our concept of democracy and freedom is faulty. It is incumbent upon us to prove them all wrong!”.

Does anyone need reminding that the genesis of the 13th July 2013 crisis was a breakdown in dialogue within the ruling SPLM party!

The people of South Sudan deserve to have a better leadership than those murderers masquerading as statesmen. War is obviously not the best way to go about addressing national issues, yet this is what Salva Kiir’s regime has opted for. But there must be an end to this destructive war.

And while there is an urgent need to restart the process of a peaceful settlement, Salva Kiir will always be part of the problem and never of the solution.

Hence, until we can all see that this is the case, worse things will likely continue to happen in this new country while the culprits with the blessing of the inaction of the international community continue to enjoy financial and moral support in the regional and beyond.

No one with conscience including President Barrack Obama and his entire administration can miss seeing the many squandered opportunities that could have saved South Sudan should the situation continue to deteriorate, which indeed is already the case.

For many observers, including the UN Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan, headed by South Africa’s Yasmin Sooka and Adama Dieng, UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, have recently warned that the current violence, much of it inter-tribal and increasingly directed at ethnic cleansing, is sliding towards genocide.

Repeatedly, Sooka has said: ‘The stage is being set for a repeat of what happened in Rwanda and the international community is under an obligation to prevent it.’ The last time was on 1 December after visiting South Sudan with her commission.

Sadly indeed, nothing tangible has been coming from the African Union although we all know that the AU’s Constitutive Act permits forcible intervention in the case of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes.

As the number of South Sudanese who have abandoned their homes because of this war has already surpassed the one million mark, the crucial importance of the International community to continue with the provision of the much needed humanitarian assistance without hindrance cannot be overstressed.

However, a real process to reverse the precarious situation on the ground in South Sudan necessitates a new inclusive political process. This process MUST be outside South Sudan to enable the participants the freedom to delve into the various root causes of the conflict.

And whether they like it or not some very painstaking decisions must be reached to re-structure the future political, social and economic outlook of the new country be it in one piece or several pieces.

Yet the very crucial step must begin by immediately operationalizing the Hybrid courts for South Sudan to consider all the crimes committed in the period that started from 13th December 2013 to date. While preparing for all these, it is also important that Salva Kiir and his regime are held responsible for the demise of the ACRISS.

All leaders who are responsible for war crimes and offenses committed against humanity must also receive targeted sanctions in forms of travel bans and freeze of ALL their assets.

Finally, the time has come for this country to be put under severe forms of the arms embargo to stop this brutal and savage regime from continuing its vicious assaults on unarmed civilians cowardly using lethal Helicopter gunships and jet fighters.

It is the time that the international community comes to the realization of the wrong path the Obama administration has imposed on it by erroneously giving recognition to Salva Kiir-Taban Deng regime in Juba. They will come to regret it if they are already not doing so.

It is the time that they see the administration for actually what it stands for, as it is bent on imposing its violent kleptocratic nature on the country with wider ramifications for the entire region. Kiir’s regime is presiding over a pariah state that deserves isolation and not embracement.

Author: Justin Ambago Ramba. A Concern South Sudanese Citizen and a Voice for the Voiceless.


  1. Dear All Of Us (Members-SSN)

    Before,in the Sudan,Northerners Arabs,had deceived Southerners repeatedly without ever shown any shame on their words on mouths.They said before South Sudanese boys in the South,boys,north is sweeten place.If you were going to north,you were not going to return in the South in north as a pretext! But,if they had known first of all that north is being sweetened,why did they leave north for South after all! We are looking today after the truth! Nothing else but the truth!

    We now,have known President Salva Kirr,who he is! He is calling for national dialogue.National Dialoque is not a right answer for the crisis in the country after all! What is needed is that PEACE so that roots of the conflicts in the country in the government,must be dug out on the ground on the surfcace! Again,he is making a serious mistake altogether! He truncates Riak Machar in the rebel leader in Opposition forces.How can National Dialogue can be achieved without his rival Riak Machar??!! Riak Machar,has to be included and all other south Sudanese political parties.Military commanders,must be excluded in National Dialogue! He is always very optimistic that his handpicked Vice President Taban Deng Gai! Taban Deng Gai,he is misleading him on Riak Machar matter on his absence! After all,he is completely DONE!!!!!!! He wants only to make a better living on President Salva Kirr administration!

    To me,to bring peace in the country,what I need is that peace first! Second National Healings! Third,no international community involve! Let South Sudanese,by themselves,sort out the troubles by themselves in the country in the government period!

    Sincere Stopping Anger!



    • BILL KUCH says:

      Chief Abiko,
      There is no doubt that, it was you yesterday as it is you today. And today whatever you are, will be the same as you will be tomorrow. I had no doubt on who you were!!! All Equatorians are the same impostors. The best Equatorians are the dead ones!!! And one of those was the journalist Dr. Samson Kwaje as a good example.

    • Roberto says:

      Dear Justin Ramba

      Kiir is lunatic. He dismantled the peace agreement. Now he wants to consolidate power through National Dialogue. South Sudan does not need National Dialogue right now. it needs a new peace process. Kiir’s Dialogue does not bring accountability, justice, and reforms but peace agreement does. He is obsess with power and he will cling to it at any cost. There will be no lasting peace in South Sudan as long as this idiot Kiir remain in power.

      Roberto Kosongo ( Bana Equatoria )

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Actually, this so-called National Dialogue called for by Kiir unfortunately smacks and plainly stinks of a conspiracy to evade the serious problems of Kiir’s failed presidency and the degenerate one-tribe hegemony that has precipitated and perpetuated the horrific misrule in the country.
        Also, you can see that all the appointees to the so-called National Dialogue are political dead-weights and extinct intellectual dinosaurs. From Lagu to Abel to professor Machar Kaschol and et al, many are already physically and morbidly hampered by senile dementia and other ailments to an extent that they can’t physically sustained even one straight hour of deliberation on the hot issues facing the country.
        What Kiir and his miscreant tribal advisors have done is to plainly bluff the nation and the world that he, Kiir, is being inclusive by ill-intentionally resuscitating long-deactivated political and historical figures, the likes of Peter Cirillo and Joseph Lagu, whom he had cynically neglected, ignored and marginalized since 2005 as he, Kiir, chose rather to promote the devilish ‘Jieng Council of Evils.’
        In 1983, Jaafar Niemery wisely resolved the serious dilemma among us, South Sudanese, by the unilateral promulgation of redivision into the three separate states. Perhaps another similar action is needed.

        • Roberto says:


          Kiir committed atrocities against the people of South Sudan. It appears wants the victims of his acts to forgive him. He does not want to be accountable for his actions. Either way he will be brought to justice or justice will be brought to him. It is just matter of time. Merry Christmas

          Roberto Kosongo ( Banan Equatoria )

  2. Alex says:

    Mr Rambogo it is people like you who does not want peace to come to S. Sudan will always try to undermine any attempt to bring peace in the country. No body who has the suffering of his people will always be trying to prevent making of peace. It is a well known pact that, America can not enforce among us S. Sudanese but they can help us to build confidence among ourselves. Rejection of any peace attempt is the evidence of your leader Riack Machar calling of arm resistance. You are trying to cover they eyes of the people to see you people a who love peace but the reality speech by itself. A person who is not interested in peace will always try to bring any reason to block any kind of peace. It is true Riack Machar followers have no peace with anyone. Riack Machar seperated with Gadet and up to now they can not unite. Raick Macher rebelled against the government and up to now he is renegading any signed peace process. Riack Machar is even is disagreement with splm in opposition of Taban Gai Deng. Anybody who defers with Riack Machar is either an enemy or has been bought with money. The group of Riack Machar has a different thinking and their thinking is outside the world of civilized humanity. They believe in language of violence and their form of so call democracy they are fighting for is to be be enforced by force. Their theory is you are either with us or you are not with us. You accept our thinking or you are bought with money. Machar’s rebels are killing civilians in Kajokeji, Yei, Yambio and Unity state yet they claim they have been targeted while the whole world have heard how Machar rebels killed innocent civilians on Yei road, killed innocent refugees in Lasu and looting and killing people in Yambio.

    So it is not a surprise to see you to argue down the call for national dialogue. Your leader has decleared armed resistance against the government defying the call by the international community, IGAD, TROIKA, EA , AU and the church leaders for peace. The only peace Machar’s supporters want is peace that is on their own terms. Where on earth can a peace be enforced by one group? Machar and the group are violent people who without shame even went as far accusing Kiir of buying America, Ethiopia, Kenya , Uganda and AU with money. Machar group are the people preaching hate yet they are the first people to point to other people.
    The only way out is for those who are peace lovers to come to come out and pursue the path of peace and leave the war mongers. These individuals can not be allowed to drag the country back to war. We have seen how these ruthless war mongers are attacking government forces in Kaya, Morobo,. Yei, Nimule Road and in Leer. They are the first to attack and they are the first to run to media to wadge media propaganda that, the government is fighting their forces. Let us leave these group and they will join the rest of the peace lover if time come. What we want to tell them is that, the government is interested in genuine peace but it will not allow any group to detect it. All S. Sudanese should own the peace and it should not be an outside enforced peace.

    • Elias Yongo says:

      It is interesting Alex reading your views against well-thought opinion by Dr. Ramba. You put all the blames squarely on Riak; but I thought you do not make peace that you are alluding to with friends. Commosense will tell you that you make peace with your ememies. I am afraid the current thinking in Juba is to eliminate all the enemies. How many times have we asked, in the name of the president, for forgiveness and reneged on it while planning evil! Unfortunately the president has never been sincere in all that he says. Most of the things he does are to get a breathing space when things get tough to allow him plan even more evil. Why can’t south sudanese try something different like UN trusteeship than moving in a circle while everybody is suffering including yoursef; unless you are also a thief! The so called leaders have failed us time and time again. They are doing the exact same thing, if not worse, that made south sudanese took up arms against the jalabas. Before honest human beings these guys have no face to show. Truth be said.

      • Eastern says:


        Alex and cohorts want people to respond to this bogus call for dialogue the way African leaders do; Festus Mogae is already upbeat about the proposal.

        The problem of Africa is the leadership style of African leaders. Kabila is failing his people in DR Congo, Nkuruziza is failing Burundi, Kiir is failing South Sudan, Yahya Jamme has failed The Ghambia, etc. African leadership style is a liability. African intellectuals like Wole Soyinka are tearing up their Green Cards over the outcome of foreign elections instead of contributing positively to reign in African leaders that have gone astray. AU is a farce!

        The solution to South Sudan’s predicament doesn’t lie with those old folks lined up by Kiir to guide the ‘national dialogue’ rather it lies with us the social media generation. I thought Angelo Beda had passed on; was surprised to see him lined up for the task at hand!

        I have read this article from the East African which I wish to share with you folks through this link: http://www.theeastafrican.co.ke/OpEd/comment/What-AU-and-Wole-Sonyika-can-do-deal-with-Jammeh-genie/434750-3491786-dhixhwz/index.html

    • cos says:

      Shame on you Alex,what haven’t you seen on the ground?
      Bro money should not betray you like what Judas did to Jesus Christ.

      • lodani rama says:

        Brother Cos the shame goes to people like you who kill innocent civilians because of positions. We will not allow you people to steal our future. Whether through free and fair election, we will vote you out. You use lies to spread your propaganda. We will only work with those who are peace lovers and soon we will isolate the war mongers. Ramadan Hassen Laku now is back .These are the true peace lovers we will work with. The only way for you people is to denounce violence.

    • Bismark says:


      To be honest, you lack patriotism. From your writing you seem to benefit from the brutal system of a tyrant by name Salva Kiir Mayardit and that is why you are writing this nonsense to prop his government. Ask yourself as to what type of achievement can be got from that type of dialogue. Ask yourself again is the condition for dialogue right. Look at lack of freedom of speech, press and association in the country. Look at the war going on. Look at the murder and torching of innocent people in the country!! South Sudan does not need to appease the press with nonsense. People need peace first and then they can decide on what political programme to embark on to direct the country and its people to progress. You should shut your foul mouth on issues that affect people who have nothing wrong to you.

      • Alex says:

        Mr Bismark to be sincer I hate people who want war. This is time for us to reconhcile and give our people to rest. I think any man who has humanity in his heart will not talk of war or refusing peace. So the proposal is going ahead and we leave the war mongers. You have no place in the civilised society. No more blood letting because of positions. What lack of freedom of press when your supporters are writing openly they have captured Kaya, Morobo, Yei, Kiir is dead, Cirilo killed and SPLA killing, have you heard one of the writer arrested because of misinformation. The journalist who was deported was writing things to promote genocide that is why he was deported. There is no freedom of press for those who want to preach hate speech and for those who want to incite war. Peace loving people and the Church is going to spearhead the national dialogue. We know your leader has decleared resistance that is why you people are bringing up all the nounses. You are only afraid to say we are for war not peace otherwise a peace lover will never get tired in search for peace. To conclude, Brother Bismak, war mongers has no place this days. No country will support war mongers accept Sudan. So the choices lies in your hand


        • Bismark says:

          Mr Alex,

          I want to categorically tell you no one in South Sudan wants war except those who benefit from the blood of our loved ones. If you can reflect your sense of historical recognition, you will realise that this war was imposed on to South Sudanese by those who have a project of instituting ethnic supremacy and neo-imperialism in South Sudan. What the people of the country are doing is actually defending themselves from those who want to rape women, loot properties, kill people who innocent and those who reject their programme of land grabbing. No body wants war but the path to end the war can not come from the person who championed the war for objectives mentioned above. He must abandon the notion of perpetual leadership and the lust of other peoples’ land in order for genuine peace to take hold in the country. The peace greement must be resuscitated and a national constitutional conference implemented before we can believe a real peace is achievable in South Sudan. This can only be successful with the aid of international community.

    • Defender says:

      Making peace with the devil is no peace at all. Kiir is not interested in peace…the National Dialogue or whatever you want to call it is a mere strategy for the loonie tune to legitimize his role after abrogating the peace agreement. If he truly wants peace, he should have consulted with those whom he wants to bring to the negotiating table to dialogue with. And as the author of the article said, the Kiir cannot be both the priest and the executioner at the same time. Thus, he cannot claim that he wants to be a patron of a national dialogue but at the same time actively seeking to eliminate all his political opponents, whether those with peaceful interest to dialogue or those who are actively engaged in political violence. He cannot have it both ways.

      So, the current charade which some think is a road to somewhere, it is just another avenue to suck in weak kneed unprincipled politicians under his wing and suffocate them to extend his role for another five or ten years.The process of re-consolidating power after the failure of the peace agreement is a necessary evil that Kiir must do in order to survive politically and economically. The international community has isolated him like the rest of the violent kleptocrats who have benefited from the blood of many South Sudanese for years. Now that the international community have bailed out and left these vultures with no loot to enjoy, they are running back to their welfare/social services in the west. They are now speaking of national dialogue as a tool to lure back the donor countries to give them money in order to go back to do what they have done for the last eleven years.

      So, Kiir is desperate to find people who would give him money to cover the huge deficit in his war bill in order continue waging war against the poor people in South Sudan. It is only the fool who would buy into this charade that you called national dialogue. This announcement is also suspect in all that it wants to address. From the get go, how would a country that has been implicated in the gravest crimes committed in the continent in the last three years.

      Since Kiir would not recognize the death that happened on December 15th while hosting the IOs in Juba, what on earth would one think his intentions were when his pulled this bold face trickery just a day before December 15 when dark cloud fell on our country. It is only the fools would go along with this false assumption that Kiir is really interested in peace. If he were to be interested, he would have stood up in front of all the members of National Assembly that day, before he uttered his useless call to national dialogue by standing just for one minute of silence for the souls that were lost on December 15, 2013. He did not do it. It would have proved to the nay sayers that Kiir is really interested in peace and transformation of our country through the act of contrition. But that did not happen, even when those who Taban Deng Gai, who bought into his crap was targeted for slaughter just three years prior. If one does not see this reality, one is bone face idiot, a fool and have no moral value that differentiate between a human and a sub-human.

      Because dialogue starts with a genuine gesture of good intention on something that is tangible. If he missed that day and then goes on to say that if erred, people should forgive him. It is an insult to the intelligence of South Sudanese, the region which is bed with him and the international community that is still hoping that there is hope in what is happening in South Sudan can be salvaged under this deformed leadership.

      Thus, any dialogue that is informed by this reality that i mentioned above, is doomed to fail and will continue to plunge the country into further tragedy. Because you cannot bring the perpetrators of crimes to lead the process of national dialogue. This can only happen is there is a collective amnesia in our society that we slither the throat of almost one hundred thousand people and seek to role it under the rug as if nothing had happened that maimed the social fabric of our nation beyond repair with the defunct leadership at the helm.

  3. Gatdarwich says:

    Dr. Ramba,

    The supposedly national dialogue is evidently not a national one but tribal dialogue between Madi(presided by Paride Taban), Dinka(headed by moses machar), and Murle(represented by Ismail konyi). We the NaathNation, Chollo, and the rest of the tribes are not in it.
    We, the NaathNation will not and shall never dialogue with the killers of our children, women, and the elderly full stop
    We (NaathNation) shall only recogcile and do peace dialogue in the hell of fire. An EYE for EYE retribution is what the engineers-killers of over 20,000 Nuer in Juba–December 2013 need and shall eminently get period

  4. BILL KUCH says:

    Ramba of the U.K.,
    Take it or disregard and do what you normal do. If you don’t believe in it then there is no reason of complaining. If your will or wishes are not met, then don’t even think about it and do what you usually do. I don’t like it too.

  5. Hoiloom says:

    Dr. Ramba,

    Those who still believe Kiir can deliver peace are deceiving themselves. The call for national dialogue while at the same time committing genocide under the watch of the international community is a farce and also an insult to the victims. How can this be a national dialogue when opposition parties are not involved in the process or is Kiir trying to reconcile with his friends? The only road to peace is full implementation of ARCISS which is dead and buried since July 8 incident. My heart aches for our citizens who can no longer celebrate Christmas since December 2013 up to date.

    Merry X-mass to all my fellow citizens on SSN.


  6. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Yongo,
    Look at Libaria,Central African Republic,Sira Leone,Somalia and DRC,what good do u see the UN trusteeship has brought to them?
    If u are up to your sincere sense of consciousness,RSS isn’t a naturally poor banana republic like those countries.That’s why supper powers like US and Uk are leading the push for a UN’s trusteeship.If they succeeded one day and made it to last for 20 years,unstate minded elites like u would still be alive to take over the country.
    And what would u do?Running the same failed state as the SPLM/A elites have been doing.
    That’s why it best to sue for a clear break.If no other means of changes could be possible,support the idea of A US/UK take over for a lengthy period of 100 hundred years minimum.They would loot the natural resources but with a minimum return that would permit social and economic developments before the country could become independent again under state minded elites.
    One should never be unmindful that UN’s trusteeship is charged with thieves worst than those of the SPLM/A.
    Once given the chance,they would knoe the country and masses down to the last bone.

    • Elias Yongo says:

      False Millionaire,
      I beg to differ with you a great deal. We are better-off being under UN trusteeship or any form of colonialism than the current state we, south Sudanese , are in. Mine is we have suffered for over 50 years struggling in the hands of jalabas, we do not deserve to suffer again in the hands of our so called own brothers with whom everybody suffered. Some people can rightfully argue that even the so called leaders will agree that we were better off under the yolk of jalabas than we are today. That is why even the leaders send their families to Khartoum. I would rather be colonized and have something in life than the suffering we are currently going through. What else are we fighting for other than power to loot and destroy our own country by ourselves? You talked about looting our resources; aren’t those resources a curse to us? What is there to show with those resources that we southerners, have been exploiting over the last 10 years. The resources turned into a curse. Either the moneys are looted, stolen and wasted into foreign countries or are used to buy weapons for self destruction. What will be the use of the resources if it leads to nothing but suffering of 99 percent of the population. I am old enough to recall, during colonial days, at least you get basic services like education and health which have become a luxury to most of the populace except for the thieves who are able to maintain their families abroad. I do not know about you but if a common man like me was to fall sick like Malong now, I would not have survived to date as there will not be any services locally. The thieves and the killers will be flown to Nairobi, Kampala, Johannesburg, Germany and UK; what about the over 99 percent who are not thieves. For a common man to get something, we need those impartial people who even as they steal, at least there will be a trail of peace, education, roads and health system that can help the majority of the population. Think again.

      • Eastern says:


        You should have told False Millionaire about the current wanton abduction of Ma’di youth from Nimule market to be detained in ungazzetted locations, I told some of them are being held at Aswa bridge.

        Daniel Awet Akok, Kiir’s advisor on security, I’d already begging Kiir to ask dinkas to RESPECT other South Sudanese. The OTHER South Sudanese are MORE than the dinkas! This is what the Mathisng Anyoor must know!!!

  7. lodani rama says:

    I can not find someone who is a peace maker will reject any call for peace. The group reject ting the call for peace are the same group that have declared the peace process death. Their rejection of the peace is due to the fact that, their leader has declared he has survived but peace is dead. The same slogan was adopted during their political bureau meeting in Khartoum. So these same people should not be allowed to kill the peace. The peace loving people will accept the call for peace and those who are opposed will be engaged later on when they feel the time is right for them.

    we can not afford to prolong the suffering of our people. So to Mavhar’s supporters do not think those who oppose you are bought by money. It is your senseless war of power greed and war of destruction that makes people not to agree with you.
    We can not accept to destroy our country because of mere issue of position. The suffering of our people id paramount. It is really senseless for you people to believe that Kirr is buying everyone and other countries one of the chief lieutenant of Riach Machar was an Arab. In Juba when you want to see Mavhar, the Arab man will be sent to accompany you to Machsr’s office. So it gives me even to suspect that, you have been bought by the Arabs in Khartoum to destroy our independence.

    • Eastern says:

      Lodani Ramamsi!,

      Kiir is not a peace maker, he’s a fighter. Kiir’s succeeded in convincing Senegal, Angola, China, Russia, etc that he needs to remain in power!

      Kiir called for a “national dialogue” where Kiir will decide who speaks and speaks what! Load I are you mad?!!!

  8. alex says:

    You have no option Mr Eastern. Peace is going ahead and those who are rejecting the call for peace are the best people to be described as mad. If you are sane you can not continue to call for war while the whole world is calling for peace. So check yourself if you are well. it is that mentality that landed your mentor Machar to be rejected in the region. Seek advise from your brother Ramadan Hassen Laku in Juba. He will advise you properly. There is no point to make your own people suffer. All wars are not solved by military means. Peace is the only way forward how much you talk, the civilized world will not support any other war.

    • Eastern says:


      I like your name. Which peace are you alluding to here. Ramadan et al cannot withstand the poverty real revolutionaries can withstand. Fearing the takeover of their properties back home in South Sudan, we’ve seen hapless folks trooping back to Juba. I don’t need advise from such people.

      The Eastern Rock

  9. False Millionaire says:

    U don’t need to pass a message to me in unidirect way giving your great weght of age,experiences and education.
    Dinka or not,no one feels less pained by the tragedy befalling the country.But be courageous to admit that grave mistake was made with MTN hunting calculation targeting jieng innocent masses.That alone marginalized what could have been a popular movement for common national interests to an equatorian savage one.
    As such why should jieng give a damn about the bad government harming equatorians when it’s the same equatorians who target innocent jieng instead of fighting the bad government with every chance of bringing jieng on board for the same fight?
    It’s a bitter shit mon chere ami.But it isn’t too late yet.A great sense of leadership from your part should prevail and that would reverse the situation becouse jieng are also under presure from the lack of development and seek a save gate to break out from the SPLM/A misrule lead by Kiir.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      Get used to my modus operandi. Dr Garang’s SPLA shelled Juba town between 1989 to 1992 when there were more civilians than NIF soldiers.

      What I am aiming at the moment is Dinkocracy perpetuated by Kiir with support from his tribal JCE advisors. Apart from Mabior Garang De Madior and Kueir e Garang, I have not seen nor heard from any prominent Dinka resident in Yei, Nimule, Nadapal, Kapoeta and other targets in Equatoria denouncing Kiir’s leadership style. I will continue to work my likeminded to pursue the approach Dr Garang used on use entrapped in Juba, where no Sudanese was allowed to leave the goddam city. If MTN is name those fighting Dinkocracy have assigned to those supporting the status quo, it’s upto you to to the you to make the choice. Back then, I and colleagues had to leave Juba to join Williiam Nyuon Beny in Pageri.

      False Millionaire, the current debacle that needs an honest and lasting solution is beyond Kiir and Machar.

      • abai okwahu says:

        Eastern, what can I say, Amen brother! Tell these morons who support the hegemon (Dinkas) that the rest of the citizens will not be hoodwinked by tyrant Kiir that he is for a national dialogue to bring peace. Every Dinka tribesman that I have come across vehemently deny that Kiir and the JCE are tribalists, rapists, thieves, looters, etc. The misguided policies of the JCE have driven non-Dinkas to absolutely hate any Dinka, just ask the folks in the POCs and refugee camps.

  10. Gatdarwich says:

    Falsifier Monyjenge,

    Equatorians never targeted innocent Jenges, but the traitorous Jenges did the exact opposite to the innocent Equatorians who were working for the NGOs in Jenges-Dinka areas. Jenges-Dinka massacred all the Equatorians in Jenge territories when couple of malong’s militias–the usual unknown gunmen who constantly terrorizes non-jenge civilians were nailed in Equatoria region. Wittingly, you, the truth-twisters, treasonous Jenges, who naturally never accept truth which is unfavorably to you, apparently are terming the dead Jenges-unknown gunmen killed in frontline in Equatoria region, “innocent Jenges-Dinka”, to purposely mislead the uninformed individuals about the true nature of what is exactly occuring in South Sudan.
    falsifier Monyjenge, you must promptly start learning to be truthful in your writings if you want the sincere people on this forum to view you as credible individual who care about the well-being of all civil population in South Sudan.
    Otherwise, you’re a pure, and will-shall always be a tribal bigot if you keep twisting well-documented factual events in Jenge-Dinka’s favor full stop

    Merry Christmas-natural born liar cousin, and May almighty Ngundeng condemn you to hell soon.

    Patriot Gatdarwich

  11. Lokosang says:

    I commend Dr Justine Ramba for his credible analysis of what has been going on and is going on in and around J1.
    The so call the National Dialogue is just another cheap drama copied from those of president Bashir to deceive the people of South Sudan. As you mentioned in your article, he always said some thing on national television and do the opposite of what he said. For those idiots who don’t believe what Dr Justin mentioned in his article can you mention to this forum just one thing since Kiir came to this office that he had promised to fulfilled and he actual did it? I am sure 100 % nothing because I have been monitoring all his speeches and actions in close range. Those of Alex are the beneficiaries of the corrupt regime of Salfa Kiir that is why they are supporting him and those around him to death without shame.
    No any reasonable and sound minded person can support this criminal government at this crucial situation that our country has been through.
    The suggestion that the country need another political process is out of question it will be a waste of resource, lives, and time. If we really need peace and tranquillity in South Sudan, the current regime must go and only then the people of South Sudan can seriously engage themselves in a robust political discussion to set up genuine political institutions that are capable to establish the government of the people and for the people.

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