Juba 15 Dec. Genocide: Era of New Colonization in South Sudan

BY: Tholeghog Mathol Tholeghog, RSS, JAN/29/2014, SSN;

Juba mass killings demarcated a severe turning point in the history of world genocide that has ever befallen in its different parts, for instance, it was offensive enough than the Sarajevo and Rwandan mass killings simply because it was ran by a tribe embodied with governmental excess and just as lik the Rwandan mass killings, the Capital of South Sudan witnessed on the 15th, of Dec.2013, an ethnic cleansing waged upon the Nuer innocent civilians.

Hence, this genocide was executed by SPLA soldiers from Dinka origin against the Nuer who live in Mangatien, Kameroon, Eden, Newsite and 107, residential areas in one front and Jabel, Gudelei, Khor william, Al geyada Al Mantiga El junobia El Askeria and al Gabaat in the other front, this in addition to the university hostels.

The estimation of death toll in those areas exceeded 7,500; while 3000 people including children, women and men were still missing, however the corpses were not buried in one place. Some were thrown into River Nile to disguise the trace of any joint grave, others were burnt and very small numbers were buried at Gudelei.

The secrecy behind this mischievous act goes to 1991, when Torit Faction was defeated negatively by Nasir faction. This defeat was still kept in the hearts of Jieng and were well prepared for it.

So, reportedly, the cause for the firing was ambiguous in the sense that just some misunderstanding occurred between the presidential guards whereby one of the senior officers who was Dinka by tribe wanted to collect the weapons and ammunitions stores keys from the office guard who was Nuer and was on night duty by then.

When the office guard on duty refused the demand, the same officer went back and gathered a good number of armed men from his likes and insisted on taking the keys by whatever way would be possible.

However, the discussion seemed very burning to be overcome, reaching some misinterpretations, then the two groups divided themselves and fought from Sunday night the 15th till Tuesday the 17th Dec. 2013 and the mutineers withdrew from their fronts, simply because they were running short of ammunitions.

This opportunity was exploited by Jieng to absolutely get rid of Nuer residing in Juba.

By this quotation I should take into account that the administration and the discipline of the palace guards command was not very steadfast toward its obligation and as a neutral body.

It appeared many times that he showed negative disdain on Nuer armed men within the battalion as a far as his tribal obligation is concerned; so confiscating keys of the stores implies the process of disarming the Nuer.

Furthermore, the administration tended to limit the number of Nuer, by causing policies so as to frustrate them in one way or sometimes by parading them according to their states and counties on ethnicity line.

When they learnt that Nuer were the majority in the palace guards, they went to recruit more than 15,500 Jieng from Warrap and Awiel and oriented them with tribal hatred of 1991 toward the Nuer and immersed them within the palace guards battalion and it was on the vertex of their shoulders the genocide was fulfilled.

So, these armed men and their commanders, headed by the so-called the president of South Sudan were to be held accountable for the death of many Nuer that were carried out in Juba.

Because they gained the opportunity of the battalion dismemberment despite the fact that the Nuer armed men fought on their side resisting the mutineers too, they executed their hidden agenda by turning on the civilians spontaneously.

Apparently, the Dinka usual gossip about 1991 genocide stopped in the newspaper, political rallies and conversations inside and overseas.

As the mutinied forces were withdrawing, the SPLA members from Dinka origin turned their arms against the innocent civilians. They interrogated the people and spoke to them in Dinka Language.

Whoever failed to respond to them in the same language that they used to speak with, was to be killed and slaughtered without any delay, as this meant that he or she were to be from Nuer.

This assassination scenario continued to catch the Nuer and drag them wherever they were in their respective residential areas and hence a large number of people were murdered inside their compounds with their children, while others were gathered in big cars and sent to be killed out of the City.

The inhuman process of murder lasted until Friday and Saturday, the 21st of the same month but the death toll increases every day until now in cold blood.

Although the president was fully aware and familiar about was taking place, nonetheless there was no forthcoming condemnation issued by him about these miserable killings except only from the UN mission headquarters.

Despite this, the assassination went further as well as they victimized different political figures from different parties, professional doctors, Judges and lawyers, police and other organized forces as well as Juba university students who were originally Nuer, were fired upon and scattered out of their hostels.

Hence many Nuer populations in Juba were scared, frightened, intimidated, raped and fed with rotten human flesh. Oh! My God, what kind of hostility do Jieng people wanted to convey?

As result, the whole population of 70,000 people rushed into UN compounds both the southern and the northern compound, living in inhuman circumstances that had never been witnessed ever since the civil war had started in the Sudan.

The rest of the Nuer people took refuge in the chief of staff house, General Bapieny Manytuil’s residence, the Deputy governor of South Sudan Central Bank, all being Nuer officials.

As Nuer civilians ran for rescue in the United Nations camps and other disguised with Equatorian friends while others ran to the outskirts areas of Juba and were forced to join the revolt.

The Jieng became exalted and excited to register this mass killing as a triumph and a victory, because they did not happen to defeat the Nuer ever since the Universe was created and the human history is witness to that.

This would revealed as the Jieng dark history, it should be even darker than their actions which they executed over the people of South Sudan as they instigated them for unknown war of liberating the whole Sudan rather than liberating the South Sudan.

Whatever was utilized to liberate this land was not successful, but only the mighty God helped the people of South Sudan to choose separation.

Does it give them the right to entrench the whole country under the tyranny rule of SPLA/M which is not even relevant to the name of our country?

Would it be possible enough for Jieng to execute their plan of ruling South Sudan forever?

Would the adopted habit of Jieng kingdom lead to the disunity in South Sudan?

Would the Nuer stay aloof without revenging on the Jieng?

As the killings kept going on, the puzzled Nuer armed men that were fighting in the line with Jieng armed men against the mutineers were told within the presidential guard that “their presence was not needed any more.”

Yet they stayed conservatively monitoring themselves. This crisis took the Nuer by surprise; it was as if the deadline of killing the Nuer in Juba was agreed upon by all the Jieng inside or outside the South Sudan has come.

However, I think the ground became fertile for Jieng to slaughter their brothers using government facilities and power with support of foreign alliances.

All in all, the whole kind of corruption, whether, in administration, financial, political or military institutions were because of such hatred that had been developed from 1983 to 1991 and from 1991 to 2005.

Jieng prepared themselves to gain a strong foothold on army by handling the command of divisions, the entire administration system and the leading figures of the artillery weapons and the tanks as well as civic manpower, the Banks and the petroleum companies.

It is not necessary for any tribe to retaliate against another tribe using the country equipment.

Those who review the conflict as political and an attempted coup, please, it would be better for you to see the thing in its actual sense. Whatever happened was not a coup, it was just a murmuring with the palace guards ranker lines that led to the mutiny.

No coup could be made by politicians only. If it were a coup it would have involved some divisions and artilleries commanding commands, but this did not exist.

Please, don’t cover your criminal act of genocide with political concealment; otherwise South Sudan will not remain the same. Long live the Union of Nuer people. Struggle continues.

Tholeghog Mathol Tholeghog.
You can get me at 13.Tholeghog@gmail.com.
To in lighten the Nuer in their respective places aboard or inside South Sudan


  1. Arabbmoi says:

    Mathol, I read your piece article untill I well tears. May the dead people in Juba by the hands of Kiir rest in peace grand by almighty God their soul. Kiir is already cursed by God. It is just a matter time for him to be punished by mighty tornado tearing his plane into pieces when ever he travel soon. He can not kill innocent people just like that God watches his lies he must pay for it either ways.


  2. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    So sad, the struggle continues indeed.

  3. Constant'DC says:

    Thok, u are inciting more violence in your article. Why didn’t u describe what Nuer in Bor. raping and killing elderly men and women inside the church. The killing too in the hospital. Are Nuer animals who has no sense of humanity. If Dinka government as u called had a intention of massacring all Nuer, they would have not hold themselves in Hoth’s house because he is too a Nuer and deserve to be killed like any other Nuer. Nuer people learnt through seeing.

  4. bolabokdit says:

    Your article lack analytical skill and proof of evidence. Nasir faction ran to ally themselves with Khartuom government when they were defeated. SPLM/A remain in full control of liberated areas and they manage to fight your toxic leader Riak Machar with with his ally Government of Khartuom. Riak and his primitive White Army are the most incompetent, unethical and dishonest elements in the history of Suothern Sudan; you among them.
    Why you don’t you mentioned Dinka killed in Bor, Bentiu and Malakal by militias White Army of Riak Machar? I know personally James Hoth Mai and other objectives Nuer who can be leaders of South Sudan rather than selfish interested person like Dr. Killer Riak Machar. I reserved my vote in case James Hoth wanted to contest for presidency in the future.

    • Mr. Bolobokdit,
      You seem from your name as if you were from Abei, the South Sudan piece of land that had been sold out to North Sudan eversince Babo Nimir / Deng Majok’s rapport and relation of deal that was signed up by then.. By the mistake of one person known as Deng Majok the entire population of the whole Ngok and our beloved piece of land is approximately annexed to the Sudan. Simply because you Jieng People adapted some spirit of servitude and slavery which does not used defy another Jieng by a Jieng, whatsoever the circumstances or even though he is mistaken. The same happened to Deng Majok alone as he decided the fade of the poor Ngok population and ignored the conciliation of nearby Chief tribes which were Adjacent to Abei, that “warned him of not annexing the area to the Northerners”. But believing in his friendship with Babo, he supported the idea of annexation, now the area becomes part of North Sudan despite the struggle your people made to liberate the Sudan and the Marginalized area, a vision that was impossible to take place. The decision that was taken by the king of Jieng kingdom Mr. Kiir,as he took the initiatives of cleansing the Nuer entire Civilians after an accusation of the so called attempted coup that was thrown on the vertex of Dr. Riek Machar. when he carried out that evil thought, No body warned him of the danger of the decision for the wellbeing and the Unity of our people in the new nation, instead all Jieng laugh and clapped their hands as they saw Nuer were dragging out of their rooms and in their disguise places ,their corps accumulated rottenly in a scene that had never been seen in the history of human being..Infarct, mine was not an analysis as you guessed. It was a display of facts and truth and not Analysis. Whatever you portrayed as being committed by Nuer wherever you mentioned were out sense and absolutely not true, because such crimes according to Nuer and their ritual rite were taboo, they did not happen and they will not happen.. This is one of the evidence why Nuer called themselves “Ney tin Naath”.in Nuer Language means ,”People of the People”. This was ever known in time prior to British advance to Sudan. If any member from the tribe did any one of the crimes that you had mention in your comment as being carried out in Bor, the person that did that or made any violation, might exposed himself to the curse and total death to his children as well as their Name Nuer is Concerned; and that connote a curse to criminology. Therefore what you said was just a mater of defaming and illusions, because you guides you imitate the norms of Your friends :Jalaba” which had been feeding you with how to confess lies and propaganda ever since the time prior to Jieng separation from Arab in 1770. As far as you were from Abei, your really blindfolded by your luck of delivering the truth. To alliance does not specified to any particular nation, you do it according to your circumstances. therefore, when Nassir faction allied with Khartoum, it was not meant that they were defeated, as you put. It was an approach that had to be followed, and it was followed by many organizations, movement and nation as well as history is concerned. So Nassir faction was not defeated, although your people owned and control the responsibility over the armaments and ammunitions ,yet they were defeated out of Bher ghazal as well as Junglei was concerned and they ran as far as Central Africa and Uganda, despite alone the fact that, SPLA lost much of his territories as Nuer deserted their camps, they were the first to victimize the Nuer according to their tribe as Garang heard about the 28th.Declaratioins.,Nuer were only revenging. You did not know why Jieng held themselves from Oth;s house, simply because they were only killing civilians as they feared confronting of armed men like them. For this reason they saw oth’s house as strong foothold for Nuer terrible fighters that were gathered there as Jieng were randomly firing ,this quality of bravery were ever known to the Ugandans, JEM, the Toroboro, Nubians and the Angessenian, that were been brought to safeguard the kingdom. please ask them they will tell you the history.by al means I could not mention any place because you r the first that stared killing in the main city of South Sudan all world media were witnessed to that. For your acknowledgement and to the acquaintance of any Dinkawee as you used to be termed by your former master, that Nuer were not backing Dr. Machar as you guess, neither what they were fighting for is political, but they are revenging from their women, children, youth girls, elders, intellectuals ,priests, Universities students and government official which were slaughtered in Juba Genocide of the 15th.Dec.2014.

  5. KEZEKIA DUT says:

    Tholeghog, The SPLM/A of Torit was not defeaded mine you but who that ran a way to Khartuom was. To correct you further, SPLA is not a Monyjiang organisation but for whole country (South Sudant), every tribe is included including your own. The policies of the movement were very clear and that was and is why Nuer SPLA boys were and are ever since fighting the bad misled Nuer boys of ANYA-2 of ‘dholke det mia’. I hope you got the meaning. ‘ngeye thok Nuerre’. These collective forces of SPLA have managed to do what they were told to do- and that is ‘goal accomplished’.

    Back to your points, I think Riek as a fail leader does not means that every Nuer should be termed as a failure. And should Kiir happened to be a corrupted leader as ever cited, that is Kiir the presedent of South Sudan but not a Jieng as a whole that is corrupt. However, there is no excuses for killing for whatever reasons be it Kiir or Riek. I don’t know how you would call this war. To me, this is the most stupid war in our young nation. I call stupid beccause to die or to kill for the sake of some one’s political manic is absurd. there are boys who are fighting to keep Kiir in power though he is unable and there are also boys trying to put Riek up by force. Oh dude, is that not absurdity. Kiir is a weak leader that has failed the nation but Riek too should not be the alternative, they are both rotten eggs. Pray for the leader that will unified us as a family. There is no living hamony if we keep belaming ourselves of the past, for we can not reverse the past to the present. I am advicing Kiir regarding his last speech before the plite. To Riek, you can not always put the life of innocence in danger ever time you need power. Let all see what is happening in the borders, i mean our northern borders. Should we go and die there that is the real good war but not to fighting and kill or die for size of some one bank accounts.

  6. Mohd Adam says:

    Mr. Hog, your narration is just another propaganda. My friend was killed in Bantiu, when boarding a place. He was not a Jieng but he died in the hands of Riek Machar, Mabior Garang and Nyandeng. The madness you people are pursuing in this country will not go unpunished. Your bloodthirsty militia forced the plane passengers out, paraded them to identify their traditional cuts on their faces, as my friend didn’t have any mark, he was dragged out of the run way and got shot. Equatorians never killed any body, why now killing these peace loving people? Can you explain, why? Riek, Nyandeng and their adapted son Mabior cannot set foot to Equatoria coz of these barbaric acts…

  7. Kidepo says:


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