Juba Govt. belief in military solution to the one-year old civil war


BY: Comrade Peter Kleto

It has now become very clear to South Sudanese at large and to the whole world that the government of dictator Salva Kiir is seeking a military solution to the almost a year conflict. The Juba authoritarian regime is planning day and night to eliminate all democratic voices in the country so that it continues to massacre, harassed, intimidate innocent citizens, and corrupt public funds at will and without being accountable to anyone.

I want to inform all fair-minded and those with South Sudan in their hearts that in order for peace to rain in South Sudan, Dictator Salva Kiir must step aside in order for Democratic, Visionary and Charismatic leader comrade Dr. Riek Machar Teny to lead the country into prosperity.

It is very instructive to mention that on November 7th, 2014, Juba government and our Chairman Comrade Dr. Riek Machar agreed on the existence of two separate armies in the pre-interim period and that the prime minister in the name of Comrade Dr. Riek Machar will be responsible for the implementation of the agreement among many responsibilities outlined in the document.

The parties were given sometime to consult with their constituencies and then report back to Addis Ababa to continue with the negotiation.

The Juba government on November 25th, 2014 surprised the IGAD, South Sudanese and the international community by coming up with a wild statement rejecting and annulling the November 7th 2014 agreement.

The government of dictator Salva Kiir said it will only accept one army under one command and government cabinet minister Elia Lomuro said there is no way one community can demand 50 or 70 percent of power while South Sudan has 64 tribes.

Where is or was Martin Elia Lomuro when one tribe was and still is ruling the country since 2005? Did Martin Lomuro question Salva why 90 percent of government seats are occupied by one community?

Lomuro must know that SPLM-In-Opposition is a people’s movement for all South Sudanese and is a nationalistic movement fighting for the freedom of all unlike the rotten Juba government that is only fighting to feed the stomach of government officials like Martin Elia.

The demand of 50 or 70 percent of power by SPLM In Opposition is even less compared to its public support from all tribes or communities both inside and outside the country.

SPLM In Opposition commands more than 90 percent of Support of South Sudanese inside and outside the country and the less than 10 percent composed of opportunists in the government and their relatives or friends who are being bribed to go against public interest.

The government demand that only defected soldiers will be reintegrated and given the same rank they had before they defected will never be accepted by SPLM-In-Opposition. This is a non-starter.

The government has been recruiting thousands of civilians into the army in addition to the tribal army recruited and trained by Dictator Salva Kiir and yet the government is not talking about taking them out of the system.

We must recall that when CPA was signed between SPLM and National Congress Party, President Omar Al Bashir did not say only those who defected on 16th May, 1983 will only be accepted for reintegration.

We would still be fighting now if this condition was imposed on the people. This position of the government shows their lack of interest and commitment to peaceful resolution of the conflict.

It is also very imperative to inform the public that on November 27th, 2014, the government launched a series of attacks on our positions in Fangak country, in Upper Nile, but were pushed back by our gallant forces.

This is another violation of cessation of hostility agreement and a declaration of war. It is also important to point out that the government in Juba is only interested in causing rift within political parties, civil society groups and among communities and so forth, and this is quite telling that the Juba regime lacks vision and direction for the country.

The efforts the government of Dictator Salva Kiir wasted on confusing and instigating violence among the 64 tribes or communities in the country would have been used to bring about peace and stability in the country.

The plan to caused rift within the different leaderships, tribes or communities in the country have been witnessed by the political parties union in South Sudan under Dr. Lam Akol and Civil societies leaderships under Deng Athuai Mawiir.

Lastly and not the least, the government of dictator Salva Kiir imposed war on the people of South Sudan by eliminating democratic voices in the country and other leaders including Comrade Dr. Riek Machar had to run for his life.

This follows by massacring of thousands of ethnic Nuer who have nothing to do with politics or with Dr. Riek Machar. They were killed simply because Dr. Riek Machar who wants to democratically compete for SPLM Chairmanship hails from Nuer ethnic group.

It is hard fact that Dr. Riek Machar would win if he is to compete with Salva Kiir democratically and this is the main source of fear from Salva Kiir and his clique.

In plain English, the government did this to scare all other minority tribes in the country from seeking leadership position by sending a message to those with leadership ambition that anyone who attempts to seek leadership would meet the same fate as Dr. Riek Machar.

I now called upon all South Sudanese to join SPLM-In-Opposition in order to bring about change that the country needs in order to move forward. South Sudan problem is not anything but extremely poor leadership under Salva Kiir.

Thank you.


Republic of South Sudan Oyee!

Freedom Fighters Oyee!

Democracy Oyee!

Federal system Oyee!

Comrade Peter Kleto

Deputy Chairman,


Greater Toronto Chapter.

I could be reached at peterkleto8@hotmail.com


  1. Wani Paul says:

    Dear Honorable, Kleto
    Thank you very much for telling the truth about the tribal government in Juba. Indeed, it is a high time for all minority tribes to join the ongoing armed resistance in order to rid ourselves from the ruthless regime. I regret to see that some of us especially in equatoria are sitting and watching thinking that the war will not be turned to them. Equatorians are being killed on daily basis. made as slaves. What does life worth if you are slave in your own country. Fight will continue till to the last month. It would be a great mistake to allow government defeat rebels because that will mean our suffering will continue and even will be worse than this. We must wake up and support the rebels by offering our lives so that this tribal government that is robbing people of their freedom is removed and a federal system is installed for the benefit of all.
    Honorable Kleto, can you please forward your telephone number at wanip2@gmail.com

  2. Sambu says:

    Dear Kleto,
    The key problem with you and most other people who write on this web is that you write fantastically while hiding in foreign countries. And then each time you claim you have ventured into the war zone, that war zone always turn out be either Nairobi or Kampala. And you come back to Toronto and start running your bacteria -filled mouth without realising that there are people suffering here in bushes of southsudan. Can you please stop writing all the nonsense that add to all the antagonism, and start writing on what brings peace. Stop stupidity. Being a chapter meanings nothing, so stop making looks like you are a big man. It is what caused you to write this article basically; just trying play some psychology that you are a big guy. Please stop it.

  3. Ladu adam says:


    Please stay away from your useless comments against hero kleto. He is telling the truth and he wants change for the good of the country. You will benefit from that change too. you are one of those bribed to betray people. Yes he is elected and is an official of the party and have a right to contribute. People are being terrorised all over south sudan. No one is happy with government except those paid to betray like you Sambu. You are sick brother and you are advice to search your souls.
    Thank you.

  4. Please avoid telling nonsense over the public web address for you are not the only man. …. You man with your visionary man who is mad. He is a leader of dead people not leader of leaving people Riek Will not rule South Sudan until the end of his life and he will soon live in abroad and his body will not be transported back to South Sudan. He deserves no characteristic of a charismatic leader for he is foolish enough to liberate people of South Sudan to prosperity.his thinking capacity is too low because of his psychological premature mental disorder according to Social Science language

    • What is the purpose of two separate Armies?. Do we have two Countries or one Country?.

      Argument of Dr. Riek (destroyer black) for separate Armies will not work in South Sudan because South Sudan is not two Countries only one country and it should be sincerely managed or rule by only one leader with one Army called Sudan People”s Liberation Army (SPLA) the founder of liberation Council during the struggle of 21 years in the bush led by Dr Garang Mabior Atem who is the only charismatic man of vision and profounder of the movement.

      Machar never know that the rebel forces that rebel against the Government represents SPLA whereas Riek is not having is Army other wise, i call up on all the sector commanders and SPLA gallant Forces should come back to SPLA and then Riek will surely form is separate forces but not SPLA Forces that joined the guerrilla with him other wise, the Forces had already their sectors/ Divisions they will be re integrated in to the Army.

  5. Peter Kleto says:

    Dear brother Sambu,

    As a South Sudanese brother, I would like to first thank you for your comments. It is criticisms and counter-criticisms if taken as a debate and not personally can develop us and the country. I will not answer to your insult with an insult because I am mature enough to not engage myself in unproductive statement what will not help the country move forward. I can only tell you that if you want to bring change in the country, you cannot bring it by insulting people or by taking things personally. You should reason and debate in a civilized way.
    I am for peace but the government is not interested in peace. I am not sure if you are closely following the ongoing peace talk or you are being driven by something other than nationalistic and objective view of the governance system in the country. The people you should blame should be the government under Salva Kiir for creating a bad everyone for everyone. Also, I am not for position. If you only talk to big people, that is not my problem. As for me and SPLM In opposition, we respect everyone irrespective of tribe, religion, colour or gender and we consider all equal and treat all equally with dignity and respect. That is the difference between SPLM Juba and us. They only respect people with big positions and we respect all people regardless. We believe that all citizens have the right to contribute to the affairs of the country and we consider their ideas equal to those of the civil servants. This is the kind of country we are fighting for. We will continue to struggle until we bring freedom and democracy in south sudan and you sambu who is probably confused by money or tribal sentiments will one day think of this peace of advice from me. Trust me on this. Always try to do the right thing and you will win. I advice you as a brother.

    Thank you

  6. Dream will never come true.
    Riek is power hungry.

  7. Riek Koang says:

    It is now one year since Riek Machar declared war on December 6, 2013, that if he is not allow to be the President of South Sudan , he would cause ‘’chaos , disorder and throw South Sudan into abyss’’ The chaos , disorder and throwing of South Sudan into abyss is the codename for coup or war .

    In political language , war or coup is always unmentionable but it is imply in rhetoric , for example , when US President George Bush was preparing war against President Saddam Hussein of Iraq , he never mentioned the word ‘’war’’ in all speeches until warplanes bombed selected targets inside Baghdad .

    Mr Bush was always quoted as saying ‘’ if Saddam Hussein do not disarm, he will ’’ face serious consequences ‘’ . ‘’Serious consequences ‘’ was the code name for Bush’s war, therefore, when Riek said South Sudan will be in ‘’chaos and disorder ‘’ . ‘’Chaos and disorder” was the codename for Riek’s coup or war .

    On December 15, 2013 , Riek Machar attempted the coup to overthrow Mr Kiir who is refusing him to become the President . When the coup failed, he manufactured another lie to create the war, that 20, 000 Nuer had been massacred in Juba in less than a week to inflame war and Nuer sentiment against the Dinka ., yes of course , Nuer are killed in the crossfire as other South Sudanese , the total number of those killed in Juba is 700 persons from 64 tribes .

    The war is going on now, Nuer have been killed . Dinka have been killed. Nuer can’t allow themselves to be killed by Dinka . Dinka can’t allow themselves to be killed by Nuer . it is equal – equal killing ,

    There is genuine call for mutual restoration of peace to stop the equal-equal killing but Riek and his warlords still have appetite for killing and have rejected peace call in Pagak by demanding impossibilities . What is next? , it is equal –equal killing.

    The question to Riek is , ‘’Do you have any strength beyond the bullets you have been using in last 12 months to grab state power from Kiir ?’’

    My dear you not have any strength remaining beyond the bullets you have been using since December 15 , 2013 to remove Salva Kiir from power by force.

    Before December 15, you talked of war, now we have war. You talk of chaos and disorder, now we have them, you talk of shooting, now you have shot . What will you talk next? Nothing .

    From self evident of the Pagak resolution Riek Machar has lust for killing , in false name of revenging 20,000 Nuer . that is good for him , it is his free will or libertarian acts ,to create any lie to justify his actions , he has the power to kill as many as millions of people with his brave white army but he will not be the President of South Sudan which is the end of his killing . The end will not justify the means for him.

    The way forward is both for parties to stop and mutually to stop equal –equal killing, unconditionally so long they share the power regardless of whatever position .
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